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Sex with hot Servant Boy

This is not a story but can be called an event in real life. This event centers around a family whose daughter happens to be my very close friend. For reasons of privacy, the names are replaced by some fictitious names. But the other things remain the same. Nair’s are a close knit family with three members -the father, Mr. Y.P Nair, the mother, Mrs. Nair and my friend Ms. Anita Nair. They happen to reside in one of the metros of India (city not disclosed for obvious reasons). The family is very graceful and somewhat conservative. The want of space for lavish residence has resulted in Nair’s opting for Two-bed roomed flat at a complex in the southern heart of the city.

Nair’s have brought in Unni from their native place in Kollam, some eight years back when Mr. Nair has been transferred to this city. Unni, a ten-year-old lad then, has been brought in to help Mrs. Nair in the daily chores. Thus, Unni has found, then, his space on the floor of Anita’s room. This accommodation, in no way, has hampered Anita’s privacy then, because Unni at Ten years of age is too young to be of any concern. My friendship rolls eight years back, when Anita at Twenty (20) has come to enroll in the final year at our college. However, years have rolled by and Unni reaches the adolescence stage. Naturally, the stage brings with it all the evil yearnings to know and discover.
Unni in no way can be an exception. Unni, in the mean time has made a few friends in the residential complex and outside. Some of his friends are of his age while few are older to him. Most of his friends are domestic helpers in category. But, Unni has never been treated as a domestic helper as such. Perhaps, the enjoyment and thrill he derives from nasty talks on sex has made Unni come closer to those friends. But, this in no way has bothered the Nair’s from letting Unni share Anita;s room because they have felt the phase of inquisitiveness to know on sex shall pass over in good time, Moreover, five years have rolled by since Unni has slept on the floor of Anita’s room and no such necessity has been felt to ask him to sleep in the dining space, However, Anita has felt some changes in the looks of Unni which is so apparent, which a woman can easily identify. However, looks of Unni never appeared to be threatening.

Though Anita has noticed that these days Unni takes personal care in washing, drying and ironing her clothes, specially her under-garments, along with others in the house, she has preferred to ignore it altogether. Anita has said that she has found nothing sinful in his taking interest in her. Anita has said that may be Unni has been trying to impress his loyalty towards the family. Once, Anita has been pedicuring her toes at bedtime before going to sleep, that Unni asks her whether he will help her in washing her feet. Pedicuring at bedtime is nothing new to Anita, but obviously Unni’s voluntary help in this regard is something new and brow raising. Normally, if her parents have had been awake, and has had the time not been past mid-night, Anita may have given a second thought to his offer.

But, Anita’s senses having found nothing sinful in Unni’s offer, asks him to bring the tumbler to her bedroom, where she can be able to relax while Unni shall be washing her feet. “Unni, please put-off the lights at the dining and the corridor, and bring the tumbler at the bedroom” , Anita says. “Yes, Ma’am.” Unni replies. Unni comes with the tumbler and asks “Ma’am, where shall I keep it?” . “Oh, Yes… keep it over here… yes, yes… near the bed… will it be easy to clean if I recline on my bed, Unni?” Anita says. Unni nods his head in affirmation. “But Unni do one thing… do close the door… if Mom or Papa gets up and see you cleaning my feet,… something shall be in store for you as well as for me too… “Anita says. Anyway, Anita sees nothing wrong and stretches herself on the bed with her half of the body, from toe to torso, remaining outside the bed. “Unni, will it be alright?” Anita asks.

Now, when Anita has narrated upto this point, I have asked her whether she has thought by such posturing, the mercurial temperature of Unni’s body may have soared. I am full ten years elder to Unni… and by the way, Unni is only fifteen… i have never thought it can happen” Anita has replied then. Anita has worn a sleeveless knee-length loose attire. Obviously, while stretching on the bed, Anita’s hem of the dress has stretched above her knee. However, Unni on meticulously cleaning the toe and the heels of her feet, has used a towel to dry her feet. After that, Unni has asked Anita “Ma’am, please push yourself up on the bed… i have cleaned you feet… do you want me to apply any cream on your feet… “. Anita, by now, must have some sensual organ shaken that has left in her an awkward feeling of sensation. She has opined within herself that Unni’s hand must have some role to play in tickling her sensation in such vigorous manner.

