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Rapped hard by group of robbers

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“I screamed “ya khadaya mai mar gai” he did not stop and like a piston he was in and out. My bhaabi was screaming as the guy was fucking her ass.”
Hi my name is Jamila, I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan now residing in USA. This is a true story of my misery. It was the summer of 1995. My brother was getting married in Karachi so we booked the tour bus. After wedding when we were returning from Mumbai to Delhi. We had lots of Jahz and jewelery . We were about 25 people in the bus, majority women. My brother and his wife were in the bus too. They did not have their wedding night yet. We had a Ruksati and they were going to have Wedding night in Hyderabad. on the way to hyderabad, we got stopped by the Robbers. There were 3 robbers in black Shalwar Kurta, they were driving a van.

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The Kama Sutra 3. Love quarrels

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Part 1. On Sexual Congress 3. Different kinds of love quarrels.
The Complete Kama Sutra Sex Guide presented by

In the pleasure room, decorated with flowers, and fragrant with perfumes, attended by his friends and servants, the citizen should receive the woman, who will come bathed and dressed, and invite her to take refreshments and to drink freely. He should then seat her on his left side, and holding her hair, and touching also the end knot of her garment, he should gently embrace her with his right arm.

They should then carry on an amusing conversation on various subjects, and may also talk suggestively of things, which would be considered as coarse, or not to be mentioned generally in society.

They may then sing, either with or without gesticulations, and play on musical instruments, talk about the arts, and persuade each other to drink. At last when the woman is overcome with love and desire, the citizen should dismiss the people that may be with him, giving them flowers, ointments, and betel leaves, and then when the two are left alone, they should proceed as has been described in the following chapters.

Such is the beginning of sexual union. At the end of the congress, the lovers with modesty, and not looking at each other, should go separately to the washing-room. After this, sitting in their own places, they should eat some betel leaves, and the citizen should apply with his own hand to the body of the woman some pure sandalwood ointment, or ointment of some other kind. He should then embrace her with his left arm, and with agreeable words should cause her to drink from a cup held in his own hand, or he may give her water to drink.

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My Best Sex Date

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Hi all Indian-Stories lovers. This is the same Amit Rana from Chandigarh with another of his experience. Well you all know about my girl-friend Reenu, The one from MCM DAV 36, the one who lives in Panchkula, The one whom I mentioned in my previous stories. Well it happened one fine day that we both made a plan for an outing. I asked her if she had a preference of a place she would like to visit where I could arrange my date with her. She said that these low-lying plains had served enough as dating spots. I understood what she meant. She wanted to move up-hills for a date with me.

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Aksharaya sex scene 2

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[youtube: 380 317]

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Hello friends, this is Satish here again with a very first incident in my life. It happened a few years back.
This happened when I was working in Bangalore. We had a sports meet and one of my friend had come there with 2 of his girl friends, VIDHYA and SUNITA. He introduced them to me, and after the games my friends decided to come to my house. I was staying alone in a flat, and we used to have parties there sometimes. I invited Vidhya and Sunita too they also came, at home I prepared some dinner and had a small party. Later in the evening my friend told me to drop Vidhya to her house as he was drunk and could not drive, Sunita told she will go home by auto rickshaw, I told ok and dropped her near her house, on the way she was talking generally.

After a few days I got a call from Vidhya that she wanted to meet me. We decided to meet for coffee after a few days at a coffee shop. Vidhya showed up in a white salwar kameez. She had curves in all the right places, big eyes and an ever present smile. Long hair tied in a pony tail that flowed down up to her waist. Chocolate milk like skin, not dark yet dusky, her skin was oh so smooth to see. Her white dupatta firmly around her chest, yet she could not hide the bulge of those breasts straining against her bra and cotton kurta .We had coffee and were talking, then she asked me if she could come to my house and watch a few films, I told ok and she told will tell me when she will come. We agreed, finished our coffee and went home.

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Aksharaya sex scene 1

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[youtube: 380 317]

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A Family Together (part 4)

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bath jo appp uncle sandeep ur apnti hina . main sab ko bula kar lata hon . acha beta . main uper maa kiya room main giya ur maa ko batya sab . sab na apna cloth pahna ur apna apna room mainn a giya . kuch dar bad hum sab a giya . hum na chotyun kiya bara main pucha . wo batna laga sab kuch .
tab aunti hina boli kiya main na sandeep ko sab baata diya hai . ur ya ab humara sath shamil hona chahta hai .
uncle sandeep bola . agar tum parveen chahti ho to main tumhara sath sex karna chahta hon .
daady i love u main chahti honn . maa boli . chlao hum sab merya bedroom main chahlta hain .

hum sab bedroom main a giya hum na fasl kiya kya main maa ur aunti ko chodon ga . uncle bola main tumhari behan ur pai beti ko chon ga . uncle ur parveen ur asha bed per lat giya . main ur maa ur aunti hum necha lat giya .
mina na maa sa kaha maa app mery land ko choso . aunti main app ki choot chatna chaahton hon . app mery monh per apni choot karo .
maa na mery land ko chosna shoro kar diya ur sath hi mery ball ko bi chosna lagi .
aunti mery monh per apni choot kar di main na aunti ki chcoot ko chatna shoro kar diya.
jab kiya us teraf parveen uncle kiya land ko chos rahi thi ur uncle asha kiya choot ko choos raha tha .
phir aunti ur asha na mery ur uncle kiya monh per cum nikal diya hum cum chatna laga kuch dar badd main uur uncle na bi cum nikal diya . maa ur parveen hum dono kiya ccum ko pii giya .

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Sex with hot Servant Boy

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This is not a story but can be called an event in real life. This event centers around a family whose daughter happens to be my very close friend. For reasons of privacy, the names are replaced by some fictitious names. But the other things remain the same. Nair’s are a close knit family with three members -the father, Mr. Y.P Nair, the mother, Mrs. Nair and my friend Ms. Anita Nair. They happen to reside in one of the metros of India (city not disclosed for obvious reasons). The family is very graceful and somewhat conservative. The want of space for lavish residence has resulted in Nair’s opting for Two-bed roomed flat at a complex in the southern heart of the city.

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A Family Together (part 3)

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kuch dar bad phone ki bell baji maa na phone uthya . to aunty hina thi . wo boli kiya main apan pati kiya sath ja rahi hon 1 month kiya liya . main chahti hon kiya parveen app logo kiya sath rah la maa boli kyun nahi thak hai . wo ajj a jiya gi ok bye maa nna phone ban kaar diya . maa na phone rakh kar hum ko batya . maa na kahaa maa hum chodi kasa karyan giyaa jab parveen yahan ho gi . maa boli kiya beta jab main ur hina tha tak hum apna maa baap kiya sath sab arta tha . ur hina janti hai hum sab ka bara main . hina chahti hai kiya us ki beti bi us main shamel ho jiy a . kiya kiya us kiya pati nahi janta .

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Ronaldo kisses Bipasha

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[youtube: 380 317]

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