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My experience with my Bhai

December 31st, 2008 No comments

HI! All Indian-Stories fans! Its Zinat from Bangladesh again! After my first story, I received a lot of mail requesting to tell about more of my experience with my bhai. SO, Today I am describing a wonderful experience of mine with my loving brother to you. I doubt none of you had ever had such an experience. One day, my husband went to office and my sister-in-law was in school. I was alone at home, feeling very horny. I called my home and my mom got the phone. I asked her if my brother was there. Luckily, he was at home and I told him that none was at home and it was the right time for both of us to love eachother. From his voice, I understood that he was not less excited than me.

I was waiting. The time seemed going too slow. I went to my bedroom and put off all my clothes, stood beside the mirror of my dressing table. The complete nude structure of myself was infront of me. I became glad and proud to see what was infront of me. My white complexion with creamy skin was glowing. My 32D sized breasts were standing up proudly. The nipples were hard and bigger as a result of over excitement. My eyes went down. The big, round and deep navel of mine was excellent on my flat wite belly. When I moved down I found my clean shaved cunt hidden between my thighs. I parted my leds a little and found the pink canal glistening for the dripping juices. I moved a ittle at a side and found my curvy D-shaped hips showing their full glory.

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A Gay Sex Story “LONDEBAAZ Chachoo “

February 15th, 2016 No comments

Mera naam Waseem hai aur yeh true story mujhay meray friend Aqeel ne sunaai thi jo khud bhi aik GAY male hai. Agar yeh story publish ho kar aap tak pounch gai aur aapnay isko pasand kiya toe mein aur bhi buht si stories sunaaoun ga. Umeed hai aap maza lo gai. Aap yeh story Aqeel ki zabani sunye.

Mera naam Aqeel hai. Mein ne chachoo ko pehli dafa koi 8–9 saal pehlay dekha tha aur us waqt meri umar sirf 4 saal ke qareeb thi aur chachoo shadi ke liye Australia se aaye thay. Baad mein pata chala keh koi 2 saal baad unki divorce ho gai thi aur phir chachoo ne shadi nahi ki. Ab meri umar qareeban 14 saal hone ko hai. Sham ko daddy office se aaye aur dono bhai baith kar gup karte rahe phir hum sab ne mil kar khana khaya. Khanay ke doraan chachoo ne bataya keh unka yeh trip sirf 6 din ka hai. Dad buht upset ho gai kayunkeh unko aglay 4 din ke liye official tour par jana tha. Chachoo ne promise kiya keh jald holidays apply karein gai aur zaroor 2—3 weeks ke liye aayein gai. Dinner ke baad dono bhai gup shup kertay rahe aur mein paas baitha TV dekhta raha. Mom kitchen se faarigh ho kar ooper bedroom mein chali gai.


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Pyari bhabhi ki chudaee

January 2nd, 2013 No comments

Me pankaj agarwal 21 ht 5 3.Colour white smooth.Once there was a function in my
home.Too guest r there to enjoy function.Our house has 3 rm.My bro marid 2 yr back
then n no kid .My bhavi very sexy beautiful 34 30 36.Me only hr devar.Al relative
far.Sn me hr lover devar.C was very frank.Wen papa n bro go to job then me n my mom
only in home.Aftr doing school work me chat wth hr n help hr in home work.Sum time
me sleep in hr bed in undrwr n banyan.Al our famly membr also sleep in that dres.So
b4 fnctn nite there r many guest .So which place empty gust sleep.Bro ws out of
station to bring hr sali etc.N he came next day morning.Wen i complete house work me
go to sleep bt there no place.

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Sucking and fucking Smriti bhabhi

December 7th, 2012 No comments

Hi everybody, here I am telling a real life incident which my best friend experienced. He is really good at making such relationships. So enjoy the story in his own words…hi there this is vicky kumar from surat, citylight area. Today I m gonna tell u about the sexual pleasure which I had with my cousins wife. first let me tell u all about myself, I m vicky kumar from surat of 19 yrs old well build physice, of 5’11”, studing in college in SY. And Smriti bhabhi is white in complection, sweet looking with good height and awesome figure of 34d-26-30.she is of 27 yrs and height of 5’8″. lemme tell u, I never had bad intentions about smriti bhabhi in my mind whatsoever till the time I had sex with her.

this all happened during last august when my mom told me to handover some things to Ajay bhaiyas house( smriti’s hubby). I told okay and took the things and thought to hand over the things in my way to college. ther wen I rung the bell,

bhabhi opened the door and was feeling fresh as if she just had a bath. she was wearing synthetic saree with tight see through blouse, she was just looking like a blonde with hairs opened. I told her jayshree krishna and asked her whers aunty,

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The Hot Night Train

December 5th, 2012 No comments

Hi to all the readers of Indian Stories, I will say I did it or also can say this happened to me in December 2006. First let me tell you all my unseen friends, I am Kundan from Mumbai Juhu India. I am 33 with 5.9 height, fair & clear skin with average built. I look 5-6 years younger to my age that’s what my friends say. I am into business after completing my MBA. Enough of me as I know nun of you boy’s are interested in my profile expect few girls. We are 6 friends in our group and I am always the lucky
one when it came to Girls, right from college days. My friends say ‘Girls surrender by looking into your eyes’. Four of us decided to go to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan India. It was in December for 3 nights.