Obviously, while thinking about the ticklish feeling that she is enjoying and trying to reason out the cause, Anita mechanically follows Unni’s appeal to move up the bed and nods her head in affirmation to the application of any cream on her feet. Anita is a hairy woman. She has fine silky hair down her legs and up on her thighs. Those hairs are sparsely knitted on her thighs and her legs in plaited form. Although, Unni has not revealed his feelings while applying the cream on her feet, but his questions and statements are too apparent to ignore; moreso such statements are far too inciting for Anita to ignore. “Ma’am, will you let me apply some lotion on your legs… by the way, your legs are so hairy… i like it (Unni murmurs)” . Anita, by now, has been transfixed in an absolute sensation; her innerself yearning for some physical pleasure. But she cannot dare reveal her feelings for certain unexplained fear. Mechanically, she nods in approval. Anita feels in a few moment, Unni’s hands massaging the legs upto her knees. “Ma’am, you are hairy too up your thighs… “Unni says

. Anita asks Unni “But how do you know… ?… no you are wrong… “But Anita starts feeling his hands moving slowly up her thighs as Unni speaks” Ma’am, if I am wrong, then what are these… “as Unni moves up caressing his hands through her outer thighs up to her waist. Anita’s chubby thighs are all revealing for Unni’s looks. Perhaps, Unni has never imagined himself to be in such a situation. The hem of her dress has very little left for the ultimate revelation, when Unni stops (perhaps out of fear of reprimand from Anita). He withdraws his hands from Anita’s thighs and perhaps to bring parity to the whole situation, he says” Ma’am, I am more hairy than you are… “Anita, shamefully acknowledges that fact of her being hairy… and without even trying to adjust the hem of her dress, she crosses her thighs while reclining on one hand on the bed, thereby revealing her hairy armpits, and says” Unni, it is true that I am hairy… but I cannot tell anything about you” . Unni asks for permission to open his long loose cotton dress, which reaches upto his toes from the waist.

As Unni opens up, Anita sees Unni in a front crotch-open brown underwear. From legs to the thighs, Unni is really too hairy. Anita asks Unni to sit closer, while caressing her hands through Unni’s thighs. Unni, perhaps with excitement and desperation asks Anita’s permission to open his underwear and let her see his ultimate hairy culmination… “Ma’am, I am more hairy up here… will I open it” . Anita is in absolute directionless state, as she feels Unni’s hands massaging her inner thighs and trying to move up, cutting through the creamy cross of her thighs, the reclining position in which Anita is in. She says, at-least to stop Unni’s exploratory hands for the moment, “Yes,… but… are you sure… “. As Unni opens up his underwear, not only Anita looks at the hairy stuff below the navel, but also at the thick and long penis .

Anita’ s hand instinctively moves through the hair around the penis and touches the heated rod . As Anita has been slowly massaging the balls of the penis and jacking it to and fro, she has actually parted her legs and changed her position to have a better look at it. Now, Unni lifts the hem of her dress over her head to make Anita completely nude. However, a mild objection from Anita in the form of murmur cannot be heard in midst of heavy breathing. Heavy boobs, with black bushy cunt have made Unni’s penis more stiffer and thicker. With both hands, he has sucked through the dark, thick nipples, to make them grow longer. Anita has by now, reclined her head on the hairy thighs of Unni and close enough to the penis to give it a gentle lick. At the same time, she has spread her legs wide for Unni’s discovery. Anita has felt that Unni has parted the lips of her cunt and enjoying a lick at her Clit. The clit of Anita is not only long but thick as well. The sensation at the clit, has made Anita to lick at the bulb of the penis for the first time.

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