A Hungry Widow

October 20th, 2007

My name is Mark(not real). I am a regular reader. Now I want to share my first sex experience . During my school days, we used to read a lot of sex stories of fucking the aunties living nearby. But not having enough courage I did not have even a try. I used to masturbate twice or thrice a day. Some days more than that also.

One day my parents went on for a marriage in bangalore. We had just moved in to a new place , so I felt lonely. I didn’t know any1 there so I could not talk with others freely and mingle with them. So I thought I’d go out on a walk, it’s a big compound, I saw a lady coming towards me, she must have been in her late 30s. she then talked to me and asked who I was. I told I was new here, and my name is Mark and she told me she too was lonely(I didn’t ask why?) and her name was Nishi(not real) then, invited me to her house. She is a Govt employee and has been working for the past 15 years. I promised her that I would visit her house on Sunday. She gave the flat no: . then the day came,I went to her house. She greeted me. What a lovely aunty. I came to know she was 37. Though she wore in a decent dress, I could visualise her huge and sexy boobs and lovely ass. She smiled at me. I had some erection and I managed to conceal it by sitting in nearby sofa. She Asked me to stay for the lunch and we had a chat for some time. I came to know that she was widowed for now almost 4 years. And she lives alone, she doesn’t have kids. I thought poor , sexy,lady. I could not avoid staring at her . she then said


Hot Cousin No. 1

October 19th, 2007

Hi my name is Imran and my age is 18 yrs. It’s a true story and it happened with me a year back. I live in Islamabad, where my cousin Maha came to spend her holidays. She was 20 yrs and in all aspects she is very good. She Ghori, Sexy and tall with dark black long hairs. Her figure was 35, 24, 36 and height was 5.8″. I have a very good relationship with her and am very close to each other.

She used to live an apartment of 2 bedrooms with attach baths and a room without an attach bath. As one room is of my parents and other one is mine so she stayed in the third room which is without attach bath. That room is also my study room and has study table and computer. My parents work in private bank and use to come in the evening. As it was holidays I stayed at home but only go to my friend in the morning for computer learning. One day when I was about to leave she told me that she will take bath, so I remove the shampoo bottle from the bathroom for just to teased her and when she get in I went out.


Friends in the air

October 19th, 2007

This happened last month while I returned from Dubai, where I had been for a business trip, an air hostesses was supplying coffee and the other was pouring coffee, when the plane rocked all off a sudden as it went through an air pocket and all the coffee and the cups went flying and some passengers lurched forward, I was in better control as i was still fastened to seat.

But one went for a tossand landed with her face on my lap, while spilling all the coffee on my coat. By this

time the pilot had regained the control of the plane and the craft was flying smoothly.

The hostess who had tripped on me got up and said sorry, and cleared the mess. I got up and went

to the rear to request for some water and a towel to clean up myself, the hostess was most kind and

cooperative, while cleaming myself, we had a polite conversation where again she apologised, where I said to her to stop saying sorry as it was not her fault.

Despite that she again said sorry, so I told her that if she really felt that way that she should promise me a date at Bangalore and give me her address if possible, which she agreed and gave me her address.

After touchdown I hired a cab and went to a hotel and checked in. I took a quick shower and ventured


Fucking my Neighbor’s Wife

October 19th, 2007

My name is Pankaj and I am 25 years old. I live in New York, and this incident happened when I was in India and I was only 17 years old, there was a newly married couple in our neighbourhood, the guy was in Army, we all called him Kulwant Bhaiya, and his newly married wife bhabhi, We were the only people with phone in our whole neighbourhood, and people used to get their important calls over our home, and I would call them for the phone.

Kulwant Bhaiya spent some 2 months there and then left for his Army job, leaving his wife alone there. I always got along with bhabhi, as she used to ask me to buy her things from the market like sugar, flour etc.

One day Kulwant bhaiya called for her and asked me to call her so that he can call back in 15 minutes. I went to her home to call her and as usual, I never knocked at the door and went straight inside from the side door because I knew that she never closes the side door for the air purposes, in the hot weather. I just went inside and was stunned to see that seen. She was standing in front of the TV all naked and a XXX movie was on. She saw me at the door and got puzzled what to do? Now she started to find some cloth to cover her, she didn’t have any cloth so she picked up the cover of the sofa, and covered herself. She said in a freighting voice “Kya chahiye?” I said nothing more than ” telephone for you” and ran home. She came after 5 minutes and answered the phone and before leaving for her home, she said to me ” Pankaj, Mere paas aao , Mujhe kuch samaan la ke do market se please.” I was scared and was afraid if she will tell my parents or someone else about what I saw…

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Nailing The Housemaid

October 19th, 2007

This is the story of how I deflowered my maid, Indu. She’s an 18 year old fox with a tight body, huge tits, dark long hair falling to below her ass (she’s compelled to keep it open now), decent face, and definitely worth fucking.

I had been eyeing her since the day she started working at our house. I finally got my chance when my parents left for a month long vacation leaving me alone with Indu. I decided to make my move immediately. I waited as she showered and as soon as she came out of the shower, I roughly grabbed her and threw her onto the bed.

She started screaming for help. I told her to shut up and that no matter what she did, I was going to fuck her brains out today. She continued to kick around and scream. I slapped her hard across her face, tore off her blouse, undid her towel, and attacked her tits, mauling her nipples with my teeth. All the while I was insulting her, talking dirty, calling her ‘kutiya, randi’. She was now crying. I told her that she should accept what was coming to her and if she did, I wouldn’t hurt her. Between her tears, she told me that she was a virgin and begged me to let her go. “Chup randi. Aaj mein teray ko aurat banaonga, samji” — was my reply to her.

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Asha Kumara – Hidden Jewel

October 19th, 2007

Want to see a foxy Indian teen in a skimpy bikini? Well you're in luck! Asha Kumara is adorably sexy in this tiny blue bikini and white stockings. That cute dimple smile and smooth body is what wet dreams are made of. The thin string of the bikini slides between Asha's wonderful ass cheeks, barely covering her beautiful pussy and perfect Indian asshole. Asha has the perfect balance of sweet exotic beauty and is still approachable. Asha Kumara is the kind of girls you would take home to meet the parents and make sweet love to all night long. Check out these photo samples and head of to Asha's site to see more! I'm sure if you decide to join Asha's site you will be happy you did, even if only for a month. Click here to see much more!

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Madam Ko Car Chalana Sikhaya

October 18th, 2007

Yeh baat tab ki hai jab mai 12 class mein thha . mai english ke subject mein thoda weak tah thha. Hamari english mam ka naam Sneha thha. Vo ek south indian thi. Unki age kareeban 40 saal thi. Vo kuch moti thhi khaaskar unke hips kafi moteh thhe. Unke breast bhi kafi bade aur bhari thhe. Vo ek typical indian women lagti thi. 11 class mein mere english mein bahut kum marks thhe isiliye maine sochha ke 12 mein aate hi english par zyada dhyaan diya jaaey. 12 class ki summer vacations se ek din pehle maine chutti mein Sneha mam ko approach kiya

good afternoon mam”

good afternoon sumit”

mam, I need some guidance ”


mam, as you know , my score in english has not been very good impressive in 11th”

yes , I know that that is why I keep telling you to work hard”

yes..mam I do not want to repeat the same result in my board exams”

so you have finally awaken..atlast”

yes mam…i know that I will have to work hard.and I am ready for it..but mam I do know how to go about it..i mean my basics are not strong at all..so mam if you can guide me from where to start”

definitely sumit.I am your teacher and its my duty to guide you…you do one thing you take my phone and address and ring me after a week”

ok ..thnks mam”

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