How I seduced my Friend’s wife in Cinema hall

February 14th, 2016

Hi Friends, I have always been a fan of Indian adult stories as I believe they stimulate the mind better than what a video can. I have particularly have had a liking for believable scenarios and therefore do not read fantastic stories(read lies) that some of you post.

I am average looking guy about 5’6” tall weighing about 70 kilos and belong to northern india and hence have a relatively light skin albeit oily and scarred one. I have always been a decent fellow yet I never used to miss out on opportunities to touch opposite sex in crowded buses and trains and it gives me enormous pleasure to pleasure another woman in such situation as she despite not wanting to, starts to enjoy the duress. Now my story is not about this subject though.

I was transferred to Mumbai about three years ago and my eyes opened to the brave new world that rest of the country is not exposed to. Women in slinky clothes, fashionable young girls and older women in revealing clothes frequenting the malls and business district made me lose some of the overexcitement about women but also gave me courage to stretch myself . All this change and a new passion for working out at the gym changed my perspective to life and soon I metamorphosed into a much wicked version of myself.

I made a new friend in Mumbai and I’ll call him Vinayak (not his real name). I knew vinayak from many years but never was close to him. He had been married about a year back and it is then that I became closer to him as his wife used to invite me over for dinner in the previous town that we were together. Anitha (not her real name), belonged to bihar and is plump and to my assessment didn’t deserve Vinayak. But Anitha learned the ropes of carrying herself well quite quickly to my surprise and was pretty comfortable by the time I met her again in Mumbai.

She had never been to Mumbai before and hence was(like most women of india) very happy to have come here. The freedoms that a woman gets in Mumbai is without parallel and it’s every girls dream to live here.

In some remote corner of my mind, I always wanted Anitha despite her rustic bearings because the fun of fantasising about your friend’s wife is very unique. This feeling grew when i met the couple in Mumbai. Since Vinayak and Anitha didn’t have many friends and I by virtue of being a single guy didn’t have much to do either, I used to hang out at their place on Saturdays. I would use the opportunity to eye her in nighties and make out her plump outline. I felt that she liked the attention as Vinayak himself is quite a bore and can think little else than doing well professionally. He’s a total fashion disaster and is overweight. When I would go to their house on Saturdays after having worked my chest and biceps well, wearing my neat white Levi’s slim fit shirt and a smart blue Jean, i could see the sparkle in Anitha’s eyes.

One Saturday, I asked them out for an English film knowing fully well that Anitha wouldn’t understand it easily and Vinayak also wasn’t too fast with catching English dialogues. We went to Regal Cinema in south Mumbai in Vinayak’s car. I went and bought tickets with a smart choice of seats in middle.

Now since we got the middle seats there were guys on either sides so Anitha had to be seated in the middle and both of us on either side. I have a time tested habit gently feeling women sitting next to me in buses and trains to gauge their reaction. But since this my friend’s wife i couldn’t gather courage to do it for few dithering moments. After half an hour or so I realised that Anitha was comfortable now and did not mind my hand touching hers as she had placed it right next to mine. Her soft hand was scrapping against mine everytime she moved and this was giving me a mild hard on. I decided to take my relation with Anitha and Vinayak to another level. Vinayak was involved in the movie by now and did not bother me much as he did in the initial part by asking me about the dialogue which he apparently missed.

Anitha was seated right of me. I let my right thigh gently touch her thigh and waited for the reaction while looking ahead into the screen. She did not react. So i pushed my thigh a little harder and withdrew as if to announce my charge on her. I kept away from her for few minutes and then again slowly placed my thigh against her. I expected her to withdraw her leg to give me a negative signal but no such thing happened. I could feel the effect my thigh had on Anitha as she pretended to be engrossed in the film now and stopped talking to Vinayak as she was initially. Now i began to gently move my knee up and down by moving my heel off the ground thus rubbing her thigh.

The feeling of her thigh inside her Pajama rubbing on my jeans was amazing especially because we had no verbal communication and her husband was right there. I was gaining confidence every minute and now she seemed to be in a trance as she didn’t move her leg despite I beginning to scrape her thigh more and more. I was afraid that Vinayak might notice this going on but he seemed perplexed at the complexity of the dialogues that Tom Cruise was mouthing on screen. As we approached the interval, I continued to rub her slowly as my heart was thudding at this sinful pleasure. I had no idea what twists and turns the film was playing instead my mind was imagining Anitha’s milky thigh as i continued to outrage her modesty.

All of a sudden i felt Anitha close her thighs and I thought its game over for me as the lights came up during interval. Anitha recovered just in time but I didn’t miss her facial expressions of a release. The smell hit me next. She had come and the concoction of her cum and urine produced a faint smell which I could clearly smell. Since I did not want to scare her off, I got up and left for coffee while both of them remained seated. After going down a few steps I gestured both of them if they needed anything. Anitha actually tried to put up a smile and said something which didn’t matter. But I realised that she was not going to complain to Vinayak about what had just happened. Vinayak is a miser and hence didn’t come off his seat.

I joined them both post interval with two cups of coffee and one of popcorn. Popcorn went to Anitha and Vinayak and I got to have the coffees. Once done with the coffee, Anitha shared the large bucket of popcorn with both of us. Whenever she offered it on my side, I deliberately let my fingers touch hers a little longer as I picked up pop corn from the bucket. I was warming her up for what was to come next.

The film was approaching the latter part and we got more involved in the plot. My thigh had got back to trying to touch Anitha but it seemed as though Anitha had had enough of me and she raised her ankle from the ground and placed it under the other thigh in the most awkward position one can sit in a theatre. I was dejected and let her go for now.

After 10 minutes or so, I on the pretext of taking out popcorn placed my hand on Anitha’s and held it in the dark. This was the moment of truth. It was going to decide the future of this charade. I was about to be exposed and humiliated or Anitha was about to bow to this pressure from me. She chose the latter and did not raise an alarm. It was kind of a morale boost for me. Our relation had changed forever. All the niceties that we used to exchange and innocent relation were sure a thing of past henceforth. Everything had changed in the course of the last one hour.

I now placed my hand on her folded thigh taking care to keep it hidden from direct line of sight of Vinayak who seemed oblivious to all that was happening next to him. She was torn in between two choices of either standing up and exposing me and jeopardising my friendship with Vinayak and also making a scene in the process and of keeping quiet and enjoying this explicable phenomenon. I guess her being a small town girl just couldn’t muster enough courage to do the former. I suspect she was enjoying this torture a little bit herself.

I began gently to knead her thigh on her pyjama. She decided to change from this exposed position of her legs and kept the foot down quietly without letting Vinayak take notice and then squeezed her thighs together while holding the empty bucket of pop corn to hide my hand from Vinayak.

I caressed her in gentle strokes, and soon my hand began the upward trajectory between her tightly closed thighs. I soon felt the fabric of her panty under the softer fabric of the silky pyjama and began to toy with it. I could feel her increasing rate of breathing which it seemed she was having difficulty controlling.

My right hand was making slow but sure inroads in her valley of flowers. I could feel her tiring of holding her thighs together for the previous 10 minutes as she was giving up. Vinayak was in the meantime engrossed with Tom Cruise kissing his onscreen heartthrob. Anitha’s thighs gave up as I shoved my hand between them and placed my finger right on her crotch. I felt a sigh escape Anitha mouth. I saw through the corner of my eyes that Vinayak hadn’t noticed. Anitha’s resolve was giving up faster than I imagined. She now was beginning to relax and laid back on the chair, a departure from the stiff posture she put up for most of the evening.

The film was entering the darkest scenes, set in some underground locale thus making it darker in the hall. I noticed that Vinayak was still engrossed as it was probably the last few minutes of the film. I had to increase the pace now.

There was no resistance from Anitha now, which was a little scary. I also got a little brave and my heart was pounding as I entered the definitive stage of this evening.

In one bold move, I undid the string of her pyjama, and inserted my hand inside her pyjama first and then the panty. I was greeted by the hairy bush. My heart was now pounding faster than Anitha’s and I looked through the corner of my eyes to find out why. My god! She had closed her eyes. I was shocked.

Just to check if Vinayak was seeing all this and if i was about to be murdered, I glanced across. To my luck she had ensured that pop corn bucket was placed such that he doesn’t see any of it. He in fact had assumed that she has fallen asleep. In order to distract Vinayak, I also kept checking my mobile for missed calls time to time while looking away from both Vinayak and Anitha. This did not let any suspicion build as my hand had located Anitha’s crevice and was massaging her clitoral hood.

Oh Man, I felt like a multi faced demon. I was doing my friend’s innocent wife right next to him. I pushed my finger further and as best as I could with the difficult angles began to massage inside her totally wet pussy and bulging clit. On the screen Tom Cruise was about to give a killer blow to the villain and here Anitha was beginning to contract. I felt her vagina begin to throb and so was her groin. I was scared of being caught but couldn’t leave it now. I kept rubbing her vigorously. Anitha brought her left hand down while her eyes were closed, and began to assist my hand, the Popcorn bucket still doing its assigned job for the night. And then as the onscreen villain was slain, Anitha’s powerful orgasm brought her up form relaxed posture on the seat to an upright one as her eyes opened and mouth opened with a muffled scream drowned in the climactic moment of the film.

