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Hot Sex in Kerala

I am 25yr old male and a big fan of Indian Sex Stories.This story is a relationship between me and my neighbour Shobha aunty who was really sexy. She is married to a person in dubai.He comes every six months ,stays with her for atmost 10 days.Shobha aunty does’nt have good rapport with other neighbours except us. Once my parents left to my native as one of my uncles was seriously ill. I could’nt accompany them since my exams were commencing.My parents told that they would be coming back probably after a week.At that time I was in my 11th standard.My house was lonely.My mother requested shobha aunty to take care of me till they returned back.Shobha aunty agreed upon that. Aunty was around 29yrs, she doesn’t have children.

Aunty told to stay in her house since my home was really lonely. First day experience was really great.She took bath early in the morning and she was in her dressing room.I got from the bed and straight way went to her room to ask for a coffee.Just I entered the room,she was wearing her panties. I had got chance to see her beautiful little white ass.

The first time I realized my dick getting erected. I just left the place thinking that aunty will be feeling bad seeing me in her room at that juncture.I revealed this incident to my friends the same day.They started telling me how females masturbate and that females will be having 8 times sexual feeling as males.I got really excited hearing all these from my friends.That night for some time I was going through my class books. After a while got bored and wanted to pull aunty for a small chat.Usually she locks here room in the night.That night it was not locked ,just closed.When I peeped from the door,aunty was peercing some thing into her vagina. Her boobs were tight and erected.She was pressing her boobs continously.My dick was at 90 degrees.I could’nt control myself ,I wanted to do something. I realized that aunty was in need of sex.She was controlling herself as her husband was away.She started rubbing her fingers in her vagina part.I came to know that aunty was really horny.Mean while my dick had gone to such a state that I left the place and started masturbating.I saw gel coming out of my penis for the first time.After masturbation I felt relaxed.

The next day was really incredible.The day was cloudy and most likely to rain.She had gone for shopping and she told me to stay in the house till she returns back.It started raining.She came to home fully drenched in rain.All her clothes were wet.She was wearing a white saree.The white fleshy body with a black bra was visible.She used to wear low hip sarees.In that wet condition I felt like lifting her to bed and fucking her. I got really excited.Aunty went to change her dresses. I started peeping her room so that I could get a glimpse of something.She first removed her saree. Her body was perfect. She removed her all her clothes one by one, not knowing that I was peeping. I saw her round white ass.Felt fucking at the back.Before she could see me I left the place.She kept all her clothes in a bucket.She was busy in kitchen preparing for the dinner.In the mean time I went to place where the bucket was kept with wet clothes.I started smelling her bra ,panties and her saree. Aunty noticed me. She asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was searching for my pen. Aunty understood and refrained hereself.I was with a dhoti.My dick was protruding amidst the dhoti and It was as though giving dharshan to aunty. After she went into the kitchen. I joined her to the kitchen.I started admiring at her body. Seeing her hip,lip and others.Her thighs ,stomach were visible in her night gown. Kitchen was so small that only two persons can be at a time in that kitchen.She slipped in the kitchen and got injured.She had developed a sprain in her right leg.I told aunty that I will massage her so that she will be relieved of sprain.I started applying a balm.I realized here beautiful hairless leg.I massaged for about 20min.I almost went towards the core of women sex organs.She also enjoyed.

After dinner we went to the respective rooms for sleep.After 10pm there was heavy thunder and lightining and the power had gone.Aunty got really scared and slipped into my room.We were in the same bed.She was internally having a feeling to fuck me.She had got a lovely opportunity to quench her sexy thirst. She was asking me about my future plans.I simply told her something.She then asked me if I had sex anytime before.I could’nt control here sexy questions and once and for all kissed her lips.Aunty could’nt resist herself.We smooched for about 5min.In the mean time my dick was in a irresistable state.I told her to remove her night gown.She did’nt like that.I got a hold of her boobs with my two hands.I started sucking the black nipple.Now she was at her peek.She started to suck my prick which was erect.I started to realize her intention and one by one I removed her clothes.She did’nt mind,she was busy with my stick.I could’nt control myself,I started going down to her navel,stomach.I started sucking her white fleshy body.She was really enjoying it.I started kissing her ears,nose,and rest of the body.I pushed myself towards her vagina.I started sucking her vagina.Her pussy had become wet and oily.My dick was ready to be inserted into her small little hole.She had a grip of my long hair,I fucked to her much satisfaction.Then I made her to kneel down and I started fucking her white little ass.At the last when the semen was ready to be sprayed out,she had my dick in her mouth.She received my semen,and she did’nt waste a little bit of it.She really enjoyed.That for about half an hour I was in a dreamy land.She used to have sex with me after that
whenever she was horny.

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By : Subramanian Narayanan
Copyright 2007 Indian-Stories.com

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