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Renu ki virginity tori 3 (By Rahul)

Hello again to every one who had read my story of “RENU KI VIRGINITY TORI”.
Now i would like to tell u the remaining part of my life which has recently took
place.Now after we both were caught by my friends,we both were fully ashamed
near my friends because my friends also knew that Renu had tied me rakhi
and now we both are brothers and sisters.For some moment my friends kept on
staring at us then one of my friend came near us and said me that they will not
tell this to anyone,but the promise is that they must also get the chance to
fuck Renu.I agreed to it but Renu refused as because there were 2 tall and
healthy friends(Sanjay & Ravi) of mine and she got afraid to get fucked by them.

Then Ravi angrily slapped her and said if she will not agree then they will
inform about this to her family members.Hearing this i too got afraid and after
some words made her convince that they will not fuck much harder and also made
an agreement with my friends that she will be paid for getting fucked.Every body
accepted to this agreement & decided to come the next
day.Next day both my friends reached half an hour before the tution time.
But Renu didnot came.At first we thought that she had ditched us but later came
to know that one of her Mama(mother’s brother)died and except her and one of her
brother all the family members had to leave to their native place somewhere in
UP(she was left behind due to her 12th final exams which were about to come).
In the mean time she got ordered to live at her uncles house,which was a little
far from our house.Then again i called her at night and asked her about the
matter,she made me know every thing and later said that as now there is no one
in house she will fool her uncle and aunt and will come for the tution the next
evening at 5 pm.After knowing this i informed to both my friends.

The next day both my friends came with some mustard oil, packets of condoms,some
sweets(rasgulla) and also some bottles of bear.My friends were in full preparation.
Now it was time for Renu to come.As she came in i could see that the penis of
both my friends raised at once by seeing her due to the excitement.She was in a
pair of black tight fitted jeans & a t-shirt and was really looking very hot.As
soon as she entered the room my friends caught her, made her sleep on the bed
and at once removed her clothes.They started kissing her nude body like hell.
Seeing this i too couldn’t stop myself.I made my friends side and told them
to make use of the things they brought with them.Then firstly we took out the
rasgulla, squeezed all its rass on Renu’s pussy,and we all three started
licking her sweet pussy.This only act of us made us much hot to fuck Renu.We
quickly took the mustard oil,put it on Renu’s Pussy hole and by fingering we
rubbed it till it became totally slippery.Then we all three wore our condoms
and started fucking Renu hardly in her pussy and then in the asshole by drinking
beer at the same time.After fucking Renu’s my friends thought of going to home.
But i want to have something more so i requested for a group sex with RENU.My
friends agreed to it at once but Renu totally refused to it.We were very excited
to have a group sex and at that time we somehow want to do it.So one of my friend
Sanjay forcily tied her both hands and her mouth so that she could not shout.
Then he at once inserted his long Penis deep inside Renu’s pussy.
He then called me and my other friend Ravi and asked one of us to insert our Penis in her mouth
by quickly removing her patti and the other to somehow sleep beneath her and
insert penis in her bigggg ASSSHole.I inserted in her ass.Now Sanjay started
jerking Renu’s Pussy harder.But i was unable to have much enjoyment.So we
changed our position.We had lifted her legs upside in a V shape and inserted in
her holes in such a position that both me and Sanjay were now face to face
while fucking her and her mouth was automatically adjusted in such a way that
at the same time Ravi too could fuck her mouth. We all three were now
comfortable with this position and she was totally sandwiched in between us.
And now it was going to be a hard time for Renu.

We,all three started fucking her by putting some oils in her holes,at first we
were very slow to it but slowly slowly we made our movement faster and faster,
Renu was unable to bear the jerking in her both holes at the same time and want
to shout but she was unable to do this as her mouth was already filled with a
long and fat Penis and she could not even remove it as her both hands were also
tightly tied.This process continued for nearly 30 minutes by changing position
one after another and lastly we all three had filled her both holes and mouth
with loads of cumm. After completing our practical we all three were very tired
and due to the continue pain Renu was almost senseless.We then took her, made
her bath in the cold water and brought for her some fruit juices and eatables
which regained her sense again within a few minutes. After having all this,I
thought that now she will never come to me again. But to my amazement after
regaining her sense again firstly she asked us for her money. Me and my friends
all together paid her Rs. 600, but now she demanded some extra money for the
group sex that we had forcily did with her. We were about to give her the money
then in the middle she laughed and interrepted and said that she was kidding
and she liked this kind of sex very much and asked us that whether we could have
this type of sex again in the future or not. And if we will have then she will
not take a single money from us….This words of her worked as fuel to fire.
Then from that day onwards however we used to fuck her nearly thrice in a week.
And day by day our other friends also come to know about her by us and want to
try sex with her.We had increased her popularity so much in our group that now
altogether, a group of 12 friends of mine knows about her and used to have a
paid sex with her almost everyday. And honestly speaking whenever anyone of us
is in debt(udhar) against someone,and we are unable to clear it then we used to
send her to clear our debt in return of sleeping and getting fucked with that
man.I had made my sexy virgin sister a famous prostitute in our nearby. And she
also loves to live that kind of life…

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