Real Desperate Woman

October 23rd, 2007


Housband playing with me

October 23rd, 2007

My name is Sharmila and I am from India. It is my real true sex story which I need to share with anyone, but in my country on person is for this purpose.

It is a story of about one month ago it was my husband’s birthday and he called me from his office to get ready in night for a party. I was ready in night and when he came to home there were three of his friends with him. He asked me to give them dinner and after this they went together in the TV room and start watching an XXX movie and drink. I feel uncomfortable there and go to my bedroom. It was a little hot and I decided to have a bath. When I came out from bath it was dark in my bedroom. I was amazed on it and when I switch on the light, I was really shocked. I saw one of my husband’s friends was standing in front of me in born dress. He was fully naked. I saw on him and amazed that why he was in my room in this position, but suddenly I came to know that they all were in my room and they all were naked. I saw to my husband he was also smiling. Then he comes to me and asked me that was I ready for a party?

I asked him what kind of party he wanted in that position. He replied that he celebrated his birthday with his friends as wild sex party and he invited his office friends for this purpose, but unfortunately they did not find any call girl for that party. Because of this reason they wanted me for a wild sex whole night. As I loved my husband very much and when he asked me to have sex with his friends I have no reason to deny, and it was also my fantasy to have a group sex and now it is going true with the help of my own husband. I was ready for group sex.

First of all they go for a play. My husband bid for me and his friends gave their bids for sex with me. The highest bid for me is 1000 Rupees and bidder is Harish, best friend of my husband. He came to me and asked me pull down his jeans. I obey him because he has won me in bid. All other person were sit beside us and watching us. Harish gave his rock hard cock in my hand and asked me to play with it. I like the size and rubbed the cock very well with my soft hands. After some time Harish asked me to suck his cock. I go for it and it is quite a different experience for me. It was so tasty. I sucked his rod very well and in only 5 minutes I feel some saltish fluid in my mouth. It was Harish’s cum. He was so amaze why he cum in my mouth after only 5 min but it was my tongue that force Harish to cum.

Second bid was 700 Rupees. It was from Mehal. He was so big he came to me and say no word to me. He put me on carpet in front of my husband and pull my legs in opposite direction and insert his 10-inch-long rod in my wet pussy and started me fucking hard with a wild sound. It is a different experience for me to face a strong cock in that position. I enjoy the every stroke very well and asked him to fuck me hard. All of my husband’s friends and my husband also enjoy it. After 10 minutes long enjoyment, Mehal cum into my pussy. It was very hot. I feel very good for this and thank him for this.

Third was Ravi. He was a straight guy. He came to me and asked me that he wanted to lick my wet cummed pussy. I allowed him and he started to lick my pussy with his tongue. It was a very good feeling for me. I cried with enjoyment. He licked me very well and after some time he came over me and start fucking me gently. His cock was not good in size so I don’t enjoy his fucking and soon he was over in my boobs. That I like.

Now it is the turn of my husband. He came to me and asked me he withdraw from his turn and asked me to chose one of his friend for sex. With my own willing I call Mehal for that, but he refuse to sex me alone. He gave the idea that all friends fuck me same time. They all agree with him.

Mehal lay on bed and I got on him. His 10-inch-long rod was set well in pussy, then Harish put his rock hard cock in my ass. I feel it very well now. Ravi give his little cock in my mouth and my husband gave them a good time to fuck me at the same time. After long fucking they all cum all over my face and body. I enjoy it very well and it is a true love for husband from my end that I gave him and his friends a good enjoyment and time on my husband’s birthday. It is my true story which I wanted to share with any person.

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Sex With My Brother

October 23rd, 2007

My name is Hareem. This is the first time I am writing a story. The event described is true and is first of a whole series. I hope you enjoy it. I live in Lahore and belong to a nice family. I was upset. My pubes were grown too long and I had no hair removing cream to remove them. Suddenly I thought of using my brother’s razor. Amir was two years my senior, he was 20, and we shared a common bathroom. We each had a door from our room into the bath.

I went outside and made sure that he was not home. Relaxed I went to the bathroom and opened his cabinet. His Gillette razor was lying next to his shaving foam. After taking off my clothes I inspected my pubes. hey were thick and black and covered my virgin pussy like a blanket. I am a beautiful girl. I have 34B sized breasts, slender waist and round buttocks. In our religion, girls are not supposed to play with their pussies, but I was finding it hard not to touch the small bud at the top of my pink pussy. I hadn’t played with myself and did not know to do any further so I picked up the razor and carefully began to remove my hair. I was so absorbed in it that I did not hear my brother come inside. “What are you doing with my razor, you idiot?”