My hand was drenched as I pulled it out quickly and rubbed it on my jeans before licking a little bit of it off my index finger. Anitha furtively tied up her Pyjama as the credits rolled and was all set by the time lights were switched on. When lights came on, I first looked at Anitha and saw her flushed look but quickly turned towards Vinayak and commented on the god quality of the film.

He seemed to agree. This was just enough distraction for Anitha to ensure her Pajama is set right before Vinayak suspected anything. Vinayak turned to Anitha as he lovingly rebuked her for having slept throughout the second half of the film.

I smiled at his rebuke and asked him to be gentle on the poor creature and promised them that the next film I take them would be to a Hindi blockbuster.

Anitha and I had better times thereafter but the thrill of this first occasion is the best. Do feel free to give feedbacks on


thi to nisha sirf 16 saal ki, par na jane kyo…

February 12th, 2016
thi to nisha sirf 16 saal ki, par na jane kyo uski chhati apni maa se bhi badi thi. har hafte jab bhi voh aaine ke samne khadi hoti, apna shirt utarti, uske mamme bra ki border ke bahar ubhar aate. voh tay nahi kar pa rahi thi ki use apne mamme pasand the ya nahi. kabhi kabhi, jab voh bheed mein hoti to anjan mard uske mamme zor se dabate aur nisha ke pairo ke beech uski jawan chut bheeg jati. lekin jab voh kapde kharidne jati to jo dress use pasand ata uske button band nahi kar pati thi, uske mamme button ko dono baju se kheech kar dress ko tang bana dete the. uska chhota 5ft 2 inch ka kad, uska 26 inch ka nazuk pet, 38 inch ki kamar kafi sexy thi, par uske mamme 16 saal ki umar mein hi 38 inch ke ho chuke the. khair, meri hi galti hai – nisha no socha.

uski galti kuchh is tarah shuru hui….

2 saal pehle ki baat hai… nisha ko school mein sangeet ke practise ke liye jaldi jana tha. voh subah 6 baje ki bus mein jane vali thi, par ghar se nikalne mein der ho gayi. voh bus pakadne ke liye raste mein bhaag rahi thi. kismat se driver ne bus ko roka aur nisha double decker ke pehle male par baith gayi. itni jaldi subah bus mein do ladke the, aur koi nahi tha. voh haafte hue bus ki pichhli seat par baith gayi. unke chehron se lag raha tha ki voh ladke 18-19 saal ke the. shayad voh college ja rahe the? voh do ladke apne aap mein baat kar rahe the, par jaan boojhkar zor se baat kar rahe tha, taki nisha sun sake. ek bola – sali ko dekha raste par bhagte hue? doosra bola – kya mamme hil rahe the na? itni umar mein itne bade bade kalingar?? sali chudi hui lagti hain. phir dono has pade aur bole – chudne mein kitna maza ata hoga na? chut mein thokte thokte uske gubbaro ko daba daba ke uske nipple ko zoro se khichna chahiye, jaise hum tabele mein gai ko dote hai ne aise. yeh bolke voh aur bhi zor se hasne lage.

nisha sharma rahi thi par use yeh sunke maza bhi aa raha tha. use aaj tak kisi ladke ne uski marzi se nahi chhua tha. ha,bheed mein kabhi kabhi mard uska fayda uthate the, uske mamme aur kamar ko bhopu ki tarah dabate the aur gayab ho jate the. aur nisha ke pooray badan mein sex chadh jata tha. par ladkiyon ke school mein padhne ke karan uska kabhi ladkon se aise pala nahi pada tha. uski tang bra mein uske nipple khade ho rahe the aur narm kapdo se gotiyon ki tarah khil rahe the. nisha ne apne shirt mein haath dalkar apne nipple ki chimti kati. usi vakt ek ladka muda aur muskaraya. nisha ghabhra gayi aur turant apna haath shirt se nikal kar khidki ke bahar jhaakne lagi. voh ladka zor se bola – baby, madat chahiye kya?
nisha hans padi aur ladke ki nazar se nazar milayi, phir nazar jhukai, aur apne daaton tale apne nichle hont ko chabaya.

voh ladka ab nisha ke bagal mein baith gaya aur haath badhate bola – aslam. nisha ne haath milaya aur apne aap ko introduce kiya aur boli – aur apke dost ka naam? aslam chidhate hue bola – dono ko logi kya? aye majid suna kya? tere ko bhi poochh rahi hai! majid hasa aur agli seat par mudkar baith gaya, taki voh nisha ko dekh sake. majid bola – kyo baby, do do chahiye kya? nisha ab ghabra gayi. aslam ne nisha ki aankhon mein ghabhrahat padhi aur apna ek haath uske peeth par ragda aur bola – shhh…. ghabrane ki koi baath nahi. kabhi kisi ladke ne aisa nahi kiya kya? yeh kehte hue aslam ne apna doosra haath nisha ki chhati par achhi tarah firaya, na to bahut zor se, na to bahut nazuk. nisha boli – ha, bheed mein mard ne haath lagaya hai, par is tarah nahi. majid ne nisha ki ek chooch jor se dabate dabate bola – achha lagta hei baby marad jab chance marte hain?? nisha sharma ke muskurayi. aslam ne uski nipple khichi aur haste haste bola – bahut sharmati ho jaaneman. hum dono ke samne nangi fungi khadi hoke chhati hila hila ke nachogi tab bhi sharmaogi kya? hmm?? yeh kehte hue majid aur aslam dono ne uski ek ek nipple ko apne hathon mein liya aur nipple ke sahare se uske mamme ko dhapadhap hilane lage aur gana gane lage – choli mein, tabahi hei tabahi tabaaaaaahi.

to aise shuru hua nisha ke mammo ka roz maalish. voh aslam aur majid ko subah milti, aur kabhi kabhi shaam ko. kabhi park mein ek kone mein mali ki jhopdi ke peechhe, dono uska shirt kholkar uske mammo ko achhi tarah dabate, ragadte, kiss karte, chuste, katte, khelte – 2 saal tak chalta raha yeh khel. 32 inch ki chhati ab 2 saal bad 38 inch ki ho chuki thi. uska cup size C se ab F tak pahuch chuka tha. Ab vah college jane lagi – usi college mein jisme aslam aur majid lagatar 4 saal tak fail hote rahe the. ab vah final mein the, aur nisha pehle saal mein.

tab shuru hui nisha ki dastan…

ek se nahi.

do se nahi.

kafi se.

Nisha ki dastan ek ya do bhagon mein puri nahi ho sakti, theek usi tarah jaise koi khubsoorat ladki ya aurat sirf ek ya do baar nahi chudti. Khaas kar jab ladki nisha jaisi ho, jiske liye ek mard kafi nahi, aisi ladki ki to baar baar, har baar, har jagah, har ghadi kaee mardo se chudai hoti hain. Aur sirf choot hi nahi, mard uske mooh mein aur gaand ko bhi barbaad karte hain. Khair, yeh to baad ki baat hai.

Aaj to nisha 16 saal ki hai. Uski chut ab tak kunwari hai. Ha, jab bhi aslam aur majid uske mammon ke saath masti karte hei, uski chut mein se pani chhootta hai, par iske alava nisha ko to yeh bhi nahi maloom ki ladki aur aurat ke beech antar kya hai. Usay to yeh bhi nahi maloom ki chudai kise kehte hai. Jab bhi uske do dost uske badan se khelte to usay kehte – Sali ek din aise chudvaooga ki yaad rakhegi. Par na jane kyo nisha ne unhe ya kisi ko bhi nahi poochha ki iska matlab kya hain?

College ka pehla din… nisha ka dil zor se dhadak raha tha. Voh pehle kabhi ladkon ke saath ek hi class mein nahi baithi thi. Aaj uska pehla din tha. Nisha ne socha – kya mujhe majid aur aslam jaise aur dost bhi milege? Kya voh bhi meri chhaati ke saath aise hi khelege? Kitni nadan thi nisha!! Use kya maloom tha ki abhi to shuruat bhi nahi hui thi – use kya maloom tha ki sirf do mahino mein voh puri tarah randi ban jayegi aur uske gaand ka chhed uske choot ke chhed se bhi bada ho jayega. Array, usay to yeh bhi nahi maloom tha ki chudai kehte kise hain! Bas, 1 hafta aur… usay maloom ho jayega ki sex sirf mammo ke saath khatam nahi hota. Mammo ki dabai to shuruat hain uske poore badan ki barbadi ki.

Aslam aur Majid prof.Arjun Bilas ki cabin mein baithay thay. Thay to Arjun sahab professor, par asal mein, college ke bahar unke kain talukat thay – bambai ke kain alishan kothe unki meherbani se chalte the. Bambai ke underworld aur neta sab Arjun Bilas se hi nai ladkiyon ki supply lete the. Is supply ke business mein Arjun ne kafi karodo rupaye kamaye thay, alibag mein bada bangla, bambai mein bada ghar, alishaan gadi… aur har raat nai ladki. Aslam aur Majid prof Arjun ke chahite thay, aur kyon na ho? Zyadatar ladkiyan bhi to veh hi latay thay. Lekin pichhle 2 saalon se kunwari ladkiyon ki supply band ho chuki thi. Jise bhi Aslam-Majid latay professor ke paas, voh sari ki sari pehle barbad ho chuki thi. Arjun phir bhi un ladkiyon ko chodta, apne doston se baatta, lekin naveli ladki ke liye uska lund barson se taras raha tha.

