Hot Ahmedabadi

February 10th, 2013

I am a 28 year old guy from Ahmedabad who lives alone in this city for last 2 years and I am a great sex lover and get erection easily when the topic comes to sex. I also watch XXX movies and from which I have learnt lots of positions for having sex. This is an incident which I had 6 months ago. One day when I opened my e mail box to check my mails I saw that there was a mail from a lady named Deepa in which the subject was,’Please Help Me’.I got excieted and immediately opened the mail to read what Deepa had written. She was a 29 year old married lady from Ahmedabad with two kids (A 9 year old daughter and a 6 year old son) and was happily married.

Deepa wrote that she hailed from a conservative family,so she was married at the age of 19 years and had her first kid at the age of 20 years. She had written that she was interested to have sex with me and wanted my 12 cms long cock in her vagina,because it was long time that husband did not have sex with her, as her husband was a rich businessman and had no time for sex, as he was a busy man travelling from one place to another and Deepa mentioned that she was a kind of person who would love to have sex every day. So,she was desperate to have sex with me. Along with her mail she also gave her telephone number. Now my sex encounter starts from here. As I got Deepa`s phone number in her mail,I did not waste any moment and I immediately rang her up and fortunately Deepa had picked up the phone and I introduced myself and she was happy to hear me on the phone.

Then I and Deepa decided to meet each other in parimal garden in Ahmedabad the next day. Deepa told me that she would be wearing a blue sari.The next day I quickly went to parimal garden to meet her and I reached the park on time and saw that Deepa was also waiting for me wearing a blue sari.I saw that Deepa was a sexy lady with a fair complexion and a figure of 36-26-34 and was a very goodlooking lady with round boobs and sexy ass which was waiting to be pressed and slapped. She was happy to see me and we sat besides eachother like lovers and started talking about sex and when I touched her hands I felt that her skin was like butter. Deepa told me that she had all the comforts of life excepting sexual satisfaction . After chatting for about 2 hours,then Deepa gave me her address and asked me to come to her house the three days later.The next two days we spoke to eachother on the phone and finally the D day had arrived for having sex with Deepa.I rang up Deepa and asked her could I come to her house,she told me to come immediately as there was no one in her house.

Now there was tremendous sex filled in my penis as I was getting the sexy feel that I was going to have sex with a married woman.Now when I reached Deepa`s house,she welcomed me.I saw that Deepa was wearing a blue coloured suit in which she was looking damn sexy.I and Deepa enjoyed a cup of tea and then I asked her about her kids,Deepa replied that she had sent her kids to her relatives place for the whole day.I wondered that it was indeed a smart planning.Then Deepa placed her hot erotic hands on my bulge and said,’Darling come on lets go to the bedroom’. Deepa accompanied me to her bedroom and I saw that her bed was a sexy bed, as if it was meant for honeymoon couples. Deepa then closed the bedroom door and then she put her arms around my neck and placed her soft red lips on my lips and started kissing my lips like a desperate girl and I too held her tightly in my arms and was enjoying the kiss.Then I undressed her salwar kameez and Deepa was in her bra and was wearing a printed cotton panty.Now I placed Deepa on the bed and took off my red t-shirt and jeans and I was also in my underwear.Then I slept over Deepa to make love with her and I started kissing her lips and we kissed in French style with our tongue and then I kissed her forehead,earlobes,lips and then I softly touched my lips on her lips and then started kissing Deepa`s neck and we were breathing heavily and both of our body had become very hot.

Deepa started moaning,’Aahhhhhhhhhhhh Darling mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai,Zarra mere boobs ko bhi dabao na’. So,I unhooked her bra and kissed her boobs and then started licking and sucking her pointed nipples and she moaned loudly Aaahhhhhh……I started pressing and massaging Deepa`s sexy boobs and she was enjoying it and was moaning and telling me,’Darling tum mujhe honeymoon ka mazza de rahe ho,zorr se dabaoo aur pura sex mere boobs se nikal do’.I kissed her navel and her tummy.Now I started giving Deepa erotic massage with my fingers on her abdomen and her pussy over her pussy,she was giggling and moaning and said,’Ouch kya kar raha hai?Mujhe bahut gudgudee ho rahi hai.’Now I wanted to remove her panty,she smiled at me and she stood up and pulled her panty down and I saw that her pussy was clean shaven and then I kissed her pussy and there was an erotic odour coming from her pussy.Now I started fingering her pussy and mean while I was kissing her lips. Deepa now told me,’Janeman tum apna underwear nikalo na,mujhe tumhare sexy lund ko kiss karna hai’. So,I pulled my underwear down and my red hot 12 cms cock was rock hard and she started touching it.We were now in 69 position as she laid above me and I was enjoying licking her pussy as it tasted like nector and her love juices flowed in my mouth and I drank it.

Now it was time for the real sex action as I now slept on my back and Deepa then sat on my penis by inserting it in her pussy and she moaned loudly,Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh and I caught Deepa`s soft ass in my hands tightly and Deepa` started riding over me and I was caressing her ass erotically and she was riding up and down in a very sexy way and was moaning,Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,Ummmmm,Oh Yeaaaaaaahhhh and we both were pumping. Deepa said while pumping,’Darling let me tell you one thing,though I am married and I have two kids,but I feel that you and me are made for eachother.’Mean while we changed our position and now I laid above Deepa and she kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was now pumping in full force and so her moan were louder,Ooooookkkkk and I was kissing her lips,forehead and pressing her boobs tightly and she was scratching my back vigoursly..I wanted to give pleasure to Deepa,so I made sure that I don`t ejaculate very early.Now I felt that my sperm was boiling inside my penis very badly and I increased my speed and Deepa was making sexy screams and I felt that I was unable to hold my sperms inside my cock and I took my penis out and I spurted out tons of sperms on Deepa`s tummy and on her abdomen and I massaged my sperms on her abdomen.

We now fell into eachothers arms and slept for a while. After sometime we woke up and started making love and as a result we both were aroused and so it was time for my penis to go inside her pussy and I sat on the bed and made Deepa sit on my lap facing me with her legs kept over my thighs,so that I could embrace her in my arms,kiss her lips and caress her boobs.Now with my penis inserted in her pussy and I was holding her hips tightly in my hands and started pumping slowly and kissed and pressed her boobs and now Deepa started moving her hips sexily and was moaning Aaaaaaaaaaauuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and we were caressing eachothers body like anything and she was so sexually excieted that she kissed my lips continuously for 10 minutes and was moving like anything and she was moving her gaand in a very sexy manner.

My sperm was boiling again and this time I spurted inside her pussy.Now we again started making love and we were talking dirty things.Now I brushed my lips softly on Deepa`s lips and told her that I will do something to her pussy that will give her real pleasure. So with my erotic finger I started tickling her pussy and clitrois and was moaning with pleasure,’Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh,Uuuuuuummmmmmm,bahut mazza aa raha hai darling aur gudgudee bhi ho rahi hai’ and now to my pleasure Deepa told me,’Darling mere choot mein kuch kuch ho raha hai’. Deepa told me that she was getting a pissing sensation due to my stimulating her pussy,so I took her to the toilet and she sat down to piss and to my surprise she pissed in full force and while she was pissing I touched her urine and saw that her urine was hot. We were now again back in bed and this time I slept on my back and Deepa started kissing my penis and now she lifted up my legs and with her long finger nails she started ticklinmg and stimulating the area below my penis and my testicles,Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I loved it and as a result I was hard again.

Now I sat on Deepa`s tummy and placed my hot penis in between her sweet round boobs and started fucking her boobs vigorously and after that I started kissing her hips and then slept in eachothers arms for few hours. When we woke up after sometime she got a bottle of cheese spread and spilled the cheese spread on her pussy and asked me to lick it and I started sucking and licking her pussy and she was moaning loudly,’Chhhato aur zorrrrse chato mere choot ko’ and I was sucking her pussy for an hour and she cummed 4 times. After that she was happy to be in my arms and now she told me that It would be better for me to leave,because it was now the time for her kids to return. So,I made love to her and I asked her,’Deepa darling did I satisfy u?’ She said,’Yes’ and then I went home. And after that when ever she wanted she called me for fun, but now she has left Ahmedabad and I am once again all alone in this city.


Sex With Relative

February 8th, 2013

Hi, I am 21 years old girl and my name is Swathi Reddy. This is my first experience and it happened 1 month back. Firstly from my status, I am 5?7? tall sexy girl with a 36,24,36. I completed my B.Tech 3rd year and I went to my relatives house in Anantupur in the vacation to learn some advanced courses in computers. In the house there were aunt, uncle and their son Rakesh who was studying engg 1st year in JNTU anantapur. Their son was 18 years old and 5?9? tall and fair in complextion.
Both the parensts were employees and most of the time they were out of town or busy with their duty. They asked me to clarify doubts in computers to their son as he took computer science in engineering and I was also a computer student. My parents said to me that they were very decent family and you have to behave in a nice manner.

