हेलो दोस्तों .. मेरा नाम लकी है..

हेलो दोस्तों .. मेरा नाम लकी है.. मैं कानपूर का रहने वाला हु पर दिल्ली में जॉब करता हूँ.. स्लिम बॉडी हूँ. एवरेज लुकिंग लड़का हूँ . आज मैं आपको अपने साथ हुए एक वाकये के बारे में बताने जा … Continue reading

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Indian Porn Movies from a great tube site

We do not normally recommend these free tube sites, as they are often full of adds and stupid commercials. But for once, we have found a site that delivers amazing hot porn movies with indian girls. This is a free indian … Continue reading

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First experience with Rekha Aunty

Hi readers, I am Rakesh from chennai. I am a 26 year old working in MNC IT company. I am going to narrate my sexual encounter with my aunt, rekha, which happened a year ago. This is a true incident . Let me describe rekha aunty. She is 32 years old and has a boy studying in 4th std. Her husband is working in UAE. She is tall and sexy and looks like film star. I was always sexually attracted to her. I used to masturbate thinking about her. She has firm breasts and round but slim ass. We were very friendly. On many days, when I am free, I used to go to her flat where she lives with her child. We would talk about everything and anything. But having sex with her was not in my agenda though I would very much like to do that.

On some days during our chat, aunt rekha would look me with a smile. It was as if she had some plans about me in her mind. I could not make out what she was thinking. On one Sunday afternoon I rang the bell of flat. After some delay she opened the door and with her sexy and naughty smile, she let me in. I asked where her son Deepu was. Aunt rekha told me that he was in his tuition teacher’s flat learning Maths. She asked me to sit down and went to make tea. I went to the kitchen. rekha Aunty was in the kitchen facing the table. I watched her from behind. She really was sexy.

Then suddenly she turned and saw me staring at her. She smiled at me and asked “ Why are you looking so curiously at me, rakesh?” “No, its nothing, rekha Auntie”, I replied. Then she brought tea and biscuits to the sitting room and we both sat down there. rekha told me that she was watching an interesting movie. “ I always watch that when I am bored” she said. “What’s the name of it?” I asked her. “It’s a secret my boy” was her answer. After some chit chat rekha Auntie told me to wait there and she went to have a bath. I was alone in the sitting room nothing to do. Then I thought about rekha Auntie taking a shower in the bathroom. Silently, I went to her bathroom. It was closed of course.

The shower was running and rekha was humming a song. It sounded sexy and that made me horny. I was having a little hard on. Silently I returned to the sitting room. Then I thought about the film she was seeing when I came. I switched on TV & DVD player. Oh man! It was blue film and a hard core one she was seeing!!. In it a guy was fucking a blonde girl hard. I made the sound low on TV. The girl was moaning. That was a real boost for my already half erect dick. I looked at the direction of bathroom. rekha was still in that. I unzipped my pants and rubbed my bulge watching the blue film. In the film, the girl was now licking his penis. After sometime I heard some sound from my behind. There Aunt rekha was standing looking at me with that naughty smile of her. All of a sudden I switched off TV and zipped my pants. When I looked at her, she was looking at my bulge with lust in her eyes “It’s alright Rakesh. I see these films when I get bored. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody. After all we are adults. Aren’t we?. She said to me. I just sat there silent and embarrassed. Next came my biggest shock. Aunt rekha was standing in front of a window, towel in her hand drying her hair. She was wearing a light green nightie which was very thin and transparent.

The light from the window filtered through her nightie revealing her curves. I could clearly see her nipple through the dress and they were hard and erect. Her pubic hairs were slightly visible. “What are looking Rakesh? Are seeing me for the first time?” she asked. By that time I knew that she was seducing me and I could see pure lust in her eyes. She was ready for sex. “Well Auntie You look very sexy in that dress” I replied. “You naughty boy, don’t say that” with that words rekha switched on TV. “ Come on let’s watch this blue film together.” Saying that she sat beside me. She sat so close to me that her left thigh was touching my right thigh. In the film the man was fucking the girl from behind. By this time she got bolder And placed her hand on my thigh and was massaging my thigh. I place my arm around her shoulder and touched her breast. rekha was no breathing heavily. Now rekha’s hand was caressing my bulge. We were watching the BF while doing these. In the BF it was end part and the man was now spraying his cum on the girl’s face. Then rekha arose and went to the bed room . I followed. There I pulled her nightie down. There rekha, my dream girl, was standing before me stark naked. Her hairs were shoulder length. Boobs were hard and firm. Her pubic hairs were silky smooth and nice. Her legs were well shaped and shining smooth. I could stand no longer. I pulled my shirt, got out of my pants and freed my dick from under wear. I was standing before my dream girl rekha completely naked with m 6 inch dick hard and twitching. rekha lustfully looked at my hard dick for sometimes. Then lied on bed spreading her legs. “Come on rakesh take me, fuck me hard my naughty boy” OK rekha baby here I come” Saying that, I mounted on top of her. Oh man what a sensation was that. Her body was warm and super soft. I rubbed my dick on her pubic hair. Then slowly I inserted my hard dick in to her hole. She was already wet with her sex juices. So my dick slid in smoothly.

Then I completely took it out and inserted it again. I slowly pushed my rock hard dick deeper in her. ‘Oh rakesh come on faster, faster” “No rekha I want to fuck you real slow” “No rakesh I beg you fuck me hard and fuck me fast” OK rekha I said Then I started to fuck her hard . With each thrust she would cry with pleasure. “Ohh nice ummm keep faster ummm yeaaa like that rakesh yeaaa fuck me harder. Ahaaa ummmm fuck deep in to me you naughty boy. Yeaaa baby like that ummm oh oh ummmm ooouch I am coming rakesh I am coming. Ummmm oh oh oh ummmm. I was fucking rekha so hard that she was now having a good orgasm. She was crying and moaning with pleasure now. Now I stopped for sometime , my dick still in her hole and the started again. I was now fucking her for 20 mts . She was moaning now aloud. Oh rakesh faster faster faster I am coming again baby. Now I could not hold any longer. I was now fucking rekha really hard and fast. Oh ummmm rakesh ummmm like that fuck me now cum on me … cum on my face cum on my face as in blue film rakesh. rekha was telling me to com on her face. “OK my dear sexy naughty rekha I am going to cum on your face baby” I took out my 6 in dick from her love hole and held it above her face and masturbated. Within seconds I exploded and emptied my entire load of sticky, hot cum on rekha’s face and boobs. She tasted it and told me she liked it. We lay there for sometime. Then we got dressed and I said god bye to her and left her flat. 

A Passionate Night with cousin Ancy

Hi, this is Tony albert from Kerala. Am 24 and a mechanical engineer.
I am new to this wonderful site and felt I should share my experience
too. We kerala youngsters are little bit reserved (may be due to
overcaring parents), but inside us we are really naughty and diehard
for sex.

Here I like share my sensual experience with my cousin sister Ancy. We
both are of same age and this happened when we are at 8th standard.
During that time we used to visit and spend some days at any of the
cousins house. That day we all(Me,my little bro Dony, Ancy, her elder
bro Anil and another cousin Jebin) gather at Jebin’s house. After
having food and games, we all got tired and went to bed. Jebin and
Anil are 5 yr elder than me,so they went to another room and youngers
me,ancy and dony (dony-only 7yr old at that time) slept in same bed.

Me and ancy talked a lot of things about school, friends and blah
blah.. I saw she caressing my little bro’s hair,bt he got irritated
and asked to stop. I saw my sis getting sad due to his behavior, so I
asked her to caress my hair. She felt very happy and started caressing
my hair. “OMG..I felt like some electric shock through me”. It was the
1st time a girl touches me. She asked me “what happened tony?”. I said
nothing. I looked into her eyes and saw only her brotherly love. I
felt like I will kiss her lips. She again asked me”da what happened?
Why are you not talking?” I just hugged her tightly. This made a moan
out of her”daa.. Whats this?”. I told, I too want to caress you and
started caring her back. She told,”no..stop tony..am feeling like
something”. I asked, “like what?”. She said,”nothing”. I told,”don’t
worry ancy, we can sleep”and caress her hair,hand and back. Now she
also felt ok with that and started sleeping. She fall fast asleep. I
started caressing her ass and thighs. I got no response from her, so I
unzipped her zip behind frock and caressing her bareback. Oh, I felt
like I was in heaven. Without making any disturbance I wake up and
smell her hair and back. Smell of her sweat and soap made me crazy. I
started kissing and licking her back. Suddenly she turns and started
sleeping facing roof. I got afraid and pretended sleeping. But the
lust for her again overpowered me. I started caressing her boobs over
the dress. Her frock was just above her knees. I put hands through the
frock caressed her thighs. Slowly reached her panties, I felt some
wetness. I pulled up her frock and put my finger in her navel. It was
so soft, i put my tongue into it nd start licking. Then moved to her
boobs. It was small but the softness will make every man crazy. I
pressed those melons for sometime and started sucking her nipples.