Nisha ki tasweer dekh kar hi Arjun ka lauda apni pant mein khada ho gaya.

Sau takka shuddh hei ladki – Aslam bola. Arjun ko yakeen nahi ho raha tha!

Chhati to dekho uski? – Arjun bola – kaise keh sakte ho kisi se chudi nahi hain?

Array sir, ek kaam karo na, usko chakh lo pehle, agar chut phootkar khooni nahi hui to mat dena na paise! Hum kaha bhaage jaa rahe hain? Hum is ladki ke saath 2 saal se khel rahe hain sir, sirf mammo ke saath, taki use bechne par accha maal mil sake. Chhote mamme vali ladkiyon ka aajkal kaha itni kimat milti hain? 2 saal ki mehnat lagi hain, seene ki malish, chusai, dabai karke achhi tarah se use bada kar diya hain, aur ek baar bhi use nahi chuda – na to uske muh ko na hi chut/gaand ko.

Arjun ke land ki topi ab gili hone lagi. Voh is ladki ko isi vaqt chodna chahta tha. Usne apni tijori se Aslam aur Majid ko 20,000 diye aur bola – baki ke 80,000 tumhari guarantee sahi hone par.

Jaise hi Aslam-majid kamre se bahar aye, Arjun ne apne doston ko phone lagaya – Yaar, is shanivaar ko kya kar rahe ho? Bangle par aana hai kya? Kunwara maal mila hain. Ek laakh ka daam hain. Sab milkar batege to achha rahega… Pata nahi, sabko phone laga raha hu. 10 jan tayar hue to sirf 10,000 mein kunwari milegi. Arjun ka dost bola – nahi, yeh to bahut mehenga daam hain. Mera budget sirf 5,000 tak hi hain. Arjun bola – yakin kar Tariq, aisa maal bar bar nahi aata. Aur sun, ladki poori bekhabar hain. Chaude ka matlab bhi nahi maloom use. Hum sabko milke use sikhana hain.
Tariq ka lauda yeh sunkar khada ho gaya aur voh bola, theek hain. Main 20,000 dene to tayar hoon, agar uski pehle main maroo to.
Arjun hansa aur bola – array pagal ho gaya hai kya tu? Kunwari hain ladki, to pehle chhota lauda jana chahiye andar, varna phat jayegi.
Tariq apne 10 inch lambe aur 3 inch mote land par haat ragadte bola – 25,000. Bol, manjoor hain?
Saala behosh kar dega ladki ko – Arjun bola aur vah dono pans pade, aur apne apne laudon ko betabi se masalne lage… shanivar ke intezaar mein. 

Nisha Majid aur Aslam ke saath national park ke ek shaant kone main baithi thi. Aslam bola – Shanivar ko kya kar rahi ho janeman?
Nisha: Kuchh nahi, janma din hei mera, to soch rahi thi ki saheliyon ke saath picture dekhne jaaoon.
Majid: Achha, ab college mein saheliyan ban gayi to apne yaaron ko bhool gayi kya?
Nisha: Nahi nahi, kaho aap – aapne kuchh soch rakha hain kya us din ke liye?
Aslam ne Majid ko aankh mari aur dono apni gandi nazron se Nisha ke badan ko dekhkar muskuraye.
Majid bola: Apni 17 saal ki saalgirah sirf picture dekhkar manaogi?? Chhii!! Hamne to socha Nisha ab badi ho gayi hain, to kuchh auraton vali baat karegi.
Nisha: ummmm.. kya matlab?
Aslam: Array Majid, kya paheliyon mein baat kar raha hain yaar?? Apni hi Nisha hain dost, samjha usko apna kya program tha… aisa kehte hue aslam ne apne dono haath nisha ki bra ke andar daal diye aur use god mein bitha diya.

Jaise hi Aslam ne Nisha ki chuchiyon ki maalish shuru ki, nisha ki choot gili hone lagi. Majid jhuka aur apne haath nisha ki chaddi mein dal diye. Nisha ko achambha hua – un dono ne 2 saalo mein aisa kabhi nahi kiya tha. Vah dar gayi, sochne lagi – hay, ab kya hoga?? Agar Majid ko pata chala ki mere pairon ke beech ki jagah chikni aur gili hoti hain to voh kya sochega?? Use kya maloom tha ki har ladki ke saath aisa hota hain! Aaj tak voh sochti thi ki sirf uske saath aisa hota hain! Majid ne apni ungilyan achhi tarah nisha ki kunwari chut mein har kono mein firayi – nisha ek nazuk titli ki tarah hadbadane lagi; Aslam ne uske mammo ko zor se dabaya aur use hilne nahi diya. Nisha ke mooh se karahe nikalne lagi. Kuchh der bad majid ne apna haath nikala aur apni ungliya nisha ki nazron ke saamne failayi – nisha ne dekha ki ek anokha sa ras majid ki ungliyon par faila hua tha. Voh sharmayi, use laga ki yeh ras peshab hain.

Sorry! Nisha boli.
Majid aur Aslam samajh gaye ki Nisha chalu ladki thi, lekin nadan bhi thi. Use yeh bhi nahi maloom tha ki vah pani sex ka pani tha, peshaab nahi. Majid hansa, aur bola…
Array yaar, pata hein yeh kya hain??
Nisha ki nazren giri hui thi – nahi, voh boli.
Aslam: Jab pairon ke beech aisa ghada ras aata hain uska matlab tumhara badan tumse kuchh keh raha hain.
Nisha ki nazar uthi aur boli – kya keh raha hai?
Majid ne uske chehre par apni ras bhari ungliya failayi aur bola – tumhara badan keh raha hai ki ab voh tayaar hain, voh tumse keh raha hain ki ab mujhe aurat banna hain.

Nisha ko yeh kuchh bhi samajh nahi aa raha tha. Majid aur Aslam use sab kuchh batana nahi chahte thay, unka prof ke saath contract tha ki vah Nisha ko bilkul nadaan rakhege. Par use kuchh na kuchh to batana hoga na… shanivar ko uske saath kya hoga uske kuchh to andaza dena hoga na??

Aslam bola: Achha, yeh batao (usne Nisha ka shirt utaar diya, aur bra ko khole bina hi uske mamme upar se kheench kar bahar nikale, taki veh aur bhi gol, aur bhi kadak, aur bhi chussakad lag rahe the)…. Jab mein aise karta hu (aslam ne uske dono nipple ko ek saath muh mein liya aur use chusne laga)… to tumhe achha lagta hain na?
Nisha dard se cheekhi!! Aslam aur Majid ki aadat thi yeh, kabhi kabhi dono nipple ko saath mein hi mooh me leke daaton ke beech chabake bahut der tak chuste. Ek khatam hota to doosra shuru hota. Usay yeh bahut pasand tha, par bahut dard bhi hota tha.
Majid bola: dard hota hain to achha lagta hain na?

Nisha boli: haan, bahut achha lagta hain, par pata nahi kyon?

Ab Majid ne dono nipple mooh me liye aur choo choo ki awaz karke choosne laga, jaise uske bade bade mamme doodh se bhare the aur majid saalon se pyaasa tha.

Aslam bola: ab agar sirf hum dono hi nahi, agar…. ummm… aisa mano ki….agar

Majid ne uske mammon ko muh se bahar nikala aur zor se nipple par chata mara…

Majid bola: agar hum kuchh aur doston ko lekar tumhare janamdin par aye aur voh bhi tumhare badan ko is tarah se khele to tumhe achha lagega kya baby?

Yeh sunkar nisha ki chut mein se zordar pani ki lahar baras padi. Majid ne uske mooh ki baat chheen li thi! Nisha ne to yeh kitni baar socha tha ki ek baar college mein aa jaye to shayad use aur dost mile aur shayad voh bhi uske badan ko sahlaye.

Nisha sharmake boli – haan.

Majid aur Aslam ka lauda aur bhi bada ho gaya yeh sunke. Nisha chalu to thi, yeh unhe pata tha, par ab to usme ek behtareen randi ke sare lakshan dikhayi de rahe the.

