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Mera Pariwar

August 31st, 2008 No comments

This is my first attempt at submitting a story… I would welcome and enjoy all feedback… Thanks. Ab kya kahoon. Meri umar 21 saal hai, mere ghar mein mere saath char aur log rehtein hain. Ek mera bhai Satish jo 20 saal ka hai, meri bahen, Pooja, jo 19 saal ki hai, mera baap, Akash, 45 saal ka aur meri maa, Rita jo ek mahine mein 40 saal ki ho jaayegi. Zara unke baare mein kuch bataon. Jab se main hosh sambhala, mujhe chodne or chudai se badi dilchaspi rahi. Jab bhi mauqa milta chup kar maa aur baap ko chodte dekhta. Ye mauqa mujhe zara zyada hi milta tha, isliye ke dono laghbhag teen char baar ek hafte mein choda karte the.

Mera baap ek engineer hai, qareeb hi ek factory mein kaam karta kafi acchi post par. ska badan bada tagda aur bharpoor hai, aksar kasrat karne ki wajeh se kafi tandrust rehta hai. Us ka lund bilkul mere hi tarah hai, kuch saat ya aat inch ki lambai aur mota bhi kafi hai. Us ki chudai bhi badi tagdi rehti hai, yeke woh dono aksar ek ghante se zyada chodte rehte hain. Magar mujhe hamesha se thoda shak raha ke meri maa ka sex drive kuch zyada hi hai. Woh har baar ek aur baar ki request lagati rehti. Kabhi kabhi mera baap use do teen baar chodte magar aksar ek hi baar mein woh din bhar ki thakan se majboor ho jaate.

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In The Train (By Ashwin)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

Hi my name is Ashwin and this happened about 2 weeks ago. I was traveling from
Chennai to Bangalore by the night mail. I had an urgent work in Bangalore for about
a couple of days and I could not get any seat on the flights. So I decided to
travel by train and that too by night so that I can start my work early the next
morning. I had booked a second class a/c and I had the upper berth. I reached the
station about half an hour before departure and settled down with a bottle of cold
water. I just had a backpack with me since the stay was only for 2 days. I was
returning the day after tomorrow. Normally I do not have any luck while traveling
either by flight, bus or train as far as girls go. Even international flights air
hostesses are dull looking when I am flying. So I was not looking forward to having
any beautiful girls as co-travelers.
But just as I was going thru these thoughts, in walked two gorgeous looking girls,
both jeans clad and t-shirts. One was looking stunning and the other girl was not
bad but the first one was really a beauty. She had a fantastic figure. She had
lovely boobs and had a smooth rounded and hard bottom. The moment I saw her, I
started to think how beautiful she will look undressed and I started to get an
erection. Luckily I also had jeans and my bulge was not showing. She came across
and sat opposite to me and flashed a perfectly good smile with a hai. I replied in
kind and asked her if she was from Chennai or Bangalore to which she replied she was
from Chennai but originally from Bombay. She had migrated to Chennai and was
working for an IT company and both of them were staying here temporarily.

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my sexy bhabhi (By Vins Jain)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

This is a story about me and my bhabi (brothers wife). I was 18 and perhaps One of
the horniest guys possible. I always had a problem that I always like a girl older
then my age. I always had a crush on my bhabhi, as she was the only woman in my
house. She was not the sexy type, no great figure either but the thing about her was
her colour. It was really fair, sometimes I used to compliment her with a sentence
“bhabhi agar tum par doodh gir jaye to tum maili hojao ge.”

My brother was a real slow guy. My bhabhi wanted a romantic guy who could give her
the dick of steel but my brother was not like that, he was normal. He used to fuck
her once or twice a week but she wanted more then that. One night when my brother
was out with his friends she called me and said Rahul “I m taking a bath if
somebody asks for me tell them that I m sick and sleeping.” I said “ok
bhabhi”. After that sentence I saw a wicked smile on her face. I was always used
to look in her personal activites but this was an open chance for me.

When she went to take a bath she left the door open slightly. I saw she took of her
clothes, I instantly got an erection and I masturbated on the door of the bathroom.
Then I saw the whole scene of her taking a bath and doing her stuff. I thought that
was heaven for me but there was more to come.

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Fucked maid super sexy (By PANKAN)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

I M PANKAN i m from rajasthan Im a sexy boy with height 5″5 . today i want to share
my true experience . It happened when I was 14 . As my mom and dad both are working
we hav a maid for our house hold work .
One day when my mom & dad were not at home & I was doing my home work she came to
me and said to me plz get up I want to sweep up the room . I get up she started
sweeping floor .As she bend down to sweep I found that her boobs were freely hanging
I kept on seeing them I can see her nipples they were brown in colour
when she was gone after sweeping I musterbusted . One day I was watching bf she
suddenly opened the door of my room she was shocked by looking at my6″ong lund
I doesnt say any thing she came & sat near me & started playing with my dick
she said me plz fuck me . I started pressing her soft boobs
She opened up her salwar and kameej sshe was now in white bra & blue under were she
started opening my shirt.I also opened her bra hook and saw her boobs with were very
large I took them in my mouth and drink a few drops of milk .Then went to her pussy
which was aleready wet meanwhile she sucked my dick & suddenly a layer of cum falled
in jer mouth she tasted it she wanted more but then my dad come and we hav to stop
this play .

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My gorgeous sexy bhabhi..