Suddenly, lights were on the another room. I quickly rearranged her
dress and pretended sleeping. Lights goes off after somebody using
toilet. I felt guilty of what I had done to my sister. I looked at her
face, she is only 13 and cute like angel. I said sorry in mind and
started sleeping. It was already midnight and I fall asleep.

I started dreaming Ancy. She is hugging me tightly. Her legs are over
me and her lips are touching my cheek. I felt her breath. Then,
something bitten in my shoulder. I just open my eyes in half sleep.
Felt like somebody kissing me and caressing my chest through shirt.
Ancy pinched my nipples. Ahh! I was in pain and opened my eyes,
understood am not dreaming bt it is she doing this. I looked at her
but she pretend sleeping. I thought to make her some fun and pretend
to going back to sleep. Seeing that I had no reaction, she hugged me
tightly, pressed her boobs into my mouth and placed her bare legs on
my chest. She bite me on my nose. A screm escaped from me and I
asked,”what are you doing ancy?” She:”what? You idiot, what were you
doing earlier?” I again asked “what?” She got angry and told “you
cheat, don’t pretend to be innocent, continue what you were doing
earlier” telling this she again bitten me.
Hearing this from her, I lost all my control. Instantly, I pulled her
and climbed top of her. Sucking her lips like there is no end. We
exchanged our saliva, it was tasty like honey. I ate her lips, pulled
her tongue. She started breathing heavily, asked me to slow down
because she wasn’t able to breath. I licked her throat and shoulder,
she started moaning in low voice “aahh ahh daa daaa mmmm mm daa” Her
eyes were half closed. I pulled her frock and threw away. 1st time I
saw a girl in full nude. She felt shy and tried to hide her boobs with
her hands. I removed her hands forcely and started licking her boobs
without touching her erect nipples. This made her mad, she tried to
pull her nipples into my mouth. But I omitted her nipples knowing that
this will make her more crazy. I licked her soft tummy and navel and
put my hands through her panty. It was very hot inside her panty. I
fingered her outer pussy. She was in a uncontrollable state and tried
to stop me because of the pleasure. I again started licking her
thighs, her thighs were smooth and without any hairs. Now she is
moaning “tonnyy..aahh..daa…stop this..ahhh..haavuu..i can’t ..mmm
mm..ahh..hh” Hearing this I started kissing her pussy over her panty.
She was getting so horny. Same time she tried to resist and pulled my
head into her pussy and tied my head with her legs.

We reached point of no return. I removed her panty, which she 1st
resisted and gave up and she quickly removed my clothes too. She
started repeating what I done to her. Mount on me and started licking
my chest and nipples like a whore. She was licking me like icecream.
She licked my navel and removed my underwear. She was shocked and
confused, stopped her acts. It was the 1st time she saw an erect rod.
I asked her to touch it. She hesitate, I took her palm and placed it
on my love rod. Asked her to kiss it. She was reluctant. I got
irritated and pulled her to bed. Then mounted top of her caressed her
face with my rod. She tried to resist and hide her face. I forcely
removed her hands and put my penis into her mouth. It was little harsh
but she cannot do anything. I started mouth fucking her.

After initial resistance she also started enjoying it. She started to
suck it like a lolipop. Oh it an awesome feeling and told her “oh
Ancy, you are amazing, i luv u sweety, i luv u, i am going to come in
you” this made her excited and increased her speed. I come inside her
mouth within minites. Due to 1st time she felt like vomiting and tried
to spat but I instantly gave a deep smooch. I felt the taste of my on
comes but I don’t want her to vomit her on bed, so continued
smooching till she drink my juice completly. She tried to stop all the
activities and asked me to sleep. But I know if I stop there I’ll
never get her and she will hate sex. Without wasting time I started
licking her melons and fingering her pussy. She mourned “aahh,
tonnyy..ahh..stop..am ur sister..ahh…stopp..somebody will
see..ahh..mmmm…tonyyy” hearing her horny voice my rod again erected.
Felt to fuck her again. I ate her pussy, tried to put my finger. No,
she is very tight even i cannot put my small finger. Licked her little
clitorus for sometime, within minites she shivered gushed her juices
on my face. I sucked her juice like honey. She pulled my face to her
and smooched. Told me” I luv u daa..luv u so much..don’t leave me
da…” I told “I luv u too sweet..am am all yours..am goin to show u
heaven” with that I took her leg and kissed her inner thighs. Rubbed
my rod to her pussy opening. She giggles with pleasure, asked me”don’t
do this..daa..plzz..daa..” I was in no mood to stop there. I pushed my
cock into her soft pussy. Oh it was damn tight, she screamed with pain
and tried to pull. I hugged her and waited her to relief. I licked her
lips,throat it makes her forget her pain. Again I forced into her. She
started crying, I just licked her tears and started stroking her
slowly. It was really hard for sometime, she was applying pressure on
pussy and tried to push away. But I was in no mood to stop and held
her hands tightly on sides. Slowly her scream changes to mourns like
“aaaahhh tonnnyy aahh hh mmmm m daaa stopp aahh daa mmm ahh hh mmm mmm
ahh luv u luv u daa ahh mmm ahh da don’t stop ahh pls don’t stop ahh
fast fast ahh daa mmm”
I saw her still in pain and tears but same time enjoying the first
fuck. Soon I felt going to come, I took my rod outside. She shouted me
to continue. I licked and put my middle finger and fucked her. She
shivered and again come on my face. I started fucking her pussy and
come on her tummy.

I fell over her completely exhausted. She slowly kissed me and asked
“can i lick yours and sucked my come and virgin blood on my cock. I
took her face and smooched her.
We arranged the room, saw blood stains on bed which later she told
aunty that its her menstrual blood.

Next day she was very sad of leaving me, but I consoled her. Evening
she left to mumbai with her parents. After this incident we met after
two years. I’ll narrate that incident later before that I like to hear
comments about my 1st story.

Sexy Maid from Pakistan

Hi it’s again danial here from Pakistan. Let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time. The story is all about my sexual encounter with the daughter of our maid servant. It was June (summer) and my siblings and parents would like to go on a hill station for enjoying vacations but as I have to appear in exams I was unable to go with them.

They decided to go for 10 days and instructed our maid to come daily in morning and stay at our house so that I won’t have any problem in having food and cleaning etc. She is around 38 years of age and was working at our house since last 10 years so she don’t have any issue in staying with me, but she requested my parents that it will be helpful for her if her 17 years old daughter can also stay with her as she cant let her daughter live alone in house because her father also go for work in day time. My parents allowed her daughter also and said that she can also help in work and do dusting and other minor works.

They all went to hill station and as my classes were over and I m on exam preparation leaves; I wake up late at around 10.00 am. When I come to living room on dinning table for breakfast, I saw maid’s daughter – hina. She is 19 years old, with a very sexy figure of around 32-26-34, wearing shalwar suit without duppata and working in the kitchen with her mother. When I have eye contact with her I feel she was observing me keenly and gave me a cute smile, which I respond. Till that time I don’t have any bad intentions. Her mother instructed her to make breakfast for me and serve with tea and she went upstairs to wash clothes. Now we 2 are alone in the ground floor of house. She came close to me and serves me food in that she was still watching me and smiling. I asked why u r smiling, she said she came to our house 7 years back when she was very young girl and I was also around 18 at that time. She said she like me a lot at that time and wants to be my friend as now she has lots of feelings for me. I said if your mom knows that she will kill u and me, she smiled and said no issue her mom won’t know this at all. Then immediately she put her hands on my hands and holds my hand and said Dani I love u a lot and pls take me in your arms. I stand up and hug her, she was responding in a gr8 manner and hug me very tight, I then told her that relax we will do it in safe manner to avoid any issue. Just kissed her on her checks and ask her to go and take shower and dress up in more attractive clothes. By the way she is very fair in complexion, and very attractive 5’2” height with oranges like breast, which I feel when she hugs me.

When her mother came after washing clothes, I told her that there are many unused clothes of my little sister in the room which she wants to dispose. So give them to her daughter (I purposely did so , so that hina can wear the sexy and tight clothes of my sis and I can admire her sexy body). Her mother was v happy and took all the clothes and gives her to hina to use.

Now I made up the whole plan of spending next 10 days with my sweet heart in the max. Pleasurable manner. In the after noon after lunch, I asked her mother to go to utility / grocery store which is around 30 minutes drives from our house and buy monthly grocery for home. I knew she will go using cab and it will take minimum 5 hours for her to go and buy and then back. She asked her daughter to prepare dinner and went out to buy grocery.

