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Mother-in-law and Hot male

Hi everybody, this is Ashok again. Hop you all enjoyed my previous experience with my sexy mother in law, whom I still fuck. As I told in my previous story, I used to visit my mother in laws place at vasai every Saturday and return on Sunday. Once it was a holiday on Friday so I decided to go on Thursday evening only. As my wife was working on Friday (she does not get all the bank holidays) she stayed back at our house and didn’t come to see her mom.

My Father in law had gone to native place due to some property problems. I left office at 4.00 p.m and reached vasai to my MIL at 6.30 p.m. She opened the door with a huge smile as I had called her up in the morning and told that I am coming and will be there for two days, i.e. Will return only on Sunday evening. She bought a glass of water for me. I went to bedroom and removed my shirt/pant and underwear and wore a lungi. As soon as I turned back, I saw my MIL standing behind me. She had removed here saree and was in deep necked white blouse and petticoat.

The blouse was very deep necked with just three hooks and 60% of her 42D boobs were plunging out. Her white petticoat was also transparent and I could see her crotch. Suddenly she caught hold of my cock and knelt down, removed my lungi and started sucking my cock vigourously with lot of sounds. I became made and caught hold of hair and started pushing my 8” cock deep into her throat. After ten minutes I poured my massive load to her mouth which she drank completely without wasting a single drop. She was such a sex maniac that whole day she needs rough fuck sessions.

I took a quick bath and became fresh and was sitting in the sofa watching TV. My MIL came and sat near me. I got aroused and started pressing her boobs through blouse. She didn’t wore any bra. Immediately she opened the blouse and I started sucking the erect nipples. She told that her neighbour Bharati was also lacking sex as her husband was very slim (he is a retired person since last 3 years) and was not at all interested in sex and fucked her once in a blue moon.

Now about Bharati. She 50 years of age and is damn sexy just like my MIL with 42DD boobs and wheatish complexion. She has a much bigger butt than my MIL. During my previous visits also I used to eye her. She used to put her sari pallu to one side exposing her boobs while talking to me. I used to see her boobs while talking which she had noticed.

My MIL wanted me to satisfy her and told that she very much wished for a threesome with Bharati & me. I was surprised and asked her whether she was aware of our fuck relationship. My MIL told that she has told her everything and that not to worry as bharati herself is so hungry that she sometimes engages in sex with my MIL (lesbianism) and they both enjoy a lot by licking each others pussy. Since both these females was deprived of a good fuck from their husbands, there was no other way that this. I was happy to hear this desire of my MIL and told to call Bharati. It was 8 p.m and Bharati was alone at home as her husband had accompanied my father in law to native place. She has two sons working outside. So she is left alone to enjoy sex.

As my MIL was semi naked, she phoned Bharati and told her to come at our place. After few minutes, there was a knock at the door which my MIL opened. Bharati was a bit surprised by seeing my MIL in a deep neck blouse and a see-through petticoat in front of me. She smiled with a sly look thinking that today she can get her pussy rammed.

Bharati sat in the wooden chair in front of the sofa where I was sitting. My MIL closed the door, came and sat near me. After a few minutes of talk in general, my MIL put her hands in my lungi and took my fully erect rod and starting shaking it up and down. After a couple of minutes she knelt down and started sucking it making sounds. With one hand she untied her petticoat and was naked as she never wore a panty. Now Bharati became aroused and started pressing her boobs over the blouse. Her pallu was down and my god her huge boobs were exposed with a deep neck line. I became more crazy by seeing this and held my MIL’s head and started lifting my butts and mouth fucking her.

Now my MIL moved away after drinking my cum and went to Bharati and removed her saree and petticoat leaving her only in deep necked blouse with no bra. Now they both were engaging in lesbian sex and my MIL started kissing her lips and pressing her boobs. Then Bharati removed her blouse and my MIL started sucking her huge boobs and fingering her pussy. Bharati made my MIL lie on the big bed and spread her legs and started sucking and biting her clit. My MIL called me and took my cock in her mouth with barati watching. Suddenly Bharati came forward and took my cock and started sucking hungrily.

I started to knead her boobs and gave a good boobfuck. My MIL now ordered me to fuck Bharati in doggy style. Avalude poorile chorchile unnamati kodukada mone. I started fucking bharati grabbing her hair. She was yelling like anything. When I was about to cum I removed it and gave it in her mouth and she drank all my cum like a thirsty whore.

Now my MIL got hot and wanted a good screwing. She started sucking my cock again and biting the tip. In very short time it was erect again. My MIL put both her hands on the wall and bent a little with one leg on the sofa and told me to fuck her ass. I caught hold of her boobs and put the cock in her ass. She was matching my speed by jumping on my cock. Suddenly she had an idea. She brought a slice of bread and when I was about to cum just knelt down and took the cum in the slice and spread it with her tongue and gave to Bharati to eat. Like this we enjoyed a good scruntchy sex session.

Now on my every visit to Vasai, along with my MIL, I fuck Bharati too and both together. I have never seen a sexy horny whore like my MIL before. She is sex maniac.

Any females of 35 & above with good boobs and kundi and who needs a good fuck, pls mail at ashbmenon@yahoo.com. Full satisfaction guaranteed with a 8”+ cock.

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