A Hungry Widow

October 20th, 2007

My name is Mark(not real). I am a regular reader. Now I want to share my first sex experience . During my school days, we used to read a lot of sex stories of fucking the aunties living nearby. But not having enough courage I did not have even a try. I used to masturbate twice or thrice a day. Some days more than that also.

One day my parents went on for a marriage in bangalore. We had just moved in to a new place , so I felt lonely. I didn’t know any1 there so I could not talk with others freely and mingle with them. So I thought I’d go out on a walk, it’s a big compound, I saw a lady coming towards me, she must have been in her late 30s. she then talked to me and asked who I was. I told I was new here, and my name is Mark and she told me she too was lonely(I didn’t ask why?) and her name was Nishi(not real) then, invited me to her house. She is a Govt employee and has been working for the past 15 years. I promised her that I would visit her house on Sunday. She gave the flat no: . then the day came,I went to her house. She greeted me. What a lovely aunty. I came to know she was 37. Though she wore in a decent dress, I could visualise her huge and sexy boobs and lovely ass. She smiled at me. I had some erection and I managed to conceal it by sitting in nearby sofa. She Asked me to stay for the lunch and we had a chat for some time. I came to know that she was widowed for now almost 4 years. And she lives alone, she doesn’t have kids. I thought poor , sexy,lady. I could not avoid staring at her . she then said

“Why not have lunch now?”

I said, “sure, we’ll have now”.

While she serving lunch, she bent down and I could see her clevage, I think she noticed me,but she behaved as if nothing happened. then we chatted for a while and I had to go home now, as I’d be receiving a call from my parents. she told me I can come any time. The next evening I went to her home , we had tea. In the evening it started raining very heavily and my block was half a mile from hers, so I could not go to my house.i thought I’d wait till the rain stops. So I took the supper there. But rain did not stop. So she asked to me stay there. I was reluctant. But she insisted and then I had to agree. At 10 oClock I went to sleep. Then as usual I was dreaming of fucking her in the night. She came to the bedroom after finishing the household work. She saw me and smiled at me and went out of the room. I wanted to have a fuck as I read in my story books but I am not have that my courage. So I lay in the imagine of her tits and cunt. After half an hour she came in a pink nightie. Now I could see the outline of her body. She was in a very good shape for her 37. She had huge breast and the lovely legs. She then switched the lights on and told me

“I always live alone, I’ve got a chance to sleep with someone today, shall I sleep with u?”

I thought this could be the night and obviously, I acquiesced. I thought my dreams ‘d come true today. then she went to the nearby bed and lied down. I couldn’t resist. My cock was up, rock hard. So I got up and saw her in the nearby bed. She looked like an angel. I could saw her mounds clearly. It raised and fell with her breathing. What a lovely sight. I slowly went near her and stood there for some time. She appeared to be in sound sleep. I thought of going back but I could not. I sat on the edge of the bed with the beating heart. No movement in her. Now I decided to go furhther as this chance might not repeat. I touched the lovely breast with trembling hand and pressed little. She move her legs little and took off my hand with fear. now I gathered some courage and touched her boobs again, those chubby huge balls. I came to know she wasn’t wearing a BRA. Still no movement. Now I thought I’d reamove her nighty buttons. And I did so. WOW, a site every man dreams of. Huge tits, she was very very sexy for her age. And there was it, I woke her up. She got up, I removed my hands and she put her buttons back. And kinda shoutedly and obviously she was amazed asked me,

“what are you trying to do, Mark?”

I couldn’t reply, as I thought I was caught.

She asked again,

“what r u trying to do to me? Reply me..”

Now I had to give some reply. I told her that I could not resist of touching after seeing her in nighty and asked her to forgive me or punish if she want and begged her not to tell her anybody. Then she said “I’m gonna give u a pinushment for looking at me.”

I said, “I’ll do as u say, but please don’t tell this to anyone, I’m real sorry.”

She continued.. “well this is ur punishment….

U saw me right, now I wanna c u too..”

I was shocked.

She said,” I wanna c how big ur cock is”

I stood still. She asked ” r u gonna agree to my punishment or not?”

I was shy, but inside ofcourse I was real happy.

My dick was already big hearing her words.

I started to strip.

She asked me, ” do u masturbate?”

I nodded.

She continued,” do u like this old lady?”

I said,” u might be old age wise, but u r still a sexy woman.”

She got up took my both hand and asked me ” Are you a virgin?” I shook my head. She asked me ” do you want to break ur virginity?” I said yes. Then she removed my underpants found my big dick in full vigour. I got some courage and removed the buttons of her nighty and found the two lovely mangoes and started to squeezing. She asked me to take it in my mouth and I obeyed her command and sucked it and she moaned and caressing my dick which is ready to come. Suddenly she took it in her mouth and started sucking while I was caressing head. This was the best time of the fuck I felt like in heaven. After some time I was ready, my balls had cooked, to shoot my load, and I did that right into her mouth. She took all in her mouth and asked how I feel. I told her I just loved every bit of it. And she asked me to plat with her pussy. I saw the lovely clean shaven wet pussy. outerlips were opened slightly. She turned on very quickly, I asked her when was her last fuck, she told me 4years back. What lovely sight. She could not control herself . She moved her hips here and there and moaning.I slowly insert one finger and other inside and feel and silky pussy and rotate slightly and gragged my head and put it in her pussy and cry “eat it”. Oh! My dreams were coming true.. I ate her pussy. I licked and inert my tongue inside and come there came a liitle cry. I drank the sweet juice, seeing and doing the above my cock sprang up again to full size. While seeing that she moaned and asked me to fuck and opened her legs for me. I positioned my self between her thighs and inserted mine into her. She guided me insided her hot cunt and what a great pleasure. It was just like going into a hot well. She closed her eyes while entering and moaned. Then she asked me to move my dick back and forth. I took out half way and insert in with a thrush. She made some unusual sounds and asked me to do like that as she was enjoying. We did it for 15 minutes and the time came again to shoot my cumm, my balls had cooked and ready to shoot,but not b4 she came and now it was easier for me to put in and out her pussy. Then I shot my juice in hers. She kissed me and said

“that’s ur punishment.”