I quickly locked the door and run inside towards the kitchen to catch hina. When I entered in kitchen, I was in shock to see her from the back, as she was wearing my sis modern clothes, which was skin fit T-shirt and a lower. No one can imagine that she is a maid servant, looking like a very sexy modern girl with wet hairs as she just came out after having shower. I quietly move towards her and took her in my arms from the back and put my palms on her breast and hug her tight. She gave me a very sexy smile and then turns towards me and immediately kissed on my lips. I also reciprocate and kiss her on her juicy lips. We were kissing madly for around 10 minutes then I took her in my arms and move towards my bed room. Lay her on the bed and move her t-shirt up. Oh my God, she was not wearing any bra and her 32 c size breast is hanging, they are pure whitish pink in color and with small tits. I come over her and started pressing her one boob while sucking the other. She is like in heaven , moaning a lot .uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and I was sucking her like a dog. Then I lift her t-shirt and removed totally and also removed my clothes. As she saw my 8” long and thick penis, her eyes glows and she took that in her hands and playing with that. Rubbing her soft hands on my shaft which I like a lot. Then I put my penis in her mouth which she sucks in a very professional manner. Her tongue was rolling all around and I was like in heaven and I was totally mad till that time. I just pull out her trouser and started rubbing her vagina with my fingers. Now its time for her to enjoy. I move my fingure in and out and moving quickly which stimulates her feelings and she was moving like a fish out of water. We both are enjoying a lot. In few minutes she released her juice and all her pussy is wet. As I am very much concern about sexual diseases, I never fuck any girl. I put my penis in between her two soft breasts and tighten her breast by pushing them close to my penis and stroking my pennies in between two water melons. In few minutes I exploded all my cum on her breast. Then we cleaned up the whole mess and have shower together. We both are very much relaxed and enjoyed a lot. After shower she sits on my lap and we watch porn movie on TV till her mother reached home.

At night, when she came in my room to give me milk, I again kissed her lips for 10 minutes and asked her that when her mother sleeps, she should come to my room for next shot, which she accepted with full pleasure. At around 1:00 am the door of my room opened and I saw her in a transparent nighty. She came inside and locked the room. Then I did everything throughout the night and sleep naked on a same bed in each others arms. She then went to her mother’s maid room early in the morning. This continues for next 10 days till my parents came back. When they reached, I asked them that hina is very efficient in work, and we should hire her permanently at home for day and night. We gave her guest room which is upstairs , next to my bed room while other family is having rooms on the ground floor. Friends, till that date, at night when all family sleep, she came to my room and we locked the room and start our play and explore each others body in various manners. I will tell u more about that in my next story. Any girl interested in me or more stories, pls contact at silent_magma@hotmail.com, waiting to hear from u soon. Bye



Sex story with hot neighbour (fiction)

hello howdy to be able to u…. i am Abdul i’m in ultimate year mbbs through bangalore.. everyone any dude along with normal seems to be and also 5 7 elevation…..

my spouse and i was a student in raise on the residence where by i exploit to remain… presently there entered a woman that has a bag in,
orange jean that has a touch lengthy major… simply just found the woman face and also my spouse and i seemed to be staring at the ground pondering
in which whoa she’s stunning i would talk to the woman (in gaming never got guts to be able to talk to girl).
till my spouse and i raise our scalp your raise halted and also she’s gone…
however started out discovering the woman normal…

some day my spouse and i inquired your check out male that’s your lover? he seemed to be including she’s your child of
medical professional which simply leaves inside the toned any bottom earlier mentioned u…
my spouse and i seemed to be surprised to learn in which as i believed in which medical professional pretty much…. my spouse and i didnt got virtually any
thoughts of getting making love along with the woman…. home buying took…
my spouse and i seemed to be planning to get away from your residence to be able to my pal position on 10 inside the nights if the medical professional
found everyone and also inquired where by u intending i recently got an electrical point out help to make so planning to close friends
position…. then he seemed to be including precisely why please don’t u undertake it in my position we have your working computer… my spouse and i arranged
and also transferred to be able to their toned my spouse and i found their child your lover was a student in the woman red nights costume your lover seemed to be simply just looking
fantastic… he claimed the woman child showing everyone your PC…. my spouse and i seemed to be pursuing the woman whoa the woman butt seemed to be
relocating collected from one of facet to an alternative simply just considering it manufactured everyone horny…. your lover simply just demonstrated your
PC that is in the place (it seemed to be the woman bedroom) UPON utes your PC and also will go off of.. they had any net
way too simply just observed several stuff with regard to our strength level and also left the area….
next day my spouse and i thought including getting few improvements in my strength level… so thought of going to
your physicians toned…
It had been 5pm called your bell with regard to our astonish your child opened the threshold, my spouse and i seemed to be dumb with regard to
few second your lover seemed to be staring at everyone…. however go back to normal and also claimed can one make use of your
PC remember to… your lover arranged… my spouse and i implemented the woman.. while i transferred in my spouse and i witnessed in which not any ones seemed to be on
home… identical to a final occasion your lover UPON utes your PC and also seemed to be planning to get away from the room my spouse and i inquired
the woman no one at your home… your lover simply just shakes the woman scalp and also simply leaves the room…
my spouse and i seemed to be considering history in explorer my spouse and i seemed to be surprised to view your adult porn sites out there… my spouse and i seemed to be
proved until this will be been browsed by means of the woman…. shortly my spouse and i thought of benefiting from it…
my spouse and i referred to as the woman in place and also demonstrated the websites.. your lover don’t state something seemed to be simply just standing along with the woman scalp
lower… shortly your lover started out declaring plz please don’t inform father… my spouse and i placed the woman give and also built to sit down the woman in
bed and also shared with her to be able to unwind please don’t fret is not going to inform father…. i recently want any make out that is it… your lover didnt
state something… my spouse and i placed the woman scalp along with our hands and wrists in the woman hair came all around the woman.. i would have the
scorching inhale of the woman…. i acquired our mouth area all around the woman… your lover didnt available the woman mouth area.. my spouse and i started out stroking
the woman mouth area shortly your lover started out answering… i would sense the woman give guiding our again experiencing it…
my spouse and i seemed to be inclined on her shortly your lover seemed to be resting in bed everyone along with the woman… this extended with regard to 10 mins
… however started out kissing the woman neck.. shortly my spouse and i went to the woman neck bone fragments however your lover was not declaring
something… however grabed the woman boobs along with our equally give concurrently kissing the woman neck extremely
your lover started out combating and also declaring plz cease it their planning to a lot… i recently extended kissing the woman next
my spouse and i placed our surrender the woman major squeezing the woman boob… shortly your lover started out making the most of it with virtually no resistence
this inspired everyone my spouse and i tried out to eliminate the woman major your lover made it easier for everyone to accomplish this… today your lover seemed to be merely in the woman bra
my spouse and i couldnt wait to eliminate the woman… following eliminating the woman bra my spouse and i found the woman stunning boobs along with dark brown nipple.
boobs had been frim and also small bigger… i recently started out relocating our tongue all-around the woman nipple.. next started out
stroking it… in the future my spouse and i took place to be able to the woman abdominal option along with our tongue licking it and also concurrently our
hands and wrists squeezing the woman boobs….
during those times my spouse and i thought including possibly your lover desired to have sexual intercourse terribly… shortly my spouse and i taken off the woman base… today your lover was a student in
bright panty… my spouse and i seemed to be in love with butt.. my spouse and i turned the woman all-around and also seemed to be tinkering with butt by means of kissing it and also

instantly bell called… equally of us obtained afraid… shortly my spouse and i shared with her to visit potty… i’ll available the threshold..
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How sheetal turned us on, our voyeurism

Hi,my name’s Abhay.I’m from Pune and my mother tongue’s marathi, i’m 23 yrs old.My height is 5 feet 7 inches.I’m fair-skinned.Though i’m not so muscular i do look good.I’m not so slim nor fat.Girls do find me decent enough to talk to.
I’m engaged to my fiance anushka since college days.She’s my classmate so she’s of the same age as me.Just a fortnight or so younger than me.She’s from gujrat.she’s a fair girl of 5 feet 6 inches in height, slim, having dimensions of 32,26,36.This story is the story of our voyeurism.It dates back to our college days.
Our exams had just got over and so we couldnt have sex for 6 months.Though we used to hug,touch and sometimes nibble we hadnt even kissed properly since long enough now.We were overloaded with studies.Now we wanted to relax.
Anushka was worried that how she would learn my marathi traditions & rituals.So I was even teaching her marathi language.She had told me that she wanted to be such a good wife and sister-in-law that no one should comment on her when we would marry.Though this was not such a big problem as already my family had accepted her,she just wanted to be perfect.

