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Hesitant Saali Pooja

My saali was at age of 17 ¼ at that time. Medium height, nice round asss cheeks, c-medium sized tits. Clear white color, pink lips, soorahi jaisi neck. Dimples when she laughed. So I tried everything possible to get her under me, so it didn’t work. Then one day after dinner in the kitchen, she was heating up the milk on gas stove and washing dishes. She was wearing Yello Kurta and Salwarr. She had her white bra on but no panties. Her bra made her tits stand hard and pointing. And her salwaar was inclined with her pussy and ass crack. From the front it was clung into her nice and medium sized meaty and juicy thighs. From the back her salwaar was in her ass cheeks, damn what a sight. So I was glancing all this time, and she;;;

Kya baat hai jiju, koi baat nahin kar rahe? Kya baat karen, jaanu, jab aap ko niharne se fursat hi nahin hai. Accha ji, aur agar didi aa gayi to, ? Ayegi to chali jayegi. Aur jo maar padegi aapko Wohh. Aur jo aapko mar padegi appko, toh? Muje kon marega, then looking at her eyes, I had my hand on my belt buckle, and was pointing it towards my prick with my pinky finger. She realized it , looked at me straight, and I was smiling. Then she looked away and smiling mearkly. Are are, dekho aapka doodh gir gaya. Jiijjjuuu! She thought that it was her milk, looking at her breasts, thinking it was hers. And I was looking at the dripping milk and looking at her, then I just couldn’t stop laughing. Now she was embarrassed. Where I was she came to me, the kitchen door was lightly closed. Someone had to open the door literatly to peek inside. She was at a feet away shile cleaning the gas stove. I leaned forward to her ear and whispere, “Kya pani pani ho gayi ho aap? Leaning more, kissing her ear.” She , jumped kinda, then I held her by her shoulders, Jjiijuiii, ii aah, nahin, mat karo please, koi aa gaya to? Koi nahin aayega, saying this shile rubbing my hands from her shoulders to her entire arms.
Oooffff, Nahi mahhi, Pleaase, nooo. I’ts okay pooja, no one will come, everybody’s busy at party next door. And my 81/4 lauda was at its best poking her in her ass cheeks, right when it was resting there, on her soft, young, pulsating and tender ass cheeks, oh my GOD. What a senstation it was. My lauda crazily dripped one after another. Oh Jiju, Please no. I’m gonna yell, really, save it jaanu, save it, aah, ooh, not on the neck, yeas while kissing her on her neck, front and back. She’s helpless, but giving in. Yess, muuffpph, yes, wait jaanu. Then, my hand feeling her hot tummy over her yellow kurta. And she tried to stop my careesing and mistakely leaned forward. Which caused her to be in bending forward. And caused my standing rock hard lauda againt her ass crack and slided from to down against her as cheeks towards her, wet and hot puss. Oh my god, nahin, Mahi. Please. Ooff. Nahi, aaaiii. Mar jaoingi main. Aisa kabi nahin hua pehle, please shod do mujde. Are waah yeh kya hai pooja, Itni garm aur gili kar rakhi hai apni fudi tune. Maine kahan ji ju jiju. Yeh to aapki badmashi hai. Accha ji, the I brought my hand from her hard nipps behind her ass cheeks, feeling her ass crack, parting her asschekks with her salwaar on, and felt her salwarr damp. Kya garam fudi di uski yaar. And gili bi, my hand got moist. Then I started playing with her pussy with her salwaar, she learing against hot gas stove, nahi, ouch, tears drippin out and also enjoying, yess, nahi. Ooh. Please, aah, hai, maa, main yeah kya keh rahi hoon. Mahi nahin, pleae, sorry, Jiju, aaaiiii. Nahiiin. Speed of my hand was increasing in massaging her pussy. She was moving her asscheeks in anticipation. Aah, oooh, aaayiii. Aaaah, aammmmaaaaaaaaaaa. Mmmmaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ggggaayiiiiiiiiiiii. Aaah, nahiin jijjjuuuuuU. Aaah, aah, then, I spread her legs little bit wide, and saw her damp salwaar that didn’t have undie on. It was damped and clenched with her pussy juice’s liquid traveling from her precious lips down to her thighs. I could make out her puffy pussy lips from her wet salwaar. Ahhmmmm, kya swad pani shod rahi hai teri fuddi Sali. Hia, jijju, please aisa mat kaho. Muje sharm aa rahi hai. Then I parted her asscheeks and took that whole wet salwaar where it was resting on her wet pussy lips, ahhm, mmmm, slrp, aahnm, mmmm, slrp, slrp. She bucked back, jumped back. And up. Put her hands on my head and tried to push my head away from her pussy. Aaaahhhhhhaaa, nnnaaahiiin, with hessing and clenhching teeths, aaaah mahiii jjjiiiiijjjjjjjjUUUUU. Aaah, oooh uffff. Aaai. Yees, chuus chuss sale, meri behan ko bi aisa hi chusa ho ga, choos le meri jwani ka ishq meri garam fuddi se.
Ooh, bhut accha lag raaha hai, jiju. Please, satisfy karo muje. It was right then, when my dick couldn’t’ take it anymore. I opened my zipper, while kissing biting and pulling on her wet and hot pussy lips and making her squirm. Pooja biting her teeths, hissing, grinding her puss back to my face, by now my face was inside her asscheeks totally, her butt crushed onto my face, my dick out of my zipper, and I was licking and kissing her entire lingth of pussy from her front starting point to her ending crack. Which drove her more crazy. Her breaths coming harder harder, annngh, aaannngg aaaaahhgnnngh, aaaaaagnnhii, ooooofngn, maar gayi jijiu. Aah, oof, chuuso muje aur, aur choose, pi lo meri nasheli jwani ka juice. Aaah, ooof. Oof., yess. Yes. Then wasting no time, reaching in her front, I hiked up her kurta, didn’t work in first, then I had to have her hold her kurta, jijju what are aahk, ooof, you doing. Aah aah, I was increasing more speed in sucking and licking her puss everytime she questioned and a sigh and moan would escape her mouth.
