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Naughty Daughter Mala

August 2nd, 2011 No comments

I’m 38 years old tall and handsome man, I got married at the age of 21 when I was graduated from Uni. My wife was 18 years at that time, I have such a beautiful and good wife and we are made for each other. We got two daughters, both are beautiful, while my wife was busy with younger one I’m more attached to elder one Mala, she too very affectionate with me and it’s a good way to relax by spending time with beautiful kids. Well she is now early sixteen,studying in 10+1 and it happened recently. It’s really sexy to see when Mala return from her school, in her short skirts and tight white shirts.

 I don’t know whether I was tempted or not but surely I started to stare on her beautiful long creamy thighs, exposed from her skirts which hardly covers her ass and I’ll often gets the glimpses of her panties at the home. Really Mala is beautiful by all the means, her complexion, her height, weight, her curves big heavy boobs, butts everything is perfect. I was started think it’s wrong to see Mala as a beautiful babe, but I think I was not wrong it’s common to attract by any beautiful things and I’m not really aroused with her presence.

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Mother and the Daughter

December 10th, 2010 No comments

Recently while I was on a business trip for a few days I had what was a rather unexpected but delightful experience. I was staying in one of the new suite hotels and was traveling alone planning on spending my time at company meetings and watching tv in my room. I went down to the lobby to get a drink as the hotel offered free cocktails between 5:00 and 7:00 . As I had little to do and knew not a soul I began to wander around the lobby watching the people as they milled around and socialized. The Lobby was quite crowded and it took me a while to find a place to sit but eventually I sat down at a table somewhat removed from the main activity and quietly sat back with my drink pondering my dinner options. After a short while two women came up to my table and asked if they could join me as there were no other tables available.

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I Love Mom and daughters

March 19th, 2010 No comments

I am a grocer, presently 45 and proud father of two beautiful grownup daughters who understand father’s all needs. But I will go back to when I was 18 and had sexual pleasure with mother . I fucked many girls and women but mother had been the best.

Ours was a small family . myself , sister ,my father an manager in a mnc and my beautiful and sexy mother. I was then 18 and she in prime of her youth 34. She got married at 15 and and within three year we were born, sister and then me. Mother’s each and every part of was sexy and sensuous, fair, 5ft 4inch, wide shoulder, big and round and full breast, and shapely hips and thighs,Sliding of hips over each other was a sight to see. Our life was normal .Father and sister used to leave for work at 8 in morning, sister was coming back at 7 pm and dad at about 8 pm. My school was 11 to 4 and I was back home by 4.30. In school one day I heard my two friends talking about my mother.” Vijay’s mother is a mast maal. Her breast are full and juicy. It will be so nice to suck them. Her body is so tight and her bur (cunt) will be very tight and slippery. I want to push lund all over her body , in her bur, gand (asshole) and in her mouth.

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My daughter and her friend

March 11th, 2010 No comments

I am 45 years old and I look handsome among the category of people of my age, thanks to all the yoga and workout that I do everyday has kept me in shape. My wife died 8 years ago leaving behind a beautiful daughter Raji, she is 23. Well endowed just as her mother. She is worth a stare and an ogle that would drive any mans heart to his throat… She is married now. The experience that I am going to narrate happened about 4 years ago. It was during the summer and I wanted my daughter

to learn swimming while she is on vacation. Though it was late but was necessary. I hired a personal swimming coach, her name was Susan. Susan and I had a discussion and it was agreed upon that no one would not be at home during the swimming sessions.

So it was decided that the classes would be held during mornings from 7-8 am. I instructed our maid and the cleaning boy to come only at 9am. I used to go out for tennis so that was taken care of. One day I was not feeling well and I stayed back in the morning at home.

I was sleeping and Raji came near me at 6.30 am and served me tea and then she checked my temperature and made sure that I was sleeping on bed. Due to the cold my head was aching and I went in search of pain balm and when I didnt find I went to Raji’s room

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Mom & Daughter fuck

November 24th, 2009 No comments

I would like to share my wonderful experiences with you. I am a bank officer and two years back I was posted to a semi-urban branch in Kerala. The quarter provided to me was the upstairs of our NRI customer who was in Dubai. In the ground floor his wife and daughter lived. I am 26 years old, unmarried 5′ 8″ and 70 kgs and I had some sexual experiences
in the past. Let me tell you the story.

The mother is 39 years old lady very sexy looking with big boobs and teasing buttocks. Her name is Prema. The girl is Sandhya; she is 17 years old and is very beautiful. Towards them I behaved like a gentleman because I did not want to spoil my name as a typical upper middle class youth. This continued for a period of 6 months. . When Prema’s husband came for 1 months holiday we got very close. During this period I became very close to the family.

He gave me some gifts and in the evenings we had some cocktail parties, I had food in their house several times and I became a close family friend before he returned back to Dubai. During this period I started giving maths tuition to Sandhya in their house who was studying for +2. Actually I had a crash for Prema and I used to jerk away a lot thinking of her. But I did not have the courage to do anything. But my dreams came true one day. Sandhya was on a study tour to Bangalore for 3 days and Prema was alone in the house. As I did not have a personal telephone, I used their telephone whenever I wanted. That day at around 8PM an outside call came for me and she told them to call after 5 minutes.

