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Hot Auto boy in Malappuram (Gay)

This happened about a year back. I went to Kuttipuram in Malappuram District for meeting one of my friend. His house was in a remote locality and I hired an auto and it was driven by a very handsome young youth aged about 20-21. He told me his name as Nizar. He was very white with a muscular body, but little hairs on his chest and thighs. After finishing the journey I given him the cooly and he returned me some coins.

While accepting the coins I purposefully dropped some of the coins down and it fell on his belly and thighs. Then I bend and took those from his body ,at that time I touched on his “madi” at the joining of his thighs ,and I felt a good bulge, that is his jetty pothi. I pressed slightly there as unknowingly, but he understood what I want. He asked me”do you want it?”. I told”yes”.he told”then you have to come to a near by place, which is a hill side . No body will come there now. But you have to give me the auto charge for the journey”. I agreed and he took me to that place. When reached there we both get down. I thought we had to go some hidden place, but he simply went back side of the auto and sat there.

He spread his legs apart and pulled both ends of his lungi to both sides so that his thighs were out. Very nice charming thighs with little hairs that started to grow. His thighs were very much round and yellowish white. Then he slowly started to pull his jetty upto his knees and his big wheatish rod with heavy balls came out.

On seeing that my mouth get watered as his cock was really big and tickling( nalla vettiyadunna kunna)I slowly entered inside the auto and sat down and bowed my head there.Giving head to this type of chullans is really demanding one. I started to lick his thighs and balls first. Then his tool from top to bottom and finally put its makudam in my mouth and started to suck it. I continued sucking first on makudam then took up to middle and then fully till the base. His balls and mayir started to hit on my cheeks as he also started to pump into my mouth from down. I put one of my finger in to his ass and lifted him up so that I could hang him up and down so that his kunna will be in my mouth pumping like a piston.and at the end he started to moan like a lion with “ahahah……..”sound abd his waist was hitting with machine like speed and kunna was just in and out moving and finally it exploded inside my throat and he pulled my head with both his hands to him and roared”eda kunne,valchu kudichoda,nalla kattippalanu”.
After giving his milk,he withdrawn the tool from my mouth and put inside the jetty and we returned back. I given the cooly both for the trip and also for his milk.

Now a days I am getting so many querries asking how to get good chullans,what are the tricks to be played for getting them etc.
Most of the young and handsome boys like to give their cock for sucking. If you see a boy and you like him, look at him and touch your lips with your tongue. This is an indication that you want to place his cock between your lips and touch it with your tongue like this. Also stare at his pant’s zib where his hero is hidden ,repeat the action Within no time he will ask you some questions, just for name sake and then you can proceed. In public toilet ,if you see any good chullan follow hin and when he entered in a cabin for pissing go to the nearest one and look from side sothat you can see his cock. If he readily shows you, or if it is in kambi form, definitely he want to give it to you.
Also during rush time in buses ,you can conveniently touch the pant’s zib portion of these chullans and check whether it become enlarging or not. If it enlarging means he like your touchings and want to give it you for your further actions.

In parks also you can see fine chullans sitting ,and if that one on seeing you, spreading his legs means he want to keep your head in between his thighs and want to put his kunna in your mouth.

One guy asked me about the recent trends in gay sex and I think it is an interesting question. Years back, gay sex was, touching the cock and balls and massaging it from top to bottom by the other guy till it ejaculated or laying on top of the naked companion in naked state keeping his tool in between the thighs of the other one and pumping or rubbing his cock on the other one’s cock etc. But later it changed to kiss and lick the cock and balls and sucking the cock and entering the cock through ass and fucking. Now also cock sucking and ass fucking is the predominant item in gay sex, but its pattern has changed little bit. In early days sucking was till the ejaculation, and usually it exploded out side mouth. Now exploding is inside the mouth itself and every body like to take it in mouth and very few  remove the juice from mouth, while majority drink it. Today mouth fucking is also a main item and also ass fucking. But now a days ass licking (kundi nakkal) is also more common. Guys used to lick the ass long time with pointed tongue right inside the ass. Previously the ass was licked by the chullan before entering his tool in that ass for a lubrication. But now a days ass licking is a separate item and not for ass fucking. Also now a days chullans are preferred for sex with more than two guys. One guy will be sucking the cock of the chullan, other one licking his ass, other one licking his nipples etc at the same time.

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