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Enjoying Giji

Hi i am Rahul,doing my final year engg at Kottayam.
I am going to tell you a true story.Nearer to my house ,there is a newly married couple. He often goes to Bangalore for his business and she is alone in her house.Her name is Giji. Some times her mother will be there. Her only friend was my sister. I often look at her boobs when she come to our house and masturbate thinking of her naked. I can hear her bathing sound from my house and i imagine the scene and masturbate.

Once my parents and sister had left for my relative’s marriage and i cant go due to my exam.i was masturbating in the hall by looking at the TV,and i didnt noticed Giji entering my house.she saw me in naked , masturbating.i suddenly take my clothes and covered my nakedness.
She told me she wants my help. She was alone in her house and a big rat had entered her room,and asked me to help her.i told her to go and i ll come after changing my clothes.
Soon i went to her house and she was waiting for me outside,and i entered her room with a bamboo stick and within seconds i killed the rat and threw it away.i then asked to show me the bathroom to wash my hands,she invited me to her bathroom, there i saw her panties and bra hanging.i mistakenly opened the shower instead of the tap and we both became wet.i told her sorry,but she told its okay.
She was in a white sari and a yellow jacket.ican see her black bra and her boobs were going up and down according to her breathe.i stared at her boobs she noticed it and suddenly moved her sari over her tits.my penis became harder and harder.she also noticed that.she suddenly tend to leave from the bathroom.but i caught her in her sari. her sari fell down i can clearly see her boobs above her blowse.
i went near her and tried to hug her but she refused and pulled me back and ran to the next room.
i ran after her and caught her in her waist,both of us felldown.i kissed her strongly under her waist and now she became loose.my hands moved to her blowse and caught her right breast strongly ,she moaned loudly and i unhooked her blowse.i can see her boobs jumped out ot of her bra and it was shivering.i dragged her bra out of her breast and rubbed her two boobs strongly.her nuts were hardening.
i bite her nut slowly and rubbed it with my two fingers.she closed her eyes and began to bite her lips.
now i am laying above her and began to come down her body.i reached her pavada and sari hook.i pulled it down vigerously and smelled her pussy.as soon as i touched her hairy pussy she shivered .i put my tongue inside her pussy and suddenly freshy juice jumped out of her pussy.i made my middle finger enter into her pussy and began to vibrate it. she caught my hair and hold it strongly.
soon she cummed on my face.i licked her pussy and it was very much opening and shutting.
i unhooked my pants and i entered my dick into her pussy.her pussy was very tight and both of us yelled.soon it became loose.i began to fuck her for ten minutes so that i am just to cum.i take my penis out and placed it above her mouth but she didnt know the sexy actions.she didnt swallow it.i lay above her for half an hour and she was hugging me.
Then we bathed together and i left to my house. this was my first experience.
Then after whenever she sees me ,she will smile shy.

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