Then, I reached inside her salwaar, pulled out her salwaar’s nala (tie, string, etc.)., and pulled her salwaar loose, to her knees and tied her salwaar’s knot ( nala). Then, since she had her kurtan held up in her hand from the front, I gazed up, her eyes closed, I was looking at her white creamy and shaved thighs. Not a single hair on her legs and puss. Nice soft, round creamy young buttocks. Did I hit a goldmine or what. I was squeezing her asscheeks, parting her cheeks, looking at her wet pussy lips, kissin’ em dry from her salvia, making her ass crack wet with her own salvia. And every lick I did that, a moan escaped, aah, ooh, uff, mar gayi. Aaah. Ufff. Haaan. Yess, yess. Then I opened her pink pussy lips, they were so nice, she even let a moan out aaaaahnnhh when I parted her pink pussy lips. Then I licked her insides for another 2 minutes which caused her to cum twice. Then, I got up, grinded my cock in her asscrack, oooh, aah, what a feeling that is, ooh, maa, yess mahi jiju. That feels good, aah. Ooh. And I remember she did squirm and jump everytime my dicks head poked in her little open ass hole. Aah, oooh, nahi jiju. Please aise nahin. Neeehhhhhcchee, then, rubbing my cock on her wet puss lips, and making her wetter more, while she leaning against the gas stove bending over position, her kurta hiked up to her half bare back, and she half naked til her knees. Parting her asschekks, spotting my cockhead on her pusslips, right when it knocked, aaah, laaicchhhhghhh, nahiin jiju, her eyes full of water tears, dard ho rahi hai. Aaah, pehle kabi nahi kiya aisa, don’t work jaanu, it will hurt like a tika syringe, then it wil be o.k.
Hurry up jiju, koi aa na jaye. Getting in position, her asschekks parted, my cockhead’s precum and her wet pussy lips were driing off of her cock length and to her inner thighs, 1 2 3 bole ke, putting my hand on her mouth, in steady position, I GAAVE A OONNE HAAARRRDDD PUUUUUUSH AALL THE WAAY INNN HEER, AAAAAHHNNNNNGGGHHII …. MAAAAAAA.. .MAAAAARRRRR… GAAARRRIIIYYIIIIII.. AAAAAHHHH. Her scream was so loud that she bit my hand and I almost screamed, that how pain she felt, then I didn’t stop. I started kissing her all over her body, bare salty back, her neck, ears. Aah, aaangghh, ammmhhhhnnm, crying sounds. Aah, ooffnnna aaaaaiiii. Mammmmaaa. Aaii, maar gaayi. In squirming vices though. Then, I let go of my hand, her head in the air, slipped her pussy off of my my cock, turned around, looking at me, I thought that she was going to run outside half naked and tonight is my last night. Then she looked down at my dick, 81/4’er, on her knees, wiped it off with her kurta including her pussy’s blood,, holding it in her hands, crying. Sale tune fadi hai na meri fudi, tune choda hai na meri fuddi ko, tune hi khoon nikala hai na meri fuddi se, then with tears, but with strong heart, she my cock head in her mouth. She licked it’s head, bit on it, said sorry when I screamed a littke, sorry sorry, mere yaar ko bura laga, GOOOD, that’s how I felt it too too. And she would look at me sometimes and if I was watching or not, then when I couldn’t hold it anymore, I picked her up, some tears in my eyes too. Saali, kya mera lauda hi kaat khaye gi, haaa jiju ji, agar muje chodo ge aise to main bi isko aisa hi maza doongi. Kaisa laga apni fuddi ka taste mere laude se, aaahhm, smiling an leaning forward, bhut aachha, us se bi acchaha tha aapke laude ka taste.
Waah, licking her lips, namkeen, evergreen. Then, I kissed her hard on her lips, neck and turned her around, parted her puss lips and shoved in her again. Then she screamed a little again aaahnnhh, then put her own hand on her mouth. This continued for 10 minutes non stop. She would fuck my dick when I would stop and I would fuck her insane. When I came her breasts were crushed against hard cement and my dick was pounding in her deep and was rubbing and stretching her pretty good from inside. Ahh, ooh uff. Yees, jija ji, aur chodo apni pyari saali ko. Fir mouka mile ya na mile. Aaah. Ooh. Haan kuon nahin sale, agle mahine aaah, yeh hlee, Sali, ja tere ko apne gar le jaounga to tuje roz subhe aur adi raat ko chodunaga.. aah, aah, oh, schi, jiju. Aah, oh. Uff. Mar gai, chodo. Aah. Ooh. Uff. Yess yess. Aah. I took her virginity, from her precious pussy and her from her asswhole the next very moring when only both of us were going to the temple. We fucked on our was and on our way back. In animals room on the way 3 times. And in tractors trailey 2 times on our way back.
This is how she had to pay me back after telling on my to her sister that I confessed to her.
This continued for 2 years and I got her pregnant about 5 times with abortion now. She’s to get married in couple years, I will fuck her before she leaves her parents house and before her suhaagraat.THE END.

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