Majid ne Nisha ki chaddi utaar di aur Aslam ne nisha ki choot ki goti pe dheere dheere ungli firana shuru kiya. Phir Aslam ne use apne kandhon par uthaya aur Majid ki jeep ki pichhli seat par bitha diya. Jeep ke kaanch kale the, is vajah se agar koi aas paas bhi aye to jeep ke andar aisi kamsin randi ko nahi dekh sakte the. Aslam ne nisha ka shirt utar diya aur uski bra ka button khol diya. Majid ne uska skirt utar diya. Nisha ko ab bahut sharm ane lagi. 2 saal mein use apne mamme nange dikhane ki aadat ho chuki thi, par aise kabhi voh kisi bhi mard ke samne nangi nahi hui thi. Uske dhyaan mein aya, jab vah Aslam aur Majid ko pehli baar bas mein mili thi, to ek ne bola tha, hamare samne nangi hoke mamme hilakar nachogi tab bhi sharmaogi kya? Aur ab…. 2 saalon baad, voh un dono ke samne nangi baithi thi. Dono ne uske ek ek pair ko liya aur failaya aur uski choot ko dekha. Nisha ki aankhen band thi… use bahut sharm aa rahi thi. Uski choot ki goti mein naye naye armaan uth rahe the. Aslam aur Majid ki ungliya uski choot ke saath khel rahi thi aur uski choot se lagatar ras ki baarish hui ja rahi thi.

Sali ko chudne ka itna man kar raha hai na – Majid bola.

Sabr kar yaar, poochhte hain na Arjun sir ko agar hum shanivar ko aa sake – Aslam bola.

Nisha ab himmat badha ke boli – chudna matlab kya?

Majid: umm… uska matlab… matlab…

Aslam: array baby, uska matlab tumhe ladki se aurat banana.

Nisha ko samajh nahi aa rahi thi yeh baat: aisa kaise hota hai?

Majid bola: har ladki ke 17ve janamdin par kuchh ladki milke use aurat banate hain.

Nisha ko achambha hua: har ladki aisa karti hai??

Aslam: har ladki nahi, par tumhari jaisi khoobsurat ladki to zaroor aise karti hai. Varna ladki hone ka fayda kya hota hain? Hum tumhare saath khelte hain to achha lagta hain na? ab socho, hamare sab dost milkar tumhare saath khele to aur kitna maza ayega? Ab aur koi saval nahi jaaneman… kuchh saval apne janamdin ke liye bhi to rakho! Hum sab milkar tumhe samjha dege!

Aisa kehte hue Aslam aur Majid ne apni jeebh apne hoto pe sehlayi aur Nisha ke mammo ko fir se ragad ragad ke uske choot se pani chhutvaya.

Ab Nisha shanivar ka besabri se intezaar kar rahi thi.

Shanivar ke din Nisha Aslam ke ghar ayi.

Majid aur Aslam ne uske liye kapde bhi la rakhe the. Bra – uske size se 3 size chhoti, uske mamme adhe se bhi zyada upar se nikal aa rahe the. Shirt – phir se uske size se 2 size chhoti, aur button to uski nabhi se shuru hote the. Puray shirt mein sirf 3 button, upar koi bhi button na tha. Nisha ne aisa shirt pehle kabhi nahi pehna tha. Uske chhati aur bhi badi lag rahi thi, aisa lag raha tha ki uske mamme uske shirt aur bra se ladai kar rahe the. Ek chhoti si chaddi bhi di Aslam aur Majid ne, par aage aur peechhe ka kapda itna tang tha ke na poochho! Nisha ne socha, array chaddi pehne ka to kya matlab hua jab sab kuchh to dikh raha hai. Pechhe kapde ke naam par sirf ek patti thi, aur vah patti uske do gand ke gaalon ke beech ghusi ja rahi thi. Aage ke kapde se aar paar sab kuchh dikh raha tha – uski choot ke hont, uske hoton ke beech mein se nikalti hui uski goti – sab kuchh dikh raha tha! Ab usne skirt pehna – skirt tha ya bahut bada belt? Mushkil se 6 inch lamba! Agar voh zara bhi mudi to uski jawani sab dekh sakege! Use sharm bhi aa rahi thi aur mazaa bhi aa raha tha.

Aage ki katha bahut jald…

Padhne ka abhaar….


Experince with Sanyukta

February 11th, 2016

Hi, I am a regular reader of Indian-stories and I always wished that I should have such a beautiful life as these people writing the stories have. But I didn?t have to wait too long b?cos in the last few months I too had a wonderful experience which I?m going to tell you all. It all began when I joined a new college after completing my 12th std. I was a new guy and gradually made friendship with my classmates. Amongst them were a few girls out of which I was attracted to 1 girl particularly. Her name was Sanyukta. She was a sex bomb of our college. But I being very open -minded enjoyed a good friendship with her. Soon we became very good friends. We used to bunk the lectures and go to movies and Beaches, etc. We were just enjoying good friendship.

One day our group decided to go to a Waterpark in our city. We all agreed and went there the next day. That day, a few people were there in the park, except for our group. Sanyukta had bought a swim suit with her . But when I saw her in the swim suit I was surprised to see just a two piece bikini. From that day my intentions for Sanyukta changed and I decided that I will one day definitely fuck her till my heart is satisfied. So on seeing her semi-nude in the 2 pc. bikini my cock started to salute her. Although I wore my underwear under my swim suit I could not hide the erection of my thick long cock on seeing her. Sanyukta noticed this but pretended that she did not notice it. Throughout that day I kept on staring at her boobs(as large as melons) and her shapely ass and pussy.

This continued even when we were having lunch. She was sitting besides me that time and after some time when everyone was busy chatting she put her palm on my cock and gave it a squeeze. OHHHH! My god I was out of this world for those 2 minutes. I understood her signal and whispered her that let us escape from this group for some time. She obeyed and we simply escaped to a lonely area of the water park. Immediately I started kissing her all over her body. She stopped me and told me let’s go to the shower. I followed her to the shower. There we kissed each other passionately and I caressed her boobs (from over her bikini) and asked her to remove the top. But she refused & told me not here & we should return back to the group. Nothing much happened that day.

Next day in the college I sat in the bench behind her and started pressing her ass with my knees. She responded by pressing her ass towards my knees and revolving her butts . I went on further and pressed her ass with my palms and squeezed them. She moaned lightly. In the next lecture we changed our positions and sat beside each other on the last bench. After a few minutes she put her hand on my thigh and gradually moved towards my growing cock. She again squeezed it a little and massaged it from top of my pant . I too moved my hand on her thigh and massaged her pussy from top of her skirt. This was the last lecture. When we were leaving I told Sanyukta that I wanted her badly!!!! She gave me a horny smile and told me to come with her. I followed her to a house which I came to know was her friend’s house. On entering the house I immediately started kissing her all over her face and started removing her t-shirt. Wow !! Those boobs looked fantastic from her transparent bra!!! I released those melons from that bra and started pressing them and sucking her nipples. Mmmmmmhhhh mmmmhhh ooohhhhh were her moans.

She was highly aroused and stopped me and opened my pants and started sucking my cock .I was in heaven with that feeling. Believe me she seemed to be a professional hungry sucker. I shot my 1st load of cum all over her face and boobs which she massaged over her body like a sun tan lotion. But she was still highly excited and started removing my clothes. I was now completely nude before her and I made her nude too. Hungry as ever, she started sucking my nipples. This was a new lesson I learnt from her. This brought me again to excitation and my limp cock again started shaking. Noticing this she started sucking, moaning, licking my cock and my balls. She occasionally gave my cock a bite or a tight squeeze!!! Oh god! She was driving me wild .I decided to fuck this horny slut in a manner that she?ll always remember me not only while fucking but also while masturbating throughout her life.

I tied her hand to the bed and spread open her legs and took my position in her pussy. And with one hardest stroke I breaked open through her pussy. She yelled like any thing but told me to carry on as she loved hard fuckers. I kept on moving in and out in fast strokes. She came in a few time and almost at that time I removed my cock from her pussy and shot my load all over her body. Immediately we took a 69 position and she licked my cock dry while I enjoyed licking her pussy juices. We both were completely tired and I lost all my stamina. She was looking very happy

I?ll tell you?ll latter about this. Bye for now. Any girl in assam, guwahati (INDIA) interested in a real hard fuck ,please do not hesitate to call me . Just mail me on


weekend pleasure with my aunt

February 9th, 2016

The best part of having sex with a married women(especially with ladies above 30+ and below 45) is that they are experienced, they are not shy, they have lot of ideas and are all time horny, and most of all there is no risk of spilling ur semen inside her hole. This story is abt me(22 yrs) and my lady aged 35, size of 38 30 34(I guess so). She is my aunt in relation(My mother’s brother’s WIFE) and mother of two.

I always had the urge to have sex with matured ladies. They teach u a lot. And my aunt was first on my list. Smooth skin, beautiful voice, well toned body and attitude to die for. I’m not bad either, athlete body(since I play cricket for my university and maintain my fitness), well maintained 6 inch tool, fair, naughty looks, silky hair.

We were quiet close in relationship, we met almost twice to thrice in a month. Her husband was working for a software company. Most of the times he used to work from home. I never had an opportunity to show her my intent. Time passed by with nothing going my way. I had chances to screw other girls, but I never did.

I was scared and there is no point in havin sex when u cant cum inside a women’s hole. I was getting impatient whenever I read the stories on this website. I did stay in there house a lot of times and they have a soft bed. Imagine banging my aunt on that bed. Uff amazing…Luck favored me as her husband had to go abroad for a period of 6 months.

They asked me to me stay in their house until my aunts mom arrived. My office was close to their place. I agreed without hesitating. I reached their home on Wednesday evening, dropped my uncle to the airport and was back. I had three days before her mom could arrive. I had to capitalize on this opportunity. Her kids were also a problem.