And I said,

“I like this punishment”

We lay there for half an hour hugging each other annd caressing each other. After that we cleaned ourself and slept. In the morning when I woke up I found her in Saree after taking bath and v had a cup of coffee. She told me, I could come anytime.and she thanked me for that. I said “its my pleasure to please u”

If any sex starved ladies in chennai want to contact me, can email me at steve-mark@usa.net . With love and regard Mark.


Hot Cousin No. 1

October 19th, 2007

Hi my name is Imran and my age is 18 yrs. It’s a true story and it happened with me a year back. I live in Islamabad, where my cousin Maha came to spend her holidays. She was 20 yrs and in all aspects she is very good. She Ghori, Sexy and tall with dark black long hairs. Her figure was 35, 24, 36 and height was 5.8″. I have a very good relationship with her and am very close to each other.

She used to live an apartment of 2 bedrooms with attach baths and a room without an attach bath. As one room is of my parents and other one is mine so she stayed in the third room which is without attach bath. That room is also my study room and has study table and computer. My parents work in private bank and use to come in the evening. As it was holidays I stayed at home but only go to my friend in the morning for computer learning. One day when I was about to leave she told me that she will take bath, so I remove the shampoo bottle from the bathroom for just to teased her and when she get in I went out.

After about 5 minutes I found that I forgot my book in my room, I have the keys and I went into my house and to my room. After taking my book, I turned back to leave I saw the bathroom’s door was opening, I rushed back to my room and waited to see what she do? I saw her completely naked coming out of the bathroom; she was wet and abusing me. I saw her walking into her room, taking her shampoo and get back into the bathroom. After that I went out to my friend. That was outstanding I want it again. My friend told my about his new Handycam I was impressed and bought it home. Next time when I came to known that she is going for bath, I remove the handle of the door and told her that it was broken and don’t close the door other wise you will be lock. In our bathrooms we have lever, which make the door open every time and get close only when you lock it. So I hide the camera which was facing the Shower portion of the bathroom, I went out to my friend. When I came back I pulled out camera from that place. Next morning when my parents went for their jobs, Maha was sleeping; I connect handicam to my TV and start the film. Watching that film amazed me, first she pulled down her cloths, then she start the shower and get under it. After that she shampooed her hear and soaped her body, she also masturbated and after that she peed. After at that I was very exited, and I didn’t notice about Maha, as she came out I switched off film. She saw the camera attached to TV and also my erected cork. She asked questions about it but I didn’t answer and in reply I asked her several other questions. Like every day I went to my friend and came back about an hour. Maha asked several questions about girl friends, sex, female body and XXX films, I was surprised by all those questions than Maha told me that she had seen her film and now she want to see me naked. She started to undress me. She first went for my huge cock. My dick was on full erect that time.

She kissed my balls and took the full 9″ inside her mouth and gave me a great blowjob. I told her that I was gonna cum. She said the unload all of it inside her mouth. A huge pile of cum shot right inside her mouth. I was also moaning. A bit of cum dropped outside her mouth and she licked it back in. Both of us were fully enjoying it. Then I was also ready now and I started to undress her. First I opened her kameez and pulled it up. Then slowly I started to open her shalwar. Now she was only wearing matching black bra and a panty. I opened her bra and her boobs fell out loosely. WOW, that was a great sight. I kissed her first gently on her nipples and then I started to suck it. She gave me a big moan. I liked the sound of it “yeahhhhhhh……… mmmmmmmmmm……… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…”. She said “Fuck me hard like a bitch”. Then I started to lick her whole body. She had her pussy shaved and she really had a nice pussy. I picked her up and I started to take her to the bedroom. She suddenly said “NO”. I was surprised. Again I started moving, she said “NO”. I asked her what was the problem. She said that she wanted to get fucked right there – in the TV room. I kept her down and spread her legs. I could see her vagina, which was tight. I started to lick her pussy. She started moaning. By that time I could see the love juice coming out of the cave. I licked every part of it.

Then she said the she wanted to loose her vignette (she haven’t took the cork in). It was waiting for a rod to be broke open. I pressed her breast hard. She screamed a bit. I sucked her nipples so hard that I nearly bit it. Then I applied my saliva on her cunt and on my dick for lubrication. Then I guided my rod through her legs into her pink pussy and in one blow broke open her lock. She screamed with pleasure and me too. I started the to and fro motion slowly. She was saying stop, stop and moaning like a wild bitch. I did not care and I was ramming her on the floor and had pinned her. I could see the love juice coming out and Maha was enjoying every bit of her life at that time. I told her that another load of cum was going to come out. We did not care and I shot the load right inside her vagina. Both of us were exhausted till that time. We went inside the room and came into 69 position. I put my whole weight on her and started fucking her. I know she was also enjoying. I put my hands below her boobs and started to squeeze them while fucking her ass. In five minutes, I started to cum. I leaked my juice in her ass. I laid there like that on her for about two minutes. Then she came on top of me like a cowgirl and started riding on top of me with my dick in her pussy. Her juice was leaking out. I took my dick out and licked her honey pot empty. Then I unloaded my cum on her body, her breast, hair, stomach. She took it and licked it. Then we both went to have a bath. In the shower, I grabbed her by the hips, pushed her down on the floor and pushed in my dick. I started to fuck her again and the motion was now even faster. Now I had gone mad.

