I Fuck My Girl Friend

December 23rd, 2009

My name is Tabish. I want to share my 2nd story with you. I have girlfriend her name is Najia. She is 18 year and lives in my neighborhood. She is very beautiful lady with 34 25 34 figures. Her height is 5’’7. She has a D shape BOOBS. Her skin is like a silk. We have sexual relationship from last two years.
Her father works in air force while her mother is doctor her elder brother Danish also enjoyed air force recently. Her father and elder brother come home only on holidays. Her mother works in hospital she returns from hospital after 5 O clock. Najia return from college at 2 O Clock. I live in two beds flat alone I come home from my office at 7 O clock so there is plenty of opportunities and time to have sex. From last two weeks I was feeling that she is not taking interest in sexual relationships. I asked her what’s problem is she did not tell me any thing decided to investigate the matter. One day I saw on boy age of 20-22 come out of her house.


Fucking Of Babysitter

December 22nd, 2009

I am Ketan 30 from surat in India.At the time when this happened I was divorcee and single parent. One of my friend’s sister was taking care of my son when I was at job. It was lucky Jigna was failed in her 2nd year at the college. She had turned 19 and had nothing to do at that times so she agreed to babysitting my son. I was 27 at that time.

It was late when I opened the door to my home. I phoned Jigna to tell her I would be late. She had been great, said she’d stay the night if I needed as she also stays in next building in our society.

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Screwed by elder brother

December 21st, 2009

Hi…! I am Yamuna 23 years old and married last year. I am a regular reader of debonairblog but I was always afraid to write my experience as I am afraid of this society rules. Though sex is quite natural and people love it like anything, still they blame others especially females who are enjoying sex. I am not a story writer and I really do not how to write a story. But here I would like to narrate my first sex experience with none other but my own elder brother who screwed me when I was at 14 and a school girl. He always call me yammu and once our parents were out of station for a attending the marriage of near relative and they were expected to come back after 10 days. My brother is elder than me by five years. He always used to tickle me and pinch me here


Milk on Silk

December 20th, 2009

hi its me one day i went with mumtaz to pick her bhabhi who was coming from muscat i left parveen and mubeena to see the house.we wentand mumtaz was wearing saree with a very small blouse we waited in airport suddenly i saw a gorgeous woman coming towards us mumtaz introduced to me that it was rizwana her bhabhi. she was wearing saree .she was about 38 yrs and 403434. hi its me one day i went with mumtaz to pick her bhabhi who was coming from muscat i left parveen and mubeena to see the house.we wentand mumtaz was wearing saree with a very small blouse we waited in airport suddenly i saw a gorgeous woman coming towards us mumtaz introduced to me that it was rizwana her bhabhi. she was wearing saree .she was about 38 yrs and 403434. i could not resist i tried to kiss her .mumtaz told she has told all about us and she has come for fucking and sucking.we took her to farm hous as soon we were in mumtaz became nude parveen was in pink micro bra,mubeena was nude.i told guest has come go and make milk kheer mumtaz smiled she bent parveen and mubeena and started milking them about i litre of milk came . mubeena went and milked mumtaz and got half a litre


Anand XP

December 19th, 2009

Hi, to all readers. I enjoy reading your stories. I want share my experience with you all. Friends my name isM S I am from Bangalore. I am 21years old and I stand 5.11 tall. Recently I had sex with a beautiful, young woman, who is a tenant of ours. I live in 1st floor. A young couple married for 8 months live in ground floor. The women who live in the ground floor is very beautiful, lovely, sexy, and GORGEOUS. Her name is PRIYA & she was of 25 years old. We are close friends. She will be calling me for some of her work done. We go out together for shopping and for some functions.
One day early morning I went to my collage due to some reasons classes were not conducted. So I came back to home at 10 Oclock & I saw our house locked. I went to Priya and asked about my mother. She told me she dont know anything about her. Usually when my mother is out she would give the keys to Priya.

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School Girl

December 17th, 2009

I am Kumar completed my 12th.Till my 8th standard, my family was in hyd and life was rockin with my college life. But when I got in my 9th my dad got transferred to Tirupati and we had to shift there. My life got jammed there and was extremely boring, I did not like it and I forcefully completed my ninth there. Then I insisted my parents to join me in Hyderabad and they agreed. I was to stay with my grandparents and joined a posh school nearby because the college I studied before was far away. I got enough known to sex thru friends and net and other sources. And a lust was growing inside me to have sex with a woman.


Sister-in-law’s lesson

December 15th, 2009

I have a story to tell you people about my first sex experience with my sister-in-law. Let me explain to you about my sister-in-law she is my brother’s wife. I live with them since I was at the age of 10. She takes care of me a lot; Care about my things give me a bathe and most of the time when I get bad dreams at night she slept with me. I wanna tell you about my sister-in-law body she has a one kind of body she has 38-26-38 size. I love her boobs. I night I still remember when she was sleeping with me she holds it my hand and put it on her boobs and try with my hand to squeeze her breasts. I didn’t know at that time what’s going on but I felt good to squeeze her huge breasts. My sister-in-law had no children. Other night I was sleeping she came to me bed and try to sleep with me and when I was sleeping she put her hands under my pajamas and hold my dick and start to rub it. I woke up and felt very good feeling I told her that I am feeling like to go bathroom.


Katies Tiny Pussy Fucked

December 14th, 2009

Katie had broken up with her long time flame after catching him in bed with his mistress. She remembered exactly how it felt. Ethan was a fashion photographer and as a result spent long hours at the studio with some of the most gorgeous women Katie had ever seen. But she had never once doubted Ethan’s affection for her. So it came as a complete shock to Katie when she came home one afternoon unexpectedly from an out of town business trip to find her own dear sweet affectionate and loyal fiance shoving his cock into a beautiful blonde bombshell’s pussy.


My sexy cousin Svetha

December 12th, 2009

I have been an ardent fan of Indian Sex Stories. I still enjoy reading all the material that comes I it. but I never thought that I will be writing for it. well!
This was my experience with my cousin Svetha who comes to our house during her visit to hyderabad. she usually stays over for a couple of nights. she looks beautiful, she is 5’4 in hieght,39 25 36 is her size she has not come to visit my house since two years but since I have seen her breasts have become beautiful and round and definitely big. her figure is also very alluring. she came over to stay at my place ,and when I laid my eyes on her I got an instant erection.


Rita’s Passionate Encounter

December 11th, 2009

We were in bed. Time was around 10.00 P.M. My wife of one year was cuddling upto me and nibbling at my ears. We are in our mid twenties. I am kumar, 27 years, 5’11”, fair and well built, weighing 75 kgs, curly black hair which covers my head and falls on the side wildly (any amount of combing doesn’t help), wears spectacles and have a rugged face, sharp and well defined. My wife Sapna is 23 years, very young, kiddish nature, about 5’2”, very fair, nice beautiful face, a medium sized boobs(breast), nice waistline slim and kissable navel and finally small buttocks but strong thighs and legs. We were married as soon as she had completed her graduation. She has a school girl’s face and is shy and reserved by nature. She is employed in a Bank while I am working as a middle level executive with a multinational, in their finance department.


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