“Nothing.” That was all I could say. I was so stunned that I could not find an answer. Amir lost all his anger when he saw my beautiful tits and my spread semi hairless pussy. When I realized my nudity, I quickly reached for the towel and covered it.

“Don’t.” That was all he could say.

“Get out or I will tell Mom.”

“What are you going to tell her that you are using my razor for cleaning your pubes?”

“Please.. I am your sister and you are not supposed to see me naked.”

“Okay, but on one condition.”

“What is that?”

“You will tell me all about yourself and hear from me about myself, like you being my girl friend.”

“Okay. But go away know or some one might come looking for us.”

“See you in the evening.” And Amir went outside with a large bulge in his pants. I could not concentrate all day long. Even the swimming gala could not cheer me up. Every time I thought about what had happened would sent a shiver through my body. Being seen naked by someone for the first time and that person being my brother was both exiting and repulsive. I did not know what to do. On one hand I wanted to show my body to him and also get a chance of seeing him naked, but I was afraid that it may lead to other things which I was not prepared to experiment before getting married. At dinner table I saw that Amir was also tense. Our father noticed. “Amir. Did you and Hareem had a quarrel today?”

“No,” said amir.

“Then why are you both not talking to each other?” He turned to me and asked me the same question.

“Oh daddy I am tired after the swimming gala and nothing else.”

“Ok, its Sunday tomorrow, and you both can sleep without the trouble of going to school.” They said good night and went to their room. After nearly one hour I heard a knock at my bathroom door. With trembling hands I opened it. Amir was standing in his sleeping suite. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” was all that I could say. Amir switched off my lights except those on the bedside table.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“Every one should get the impression that we are asleep, that’s what I am doing.” We sat on our bed staring at each other. “What do you want to know?”

“Look Hareem, I am your brother and I will do nothing of the sort that you do not like. So please relax and don’t be afraid.” He saw me relaxing for the first time. “You look beautiful in your nightdress,” he said. “Thank you, you also look beautiful especially when you are naked. “Please don’t talk about it know,” I cut him short.

“Okay. But can I ask some private questions.” I nodded. “What is the size of your boobs?”

“34B” was my reply.

“And the color of your nipples?”

“You saw them today so why ask?” I was getting bolder now as I saw that it was just boy’s talk.

“Well, you quickly covered yourself so I just had a glimpse.” Light brown,” I said with a small laugh. “Are you wearing a bra know.”

“No. I do not wear one when I go to bed.”

“Can I feel them.”

“Certainly not, that is out of question.” While talking I had a strange feeling there and I knew that I was wet. My nipples were aching and I thanked God that the main lights were off and Amir cannot see them through my nearly transparent cotton qameez (shirt in English). “Please,” my brother muttered. “Okay. I will show you one of my boob but then you have to answer my questions also and promise me that you will not take advantage of me.”

“I promise.” I slowly raised her qameez and took out her left tit. It was amir first time seeing a tit so closely. He had previously seen our mothers when she was nursing our baby brother. But this was something new. “Is it beautiful?” I asked in a teasing voice. “Yes,” was all he could say in a deep voice. “Please. Let me touch them,” he pleaded. “Okay. But just touch it.” He extended his hand and touched it. It was so soft. He touched the hard nipple. I gave a small moan. “Does it hurt when I touch it?”

“No. Please keep on doing it, it feels wonderful.” He took hold of my shirt and in one clean sweep he threw it off my head. There I was naked from above. “You promised you won’t do anything,” I said, trembling with desire. “I just want to see them both. I am sorry.”

“Doesn’t matter know any way, and no it all right. I want you to see them.” He brought his mouth closer to them and took the left nipple in his mouth. I jerked and thrust my boob into his hungry mouth.

“Oh it feels so good. Please suck them as Atif (our baby brother) sucks Mom.” He started with great enthusiasm. First on the left and then on the right until he felt my body tense and with a slight moan I relaxed. It was my first orgasm of my life and I thought that I had peed in my shalwar (pants in English). Amir realized what had happened. “Did you come?”

“What is that?” I asked in a lower voice.

“It means, dummy, that you had an orgasm.” I looked down at my shalwar and amir could see a large wet patch.

“I thought I peed.”

“No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes,” I said shyly.

“I want to see your pussy.” He put a hand on my shalwar-covered thighs. I said nothing. Growing bolder I
lowered my shalwar slowly until I was completely naked. My glistering shaved pussy, wet from my come, was in front of him. He touched me there. “No please,” I pleaded, “I am not ready for it.” With a sigh he removed his hand. “Okay, but promise me that you will show it to me.” Alright, and with that I put on my shalwar again. When I reached for my shirt he stopped me. “I want you like this don’t wear your shirt, you look beautiful.”

