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Hyderabad trip

On my last trip to Hyderabad I had quite an encounter, which I am going to describe here. I am based in Europe, but I frequently travel to Hyderabad due to my job, each time staying one or two weeks at an international hotel on Tankbund which is going to stay unnamed [Smile] . This time I was to stay for one week only.

After some boring business meetings in the morning, I decided I to take the afternoon off and go to see Charminar, a great piece of architecture in Hyderabad if some of you are unfamiliar with it. Just behind Charminar is LadBazaar, where you can buy bangles of all sorts – I went for a short walk there to look for some bangles for my sister back home.

Then, when I was standing at a road shop looking at some things to buy, two poor girls approached me to beg for some money. Since I am a foreigner, this is not unusual to me, but still I am not so comfortable with it, so I was kindly telling them to f*ck off. After a few minutes when I was done shopping, one of the girls had left, but the other one was quite persistent. I know little telugu from my many travels here to do basic communication, so I started to argue little with the girl to go away – while she did this, she pulled up her blouse to show me her empty stomach, which was quite slim. I looked some at her face, and even though it was dark, it was a pretty face, all smooth, a round nose and a smile full of white teeth. I dont know what went over me, but suddenly I decided to give her 5 Rs, and my visiting-card where I put the hotel-address, “7pm” and “3000 Rs” on it. Then left.

I was quite shocked at myself what I just did, so I took an auto up to Prasad’s to get some dinner there, and then walk around Tankbund back to the hotel. During that I totally forgot about what I did earlier so when I came back to the hotel, just to find the same girl standing outside, I was now almost in panic, didn’t know what to do. The car-boy outside the hotel had already seen her, so I gave him a few Rs and asked him to sneak her in through the back-door, then hoped that it was not possible (he told me so himself) and I would be rid of her again. However, it turned out to be quite possible, about 15 min later, she was in my hotel-room.

My usual room there at the hotel is one of their suites – since company pays for it, why not take the best [Smile] – so its quite luxurious, and the girl was quite amazed by it, clearly she had never been at an international hotel before. I tried to ask her if she was aware why I gave that card, but she just showed it again to me – I gave her 1000 Rs, just to show some goodwill, then asked her to go and take a shower in the bathroom, her hair was quite messy, but it looked like she was keeping rest of the body quite clean, from what I could tell through the rags. She went into the bathroom, and I turned on the water for the bathtub, then showed her how she could regulate the water to the correct temperature, where the soap and shampoo was and made some gestures that she could undress and get into the tub when it was full. Then I left her there.

I called the room-boy, gave him 1000 and asked him to bring a punjabi dress of his choice, two pairs of panties and two bras for her, trying to explain her size to him. About half an hour later, he was back with two punjabi dresses and the other, I took them both and gave him a good tip for his selection.

Still I had not heard anything from her in the bathroom, but now I wanted to give her the new clothes, so I knocked on the door. First no answer, then after little time, she opened the door again, but she had already put her old clothes back on. I showed her the new clothes and asked her to wear it. Already now I could see her dark long hair looking much better than before, so I gave her a little praise on that. Then 5 minutes passed, then 10 minutes, and suddenly she called me to the bathroom. I opened the door, and got a little shock, because there she was, fully undressed, turning her back on me though. I asked her what was wrong, but I could not understand her answer with my limited telugu. Still, I was standing almost drooling over her slim body, with perfect little round ass. Her thighs were also slim, so I could see her public hair between the legs when she was standing with her back to me. Then when her gestures also failed, she turned around, and showed me that she cut her hand on some of the paper that the dress was wrapped in. I am quite shy, so quickly I turned around to go search for some bandage, but in my mind, I could only see her naked body, she had small A-cup breasts, but they looked hard as rocks, with her nipples very erected, puffed out. Her stomach was as slim as she had showed me before, allowing her little round ass to give her body a feminine structure. Waterdrops were still visible on her, giving her a little glow. Looking further down was her dark black bush, inviting me to get very hard, but under control.

She got dressed, and with the new clothes, we took dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. When we came back to my room, I ordered a bottle of white-wine, just in case she was too shy. I know that I wanted to pound her now, but I was not sure if it was in the agreement with her, and that she understood it fully, so I didn’t approach her directly about it.

After eating little chocolate though, I put on some music, and she started to jump around dancing. When her chunni was removed and started playing with me, I figured that she understood the arrangement perfectly. Little after little, I got more confidence, and started to kiss her neck, she gave back, removing my shirt and kissing my chest and back. I pulled down her punjabi pants, which made her dance some more, however, with more erotic moves. I got her over again and removed her bra inside the punjabi dress, so now when she was dancing, I could see her erect nipples through the dress. I danced little with her, and squeezed her breasts hard from the behind, pinching and pulling the hard nipples. Finally, when she was dancing in front of me showing her butt, I reached out and pulled down her panties, exposing her naked butt to me. She continued to dance in front of me, so I reached out, squeezed her butt with one hand, and reaching between her legs with the other hand. It was warm, furry and wet there between her legs. I wanted to put one finger up into her pussy, but when I tried, she jumped away, showing me a “no no” gesture. She had only very light hair on her pussy, I had asked her age when she came to the hotel, the car-boy had translated for me, so I was sure that she said she was 19 years old. However, her body looked more like 16-17, very firm and tight.