So one sunday she asked me to come to her room.I went there.As i knocked she opened the door.She was looking quite good.She had put absolutely no make-up.Not even nail paint or lip-stick.She had cut her nails-both,of hand and feet.This was so that whatever licking,sucking and touching we do,we should feel comfortable & it shouldnt damage us in any way.She had kept her hair open(not tied)which were flowing on her shoulders.THough they were short,it looked nice.She was wearing a white sleeve-less top with small straps which revealed just the starting of her chest and some part of her back.It was not looking vulgar though and it meant that she had dressed according to what i liked to wear.She was wearing a tight, black-coloured sports pyjama which ended just a little lower than her knees.It gave the impression of beautiful,slender,toned legs and medium-sized hips.She had tied a fine black thread to one of her ankles,which she believed saved her from evil.Overall she was looking gorgeous.

She smiled and asked me to come in.I held her hand and we walked to her bed.We sat down there.She told me that she wanted to give me a surprise today.I told her that even i was going to give her a surprise today.”You first” we both said at the same time and giggled.Then she told me to speak with her in marathi as far as possible.
First we hugged for quite some time.Then she told me that she had found out that one of the new girls in her hostel,whose window was opposite to her window was fond of seeing blue films.”Usme kaunsi badi baat hai?” I asked her.She said “arre,par usne apne boyfriend ke saath jo sex kiya hai usse hi record karke rakha hai.Aur bahut baar maine ye dekha hai ki wo raat ko usse dekh kar apne jism ke saath khelti hai.Mujhe ye pata hai ki tumhe wo dekh kar bahut maza aayega.” “Theek hai,main bhi tumhare liye ek surprise laaya hoon par baad me bataunga” maine kaha.
First we talked for some time,then we had dinner together and we sat in bed waiting for the other girl in the window opposite hers to appear.It took quite a long time.Anushka told me about the other girl,meanwhile.”Tiche naav Sheetal aahe” She said “She’s dusky but not too dusky.She has got very short hair.She’s quite short 5 feet 4 inches maybe but her boobs and ass are bigger than mine.She’s not a bisexual otherwise any lesbian girl would have liked to check her out.She’s very thin.When in hostel she mostly wears very revealing clothes,in college she wears western clothes mostly.She’s in first year.”
It was 1’o clock when we saw her coming to her bed.Sheetal was more beautiful than i had expected.She was wearing just a T-shirt and nothing below.”Even i’m not wearing any undergarments” anushka whispered in my ears and winked.But something disappointed us.The way in which she had placed the laptop on her bed,we couldnt see its screen.”Rehne do,waise bhi sheetal khud ke saath jo karegi utna bhi tum dekhoge to kaafi hoga” anushka said.
Sheetal sat on her bed,resting her back against a pillow.She kept the laptop on her thighs.Then she stripped herself even off her T-shirt and switched on the video.First she started rubbing her hands on her boobs.The way in which she was massaging her boobs was driving me crazy.Even anushka was getting turned on seeing her.”Saali agar ye lesbian hoti to kitna maza aata” Anushka said.”Mi tila sodlach nasta”.
Sheetal started massaging her boobs starting from their outides.Then as she started moaning she started massaging the nipples of her boobs.Her nipples had become pointed telling us that she was aroused.As she increased her speed she started massing her cleavage with the other hand too.After sometime she gave a cry and looked exausted.”Tini juice sodla asel” Anushka whispered in my ears and laughed.
Then she lied on the bed on her tummy and started rubbing her whole body on the bedsheet.The way in which she was rubbing her breasts,hands,face,navel,pussy and leggs especially her feet was so sensuous that i dared not looked at anushka.I knew that if i looked at her,i wouldnt be able to control myself.Then suddenly sheetal got up and sat again on the bed in the same position as before.She put fingers of both her hands inside her pussy and started fingering herself vigorously.Though she had inserted only two fingers inside her pussy(one from each hand)she was moving them with so much force and speed that seeing it,we couldnt control ourselves.
I turned to anushka and held her hand.She understood the signal and looked deep into my eyes.I pulled out a tablet from my pocket and gave it to her.”Yeh kya hai?” She asked “Its my gift.Its a morning after pill.You will use it tomorrow morning because we wouldnt be using any protection tonight.I want you to experience this without any tension and without anything between us,making it more natural.That’s one of my gifts.The other gift is this small kamasutra position booklet which i’ve bought with me in my pocket.We’ll do some fun & easy positions from them today.”I said.Her eyes twinkled with excitement and love.”Majha tujhyawar khup prem aahe” she said and coming closer,she kissed me.
Then she went in a corner of the room and bought a small tin of chocolate.”Apply it at a naughty place and suck it all tonight,”she said,blushing.Now we both knew that tonight was going to be much more fun as we both had made some preparations to make it special tonight.
Suddenly i realised that my parents were not at home & would be coming 2 days later.I wanted to make it more memorable.So i asked her to come to my place.Especially since i had a bike,and it was just 2 km away.She hurriedly put on her sandals and we left on my bike.
Though we both were aroused we could control ourselves because of the new things we would be doing today,at my home.She started feeling cold so i lent her my jurkin.She wasnt ready to wear it “tula thandi vajel” she argued.But finally she had to listen to me.She sat on the bike tightly hugging me from behind.
On our way to my place i was thinking about our sexual journey so far.She had some lesbian affairs too which lasted for an year or so and she was serious about those girls too.After a couple of girls ditched her,she couldnt have it.If the girl was lesbian they used to make love or finger themselves while i watched.If she was bisexual,we all used to have a threesome sex and we all used to fuck each other.Though this happened only 2 or 3 times.She had chosen to be a straight girl and had decided to marry me,but she had given me the sexual liberty to have sex with other girls on some occassions.We would never cheat each other.She had never even talked about another guy though.
As we went inside my appartment,i found out that the windows were closed.As my parents had gone out,i was even more relaxed.I removed my sport shoes and kept the bag of things inside my room which we would be using tonight.
When i came out,Anushka was wondering about me.I came close to her and lifted her up in my arms.She blushed “I love you” i said.”Let me remove my sandals atleast” she said.I removed the straps of her sandals and they fell down.Suddenly she gave me a jerk so i let her down.
She stripped off her top,my jurkin and pyjamas in one go,and ran totally nude inside my room.I followed stripping myself from my clothes.I ran towards her and held her from behind by my both hands.She laughed.Then i lifted her slightly above in the air,holding at her waist and we collapsed in my bed,totally nude.
Then she faced me and i lied on her.I stroked her hair and gave her a deep french kiss,using my tongue.She liked it and responded by doing the same.After some minutes of kissing she asked me to go ahead.
I held her hands.Her nails revealed how much pressure she was using to grip my hands.Then i kissed and licked her shoulders,neck and arms step by step.Her breathing had become fast.I also kissed and sucked her fingers.
Then i took the tin of chocolate and opened it.I put it on her entire chest,from just below her neck to her waistline.Then i gently started sucking one of her breasts while massaging the other with another hand.Even she started running her fingers all over my neck and body.I sucked,licked and massaged her boobs hard-one with my mouth and the other with my hands.I proceeded from their outer curves to her nipples which had become hard due to her excitement.After alternately treating both her breasts in this way,i went to her cleavage.
As i put my mouth on the area between her boobs she let out a faint moan and pressed my head hard against her cleavage.Most of our bodies were getting covered with chocolate as she herself sometimes used to stroke her own breasts.After i had sucked all the chocolate on her cleavage i proceeded to her navel.
When i started licking her navel feverishly she said “Yes,dont let even a single drop of chocolate be on my body” She was enjoying it immensely.
With one hand i stroked her navel first.Then i put a finger inside her navel,took it out and licked it.”I will be doing the same thing again honey,but i will just put my finger somewhere else” i said and she blushed.
When her navel had no traces of chocolate left on it,she put her lips on mine and again kissed me very forcefully and passionately,using all her tongue.It felt very nice.
Then she told me to spray my cum on her whole body or as much part of it as i could.”I am madly in love with you.I want you to mark my whole body with your sperms.Make my whole body yours,dont hesitate.”She said.
I wondered if i could spray so much cum.Though we had did it once or twice before and it had been to her satisfaction,this time it would be even better,i thought.That was because i rarely masturbated and so it seemed possible.
I asked her to suck my cock for me.”Pyaar se” She said and started sucking it.First she kissed and licked my balls(the projection at the root of the penis)making a heavy sucking noise and moaning loudly “hmm”.Then she licked all the sides of it,topside,bottom and left and right and took the whole of it in her mouth.It had already become large due to our foreplay.
She sucked it wonderfully.She used to take the whole of it inside,gripping it with her mouth tightly and then leaving it out of her mouth,just keeping the tip of the penis inside her mouth.After she sucked it for 10 minutes like this,i felt the walls of her mouth brushing against my penis making me feel as if i’m in heaven.Then she stopped sucking my cock and started stroking it very forcefully and fast using both her hands.
The feel of it was amazing but even the scene was making me crazy.Her soft hands were moving the foreskin on my cock up and down very fast with too much speed.Finally i felt that i was gonna cum so i asked her to be ready.
“Here it comes” I said.I cummed really a great quantity of sperms.I sprayed it on her hair,face,mouth,neck,hands,chest and navel.She had moved her body as if someone moves it when she stands in front of the shower in the bathroom,adjusting so that my sperm should fall on her and shouldnt fall anywhere else.
Then with her own hands,she sprayed my sperm juice to the other parts of her body too,where it couldnt have reached.She literally massged her whole body,front and back with my sperm juice.Then she lied down again on her back as before and asked me to do the next.
I kissed and stroked her legs with my hands,from waist to feet.She was perfectly hair less and her natural body odour was making me even mad.As i reached her feet i massaged them for some time.Then,i asked her to lie on her tummy while i sucked her toes with my mouth.Then continuing with her souls i kissed her entire legs from the back side.Then i squeezed her hips very hard.”Ahh” she screamed with pleasure.
Then i nibbled them for some time.I massaged her hips,starting from their sides and coming to their center using both my hands.She must have felt marvellous,as she jerked a little.Then i put my hand inside her anus,between her hips while i started kissing her hips with full force.She murmured “Kitna chedoge,ab chod dalo na”.”Thoda rukho darling,aaram se maze lenge,hamare pass sari raat hai” i said.
Then i stroked her back and bit her earlobes.With my tongue i tasted the periphery of her ears later sucking the central part of her ear.She moaned very loudly “Umm.Haa.”Then i went lower and kissed parts of her back quickly but deeply.
Then we relaxed for a while,looking at the pictures in the kamasutra booklet thinking of some easy & fun position.We found out one.
She lied on her back and we came closer.I lifted both her legs,very slowly and kept them on my shoulders.My cock had already grown in size looking at her expressions and feeling her excited to do it.In one go,i inserted my cock deep in her pussy and started rocking her too and fro.She started co-operating and moving her body accordingly.Slowly we increased our speed and now we were fucking both fast.”Lets cum together” she said and asked me to make her sit,not stopping fucking.
I lifted her,holding her hands while she came even closer,keeping her knees on my shoulder and hugging my back tightly with her feet.Then she asked me to put my feet near her back as it was seen in the book.When i did it we came closer and started kissing.Her moans had increased in duration and volume.At one point she screamed “Meri itni mast chudai aaj tak kisi ne nahi ki hai.Aur zor se chodna mujhe.Chodna nahi.Lesbian sex ka isse comparison hi nahi ho sakta.Umm.Hmm”.After fucking for some minutes in this position we cummed,almost at the same time.Really it was the most pleasant sex we ever had.
Then she looked for another position in the booklet as she wanted me to have anal sex with her.Before doing that i asked of i could suck her pussy.
As she lied on her back i asked her to stretch her legs wide open so that i could see her pussy.It was nice,shaved,pink.I first just sucked on it with my lips later when i just touched it with my tongue she put her hand on my neck and pushed her legs forward allowing me to suck her even more deeply.As i finished sucking it to my heart’s content,i started fingering her pussy with my fingers.
Though we had recenltly fucked and we had been doint it since 3 years atleast once a month,i found it quite tight.First i just teased her,encircling the area around her pussy.Later on i inserted one finger each of both my hands.I found that my fingers had become wet which drove me crazy.Then slowly,i started finger-fucking her pussy,some time later inserting my thumb of both the hands too.In 5 minutes i increased my rhythm and made it as fast as she would allow me.As she cummed,the juice got sprayed on my fingers.Though i had did it before some times,this was one of the best times till date according to her.
Then she asked me to lie down on my back.”Ab mera number hai yaar,she said and winked.”First of all she kissed me very gently and delicately.She barely moved her mouth but she kept on moving her tongue.Though i had taught her kissing i couldnt do it in this manner but i didnt regret it.Then she held my hands and came on top of me.She kissed my chest for some time,mostly licking me all over and stroking my back and neck with her hands simultaneously.It prepared us for the next step.
Then she sat on me,resting her foot to my side and keeping her thigh on my waist.Then shyly she asked me to insert my penis into her anus.We both held my cock with our hands and guided it to her anus.Very gently but firmly she lowered her anus,sliding it on my cock.When it hadnt got it as much inside as she wanted,she asked me to push it hard and not to worry even if she screamed.I gave it a forceful push,she moaned but said that it was ok and asked me to start.”What start?” i said “You take charge and get fucked as hard as you want”.She smiled and started moving her hips up and down,just as i started moving my waist too.
After some time we increased the speed and she told me not to stop and keep on increasing the speed unless she told me to stop increasing the speed.Sometime later she said “Ya peksha zorat nako karus,dukhtay” which made me stop increasing my speed.
I really dont know for how much time we fucked like this.Until i cummed and she slept on top of me hugging me tight and asking me to hug her tight too.Then we rolled and laid side by side.We kissed once and then i asked her if i could do some after-play.As were tired we didnt do it then but next morning we did it in a novel way,not like anytime before.
She lied on her back and i slept on her in 69 position.While i licked her cunt she also sucked my cock.This time we did it gently and slowly,enjoying each second the sensations which we gave to each other.After some time we both cummed,had a bath together and then left my home.
She allowed me to have sex with any girl but i should ask her first and if she’s a bisexual girl she would like me to introduce with her.I could make love to the other girl only once and that too if possible in front of her,which she loved to watch.This too only till our marriage.”Then only you & me”she winked.I agreed as i knew how much she loved me,always being in contact with me & not even thinking of any other guy,sacrificing too many things for me.I’ve kept this promise and look forward to keeping it as we still aren’t married but we are officially engaged.