I was reluctant but agreed. “OK now you will answer my questions.”

“Go ahead feel free to ask any thing.”

“Are you circumsised?”

“Sure dummy, it is in our religion.”

“What is your size?”

“What size?”

“You know it what I am talking about” I said. He laughed. “Well I have nearly 7 inches of cock. Do you like to see it?”

“Yes,” I replied shyly. Amir lowered his pajamas and pulled out his virgin erect cock. I was stunned at the size of it. I had heard other girls talking about it but haven’t seen one before. It looked beautiful and I wanted to touch it but I wanted my brother to ask me. “Well, do you like it.”

“I don’t know.”

“Haven’t you seen a cock before?”

“Do you think I am a whore?”

“No. I thought, OK forget about it, will you touch it?” I slowly put my hand on his penis. It was so hot and silky. My small hand was trembling as I felt the length of it. Amir was in paradise. He was also a virgin. Before today nobody has touched his cock. He was finding it hard to control his passion. He knew that a few more strokes and he would be coming. I was inspecting my brother’s cock very minutely. “These are your balls” aren’t they, I pointed to the hairy sack hanging below his cock. “Yes they are. Look Hareem, why don’t you keep on rubbing my cock.”

“What will happen if I do so?”

“I will come like you did.” I started rubbing vigorously to please my brother. Amir felt his cock grew and started feeling the sensation building. After few strokes he knew he was ready. “Please faster, I am going to come.” I intensified my efforts. Suddenly a load of hot semen erupted from the tip of my brother’s cock and landed on my chest. I didn’t know what to do but just kept on pumping. At least Amir sighed and his cook stopped erupting. “Thank you,” he said and kissed me on cheeks. “What am I going to do with all this mess on my chest?” He looked down and saw that his cum was all on my chest and beautiful breasts. He had an idea. He lowered his mouth and took my cum covered nipple in his mouth. I was astonished and at the same time getting aroused again. Amir looked into my eyes and read the message. “Will you like to taste my cum?” I nodded in affirmative. He took some of his come on his finger and brought it to my mouth. I eagerly opened my mouth and took it and sucked it clean. “You want more,” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “Then why don’t you taste it on my cock?”

“You mean I take your cock in my mouth, isn’t it dirty to do such a thing?”

“No, nothing is dirty in love. Come take it.” I looked down at his semi erect penis and back at him. “Come on, try it for once.” Reluctantly I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock in my mouth and instantly felt the remaining of cum on his tip. He thrust and half of his now throbbing cock was in my mouth. “Suck it like a lollipop.” I did so and found it was fun. I could feel his cock increasing in size in my mouth. But then I pulled back. “Look isn’t it to much for one day, it is my first experience and I want to go slow.” Amir was desperate but he wanted to please his kid sister. “OK but promise me that we shall do this again.” I smiled. “Look, I also liked
it but think about one thing and that is I am your sister.”

“Nobody will know about it I promise you,” Amir replied. “It is not about anybody knowing. It is not right both in our religion and in law.”

“Look I liked it and so did you so there is nothing bad about it. I want to see you naked, completely, and make
love to you.”

“Hey! aren’t you going too fast?” I said. But more came later on which I will tell you guys later. In the meantime write to me and tell me how you liked my true story


My Escapade With Minu

October 23rd, 2007

My name is Kaushik l am 26 now. I am a software engg. by profession. This incident happened to me 1year back when I was 25. My Boudi’s name is Minu she is very sexy. At that time she was 28. I would like to say more about her. She is 36-28-36. She is having a big boobs. She is having a average body. She is black and having curling hairs which slides on her shoulder.

one fine day I went to meet my brother Ashok at his house. There was nobody in house except Minuboudi. All of them went for a tour that day and were expected after last night. She came in and sat next to me in the sofa. we talk about so many things , I feel that she is holding her head I ask what happen Boudi any problems she said “na ray sakal theke amar mathai khub jantrana korche , ki kori barite keu nei” then I said “Boudi toamr mathai ki tal diye malish kore debo?” Boudi said “Thik ache”. I went to my brother’s room and put on a Lungi so I can sit comfortable and massage my bhabi. She sat so close to me I was on sofa and she was sitting down on carpet so that I can massage her head good , her eyes on TV and I was behind her on sofa . and I can feel her body temperature. She was wearing a yellow color sari and black blouse,I started massaging her head and her anchal fell down and I can easily see her huge breast as I was sitting up on sofa, my lund was on top and I!