I slept in the other room with one of her kids. This irritated me. I was getting hornier minute by minute. I had to do something, but couldn’t. So I went into the bathroom, wanked and slept. I got busy with work the next day, but she was running around my mind the entire time. Came back late to her place. Had my dinner had a nice sleep.

The next day I applied a half day leave and came back. I had decided to tell my aunt about my intentions no matter wat could be the result. It was Friday, weekend. My aunt was surprised to see me early and asked as to why I was early. “to spend some time with u……..alone” was my reply in a romantic way. A nice move. I quickly changed my dress and went into the kitchen to find my aunt.

It was the perfect time to strike. I even had the courage to face it. But just then the doorbell rang and her kids were back. “Fuck” was my reaction. We went out for dinner and came back home. Tomorrow my aunts mom was to arrive. Everybody slept quiet early after heavy dinner, but I didn’t. luckily both the kids slept with me in my room, leaving my aunt alone in her room.

This really encouraged me. I went into my aunts room to see her sleep. Gathered some courage and sat beside to explore her body. She was sleeping in her saree. Exposing her navel. Without thinking about anything I reached to her navel and planted a kiss. I wished her to wake up, but she didn’t. so went about licking her navel, it was wet with my saliva.

I was licking it as if was my cone ice cream. It tasted better than anything I had ever tasted….finally something was happening for me, something was going my way. But just then she woke up. She was confused at my behavior, she had no words to express, neither did I have. Our eyes spoke a lot. It was total silence. I only heard my breath.

May be she was aroused and wanted more. It was time for me to go ahead and not to miss on the opportunity which knocked. I went closer to her face and kissed her cheek, No words again. After a long silence, I took it one step ahead, this could decide on whether I could take it further or not. I looked into her eyes with lust, went ahead for a liplock.

It tasted pineapple(flavor of her lipstick). Everything went blank and I didn’t no wat to do next. It went on for atleast 10 min, uff my heart pumped like never before. Our lips were wet. She was shocked, utter disbelief. She laid down without any reaction. I too was shocked as things were happening as never expected. Now started the best moment of my life.

I came over her body and held her head and started exploring her lips and tongue. I was in the most comfortable position. Wat a body to sleep on. I love a women’s neck and their inner thighs. Licking a womens neck and hearing to her soft moans makes any man delightfull. Every inch of her neck tasted different. We never exchanged any words.

Just exchanged our saliva. She was responding to my every move with her low soft moans and hand scratching my back, trying to grip my silky hair. The aroma of her armpits was driving me crazy. The perfume she had applied wen we went out was still strong enough. It was then she spoke with a low tone. “Its been 12 yrs.” I couldn’t understand wat she meant. I asked her “wat” while biting her ear lobes.

“its been 12 yrs since I have been kissed”. Such a heavenly created body not been used by her husband for 12yrs? wat a shame. “how could your husband resist sex with u for 12 yrs, when I couldn’t resist for 3 days” I came down to her shoulders while unbuttoning her blouse from behind. I took my own time. Knowing that this opportunity will never come back.

I like sex in a proper way, not roughing up. Taking time, exploring her skin, sharing few intimate words in a low tone. I pinched her shoulders from behind, bit it from front. She said I smelt good and she started licking my shoulders. Which aroused me, and I think my dick increased by an inch than usual erection. I was successful in removing her blouse and could see her pink enamor bra.

I hate the colour pink, but was stunned after seeing it on her skin. Suited so very well. I got up removed my shirt and shorts. I was on my briefs. She asked why don’t u remove that. I replied saying “its for u to remove it”. I switched on the bulb so that I could look at her parts clearly. Any one new to sex would have cummed just by looking at her navel.

Only thing missing was a mole. I went back kissing her shoulders while my hand reached her wet panty. She chewed my ear when I just touched her vagina over her panty. It was painful, but a sweet pain. She was really horny. I reached her cleavage with my wet tounge and my hand was sliding through her inner thighs.

We were sweaty, I reached out to switch on the fan, but my lady stopped me and said “ I want to taste your sweat.” I removed her bra with my teeth, while my hand reached the starting point of her ass crack from behind. She held my my chest and said “I wish u had chest hair.” I said I shave it off as I’m not comfortable with the hair on my chest.

She slowly started tickling me and caught hold of my penis. It was magical, her soft hands holding a man’s soft part. It was shaven. She held my sweaty penis, wiped out all the sweat with her palm and we both tasted it. It was then I looked at her mangoes, caught hold of it, squeezed it. My other hand was still exploring her inner sweaty thighs.

She held my hand and guided it through her panty and into her juicy, hairy vagina. She was getting impatient. She removed her panty and my briefs. Both NAKED….lying over each other…. Skin to skin….sweats getting mixed up…..cant ask for more….but wanted more. We even forgot about our relantionship, that she was a mother of two who were sleeping in the next room.

I licked her beautifully curved breasts and reached her brownish sweaty nipple. Wat an aroma, wat taste and wat a moment. Her vagina was getting wetter and wetter. I increased the speed of my finger which was entering her vaginal walls. It was like inserting our finger through papaya fruit. Her moans was getting heavier and hips were tightening. I was so lost in licking her nipple.

And then came the best orgasm she ever had. Scratching my back, screaming out loudly, she ejaculated her juices all over my hand, over her thighs and over the bed for almost 6-10 secs. She was exhausted and laid down strengthless for next 5 five minutes. But I was cleaning her thighs,drinking her vaginal juices with my tounge.

She then asked me to switch on the fan and laid for few minutes. She got up from her bed and went to check if any of her kids woke up. She bolted their room door and was back into our room with an ORANGE in her hand. I wondered. I thought..but nothing stuck my mind as to why she got an ORANGE. Was she hungry?

She gave a naughty smile with a wink. Came over me, slapped me and said “who thaught you all this.” I didn’t answer and instead bit her tongue. She held my hard tool, started stroking it easily, softly, while chewing my tongue. She went down and bit my nipple and reached my penis area. Her tongue was rolling over my balls. She said “ I can see your veins.”

Uff …….I pinched her hip.she never reacted. She was engulfed in her act. She licked my penis head and asked how many have done this to u before. I replied you’re the fourth, but none like you. She took my entire tool inside her mouth and made it wet with her saliva. She then peeled the ORANGE and …… squeezed it over my dick, making all the juice drop over my tool.

Wow, wat an experiment. She tasted my penis with the juice over it. She was eatin it. Even I wanted to taste my penis. But couldn’t. I asked if she tried this with uncle. She said “I didn’t even taste his penis. He was too shy.” I was like “wat the fuck?” why did he even marry such an angel. I felt lucky that it was my penis which she first tasted.

She poured more of that ORANGE juice and sucked my penis. Wat a sight to watch and wat a women to be sucked by. Since it was the first time for her, I asked if she was ready to take my semen inside her mouth. She said “of course…..why would I miss that opportunity now. I heard its salty, let me taste and clarify.”

The sound of her sucking increased with my moaning, I was reaching my orgasm, its gonna be the biggest and powerfull. I stood up so that I could see my semen zipping off my tool and going all over my aunts face. She was rubbing my back and sucking it vigorously. It was time for me to cum, I cautioned my aunt, who was eagerly waiting for it…

“Here it comes aunty…..ahaaaaa” was my reaction when I shooted my load over her face and tongue. I never believed my eyes…because it was the first time I shot so much of semen and I really had a big and satisfied ejaculation. My aunt was happy and exicted to taste it. She said “I wish u were my husband.” I asked “how the ORANGE taste.”

She said “the ORANGE was tasty and sweet,similar to your semen.” we went into the bathroom cleaned ourselves, came back and I pushed my aunt into the bed. I said “now for some banging aunty. This act will be my first time, as I have never entered a womens hole.” My dick was hard just by the mere words of my aunt “I want a baby daughter sweetheart.

Fulfill your needs. This is not going to happen again between us. Use your aunt as your wife.” Missionary style was my favorite position. Because u can lie down on your women, bang her walls, whisper into her ears, bite her neck, taste her nipple, kiss her lips. Every skin of your’s comes in contact with her skin. U can see her reactions. All these things arouses you more.

Finally my most awaited moment during sex arrived. I already started having goosebumps. My aunt looked at me, smiled and held my tool and guided it through her vaginal walls. It was tough to push through her walls. But that’s the best thing about sex. No pain no Gain. She spread her legs widely so that I could guide it easily through her vagina.

I was successful and it was the most cherished moment of my life. Even getting selected to my state team was not as cherished as this. If only I had words to express the heavenly act of lust. My entire tool entered her vagina and I remained in this position for next minutes. My aunt kissed my ear lobes and whispered “girl baby sweety.” I couldn’t reply because I was in no state to reply.

I started my push. Her arms and legs were wrapped around me. Every push my from side, left out a huge moan from her side, she said “its bigger than ur uncles.” This encouraged me. She had an orgasm and bit my neck almost removing my skin. But I continued with my banging. Didn’t care for anything. My pre-cum started to ooze out.