My father left me there and returned to cuddapah. In there house there was a tradition that any lady should wear only saree and that caused some inconvenience to me. But when going to computer classes I was allowed to wear chudidhars.
The parents went to hyderabad for a meeting and their son and I was in the house. I knew cooking and there was no problem. I had the habit of taking bath two times a day. One day after coming from the classes I took head bath and wore a green saree and green jacket and white bra and white pettycoat. The saree was fully transparent that my jacket was clearly visible. As I did head bath I was getting sleep. Rakesh also had a duplicate key with him. So I locked the main door and went to sleep in the bedroom. I don’t know when Rakesh came. Suddenly I realised that some thing was going in the room. I was too tired that I was not able to open my eyes and see what was happening. Then I opened my eyes. To my surprise I saw Rakesh in the room and my hands were stretched and were tied to the bed, even my legs were stretched and tied to bed. I shouted at Rakesh what was goign on. He closed the bedroom door and said that to keep quiet. He took bath and came in tea shirt and shorts. He said that he was very much disturbed by my looks and transparent exposings and said that he wanted to fuck me. He said that till now he was feared to fuck girls outside because he may get some diseases. As I was from a town he knew that I will be fresh. He said that he was also fresh and no need to fear of getting diseases. I warned that it was not good thing to do. But he didnot listen.
He slowly jumped on to the bed. I was trying to release from the bed. He tied me very tightly to the bed. Slowly he touched my lips with his fingers and he wanted to kiss me. I moved my head sidewards to escape from the kiss. But he held my head with his hands and kissed my lips with his lips. This was the first time I have been touched by a guy. So I was feeling some what nervous. He Kissed nearly for nearly 10 minutes and my lips were wet. I cried not to rape me and spoil my life. He did not listen to me. The saree was transparent and the jacket was clearly visible. He placed his both hands on the boobs and was pressing slowly. He was enjoying it very much. I too was moaning slowly and didnot object him. He removed my pallu. My boobs very large that the jacket could not hold them. He was staring at my boobs as that he had never seen such boobs in his life. He pressed my boobs without removing the jacket and even sucked my jacket. The jacket hooks were very tight. He was not able to remove the hooks for some time. Finally one by one hook he removed and at that time I was also encouraging him lightly. He removed my jacket and threw it aside. Then there was a white bra. He was very excited and tried to remove the bra. But The bra I wore had a hook backside. As I was tied to the bed it was difficult for him to remove the bra. he got a scissor to cut my bra. The scissor was touching my skin and I was moaning. He cut the bra with my scissor and removed my bra. Now my boobs got freedom and were erect. He placed his hands on my boobs and was rubbing them like anything. I was also moaning and he realised that I was also enjoying and he untied my hands. he put my one boob in his mouth and was sucking it very hard and pressing the other boob with the other hand. He did this for 20 minutes. when he bite my nipple I was screaming. His mouth was not enough to hold my boob but he pushed my boob fully into his mouth as if he was hungry.
Then he untied my legs also. He asked me to lie down on my knees. I did so. He stood up on the bed and removed his shirt and short. I saw a big dick and it was the first time I saw it in real. He asked me to handle the dick and suck in the mouth. I touched it and it was semi hard and I slowly put it in my mouth. It was the first time for him to place his dick in a girls mouth and even it was new for me to take a dick into my mouth. I slowly tooked some part of it in my mouth and it was good. Then I took the entire dick in my mouth. He was enjoying a lot. I was sucking in and out of my mouth for 10 minutes.he laid me down on the bed at last. he lifted my legs up in air and pulled the underwear and through it away. he placed his tounge on my pussy and began to move it in and out with sucking all juices which were coming out and out. Slowly he pushed his two fingers together in my pussy I cried as it was the first time and when he pulled back I moaned a lot giving big juices out.
Now the real game began. He opened my legs and entered his dick inside. I closed eyes with pain and pleasure. Firstly he entered his top inside and fucked then half dick fucking started and as I was fresh mine was too tight, he slowly tried to enter the whole dick and he failed to insert. He inserted his half dick and waited for a while. He gathered all his energy and pushed into my pussy. I shouted like any thing with pain. It was too pain that I asked to remove his dick but he didnot remove. On the other hand I was enjoying this even in pain. he slowly removed his dick and I felt some what relaxed. with the first some strokes I cried much but with every stroke, I started to enjoy its length and fatness with moanings and cries. he tried every position with me and I helped him to enter perfectly inside and I helped him to insert it entirely. After I said enough and said that I can take no more in pussy, he started at my ass opening.
I cried a lot to get a biggest sized dick and for some first time of ten minutes, I wept many times to take it but after some deep and hard strokes, I began to enjoy also. he began to fuck his dick in my mouth and very soon, he blowed in my mouth and on my face. Then we had bath and were dressed again and slept on the same bed. Then he bought a candle which was larger than and taller than his dick. He tried to insert into my pussy and I said no to him. I told that if he does this my pussy will get teared. He said that he will insert it only one-fourth of it and I agreed. He slowly inserted the candle but as the candle was large it was too difficult for him to insert and I was also screaming with pain. I said to remove the candle, he didnot listen. with all his pressure he pushed the candle. I shouted that I was dying of pain but at the same time I was enjoying. after that he removed the candle and licked the candle.i was surprised that how the big candle entered my pussy. He was still hungry that he removed my jacket again and was sucking my boobs. He was twisting my nipples and was pressing my boobs when ever he wants and that was an unforgettable day. The next day his parents came and we had no chance to fuck. But his looks were very inviting. Though there was no chance to fuck, he came to my room for doubts and used to suck the boobs, press them, and even I was sucking his dick but fucking was a problem as there was his mother in the house.


Mistress Secret

February 6th, 2013

Hello friends my name is xyz and I am 20, a smart looking guy and this is the story which is not real but my dream. Except for its inconspicuous lock, the door at the end of the short hallway of Miranda’s middle-class home looked perfectly ordinary. But the windowless room beyond the locked door was a sexual Never-Never Land, a fantastic reflection in a kinky Looking Glass. While Miranda watched, amused, the key dangling from her finger, I took one step inside, then another — and stopped, staring. My heart was racing, my eyes wide.

I had never seen anything like it before. Two walls were mirrored, from the tiled floor to the black- painted ceiling. An incredible array of whips, restraints, gags, and harnesses hung from the peg strips which circled the room at waist height. Pushed into the near corner was a heavy padded sawhorse; the center of the room was dominated by a wooden X-frame solid as an oak and seven feet tall. Both the horse and the frame were dotted with steel eyebolts, some of which sported dangling chains or cuffs. All of it looked well used. None of it, as far as I could tell, was for show. And in the opposite corner, facing it all like a queen’s throne, was a fan-backed rattan chair with thick ruby-red cushions. A black riding crop rested across the seat. It was a real dungeon, a dominant/submissive playground, tucked into a back room in a perfectly ordinary home. And this surprising wonderland belonged to my friend Miranda — a woman whose dress and appearance wouldn’t raise an eyebrow at a PTL meeting. Whose usual dress and appearance, anyway. I turned back toward Miranda, my mouth suddenly dry. “This is incredible,” I said. What my eyes were saying, I didn’t know. But I was looking at her very differently. My mind flashed on a picture of Miranda in black corset on the fan-back chair, contemplating me bound naked on the X-frame. My cock began to swell at the thought. “You approve, then?” she asked archly, her eyes sparkling. There was a tension between us at that moment of a kind that had never surfaced before.
She was at ease, self-amusedly waiting to see what I would do. I was uncomfortable, and tempted to hide behind a wisecrack. But for some reason I just swallowed, nodded, and said quietly, “Yeah.” Her next question cut to the heart of the tension. “Do you want to try it?” I couldn’t look away from her. “Yes. I — I do.” She looked at me questioningly, as though I had said something wrong. “Yes, Mistress,” I amended, suddenly realizing why she was waiting. She smiled then, a pleased smile. “Then go back to the living room, slave Alan, and take off all your clothes. Kneel in the middle of the floor, and wait there until I come for you. I have a few things to get ready.” # I undressed, heart pounding, still not quite believing what was happening. What was I getting into? How much could I trust her? Though I’d known Miranda for more than two years, we lived in cities five hundred miles apart. We had met at an education conference in Raleigh — she was a testing specialist at a private college, I was a placement counselor at a large university. We ended up spending several hours together that weekend, in lecture sessions and on a mass expedition for Chinese food. She smoothly and firmly squelched my attempts to flirt with her, but even so, I had a wonderful time in her company. When we ran into each other at another conference later that year, it was like finding a friend in a mob of strangers. We had dinner together again (only five at the table this time) and sat up late in the hotel bar on the last night, telling stories and laughing. I wrote her a few letters over the next year, and she called me a few times. But the tone was always friends-keeping-in- touch.