Under the shower I started to fuck her and lick her like a mad dog. Then I took my dick out and I put it in her mouth and unloaded all of my cum into it. She then told me that she was tired and we both lied naked, and wet on the bed. We both were smiling at each other and she told me that she wanted to do this again and again whenever we had a chance. I readily agreed. From that day we both fucked each other like hungry dog and a bitch. That’s the story guys I hoped that you like it.

Bye for now.


Friends in the air

October 19th, 2007

This happened last month while I returned from Dubai, where I had been for a business trip, an air hostesses was supplying coffee and the other was pouring coffee, when the plane rocked all off a sudden as it went through an air pocket and all the coffee and the cups went flying and some passengers lurched forward, I was in better control as i was still fastened to seat.

But one went for a tossand landed with her face on my lap, while spilling all the coffee on my coat. By this

time the pilot had regained the control of the plane and the craft was flying smoothly.

The hostess who had tripped on me got up and said sorry, and cleared the mess. I got up and went

to the rear to request for some water and a towel to clean up myself, the hostess was most kind and

cooperative, while cleaming myself, we had a polite conversation where again she apologised, where I said to her to stop saying sorry as it was not her fault.

Despite that she again said sorry, so I told her that if she really felt that way that she should promise me a date at Bangalore and give me her address if possible, which she agreed and gave me her address.

After touchdown I hired a cab and went to a hotel and checked in. I took a quick shower and ventured

out. Unknowingling i reached the area where Meghna’s flat was. ( it was her name ie., the air hostessess) I quickly narrowed on her flat and pressed the calling bell, which opened in a few

seconds, with Meghna at the door.

We greeted each other. She was wearing a pink T-shirtand blue jeans, in which she looked terific.

Entering I quickly looke aroundand learned that she shared her flat two other collegues of hers,

Ruby and Farida, and both of them were there in the bedroom and came out and greeted me.

After a short conversation, myself and Meghna walked out to the street and reached Edisons Hotel and entered the disco. It was great pleasure for me to have a gorgeous lady, of 24, 5.3″ with superb

breasts, slim waist and shapely legs. We hit the dance floor and I felt much younger. We danced

a couple of numbers downed a couple of beers and went for the the dinner, this done we walked back,

it was 11.45 now.

Suddenly it began rainingand it seemed it wont stop for couple of hours, so I asked Meghna to come to my room, which she agreed. On entering she took off her shoes and put her lotus feet on the sofa.

I complimented her for her beauty, and i gently began caresing her feet, moving my hands to her

ankles and calves. I kissed her toes, while my hands were running over her feet and toes.

She began to sigh and shifted her weight and opened her knees slightly, which was enough encouragement for me. My mouth, tongue fingers and hands now began roaming al over her.

Her knees now fully opened as a result of my asault, moving up i passionately kised Meghna all

around her vagina over her jeans. This made her tipsy and told me that she had many beautiful

things to show me. She requested me to undress her, which I did most willingly. The sight of her nude body exitede me intensly. Her lovely breasts seemed most inviting and I felt thirsting for it.

Cupping her breasts she said, Look at all these beautiful things” I took her in my arms and kissed

tenderly on her lips on which I said that the most beautiful thing was her heart which she could nor show me. Hearing this she shrugged and hugged me for a whileand gave me akiss on my lips. She

told me that she was a virgin and that the wanted to be deflowered by me. I held her tight and kissed

her and said that I wouldnt make love to her since I wanted her to preserve her virginity for the man

she would marry. On hearing this she was moved and thanked me for my concern.

Moments later, she was ready for the safe game and we began kissing each other, our tongues

feasted each others mouth, later I stated to lick her erect nipplkes one by one, this done I moved

to her belly, navel and vagina, kising and licking the twin valleys betwen her thighs, as my passio-nate lovemaking went on, she kept on urging me enter her.

Watching the response of her aroused body I kissed the lips of her closed vagina with more fervour

thenslowly and lightly i touched her vagina with the tip of my tongue. moving her body forward and

pulling me to her she made my probing tongue penetrate her divide deeper.. Finally unable to see

her in swet agony that i had put her into, I put my tongue deep into her, sucking, licking and kissing

her lipsof her pussy and probing her hot wet vaginal flesh.

Probing momemtarily, i resumed probing her cunt in all coners, finding her clitoris, i began sucking it in a frenzy of passion, by this time Meghna’s face and breasts were flushed with sexual exitement

her nipples hard and erect, tiny beads of perspiration began to form on her lips, nose forehead….

Now a spring of vaginal juices now seemed to errupt from the deep valley as i applied my mouth on her

divide to drink the lava as much as I could. Sometime later we changed positions and Meghan took

my Phantom in her mouth. she iused he tongue to the maximum effect al along the shaft. The moving to the crown, she swallowed the entire thing and sucked vigorously.

Thereafter she poked the tip of her tongue into the crack of my Phantom, licking the sticky juice,

suddenly I stopped her and changed positions making her lie flat on her back and resting her legs on my shoulders, then asked her whether my Phantom could kiss her pussy, for which she said

“go on”. placing Phantom over her pussy with my hands I moved him over the walls of her vagina

and rotated him a little bit inside her pussy with an idea of giving my Phantom a fair share of this

virgin, since he was not allowed to enter her.