I said “aunty I’m getting closer..”…she didn’t respond as she was ready for her next orgasm. My pace increased, sound of my balls tumphing my aunt increased… hands pinched her thighs, her waist….her nipple…she screamed….but I was is no state to stop…. I kept pinching her thighs and licking her neck….i even bit her shoulders.

She whispered in my ear saying “more….darling…..faster…bite my flesh sweety. Give your aunty your semen. Give her a baby girl.” All these words were arousing me….it was time….i loaded my semen in her vagina…… I tightened my ass…giving all the strength…..mind went numb ….screaming her name….biting her shoulder……pinching her thighs. I could hear the sound of semen entering her vagina.

please ladies who are reading this…. Please give me another chance….please satisfy me once more. We laid over each other for some time…asking my aunt… “wen can we have again.” She said.. “not again….i gave you wat I wanted…u pleased me more than anyone.

Let this fantasy end here. Keep urself ready for ur wife…who’s going to be lucky….satisfy her…use ORANGE over her.” Saying this she got up kissed me, dressed up and went to sleep with her kids. I was disappointed as to this moment was over…my long awaited fantasy was over.


Beautiful girl from Hyderabad

January 18th, 2016

Hello everybody, My name is Jamal Ray i am a 27 yrs old Black-Arab guy been living in Hyderabad/India for 3 years now, and leaving by the end of 2012, i like everything about india, the Culture, People, Food.. Language ,Music.. and alot more. and i believe indian woman are one of the Most beautiful women on earth, as i am someone who enjoys reading erotic stories.. (im not a Fan of Porn but its kool sometimez) i had different sexual experiences in india, with foreign girls (arab,Turkish,Latin) and some indian women. this incident was one of Them.

on a Monday Morning it was around 1:30 pm and casually dressed in red v-neck T-shit and blue Jeans.. i am 5’11, Muscular, i am in a Clean
Diet and i workout Regularly, i went to the Super market to get some Brown Bread wich i use always (as its a healthy slow digesting carb),
and when i went to the Food section, i saw a Beautiful Girl standing and reading the label of an Item.. she was Gorgeous, with Monica
Bellucci body type (google her, she’s the most attractive hollywood actress, curvy and not anorexic) dressed with a black Jeans, a  purple T-
shirt and Soft sports Jacket on top, she had a Beautiful long hair drawn back and tied at the back of the head as a Ponytail,.. i thought she
was like 25 something but later she told me she was 29 years old, all of a sudden i wanted to talk to her.
there was only me,her and 2 other customers in the supermarket, as an Excuse to start a conversation, i picked up small Chicken Masala
Powder and i said to her:
Me : Excuse me, i know u don’t work here, but can i ask u something?
she :Yes , what.
me:  is this used for all soup or just chicken?
she: laughed. and said u can use for any type of soup but it tastes good with Chicken.
me: i said, oh ok. i was making sure.. ( to take advantage of the moment i said) ..
but there is something that i am not making sure.
she: she said , and what is that?
me: i am sure that a pretty girl like you can’t be single.
she: laughed. and she said, well that is true.
me: my name is Ray, and u ?
she: my name is Priya.
me: in a joking way i said, No, it can’t be.
she: why?
me: Priya is one of the 3 of my favourite indian female names.
she: tell me the other two..
me: Neha, Puja.
she: so they all end with A.
me: i laughed and said everything beautiful ends with A. even the delicious food .
she: really?, Ok..tell me one
me: i will tell u one food that u can’t stop craving for it when ur on diet.. and its PIZZA.
she: laughed and she said that is true. u guessed good.
me: ok. Priya it was really nice meeting u, before i leave .. i think ur an Interesting girl and i would like to know u better as a Friend.
she: ok. Friend..but i am married.
me: i laughed and i said in a joke facial expression, if you are married , your not burried.
she: laughed . and she said ok give me your phone number. and i will call you.
me: i said . i insist let me have yours.
she: she gave me her number but ( later i realized she changed the last 2 digits) cos she didn’t wanted to give her number but as i was
insisting she don’t wanted to refuse.  and again she said tell me your number .. and i gave her my real number.
me: i said it was great meeting u and looking forward talking to you soon Miss Pizza.
she: Ok mr joker. i see you have some jokes . u2. bye.
i left the Super market.. and after 2 days  i wanted to call her but to my surprise the number was an airtel out of service number.
but at 3:00pm Friday.. it was almost 4 days after we met .. she called .. we have talked and i asked her why did she gave me the fake
she said , u insisted but as a married woman i don’t give my main phone number to guys,  i asked again in a joke way.
so is this number for the strangers..  she said.. no, but i use it secretly and nobody knows it.  it was true.. cos most of the time when i tried
to call her at that number it was switched off.. i realized she used that simcard when she wants to call someone.
after talking for an hour about alot of general topics.. and getting to know each other ,  she told me she has 1 kid in a school now, and her
husband is a Doctor. even though she was somehow Shy , i asked her about her Sexual life and she later opened up and told me, that she
was having a very Dull and a boring sexual life.. and she said that she is lucky if her husband have sex with her 2 times a week. cos he is
much older than her and devoted to work and social life.
finally we decided to meet.  and she said there is a friend of her wich is an air-hostess and has a flat in Banjara Hills ( those in Hyderabad
know, its a cool area)  and she comes to her flat twice for the whole month.. and she told me she had a Key to that flat.
she texted me the Address of a famous Building in Banjara Hills Road no.12. i went there at 5 Oclock.
she went there before i arrived and prepared a simple tasty Juice Drink for us ( im not a Fan of Alchahol)..
when she Opened the door , she was dressed with a figure hugging white Top with a Bra, and casual gray Yoga Pants , she is not fat but
curvy, nice big boobs and round pretty ass, (i love women with a nice shaped ass) she had tonned legs and small size 24 waist., i hugged
her, and kissed her on the Lips.. and i said.. its Great to see u again.. u look absolutely stunning, she said thank you.  u look great too..we
drank the Juice and shared some jokes about india, men & women..etc..
adrenaline like substance was gushing through my veins..while i was looking at her sexy body.
she said.. i know its first time we meeting alone but we have to be clear with each other.. i like you as a Friend and i want to have  only
Physical relationship with you , with no strings attached. if you are ready ok.
i laughed and i said. that is ok.  and it reminds me the movie Friends with Benifits.
as i am a generous lover who always start pleasuring the woman first , i started kissing her, she had a beautiful full lips..( i didn’t saw alot of
indian women with those big full lips)  and with my left hand i was squeezing and touching her boobs she had 32D.. lovely big Boobs .. i
took off her bra, and fondled, her boobs, caressed them lovingly and erotically while sucking and softly bitting them with my front teeth.. she
was breathing heavily..  and she said oh. please do it again.. she liked the teeth part.. i did it and teased her.
i went down and removed her gray yoga Pants she had a red underwear.. i started kissing and licking from her Toes before i removed her
pants.. she had a Beautiful clean feet.. so i licked and kissed them.. she was looking at me and enjoying..  i kissed and licked her thighs and
when i came close to her Pussy.. i kissed her pussy on top of her underwear.. and i could see she was getting wet down there..
i removed her underwear with my front teeth while i was making the roaring funny sound and talking dirty to her saying i will eat u so bad
girl.. she was smiling.. and noding.
she had a very lovely pussy clean shaved with a perfectly shaped lips ( labia majora & labia minora),
i kissed.. and licked (with changing the tempo and speed and the tongue style)..i enjoy giving oral to a woman more than anything.. and it
arouses me alot.. i started licking and sucking her clitors.. i inserted my middle finger inside her vegina while i was licking her clitor and
blowing soft-cool air on her clitor sometimes hot air.. from my mouth ( most women like it, note it down) .. she was moaning and breathing
so hard.. then she had her first orgasm and she was shaking.. to give her sometime to Resuscitate her Dying strength, i went up to her face
and started kissing her.. she came on top of me and she removed my T-shit started kissing my chest and with the tip of her tounge she
started playing with my nipples.. then she went down and removed my Jeans and by the time she saw my hard on.. she said wow.. i guess
he is ready (referring to my penis).
she tried to remove my Underwear with her teeth.. but she could not.. i laughed and i said .. try that next time..
she removed and i was fully erect and she started stroking.. my dick is 9.5 inch when Fully erect ( as a Black Guy, we are blessed down
there, even though its not all of us).. 🙂
she put it in her mouth.. and man she was really good on Blowjob even though i have seen some better woman she was great.. she was
trying to Deepthroat but i guess she had a Gag-Reflex and my cock was long and big she was making sounds..u know whatta,imean.
i told her to come off the bed and i took her to the floor and told her to get on her knees.. i was standing and i told her to suck me now.. i
love the moment when a beautiful woman on her knees sucking u while she was making eye-contact with u.. man, its beautiful..
as i always like to talk dirty.. i told her to say. IM UR BITCH !… she laughed and said .. i don’t talk dirty , i never did..
and i said its ok u will like it.. try .. it will give u more pleasure… she said in slow voice, im ur bitch.. i said .. now say..
DO U LIKE ME, U BASTARD !… she laughed and said it loud..
after that i took her to the bed and put her on the corner of the bed while i was standing on the floor and in a missionary style with both her
legs on my shoulder i inserted my cock inside her pussy.. it was warm and juicy.. she was loving it and i started pumping her so hard and
fast.. she was moaning and saying please don’t stop..  after 10 min of pumping it slowly and i took it out and started teasing her..  i said to
her say please give it to me.. she said please give me..  please fuck me.. fuck me deep and hard… i need it.
it was good to hear while she was talking dirty…  after 20 minute.. i had my first Dry Orgasm but i didn’t cum, (dry orgasm means u will
have the tension and muscle contraction as a normal orgasm but ur not gonna cum) as from a young age i always was a Multi-orgasmic
male.. ( u can master it if you try kegel exercises 4men, and women also can.. even though is gonna take long). as i was semi-erect due to
the Dry orgasm, she put my penis into her mouth and brough it to full erect again.. i told her to go on the Lying rear entry postion ( the
woman lies on her stomach, lifting her ass slightly upwards so the man) its one of my favourite sex postions and alot of women love it,  i
come on top of her and i didn’t use a Pillow to elevate her belvis as my penis was long enough to hit her from back, i fucked her so hard
while i was holding her long hair.. sometimes whispering to her ear that she has a Beautiful body and i am loving it.. and some other dirty
words,  sometimes putting my Tongue on her left ear.. she was moaning and loving the words i was saying..she had her 2nd orgasm and i
could feel the juices coming out of her pussy while i was still inside her pussy..
after 25 minutes of penetrating her i was about to have my 2nd orgasm.. and still i can make it a Dry orgasm and go on without a cum but i
didn’t wanted to come inside her, cos i was not sure if she was protected or not.
as she was looking at her watch , i realized she was in a Hurry and wanted kind of get back to her house…. when i was about to cum and
wanted to take out , she told me that she was on the Pill and that i can came inside her..(i am one of the guys who during ejaculation make
a ton of semen) i shot a load of cum inside her.. she breathed heavily and she looked at me saying.. oh, that was great.. and i never had 2
orgasms in a row.
i leaned and kissed her at the lips and i said .. Thanks , u were great.. she went to the Toilet and cleaned her self and i went to the toilet too
and kissed her in a while there.. she said she has to go.. i dressed and kissed her good bye..  she asked .. can i call you anytime i need you?.
i smiled and said.. yes.. since u gave me a fake number, i  guess ur the only one who can call now… she laughed.
and she kissed me and said.. i am sorry sexy, i didn’t know you, and i didn’t know what to expect.
i smiled and said. its Ok priya.. i know ur married and u have to be careful with guys…
before  i leave she asked if i would like to have the Juice drink before i go, .. i said of course ..but from your mouth..
she grabbed a cup of juice she took it in her mouth, and drank the juice from her mouth while kissing.. it was lovely..and i kissed her
goodbye and left.. i drove my bike. she drives a Blue Maruti car.
at 10:20 pm, on same day, she called me .. and she said that she can’t forget the glorious time she had with me today.. and she thanked
me.. so i said.. No Thanks, we are Friends remember.. and we just helped each other.

