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Hi! My name is Danish & I live in Lahore. I am 27 years old. my friends said that I am good looking & can attract any girl. may be but I never noticed. I live alone in Lahore & my parents live another city. I run my own business & taking MBA night class. I donat have any friend in Lahore. I feel very lonely. I am regular reader of Indian-Stories stories so I wish to share mine too. I live as a paying guest in shadman colony. we also have a servant named Razia. She always gave me very warm look when I am going to my office or came back from office.

I never ever thought about to have some sex with her. but one day I came from my office & changing cloths in my room I heard some shower noise from bathroom I pushed the door it was opened & I saw Razia was taking bath she was completely nude having soap on her face. her eyes were closed I saw her bobs were moving up & down when she applied soap on her face. My BP going up & up my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Razia tight & mounting hard bobs. infact I never thought that this small girl have a great sexy body. I closed the door & called Razia is that u in the bath room. she replied yes I am & after ten minutes she came out from bath room & give me a very strange smile. I also gave her a smile & touched her wet face. she looked in my eyes and run out side the room. that night I was so up set & trying to stop thinking about this little virgin girl. Honestly I donat want to do any thing wrong with Razia.

Next Sunday in evening I came from out side & found that no body in the house except Razia & an other old servant called baba jee. I went in my room & suddenly Razia came in my room & asking me for a cup of tea I said yes I need a cup of tea. she brings it for me. I asked her Razia – listen I want to say some thing to you. she stopped and said yes, I asked her, do U like me? She replied innocently yes I like u very much. I said Razia, I also like you & would you mind if I touch your wet face. she replied – No. I took her hand & asked again Razia, can I kiss u? she turned back & look toward the door I said Razia no body at home at this time go & closed the door. she went and locked the bedroomas door. Now there is something happing with my body chemistry. I felt my heartbeats irregular and my dick getting hard & hard. I took her face in my hand & kissed her reddish lips very gently. she closed her eyes & grabbed me tightly. Then I entered my tounge in her mouth & circling it inside her hot mouth. Razia responded me very well. I put my both hand on her small but very tight ass. start rubbing her ass. she hugged me and started kissing my neck, face and lips. I asked her Razia are u afraid she told me that she is afraid but enjoying very much. I said Razia took off ur shirt (kameez) I want to kiss your small but very beautiful bobs. she hesitated but pull over her shirt. I helped her and took off her kameez. she was without bra and her white milky bobs are in front of my eyes I took her nipples in my mouth and start sucking them turn by turn. ah I cant explain my feeling in words.

Razia pressed my head down and whispered in Punjabi mujay maza ah raha hy. zoor zoor say choso. then I entered my hand in her shalwar and touched her pussy that was clean and soft but wet. I was trying to enter my finger in her pussy very slowly she response well & opened her legs. her pussy was so tight & my finger stuck in her pussy I tried to enter inside but in vain. I took off my clothes and she hold my hard hot dick in her hand. I told her Razia suck it. she tried but my dick slipped out from her mouth. bcz her mouth is too small & my dick is long. she tried to give me a blowjob & I was getting hotter & hotter and she kept on sucking. I took off her shalwar. Now we are both on the bed. I opened her legs & saw her white & very small pussy. honestly I was afraid that how can I fuck her bcz her pussy was looking very tight & small. I never sucked any girlas pussy but when I saw Razia beautiful pussy I decided to suck it and put my tounge on her wet juicy pussy. something saltiest but I entered my toung in her hot pussy and staring sucking very slowly.

Now Razia started moaning. she was enjoying. I sucked her 10 minutes & she discharged twice. Razia hold my 7 inches rock hard dick and again put it in her mouth this time she did great job. I said Razia I want to fuck u. she donat understand I again explain her that I want to enter my dick in your small pussy. she said yes she also wants to take it in side her pussy but it is fat and long how can it will enter in her pussy. I said I need ur co-operation. Then I took cold cream and applied it on my dick & some on her pussy. she laid on the bed. I put her legs on my shoulders and started to inserting my dick very slowly into her pussy. she was screaming aaahh…..bohot dard ho raha ha.I stopped & after few second I start to inserting again this time I put my 7 inches dick completely into her pussy. oh my god I was in heaven I started to fuck her first slow then increasing speed faster … faster.. Razia hold my arms and screaming…Aaahhhh…Aaahhh…tum zoor zoor say karo. maza aa raha hay..I fucked her more then ten minutes.

I pulled out my dick and ejaculated my cum on her legs. I saw my dickas head was wrapped with some blood. Razia was virgin. I felt guilty but Razia was so happy she said do it again. I did it twice & we both were tired. this is my story. Razia has gone back to her village with her mother. I never have any chance to fuck her again. I am still alone. busy in my business and MBA classes. I need good female friend. If any girl in Lahore wants to share her feelings she can send me e-mail my address is teen_friend2000 {AT} yahoo.com

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