There was no hint or thought of romance. Miranda seemed to be on a different wavelength, as though she didn’t play that game at all. I confess I couldn’t quite figure her out, even though I enjoyed her a great deal. Then came the week-long counseling workshop in her home city, my wonder-if-we-could-get-together call, her invitation to a casual dinner at her house, and the free-ranging conversation that kept coming back to sex. Somehow I had found myself telling her more about my past and my preferences than most of my lovers ever knew, and much more than Miranda was telling me. Eventually I got to my interest in what I knowingly called “D&S,” and how it was a shame that so few women seemed to understand about the exchange of power and how much fun it could be. I was pretending a familiarity I didn’t have, and Miranda must have known it, but she let me blather on for a time before calling my bluff by taking me down the hall. And now here I was, kneeling naked in her living room with a throbbing hard-on, staring my fantasy in the face. I knew what most of the toys hanging in the dungeon were for. But my knowledge was almost entirely academic, drawn from books like Exit to Eden and a sampling of fem-dom porn. The games I’d played with lovers past had been strictly amateur. Miranda was the real article, and that scared me as much as it excited me. Maybe it scared me because it excited me. Or excited me because it scared me. I didn’t know how to tell the difference. # Minutes dragged past, and my knees and ankles began to complain about the position I had assumed. Then I heard a door open, and the click of heels in the hallway. I turned to look, and found my hostess transformed into a stunning Mistress. Her mane of wavy auburn hair was set off now by a studded black choker. Her ample breasts seemed barely confined in a leather halter laced only to the lower curves of her cleavage. She wore fingerless elbow-length gloves and gleaming studded wristlets. In her right hand was the crop, in the left a collar. Her hips were sheathed in a tight leather wrap-skirt which bared her beautiful thighs. Her stockings were black and sheer, her shoes spike-heeled with ankle straps. She was, in a word, gorgeous.
My erection, which had flagged a bit as I waited, stirred to new life. She noted, and smiled wickedly. “Nice,” she said, looking directly at my cock. “I can have fun with that.” I found my voice. “You look fantastic, Mistress Miranda. Incredibly sexy.” “Did I give you permission to look at me, slave?” My breath caught. “No, Mistress,” I said, and lowered my eyes. Miranda laughed. “I want you to look at me. I want you to want me. You can’t have me, of course. But wanting is good.” She ordered me to crawl to her. Then, standing over me, she said in a low voice that chilled me, “I’m going to take you to that place you’ve been wanting to go. I’m going to teach you what your body can feel. I’m going to play with you, and punish you, and use you for my pleasure. I want more than your obedience. I want your surrender. Do you understand?” I said I did, hoping I did. She made me kiss her shoes and her crop, and then placed the plain, heavy collar on my neck and locked it in place. Pulling me up by the collar, she whispered a “safe word” in my ear — which I silently vowed not to use. Then she pushed me back down to hands and knees and led me to her dungeon. # Miranda was in no hurry. She kept me kneeling before her chair, my legs spread wide and my wrists cuffed and locked together behind my back, while she asked me pointed questions about my experience and my fantasies. All the while, she kept touching me, teasingly. She toed my balls with the point of her shoe, tapped my cock with the tip of her crop, scraped and plucked my nipples with her nails. Once she let me suck her middle finger, which I did eagerly. I wanted to make her feel good, and that was the first chance she’d given me. When she’d learned everything she wanted, she rose and led me to the X-frame. My cuffed wrists were unhooked from each other, then fastened high on the wooden crosspieces. Miranda selected a second, larger pair of cuffs from the wall, and soon my legs were spread wide, my ankles locked to the foot of the frame.
I had never felt so sexually vulnerable. I was facing out and leaning back, completely helpless, completely exposed, my cock hard as an eighteen-year-old’s and already dripping from the tip. “I can see I’m going to have to do something about this,” Miranda said, seizing my cock by the root. “You’ve obviously been thinking about fucking me. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I told the truth. “Yes, Mistress.” She slapped the head of my cock smartly with her free hand, making me gasp. “Forget it. You’ll be lucky if I fuck you.” Letting go of my cock, she walked to her collection of sexual toys, and returned with a small harness with several straps. “This should keep this greedy little cock under control.” A few moments later, my proud shaft was encased in a tight leather sheath that exposed only the head. One strap went around the root where she had grabbed me. Another went around my scrotum, while a third separated the balls. It felt as though my entire manhood was being squeezed in a fist. My cock throbbed, reddened. Already, I desperately wanted to come. But Miranda had other plans. Her next choice was a length of rope with dozens of spring clothespins clamped to it. She gave me one end of the rope to hold between my teeth, and then began to decorate my body with the wooden clamps. She started with one on either side of each nipple, pinching the skin with her fingers to give the clip a good bite. Then she placed a clothespin directly on my left nipple, and I moaned — and dropped the rope I was holding for her. “I’m going to add to your whipping for that,” she said as she gave me back the end of the rope and resumed her project. The other nipple was next, then the underside of my arms, the inside of my thighs, and, finally, my cock. First, she tugged out enough skin to attach one of the little biting monsters to each side of my already harnessed scrotum. I almost bit through the rope. Then she started on the engorged head of my cock, placing one, two, four, seven clothespins in a semi-circle on the narrow, sensitive ridge. Taking the rope from me, she stepped back to admire her handiwork. “Look at yourself, in the mirror,” she said. I saw a naked man in complete submission, his limbs spread- eagled and restrained, his throbbing cock tormented. I felt like I was tripping. The tension in my body was incredible. My blood was on fire. It was as though she was touching me in a hundred places at once, and every one of them was making me crazy with desire. My eyes closed, and I slipped down into the sea of sensation, leaving thought behind. Suddenly I jumped, writhing, as an electric jolt coursed through me.
My right nipple was suddenly burning. What was happening? I opened my eyes to find that Miranda had folded the length of rope twice over and was using it to strike the clothespins from my body. Her aim was true, and every time she knocked one free, thousands of nerve endings which had been temporarily overloaded suddenly came back to life shouting protests. The last to go were the seven pins on the head of my cock. By the time the last dropped to the floor, I was quivering and hanging limply in my cuffs. Miranda stepped close and ran her fingertips grazingly over my skin, the touch making me jump. Then her hand closed around my sheathed cock, and her thumb rubbed the wetness oozing from the tip all over the head. “You took that well,” she said softly. “Maybe you’ll get lucky after all. But first, I owe you a whipping.” Miranda released me only long enough to turn me around, toward the frame, so my back and bottom were exposed. I watched in the mirror as she selected a short, many-stranded whip, then moved behind me. She started with light strokes that barely warmed the skin, leather kisses on my thighs and ass. The strokes came faster and harder, until it felt like my skin was glowing. I stopped watching. I stopped thinking. Then Miranda traded the short whip for a long, stiff leather paddle. The first blow from it lifted me off my heels and made me cry out in surprise. She gave me little time to recover, applying the paddle vigorously across both cheeks and the backs of my thighs. The weight of the paddle and the strength of her arm carried the shock of each explosion through my whole body. I moaned, grunted, and fought against my chains. But the incredible thing was that it didn’t hurt. I was past that. It was a wake-up call to my senses, a charge of pure sexual energy. All I was was what I was feeling, and all I was feeling was wave after wave of delicious intensity. I was flying.
After a time I couldn’t measure, Miranda stepped up close behind me, caressed my hot ass and said in a half-whisper, “Now, the punishment I promised you.” There was a long moment to wonder. Then I heard the whistle as it cut the air, and I knew — it was the crop. And when it landed, it felt like I was being sliced open, a line of fire burning into my ass cheeks. My body went rigid, and when the crop fell a second time I couldn’t hold it all in any more, and screamed. Twice more the crop came down, and then Miranda drew close again, her body brushing against me as she traced the scarlet, swollen marks the crop had left. She moved away again, leaving me to hang there on the wooden frame, breathless, shoulders aching, all resistance gone, glowing inside and out. Time dilated, stopped. The next touch was a hand spreading my ass cheeks, and another hand smearing my opening with a slippery gel, pushing a lubricated finger inside me. “Now the reward you’ve been hoping for,” she said softly. I raised my head and looked sideways at the mirror, and saw that Miranda had shed her leather skirt. She was wearing a harness that was like a leather G-string, and jutting out from it was a long black dildo. I watched as she moved in behind me, guided the head to my asshole, and pushed it up inside me. It was blissful, humiliating, erotic. I was impaled, stretched, violated. Miranda was fucking my ass, claiming possession of me, and all I wanted to do was open to her and give her whatever she wanted to take. And then she reached around my waist and loosed the straps on my harness, freeing my cock from its leather prison. She began to masturbate me, stroking my cock in rhythm with her reaming of my ass. With everything that had gone before, I was on the edge, and had been for some time.
Before long, my gasps and moans betrayed my approaching orgasm. Miranda took that cue to bury the dildo deep inside me, tighten her grip, and stroke my cock furiously. After a long few seconds, I went over the edge, crying out and writhing as my cock spurted long jets of come into the air. # Miranda took a Polaroid photo of me before she freed me, and then allowed me to shoot one of her before she changed. I took that photo, my memories, and the four crisscrossing red stripes from the riding crop home with me on the plane. I don’t know when I’ll next see my friend, or if she’ll ever favor me that way again. But one thing is certain — I’ll never again think I know someone if I haven’t seen what they keep, and who they are, behind locked doors.

