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My sister’s Bath Scene

This is my exciting true story. I had sex many times in my life. But, the unforgettable memory and experience is my fantasy towards my sister. This all started when I was just turning 18. We were living in a old house and it was not concrete(made of tiles). Behind our bathroom there was enough space for the drainage. I used to read sex books and magazines in my school and i was desperate to see women in nude. Suddenly some thought came to my mind. i want behind my house and planned to peep inside our bath room. i waited for the opportunity. Initially i saw a relative who came to stay in our house. I was very nervous, but still climbed the wall and i could see from the gap (between the tiles and the wall stone). The gap was not enough and i was not comfortable to see. it was the first time and i didn’t want to take risk i went to the toilet and masturbated.

Afterwards, i repeatedly stated thinking about repeating it. In the night i went to the same place and scratched some part of the wall (it was easy to do it since it was an old house). I made sure that i could peep enough inside the bath room. The gap was on the top of the wall with enough height so people inside the bath room could not see unless they look up.

Then, the next day early morning i was sitting on the sofa and reading and i noticed my sister was sweeping the floor. My sister has a very fair color (yellowish), 26 yrs of age, and slim body with nice big buttocks. She was wearing a soft nightly and her ass aroused me the idea of watching her nude. Now, i was determined. That was early morning. I waited for the opportunity. Normally she used to wash cloths and go for bath around noon time. i took leave saying that i’m sick. While she was washing i constantly watched her back and i was going mad. No body was in my house except my mom (she was sleeping) My sister finished washing and my heart beat increased.

My dad and brother had gone for work. I wais waiting desperately for her to finish washing. As usual, she dried the cloths and went inside the bath room, locked the door. Now, my heart beat again increased rapidly. i ran behind the house and climbed the wall though the support of the window. Now, it was a perfect view since i had made a wide gap on the wall. I was hanging on the wall with the support of the toilet window. My sister had just bolted the door.

She initially removed her nighty. I held my breath and was happy as in heaven. she removed her balck coloured bra. now i could see her mango like boobs. It was very firm as she was not married by then. She removed the knot of her skit and waaww …..the skirt suddenly slid on the floor. Unbelievable, now I saw her fair long legs and butt cheeks under her green panties. I stated touching my cock and it was wet. she removed her pantie too. I was on the peak of excitement. She then started bathing. i saw her till she completed her bath. then ,got down, went to the toilet to masturbate. i was so excited that when i touch my cock to masturbate i came heavy like a fountain.

Then it became a habit for me. i used to come early for lunch or take leave to see my sister bath. i also started watching her in different occasions while changing dress, while she was in the toilet etc. i made all arrangement for peeping. Once when i saw her shaving in the bath room. Then, my summer holidays started and it was a festival for me to peep every day. Sometimes i used to cumm in my underwear while watching itslef. Some very excited moments were when she used to clean the bath room floor. She used to bend and her ass cheeks were looking up the sky. She had a long hair and it used to stick between the gap of her ass cheeks while taking bath and that used to make me crazy. Now i am away from my home and I still ejaculate thinking about the incident. It was the happiest moment in my life.

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