slowly massaging up and down and on neck then shoulders and trying to go down on her breast , she was feeling cool and closed her eyes and enjoying her devars hands on her sexy hot creamy body massage. It was about 7 in the night, I just get up and drop my underwear in toilet and came while returning back to the seat I placed one of my hand in her thighs and sat on the sofa. I was little bit tensed because If she says that to my parents then they are going to kill me. So I took some time and slid my hand slowly up towards the center of the breast. Luckily she did not show any resistance so I acted quickly and kept my hand on her breast. She looked at my face she was so hot and my lund also touching her back from sofa I was massaging slowly my lund on her back, she said uffffff and said Rahul “Ki korcho, ami na tomar boudi hoi ” I said “Boudi my love wont u see my lund like hell touching u from back “she said “Se to thik ache , kintu keu jadi dekhe fala”. I told her that nob!

ody is in the home and they all will come after 12pm. She also told that she is also alone since morning her hubby my brothers on tour she was feeling lonely. By the time we were talking I got a phone call so I went in to my room and took the phone. She closed the front door and and came to my room. I took the phone and told my friend that I will call him back next day. I was so excited in seeing her in my room I went next to her and hugged her and squeezed her booms. She took my lungie off as already I was not wearing underwear to touch my lund to bhabi. By the mean time I removed her saree and removed her blouse. She took my prick on her hand. I removed her panties She was so sexy in bra and panties. I massaged her boobs and then removed her bra. She was very excited but then suddenly Ashok entered and caught us red-handed. He gave me a good beating and made me promise that I won’t do this again – to which I had no alternative but to agree.

So u see my experience is incomplete, I am looking forward to Minu to complete my experience

Meanwhile anyone of u reader’s are welcome to be my Minu.



Please E-mail me at mrindia20001@aol


Desi Sex Movie

October 23rd, 2007

[youtube: 300 210]


My Room Mate Prema

October 23rd, 2007

I am a beautiful lady and married lady. My name is sara and it happened in my college days some 3 yrs ago.I am writing this experience which I had .I hope you will enjoy it thoroughly and passionately.and am fair ,good looking and am 34-30–36 I am a lesbian and I have secretly desired to feel the body of a beautiful lady, as being a lady I know how smooth and soft the skin of a lady is.