A Gay Sex Story “LONDEBAAZ Chachoo “

Mera naam Waseem hai aur yeh true story mujhay meray friend Aqeel ne sunaai thi jo khud bhi aik GAY male hai. Agar yeh story publish ho kar aap tak pounch gai aur aapnay isko pasand kiya toe mein aur bhi buht si stories sunaaoun ga. Umeed hai aap maza lo gai. Aap yeh story Aqeel ki zabani sunye.

Mera naam Aqeel hai. Mein ne chachoo ko pehli dafa koi 8–9 saal pehlay dekha tha aur us waqt meri umar sirf 4 saal ke qareeb thi aur chachoo shadi ke liye Australia se aaye thay. Baad mein pata chala keh koi 2 saal baad unki divorce ho gai thi aur phir chachoo ne shadi nahi ki. Ab meri umar qareeban 14 saal hone ko hai. Sham ko daddy office se aaye aur dono bhai baith kar gup karte rahe phir hum sab ne mil kar khana khaya. Khanay ke doraan chachoo ne bataya keh unka yeh trip sirf 6 din ka hai. Dad buht upset ho gai kayunkeh unko aglay 4 din ke liye official tour par jana tha. Chachoo ne promise kiya keh jald holidays apply karein gai aur zaroor 2—3 weeks ke liye aayein gai. Dinner ke baad dono bhai gup shup kertay rahe aur mein paas baitha TV dekhta raha. Mom kitchen se faarigh ho kar ooper bedroom mein chali gai.


Dad ne awaz di toe Mom ne neechay aa kar bataya keh unhoun ne chachoo ke sonay ka intizaam neechay meray bedroom mein he kar diya hai. Mom ka khayal tha keh behtar hoga chachoo neechay meray bedroom mein rahein takeh bore nah hon. Thorhi dair baad chachoo ne kaha keh unko aram kerna hai aur mom unko meray bedroom dikhnay le gai. Phir Dad bhi uth kar ooper apnay bedroom mein chlay gai aur mom bhi. Mein ne bhi TV off kar diya aur sonay ke liye chala gaya.


Bedroom mein ja kar kaya dekhta houn keh chachoo bathroom mein sink par tooth brush kar rahay thay aur unhoun ne sirf aik underwear shorts pahn rakhi thi. Mein ne thorhi si hesitation mehsoos ki magar mein chounkeh khud aik GAY houn aur thorhi thorhi baatoun ko samajh raha houn is liye mein ne himmat se kaam liya aur without showing any sign of concern mein ne change kerna shuru kar diya. Mom ne mere bed par extra blanket aur pillows rakh diye thay. Mera bed King size se bhi larger size ka hone ki wajah se hum dono ke liye kafi tha magar mujhay ehsas zaroor huwa kayunkeh aaj tak koi is bed par meray saath nahi soya tha. Chachoo bathroom se niklay toe mein bhi change kar chuka tha. Ab mein ne bhi ja kar tooth brush istamal kiya.