Again we changed positions and she took my entire dick in her mouth in a expert manner, like a

cock sucker, within minutes i exploded inside her mouth which she swallowed with gusto. The she went oof to sleep. I held her close to my chest and we slept till 11.00 am in the next morning.

Ok friends, I intend to stop here and shall be back with the other half of my story with Meghna’s

two collegues.

By the way anybody who want to have a great time mail me at juliejohnin@yahoo.com



Fucking my Neighbor’s Wife

October 19th, 2007

My name is Pankaj and I am 25 years old. I live in New York, and this incident happened when I was in India and I was only 17 years old, there was a newly married couple in our neighbourhood, the guy was in Army, we all called him Kulwant Bhaiya, and his newly married wife bhabhi, We were the only people with phone in our whole neighbourhood, and people used to get their important calls over our home, and I would call them for the phone.

Kulwant Bhaiya spent some 2 months there and then left for his Army job, leaving his wife alone there. I always got along with bhabhi, as she used to ask me to buy her things from the market like sugar, flour etc.

One day Kulwant bhaiya called for her and asked me to call her so that he can call back in 15 minutes. I went to her home to call her and as usual, I never knocked at the door and went straight inside from the side door because I knew that she never closes the side door for the air purposes, in the hot weather. I just went inside and was stunned to see that seen. She was standing in front of the TV all naked and a XXX movie was on. She saw me at the door and got puzzled what to do? Now she started to find some cloth to cover her, she didn’t have any cloth so she picked up the cover of the sofa, and covered herself. She said in a freighting voice “Kya chahiye?” I said nothing more than ” telephone for you” and ran home. She came after 5 minutes and answered the phone and before leaving for her home, she said to me ” Pankaj, Mere paas aao , Mujhe kuch samaan la ke do market se please.” I was scared and was afraid if she will tell my parents or someone else about what I saw…

So I went with her to her place and She handed me some money and asked me to buy some Chocolates from the market. I returned from the market with chocolates and the change and gave them to her, she refused to take the stuff, she said that this chocolate is for me and I can also keep the change, I was happy but still scared from the earlier act.

She asked me ” Pankaj, ek baat puchoon?” I said ” Haan pucho” She said ” Jo kuch tumne dekha, kisi se kahoge to nahin” I said “Nahin bilkul bhi nahin, Muhe to darr tha ke aap kisi se kah dogi” She said “pagal ho kya? main kisi se kyon kahoongi? vaise tumne kya dekha?” I said ” Maine sab kuch dekha” Now she started asking me what exactly did I see, and made me say every thing I said “maine aapke boobs dekhe the. she said ” aur kya kya dekha?” I said “aur aapki woh dekhi” she said ” woh kya dekhi?” I said “woh aapki nighty ke ander hai woh dekhi” she said don’t be shy, did you see my “choot” I was surprised to hear that but at the same time, I was all aroused, she was able to point my prick getting big in my shorts. Now she started looking in my eyes held my shoulder with her one hand and said “jo kuch tumne dekha kya tumhen achha laga?” I had no answer to it although I was dying to say yes. She asked me again, so I answered yes, now she asked me if I wanted to see it again, I said nothing but she got the idea that I do want to see it.

She said if I don’t tell anybody about us two, she will teach me a lot of things, I said ok.

Now she took me into her living room, and started the XXX movie again, I was so hot to see it and just touched her shoulder, she said don’t worry, I will show you my body now, and with this she hugged me and I felt her breasts pressing against my chest she felt my Dick on the front of her, I was moving my hand all around her back and moved towards her breasts. Now my one hand had her one breast in it, I was not able to look into her eyes and was looking down, She said have you ever kissed any girl ? I said no, she said let me teach you the kiss and with this, she started kissing my lips. Now we were kissing hard and started removing our clothes at the same time. In minutes we were naked and I pushed her on the sofa, and climbed on top of her, she said that my body was hot, I sucked her nipples for few minutes and now she said, come on Pankaj ” bedroom mein chalte hain” We went to the bedroom and she opened the drawer and took out a pack of condoms, and gave me one, I put on the condom and now I had no patience, I pushed her on the bed and got on top of her, she spread her legs and opened her choot for my dick to enter, I slid my dick in and I was in a different world now. Such a beautiful woman was in a bed with me… I was about to come and told her that I am on a climax, she said don’t worry and come inside as I already had a condom on. I came inside, the moment I came inside her, she held me so tight from my arms, that I could see her finger printed on my arms.

We did it about 3 times and she said that I can come to her whenever I feel like doing it. We continued doing it for about 3 months till her husband came back and after that she moved with her husband. Now last time when I went back to India, I went looking for her, but could not find her.

After that I have had 2 more girls in my life after her, but her being my first on who broke my virginity , she is always the best to me. I can never forget the first time I did it with her.

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Nailing The Housemaid

October 19th, 2007

This is the story of how I deflowered my maid, Indu. She’s an 18 year old fox with a tight body, huge tits, dark long hair falling to below her ass (she’s compelled to keep it open now), decent face, and definitely worth fucking.

I had been eyeing her since the day she started working at our house. I finally got my chance when my parents left for a month long vacation leaving me alone with Indu. I decided to make my move immediately. I waited as she showered and as soon as she came out of the shower, I roughly grabbed her and threw her onto the bed.