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Reema In PC Bhurban Hotel

February 4th, 2013

I’m a guy from PAKISTAN. This trust me is a true story. No not a storie it is an incidence which truly happened. So i’m not going to reveal my name & any identities. Here is how it goes.
I’m a guy working in a P C ( BHURBAN ).( I cant tell my post or name as I can lose my job. Actually I’m taking a great risk here as if anyone knows abt this i’ll be dismised immidietly but anyways!). Its a very royal hotel not meant for any ordinary middleclass people. Rich people come here. Some actors & actresses also come here for privacy. I like almost all actresses. But there is one actress who is a sensetion & is a persone ’cause of whom i’m wriiting this. Its REEMA !! This happened in Sept 2002. I was told thst REEMA is going to visit our hotel. I was happy as alway to know that an actress is coming. In that september our hotel was not crowded as it was a rainy season & not many times can people go out of hotel as it rains cats & dogs here.

So finally the day came when REEMA moved in. When I first saw her I was stuned!! Man she was hott!! She wore a pink sleeveless punjabi. I didn’t notice at that time that a guy from HYDERABAD ( SINDH) also moved in the same day but it was important you will com to know later the importance of him. So back to our story.A day after REEMA moved in, i saw her talking with that guy from HYDERABAD. REEMA was wearing a black skirt & looking hot as always. The black colour looked so sexy on her white body. I thought some weired things about them but i did not know tha things will really go this far. The two of them seemed to had became good friends they left the hotel fore siteseeing as there was not much rain that day.
REEMA came back first in the evening. In the night the guy(his name was IRFAN) came back. Their rooms were adjoining eachother. So the time was passing as usual. In the night at about 11:30, I was passing by REEMA’S room & I knocked the door to she if she wants any desert or something as dinner was taken late. There was know responce. I knew she doesn’t sleep this early as she goes for night walk for an hour after a late dinner. I thought that she had gone out may be for a night walk. My mind was full of ugly thoughts I quickly rushed into the room & started finding something like her bra or preferably panties so that I can masturbate. I was searchng for it suddenly I was amazed to see that the door joining this & IRFAN’S room was open. generly they are kept close. I just started to hear something. The two of them I think were having a desert in his room. After they were done REEMA thanked him for inviting her she said that it was good that he didn’t know that she was a famous actress so that they have became friendly. She thanked him again & started to come to her room. I was planning to escape from there immidietly. Now the most interesing part begins folks.
Suddenly I heared some noice as if someone rushed to somewhere & heared the voice, “What r u doing? leave my hand!” Yes folks! It was REEMA who was angry. IRFAN said,”I want u dear!! I want to have sex with u. I was waiting for REEMA to call security but to my surprise REEMA said,”Oh IFOO ( SHE CALL ME IFOO WITH LOVE ) !! you have no idea how much I was waiting for u to say this !!” My god!! It was hot!! I couldn’t help myself & knowing that I may get fired if I get cought I still peeped very carefully in the IRFAN’S room. It was dark in the room where I was & those two were comletely under control of lust so they didn’t notice me.
IRFAN was holding REEMA. His arms were on her waist. REEMA was wearing a black nightie & a black night gown above it. She had put her arms locked around his nake & they were kisiing each other. IRFAN untied the nightgown of REEMA & removed it. She was only in her nightie know & was looking like a doll in front of 5?2 feet IRFAN. He was wearing only shorts. Now they were kissing really hard. He put his hands on her ass & started carsing it. She broke the kiss & looked at him. He kissed her all over her face & started moving down on her neck. He lifted her nightie up & removed it. Now she was in only black coloured bra & panties. Her white body was looking soo hot !! Now he licked her below her neck & moved to her stomach. He licked her belly butten & at that time I heared first of REEMA’S many moans. “Ooh IFOO..ooohh!” He kept licking her bellubutten & caesing her ass. She kept moaning. Then he lifted he & took her to bed he made her seat there. He moved to her backside. He kissed & licked her back opened hook of her bra & pulled it of with his mouyh. Yy god!! I was seeing REEMA’S breasts. They were not big & heavy. Infact they were tiny. But absalutely hot & sexy. He started carsing her breasts on by one. She moaned “Oooh!! Ooohh goodd!! Aahh!!”
I was able to see their each & every action. He fliked her nipples pinched them. “Aaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooooohhhhh….!” was the reply. He pushed the nipple in. caresed hr breast again. Meanwhile his hand slipped down to her pantycovred pussy. He was in total control till then. Suddenly when he moved to her pussy REMMA got fired up she let the moan out “hmmmmmmmmmm….!” & huged him tight pushing his face in her breasts. He made REEMA lay down & started licking & kissing her breasts. Without toching her nipples he moved down to her bellybutten.He made her lift her hands above her head & licked her armpits she almost screamed,”Ooooohhhhh aaaaahhhhhh…!” You should have looked at her expresions. They were of joy,satisfaction & dissapointment. His hand sliped through her panties & pulled them to her thighs. Her pubic hair were not shaved but neatly treamed. He pulled her panties out & started licking her feet, creamy fleshy thigs & especially her ass.
She has got a beautiful ass I’m sure u’ve seen it on television also. Big round ass.
Then he went up kissed her hard & started pulling her pubic hair just a little not to hurt her. At the same time he linkes & bited her nipples. REEMA moaned loudly,”Ooooooooohhhh aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm…..!”
He kept licking her breasts for some time & then moved to her cunt he started fingurefucking her with his fat middlefingure. She started moving her hips in his fingure’s motion. She was moaning louder,”Oooooh yes baby!! Ooooooh IFOO ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuaaahhhh..” then he put his toung on her pussy his mouth covred all her pussy & his toung must have got in & found her clit ’cause look on REEMA’S face was of sexual ecstacy. She was moaning,”Aaaaaaahhhhh hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm……!!” After some time he got up & started removing his shorts & then underwer. My god!! Was it true!! The size of IRFAN’S cock was amazing. I have got a big complex since then. Trust me it was about 7 inches rock hard. She got up & said,”Will I have to suck you?” He said dont blow me just make it weight. She started sucking & licking him. What a sight it was!! Lips of REEMA’S fully streached due to that fat long black cock.
Then he told her to stop, pushed her back parted her legs & started to rub head of his cock on her slit.She noaned,”Aaaah please put it in I cant bear it anymore!!” He like an expert slowly pushed head of his cock inside.Stopped for sometime gave a few small thrusts. REEMA moaned,”Oh IFOO! I want u inside of me!! Ooooh common!!” He slided his cock in & again the look on REEMA’S face after being felled with 7 incher was a must see! He slowly started moving with slow thrusts. Small thrusts at first & then sloe complete lomg thrusts he was removing his cock completele outside her cunt after each thrust & my god!! He went on & on with his rythmic long thrusts. After some time REEMA feet crossed each other behind IRFAN’S back her boddy started bucccking & shivering & she moaned for quite a some time,”Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. aaammmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm….!” He went on & on trust me he went on for 20 streight mins. Before he increased his speed violently & shot his load in her cunt. Some of it flowed outside. In kow time he was hard again. They fucked in various positions for 3 hours. He had 4 orgasms each one taking more time then previous one. REEMA had atleast 14 min blowing big orgasms which I couls make out & god knows how many smaller ones! Finally REEMA was laying on the bed on her back sweating like hell & fully exshausted. What a site it was! But IRFAN was still not done. He parted her legs again & started pumping realy fast.
She didn’t even have power to hug him. She just kept moaning. He was having time of his life he went on for the longest time of all. She was moaning loudly. It seemed to be too much for her but still she seemed to like it. Her moans now changed into screams,”Aaaahhhh aaaahhhhh aaaaaahhh oohhh ooooohhhh oaooooohhhh sssssss.. aaaaahhh!!” Her body was glowing as she was sweating like hell. Finally she shouted,” Oooh IFOO please stop i’ll die.. i’m gonna die hmmmmmmmm..” & almost lost her conciousness. thats when IRFAN shot his load & colapsed on top of her & that is when I rushed out as it was 3:45 in the morning & I had to get ready for my job.
IRFAN as scheduled moved the very next day. He went to REEMA’S room only to say byE & left immidietly. REEMA didn’t get out of room that day stay in that she was not filling well. Only i knew what the truth was. The day after REEMA also move out & that was the end of a great chapter of my life.