Jaisay he mein wahan se bedroom mein aaya, mein ne dekha keh chachoo standing bilkul NAKED by the bed, bending a little placing his shorts looking underwear below his pillow. Kayunkeh chachoo thorha bending position mein thay, mein ne note kiya keh unki thighs aur gaand ke ooper buht meat tha. Unki legs aur thighs buht mazboot aur strong thein. Magar jis cheez ne mujhay buht hairaan kiya woh unkay Tattay thay jo thighs ke in between kafi zayada neechay tak latkay nazar aa rahay thay. Abhi mein nay is scene se nazar nahi hatai thi keh achanak chachoo turned around and now he was facing me. Ouff Allah!!! Unka lamba aur mota nanga Lorha meray samnay tha.


Oh sorry! Unhoun ne kaha. Sorry Aqeel baita; mujhay patah nahi chala keh tum bathroom se bahar aa chukay ho. Mujhay nanga sonay ki aadat hai, umeed hai tumko koi ehtraaz nahi hoga.


Ji nahi , mein ne kaha. Mujhay kaya ehtraaz hoga.


Phir hum dono dheere se bed par lait gai laikin mujhay thorha ajeeb lag raha tha aur mein chahta tha keh chachoo se koi baat karoun aur shayad chachoo bhi yahi soch rahay thay kayunkeh forun he mujhay unki whispering ki awaz sunaai di.


Aqeel, tum jawan ho gai ho aur umeed hai keh you must be feeling sexy and in need of sex.


Mein kuch khas jawab nahi de saka aur sirf itna kaha keh chachoo mein sexually thorha confused houn, mujhay girls se kaheen zayada boys aur men achay lagtay hein. Mein toe chori chori unki tarf dekhta rehta houn aur buht sexy feel kerta houn uswaqt. Mera Lund aap jaisa zabardast lamba ya mota nahi hai magar phir bhi jab hard ho jata hai toe koi 6 inch lamba aur itna he mota ho jata hai. Buht mushkil hoti hai usko control kernay ki aur din mein 3—4 dafa muth marna parhti hai.


Buht khoob, that is wonderful, chachoo ne kaha. You must know keh muth marna buht natural aur healthy sign hai. Is tarah balls buht active ho jatay hein aur quickly zayada aur fresh juice tayyar kertay hein. Magar mein hairaan houn keh shayad tum nay abhi tak kisi ke saath sex nahi ki. Kaya School ya gali mohallay mein kabhi kisi ke saath shrarat nahi ki??


Nahi chachoo, mein thorha Sharma kar bola. Dar lagta hai ya phir shayad himmat nahi hui ya mumkin hai mujhay sharm aati hai laikin dil buht kerta hai keh I could hold, feel and play with some cock other than mine aur koi dousra meray lun ko pakrhay aur is kay saath maza karay aur mera toe dil yeh bhi kerta hai keh koi meri gaand ke saath mastiyaan karay. I really feel keh some one should explore and   recreaction ya fool around karay.


Mera fiqra pura bhi nahi huwa tha keh chachoo ne achanak mujhay apnay nazdeek balkeh apni arms mein le liya. His larger meaty body was wrapped all around me aur mein unka garm garm lund apnay jism se touch hota mehsoos ker raha tha. Mujhay samajh nahi aa rahi thi keh mein resist karoun ya nahi. Mujhay thorhi hesitation bhi thi but I also wanted to see what happens next and wanted to enjoy also plus I knew chachoo will not hurt me and knowing the predicament he will rather make sure keh kuch ghalt nah ho.


Aur phir unhoun ne meray kaprhay utarna shuru kar diye. Next minute hum dono bilkul nangay aik dusray ko kissing karne lagay. Chachoo ke haath meray jawan magar soft aur garm   badan par ghoumnay lagay. Woh apni zoban meray mounh   mein detay, meri zoban ko choustay, meray tharthratay lips ko halka halka bite kartay……… Ahhhhh ! Mujhay buht maza aa raha tha. Chachoo ka aik haath again and again meray lund ko massage ker raha tha jo keh ab buht hard aur erect ho chuka tha. Kuch dair baad unhoun ne thorhi position change ki aur hamaray Lorhay aik dousray ke saath rubbing kernay lagay jaisay sword fight ho rahi ho. Hum dono ki lower bodies move kar rahi thein aur lund aik dusray se grind kar rahay thay. Thorhi he dair mein mujhay ehsas huwa keh meri silky lubrication nikalna shuru ho gai hai aur shayad yahi haal chachoo ka bhi tha kayunkeh hamaray lund aik dusray ke ooper slip karnay lagay thay. Lubrication ne apna kam dikhana shuru ker diya tha.


Chachoo ne position change ki aur aglay he minute mera 6 inch lamba buht mota, extremely hard and solid lund unkay lips ke qareeb tha aur mera mouth unkay Jinnati huge manhood par tha. Baqi sab kuch natural tha. Mein unki moves ko copy kar raha tha magar mujhay khud bhi ehsas ho raha tha keh kaya kerna hai. Hum aik dusray ki sucking mein gum ho gai. Haath Lund ki shaft ko sahlatay, Tattoun ke heavy meat ko rub kartay, massage kartay aur lips, mouths and throats were busy sucking and enjoying the overwhelmingly amazing man sex. Bedroom was filling with soft moans and sighs of joy further provoking and approving each other to continue this tremendously enjoying cock sucking session. Chachoo was showing all his experience and talent exerting pressure on my length with his mouth and tongue. Ouhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oohhhhhhhhhhhmmm ki continous sounds nikal rahi thein. Hardly 5 minutes passed which felt like and eternity and then Achanak mera Lorha out of control ho gaya. Mera badan twist honay laga, meri breathing buht labored aur mushkil ho gai. Lund mein aur bhi zayada hardness paida ho gai aur chachoo ko isay control kerna mushkil ho gaya. Mein feel kar raha tha keh in a few seconds it would be impossible for me to keep command magar chachoo kept sucking and applying awesome pressure on it sending impulses all through my groin concentrating and surging from my balls to explode into the total body.


And then my body started losing it all. Meri halki si cheekh nikli, lorhay mein electric current lag gaya. Chachoo ne meray knotted, shrunken Tattay muthi mein pakar lie thay aur phir jaisay flood aa gaya. Garm, thick aur slick man juice unkay mounh mein girnay laga. Lund pagal ho kar unkay mounh mein takrein mar raha tha, squirt after squirt, lund ki flexing was unending. Lagta tha tattoun mein se last drop tak nikal jaai ga. Chachoo ka lund meray mouth mein nahi tha and I could raise my neck a little and watch him gulp and swallow large amounts of my ball’s brew trying very hard not to spill any but still a thick heavily creamy flow had run down from the side of his mouth which he was trying to lick now noticing finally the unending spewing of my boyhood juice coming to trickle. Oh my God, it was an amazing experience I had gone through after long long time of fantasizing about it.


Chachoo, quickly licked, sucked and consumed all the CUM I had dumped into his mouth aur phir jaldi se unhoun ne mujhay bed par seedha lita diya. Mera head pillow par thorha ooper ko utha huwa tha. Woh meri chest ke oopar is tarah bend huway keh unka sakht aur buht phoola huwa Lorha meray lips par aa gaya. Mein ne isko lick kerna shuru ker diya aur phir zoban ghuma ghuma kar mouth open kerkay usko chousna shuru ker diya. Chachoo ke haath meray head ke neechay chalay gai aur mera mounh unkay meaty sexy tool se full honay laga. Unhoun ne mujhay kaha keh mein unkay tattoun ko apnay haathoun mein lekar rub karoun aur saath he saath unki kamar aagay peechhay move kernay lagi. Woh kamal maharat se meray mouth ki chodaai kernay lagay.


Lund mein se lubrication nikal rahi thi jiski wajah se kafi zayada Lund phisal kar meray mounh mein ja raha tha. Chachoo meray hair mein buht payar se apni fingers pher rahe thay, mujhay bhi buht maza aa raha tha. Mein kabhi unka lorha chusta aur haathoun se unkay tattay masalta, kabhi unkay tattaoun ko lick aur suck sakta aur haathoun se unkay gigantic lorhay ki stroking kerta. Is play mein kafi waqt guzar gaya. Mujhay 3—4 dafa aisa mehsoos huwa keh shayad chachoo ka orgasm qareeb hai laikin aisa nahi tha. Unka Lund buht Red aur garm ho chukka tha aur woh mujhay bar bar mouth aur tongue se pressure apply kernay ko keh rahay thay. Adult lund buht larger size ka tha aur meray liye usko mouth mein lekar mouth close kerna aur pressure sucking kerna easy nahi tha magar mein unko disappoint nahi kerna chahta tha aur puri koshish se zordaar sucking ker raha tha. Aur phir chachoo ki halat ghair ho gai…. OUFFFFFFFF Allah!! Mujhay aisa mehsoos huwa keh unka Lorha mera throat phar dega, us mein itni zayada sakhti, lambaai aur motaai aa gai thi. Chachoo ne meray mounh ko buht he zalmana tareekay se chodna shuru ker diya tha aur thrusting, pumping fast ker di thi.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!   Unkay throat se deep sigh nikli, haath sakhti se meray mouth ko apnay Lund ke nazdeek kartay huway unhoun ne kuch long strokes diye aur phir Aaaahhh, Ooouuhh, Aarrrggggg, Hhhhaaaaa, jaisi cheekhoun ke saath unka CUM juice meray mounh mein aanay laga. Mein ne aaj tak kabhi apna juice bhi taste nahi kiya tha is liye thorhi hesitation thi magar chachoo ki grip meray mouth par thi aur unka mota Lund meray lips ko phaar kar andar ghusa huwa tha. Juice mounh mein aatay he sab se pehla ehsaas mujhay smell ka huwa… O’ my God! compelling odor aur phir silky and slightly saltish taste ne mujhay deewana ker diya. Lorhay ke muscles repeatedly flexing kertay rahay aur har dafa mouthful CUM meray mounh mein aati gai. Mein is qadar joy mehsoos ker raha tha keh chachoo ka akhtri drop jab tak nikal nahi gaya mein ne unke lund ko mounh se nikalnay nahi diya. Smell, taste, texture aur amount sab ne milkar mujhay buht zayada lutf diya aur I felt kind of proud for what I had done.