She started screaming for help. I told her to shut up and that no matter what she did, I was going to fuck her brains out today. She continued to kick around and scream. I slapped her hard across her face, tore off her blouse, undid her towel, and attacked her tits, mauling her nipples with my teeth. All the while I was insulting her, talking dirty, calling her ‘kutiya, randi’. She was now crying. I told her that she should accept what was coming to her and if she did, I wouldn’t hurt her. Between her tears, she told me that she was a virgin and begged me to let her go. “Chup randi. Aaj mein teray ko aurat banaonga, samji” — was my reply to her.

I spread out her legs, whipped my boner out and brutally rammed it into her virgin hole. She screamed really loudly. I stuffed her panties into her mouth to muffle her screams. Within a few seconds I could feel her hymen break under the thrusts of my dick. She started bleeding a bit. I knew now, that the bitch was mine to do what I pleased with. I pulled out, told her to go clean up. She was quiet now and had accepted her reality. She came back in a few minutes, buck naked, her hair undone and pulled in front of her, covering her tits and falling to her waist. I put my hand on her head and pushed her onto her knees, stuffing my cock into her mouth. She started sucking and within minutes, I had splattered her face with my cum. I told her to keep sucking until I got hard again. Once that objective was achieved, I bent her over the bed, grabbed her hair for leverage, and rammed my dick into her pussy — doggie style. A good 30 minutes later, I filled her up.

I got off her exhausted. I order her to get me some water and instructed her that now onwards she was my bitch and had to do as I said. Whenever we were alone in the house, she was to keep her hair open, wear no underwear (easy access for me to her pussy & tits), and obey every word I had to say. Over that one month when we were alone, I fucked her 4-5 times a day, her mouth, her pussy and her ass filled to the brim with my cum. We got rid of her a few months later and replaced her with an older, more experienced maid. The story of her gang bang with my friends is coming up later.


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Asha Kumara – Hidden Jewel

October 19th, 2007

Want to see a foxy Indian teen in a skimpy bikini? Well you’re in luck! Asha Kumara is adorably sexy in this tiny blue bikini and white stockings. That cute dimple smile and smooth body is what wet dreams are made of. The thin string of the bikini slides between Asha’s wonderful ass cheeks, barely covering her beautiful pussy and perfect Indian asshole. Asha has the perfect balance of sweet exotic beauty and is still approachable. Asha Kumara is the kind of girls you would take home to meet the parents and make sweet love to all night long. Check out these photo samples and head of to Asha’s site to see more! I’m sure if you decide to join Asha’s site you will be happy you did, even if only for a month.
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Madam Ko Car Chalana Sikhaya

October 18th, 2007

Yeh baat tab ki hai jab mai 12 class mein thha . mai english ke subject mein thoda weak tah thha. Hamari english mam ka naam Sneha thha. Vo ek south indian thi. Unki age kareeban 40 saal thi. Vo kuch moti thhi khaaskar unke hips kafi moteh thhe. Unke breast bhi kafi bade aur bhari thhe. Vo ek typical indian women lagti thi. 11 class mein mere english mein bahut kum marks thhe isiliye maine sochha ke 12 mein aate hi english par zyada dhyaan diya jaaey. 12 class ki summer vacations se ek din pehle maine chutti mein Sneha mam ko approach kiya

good afternoon mam”

good afternoon sumit”

mam, I need some guidance ”


mam, as you know , my score in english has not been very good impressive in 11th”

yes , I know that that is why I keep telling you to work hard”

yes..mam I do not want to repeat the same result in my board exams”

so you have finally awaken..atlast”

yes mam…i know that I will have to work hard.and I am ready for it..but mam I do know how to go about it..i mean my basics are not strong at all..so mam if you can guide me from where to start”

definitely sumit.I am your teacher and its my duty to guide you…you do one thing you take my phone and address and ring me after a week”

ok ..thnks mam”

phir maine mam ka phone number aur address le liya.

Ek hafte baadh maine mam ko phone kiya

hello, kya Sneha mam se baat kar sakta hoon?”

bol rahi hoon”

mam, mai sumit bol raha hoon..mam aapne kaha thha ki ek hafte baad phone kar lena”

haan yaad hai.phone par toh tumhari problem dicuss kar paana mushkil hai…tum ek kaam karo kal shaam 5 baje mere ghar aajao..tabhi tumhari problem discuss kar lenge…thik hai”

ok mam..bye”


phir agal-eh din mai shaam 5 baje mam ke ghar gaya. Maine bell bajayee aur mam ne darwazaa khola

hello mam”

hello sumit..aao ..andar aao..baitho.address dhoondne mein koi dikkat toh nahin hui”

thodi see..kyonki mai iss colony mein pehle kabhi nahin aaya”

chalo..khair.kya log-ge .chai..coffee..colddrink.”

nothing mam.kuchh nahin”

sharmaao mut..tumhe kuchh na kuchh toh lena hi padega”


bus abhi laati hoon”

phir mam coffee le aayee

hmm.lo sumit..coffee lo”


bisciut bhi toh lo”

nahin mam, iski zaroorat kya”

sumit tum bahut shy ladke ho..khair humne kya baat karni thi”

mam aapko toh pataa hi hai ki mere english mei kaise marks aate hain”

hmm..mere khayaal se tumhare 11th class mein 50 se zyada marks nahin aaye”

yes mam….aur highest marks 95 tak aate hain..mam mai chahata hoon ki mere bhi 90+ aaye”

bilkul aa sakte hain.lekin uske liye tumhe kafi hardwork karna padega..kya tum karoge”

yes mam, mai hardwork karoonga…par mere basics hi clear nahin hain aur meri grammer bahut weak hai”

sumit tumhe sabse pehle apne basics hi strong banane chahiye ..jiske basics strong nahin usse kuchh bhi nahin aata”