August 30th, 2008 No comments

I am Rahul writing my experience. First I say about myself. I am 5.9 inches, 72 kg and fair in complexion. My family consists of 4 members. My father is farmer and mother is a house wife. But they spend a lot of money on our education. My brother studied M.B.A and working in Tata Consultancy Services. My brother is very talented. So he would go for foreign tours on behalf of the company. So half of the month he will be out of the country. I completed my Engineering and trying for jobs. My brother will be in Bangalore and I used to be in his room for job search.

We went to our village for marriage looks of my brother. Our family went to see the woman that my brother is going to marry. At first look every one liked her including me. Her name is Swetha. She is 5.7 inches height, fair in complexion. Her figure is 38-30-36. Her hair black in color and length up to her butts. Our elders talked to each other and everything was fixed. Exactly after one week from the marriage date first night was arranged. The room was decorated beautifully. I saw my bhabi who was ready for the first night. I couldn’t take the eyes from her. She was looking so beautiful. Till one week I couldn’t take her figure off from my mind.

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My Horny Nephew

August 30th, 2008 No comments

This is s a real story of my life. This is a sex relation between me and steps son of my younger sister. My younger sister was married in a very rich family. I was enough elder than her. I some time go to her for a week or two. As my husband has in Europe and he comes once in a year. My two daughters have married and my elder son is living with his family with me. By this you should understood that I am aged woman, I am 46 years old housewife. Myself 40C, 38,42 and has 5’5? of height with 87 kg. I am whitish cute face or you can say extremely beautiful. My husband is a engineer in central government job.

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Sexy cousin (By Ramesh)

August 30th, 2008 No comments

Ye meri paheli story hai. Mere bade chacha ki sabse choti ladki jiska naam Priya hai
aur age 19 saal hai kafi sexy hai. Kya bade bade boobs hai. Ek din ghar pe koi nai
tha mai akele baithe bor ho raha tha to blue film dekhne laga. Priya apne kamre me
thi aur mujhe Jmalum nahi tha. Film chalne k wajah se kamre me sexy awaj aa rahi
thi, mai pure jor se priya ka naam lekar muth mar raha tha ki tabhi priya mere kamre
me aa kar kya baat hai bhaiya lekin jaise he uski najar mujh pe padi wo kamre se
chali gai. Mai bahut dar gaya. Raat ko khane k table par maine use sorry bola aur
kaha ki ye baat kisi se na batlaye to wo boli ki agar aap wo sab akele nahi karte to
mujhe bura nahi lagta thik hai mai kisi se kuch nahi kahungi lekin mujhe bhi wo maja
chahiye ye sunkar me khush ho utha. Maine kaha chalo tab suru karte hai to usne kaha
ki nahi kal se kyonki aaj mere mahine ka antim din hai to maine kaha ki thik hai
pura na sahi aadha hi sahi ispar wo taiyar ho gai.

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My auntie ghazala (By Farhan)

August 30th, 2008 No comments

hi my name is farhan.i live in lahore.i am lover of dis site.this is my true
story(believe or leave) abt my neihbour auntie ghazala.she was 35 at that time n i
was in my class 10th.she had 3 children(2boy 1girl).his husband was security
officer.i tell u taht me n my family often used to visit there in her home.
dis happens when her husband along with children left 4 gujranwala 4 two days and
she was alone at home.she called my mother 2 send me to her coz she wants 2
redecorate da my mother gave me permision.when i was leaving my father
telephoned my mother to go to market 4 shoping as he had send the my mother
left 4 shoping.i went 2 my soon as i entered the house she was standing at
de door waiting 4 me.she was wearing simple shalwar kameez and she asked
me 2 help her in rearranging da furniture.i forgot 2 tell u that she was
38-30-36.very smart fair complexions first we began from beds.

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Trapped by Sister-in-law (By SK)

August 30th, 2008 No comments

Hi friends am SK, I have been reading the Indian stories for quite some time and I
am great fan of it. Today am going to tell you a real story. Well am working at
Ahmedabad in Gujarat, am married for last 15 years and enjoying my married life. Am
6 feet tall and athletic built; my wife is also very good looking and fit. In fact
I was so happy with my wife that thought of another woman never came to my mind,
till this happened. My younger brother who is a businessman got married one year
back, his wife name is Suman.

As am in service I always have lots of free time even in the evenings and also on
weekends but my brother being in pharmacy business has to open his shop even on
Sundays and public holidays. Suman started this comparison that even after 15 years
of marriage, am spending more time with my wife and she is not getting time and
attention from her husband even though they are young and newly married. Secondly my
younger brother is shorter than me 5’7” and very fat. This comparison by her
slowly got converted into attraction towards me. In fact being my younger
brother’s wife I never gave a serious look to her.

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Aunt taught me secrets of sex

August 29th, 2008 No comments

My name is vinay. i am 30 years old and am thankful for the ability to satisfiy a women. i have had many experiences with women of different ages. from 18 to 42. We still enjoy ourselves frequently. I have read the stories of Indian Sex Stories and find them exciting. now to my real experience. i shall tell about my first encounter. with an aunt of mine. I used to live in hyderabad in those days when i was introduced to an elderly lady by a friend of mine. she was not married and i used to visit her house frequently. one day i was sitting beside her when the topic turned to sexual encounters. i told her i had none. suddenly she turned to me and kissed me.

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