My true lovelife

October 30th, 2009

Hi this is my experience of about 4 yrs back. I am an executive with a PSU here in
Bhopal.We used to live in the PSU colony. I had a friend who lived at a little
distance with wife andtwo kids.Friend was from Bengal who had marriedSanjana the daughter of
his subordinate.Sanjana was frank and bubbly type who would mix up with everyone
very easily .Sanjanawas from poor family of UP.She was ordinary looking,slim wheatish
complexion.When I mether she was 25 yrs had become mother of 2 was barely able to
handle her small kids.She had a sexy figure with small boobs,hot lips,long
hairs,attractive look,talkative and what not.I had not seen such a innocent look in
any other woman.


My first sexual encounter (Bi-sexual)

October 29th, 2009

It was December 1999 when a distant cousin of mine came to live with us for about a fortnight. I was living in an annexie at a short distance from the main building so that my studies may not be affected. I was then aged about 23 years and student of LL.B. classes in a degree college. My cousin was a little older and was about 28 years of age but still unmarried and had established a prosperous business. He had come in connection with his business to recover his dues from various businessmen to whom he had supplied goods manufactured by him.

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Hesitant Saali Pooja

October 28th, 2009

My saali was at age of 17 ¼ at that time. Medium height, nice round asss cheeks, c-medium sized tits. Clear white color, pink lips, soorahi jaisi neck. Dimples when she laughed. So I tried everything possible to get her under me, so it didn’t work. Then one day after dinner in the kitchen, she was heating up the milk on gas stove and washing dishes. She was wearing Yello Kurta and Salwarr. She had her white bra on but no panties. Her bra made her tits stand hard and pointing. And her salwaar was inclined with her pussy and ass crack. From the front it was clung into her nice and medium sized meaty and juicy thighs. From the back her salwaar was in her ass cheeks, damn what a sight. So I was glancing all this time, and she;;;



October 27th, 2009

Hi I?m Tina from Baroda. I ?m going to tell u about my first experience with my ? it was two years back when I was of 17 years. My mom went to my uncle?s town and she was supposed to come after 15 days. At home we are only three person left. Myself, my brother and my dad. I was always hot for my dad, he has very well built physics, because he was very good sportsman. And I know at this age also my mom and dad enjoy sex almost 3-4 times in a week. I often peeping them. After 3 days of my mom gone, at night near about 11.30 I wake up and went to bathroom, while coming back I peeped in my dad room, to check whether I could see something special, and to my surprise I could see my dad was masturbating.. I can understand his desire. I came back to my room and thinking that how I could have sex with my dad. After thinking long I plan for next day. At noon when my brother was at college, dad came for lunch; I wore very tight jeans and t-shirt without bra so my dad could see my breast very well.

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exotic sexual sensation

October 26th, 2009

I am narrating here an exotic sexual sensation. Hope fans will love
it. Most of the conversation was in Tamil and it is difficult for me to translate
some words as I am not a professional writer so I keep the conversation virgin
readers will excuse me. This is the experience which I had during my journey to
Chennai in bus with a teen college girl. Actually I am residing at Chennai, My name
is Vijay, married, an Engineer working in MNC Company. Monthly 10 days I used to go
out on tour to inspect our projects all over Tamilnadu. I am very sexy man at 36yrs
of age & 5’8″ height. Before the incident took place I had sex with two married
girls only other than my beautiful wife in my life though I have feelings &
intention to have sex with other girls like my friends were doing with my
co-staff(girls), my conscious didn’t allow to do it in fear to prevent from
diseases, tie ups & unwanted problems. But this incident broke all my desire.
It happened during Sep.2007.


My First Time (Hindi)

October 25th, 2009

hello i m zahid from gujranwala pakistan for days i was reading ur stories so today i m posting my one
yah un dino ki bat hay kay jab main 17 sal ka thha kay hamare gher main mari aik cousion a gai thhi jo ke mare mamo ki bati thhi or us ki umer takreeban 13 sal ki thhi .
main nay us ki taraf koi khas deehan nahi dia thha kay aik din kuchh asa howa kay mara deehan b us ki taraf chala gia. hum bhai or bahanain hain behnoon ki shadi ho chuki he or aik bhai ka gher ahelda hay main sab say chhota hoon doosra bhai b apni bagam kay sath sath wale kamre main sota thha. main mari ammi or wo lerki jis ka name hina thha aik chhatai per ghermioon ki raat ko air cooler laga ker sote thhe wo lerki mari ammi kay doosri taraf hoti thhi or main oposite side per .

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my sexy sister

October 24th, 2009

i’m sanjay n i’m only 16 yrs old ,n i’m having a elder sister her name is priya n shez 18 years old n v live at hyderabad so i and ma sister sleep in the same room and my sis had a habit of keeping hands on
my stomach but i dnt hv any feelings because i dnt know abt sex in tht age so i dnt
knw any feelings later after few days i got a lesson in biology tht sexual reproduction in human beings so i got to knw abt sex so one night my sis asusally ketp her hand on my stomach i got sum feelings
i usally sleep with shorts and no under wear so my sis moving her hand up n down i


True Motherly love

October 23rd, 2009

Rahul is only 21. He has just graduated from IIT, Dilhi and got admitted at a very good university in USA. Rahul is the only child of wealthy modern couple at Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul’s father is a renouned businessman at Calcutta and very rich too. His wife Ruposhi is the headmistress of the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu is only 40 now. She is a modern up-to-date free
lady, regularly goes to clubs in rich areas of Calcutta and ia a very active social worker. She even worked with famous faminist and film actress Aparna Sen for the poors of Calcutta slums. Rupu likes to dress very conservatively, never very revealing.

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My Gulf Mate

October 22nd, 2009

My dear valuable readers,
My name is Mohan and now am 32 years old. I was working in Saudi Arabia from 1995 to 2005. Actually I am a bottom type gay guy and I love men very much. Here I am mentioning my sex encounter with my friend while we were in Saudi Arabia. During the time, I am 23 and my friend , he is Saji also same age. We were working together and he is handsome and just look like Kamalahasan. In Saudi, there is no enjoyment except tv watching and blue film watching. One day, we were watching a blue movie, there were 6 people in my room. All are near by malayalees and just coming and gathering after the work.

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Fucking Daughter in Law

October 21st, 2009

Raman Nair opened his daughter in law’s bedroom door and stopped still. The CD player was in full blast and his daughter in law, Menaka was dancing to the tune. He had actually come there to tell her to reduce the volume, but seeing her in her mini skirt and loose T shirt dancing with her breasts bouncing stopped him. He leaned against the door and watched as she wriggled her hips and stepped about her mini skirt half lifting showing her fleshy thighs and the red laced panties. Because of the music, Menaka did not hear him open the door and mesmerised by the music she danced about her eyes closed enjoying the music and loving the way her body moved in rhythm. Raman Nair felt his cock grow hard as he watched her dance and when she did not look his way turned and closed the door behind him and walked towards her.


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