mam toh basics strong kaise honge”

umm…mai tumhe basics strong karne mein help kar doongi”

yes mam.aap mujhe kuchh din-no ke liye coaching de di jeeye”

ok .tum ek kaam karo tum kal se subeh 10 baje aa jaayaa karo”

ok mam”

coffee toh piyo..thandi ho rahi hai”

yes mam.mam aapki family mein kaun-kaun hai”

mai , mere husband aur ek ladki aur ek ladka”

mam kahan hain sub.koi dikh nahin raha”

bachein toh apni naani ke yahan chuttiyan bitaane gaye ahin.actually mai bhi wahan se kal hi aayee hoon par bachein vahin ruk gaye hain..aur husband 2 hafte ke liye office ke kaam se out of station gaye hain”

bachein kab tak aayenge”

vo bhi do-ek hafte baad aayenge..yahi toh dikkat hai.ab mujhe market se kuchh bhi laana ho toh mai nahin laa sakti”

kyon mam”

market yahan se kafi door hai..rikshaw se jaane mein bahut time lagta hai…aur scootar aur car mujhe chalani nahin aati”

mam iss mein problem kya .apko jab kuchh chahiye ho toh aap mujhe keh deejeeyega”

nahin aisi baat nihin hai..that’s nice of you…sumit..tumhe car chalaani aati ahi kya”

yes mam”

TUM MUJHE CAR CHALAANA SIKHA SAKTE HO…actually mere husband toh saara din busy rehte hain…aur aaj kal toh hamari car khali hi padi hai..husband toh office ki car le gaye hain”

yes mam.it would me my pleasure.mai aapko car sikha doonga”

kitna time lagega car seekhne mein”

kareeban ek hafta toh lagega hi”

toh thik hai tum muhje kal se hi car sikhana shuru kar do”

ok mam.par kis time”

tum 10 baje mujhe padne toh aaoge hi .. Tumhe padaane ke baad mai tumse car seekh liya karoongi..par sumit. koi bahut bada ground hai kya…actually koi mujhe seekhte dekhe toh mujhe sharam aaygee..iss koi iasi jagay ho jo ek dum khali ho aur jahan zyada loge na aate ho”

yes mam ..shahar se bahar nikalte hi ek ground hai jo ek khali rahta hai”

thik hai.toh vahin chalenge kal dupher (noon) mein”

par mam dupher (noon) mein toh kafi garmi hoti hai”

dupher mein iss liye ki uss waqt loge bahar nahin nikalte aur hamari car toh air conditioned hai..mai kya karoon loge mujhe car seekhte dekhen toh mujhe sharam aati hai..by the way.tumhe toh koi problem nahin hai na”

bilkul nahin..toh mam mai kal aata hoon 10 baje”

ok sumit…bye”

mai agale din thik 10 baje mam ke ghar pahuch gayaa. Mam ne uss din green color ka suit pehnaa hua tha. Halaki mam thodi moti aur dark thi.lekin mujhe toh mam sexy lagti thi. Mam ne mujhe 10 se 1 baje tak padaayaa. Uske baad hum car seekhaane shahar se bahar ek ground mein gaye. Aas pass koi bhi nahin tha kyonki dupher ka waqt tha.

Ground mein pahunch kar maine mam ko car seekhani shuru ki

mam.pehle toh mai aapko gear daalna seekhaata hoon”

mai kuchh der tak mam ko gear , accelerator, clutch, brake etc. ke baare mein bataata raha

chaliye mam.ab aap chalaayiye”

mujhe darr lag raha hai”

kaisa darr”

kahin mujhse control nahin hui toh”

uske liye mai saath hoon na”

phir mam driver seat par baith gayee aur mai driver ki saath wali seat pe aa gayaa. Phir mam ne car challani shuru ki lekin mam ne ek dum se hi race de ditoh ek dum se car bahut speed mein chal padee. Mam ghabra gayee..maine kaha

mam accelerator se per hataayiye”

mam ne per hataa liya toh maine steering pakad kar car control mein kari

maine kaha tha na mujh se nahin chalegi”

koi baat nahin mam..pehlee baar aisa hota hai”

nahin….mai car seekh hi nahin sakti…mujh se nahin chalegi”

chalegi…chaliye ab start kee jeeye aur phir try kariye.par iss baar accelerator aaraam se chorna”

nahin mujhe nahin hoga”

mam shuru shuru mein galtiyan hoti hain..koi baat nahin”

nahin mujhe darr lagtaa hai”

accha..ek kaam karte hain..mai bhi aapki seat par aa jaata hoon .phir aapko darr nahin lagega”

lekin ek seat par hum dono kaise aa sakte hain”

aap meri godh (lap) mein baith jaana.mai steering control karoonga aur aap gear control karna”

lekin koi hamein dekhege toh kaisa lagega”

mam iss waqt yahan koi nahin aayega..aur vaise bhi aapki car mai yeh sheeshon par film lagi hai isse andar ka kuchh dikhaee nahin deta”

chalo thik hai”

phir mai driver seat par baitha aur mam meri godh mein. Jaise hi mam meri godh mein baithee mere badan se current sa dod (run) gayaa. Hum dono ka yeh pehla sparsh tha.