Tuition Fuck

February 2nd, 2013

Hello to the lovers of Indian-Stories stories. This is my really true story, where as everyone says the same but its really true. I tell you about myself, my name is Zargham, from Karachi, 26 years old and height 5 8. I chose the title of this story for the benefit of those females who live in Karachi, so that they can satisfy their needs easily.
Now, come to the story. I’m very horny from a very young age, I don’t know exactly since when? But when I was in 4th or 5th class, it started. Anyways, there are so many sex incidents happened to me but here I’m narrating the incident that I like most. It was a story when I was doing my masters, my younger brother found a tuition in our neighbors. His student was a little kid in 2nd standard. My brother was going their home to teach the kid. But after 1 week my younger brother got his inter exams so he left that tuition but the parents of that kid said my brother to give them a good tutor as a replacement, so my brother asked me to continue teaching that kid as his replacement.

I immediately said NO for this as I never like to give tuitions as I never did that also, but my parents forced me to join that tuition in favor of my brother for 2 months then I agreed. My brother told the parents of the kid that my brother will come to teach their child in his absence. They said ok. Now, I tell you about that family. They were husband, wife, one kid and one little daughter (2-3 year old).
When I reached their home, they welcomed me and offer me tea, and then the father took my interview and passed me in the interview. Ok, lets take the short cut, I started teaching the kid from the next day, after few days I came to know that the father was not living with them, he lived at Korangi with his 2nd wife and come to home only once a week. I came to know this thing through his 1st wife named Nasreen, real name. I started calling her Nasreen Aunty while I go their home to teaching her kid. During the tuition she served me tea or snacks daily. At that time I didnt have any intention to fuck her, though her figure was 36-29-34. She was a sex bomb. Especially her big ass was amazing. She was fair color lady in the age b/w 29 to 34, because I didnt know her exact age. Anyways! After 2 weeks, One day when I went there, her mood was not good I noticed it but didnt say anything. After the tuition my student just went outside to play and I was about to leave then I asked to Nasreen Aunty what happen as she was looking at me. She replied that You don’t take care of us though you live in our neighbor but you never asked us what is happening with your poor and alone aunty, sometimes I scared when I’m alone! When she said this I was shocked to listen this because Id seen many xxx movies and read stories that how aunties or any girl seduce a boy. I immediately came to know that she has a problem with her husband and what she wanted me to do. But still I reacted innocently, and asking what happen, but I could see the lust in her eyes for me, her eyes were red and she was biting her lips during talking to me. While talking, I went close to her and asked again what happen then she said that her husband doesnt take care of her and told me the story of her 2nd wife.
Now I understand the whole situation and I knew what Ive to do. During talking I was very nearer to her as she had tears in her eyes. I put my one hand on her shoulder to support her but in the response she placed her head on my chest. I was scared in the starting but now I knew that she is in my control but still Id to be very careful. When she placed her head on my chest I hugged her slightly then she saw into my eyes, I was feeling her body heat I said to her , Don’t worry I’m here for you then she just said really and wrapped her arms around me. Now this was the time that I couldnt control because I was feeling her big boobs on my chest and my cock became hard so that it was touching in b/w her thyies. Guys can imagine this feeling when your cock is touching in b/w the crack of someones ass, how does it feel? Anyways, we remained there in the same position for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile I was kept saying that don’t worry I’m here for all your needs and I will take care of you, during saying I was rubbing my hands all over her back especially on her butts (gaand) it was great. Then I pressed her one ass cheek but she didnt say anything, I got the courage then I pressed some more and kept doing it. By this my cock was a hard rock; my 7 cock was pushing in b/w her legs. ( Even when I’m narrating this my cock has become hard as that scene is running in my mind ,, WAO.. it was feeling great) Then I took her head in my hand and tried to kiss her but she said no, its not correct and then she moved away to the other room, the only room which was her bed room. I went after her and caught her from behind she stopped moving but didnt say anything.
Now I couldnt control my self, because my cock was touching her ass crack and I was also started pushing in b/w her gaand with my cock but slowly, during my hugging from behind I started pressing her boobs, GOshhhhh.. they were too tight, then I kissed on her neck, she moaned a little, then I started kissing on her neck, her cheek and while doing this, keep pressing her boobs and ass with my cock. She was breathing heavily and moaning, we both were in standing position. Then I turned her around and kissed on her lips, she tried to move away her head but then I hold her head and started French kissing. She tried to resist but I hold her tight, and inserted my tongue in her mouth and bit inside her lower lip. By doing this she just gave me a tight hug and start responding. She was pressing me towards her tightly while French kissing. We both were out of control at that time, we were hugging each other so tightly, in this order we fell on the bed. I was on top of her. Then after French kissing I kissed on her neck and move my hands under her qameez, and started pressing her boobs, she was not wearing any bra at that time. WAO.. it was feeling great,,, she was moaning loudly then I started pressing her pussy over her shalwar, she closed her legs tightly but I couldnt stop at that time, I separated her legs and sit in b/w her , she was saying no , don’t do it, but keeping in that position I again planted a kiss on her lips and gave her a long French kiss, during the kiss I untie my trouser and underwear, (Guys you can imagine the move at that time while sitting in b/w the legs and kissing) now I was naked from the bottom and my 7 cock was pressing her pussy.
She was moaning loudly.. ummmmmmm,,, ohh Then I move my hand to undo his shalwar but she hold my hands, but somehow I opened her shalwar. And as her I opened the lace of her shalwat I immediately pulled down it. Wao… she had a clean pussy. Then I put my cocks head on her pussy which is already wet…. She moaned loudly… and said what are you doing? I said Nothing, I just love U and by saying so , I made a great push towards her pussy and my half cock was inside her pussy.. She cried ,,, OOOOOOOOOhhhh ,,, Maar daala its too hard for me do it slow, but I was not listening to her.. I was pushing her hard… and pressing her boobs. She was moaning.. ohhh aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,, ummmmmmms… then she wrapped her legs around me and locked me and pressed me hard towards her. This feeling was great.. I was pushing in a great speed. And she was pushing her hips and legs.
Then suddenly she hugged me so tightly and I felt wet in her pussy, she came to her orgasm and relaxed, but I was not finished yet. I changed her to a Doggie style and started fucking her pussy from behind. In doggie style we were seeing each other through the mirror at the front of her bed. This made us really crazy and hot. During this I was pressing her boobs from behind and she was watching this through the mirror. During this she cum again and meanwhile I also cum I also shot all my load on her sweet and big ass…. . we were too exhausted at that time, we laid there for few minutes. Then I went home. But this was not the end, this was the beginning, that happened only in 20-25 minutes as anyone could come. But after that I fucked her so many times almost for a year. I also fucked her ass… that was another experience. Even I fucked her in the kitchen, in the bath room, even in the chand raat, one day b4 the EID.