We were booked in 3rd A/C evening train & I was suppose to join them directly after my office as it is near the station. As usual office never leaves you and I reached just 7 or 8 minutes before train started.

There are normally two 3rd A/C coaches I got in the first one as I was afraid train will start and walked throw to next one. I saw one collage group with beautiful girls with them and few more with family with young ladies.

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Bhabhi get’s gangbanged

November 8th, 2012 No comments

Hi dear readers this is Munazza from Karachi. I have posted some of my erotica’s to Indian Sex Stories you have read that how my Behnoi gee gives pleasure to me n my sexy bhabhi sana . This is another encounter which took place at my house few days back. On that day Behnoi gee called me to arrange another banging session with me n bhabhi. Bhabhi was pleased to know and said ok ask him to come late in the night making sure that everyone was sleeping. So I signaled him to come around 2 am in the night. So we gathered at the roof of my house where two rooms are built and used very seldom. When we got there bhabhi gee striped off in a flash and asked Masood Bhai to do the same I was wondering how bhabhi was excited to have Masood Bhai. Behnoi gee was not far behind and as he dropped his trousers to his knees and lowered his short I cud see the fully stiff and standing shaft pointing at us. His long thick shaft always fascinates me and I immediately got hold of that lovely meaty rod and squeezed gently and massaged.

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Fucking hot bhabhi Anandita

November 6th, 2012 No comments

Let me tell u how I fucked my luscious bhabhi Anandita. This is a long erotic story about the luscious story believe me she is more stunning than the story. She is from Bengal, a 26 yr old babe with a whitish complexion, nice apple sized tits (normally Bengali girl have full ripe breasts) and a nice, tight but big ass which moves with a lot of sexual promise.
I was in my first year and would not think much about her in a dirty way. But her sexy smile and her teasing butt would make me hard and I would feel guilty. After masturbation I would secretly scold myself for having bad thoughts for my nice and kind bhabhi.

Many times I had seen both bhabhi and bhaiya going to bed and then some muffled voices and at times some sounds coming from the room….then I would hear bhabhi’s voice….shhhhh or hmmmm , or nahiiii. For the first year it was understandable that they were madly in love. After some time bhabhi was pregnant. However the sad thing was the baby died and she was unhappy. Within the next year (that is in 2003), she was pronounced preggy again. During both her pregnancies, she looked beautiful and even though she was fattening, she would look gorgeous. Our relationship and friendship increased during that period and we became more frank. On her seventh month of pregnancy, I asked her, “How does a girl come to know that she is pregnant, is it when she faints.” She laughed and told, “If she misses her period once or twice, she is pregnant”
I told her,” Even in pregnancy, you look gorgeous”
She smiled and said,” say that to her when you make her pregnant”
I made an innocent face and said,” I make her…pregnant, how will I make her pregnant”
She smiled and said,” you are such a kid, are u sure, you don’t know…”
I told her, bhabhi you are confusing me, I will ask somebody else”
She stopped me and told me,” go to sleep now. Tomorrow we will talk and I will tell you how a girl becomes pregnant”

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sex with bhabhi and sister

March 15th, 2011 No comments

hi.i am pawan from delhi.main 20 saal ka hoo.aur main apna pahla sex experiance aap sabke saath batene ja raha hoo.mere pariwar main sirf five member hai.main mere bare bhai,bhabhi jinki abhi sadi ke sirf ek saal hue hai,meri bahan … Continue reading

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sex with bhabhi and sister

March 15th, 2011 No comments

hi.i am pawan from delhi.main 20 saal ka hoo.aur main apna pahla sex experiance aap sabke saath batene ja raha hoo.mere pariwar main sirf five member hai.main mere bare bhai,bhabhi jinki abhi sadi ke sirf ek saal hue hai,meri bahan … Continue reading

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Bus Robbery

January 16th, 2011 No comments

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Hi my name is Jamila, I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan now residing in USA. This is a true story of my misery. It was the summer of 1995. My brother was getting married in Karachi so we booked the tour bus. After wedding when we were returning from Mumbai to Delhi. We had lots of Jahz and jewelery . We were about 25 people in the bus, majority women. My brother and his wife were in the bus too. They did not have their wedding night yet. We had a Ruksati and they were going to have Wedding night in Hyderabad. on the way to hyderabad, we got stopped by the Robbers.

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