Maine car start kari

ready mam”

haan..mujhe se sirf gear hi sambhalne hain na”

yes mam .aaj ke din aap sirf gear hi seekho”

car chalnee shuru hui. Kyonki mere haath steering par thhe aur mam meri godh mein..iss liye meri bahein (arms) mam ke breast ke side se touch ho rahi thi aur mam ke breast thhe bhi kafi bade. Mam thoda uncomfortable feel kar rahi thi iss liye vo meri janghon (thighs) pe na baith ke meri knees ke pass baithee thi. Jaise hi mai car ko turn karta toh mam ki poori breast meri bahein ko touch karti thi. Mam gear sahi badal rahi thi

kyon sumit..thik kar rahin hoon na”

perfect..mam ab aap thoda steering bhi control keejeeye”


kyonki mam meri godh mein kafi aage hokar baithee thi iss liye steering control karne mein unhe problem ho rahi thi

mam.aap thodi peeche khisak jaaeeye..tabhi steering sahi control ho payega”

ab mam meri janghon(thighs) pe baith gayee aur haath steering par rakh liye.

mam.thoda aur peeche ho jaayeeye”

aur kitna peeche hona padega”

jitna ho sakti ho”

thik hai”

ab mam poori tarah se mere laude par baithee thi.

Maine apne haath mam ke haathon par rakh diye aur steering control karaana sikhane lagaa. Jab bhi car turn hoti toh mam ki hips mere laude mein dhans jaati . mam ke breast itne bade the ki vo mere hathon ko touch kar rahe thhe. Mai jaan moojh kar unke breast ko touch karta raha.

mam ab accelrator bhi aap sambhaliye”

kahin car phir se out of control na ho jaaye”

mam ab toh mai baitha hoon na”

mam ne phirse poora accelerator dabaa diya toh car ne ek dum speed pakad lee.

Iss par maine ek dum se brake lagaa di toh car ek dum se ruk gayee. Mam ko jhatkaa lagaa toh vo steering mein ghusne lagi. Iss par maine mam ke breasts ko apne haathon mein pakad kar mam ko steering mein ghusne se bachaa liya. Car ruk gayee thee aur mam ke breast mere haath mein thhe. mam boli

maine kaha tha na ki mai phir kuch galti karoongi”(mam ke breast mere haath mein hain)

koi baat nahin.kam se kam gear toh badalna seekh liya” (mam ke breast mere haath mein hain)

shayad mujhe steering sambhalna kabhi nahin aayegaa” “(mam ke breast mere haath mein hain)

ek baar aur try kar lete hain” “(mam ke breast mere haath mein hain)

thik hai” “(mam ke breast mere haath mein hain)

mam ne mujhe aihsaas dilaane ke liye mere haath unke breast par hain, mam ne breast ko halka sa jhatka diya toh maine apne haath vahan se hataa liye. Maine car phir se start kari. Mam ne apne haath steering par rakh liye aur maine apne haath mam ke haathin par rakh diye

mam accelerator mai hi sambhaaloonga.aap sirf steering hi sambhaleeye”

yehi mai kehne wali thi”

kuchh der tak mam ko steering mein help karne ke baad mai bola

mam ab mai steering se haath uthaa raha hoon.aap akele hi sambhaleeye”

ok.ab mujhe thoda confidence aa raha hai.lekin tum apne haath ready rakhna .kahin car phir se out of control ho jaaye ”

mam mere haath hamesha ready rehten hain”

maine apne haath steering se uthaa kar mam ki breast par rakh diye. Mai toh mam se daant (scolding) expect kar raha tha lekin mam ne kuchh na kaha

sumit mujhe kas ke pakdna..kahin brake maarne par mai steering mein na ghus jaaoon”

yes ma..kas ke pakadta hoon”

maine mam ke breast dabaa diye toh mam ke moohn se ah..ahh nikal gayee.

sumit.mere khyal se aaj itna seekhna hi kafi hai.chalo ab ghar chalte hain”

ok mam”

mam meri godh se uth kar aoni seat par baith gayee aur hum mam ke ghar chal diye

ok mam ..mai chalta hoon”

roti kha ke jaana”

nahin mam maine mummy ko kaha tha ki roti ke time tak ghar par aajaaoonga”

thik hai …toh kal 10 baje aaoge na”

yes mam..of course”

mai agale din bhi poore 10 baje pahunch gayaa. Padne ke baad hum phir se car seekhne ussi ground mein aa gaye.

toh sumit aaj kahan se shuru karenge”

mam mere kyal se aap pehle steering mein perfect ho jaayeeye.uske baad aur kuchh karenge”

thik hai.kal jaise hi baithna hai”

yes mam”

aaj mam ne silk ki salwaar kamiz pehnee hui thi. Mam aaj seedhe aakar mere laude par bauth gayee. Aaj mam ki salwaar thodi tight thi aur mam ki hips se chipki hui thi.

Humne car chalaani shuru ki. Mam ne apne haath steering par rakh liye. Maine apne haath mam ke haathon par rakh liye . aaj mam ki hips mere laude par baar baar hil rahi thi. Kuch der baad maine kaha

mam .ab mai apne haath steering se hataa raha hoon”

haan..apne haath steering se hataa lo”

maine haath steering se uthaa kar mam ki breast par rakh diye..aur wah…mazaa aa gayaa..mam ne aaj bra nahin pehnee thi..issliye aaj mam ke breast bade soft aur masal-able lag rahe thhe..maine mam ke breast ko dheere-dheere dabaana shuru kar diya..mam ki silk ki salwaar mein unke breast ko dabaane mein bada mazaa aa raha ..mam ne apni tangein(legs) wide karli aur ab unki bur mere laude par thi…maine apna ek haath mam ki kamiz mein daala aur mam ki breast ko dabaane laga..

