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Noorie – My Mature Maid

December 19th, 2012 No comments

My family had recently relocated from a small village to a metropolitan city, where we were living in a small bungalow. My family’s more or less average in size, consisting of my father, mother, two brothers, a sister, and myself. We had this one old maid that helped out with the household chores, but when she got married and moved away, my mother needed to hire new help. I was what you’d call a typical, horny teenager in the traditional sense, and growing up, anything could really get my blood pumping. Shortly after our old maid moved away, my mother brought a new girl to help out with the daily work. Her name was Noor Jehan but we called her, “Noori.” Noori was a little on the plump side, and her dark skin depicted her as a typical villager woman. My mother told me that Noori’s husband had passed away the previous year and that she was trying hard to support her children. The first time I got a look at Noori, I about guessed her to be in her mid thirties. Every time I ran into her, she looked more or less the same, with her black hair characteristically worn in a ponytail.

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My Wife And The Maids Husband

February 25th, 2010 No comments

Simran hesitated just for an instant before pulling her panty down and stepping out of it fully nude. She was still in her dressing room. She had read about the benefits of massage in a number of newspapers and journals but could perhaps never muster the courage to go to a parlour. All sorts of doubts would appear to cloud her mind. How could she strip fully before complete strangers! And if the masseuse turned out to be a man! God! She would certainly die due to sheer embarrassment. And if she insisted on having a lady to do the job, perhaps the parlour owners would smirk at her prudishness.

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The Maids Hot Husband

January 1st, 2010 No comments

“Anita” , “What is it?”. “Where have you kept my tie. I just can’t find it anywhere”. “It’s inside the wardrobe. ”
Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, serving breakfast… it went on and on until Amit left for his office and she took the kids to the bus stand to catch the school bus.

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sexy with my maid shobha

November 4th, 2009 No comments

stay at rajasthan, which is distant suburb of the city and I am 26 years of age
working for a financial firm in the city. We never had a problem getting maid
servants for household work since there were many of them in this place. So much so,
that there was competition and quite a few of the women were left without work.

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Affair with Housemaid

October 5th, 2009 No comments

Hello folks! I would like to tell you all a story involving a friend of mine. This friend, who is in his early forties and whose name is Rajan, works for a well known pharmaceutical company in Madras. He is married and has two children. Rajan is quite distinguished looking, though with a fair share of grey hair, in fact fairly handsome. He has his normal male impulses but is not a compulsive wolf. In the course of his work as the regional marketing head he travels to the major towns near Madras fairly often. One of the places which he frequently visits is Coimbatore. Since Rajan’s wife’s grandmom lived in Coimbatore in a sprawling mansion, he would stay there during his visits rather than a hotel.

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My Sexy Maid – Sunita

October 3rd, 2009 No comments

Hi guys I am an ardent fan of your sexy web site particularly the Indian Sex Stories by Indian Sex Stories. I’d like to narrate the sexiest incident in my life.Hope u guys enjoy it. Before I start let me introduce myself. I am 24 years old and work in a software company in Bangalore. I had this sexy experience when I went to my aunts house last month for a short holiday. She had hired this maid servant recently and boy was she something…I mean she was fair and voluptuous and really delicious looking. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her and naturally she noticed .She would just smile and look away.

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The Maids Hot Husband Returns

July 15th, 2009 No comments

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita’s husband Amit had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Amit just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

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Doing my sexy maid sheela

January 4th, 2009 No comments

stay at Mira Road in Mumbai, which is distant suburb of the city and I am 26 years of age working for a financial firm in the city. We never had a problem getting maid servants for household work since there were many of them in this place. So much so, that there was competition and quite a few of the women were left without work.

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Vidya (a 19 yr old virgin maid)

November 6th, 2008 No comments

This happened when I was in the final year of my engineering. I was studying while living with our family. We had a housemaid named Vidya. She had worked for us for such a long time that she had virtually became a family member. Actually her mother was housemaid at our residence but she started employing Vidya at an early age whenever she was not available. My mother liked Vidya as she did a better job and so she persisted with her. We never treated her as just a maid. My parents nearly treated her as their third child. We helped her in her schooling, she celebrated all our festivals with us, and she also got new clothes along with my sister and myself. We even took her with us on a few occasions out of town.

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Fucked maid super sexy (By PANKAN)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

I M PANKAN i m from rajasthan Im a sexy boy with height 5″5 . today i want to share
my true experience . It happened when I was 14 . As my mom and dad both are working
we hav a maid for our house hold work .
One day when my mom & dad were not at home & I was doing my home work she came to
me and said to me plz get up I want to sweep up the room . I get up she started
sweeping floor .As she bend down to sweep I found that her boobs were freely hanging
I kept on seeing them I can see her nipples they were brown in colour
when she was gone after sweeping I musterbusted . One day I was watching bf she
suddenly opened the door of my room she was shocked by looking at my6″ong lund
I doesnt say any thing she came & sat near me & started playing with my dick
she said me plz fuck me . I started pressing her soft boobs
She opened up her salwar and kameej sshe was now in white bra & blue under were she
started opening my shirt.I also opened her bra hook and saw her boobs with were very
large I took them in my mouth and drink a few drops of milk .Then went to her pussy
which was aleready wet meanwhile she sucked my dick & suddenly a layer of cum falled
in jer mouth she tasted it she wanted more but then my dad come and we hav to stop
this play .

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