I am myself very beautiful and have a very smooth body. My best friend and my room mate prema is from karnataka. We stayed in a twin sharing room in the hostel. Sometimes we used to sleep together and cling to each other innocently feeling each other. But that was within a limit. We never really got into the act. We have seen the movies in which women made love with each other. It was fascinating to see women enjoying the body of each other.
I used to have fantasy doing it with her.she invited me many times to her place and after some time I planned for a weekend with the permission of my parents to go to her home.I went to her home to meet her one day and stayed with her for 2 days and ofcourse I stayed in her room.So for 2 days she keeps her all the work aside and really I was very happy and to be honest liked the idea of living alone. – ladies enjoyment. . We immediately hugged each other with the same old josh with our boobs having a crush on each other. She have also developed very nice curves and have good material on her front and back,” I said touching her breast which made her blush. We both started preparing dinner and chattered on all topics for the next one hour. By that time dinner was ready. We decided to get fresh before having our dinner. Prema went to have a shower in the bathroom. She shouted to give her the towel, which she forgot, in the bedroom. I took the towel and gave it to her through the half open door. I happened to get glimpse of her well developed and shapely milk plants, which made me curious. After bath she asked for a nighty. I deliberately gave her a transparent silky nighty. She came out in the nighty through which I could see her reddish orange bra and panty. I also had a shower and came out of the bathroom a similar revealing nightly. “Oh you are looking so sweet. “Oh you are great friend prema I really missed you.
I said taking in her a tight hug and kissing her naughtily. She took me to the bedroom, which was prepared for me. Prema and myself entered the bedroom chatting and sat down on the bed still reviving old memories. We didn’t know when we spread ourselves on the bed continuing the talk. We had by this time removed our gowns since the room was little bit warm because of air conditioner. We sat on the bed close to each other with our backs on the pillows, I proceeded to kiss her lively cheeks I encircled her with my arm and brought closer to her face. “It is my privilege today to be with my best friend . Prema said in her ears and shifted in my arms to express her love for me. We had now almost shifted down the bed and locked ourselves in a tight embrace. We had very innocently carried ourselves in each other’s arms. It may have been due to both love and sex. It was very much imminent now that we wanted each other as our body contact had become passionate. We suddenly found our cheeks rubbing each other, heaving breasts pressing against each other and thighs interlocked above the knees. I found my thigh going a little higher taking her nighty also higher. Prema kissed me now with more passion, which made it clear that she wanted to go further. I now carried my hand to her buttocks and felt them. She clung to me like a baby. Within no time I was on top of her and sprawled on her in a dominating position. . We kissed and felt each other. You are very sweet .
I asked her Let me see your figure prema”, I said and lifted her nighty and brought it to her neck. “Lovely legs and thunder thighs”. I was excited to see her fair smooth legs and shapely thighs. She was wearing an orange colored panty. I felt them with my hands and felt the tenderness. She was also now keen to see my assets as she lifted herself and removed my nighty, which completely surprised me. My silky light green undies look fabulous on your assets. She felt my smoothness from my toes to top spending more time on my thighs. I removed her nighty from her neck thus revealing her bra covered big tits. We again got locked in big hug. We were now like two beautiful bodies clad in beautifully colored under garments. We stood up on the bed, holding each other in front of the mirror and admired each other. We saw our cleavages jetting out of our bras. I slightly pulled her bra to expose her right tit. I placed my hand on her buttock giving it a massage. She also cupped my right breast giggling. I slightly pulled the elastic of the panty and she was clean-shaven lady”.
I kissed her on her thighs and she closed her eyes in excitement. I put my hand in her panty and inserted my finger in her wet and warm hole. She cooed in excitement. I removed her panty and exposed her thighs and buttocks. It was a kissing spree on her wonderful shapely thighs and buttocks. In her excitement she turned her back to me while standing. I carried my tongue to the crack between her buttocks and licked her kneeling on my knees. Her body began to stiffen and loosen as I continued licking her firm and shapely buttocks. She had to take the support of the wall to maintain the balance. I continued kissing and licking her body above her waist raising myself on my knees initially and then on my feet. I stood up and kissed her neck and the ears. I unfastened her bra and held her mangoes feeling their softness and firmness. I hugged her from behind and told her that she is marvelous. It was now her turn to take the initiative and remove my under garments. She made me lean against the wall and kissed and licked my legs moving her tongue artistically. She paid special attention on my buttocks and the waist. Now she made me raise my right leg, which I placed on the supporting plank of the bed. She rubbed my G spot with fingers and then lapped it facing me and sitting on her haunches.
I widened my thighs as much as I could to let her do all these things to my cunt. After finishing her part she sat down on the bed widening her thighs inviting me openly to lick her pussy. I obliged her by lapping it like a hungry cat. She was cooing. I carried on sucking her cunt for some time. Then I continued licking upwards on her stomach and waist. By this time she had lay down on the bed and I mounted her with my body on top of her. Our naked breasts merged with each other. This has been my ultimate fantasy as I had often thought about the pleasure that the women could derive by hugging and letting their mangoes mingle and touch each other. Finally, I realized the fantasy, which proved to be more enjoyable. . We kissed holding each other tight our thighs clung to each other. We rolled on the bed. She came on top and we were enjoying the touch of the breasts on each other. “Suck my tits prema,” I requested her. She placed her knees between my thighs and moved her mouth to my mangoes. She licked my nipples one by one also biting occasionally. She had them mouth full.
I repeated the same boob treatment on her as I again came on top of her. I placed a pillow under her buttocks and widened her thighs and she widened her pussy. I also widened my pussy and mounted her in such a way so that our G spots could rub each other. We were again breathing and cooing in excitement. We continued enjoying each other for some time and then got locked in 69 positions. Oh it was so compatible between the females. It gave so much pleasure. We were licking and lapping with our tits placed nicely on each others stomach. We touched each other’s buttocks. Now surroundings were really filled with our breathing and coos. I don’t know how many orgasms we had.
We had totally flooded our cunts as we made each other come. We relaxed now in each others arms facing each other talking in whispers. We now lay on the bed in each others arms and covered ourselves with a quilt. I was doing tongue to tongue kissing with prema at the same time rubbing her clit with my finger. So dear this was my experience any ladies welcome to have a sex with me . Mail me dears if u like this experience . Mail me some hot and sexy mails if u really wanna me on my id ok .

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No longer innocent-virgins

October 22nd, 2007

I like to watch porn sites but I had never done these things practically. One night I was alone with my cousin’s friend. All of our family members were out of city to attend a marriage. Only we two were at home. I was 23 and she was 25 but she had got a great sexy body.