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Free Indian Tube

February 1st, 2013

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Fantasy By Mano

January 30th, 2013

People talk about there fantasies and much thing for others to enjoy them. Some may be just making other what they fantasies in their life and what they dream of but r unable to do. fantasising is not what we have the chances of doin or courage of doing. but telling what u have done really is very very difficult. u all be thinking that what am I saying to u start what I really had very little of thinking to do I need to introduce my self to u.i m dida (fake) name from rwp Pakistan. I’m 25 now what I did came to happen when I was 22 only. Seeing me I look like 25 at taht time. ppl always confused bout my age n physic and they always used to say that I m lying when I told them bout my real age. The thing happened was between my chachi and me. Well her name tuba(fake) she was 34 at that time was awsomely beautiful due to her large breats that I was in luv of. She had a tremendous figure of 38c 30 42.u can now imagine what she been worth of looking at,,,, well she is a mother of 2 sons and a lil daughter ;

well from this all started u must be thinking that this man is now playing with ur emotions well no I m not playing with u people emotions.. When I came in my 9th class I started to realize something happening in my pajamas..a thin stick which get stood up straight while touching to some one who is not that much clsoer to u and by seeing a nice nude body of half nude body in front of the eyes.this always happened when I was to look at some beautiful madam of our school, at those days I started seeing some nude picture through my frineds which always fantasied me… Well when I came in matric as I was attracted to femine gender I was very much rightly attracted to my aunt (chachi). She was much to younger those days,as I was or others were small she never minded of hiding her front or herself with any dupatta she always use to come in front in the thin or think she was wearing. also when she was wipering the rooms and the tv lounge her down movements always gave a way to her deep planted valley n I always et erect with that… it was an awsome feeling to have see soem beautiful breast….
as the days went by I always had that felling of joy in my self and I became hungry for more n started to masturbate on her. but that didn’t satisfied me. and I started to pick her bra’s and underwear from her bath room and started to make few collected one and masturbate on them. This gave me agreat joy by smelling her bra’s and was awsome to do….i also used to take bath in her bath room and startedm masturbating on her clothes and other things which I get from her washing machine… This kept on goin for few years I think 4 or 5 yrs. until I turned 21.
this yr was a part of great joy I ever had. Well as they were to shift to there new home and I never had any courage to even think of ksing her so I thought to make my move in few days. but as I started to make her feel that she is important and she started to feel y eyes on her they moved to their new place. Welll now I was very worried how would it be possible for me of even lookingat her.this really made me worried…so I took her new but used Bra and a panty for a soviniour. Now when she called or came to our place she used to ask that we should come to their place. Well also specially to me. Well I never thought of goin to her house… but well one day I had the chance of ,my life time. Well my chachu was to left for karchi for a weeks so she asked my mom n pops that I could stay with them until he returns. My moms said ok he can stay. So I shifted for a weeks to their place. Well they have 3 bed rooms in their house. One is for their sons. Other is for their daughter and the one is the master bed room for my chahca and chachi. I asked my chachi where should I sleep ,to my amuzment she asked me to sleep in her bed room ,i asked her well it doesnot look good but she said that she donna wanna disturb her sons or daughter as they were to go to school in the morning, so I agreed with her now the problem was that how would we sleep in her room. Well as she also wanted to have little talk me she asked me to turn of the lights and place 2 couches between us in the bed and in the night we can have little talk,as the night lamp is on. That was so exciting for me o be in the bed in front of my ideal woman in the world,and also alone. Well many times I got the idea to try to make up to her and shou;d fuck her but I didn’t had much courage ….
now the real thing start… Well she was very unusal for last few days,,and I was very much tensed what will happen in the future. Now as we were to take places in the bed,,, I changed my clothes and was in my t-shirt and pajama (track pants), she went in and came back with a sleevesless nighty on her body in white color…i was very surprised becoz I never seen her wearing the nighty before. Well she came to the bed and lied down with me ,,we talked for more than 4 hours till we went to sleep but nothing much happened that day except that we talked and she admired me of my muscles and body that I developed in the last few days,,, she was really impressed by that, well the day passed again and as I went to the office she called me twice as to know bout me and am I okies or not I was very excited byt this….. The next night as we went to bed she was in the nighty again, as we were talking she asked me that if I had any feelings for her, well I was confued but she told me that she have seen me watchiing her through the hole of the bathroom few years back and also she told me that she knows that I was stealing her Bra’s and panties from her washing machine, I was also scared wheni listen that she knew that I used to masturbate on her clothes in her bath room during my shower…. She asked me that I should tell her truely bout everything I was so upset but to my safety I took the step which let me to the wonders of the world. u be guessing what I did… as she was saying all this my mind told me to gtrab her and I should rape her doin this would never let her black mail me,,,, I never knew wht she wanted until idid this…. as she was telling me this all I stood up as I knew the door was closed I by surprise caught her hand and pulled her to me. as she was not expecting that she immediatly was pulled to me.. as I did so I grabed her and started to suck hjer lips she was so surprised that wanting this all by her self she started to hesitate ,,but as I had a very firm grip she was unable to get her self free,,,, and I put my toungein her mouth I was sucking her like the hungry child suck the bottle,she was very much surprised by the reaction she got from me… Well as I was doin so I put my hand on her breast and started squeezing them this was more new for her as she was not expecting it from me…. Now she started enjoying my things which I was doin with her,,,she felt very horny and started to place her tongue in my mouth and started sucking my lips as I got the reactiin from her I stopped and I said to her that I wanna see her nacked once again as I used to watch her through the hole…she smiled n closed her eyes this was a green signal from her and I slightly moved back and in a hungry look started to kiss her neck down to her breast over the nighty ,she was very surprised by this and asked me that what I am upto well I told htat I wanna make her thristy for me so mucht that she will tore me of my clothes ,she was astonished by it and well closed her eyes I continued doin this as I wanted to make her more and more horny and also my self thirsty like a dog, as I was doin this all my 7? tool was straight and as hard as a metal rod she got the touch on her belly n near her cunt,, during this she very quietly got hold of my cock I was very surprised and happy ,as she started stroking my cock I bent down and kissed her lightly she openned her eyes and told me that I should continue and she will play with my tool as till I will be in the form to enjulce ,,,well I kept on doin that and moved down from her breast to the cunt and started to lick her belly than her cunt and went to the thai’s and the legs in the meanwhile her hand was still holding my cock as she due to horniness started stocking it hard behind my pajama as I was on my ful I tored her nighty and wow what was waiting was a real big red melons as I always wanted to view them …… as she saw me toring her nighty she pushed me backwards and suddenly tored my pajama and got my nacked tool in her hand she not even gave me a chance to wait and by surprise took my tool in her mouth and started to suck it like a hungry baby sucking the milk from the bottle as I was in full n was bout to enjulce she bited my cock and I screamed in pain and she said that I will make u feel the best as I was about to cum she took mouth and hand away from me I was really in shocked and asked her she said let it sleep again n she will start again as my cock got settled again she started to suck it again now it was ful to n fro motion with full power and strenghth I with surprised pushed her backk with my cock in her mouth and closed her nose so she can;t breath and started to move in n out her mouth it really made her cryu and in a play of 3 mon I shooted my cum in her mouth with full power and asked her to drink it 1st she was hesitating but my power n due to her less breathe she did whati asked….. Now I wanted to make her feel exciting I came to her cunt tored the panty and started to lick it with my tongue she was in heavens than and started enjoing it to the best it only took her 2 min to enjulcate on my mouth I was really on fire now…. I went to my bag and brought out the wait cream and applied that on my penis so that I can last long as I was doin so she was playing with my tongue and her mouth…./ now I lied her on her belly she didn’t know what I up to I asked her that I will fuck her ass first than anything she said no she will not let me do that but I didn’t listen to her I spitted on her ass’s openning and started to insert my tool in her ass…. due to pain she started to shout a lot so I placed a cough and put her face there so that no one can listen to her cries…it took me 3 minutes tp fuck her ass she was virgin by her ass but after the starting pain she enjoye it the best and right after that she took my tool in her mouth and made me fall on my back and gave a hurting blowjob now we were too hot for each other I immediatley took control of her and put her legs on my shoulder and inserted the cock in her wet pussy n in 10 minutes of too & fro motion I fired my cum in her pussy.. as I was tired after 4 cums I took a lil rest while she played with my mouth n tongue by her self… after half an hour I made her in to doggie style and fucked her hard but my favorite thing was my last item for her ,,,i took my stand over her belly n that with mer bra tightened her breats she was amased what am I up to now that I took my penis and inserted it through the openning in her breat and started to mave too n fro between that valley of her’s I was so much excited that I kept on f\doin that for 7 or 10 min and than shooted my cum in her valley she was really surprised to see me doin that ,,,,, than I took my place with her in the bed and started kissing her hungrilly … We than stopped fucking each other and kissed and talked the whole night… This continued regularly with little intervals all the week I used to fuck her once in an hour and all the 5 days I kept on doin so,, I had a very strick effect of this on my self also but I didn’t enjoyed it 40 times or more in a week ,,,, after that I until now enjoy fucking her once or twice a week when I get time.


Desperate Housewife

January 28th, 2013

Her husband (Mr. Ram) was a businessman. They had a daughter also due to business work Ram had to visit different places in order to monitor and promote the sales of their products. She cannot have sex as much as she likes and at the time, she wants because her husband was always towards his business and do not take care of her and her feelings. However, she can go to trip with her husband but she never liked to go so she used to stay at home. Her daughter was in a hostel she mailed me with her feeling and told me that she want to have sex with me. She send me her pics through mail so seeing her pics I could say that she is a very horny woman with stat 37-27-38 and she told me her stat too who was hungry for sex. She was from BARODA and I from SURAT cant met but we waited for luck and one-day luck was on our side she mailed me saying that her husband had a 2 weeks trip to SURAT and she was also coming here with him. However, I have fucked many gals and woman before too but seeing her pics I had a dream to fuck her.

