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Bhabhi’s sexy sister (By Shahin)

Hello readers I am back with a new experience of mine. This time with my Bhabi’s
younger sister. This was all planned and implemented with perfection by me. My
bhabi’s younger sister around 20 came to see her. When I saw her I was astonished
she was a real beauty. So I decided to have sex with her. Initially I meet her and
slowly made a good friendship with her.

I kept this a secret from my bhabhi. She told me that she liked movies and had
bought some movies with her to watch them. Which gave me an idea. I inserted a porn
movie with her favorite movie.

After a couple of days at about 12 noon I provided her with a DVD player at her home
I made my moom call bhahbhi and she took her on shopping I knew they will take
almost 5 hours minimum. And I told her that I was going out but stayed in side and
she turned on the movie after the first CD the porn CD was turned on she was shocked
to see this she stood up switched off the television but after some time she
switched it on and started seeing the porn movie.

After some time I heard she was moaning I could not believe she was masturbating she
put her pants down below knees and was inserting her finger in her pussy. I slowly
approached her she being so much involved in the movie did not feel my presence.
Suddenly I touched her and said to he “Enjoying yourself” she was shocked and
tried to pick up her pants but I didn’t let her and said to her I will help you
and started kissing her and touching her pussy.

She told me to stop. But I told her I will only do oral sex with her if she
doesn’t allow me I will tell her sister about her. So as she was scared she agreed
I removed her clothes and mine too and started kissing her lips and entered my
tongue in his mouth initially she hesitated than she cooperated very well. Than I
sucked her breast quiet well.

She was enjoying it very much. Then I kissed her again and approached her I made her
sit and put my legs beneath hers and with out even her notice I knew I had a full
erection I suddenly with full force tried to enter her pussy with my penis she
suddenly cried with pain but I put my face in her so that she could not shout but
was not

able to do it was very tight and had a jelly like thing blocking it then I when even
harder this time I was successful I started fucking her she was crying and weeping
in pain but I was enjoying it though it pained me a lot too after some time it
became easy for me now she told me she was enjoying it though it was painful.

After some time she sat on me and we had sex again after that I was exhausted and
fell down, she told me it was her first sex and thanked me for giving such immense
pleasure to her but for me the party was not over. I told her to clean her self up
she went inside the washroom and started taking a bath and as she was inside and
about to take on her clothes I opened the door of the washroom with the key and
entered and entered my penis from the back she was

shocked and tried to stop me. But I made her lie on the bathroom floor and did dodgy
style with and even fucked her pussy from that style. She was shouting and crying in
pain I told her that both you sisters are bitches and told her that your sister used
me so in turn I used you. If you donor want any one to know about it than you will
have sex with me. After that we had sex about 4 times each time it was easier and
easier for me and her.

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