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Fucking my aunt

October 30th, 2008 No comments

I am 26 years professional, smart, attractive and residing in posh colony of Delhi. I had read the fantasies of readers on Indian Sex Stories site and now I wish to share my first experience of sex with the fellow readers. My father was Senior Executive in one of the reputed public sector undertaking, and the company allotted flat to us. Our neighbor family has a couple with husband aged around 57 and wife aged around 47. Couple has one married son and daughter both living separately. Aunt is a teacher in School in the township and quite attractive even at the age of 47. She is 5.2? tall and has a figure of 36-30-34. I left my home around seven years back for higher studies at Delhi and I used to visit my parents one time in a quarter.

Last time I visited my parents without informing them and when I reached the place I came to know from Aunty that they had gone to Chacha place at Chandigarh and will be back after two days. My aunt told me that I can stay with her for two days and since Uncle is also on official tour, she is also alone in the house.

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Doggie Style

October 29th, 2008 No comments

Hi girls and gays, today I am going to tell u my first experience when I had the most sexiest girl on this planet I have ever seen. First let me tell u something about me, well I am a guy with nice muscular built, 5.10″ and a software developer as my profession. Well this incident took place when I was in my final year of graduation in Chandigarh (right now I am in Delhi). There was a girl named Simran she was also a Punjabi girl and very sexy with 36DD boobs,5.6″,fair with hairs till her shoulders and her lips were very soft and nice to smooch with. Now let me tell u how it happened.

Right from the beginning I used to like this girl a lot and used to masturbate a lot thinking of this girl, as I never expected that I will able to have sex with such a pretty girl. We were just casual friends till one fine day she visited my place to meet my sis but luckily there was nobody at my place so she decided to wait for my sis in the mean time there was a porn magazine beneath my bed and I was sitting on the study table she entered my room just to have a chat and somehow found that magazine and asked me whether she can read it as she was getting bored. I just went to kitchen for getting some cold drink and when I came back I was shocked to see her rubbing her pussy from above her jeans( she was wearing a jeans and a t-shirt). as soon as she saw me she stopped and gave me a very sexy look and just smiled and she smiled back and I gathered all my gets and held her by her waist and started smooching her soft lips. Our wet tongues was in each others mouth turn by turn and it was really a wonderful experience.

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Kerala Girl and I

October 28th, 2008 No comments

I am Trixa, a Britisher, female, age 31, chartered accountant by profession, divorcee and an ardent traveller. You can call me attractive, I am not very tall, 5’6″, not very slim, 36-26-38, and not very bad either!! I’d spent the New Year in Kerala and had come back to UK on 15th of January after the usual Goa-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi circuit. For the last few days I am missing Kerala. So I googled on ‘kerala’, further refined my search to ‘kerala + sex’ to reach at this wonderful site of I enjoy reading stories here. Some of them made me really wet and you know what follows after that!!

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Avon (Hindi characters)

October 27th, 2008 No comments
Read this Hindi Sex Story here! (in PDF format)
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Ente Aadhya Anubhavam

October 27th, 2008 No comments

I would like to share my first experience of my gay life. I was studying in scool. The hair started growing on my armpit, below my nose, chest, thighs, around my penis and on my balls. I have got a good friend, his name is Gopu, he is elder than me and is my neighbour. Ours is a village. We used to meet in the nearby temple ground and we used to go for movies, dramas, ganamela etc. etc. Eventhough he is elder than me, we are too intimate and share everything each others. He was doing his final year B.Sc. I like his physique, especially he got good hairy chest and huge hairy thighs.

One day, we planned to go for a drama in the nearby temple in connection with the pooram of that temple. It is hardly 2 kms far from our home. As usual, we met in our nearby temple ground and he told me to wait for sometime as the drama starts around 11 p.m. and we are too early. I obeyed him. We sat near the heap of sand which unloaded for the purpose of a home construction. We both weared mundu. While talking, he started to press on my thighs and touch on my kunna. In the first instance, I felt it bad as I was knowing/heard only about the male and female sex. Eventhough I like it, I told him to remove his hands. But he refused to do so and told me Whether u enjoy my touch?

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My sister pooja

October 25th, 2008 No comments

I am in love with my own twin sister Pooja. She is not just my sister but also my girlfriend. Our family does not understand the love we have for each others. We are just crazy about each others.My family migrated to America about ten years ago. I have one brother and two sisters. Even though my parents are born and raised in Guyana but their thinking and attitude is still like topical Indian parents. After we came to America our parents tried to control us and put lots of ristrictions on us. We were not allowed to mix up with other people. As a guy I was not allowed to make friends with other sex.