I was very excited and waited for her arrival. She on approaching at SURAT mailed me and gave me her hotel address, room no and her telephone # where she was staying and asked me to call her on Tuesday as her husband would be on business meeting that day and they might be leaving on Wednesday. I got her mail on Sunday and there was two days left but I felt that two day as a 2 decade and at Tuesday, I phoned her and asked her to come at the gate of the hotel where she was staying. It was a cool Tuesday willing for rain I then took my motorcycle and went to receive her. There was no difficulty recognizing her as I had already sent me her pics she was waiting for me. She was in her black sari and a matching black choli She was a woman in black ready to eat me. She was looking very sexy in those clothes. Now I will tell you about Sita. She was in her mid 20s. Sita was stunningly beautiful woman. She was very fair. She had very proportionate figure that made her look was very inviting. She looked very sexy in the sense; her boobs were well developed, amply swollen, luxuriant, quite shapely, bulging, protruding, opulent, curvaceous, firm looking and what not. She always made it a point that her breasts should be projected well and should look firm to attract any young man, as I felt to look at her boobs. So In all, Sita’s boobs were very muck captivating, inviting, tempting, and luring. Her figure was 37-27-38 as she told. So her bums were a bit bigger and wider than the normal look but of course very sexy looking. She had a pair of pouting lips too, looked very fresh and juicy. Thus, altogether Sita looked gorgeous, sexy, exciting, inviting young woman. I stare at her from tip to toe, particularly her boobs. She too recognized smile and me was shared. Sita sat behind on the pillion seat close to me so that the tips of her boobs were just touching my back I was already excited. On the way, we just talk about our family and out interests. When we came to the main road, she came a bit closer to me holding me by my waist giving more pressure of her fleshy and spongy boobs on my back. It was a positive indication to me on her part. After some it started raining heavily all of a sudden and both of us were drenched completely. Sita had clung to me from behind.
Her boobs were fully pressing on to my back. I was feeling the softness of her full sized spongy boobs that were being crushed between her and me. I and was getting excited. We went to a lodge and got into a room. Only she and I were in the room now and both were hot.She bolted the door immediately as all her clothes were completely stuck to her body making her look more sexy and inviting. Every curve, ups and downs of her sexy body were clearly in my sight. Her boobs were looking more inviting than ever. Her dress were all wet and I could see she was wearing a netted bra. The curves of her boobs were in my sight clearly. I was tempted to see the circumference of her boobs. The roundness of her fleshy heavy hips was also being revealed to ignite me further. I was looking at her lustfully from tip to toe. She was in a state of half blush-half smile. I went forward and took her in my strong arms. She just whispered in a very low voice “…..ouch…” and smiled looking in to my eyes. I started kissing her. I kissed her lips, cheeks, neck, etc. Her lips were very juicy. I rubbed my lips on hers. She looked in to my eyes sexily. I took her juicy lips in my mouth. I sucked them. Ohh, her lips were very soft, red and like piece of orange. I went on sucking her lips. She came closer to me holding tightly in excitement. Her eyes had become pink in excitement as if she had drunken wine. I placed my hands on her boobs. Wow, they were marvelous. I pressed her boobs from over her sari, blouse, and bra. It was really a great touch on my palms. Her breasts were fully swollen. I pressed them for quite some time and kissed her lips, cheeks, and neck.
Then I started removed her sari. I could see that she had put on a panty through her wet petticoat (saya, it is worn under sari). Her boobs were clearly visible through her blouse and bra that had become almost see through, as they were completely wet. The blouse she wore was very low cut. So much of her boobs were left uncovered. Her cleavage was looking simply killing. I kissed her boobs all over. She was making all sexy sounds. Then I took her to the bed nearby I again started kissing her. I kissed her for quite some time. She kept sighing in excitement. Then I unhooked her blouse and removed from her sexy body. I kissed her boobs again. I rubbed my mouth on her fleshy boobs. She was just moaning. I slowly pulled down her petticoat (saya). She was then left in her bra and panty. I removed my Tee shirt and pant also, and was in my underwear. She was looking at my front. My cock had become hard and stiff by that time. Its length was also increased in excitement. She was looking at the bulge on my underwear, which was due to the increase in size and stiffness of my penis. She smiled sexily. I took her in my arms and again kissed her all over. I again pressed her boobs. Then I quickly unhooked her bra and removed it. I also pulled down her scanty panty. She was then stark naked from top to toe. She told me “…so you have made me completely nude… akhir tumne mujhe puri tarah nangi karhi diya….main janti thi…” It was exciting to hear such words from her. I told her “…Sita you are very bold, free and frank ….” Then I pulled down my underwear also. She looked at my fully erect stiff cock stood in front of her. She smiled and twisted her lips looking into my eyes showing that she liked my erection, length, thickness, etc. I looked at her nude sexy body from tip to toe.
She asked me in a special sexy style “….oohhh, yun kya dekh rahe ho….” I told her “… Sita you are looking very beautiful… Sita, in your full nudity you are looking very very beautiful, sexy, and inviting….you have a very proportionate figure….you have not bore any extra flesh on your sexy body…your boobs and hips are simply marvelous… have maintained you boobs very well…your boobs are quite shapely….in spite of the fact that your boobs are fully swollen and very fleshy they have stood firm even without the support of any bra….the roundness of your boobs are still there without bra…they are still bulging and opulent….I have rarely seen such heavy boobs in such a good shape even without bra. I like such breasts very much, Sita….” And I continued by saying “…. Sita your hips are also killing…they are quite heavy…they are projected backwardly so much that it is enough to ignite a young man….yes Sita your hips are very inviting….they are simply arousing….” She told me “….thanks for the compliments, dear….you flattered me too much…” I told her that I was not at all flattering her, she was really looking very sexy, voluptuous, gorgeous and inviting. Then I took her in my arms. Oohh, her body was really hot, soft and silky. My cock got further erected and stiffened. As I moved my mouth towards her lips, Sita herself moved her pouting lips towards my mouth and offered them to me closing her eyes in ecstasy. I took Sita’s pouting and juicy lips in my mouth and sucked her lips. I kissed her lips for quite some time there. She also kissed me in great excitement. At the same time, I was caressing her boobs. Wow, her boobs were marvelous. I pressed them with my hands. They were very firm and tight. I went on playing with her boobs.
I moved towards her succulent boobs. I kissed her boobs. I liked them. I rubbed my mouth on them. Then I took her nipples in my mouth. Her nipples were very pointed too. Her nipples were hardened by that time. I sucked her nipples. I went on sucking them for few minutes. Sita was getting excited more and more. I kissed Sita here and there frantically. Then I moved down towards her crotch, thighs, hips, etc. and kissed her there. I again kissed and sucked her juicy lips encircling my arms around her narrow waistline. Sita co-operated me very well encircling her arms around my neck keeping her very closely hugged while I sucked her pouting lips. Her breasts were being crushed badly against my chest. My hard cock was being rubbed against her sexy smooth crotch. After kissing and sucking her lips in that posture for some times I held her from behind in the same posture, I mean in standing position itself and placed my hands on her bulging breasts from under her armpits. I started caressing Sita’s breasts. She was again in her excitement as earlier. I moved my hands gently on her fleshy plump breasts. Then I pressed them slowly. Sita was moaning in a very low suppressed voice “….hhhuuhhhh….. ….uuuuffffff…..ooooohhhhhhh……aaaahhhhh…. I further increased the pressure of my palms upon Sita’s pair of firm breasts. I was feeling great in pressing her luxuriant breasts as they were very much tight. (I have already mentioned about the tightness of her breasts above.) Sita was holding me putting her arms back around my neck and that way giving me full opportunity to press and squeeze her breasts with ease. She was caressing sometimes my neck, sometimes my hairs in her excitement. I started squeezing her breasts with pressure. She was sibilating, hissing and moaning. After some times Sita told me to increase the pressure of my hands on her breasts. I did so. She further encouraged me to squeeze her breasts harder and harder. I started squeezing her superb pulpy breasts as hard as I could.
Sita was in great excitement. She was encouraging me with words like “….oooohhhhh… …aur jore se…..haan dear aur jore se dabaao meri choochiyon ko…..badaa maja aaraha hai mujhe… …your hands are quite expert…. …you know how to squeeze breasts….dear press my breasts more hard….aaahhhh….yes….i like it…. And I went on exerting as much as pressure onto her firm and tight breasts. The more I pressed her breasts, the more pressure she demanded on her breasts from me, the harder I squeezed her fleshy and spongy breasts, even herder she requested squeeze her breasts. She started uttering only broken unclear words like “…aaahhhhh… yyoouuuu… …uuuuuhhhhh…oooffff..”.etc. and was caressing me all through. My erect hard cock was being pressed and rubbed against Sita’s soft, silky, fleshy, and round hips. As her heavy haunting hips were projected back sexily, my erect cock was digging between her fleshy hips as if trying to enter into her right then. Feeling my erect hard cock making its vain effort to enter into her, Sita told me sexily “…….ooohhhhh dear your dick is getting restless … is trying to drill me from behind…” I told Sita “….don’t worry darling I will drill you in the place where you would wish…..” She just told me “……ooohhh dear you are very smart….” And smiled looking into my eyes. I was pressing and squeezing Sita’s firm and tight breasts very hard with my both hands and she was moaning and moaning and moaning sexily closing her eyes “…..aaaaahhhh…. oooofffffffff……uuiiiiimmmmmaaaa… …oooohhhh… …uuuuuuhhhhhhhh….. sssshhhhhhhh…… uuuummmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhh……..” I asked her while pressing and squeezing her breasts “….Sita how are you feeling… …tumhein kaisa laag rahaa hai Sita darling….”
Sita whispered sexily in husky voice “….ooohhh maat poochho….mujhe bahut hi majaa aa rahaa hai dear… ….tum to choochiyan squeeze karne mein expert ho… ….baass yoon hin meri choochiyon ko dabate jaao my dear…” She asked me “…dear tumhein meri choochiyan kaisi lagin…. …meri choochiyon ko dabane mein kaisa lagaa tumhein….how are my breasts dear….” I replied her “Sita, your breasts are very fine… you have maintained your breasts very well…yess Sita, your breasts are very fleshy, spongy, firm and tight…. I like such breasts very much…Sita darling, I am always in look out for such shapely firm breasts…tumhari choochiya bahut hi bhare-bhare hain… darling Sita tumhari goal-goal choochiyan kaaphi uthi hui aur bilkul shape mein hain…. Sita tumhari inn full sized choochiyon ko dbaane mein badaa majaa aa rahaa hai…” Sita was very happy to hear those words from me. She thanked me sexily for my praise for her breasts “….ooohhhh dear, thank you, tum to taarriff kii pul hi banaye jaa rahe ho… kya saach much mein meri choochiyan tumjen aisi laagin…” I told her that I was not joking but her breasts were really very extravagant and extraordinary”…darling Sita tumhari choochiyan saach much mein bahut fine hain….bahut hi maajedaar hain tumhari choochiyan…” And I went on squeezing her breasts in tha same way. She was writhing her body sexily. She gave jerks to her haunching hips. She wriggled in pleasure. She waggled her hips side ways and back and forth making my hard cock rub against her smooth fleshy and round hips. I found that Sita was getting hotter and hotter. She was in strong urge for sex.
Her each action revealed her strong urge to take me in immediately. I again took her in my arms. We both started rubbing our body against each other. Then Sita herself took the initiative. She started kissing me. All over increasing my sexual urge to have her. I also kissed Sita all over her nude sexy body. I sucked her pouting lips. Then I moved towards her breasts again. I licked her nipples one by one. Sita caressed my head in excitement. Then I kissed her breasts all over for a long time. Sita was simply moaning “….aaaaahhhhh ……uuuuuhhhhhhh…. ……..uuuuuuffffff…… and I started sucking Sita’s erect hard nipples one by one. Sita kept on moaning and sibilating biting her lips with her teeth and making sounds like “….aaaahhhh …..uuuuuuhhhhhh….. oooooohhhhhhh….. etc. Then I kissed Sita’s thighs and crotch. She again moaned and sibilated in the same way. After some time Sita told me “…….oooohhh dear it is too much…. Aab bardasht nahin ho raha hai…. aao naa… ooooohhh please dear, come on, come on and fuck me dear…. aab der maat kaaro…. aab mujhe chodo na…. aab aur kitni der karoge my dear… I can’t wait any more…..come on fuck me….” Seeing her fully aroused I mounted upon Sita. She separated her thighs to make way for me. I adjusted my dick right in front of her pussy and pushed it. My erect and hard cock slid easily into her as her vagina was fully wet.
As my dick went in right inside her, Sita sighed heavily in sexy voice “…… aaaaaahhhh dear…” Then I started to and fro movements of my torso in order to make my cock go and come into and from her vagina. Her vagina was very hot. My cock gradually became more and more thick and hard. Initially I was fucking Sita gently. She was moaning sexily “……aaaahhhhh…. ….ooohhhhhhh….” She was gyrating her hips. I gradually increased the speed. Sita arched her thighs upwards. She was throwing her hips up in order to receive my cock inside her every time I made stroke. She was doing so in order to accommodate me more and more inside her. I pushed my cock into her hot vagina with force. She started making sounds a bit louder in her excitement “…..ooooooohhhhh…..aaaaaaahhhh…uuuuuhhhhhhh….. uuuuffffffffffff….. ….iiiiiihhhhh… ….oooooffffffffffooooooooohhhhhhhhh……” I went on fucking young sexy Sita like that for some time. My cock had become thicker by that time. It was making a swift to and fro motion. She then asked me to increase my speed.”….aaaahhhhh…dddeeaarrrr… ffaaassstt…. Yess ddearr faaaassstt…..come on fuck me fast…you are great….I like it ….oohh dear….fuck me fast… …ooooohhhh aur jur se chodo mujhe…..aaaahhhh…dear aur jor se chodai karo meri…..aaaaahhhhhhhhhh….” She went on encouraging to fuck her fast with her words in sexy voice with moans. She was urging me to increase my speed. She requested me to push more and more with full thrust into her hot and wet vagina. I further increased my speed. I made hard strokes.
She received each of my hard strokes skillfully throwing her hips up and up every time. I was romping fast. Sita sometimes entwined her legs with some and mine times threw upward. That gave me all sorts of pleasures. Sita was then in full excitement and was uttering words like “…ooooohhhh…ddeeaarrr… …ooooohhhhhh…. ….uuuuuuffffff…. …aaaaahhhhh…aaaahhhhhh…. uuuiiiiii…..aaahhhhh.. uuuummmmaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……oooooooohhhhhhh…..” I asked her “Sita how is it.. how do you feel…kaisa laag rahaa hai tumhein…bolo naa Sita darling…” Sita sighed and whispered “….dear it is very fine…I like it…you are quite expert in fucking… badaaa majaa aa rahaa hai mujhe tumse chodwane mein dear… ….ooohhhhh dear tum bahut achchha chodte ho…..aaaahhhhhh…..uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…..oooooffffffff…. ddeeaarrr you are an expert….you know how to fuck ….you know how to fuck a young woman….Ilike it…I like it dear….go on fucking me like that……yyoonn hii… haan ddeeaarr yoonn hii chodo mujhe…bass chodte jaao mujhe…aabb kuchh nahin puchho….aaaj jii bhaar ke chodo mujhe…dear …haan dear jamm kaar chodai karo meri…tum baahut achchhe ho…baass yyoon hi chodai karo meri…oooohhhhhhh….. khoob chodo mujhe…” And I was fucking Sita with full vigor and speed. She was encouraging me with her words and I was fucking her fast. I stood on my knees and started giving vigorous thrusts of my cock into her lovely vagina caressing her hips. Sita was trying to take all sorts of pleasure of fucking and at the same time she was giving me the maximum pleasure. I was pushing my cock harder and harder, faster and faster. We enjoyed fucking for quite some time. I took care of not ejaculating early so that I could continue fucking Sita. Finally, my hot sperm was started ejaculating and we both were exhausted.
We both were spent. We took rest in each other’s arms. She got up after about half an hour and after a few moments, we were energized again. We were aroused again. I again kissed her. I kissed and sucked her lips, breasts, nipples, etc. Sita told me to fuck her once again right then. I told her to change the posture. I suggested her to be in standing position and lean with the help of the large table placed in the corner of the room. She immediately agreed and smiled in style. She did so as I suggested her. I pushed my cock into her from behind. I started stroking her in standing position then. Sita was sexy enough to throw her hips back to have my fully erect hard cock inside her as much as possible. She was trying to accommodate me in more and more with her to and fro movements. So I found that she was not only hot and sexy but was a smart one also. I gradually increased my speed. I fucked her with full speed making very fast to and fro movement of my torso. Sita was again moaning and was praising me for fucking and was encouraging me all through. I went on fucking like that. I fucked Sita in that posture for a comparatively longer period that time.
After we were exhausted, we again took rest. I again fucked her. Sita was never behind. She always co-operated me very well during fucking. We took a rest and after sometime we kissed, each other departed, as it was late. That night I got mail from her that they were leaving Baroda next day because the work was over.I was very say to hear that. But I still remember her and the great fuck that provided me in my life. We still share mail and she told me that she will come here again if there is a business deal here and I am waiting for that day.