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Fucking Daughter in Law

October 21st, 2009 No comments

Raman Nair opened his daughter in law’s bedroom door and stopped still. The CD player was in full blast and his daughter in law, Menaka was dancing to the tune. He had actually come there to tell her to reduce the volume, but seeing her in her mini skirt and loose T shirt dancing with her breasts bouncing stopped him. He leaned against the door and watched as she wriggled her hips and stepped about her mini skirt half lifting showing her fleshy thighs and the red laced panties. Because of the music, Menaka did not hear him open the door and mesmerised by the music she danced about her eyes closed enjoying the music and loving the way her body moved in rhythm. Raman Nair felt his cock grow hard as he watched her dance and when she did not look his way turned and closed the door behind him and walked towards her.

Menaka is married to his son, Rajesh only three months ago and after spending two months with his newly married wife he had gone back to his job in kuwait. He will not be back for another eleven months. From the day, Raman Nair saw this girl as alliance for his son he has fantasized about her. Her slim and yet full body held him spellbound and he desperately wanted her under him. Her laughter and easy manner was enticing and he took all the chances he could to watch her even when his son was there. Now for the last one month since his son left, he has been bidding his time. Today he knew his time has come, for he has seen the girl looking at him sideways many times in the past three months and there was a look in her eyes that told him, she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

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My Housemaids Daughter

April 30th, 2008 No comments

I am abhilash . I am back to narrate one more story. This time itas a fiction. Itas about me & a girl named Sunita, the daughter of my maid, Malti. Malti was our house maid for last six years. She used to do all our household work. Last month Malti had some fever, so she had been absent from work for four days without taking any leave. My mother told me to go to her house & see whatas the matter. I went to her house & made an enquiry regarding her absence. There I saw her daughter Sunita. She was in salwar kamiz. She was a girl of average height, round face, fair colour & quite a shapely body.

Malti told me that she is not well & untill she recovers Sunita will come for work. I nodded my head. Malti ordered her daughter ” Suni jab tak main thhik nahi ho jati tu kam pe jaana. aur aaj se hi chali ja.” Sunita said ” thhik hai maa , mai abhi chali jaati hun, par mujhe inka ghar nahi malum “. I told her to come with me on my scooter. She sat on the back seat of my scooter holding me by my waist. I brought her home & found that my mother is geting ready to go for some function. She told me that they all were going to some relativeas house for a religious ceremony meant for ladies omly engagement. I was to stay at home as it was a function for ladies only.

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October 27th, 2007 No comments

I’m 28 years old and was working in a small firm, which of course now doesn’t exist coz, they shut it down. The office was in a 2 bedroom flat in Pune. Out of the many rooms only the first three were used but the inside office was just for name sake. The office had 2 executive chairs and one easy chair, with 2 tables. I had to take care of the whole office on my own, the owner never came there to visit anytime. Occasionally his daughter used to come for a few hours and then go.

The boss’s daughter had shoulder length hair and was 5” tall but her boobs was so huge that wherever she came to the office I wanted to bite and suck them. Normally she used to come on Sunday mornings for a few hours. So I slowly made friends with her. She used to come and check her email in the office, so on one Sunday I adjusted the settings of the browser to open a particular sex site.

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Sexy Maid from Pakistan

February 24th, 2016 No comments

Hi it’s again danial here from Pakistan. Let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time. The story is all about my sexual encounter with the daughter of our maid servant. It was June (summer) and my siblings and parents would like to go on a hill station for enjoying vacations but as I have to appear in exams I was unable to go with them.

They decided to go for 10 days and instructed our maid to come daily in morning and stay at our house so that I won’t have any problem in having food and cleaning etc. She is around 38 years of age and was working at our house since last 10 years so she don’t have any issue in staying with me, but she requested my parents that it will be helpful for her if her 17 years old daughter can also stay with her as she cant let her daughter live alone in house because her father also go for work in day time. My parents allowed her daughter also and said that she can also help in work and do dusting and other minor works.

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weekend pleasure with my aunt

February 9th, 2016 No comments

The best part of having sex with a married women(especially with ladies above 30+ and below 45) is that they are experienced, they are not shy, they have lot of ideas and are all time horny, and most of all there is no risk of spilling ur semen inside her hole. This story is abt me(22 yrs) and my lady aged 35, size of 38 30 34(I guess so). She is my aunt in relation(My mother’s brother’s WIFE) and mother of two.

I always had the urge to have sex with matured ladies. They teach u a lot. And my aunt was first on my list. Smooth skin, beautiful voice, well toned body and attitude to die for. I’m not bad either, athlete body(since I play cricket for my university and maintain my fitness), well maintained 6 inch tool, fair, naughty looks, silky hair.

We were quiet close in relationship, we met almost twice to thrice in a month. Her husband was working for a software company. Most of the times he used to work from home. I never had an opportunity to show her my intent. Time passed by with nothing going my way. I had chances to screw other girls, but I never did.

I was scared and there is no point in havin sex when u cant cum inside a women’s hole. I was getting impatient whenever I read the stories on this website. I did stay in there house a lot of times and they have a soft bed. Imagine banging my aunt on that bed. Uff amazing…Luck favored me as her husband had to go abroad for a period of 6 months.

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