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Jaisa Baap Waisa Beta

My name is Vikram (vicky) and I am of 18year of age and I live in central India. I live with my Dad and a younger brother lucky. Dad is a business men. He is like my friend. My father and mother don’t live together any more my father divorced my mother because of there differences. Now this is a story about my kamini aunty(my to be step mom) she is a sexy looking lady of 36 years of age her figure is38-29-37 she always wear sexy saries and salwars.

I like the most about her is those big boobs aur her naval always attract my attention. She also have sexy and hot red lips Jab bhi wo mere ghar aati hai wo hamesha ya to deep neck wale blouse phaenti hai ya too deep neck wale salwar aur hamesha unka pallu sarkta rahata hai. And I can easily see her deep clevage.and I get instant hard on. Whenever she enters our house she hugs me and lucky both, then kisses us both on our cheeks.

I love to feel her body. Kabhi kabhi to wo sexy western outfits bhi pehenti hai. Last night dad came late in night with kamini aunty and I could tell my dad and kamini aunty both were drunk, but dad was drunk too much. He said kamini dekh mera lund erect ho gaya hai. Aaj tujhe mein acche se chodunga. Teri chut bhot sexy hai aur garam bhi tere boobs ketne sexy hai. Kal pata hai mera beta vicky baar baar tere boobs dekh raha tha. Aur tu bhi aur zada dekha rahi thi Then kamini said you know it Ajay I like to tease him before our friendship you also use to stare at my breast jaisa baap waisa beta.

Then my dad said tu hai hi etni sexy. Ki koi bhi tujhe chodne ke liye ready ho ga. Vicky to mera beta hai. Kamini said shhhh vicky and lucky will wake up be quit. Then dad said to kya hua bol tunga beta ye teri nai mummy hai. I was listing to them aur mera lund kada ho gaya mein chup chup ke dekh raha tha. Dad ne pher kamini aunty ka palu gera diya aur unke sexy boobs ke saat khelne lage. Kamini aunty started smooching my dad and she start to open dads pants and then she took off dads underwear and start to give hand job to dad cock then she took his cock in her mouth and started to give him a blow job. She was licking dads cock like she is licking an ice cream first she licked the head of dads cock then she took the whole head in her mouth she did it three or four times.

I was imaging my self at dads place and I got my cock out and started masturbating. Then dad started to lick her pussy and put his tongue in and out of her pussy. Soon both were cumming in each other mouth then kamini aunty is on top of dad and putting his cock in her pussy. Then she started to fuck dad up and down on his cock once again they came . And dad was feeling dizzy he said to kamini aunty that lets go to sleep then kamini said I am not satisfied yet. dad said I am going to sleep now. Then who will satisfy me.

Then dad said go fuck vicky. She said you know what type of slut I am I can do that. On listening this I cum instantly. Then my dad said I don’t mind it. You can fuck vicky and vijay any time you want. Then she said if vijay was here his cock would be in her pussy. I got shocked to know that my chacha is also fucking kamini. And my father won’t mind me fucking kamini. She then begged dad to fuck her and dad agreed then she said I wanna tease vicky a little I don’t wanna miss him but still I want to have fun teasing him. I thought in my mind ok kamini now I will fuck you as soon as possible. Then I heard kamini moaning Mmmm yes fuck me aahh fuck me ajay fuck me hard mmmmm I am cumming ajay fuck me hard love mmmm ahha .then..she said what a cock you have darling, then I could hear her saying that what a cock you have ajay I think this type of strong and long cock runs in your family.

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