So my sister and me became so close we became good friends. We shared lots of thing with each other and did lots of thing together.we used to go out to malls and go to watch movies together I liked her more then my sister. I always had a lust for her. But it was hard for me to tell her that how I was feeling for her. We used to hug each other a lot and I always get a hard on holding her sexy body in my arms. When we walk in a mall or on the beach we used to hold each other’s hands like lovers. It was normal for me to kiss her on her neck or her chick once a while. I loved to wrestle with her a lot at home.

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Tution with a difference

October 24th, 2008 No comments

Hi ..let me share my first fucking experience with everybody I was 15 years old and in the tenth standad. That was when this
happened to me. I was taking tuition for math. Our tution master was quite a hunk.
Let me tell you more about him. He was married with a child. I knew his
wife was working and comes home around 6 30pm. Our master works in college and
is home by 3.30.

Our tuitions are from 4.30 to 6 30. We all used to go to
the masters house and learn. He had a study room with chairs and table.
Well, I was tall and full breasted for my age at that time. I was in love with
my sir since the first day I saw him. During the first two months nothing

Well he dint take class only for me. There were two other
students’ one boy and one girl. I tried to catch his attention by
frequently asking questions pushing my breasts leaning towards him but he looked
as if he was not interested. Then one day this other girl was not there. The
other boy came very late. So I was there all alone with my sir.

He asked me if I we should begin the class or wait for the other boy. I said that he can
do what ever he likes. He closed the door and sat opposite to me and gave
me a few sums to do. I knew he was looking at my boobs. I was wearing a
blouse and a short skirt. So I leaned forward innocently letting him see my
black bra and my cleavage. And I slowly parted my legs.

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Hyderabad trip

October 23rd, 2008 No comments

On my last trip to Hyderabad I had quite an encounter, which I am going to describe here. I am based in Europe, but I frequently travel to Hyderabad due to my job, each time staying one or two weeks at an international hotel on Tankbund which is going to stay unnamed [Smile] . This time I was to stay for one week only.

After some boring business meetings in the morning, I decided I to take the afternoon off and go to see Charminar, a great piece of architecture in Hyderabad if some of you are unfamiliar with it. Just behind Charminar is LadBazaar, where you can buy bangles of all sorts – I went for a short walk there to look for some bangles for my sister back home.

Then, when I was standing at a road shop looking at some things to buy, two poor girls approached me to beg for some money. Since I am a foreigner, this is not unusual to me, but still I am not so comfortable with it, so I was kindly telling them to f*ck off. After a few minutes when I was done shopping, one of the girls had left, but the other one was quite persistent. I know little telugu from my many travels here to do basic communication, so I started to argue little with the girl to go away – while she did this, she pulled up her blouse to show me her empty stomach, which was quite slim. I looked some at her face, and even though it was dark, it was a pretty face, all smooth, a round nose and a smile full of white teeth. I dont know what went over me, but suddenly I decided to give her 5 Rs, and my visiting-card where I put the hotel-address, “7pm” and “3000 Rs” on it. Then left.

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Madam Ko Car Chalana Sikhaya

October 22nd, 2008 No comments
Yeh baat tab ki hai jab mai 12 class mein thha . mai english ke subject mein thoda weak tah thha. Hamari english mam ka naam Sneha thha. Vo ek south indian thi. Unki age kareeban 40 saal thi. Vo kuch moti thhi khaaskar unke hips kafi moteh thhe. Unke breast bhi kafi bade aur [...]
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October 22nd, 2008 No comments

This sexciting incident happened to me when I was 18 yrs of age. I used to go to a tuition to a lecturer. he used to teach me physics. I used to go regularly to the tuition without bunking even a day. the reason was I was very crazy about his wife. she was so sexy with very very big boobs and a svelte waist. while the foolish teacher taught me physics, my looks were always on his sexy wife. I was also very jealous as he was gifted with such a bewitching wife. I wanted to fuck her till my thirst parched but dint get any chance for many days.

she also exhibited her navel as she wore the sari below it. one day, I went for the tuition as usual. but the master wasn’t at home. his wife opened the door and giving a sexy smile, she asked me to come in. she told that her husband (teacher) hasn’t come yet and asked me to study till he comes. then she went to bathe. I observed before that there was a hole to the bath room. I slowly went to the bathroom and peeped in. she slowly stripped off her sari and also removed her blouse. she was really a goddess. now, her boobs were in haste to come out of her white bra. she unhooked her bra now her milky boobs with hazel nipples made my dick aggrandize. then she removed her petticoat and white panties. my god! I saw her was very red. now, she is completely nude with gorgeous body. she now opened the shower and took bath by washing her hairy armpits, breasts, cunt and buttocks thoroughly and rubbed them with the towel. and now its time for me to rush to the drawing room and pretend to study and did so. she wore a red sari and red blouse which tripled her beauty.

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