I talked to her about her life and the subject turned to masturbating. Then I turned on my pc and switched to a porn site. While we were looking at pictures and movies she began to rub her pussy. I asked her, Why should not we try this? She said we can’t do it. It was my first time as well as of her, so I told her we should try it at once. After a little time she agreed. So I began to suck her. I kissed her on her neck then on her ear. I asked her to take off her clothes. she obeyed my order and while she was taking her clothes off I unfastened and removed my shirt and pant. Then I put my tongue inside her wet pussy. She started moaning. Then I told her to put my cock into her mouth. She first hesitated then obeyed my order, then she started kissing my cock. My cock stood stand and then she started kissing and licking my cock. Then I ordered her to wrap her legs around my shoulders and I inserted my cock inter her wet pussy. She started moaning and begged me to please insert it slowly. First I stopped then I inserted whole my cock into her pussy. None of us were now virgins. Both of us have lost our virginity. After sometime she said that it was pretty good experience. When our parents returned no one knew what we have done.

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Fucking a real Indian Bitch

October 22nd, 2007


Sweet memory of Renu

October 22nd, 2007

I am Rahu I am 31 yrs old with a good physique. I recently got transferred to Mumbai and rented an apartment. I settled down and happened to meet my neighbour Renu. She was 27 yrs old and had a superb structure. She was 36 – 24 –38. I frequented to her home and very soon we became good friends. She was married and I hardly saw her husband in town. We spoke about everything under the sun but not about sex.

The incident happened one Sunday afternoon when I visited her place. She welcomed me and introduced myself to her niece Divya who was just 17 yrs.old. I had a chat with divya and she said she is going for a movie and said shall meet later and left for the movie. Renu said she has to wash the clothes and asked me to help myself. I asked her about her husband she replied as usual out of town. She was wearing a blue colour night gown and she was looking really sexy in that. I settled myself on the couch watching T.V. I didn’t have any intentions to fuck her but I knew she is not satisfied with her sex life and I wished I would satisfy her if she wanted me to.

Suddenly I heard he screaming from the bathroom for help. I rushed to the bathroom and found her lying on the floor. She had slipped and got herself hurted. I lifted her up and brought her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed. She said her ankle is paining a lot and started crying. I soothed her and asked her to relaz. I took some pain balm and started massaging her ankle.she felt good and after sometime she had a relief from the pain and thanked me and complimented on my massaging skill. As she tried to get up she felt pain in her back. I asked her whether she needs me to massage her over there she said she will be happy if I could. I thought that today I will satisfy her to the fullest. I slowly started massaging her shoulders and then her back. I felt a bulge in my trousers and my 8 inc d was getting harder and harder. I asked her if she needs and oil massage to which she readily agreed. I asked her to remove her gown to which she felt shy at first but later she removed the gown and Wow what a wonderful sight it was. She really had a sexy figure and she was lying in front of me only in bra and panties. At this site my dick grew to the fullest and I started to feel uncomfortable to keep it inside my trousers. I commented to her that she had a sexy figure, she gave a smile for that and thanked me. She lied on her stomach and I started massaging her. then there was silence and her breath was only heard. I understood that she is getting aroused. I slowly unbuttoned her bra and let I fall. She didn’t say anything and I got confident and knew she wants it from me. I reached to her armpits and down and cupped her boobs. And slowly caressed them she gave a soft moan.those were perfect shaped boobs with a silky feel. then I reached to her buttocks and slowly squeezed them she again moaned. I asked her permission to remove the panties for which she moaningly said yes as a bride says at her first night to her husband. I pulled down her panties and saw her voluptuous arse. I massaged her arse for a while and then kissed her buttocks to which she shivered with pleasure. I slowly started licking her inner thighs, she started to spread her legs. I dick was totally mad and wanted to jump out of my trousers. I removed my trousers and asked her to turn around.
she looked at my dick and said Wow this is double the size of my husband’s. I looked down and saw the most beautify pussy on earth. It was fully shaven and looked very cute. I kissed her on her lips and reached to her boobs. I swirled my tongue around her soft nipples and she moaned with pleasure. I sucked her boobs and licked it like eating an ice candy. I reached to her bellybutton and showered kisses on it. then I reached to her mount and she smelled really nice. I am a great pussy licker and started to lick her pussy. She shivered and started moaning with pleasure as someone is licking her pussy lips for the first time. She held my head and pressed between her legs. I pulled her pussy lips with my wet lips and slowly let is go and she moaned with pleasure and kept saying dear eat my pussy … eat my pussy ………Then I went on 69 position. She held my 8 inc cock and started sucking it, I reached to the heavens. I then started tongue fucking her. I inserted my tongue into her vagina and started making round circles inside with my tongue. She moaned with great pleasure and reached top of the world. ooooooh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plllllllllllllllleeeeee fuck me dear I haven’t had sex since my first night pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeee come into me. My dick also badly needed her pussy. I inserted my dick into her vagina and started fucking her. at first with a slow pace and as my dick was inside her fully I started to increase my pace. She was enjoyed each pump of mine. then I asked to come in doggie position. I fucked her hard in doggie position and I was cupping her boobs and squeezing nipples which had turned hard as a rock. then she said she is about to come and even I was about to come. I pumped my whole cum into her sweet pussy and even she unloaded her. we slept on the bed for few minutes and later washed ourselves. She thanked me for giving such a wonderful time and asked me to lick her pussy once again as she liked me doing so. She came in 69 position and was lying over me I Started licking her pussy and she was sucking my cock.