mam.mazaa.aa raha hai”


car chalaane mein”

haan.car chalaane mein bhi mazaa aa raha hai”

mam.ab apko steering sambhaalnaa aa gayaa”


ab maine apna doosra haath bhi mam ki kamiz mein daal diya aur usko bhi dabaane lagaa

aahh..hh..sumit tum…ahh.. yeh kya kar rahe ho”

mam.aapko car seekha raha hoon”

sumit.tumhare haath car ke steering par hone chaahiye”

par mam …aapke steering sambhaalne mein zyada mazaa aa raha hai”

tumhe mere saath aisa nahin karna chaahiye…..aur vaise bhi mai toh ek moti aur kali aurat hoon..mujh mein tumhe kya accha lagega”

mam aapki ek ek cheez acchi hai”

sumit mai thoda thak gayee hoon..pehle tum car rok lo…aage jaa kar thodi jhadiyan(bushes) hain..car vahan le chalo”

yes mam”

maine car jhadiyon mein jaa kar rok lee

bas thodi der aaram kar lete hain…haan toh sumit iss moti aur kali aurat mein tumhe kya accha hoga”

mam.ek baat boloon”

haan bolo”

mam.aapke santare bahut acche hain”

kya..santare.mai kya koi ped (tree) hoon jo mujh mein santare ho”

mam yeh wale santare” maine mam ke breast ko dabaate hue kaha


mam aapke kharbuze bhi bahut acche hain”

kya.kharbuze.mujh mein kharbuze kahan hain”

mam I mean to say your hips”

jhoot.meri hips toh bahut chaudi(wide) aur moti hain”

yeh kehkar mam khadi ho gayee aur apnee salwaar neeche kar di . mam ne panty nahin pehnee hui thi

dekho na …kitni badi hain meri hips” mai toh dekhta hi reh gayaa . mam ki hips mere moonh ke pass thi.mai mam ki hips par haath pherne lagaa

mam mujhe toh aisi hi hips acchi lagti hain.badi aur dark”

mam..aapke hips ki smell bahut acchi”

yeh keh ker mai mam ki hips par kiss karne lagaa. Mai mam ke crack mai jeebh (tongue) maarne lagaa

oh..ooo.sumit yeh kya kar rahe ho”

mam…mujhe kharbuze bahut acche lagte hain”

ohh..aur kya accha lagta hai tumhe”

chewing gum”

kya..chewing-gum.vo kaunsa part hai”

jawab mein mai mam ki choot dabaane lagaa

oohh..ah.ah.sumit….chewing-gum ko dabaate nahin hain”

mam..iss postion se mai chewing-gum ko chew nahin kar sakta”

sumit.car ki pichlee seat pe chewing-gum chew ki jaa sakti hai”

phir hum dono pichlee seat par aa gaye. Mam ne tangein(legs) khol lee aur apni choot pe haath rakh kar boli

sumit.yeh rahi tumhari chewing-gum”

maine mam ki choot chaatne lagaa. Mam seat pe leti hui thi. Meri jeebh mam ki choot pe aur mere haath mam ki breast ko dabaa rahe thhe. mai kareeb 10 minute tak mam ki choot pe aur mein jeebh maarta raha

sumit..kya tumhari pencil sharpened hai”

kya matlab”

buddhu..mere paas sharpener hai aur pencil tumhare paas hai..”

yes mam..meri pencil ko sharp kar deejeeye”

lekin pehle tum apni pencil dikhaao toh”

maine apni jeans utaar di . maine underwear nahin pehnaa tha. Maine apna lora mam ke moonh ke paas le gayaa toh mam ne jaldi se usse apne moonh mein le liya.kuck der tak mam mera lora choosti rahi..phir boli

sumit..tumhari pencil kafi acchi quality ki hai”

mam kya aapka sharpener bhi acchi quality ka hai”

yeh toh pencil sharp hone par hi pataa chalega”

toh mam karloon apni pencil sharp”

yessss…sumit..just do it..fuck me.yes fuck me hard…chod me..screw me..”

Maine apna lora mam ki choot mein daal diya aur dhakke dene lagaa

ohhh..sumit..my darling..your pencil is fit for my sharpener….aaaahhh..very goog..keep doingggggg…sumit..mere santaron ko na bhoolo…inhe tumhare haathon ki sakht zaroorat hai”

mam.ahh.aapki choot maarne mein bahut mazaa aa raha hai”

aaa…hhhh..sumit.bachhe.apni madam kae santaron se milk-shake toh piyo”

phir mai dhakke dene ke saath saath mam ke nipples ko moonh mein lekar choosta raha. Kuch hi der baad mam ke boobs mein se doodh nikalne lagaa aur mai peene lagaa

aaaeee.sumit..aur tez..tez tez dhakka maro..aaj acchi tarah le lo meri.mere milk-shake ka fayda uthaao..speed badaao”

maine tez tez dhakke marne shuru kar diye. Kareeb 15 minute bad

aaa.ohh.sumiiiiitttt….tez…mai aane wali hoon”

mai aur mam ek saath hi jhade

aa.aaaaa..aahaa..i love you sumit..mazaa aa gayaa”

yes mam..aapka sharpener gazab ka hai”

tumhari pencil bhi kamal ki hai..”

mam mai aapke peeche wale sharpener ko bhi use karna chahata hoon”

peeche wala sharpener..maine kabhi nahin use karwaya”

lekin mujhe toh karne dengi na”

sure..lekin baki ka kaam ghar chal kar..aur phir abhi toh mujhe car seekhne mein kuch din aur lagenge”

tabse mai aur mam har mauke par chudai karte thhe aur mam se tuition padte waqt hum dono bilkul nange hote thhe .


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