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My experience with my Bhai

December 31st, 2008 No comments

HI! All Indian-Stories fans! Its Zinat from Bangladesh again! After my first story, I received a lot of mail requesting to tell about more of my experience with my bhai. SO, Today I am describing a wonderful experience of mine with my loving brother to you. I doubt none of you had ever had such an experience. One day, my husband went to office and my sister-in-law was in school. I was alone at home, feeling very horny. I called my home and my mom got the phone. I asked her if my brother was there. Luckily, he was at home and I told him that none was at home and it was the right time for both of us to love eachother. From his voice, I understood that he was not less excited than me.

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My lover brother

December 30th, 2008 No comments

My family is very conservative. My father is in state transport and remain outfor most of the time. My mother is a beautiful lady, but she remain busywithher few friends who I think are not of good character. My brother Pradeep is an handsome boy three year younger to me and studing in collage. I am now 33 years and still unmarried and teaching in a school. Due tomy mother negligence, I am still unmarried. Normally my brother keepsdistancewith me, but I know that he stares at me whenever I comes out from the bathroomin shorts etc. I have also seen him with our maid serventwhois27yearsyounglady and with quite sexy body. On 24th August, in the afternoon when I cameback from the school,I have noticed that main gate was closedand my brother Pradeep’s bike was there.

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House servant

December 29th, 2008 No comments

Hi! My name is Danish & I live in Lahore. I am 27 years old. my friends said that I am good looking & can attract any girl. may be but I never noticed. I live alone in Lahore & my parents live another city. I run my own business & taking MBA night class. I donat have any friend in Lahore. I feel very lonely. I am regular reader of Indian-Stories stories so I wish to share mine too. I live as a paying guest in shadman colony. we also have a servant named Razia. She always gave me very warm look when I am going to my office or came back from office.

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Ek anokhi premkatha

December 27th, 2008 No comments
Read this Hindi Sex Story here! (in PDF format)
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Swimming Coaching Camp

December 26th, 2008 No comments

Hi all This is a True Incident happend in my life, which i share with you all for pleasure. This happened when i went for a summer swim coaching camp. The camp is conducted in Five star Hotel Complex. The coach was well Built and attractive one and good going person. From Day 1 we were on rubber floats and so there was no much intervaention by the coach. After a week, floats were removed and thus coach came into action and so the feeling of touch by him made unavoidable. I am fluffy but not much, and he used to taech us various ways and means of the swim.

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My Younger Brother

December 25th, 2008 No comments

Hello iam kushboo telling u the story of my sweet night with my younger brother. Story start when we r in b’lore.we are four member in our house i my brother mom and dad. we have a small house i and my brother vivek sleep in one room which is in the side . one day morning i was bathing with out closing the door .suddenly vivek came and opened the door i was socked b’coz i was naked even vivek also socked seeing me naked he was looking me like she never have been seen a nude then he closed the door .and went away in noon he came back to have lunch while eating he was seeing on my breast b’coz it is big and shaped round and my nipple is also erected it is pointed on my tight shirt. then he went out.

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My wild brother

December 24th, 2008 No comments

Today I am 20 and want to tell this story to everyone because I am angry about how my brother seduced me into having sexual intercourse with him. But also I am thankful to him because now I have more experience in sex than any other girl of my age. Let me start by describing the physical appearance of the three of us and our relation with each other. My brother is 5’10” and with very highly energetic, athletic muscular body. Priya has a well-developed figure of 36-26-38 and very attractive. We both sisters have a very fair complexion. I at that time was not fully developed like a woman. You know what I mean?

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Fucking Sisters hot Friend

December 23rd, 2008 No comments

The story began when I was posted in Mumbai. Bindu, my sister colleague at her office, was a Malyali girl having a great physique and husky sexy voice, came in my contact at a get to-gether on the eve of Onam. As Idli is my favourite dish and after meeting Bindu, was serving the same to me with something in her eyes. South Indian girls have become my choice also after meeting her. After three days of Onam, it was her B’day when I send a gift for her through my sister. Next day she telephoned me at my office 3-4 times simply narrating that she liked me, this and that. I invited her for a dinner at my home and since her husband was a Sales Executive in a private firm, he used to stay out of 15-20 days in a month. and she was home alone during the period.

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Wonderful time with Fozia

December 22nd, 2008 No comments
Dear friends aaj main aap ko jo story sunanay jaa raha hoon woh 4th April,2005 ki hai meri pahli story sex with rabia jo 31st March 2005 ko per publish hoi thi us k 1 din baad mujhey ek lardki ki mail mili us ne mail main mujh se friendship karney ki request ki aur mujh se mera contact [...]
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Penalty of Absence

December 22nd, 2008 No comments

Hi, ISS readers. Edward from Kolkata is back. Now I’ve another great fucking experience, but this time it is my boss, under whom I works. I work in a reputed leading mobile phone company as a part timer in a very good post (Asst. Software Engineer). In my office most of my colleague is jealous to me as being a 19 years old boy I’ve acquired such a good post. But the exception is my boss Sonia.

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