After her no no gesture, she decided she wanted to play with me down there, so she pushed me back on the bed, and pulled my pants and undergarments down. My dick was already pumping with blood, but inside the undergarments it could not unfold properly. However, when it was now free, it swung out to its erected size. The girl took a little step back, and looked at me with distrust. I have a normal length 15-16cm penis, but it is very wide, like the width of your wrist or diameter of a normal drinking glass – very hard to find condoms usually, so good that I brought some from home. Again I got the “no no” gesture from her, but she continued to dance around, so I figured not all was lost yet.

I looked around in the hotel-room and found a candle not so wide like my penis, but also not thin like a pen, and then asked her to lie down on the bed. Still with little distrust she laid down. I sat down next to her, and pulled her legs apart. “She got the most tight pussy I have ever seen” I thought by myself. Her lips were dark on each side of the pussy, only showing very little outside when her legs were not spreading. On the top was her clitoris as a small white dot. At the bottom was what looked as the smallest possible hole which to enter. I found some lotion and applied little around her hole, and then tried to insert the candle in her. First I played little with her clitoris, which she clearly was extatic over, I could barely touch it without her legs trying to kick me away. The candle came little around her opening, but then wouldn’t go. I looked at her face, looking as if she was biting some pain. But, I figured, maybe just she is nerveous with me as a foreigner, so I rubbed her stomach and thighs same time I was pushing the candle little harder and harder. Finally it was going more in, but to my shock pulling it out it was now full of blood. I got some panic, but she showed me one finger, and said in clear telugu “first time”. I got wild jeleaus with the candle, it had taken her virginity instead of me. I sent her to the bathroom to wash.

After that I decided to drop the condom, since it was her first time. I pulled her punjabi top off, laid down on top of her, and started to squeeze, kiss and bite her small breasts. Her face was smiling and moaning, so I figure that she was also enjoying it. Then I rolled over on the back, so she was now sitting on top of me. Since it was her first time, I said to her to put my penis inside how she was comfortable with it, and in control of what happened. She didn’t like that though, so after little time I gave up and rolled over on top of her again.

I put some lotion on my penis and then pushed her legs wide apart. She was a very flexible body, could bend in almost all directions, and with her legs bend and spread, I could push them all the way down to the bed with no problems. The result: Exposing her pussy fully opened and ready for entrance. I started to try and push inside her, and it slowly came deeper and deeper into her. At around 10 cm, I hit the bottom of her pussy, which was now fully widened by my penis inserted. Every time I inserted and withdrew, she got a little spasm in her body, and she moaned loudly. Now the lotion was all over, and only her pussy juices were giving lotion, they were many though, her pussy was fully wet. While I was pounding her, I was squeezing her erected breasts, and kissing her eventually. Every 3 minutes, she got an orgasm, or so I think anyway, suddenly, she would try to squeeze her legs together, and escape from me, and rock on the bed, and on my penis I could feel the contractions of the pussy. Finally after about 15 min I reached climax and let all my sperm out inside of her. I withdrew and let her rest for some minutes on the bed, while sperm was flowing like a river from her pussy. She reached down to feel it and got a little shock, but I kept her hands so she felt more calm about it. Finally she went to shower again.

Now, I was little akward position, I was not sure if to let her sleep here in the hotel-room, or if she should leave for the night. In the end, I decided to send her off, too afraid about some poor girl in my hotel-room all night while I was sleeping. I gave her the remainding 2000 Rs, and send her off together with the extra punjabi I bought. Just before she went, I gave her another visiting-card where I put just 500 Rs on this time. I was not sure if she would get offended by that or not, but, she took it and left for the evening.

Next day I had a long day at the office, and I didn’t come home before 9pm in the evening. So, I was quite surprised to find my little friend-in waiting outside the hotel again. However, it lit up my hard day at office, so I went up to Prasad’s with her to buy some dress of her choice, and to get some dinner. She went for it all, and selected some white/brown saree, and experienced her first Mc-Donalds food [Smile]

When we came back to the hotel, she quickly slid into the saree to check it out, and after little while, she pulled my pants again and got undressed. That day I was little tired, so I showed her how to stand in doggy-position, and then I screwed her from the behind, while squeezing her butts and reaching down for her breasts. Again today she was very funny fucking, her body jumping in orgasm every 3-4 minutes, and almost tears coming when I was holding her to the position, continuing to fuck her, and not allowing her to spasm out and enjoy her orgasms. While doing her doggystyle, I put some lotion on my finger and started to massage her anus. She didn’t seem to mind that, so my finger went deeper and deeper into her. Finally again, I climaxed, and gave her a full load of sperm. This being the second night, I took the chance and let her sleep for the night in the bed. I gave her the 500 Rs as promised aswell.

Letting her sleep over was a blast. In the morning I woke her up and brought her to shower with me. In the shower I pushed my penis up into her pussy from the behind and had a little morning fuck that way. I brought her out when I went out for office.

Like that it continued the last 3 days of my stay there in Hyderabad, when I came from office she would be waiting, and all evening and morning we would be screwing around, trying out all kinds of different positions. One of the favorite positions was due to her flexible body. I would put her in doggy-style, but then push her down with stomach on the bed, so she was sitting like a frog. Then first fuck her little in the pussy, and when she started to get orgasms, I would move my penis up and fuck her in the ass instead. But all that is enough for another story so no more for now.

On the last day, I gave her 1500 Rs, and tried to explain that I was not coming back for the next few months. If she understand or not, I dont know, I will see on my next visit I guess. If not, then I have now gotten taste of the Hyderabad girls, so I might now leave the shy, and invite another girl in the future – all in all, 6000 Rs and food + clothes expenses for a week of great sex, not too bad [Smile]

If you want pictures that proves this story, then send me PM with some pictures to trade with.

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