Ab chachoo ke lun mein se tatsy nectar nikalna khatam ho gaya magar unouh ne meri mouth fucking jari rakhi. Lund phisal phisal kar andar bahar hota raha. Chachoo ki siskiyan slowly finish ho gein laikin unka dick abhi tak lamba tha. Fatness aur hardness khatam hone ki wajah se kuch he dair baad unka lun dheela ho gaya aur meray mounh se nikal gaya.


Chachoo ne aglay moment meray nangay badan par movement ki aur achanak apnay dono hands se meri legs ko ooper ki tarf utha diya. Saath he saath unhoun ne meri legs ko puri tarah spread ker diya. Meri waist bed se ooper uth gai aur woh meray ass buns ko kiss kerna shuru ho gai. Meray liye yeh bilkul new aur ajeeb baat thi magar mein quietly unka saath de raha tha. Ouuf God, chacoo toe patah nahi kaya kerna chah rahay thay. His hands were constantly spreading my legs aur ab unka mouth meri gaand ke sorakh par aa gaya tha. Unki geeli zoban meray hole ke ird gird ghoum rahi thi aur woh buht eagerly wahan licking ker rahay thay. The wetness of his tongue, the warmth of his breath along with couple of his fingers were all in action aur mein mehsoos ker raha tha keh kuch he dair pehlay mera sorakh jo buht tightly closed tha ab kuch loose ho gaya tha aur chachoo ki zoban aur unki aik finger andar ja rahi thi. Chachoo ne apnay shoulders se meri legs ko sahara dena shuru ker diya aur unkay haath meray lund par aa gaya jo buht hard ho ker stand to ho chuka tha. Ab woh meri muth bhi maar rahay thay, meri gaand ki licking sucking bhi ker rahay thay aur saath he saath unka mouth meray balls aur cock ki service bhi ker raha tha. He was sucking stroking my cock, he was licking sucking my balls and he was kissing licking my hole. He was in a fury and was doing everything to make me excited. Ounghhhhhhhhh, aauunhhhhhhh, oouuuuuhhhhh meri tarah tarah ki siskiyaan nikal rahi thein aur mein apnay aap ko saroor ki depths mein feel kar raha tha. Mera lorha buht hard aur erect ho chukka tha aur precum ki heavy amount is mein se nikal rahi thi jisko chachoo lick ker ke tongue ke saath meri length par spread ker rahay thay ya phir haath se isko meray cock, balls aur gaand ke hole par rub ker detay thay.


Kafi dair yeh game hoti rahi aur phir chachoo ne thorhi si position change ki. Now he was between my legs aur unka monster sex tool meri gaand ko touch ho raha tha. Although my asshole was already all wet and relaxed but I could certainly feel more lube dropping and crawling in and around my excited hole. Chachoo ne apnay nangay badan ko meray ooper gira diya, meri legs dono ke darmayan crush ho gaein. Meri gaand buht ooper ko ho gai, unka lorha meray VIRGIN hole kay bilkul ooper aa gaya. Mujhay yaqeen ho gaya keh chachoo mujhay chodnay ko tayyar hein. Ouuf Khudaya!! Mein dar gaya aur khayal aaya keh meri gaand kaheen phat nah jai. Pura badan achanak tense ho gaya aur ousi lamhay Chachoo ne apnay Massive lund ko haath mein pakarha aur meri gaand ke hole par rub kernay lagay. He was fully bending over me and now had slipped his tongue into my open mouth as well. I don’t know if I was enjoying or worried but mein definitely unko disappoint nahi kerna chahta tha aur unki har move mein unka pura saath nibha raha tha.


Chachoo ke Lorhay ka geela geela head aik do dafa meray sorakh ke bilkul ooper aaya aur unhoun ne wahan pressure bhi diya magar meri gaand resistance ke mode mein aa chuki thi aur imaginary fear ki wajah se buht tightly shut ho gai thi. Chachoo aur mein kissing kartay rahay, tongue sucking, lip sucking, unki tongue meray mounh mein aisay andar bahat ho rahi thi keh mujhay feel huwa jaisay meray mounh ko fuck ker rahi hai. Woh buht lagan ke saath meray erect lund ko sahla rahay thay aur jis tarah hamaray mouths se love juice buht zayada nikal raha tha ousi tarah meray lund se bhi precum ki heavy miqdaar nikal rahi thi. Sexy fun was peaking, my orgasm was close to hit me hard. Chachoo ki muthi meray lorhay par tezi se chal rahi thi. O’ my, my, my…. Jald he mera nanga badan buht buri tarah tarpnay laga. Lorhay mein electric current ka flow mehsoos huwa aur Lorha beqaaboo ho gaya. Spasm after spasm meri garm aur thick MANEE started jetting out of my cock hole aur hamaray dono ki chests ke darmayaan flood aa gaya, buht geela flood. Chachoo ka haath abhi tak meray lund ko masal raha tha aur woh meray tattoun ko bhi daba kar puri koshish ker rahay thay keh pipes mein aik drop bhi Manee ka nah rah jaai. I was on top of sexy joy. Mera buht young nanga 13—14 saal ka badan stretching, twisting ki stages se guzar kar ab kuch dheela parh gaya tha magar sexy emotions were still jam packed within me.


Chachoo ne meri legs free ker dein aur ab thorha sa ooper uth kar apni lambhi tongue nikal nikal kar meri chest par giray Cum load ko lick ker rahay thay. Aik dafa tongue ko achi tarah geela kernay ke baad khud swallow kertay, aik dafa meray mouth ke saath lip locking kerkay apni tongue meray mounh mein detay aur mein isko lick kerkay clean ker deta. Mein ne zindagi mein pehli dafa aaj manly nectar taste kiya tha. Mujhay iska taste, iski smell aur silky smooth texture sabhi kuch buht achha laga tha. Hum dono buht shoq se yeh harkat ous waqt tak kartay rahay jab tak halka sa bhi taste aata raha. Mujhay apni Manee ka taste Chachoo ki Manee se bhi acha laga. Mera badan aik dum narm parh gaya aur meri tongue mouth ke andar tamam corners se aur lips par se is taste ko enjoy ker rahi thi.


My eyes were closed and I was floating in the air, suddenly I heard some slurping chirping noise and I opened my eyes. I saw Chachoo sitting between my opened legs and transferring, spreading my CUM from all over his hand on to his very long hard cock. Quickly he again raised my legs up and his CUM laced fingers were now coating my asshole sphincter. Woh apni chest per se bhi meri Manee ko fingers ke saath meri gaand ke andar tak laga rahay thay. Geeli geeli fingers buht slick bhi thein aur ab meri gaand ka sorakh bhi kuch dheela ho gaya tha aur mein unki 2 fingers apnay andar jati mehsoos kar raha tha.


Thorhi dair baad unhoun ne phir meri legs ko spread kiya aur apna badan meray ooper phaila diya aur buht payar se mujhay kissing kernay lagay. Phir mein ne unki awaz suni… Woh meray kaan mein keh rahay thay……… Baita tumhara dil chahta hai na keh koi tumhari gaand ke saath mastiyaan karay, isko explore karay aur fool around karay. Buht achhi baat hai. I am here to do what you need, koi darnay wali baat nahi hai. Mein houn na… buht ehtyaat se sab kuch karoun ga, buht maza aaye ga bus tum mera saath dena, thorhi himmat se aur phir dekhna kitni zayada enjoyment hogi.


Magar Chachoo apka Lorha buht BIG hai kaheen meri gaand phat nah jai; mein ne bhi dheeray se kaha.


Nahi, aisay nahi kaho… Trust me, I will do all so slow and so easy. Chachoo ne phir se mujhay yaqeen dilaya aur mein raazi ho gaya.