for 3 months we were Meeting on that flat and used to have a Wild, magnificent good times. not only that, we become good friends too and
she used to talk to me about her relatives and family problems and i used to give her Honest Opinions and advices.
there was some days i used to bring her small gifts.. before i come to the flat.. wich she loved..  i knew her body measurements.. and i
bought her a Sexy lengerie one day.. she really loved and told me that her husband never bought her a lengerie..
with her sexy body she looked drop-dead-gorgeous with the lengerie.. and i took pictures of her with my Nokia N8 phone.. but i later deleted
it as i didn’t wanted anybody to see them or being leaked ( as some Dumb friends do, and upload it on the internet, without you knowing it).
she used to color her feet and one day i brought a shining Pink south Beach nail color and i told her to sit on the sofa and while she was
watching a Tv , I painted her feet .. i was doing it for fun and making her feel good about her self.. but when i finished colouring, i looked at
her face and i saw she was emotional with a Teary eyes.. i asked. are u Ok Sweetness?..  she said yes. nobody ever did this for me.
no man ever cared me this much.. even my husband..
i looked at her and i said i am glad u like it.. and to change her emotional mood i started tickling her. she laughed so hard.
that day we tried all kind of sex postions and i even taught her the Kinky playful sex stuff like ( Blind-folding, Dominance & Submission and
alot other stuff.. wich most of women enjoy)..

all these good times was coming to an end.. and to get into that.. she called me one sturday morning .. and she said today we have 5 hours
together and we can do everything as her husband went out of hyderbad.. i was excited..
and when i met her at the flat hugged and kissed her .. she said .. Today i am all yours.. u can do whatever u want to me.. in my mind i was
like is this the last day am going to see her (wich actually was).. but i didn’t asked her..
when ur about to have something for the last time, there is a feeling coming with it.. and i had that feeling .. so i fucked her pasiontely with
all my heart.. she was on her knees sucking me .. and i gagged her and fucked her face like a pussy, she had rape-sex-fantasy as she told
me several times and she was enjoying it while i was gagging and fucking her mouth so hard… we fucked and done different sexual postions
and when i was about to come she said do u want to come in my mouth?..
i was surprised cos she never done that with me.. (she didn’t like the taste of semen at all as she told me) .. so while i was holding her hair
in one hand and the other hand stroking my penis and looking into her eyes.. i shot my warm cum into her mouth and she swallowed it, and
i gave her a full facial shower all over her pretty face.. she kind of loved and when i was done she went to the toilet and washed her face
and got cleaned.

we sat on the sofa and she told me to just listen and not to interrupt her, she told me that she had the most amazing sexual moments of
her life with me, and thanked me for fulfilling alot of her fantasies and desires.. she said that she developed strong feelings towards me..
and for her its not just physical relationship anymore..(i was not sure if its true or if she was bullshiting, but i believed her) she told me that
she thinks alot about me even while she is in bed with her husband.
and she told me that she couldn’t balance her life and our relationship..( wich i can understand) .. cos she was kind of emotional for the final
days of our relationship as she was calling more on her phone,  she told me alot of things that she never shared with anybody.. so finally she
said that she don’t want this relationship to continue .. as it was turning to love/lust/and obsession.. from her side..
i had this kind of relationship previously and may be it was new to her and that is why she couldn’t go on…
i was kind of sad loosing such a lovely friend like her, but it wasn’t my fault and in some way not her fault either, i understood that women
are emotional but as the line of friendship was crossed..and the friends with benifits deal was broken.. we had to Terminate our relationship.
i never saw her again.. but it was a great experience with a Smoking Hot indian girl.
i have some other sexual experiences with indian women and i will post a new different one again soon.. a threesome with a couple
i would like making new friends and let me know what you think of my story u can get intouch with me at.
cheers. live, love and laugh.


My real story

December 30th, 2015

Hi All, I am Simpy, 27 years old as present and live in Ludhiana, Punjab. I have read many stories on IS and found very interesting. So I thought to put here my experience as well. I am living in a rented room here as I am working in Ludhiana and my native place is far away from here. The story I am going to tell you guys is about the Bhabhi, the landlady of my rented house. They have a 3 BHK set in a nice colony and I am living in one of their room. So moving in the house is not tough for me and we usually sit together in evenings, after my office.

So here I am telling you how it all started. As it happens in all families, they also have some differences between them (husband- wife). So when they quarreled each other they used to talk to me about their problems. Most of the problems occurred due to money as it happens in each family. Here also was the same, so slowly Bhabhi started asking me for some money with a reason or two. Sorry forgot to tell about the family. They are total six in the family. As the story is about Bhabhi, so tell you the members with her relation only. Her husband, her father in law and three kids aged 10, 8 & 2 years.  Elder two are girls & going to school and obviously the third one, boy, has to stay with her for 24 hours either awake or sleeping.  Her husband is working some private firm as a laborer and earning some 3-4 thousand per month. Her father in law remains home all day. Not going much deep in the family we come back to our story.

So slowly she started asking me for some money like 50-100 Rs. after every 10-15 days. Here I want to tell you about her body. She is around 30 yrs. of age 5’4” in height, same as me and dam sexy. She is very fair in color and sexy figure 36C 28 38. So I never minded to give her anything she wants from me and we started to talk each other very often and coming close to each other. Very soon I was touching her intentionally here there and she was not minding anything. After few months spending together we were even talking about sex but not getting any chance to do it as her sasur ji living home all day. But we were often talking each other about everything and sometimes kissing each other was possible when her father in law went out for small work. She told me that she is ready for everything but it all depends upon getting a chance. So now it was clear that I can fuck her anytime when she is alone at home.

This happened last year in the winter when the days are cold and night are more cold. That day her husband told me that they (he & his father) have to leave early in the morning next day and going to some relative. So asked me to drop them to Bus Terminal to catch a bus. Now I was very excited that I can get a chance to have her fully. I mentioned can because her sister in law (her husband’s cousin) was there to live with them.  So we all went to sleep around 11 PM. I could not sleep the whole night because thinking of her only if I could get a chance to fuck her.