At this moment her niece divya entered the room and saw us in 69 position licking each other and both of us moaning in pleasure. Suddenly there was silence in the room. I then broke the silence saying hi Divya, don’t be embarrassed its all a part of life. She smiled back to me saying I also wish to be a part of life.


First Lesson from Uncle

October 22nd, 2007

I’m Sumitha. Now 26 years. I think I’m good looking. 36 32 38. We live in an old house. My Mama (uncle) visits my house occasionally. He live with his parents and a daughter of 9 years. He is 42 years old. His wife died of long illness. So he visits our family to get some relief from his loneliness.

One Saturday he came to our house and spent night there. That day by some reason I felt more tired and go to bed early. At night about 10, I woke for going to urinal. When I came outside room I noticed that there was light in mama’s room. His room was next to mine. I think that he may forget to switch off. I came down to bath room because we have only a common bath room that is in the ground floor. My parents are sleeping in the ground floor bedroom. I returned to upstairs after going to bath room. The light is on in Mama’s room. The peeping mentality of mine grown up after seeing my parents fuck. (I’ll tell the incident later.) I know nothing was there in his room. Then also I was eager to see his bed room. I go near to his room on silent steps. The door was not fully closed. Between the two doors the light is coming outside. He was reading a book. I had never seen him reading book. I think that may some novel. He turned the page. At that time I saw a picture in it. I clearly see that it is a nude picture of man and women. I amazed to see it. I can’t believe that he is reading a sex book. I never seen sex book then. I can’t imagine that a nude photo will publish in a book. In between these thoughts I noticed that his right hand is in between his thighs. He is wearing a lungi only. I see that he is holding his cock and moving the hand to and fro slowly. I can’t see the full length of the cock. The lungi hides some portion. He turned 2-3 pages. It is full of color photos. After some time he put the book there. I fear that he may wake and come. I hide a little in the door shade. No. he is not waking. He lay on his back. He removed his lungi to both sides. Ho, how huge his cock is! It is very thick also. Beneath it there was hair. He is moving his hand to and fro on his cock. I saw pre cum oozing out. With the finger he oiled the drops on his shaft. I can see his veins bulging on his cock. The cock tip is bulging in reddish color when he moves hand to downwards. He closed his eyes and concentrated in hand job. The movements get fast. His hips began to push up. His face and cock are blushing. He began to work fast.
What to tell about me. I’m so hot and my pussy is leaking. I feel wetness on my thighs. As I to return to my room my hand touched on the door in worry and made a sound. He hurriedly looked upon the door and seeing me moving he covered his cock with lungi. He wake up and came out to see who it is. at that time I went back to my room as running. My heart beat hard. I fell on the bed. Forget to close door. I feared that he may see me. I noticed that mama came out his room and moving towards my room. I closed my eyes as I’m sleeping. But my eyes not fully closed and I’m noticing his movements. He stopped near my door. My breathing speed going fast of anxiety. I feel my boobs move up and down. He may know that I’m not sleeping and I enjoyed his masturbation. He entered in the room and came near the coat. I can’t control myself. My body began to shiver of fear and anxiety. I think that he will dare me of peeping in his room.
He leaned towards my face and may he understand that I’m not sleeping. He put his hand on my left boob. My body began to shiver. He moved his hands upon my boob. Seeing no response from me he just pressed. My heart was beating in high level. I don’t know what to do. My pussy is oozing. First I thought to resist him. But my hand is not moving. I feel that my body is wanted to enjoy the new feeling. He put his next hand on my right boob. He massaged and pressed the boobs upon the maxi. A sound came out unknowingly from my mouth with pleasure. He understands that I’m enjoying. He leaned forward and gently kissed on my lips. His warm breath touched on my face. I’m getting hotter. He continued kissing. At the same time he removed my maxi hooks. Put his hand inside and began to press my soft boobs. First time another hand touching my boobs. His hand feels so strengths. My every hair on my body stands up. My nipples began to erect. My pussy had a great feeling. He was sucking my lips.
