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Room Swap With Nephew

Hi nieces and salis, and my sexy the best pussy my bhabis, this is ur favourite Irshad ji.
Lst month me and my wife shahnaz paid a visit to Hyderabd and we stayed at my wifes sisters daughter wafas house, She was my dream girl already i fuck her mom my sali but she was missing from my list , just i had some cums on my lap and holding her in my arms sometimes in school dress. We had a nice dinner me my wife my niece wafa and her husband Azam.

Some beers also utilized Wafa and my wife sitting outside we are in room, then suddently Azam said Irshad uncle u and aunty sleep in my room in A/c we will sleep in other room i said no he force me then i agreed. Then after 9.30 my wife told me she and wafa going out and they will back in one hour i said ok, then later she called me from her friend Nishat house that she will be late but Wafas’s is coming back and she told me inform Azam i said ok.

I was awakened shortly when I heard the bedroom door close. I heard footsteps leading to the bed and I heard a nightie falling to the floor. I dozed back off for a moment only to wake up again to the feel of a soft hand caressing my chest. Soon the hand slid down my hip and thigh and then back up to my chest. The hand slid down my thigh again. By now my cock was nearing full attention and rock hard. This time the hand slid across my balls. I felt my wife’s finger nails drag along my balls and then up the underside of my cock. It felt magnificent. She kept using only her finger nails to tease my cock. I was enjoying the sensations when I realized something. I froze. My wife doesn’t have long finger nails. In fact she chews hers off. I thought to myself for a moment. Could it be??? Could it be the long finger nails scraping the underside of my rock hard cock were those of my niece Wafa uffffff??? Could my fantasy be coming true? If this was my niece then where was my wife??? I thought to myself, Oh my god, my wife and her sister’s daughter wafa must not have known I and Azam changed rooms!!! Then I remember my wife is at Nishat house!

She tasted magnificent! , really turned me on even more. I probed my tongue into my Niece hot wet hole as far as I could. I kept caressing her ass as I lapped at her pussy. I let my hands wander down the back of her legs and then down to her calf’s. God my fantasy was coming true. I slid my hands back up her sexy legs to her ass and pulled her closer to me. I began flicking my tongue over her now engorged clit. I heard my Niece wafa’s breathing getting heavier. I continued using my tongue to lick from the base of her clit to the top. She began to moan loudly. I pressed my lips over her clit and sucked on it. That was it. My wafa began to tremble and cum. Right in the middle of my niece orgasm I pressed a finger on her ass hole. She just about screamed from the sensations. I did it! My niece began to shoot off a string of multiple orgasms. And she was shouting ufff Azam aaj aap KO KYA HOGAYA BAHUT KADAK HO MOTA MOTA LAG RAHAI HAI RE KASH AISA AAP ROZ MUJHE CHODTE KABHI MAZA HI NAHI DETA BAS JALDI NIKALDAY TAY HAIN. STILL SHE WAS THINKING SHE HAVING SEX WITH AZAM SHE DONT KNOW I WAS IN HER ROOM INSTEAD OF AZAM AND AZAM WAS SLEEPING IN OTHER ROOM. I was so woory that if azam came to find out wafa uff what will happen but i was sure that he was full out he cant get up till morning . By now the tip of my finger was inside of my her ass hole and she came again. I drank all of her juices as they flowed out of her pussy and onto my mouth.

My dream girl wafa pulled off of my face and moved down my body. She straddled my lap and then sank her hot wet pussy down on her dads cock. My baby leaned down and kissed me. It was no father daughter kiss that’s for sure. After the first kiss I had my tongue in my niece mouth. My baby was a very skilled kisser. Our tongues continued to dance in each others mouths. My wafa began to slide her hot cunt up and down on my rock hard cock. Soon wafa sat upright and began to do some serious riding. I reached up and cupped her breasts and fondled her nipples. Her nipples were slightly longer than my wife’s and sweet than her mom shahnawaz couldn’t stop playing with them. But my baby lowered them to my face as she rode me and I lapped at her hard nipples.

I bit on her nipples and scraped my teeth against it as I pulled my mouth away. My babywafa moaned her approval. I reached up and cupped both of her tits and pressed them together and took both of her nipples into my mouth at the same time. This time I sucked on both nipples at once and my niece began to cum again. Her pussy was slamming up and down on her dads cock as I sucked her nipples. I felt her whole body trembling as she climaxed. she rolled off of me and rolled onto her back. I rolled over and was in between her legs. Her legs were parted and I slid my cock right into her wet hole. I began to pump my cock in and out. I lowered my head and again kissed my sali’s daughters mouth hard. I reached to my sides and grabbed her by her ankles and raised her legs up to my shoulders. As soon as her legs were up on my shoulders she began to cum again. I thought to myself that my wafa is a real nympho. I kept pounding her wet hole and soon her orgasm subsided. Wafa got off of me and positioned herself on her hands and knees. I grabbed a hold of her hips and moved closer. She reached under and grabbed my cock and pulled it to her wet opening. I pushed a little and was back into her hot pussy. I got into a good rhythm as I thrust my cock in and out of my janu. But now she stopped. I just froze as she pulled off of my cock. I thought to myself, did she realize that I was not Azam? Instead she reached under and took my cock in her soft hand. She guided my cock back to her but only this time it was at a higher position. I couldn’t believe it. She wanted me to fuck her in her ass. Since my cock just came out of her pussy it was well lubed. She lined up the head and it was pressing on her ass hole. Immediately I heard her breathing change.

All I was in all the way. I began to slowly fuck wafa in the ass. Soon she began to push back at me as if to get fucked harder, so I began to thrust a little harder. I reached under her and pinched her nipples. Her heavy breathing now changed to soft moans. I continued to tweak her nipples as I fucked her ass. Then Suddenly somone knock the door, i was so scared i hold wafas face and said meri jan its me ur Irshad uncle , Whattttttttttttt oye maaaaaaaaaa Irsahdn Uncleeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaappp uff meri jan sun dont open the door let me hide inside otherwise both will be problem azam will throw u out she was so scared and said ok Uncle pls jaldi se chale jao there is one more exit , i thank god and left from the door late she open the door. I fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone. I put on my sweats and went to take a shower. After showering I went to the living room and there were my wife and Wafa, each one sleeping on two separate couches. Both of their asses were exposed as their nighties were up high around their waists. Soon azam came out of his room and we all met in the living room. We acted like nothing happened. As we ate breakfast I looked at Wafa’s hands and sure enough she was the one with the long nails. I looked at my wife’s hands and there were no nails. Looking back at my dream girl hands I could see my dried cum on her red glossy finger nails. It was then that I knew for.



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