Next morning her husband woke me up at 5:30 to drop them at bus terminal and I was ready within minutes. I drove very fast and came back very soon. I was praying to my god all must be sleeping till I come back to home and god accepted my wishes. Her two daughters and her cousin sister in law were sleeping in back room and she was in the room adjacent to my room with her only son who could not understand even if wake with our talks. So as soon as I returned to my room I entered her room straight away to check if she agrees to me for having sex. I went to her and just planted a kiss on her cheek which she accepted eagerly. I asked her if she knew that I would come to her directly and she said ‘YES’.

That means she was ready for a fuck and the environment in the room was perfect for a fuck. There was a dim light of red night bulb and a room heater was on to keep the room temperature perfect for a fuck. I laid on the bed beside her to access her body and started rubbing mine with hers. I kept my hand on her perfect and smooth boobs and she moaned very slowly. Soon my hand was inside her kameez and she was not wearing a bra. I started to kiss her cheeks, neck and eyes. Then I moved to her lips which she denied because she was fresh and told me that we’ll have a good fuck later in the day and now do the things faster as she has to send her children to school. I told her I didn’t sleep last night dreaming about her only and she asked that fuck her soon and go to sleep. She would wake me after her daily house hold work after sending children school. I wanted to move slow but thinking of children’s school I had to make things fast. I removed her kameez asked her move a bit to remove her payzama. She did and soon she was naked in front of me. I was still in my full cloths and planting kisses on her body. Then she moved her hand towards my pant and unzip it to take out my fully erected dick. She caressed it slowly and asked me do fast.

I put my dick at the entering of her pussy and she started moaning straight away. I entered her and started pushing it in & out. She was very wet and slippery noises started coming from our body contact point. She was moaning slowly with my pushes. After few strokes she started to move her hips and her moans coming a bit louder. I told her to control her emotions as her sister-in-law may wake listening to her.

She asked me not to worry and move fast and fast. I wanted to have fun so moving slowly but she insisted me to stroke fast as she was also jumping from the bottom.  Soon I was about to come and I ask her that I am coming, where she wants me to come. She told me to come inside her and as soon I shot my cum inside her she also came with loud moans. Then I came back to my room and slept. She came to me after some time and asked for my phone for some purpose. I gave her the phone and slept again. Then she again came to return my phone and this time I pulled her to my bed. She laid for a while with me asked that her sister in law was waiting in kitchen for her. I slept again and woke up at 10 o’clock.

Then I got ready and was leaving for office when she asked where I was going. I said “office” and she asked to take a leave to have fun. I told her that I can’t take leave from my work. I said this to show her whereas I was thinking to stay with her from my heart. When she insisted I asked how we can have fun when Neeta (her sister in law) was at home. Then she told me that her boyfriend is coming to see her. So we can enjoy in one room and they can enjoy in another room. Then I took leave and stay home.

Till noon nothing happened as I they were busy in their working. I was sitting in one room and doing some work on my laptop when Bhabhi came to me asking what I was doing. I said “nothing, killing my time and waiting for her to come for real fun “. She said “sabr karo, sabr ka fal meetha hota hai.” I again started waiting while she asked if I have something in laptop to show her. She already knew it because I have told her about the movies I had in my laptop. She asked to show her some. I opened the folder having some very good and hot pics of Indian girls as well as some foreigners too. She started feeling hot seeing them and started to kissing me softly. I asked about Neeta because she may come and us, she told that she won’t come. And pleased me with some very fine art of foreplay.

I was very hard by now but did not sure about Neetu so could not initiate from my side and kept on going through the pics. After sometime she stopped and went to kitchen. I followed her but found Neetu there and I came back to room. It was around 1 o’clock when Bhabhi asked me to bring some snacks as Neeta’s boyfriend was about to reach. I went and brought the samosas for all of us. After 10-15 minutes one guy reached our house. I was just thinking about the things just to start but Bhabhi informed me that he is not her boyfriend, so they won’t do anything. I thought my chance is also gone as they both will sit with us only.

It was now when the real things were to happen which I could not assume. Neeta left with the guy and Bhabhi told me that they will return with the children after their school get over. Now I and my lovely dream girl were alone at home to have the best fuck of my life till that time. She started with the foreplay where she left earlier and this time I also could have fun as I knew this time no one is going to see us. She licked backside of me ears and my hands started moving behind her. I was grabbing her ass cheeks and caressing her back. Her hands were also busy at my back and soon we felt that our cloths are feeling heavy on our bodies.

So we started ourselves to get rid of the cloths. I lifted her kameez first. She was hugging me tightly and not ready to leave. But I need to remove cloths so we departed for a while and at the same time she pulled of my t-shirt. Again we locked our lips and our hands found their way to explore each other more. She was not wearing a bra this time also she got half naked and her erected tits were rubbing my chest. I was feeling very nice and soon her hands were searching for my tool. It didn’t take even a minute to find her way into my pants and grabbing the tool inside the pants and my jockey. She asked me remove pants as she wants to suck me. I said “its your work and you do it.”

She eagerly undid the buckle and at once pulled down my pants and jockey to my ankles. I took one step aside to get rid of my pants. She at once bent down and took the whole 6” dick in her mouth. I was feeling in seventh heaven as she was moving her head forward and backward on my tool. She told me that she had dreamt few times of having sex with me and also the sucking of my dick. It was very nice and I asked where she learnt this from and the reply was “I see a lot of BFs.” I asked if she sucks her hubby too, she said sometimes when he insists. She told me that did not like her husband much as he can’t satisfy her sexually.

I was holding her hair and she was working perfectly on the dick. After few minutes I asked if she likes to drink the cum. She said if I love her to do so she would. I left it to her and she said no to this. Then I drew my dick back from her hot mouth and I put my lips on her breast. I took her right boob in my lips and started to suck. My on hand busy with other boob and the other one was exploring her pussy lips. She was dripping very badly and asked me to fuck her once and then enjoy further.

So I asked her to move to bed but she was interested in doggy style and that too on floor only. She told me that it was her fantasy to be fucked in doggy on the floor but could not fulfill till that day. I asked her bend on her four and she did at once. I entered her from behind and I started pumping her from behind. She started moaning  aaaahhhh  aaahhhhh. Very soon her pussy started to grip my tool and her body started to shiver. She came very soon and her juices were flowing from her pussy down to her thighs and I could feel that. I kept pumping her from behind and she again started to move her hips. Soon she was again moaning loudly and we came together. In 15 minutes I flooded her love hole with my cum and we were sweating like anything.

After some rest, she started again playing with my dick. I also started caressing her boobs with my right hand. She was smiling, when I asked “why are you smiling?” She said “I waited a lot for this day and today I get the chance. I am very happy today and want to enjoy with your cock as much as I can.” I said “Its all yours, you can enjoy in any way with it any time.” She put her lips on my cock and started to kiss it’s head. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started stroking it. My cock started to stand up again. Soon it was on its full and she was quite happy to see it hard and playing with it. I started pressing her boobs and she was now sucking my cock on full length in her mouth up down. I was enjoying her fully. I asked her to come upon me as I wanted to taste her also but she refused. Then I started fingering her and she started to grip my fingers between her thighs again. I asked her if she is ready for next round and I got a sexy smile in reply. I asked her to come down to start the next round and she said that she want to ride me first. I said “ok” and she came over me completely to ride me. She started slowly moving up and down on my shaft and later increasing her speed. She started to move a bit fast and started to moan. I knew she was just to come so I also started pumping from down. She screamed very loudly and her juices were all over my thighs.

I asked her if she want more, she said “You have not done till now so you can finish.” I asked her if I could fuck her in her ass” which she refused. She only permitted me to put my dick in her ass crack. Then I entered her from behind and she readily accepted it. She started to move her hips forward and backward. She asked me to fuck her as fast as I could. I started to stroke her very fast which enjoyed and after sometime we were laying in each other arms fully exhausted. After some time we wore our cloths and within few minutes the door was knocked and we laughed as we finished everything on time. She opened the door and it was her sister in law standing there.  Bhabhi went to prepare tea for all of us. I could not get another chance to fuck her again. When I’ll get another I’ll definitely let u know.

So friends this was my story. I hope you all enjoyed it. If any bhabhi or aunty in Ludhiana or Delhi NCR want to enjoy with me can contact me at……please let me know how it was. U enjoyed it or …………..


Mera Gulam

December 28th, 2015

Read this Hindi Sex Story here! (in PDF format)

The post Mera Gulam appeared first on Free Hindi Sex Stories.


Mera Gulam

December 28th, 2015

Read this Hindi Sex Story here! (in PDF format)

The post Mera Gulam appeared first on Free Hindi Sex Stories.


New Indian Top Porn site

July 14th, 2015

I know you are a fan of hot Indian chicks and believe me you are in the right site at the right time. TOPINDIANPORN is new site full of very alluring and attention hungry Indian babes. This site is clear … Continue reading

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New Indian Top Porn site

July 14th, 2015

I know you are a fan of hot Indian chicks and believe me you are in the right site at the right time. TOPINDIANPORN is new site full of very alluring and attention hungry Indian babes. This site is clear … Continue reading

The post New Indian Top Porn site appeared first on Free Hindi Sex Stories.