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A hot Malayali Aunty

I got new rented house in Bangalore on first floor around one month back and I stay here alone , in my bed room opposite to my window on a first floor their is a malayali family. One of their window is opposite to my window. Because of light I was unable to see properly so I never cared to see in that window. But four days back I saw one aunty while washing clothes on terrace I was so fascinated by her looks that I was unable to take out my site from her.

She had perfect figure, lovely lips, sexy gand (buttocks), and long hairs and over all round boobs which made me passionate when I go and squeeze her boobs. She also gave me perfect look which made me erotic and my bro (penis) got erected where I thought I will fuck her. While washing clothes I can see her boobs coming out of her nighty and some times she use to touch them which made me more crazy about her. On next day I was able to see her once or twice from her window she was also aware of that also she use to come to window to see weather I’m still there in window. I came to know she is also interested in me.

Today as I was not well I haven’t gone to office while I was in sleeping in my bed room in morning 9:30 she coughed to divert my attention to her as I done it yesterday to divert her attention. She was on the terrace I went up brushing my teeth’s so that no one should suspect me. I gave her morning smile but she only gave me nice look. By the time I reached she may had finished her clothes washing in the evening when not body was their in her home she came to window in mean time I saw her once again I her smile she replied with nice smile and I got more courage. She asked me what you want by hand gestures knowingly or unknowingly I showed her boobs she look at me for one second and signaled me she is married I replied her ooohh sorry but don’t tell it to ur husband she didn’t understood her my gestures, I was unable to understand her gestures but for ten minutes we tried to understand hand gestures (both of our windows are 10 to 15 feet away). I asked her to call me on my mobile initially she said no later I gave her my number by throwing it on terrace. She told me to go first and throw and then she will come to terrace and take it(very clever isn’t it).

Finally she got my number and called on my cell by hearing her voice I got so erotic I started to masturbate while talking to her but I thought I should not leak I may get chance to day itself. Yes I came to know her name is Bindu and she is from Kerala/ kotayam she use to talk in Malayalam which I don’t understand she told me to learn Malayalam from my friends I replied you are only one malayali friend I will learn from you, will you teach me? She said yes or no in malayali but I haven’t understood and she also told she will be going back to kotayam next week. I told her my name as Raju you can call me raj (I haven’t told her my real name). We had very nice chat on phone for half an hour I told her you have very nice lips and boobs. While chatting she told about her father and mother but not about husband. Earlier during hand gestures when she shown me a pic I thought her husband but she told no he is not (I was unable to understand her malayali properly).

I told her “I wana see your lips closely can u come to terrace” she told “I will come tomorrow to meet”. I hope I will meet her and proceed further in the mean time can I ask readers to tell me some malayali sentences so that later when I meet her I can make some good impression. Like
1. How are you?
2. Have you finished your Tea
3. You have nice lips and boobs ….Some other interesting sentences.

I will keep you all posted regarding the updates that will happen depending upon the scenes which happens with me will be expecting suggestions and tricks to impress her
You can mail me on raj_malu@rediffmail.com

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