Meri legs ko spread kerkay unhoun ne apnay shoulders par rakha, aik haath se apnay Lund ko sanbhala aur aram aram se meri gaand ke sorakh par slowly rub kerna shuru ker diya. Mera sorakh CUM ki wajah se kafi geela aur slick ho chuka tha aur yahi haal Lund ka bhi tha, so jounhi mujhay zara sa ehsaas huwa keh unhoun ne pressure diya hai, mera hole resist nahi ker saka aur gaand ke lips open ho gai. Mota UMBRELLA looking cock head meri gaand mein uttar gaya; meray puray badan mein jaisay aag lag gai. Sharp shooting pain ka ehsaas honay laga. Meri gaand unkay Lorhay par tightly shut honay lagi laikin itna mota Lund andar se sorakh ko stretch kar raha tha… Buht pain honay lagi thi. Agar chachoo suddenly apna mouth meray mouth par rakh kar meri kissing shuru nah kertay toe yaqeenan meri buht loud cheekh nikal jani thi. Chachoo ko pata lag gaya tha keh mein comfortable nahi houn aur woh meray mouth mein mumbling kertay huwe mujhay himmat kernay ko keh rahay thay. Unhoun ne few seconds he is amal ko roka magar phir apnay mazboot badan aur meaty thighs ko use kertay huwe pressure dena shuru ker diya. Gaand geeli CUM ki wajah se buht slick ho chuki thi…. Lorha phisla aur Achanak dour tak chala gaya. Mujhay aisa laga jaisay meri gaand ke andar koi bomb chal gaya ho. Gaand yaqeenan phat gait hi aur dard ka ehsaas buht barh gaya tha.


Chachoo mujhay himmat kernay ko kehtay rahay magar dard tha keh bardasht nahi ho raha tha. Woh puri koshish se mera dhayan kissing aur tongue sucking ki tarf laga rahay thay aur mein bhi puri koshish kar raha tha keh kisi bhi soorat chachoo ko meri terf se disappointment nah ho. Buht himmat se pain ko bardasht ker raha tha keh chachoo ki waist zara ooper ko uthi, unkay knees meray ass buns kay qareeb ho gai aur SHRUP THUMP ki awaz ke saath unkay motay motay neechay tak latkay huwe CUM filled tattay meray puri tarah stretched open ass hole par grind kernay lagay.


OUFFFFFFFF God, Lorhay ki puri lambai meri gaand mein ja chuki thi. Meri apni Manee, meray tattoun ka juice meri chudaai mein help ker raha tha. My ass was being CUM fucked, even to think of it was extremely exciting and making me aroused.


Chachoo was making very slow movement IN and OUT of my hole, magar meri gaand ka sorakh abhi bhi buht resist ker raha tha aur every even very slow thrust was being painful. Hum buht passionately aik dousray ki deep kissing bhi ker rahay thay magar meri halki halki PAINFUL sighs were of course being quite a bit nuisance and spoiling the fucking pleasure.


I heard Chachoo whisper in my ear to “PUSH OUT”. As inexperienced I was I thought “to push out” will expel his cock out of my asshole and so I did.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh FUCK, NO ! As I pushed out, I suddenly realized keh meri gaand kuch zayada open ho gait hi aur chachoo ne yak dum lorha bahar nikala aur split second mein andar push ker diya. I felt keh meri gaand andar se suddenly buht open ho gait hi aur is dafa chachoo ke very quick and forceful thrust se mujhay kuch khas pain nahi hui thi balkeh Pain / Pleasure ka buht satisfying ehsaas meri gaand mein mehsoos hua tha. Phir kaya tha, mein ne puri concentration se gaand ke muscles ko push kerna shuru ker diya. Chachoo ka Lund buht azadi se meri gaand ke andar bahar honay laga, dard ka ehsaas kafi hud tak reduce balkeh finish ho gaya aur phir hum dono ne aik rhythm set ker liya. Chachoo ne bhi aik khas speed ke saath pace aur tempo bana liya aur few minute pehlay jahan mein pain ki shakayat ker raha tha ab mein chachoo ka complete saath de raha tha aur unka lund balls deep meri gaand ki muscle walls ko aik drill ki tarah sides mein push kerta huwa meri chudaai kernay laga tha. Meri gaand kay muscles RAW sensation se lutf lenay lagay thay aur chachoo le Lorhay ko hug ker rahay thay.


Ouf Khudaya!! Kitna maza aa raha tha. Chachoo ka Lund thump thump thump meri gaand ke andar dour tak maar ker raha tha aur mein ne gaand ooper utha utha ker chachoo ko zoardaar chodaai par majboor kerna shuru ker diya tha. Chachoo ka Lund meri gaand ke muscles ko cheerta huwa buht deep fucking ker raha tha, ab woh mujhay bar bar gaand ko squeeze kernay lorhay ko keh rahay thay, mujhay keh rahay thay keh I should ask him to fuck me harder and deeper. He was asking me if I was enjoying and mein toe ab is qadar mast ho chuka tha keh unki har baat ko aik hukam samajh ker pura ker raha tha. Mein gaand ke muscles squeeze ker ker ke unko intimidate ker raha tha keh mujhay aur zayda josh ke saath deep fuck karein.


Chachoo buht zoar zoar ke saath ghassay maar rahay thay, unka lamba Lund meri gaand ka andar puri depth mein ja kar takrein maar raha tha aur unkay heavy hung balls were swinging and crashing just below my hole, again and again. Chachoo ne meri khub mazedaar chodaai ki aur phir Haaaaaaaaa, Ouuuuuuu Oooooooouuuuuhhhhhhhhh ka shoar bland honay laga. Chachoo ka orgasm out of control ho gaya tha aur ab unhoun ne meri gaand ko shayad destroy kernay ka soch liya tha. Itni furiously aur isqadar bai rahmi se pura pole sized lorha meri gaand ke andar bahar kerna shuru ker diya tha. Mein feel ker sakta tha keh unki breathing bhi shallow ho rahi thi, unka pura badan bhi tense ho raha tha aur unka face bhi buri tarah contort ho raha tha.


AUR phir yak lakht Mota lund aur Mota ho gaya, meri gaand ka ring buht thinly dilate ho gaya aur buht zoar daar contractions kay saath Chachoo ki garm Manee meri gaand mein girnay lagi. Unkay ghassay aur bhi zalmana ho gai aur mujhay feel honay laga keh boiling lava meri gaand ke bhar janay ke baad bahar behnay laga tha. Dheeray toofan khatam huwa, chachoo kay ghassay rook gai aur woh buht tired ho kar meray ooper gir gai. Meri gaand buht Raw aur euphoric feel ker rahi thi aur yaqeenan unka lund bhi buht rejoiced mehsoos ker raha tha.


Unhoun ne hardly 2 minues is tarah guzaray houn gai aur phir jaldi se uth ker apna still semi erect lorha meri gaand mein se nikala, meri legs ko knees se bend kiya aur phir apnay aik haath se apnay Lun par lagay CUM juice ko meray almost soft lund par laga ker massage kiya. Aisa kernay se mera lund thorha sa hard ho gaya aur phir unhoun ne khud he apni gaand ko nashanay par rakh kar meray lorhay ko seedha kiya aur ous ke ooper baith gai. Chachoo ki gaand aik glove ki tarah meray lorhay par fit ho gai. Oh God, Oh God….. mujhay youn laga keh jaisay mera lund kisi oven mein chala gaya hai. Oun ki gaand buht garm aur geeli thi. Pura lun andar chala gaya aur phir woh ooper neechay jump kernay lagay. Apni waist ko ghuma ghuma ker meray lund ko apni gaand ke meaty muscles mein wrap kertay huway pura lorha apni gaand mein le jaatay aur phir apnay sorakh ko tight squeeze ker ke ooper uth jatay. Lorha INNNNN, OUTTTTTTTTT, INNNNNNNNN OUTTTTTT hota raha.


Mein is qadar friction zayada dair bardasht nahi ker saka aur mera pura bada tarpnay laga. Is twitching, writhing aur twisting ke nateejay mein jald he mera climax aan poncha aur aik dafa phir meri thick, creamy Manee nikalnay lagi. Chachoo ne meray lorhay ko ous waqt tak apni gaand se chodna khatam nahi kiya jab tak meray lorhay mein flexing contractions khatam nahi ho gein.


Phir chachoo dheeray se meray lund per se uttar gai. Thakawat aur lutf ke milay julay ehsaas se hamara haal buht bura ho raha tha. Badan sweat se geelay thay aur ab neend aa rahi thi. Chachoo ne promise kiya keh jitney din woh yahan thay hum rozana enjoy karein gai aur unhoun ne promise kiya keh woh mujhay chodnay aur chudwanay ki different positions bataein gai aur practice bhi karein gai.