He kissed downward to my neck. Then he kissed on my breast and boobs. He sucked my boobs one by one. He squeezed boobs hardly. His right hand moved down on my thighs. He now is lying near me on the bed. He moved my maxi upwards slowly. I’m shivering. My hand moved upon his shoulders. I tried to hold him close to me. I want to crush my body by him. Every part of my body wants to squeeze. The maxi came up to my waist. His hand is move on my smooth thighs. He squeezing and pressing it. There was no panty and bra. His hand moved to my hairy pussy. He moved his hand over the hair. He touched my pussy lips. I thrilled. It is all wet. His fingers moved there. He pressed on the clit. OOOHHHHH… What a pleasure. My hips moved up. He played with my clits and entered a finger in the pussy. His finger slipped inside easily as it is wet. He moved his finger in and out. UUUUMMMM….. He removed the maxi up to my breast. His lips moved down. He kissed beneath the boobs, then on the stomach and the naval. His tongue moved inside the naval. My hips move up to accept it more depth.
His one hand was crushing my boobs, another in my pussy and his tongue in my naval. My whole body was in a wild motion. He kneeled and his lips moved to my pussy. His legs are near my breast. I removed his lungi. His cock is hanging down. How big one. It may 7 inches length and 3 inches thickness. I caught it. How hard it was! It trembled in my hand. It is wet with his juice. Tip of the cock is so smooth. I moved hand on it. It is hairy beneath it. My hand moved to and fro. It is very smooth because of wetness. (After many years I came to know that Muslim cocks have no skin on the top (it is circumsised). So the hand moves freely. Other’s cock have foreskin which helps to enter the cock in the pussy smoothly.)
He tongued my clit and pussy. He is licking and sucking. My whole body shivers. I feel some blasting in the pussy. I want his tongue more deep in the pussy. I pressed his head in to the pussy .My another hand playing with his cock. I need something more hard inside my pussy. My pussy wants of deep thrust. I pushed his head. I pulled him on my top. He is breathing deep. He kissed me hard, crushed my boobs. He removed my maxi over my head. Now we both are full nude.
His cock is near my thighs. I take it and put the cock near the opening of the pussy. He pressed the cock. It enters. AAAAHHH….Pain.. I cried. But sound not came out. My lips are inside his lips. I tried to remove his cock. But his full body is upon me. I can’t move. He is crushing my boobs. He squeezes nipples. I’m in a dual feeling. Pain and pleasure. His playing on my boobs makes me hotter. My hips began to thrust up. He takes back his cock a little and pushed hard. UMMAAAAAAAAAAAA…I cried. Half of the cock was inside. I feared that my pussy will split. What a huge cock. It will not enter, I think so. I tried to remove his cock. But I can’t move to his playing method. After a while he took the cock out a little and pushed hard. ALLAAAAHHH…. His cock is spearing my pussy. He rests a while. I feel a little relief. He began to move his cock to and fro inside my pussy. Same time he kissing and fondling my boobs.
He pumped his cock in my pussy I caught him tight. His speed of pumping cock getting faster. I feel his cock is touching my throat. OOOOHHHHH… Some reactions take place inside my pussy. . His hips are working as a machine. He crushes my pussy. My pussy lips are encircling his cock. We both are making noises. HHHHAAA…. UUMMMAA… MAMA.. KILL MEEEE….CHAKKARA MOLE MAMA SUKIPPIKKAMETIIII….OOOHHH….UUUUMMMM… I’m flying into the heaven of joy. My body is moving on his every stroke on my pussy. He pushes hard. His speed of his thrust comes down. He makes noise and thrusts with small gaps. Inside my boob a blast take place…UMMMAAAAA….. Tears come from my eyes. Oh. What a pleasure! He pushed hard. HHHAAA. He pumped his juice inside me. He stroked inside my pussy. He kept his cock there awhile and another thrust. His drops are filling my pussy. We both are breathing deeply as if gasping. We both filled with swept. We are wet in and out with pussy – cock juices and swept. He fell on my top. I encircled him with my hands. What a satisfaction! It is wordless to describe the great feeling. It is only enjoyable. After a while Mama kissed on my cheeks and returned to his room. I slept with tired and great pleasure. This is the beginning of my sexual enjoyment. I enjoyed every chance that I get after my first sex.