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Shiva – The Neighborhood Stud – 1

January 26th, 2013

I had been sexually frustrated in my marriage for quite some time. At the time that the events of the previous rainy season transpired, I and Swami had been married for ten years. After an initial ‘honeymoon’ period of one or two years, the luster had faded considerably. From the perspective of my girlfriends, however, I had it all: a caring, doting husband who was not only handsome but rich as well. Yet behind the picture perfect facade was a marriage that yielded neither passion nor excitement. It was a case of the sum was not equal to the parts: individually both I and Swami were lovely people; as a couple, however, our union lacked that essential spark, both emotionally and physically. For me, the fact that my marriage was also emotionally flat only exacerbated the lack of sexual shortcomings of the relationship. I found my husband far too accommodating, too passive, and too lacking in ego to ever cause my heart to go pitter-patter, or my panties to dampen like they had in the beginning.

Though my husband was physically beautiful, the brutal truth of the situation was that his “appointment” left my wanting. I was a highly sexed woman, and my frustrations were twofold: sex was not only uninspired and repetitive, but Swami’s size was such that intercourse was unfulfilling. His length was such that he failed to touch my in places that I needed to be touched. To be sure, my feelings of frustration and lack of fulfillment caused my a significant amount of guilt — it was no one’s fault. Yet I could not ignore those feelings. Though an unfortunate match in many ways, the two of us were equal in terms of our attractiveness to the opposite sex. My body was an expression of my personality: sensual, voluptuous, alluring. Fairly petite and small-framed in most respects, my breasts were conspicuously large. My girlfriends often noted that, other than a curvy and aesthetically-pleasing back, the view from behind gave no warning of my formidable profile or full frontal. I was, in a word, busty, as in, ’size 32DD bra’ busty. My face was strangely at odds with my figure: my long, jet black hair, porcelain complexion, and fine features, somehow belied my exaggerated endowments and fecund curves. Indeed, I was a combination of a normal face, and a Penthouse body.
At the age of thirty-one, I was still a shameless flirt, and more sexually voracious with each passing year. The course-altering events of last summer began in mid June, when our next door neighbours sold and moved away. Our street was set high in the hills; the two properties shared a low fence and a good, panoramic view of the city skyline below and, further off in the distance, the mountains. The new occupant of the house next door turned out to be a man in his mid thirties, quite good-looking, and smart and kept to himself. About two weeks later, I was about to sleep when I saw the light in his bedroom come on. Curiously I peeped into his bed room . He started stripping and was changing into his pajama kurta. I approached the window dressed as I was in a form-fitting t- shirt and a pair of silky panties; the soft blue moonlight from above fell across my large, firm bosom undulating inside the stretchy confines of my shirt. When I saw into his window, I gasped and stood transfixed.
Shiva was HUGELY endowed! In profile, his flat tummy accentuated the incredibly long, thick wad that hung heavily between his legs. Even from a distance it looked truly awe-inspiring; so much larger in its current state than my husband’s erection. And the most amazing thing was his scrotum. It was real huge. Me and my husband used to watch blue movies on the VCR very often during our initial marriage days. I had seen quite a few of those porn stars with huge penis but none of them matched him.I had never seen a penis and scrotum combination anywhere near that large before. In addition to the incredible length, it appeared quite fat and fleshy and vascular, and tapered down a good six or seven inches to a bulbous tip. I drank in his Adonis-like form: the tapered waist, the thick smattering of chest hair across his strong chest, and of course, that long, fat pendulum swinging between his thighs waiting to ravage some woman’s tender pussy. I imagined it could do to me.
My face was flush with heat. I suddenly became aware of the gentle ache between my legs. As I continued to watch, my fingers made their way down to the warm, wet spot at the base of my silk panties; the fingers of my other hand gently squeezed one of my huge, fleshy orbs inside my t-shirt. With my eyes glued to the masculine object of my desire, I silently and slowly pleasured myself. My fingers gently explored the soft folds of my labia and; my tender nub became swollen and incredibly sensitive. My panties were soon soaked. I momentarily closed my eyes when the tingling began to build deep in my tummy. I imagined Shiva watching me and very soon an orgasm flushed through my like a hot wave. Pressing harder against my clitoris, I was gripped by another one moments later. Opening my eyes, I saw that Shiva was no longer in view. Still unsated, I climbed inside the cool, marble expanse of our stand-up shower stall. With the heavy, hand-held shower head, I directed the pulsing, warm water between my legs.
The jets of water soon yielded yet another orgasm. I groaned quietly to myself in the night. Several days passed before I finally had the opportunity to meet Shiva. It happened one day when I was watering my plants at the side of the house. I heard someone with a deep, sexy voice utter a “hello”. Turning I saw that it was my neighbour. I immediately felt flustered but did my best to appear non-pulsed. He was very outgoing and had an air of self-confidence, almost cockiness, which I found quite sexy. He was also even better looking up close than he had been from a distance: wavy, black curlyhair, rugged good looks, a lovely tan, and “dishy” bedroom eyes. He definitely had the smile of a charming bad boy — simmering sexuality and a hint of danger.
Ooh la la, I thought to myself. “You seem to be alone…are you a bachelor?” I asked him He started laughing and said that he was married for 8 years and had recently taken up a job here. Since his son was in school and the session was on, his wife had decided to stay back till his sons school session was over. We got talking and I realized he was very carefree and easy going man. I invited him home for a cup of coffee. All the time his huge penis and scrotum was in the back of my mind. Glancing between his legs, I saw an abnormal bulge in his trousers. While we had coffee we started chatting. I told him how boring life was for me as my 9 year old son was in a hostel and that my husband was busy in his business. He informed me that he used to get bored too as after work there was hardly any thing he did except watch TV and work in the garden. We kept flirting with each other with double innuendo dialogues bordering on bawdiness. The following week, Swami left town on business for several days. That first night alone, I had a restless, fitful sleep; I laid awake wanting desperately to act on my insatiable desire, yet knowing it was wrong. The following evening, I decided to seduce Shiva.
When he rang the door bell, I opened the door wearing a lose skirt and a see through shirt. I was not wearing a bra. A man had to be blind not to notice my breasts and nipples inside the see through shirt. Clearly, Shiva liked what he saw. My heart pounded in my chest as I opened the door. Without uttering a word, Shiva instinctively closed the door behind him. “Swami is out” I muttered softly. “I know, but cant you offer me a cup of tea?” answered Shiva. “You shouldn’t be here,” I whispered. “I’m a married woman. I …” Knowing exactly what I wanted to hear, he leaned forward, gripped my slender shoulders with his strong hands, and placed his lips next to my ear: “I want to fuck you,” he whispered quietly in my ear. “Yes,” I replied with a quiver in my voice. “I want to put my big dick inside you,” he added. My eyes closed and I sighed and shuddered. “I”m your big, bad boy, aren”t I” And you”re my sweet little girl. And what my sweet little girl needs is a good, hard fucking with a nice … BIG … dick … A softly uttered “Yesss,” was all I could manage. He leaned into my and held my chin with his thumb and index finger, pulling my lips apart, then sucked my ruby-red lower lip, pressing his tongue inside my hot mouth. I moaned and hungrily suckled his tongue, tasting him.
His breath was sweet; hers tasted like wine. “I’m taking you upstairs,” he pronounced. Taking my hand in his, he led my upstairs and into my large master bedroom. We kissed again, passionately, in the doorway. He reached up underneath my skirt and placed his large hand between my legs. I caught my breath as I felt his fingers press against my labial lips and the wet, warm, Over heated clitoris. A shudder raced through my body and once again I felt that ache building between my legs; the tingly sensation in the base of my tummy. Shiva sat in a chair by the bed. “Strip down nude” he commanded. Without speaking, I began to unfasten the ankle straps of my expensive black heels. “Leave those on,” he said. First, I unzipped my skirt and let it fall the carpet, then unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it on the floor. My huge bust looked exaggerated jutting out from atop my small ribcage. My breasts rose and fell with each breath. Next he ordered me to undress him. I found his dominance arousing. I considered expressing that to him, but decided not to, thinking it might dampen the pureness of the sexual energy between them.
I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, then removed the sexy white banian underneath; my massive breasts shifting slightly in my bra as I leaned forward. Next, I knelt in front of him, unbuttoned the top button of his pants and unzipped his fly. He slowly raised his hips from the chair as I took hold of the waistband of his pants and underwear, pulling them down to his knees. The now semi-hard organ I uncovered made my gasp audibly yet again. Completely taken aback, I had stopped tugging on his pants the moment Shiva’s enormous cock sprang from the confines of his black boxers. Shiva reached down; pushing his pants past his knees until they dropped to the floor. I couldn’t stop staring at the thick monster nearly eleven inches in length — bobbing heavily between Shiva’s thighs. It was so much bigger and thicker in its aroused condition. And his scrotum, it was really huge…it must be the size of a bullocks scrotum. All in all his love machine was exquisite. “I’ve just never seen one this big before,” I stammered. I moved closer between his now parted legs, with a tentative expression on my face; he took my hand and guided it to the huge, fleshy stalk in his lap.
Lying awake at night in my bed, in countless sexual daydreams, I had imagined making love to Shiva and taking him into my mouth. Now, up close and in the flesh, I wasn’t sure that I could even manage to get my lips over the large head. He placed my hand on his manhood; I tried to close my fingers around it, succeeding only partially, and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was just enough to cause a drop of clear pre-cum to ooze from the tip. “Suck it,” he commanded. “I can’t, Shiva,” I said sheepishly, with a tremor of fear in my voice, my courage quickly evaporating. “It’s too big.” “I told you to suck it, I,” he replied. He ran his fingers across the nape of my neck, took my gently by the hair and brought my mouth to his massive dick. I pushed my lips against the large head, pursing my lips and sucking the droplet of pre-cum from the tip. I brought my other hand up and gripped it with both hands. Initially, I was content to just lick the length of Shiva’s shaft, but after several minutes I lifted his sac to lick that lovely ridge of skin right behind it and between his legs. After several more minutes, I still hadn’t tried to take him in my mouth. Shiva had been stroking the back of my neck and tugging gently at my long, black hair; reaching down, he switched to my breasts, marveling at its weight, size, and firmness. “Suck it, baby.” His forceful tone excited me, the taste of his salty pre-cum fired my lust. Finally summoning up the courage, I moved up his shaft and once again pursed my lips.
Carefully, opening my mouth I slipped my lips over the head, eventually opening my mouth wide enough to accommodate a little more. I gently worked both hands up and down his shaft, and when my wet lips slipped down to take his entire head and a bit more into my mouth, he began to rock his hips in time with my sucking. I tried hard not to gag, and succeeded until the enormous head pressed against the back of my throat. I choked, but soon regained my composure. My sucking generated an enormous amount of saliva, and eventually an oddly erotic slurping sound accompanied my laboured breathing. Spit began to trickle down my chin and across my fingers as I gripped his cock. “That’s it, sweetie. Good girl,” he cooed while he watched my impale my mouth on his organ. His cock felt so different to my than my husband’s in my mouth; it was so thick and stretched my mouth so wide, I had to be careful not to inadvertently drag my teeth across the taut flesh of his shaft. Eventually, he lost control, and flooded my mouth with his cum. I’d braced myself when I felt his shaft pulsate, but I wasn’t ready for the volume and force of his ejaculation. It exploded against the back of my throat and kept shooting his thick warm wads of cum. I swallowed what I could and let the rest ooze down my chin and across his shaft; trickling across my fingers.
He just kept ejaculating in my mouth.I looked up at him and smiled sweetly; a string of his white ejaculate trickled downwards from the corner of my mouth. The head and shaft of his enormous organ was smeared with my red lipstick. I lovingly rubbed the tip against my mouth, smearing his salty cum across my pursed lips. “I want to taste you,” said Shiva. Placing his large hands under my arm, he stood and lifted my to my feet. Then grabbing my up in his arms, he carried my over and laid me down on my king- size bed. He wasted no time: parting my legs, pushing them up and back against my chest, and dropping his head down between. He found my delicate pussy, like my large breasts, exquisite. It was soon apparent to me that he was adept with his tongue and knew how to pleasure a woman orally. No doubt he’s had plenty of practice, I thought. My pussy was already incredibly slick with my own wetness. He parted my puffy lips and thrust his tongue inside my. He knew how to read a woman’s body; knew when to apply pressure to the clitoris with his tongue, when to ease off. I was so aroused that I climaxed almost immediately. After my orgasm, my clit was momentarily sensitive and so Shiva transferred his attentions to my heaving, DD-cup breasts still encased in my bra. He practically ripped it off my breasts: the snap burst and my huge orbs spilled out.
His suckling soon produced two puffed-up and enlarged areolas. I let out a series of deep sighs. When it came to my breasts, despite our size, I found the delicate touch the most pleasurable at first. He proved good with his hands, too, gently tracing circles around each breast with his fingers, then sucking them more and more forcefully until I was begging him to suck harder. Afterwards, I ran my fingers through his hair, then drew him up to me and kissed his mouth, running my tongue past his lips and tasting my own wetness. Lifting himself up, he took hold of my hips and turned my over on my stomach; spreading my legs again. Grasping the firm ass cheeks of my smallish behind, he spread them, opening my up, then moved his face down and kissed my puckered hole; thrusting the tip of his tongue just inside. The intense pleasure of it caused my to wiggle my ass backwards, pressing my bum tighter against his face. Shiva had the presence of mind – and past experiences had taught him this– to wonder to himself if I would be able to handle his size. Still, when piqued as it clearly was now, his lust was a force to be reckoned with, and he was determined to gain access through my delicately inflamed vaginal lips. Lifting himself up off the bed once again, he turned my back over. Lifting my legs up, and standing between them, he rubbed the head of his huge erection along my puffy swollen cunt lips.


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Reena Ki Pyaasi Choot – II

January 24th, 2013

Vibha was herself crazy with hot incredible desire. She was positively dying with fuck-hunger. After watching the scene of Reena being fucked by Javed, Vibha’s own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires. Vibha got down between Javed’s legs and grasped his semi-erect cock in her soft, skilled hand and began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his cock, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers, feeling it still growing and swelling in her hand. She held his almost erect cock in both hands and started sucking him like it was the last cock she would ever see. Reena bent down and held his cock with both hands for Vibha as she was sucking the life out of it. Trying to get it hard again. Meanwhile, Reena also licked his balls and thighs.

Javed was going nuts. Vibha’s magic mouth brought him back to life again. She loved the taste of it. The heat of it caused her pussy to quiver and burn. Vibha slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of cock-flesh she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming prick pressing against the back of her throat, but she relaxed and let it slide still deeper inside. Inch by inch, his big lund disappeared into her voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn’t hold any more. But she knew she still could. She opened her mouth still wider and drew the last few remaining inches of his lavda into her throat. She loved the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock, feeling her lips brushing against his pubic hair, his big prick throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. She raised her head back up to the top of his cock-shaft and was beginning another downward plunge.
She sucked him back in faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She released him again, his shaft now glistening with her saliva, and made her next stroke harder and more forceful as she plunged downward. She sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big prick sliding in and out of her mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing fiercer and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole. “aba mujhse nahi.n rahA jaatA,” Vibha breathed lustily. “meri choot mei.n jaldi se apna lavDA Daalo.please.abhi… jaldi.” Javed positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her tits, angling her spread pussy toward his angry, red cock. He rubbed the head of his prick up and down through the wet, burning valley of her crotch. “Uuummmmmm,” Vibha moaned as she felt his hot cock-head touch her sensitive pussy-flesh. “ghusedo meri choot mei.n… chodo mujhe, Javed… jaldi chodo mujhe!” she begged passionately. Javed placed the tip of his cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy and slowly screwed the big head into her cuntal opening. He felt the tight muscles at the opening of her fuck-hole grip his throbbing cock-head. Reena had been watching passionately beside them, tickling her clit with her fingers as she watched Vibha suck and massage Javed’s cock and balls. She had begun to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as Javed began to rub his cock against Vibha’s waiting cunt. She couldn’t resist joining in now, and placed one hand on Javed’s muscular ass-cheeks while pushing his hips toward Vibha’s pussy. “pail de apnA lunD saali ki choot mei.n!”
Reena cried with excitement, grasping one of Vibha’s firm tits with her other hand and watching the rapturous expression on Vibha’s face as she pushed Javed’s ass harder, making his cock plow into Vibha’s straining, stretching cunt. “phaaD Daal is ranDi ki choot, saali ki cheekhai.n nikAl de, aisy dhunaai kar iski choot ki!” Vibha did scream as the huge cock stretched and filled her pussy. She screamed from the pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was creating. Her cuntal passage convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft, squeezing with muscles she had never even used before. “AAAHHHHH… kitna baDA aur moTA hai… kitnA tagDA lavDA hai… chod mujhe.mAdarchod.jor se chod!” she screamed, wrapping her strong legs around Javed’s waist and pulling him in deeper. Her cunt-muscles squeezed and hugged his thrusting prick. He couldn’t hold back. Vibha’s tightening legs, Reena’s pressure on his ass, and the maddening sensation of Vibha’s cunt biting and squeezing his dick caused him to thrust forward as hard as he could.
He felt his cock slam its full ten inches into Vibha’s quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk backwards and her mouth open wide in passion! He began to fuck his cock in and out of her tight, vise-like hole with wild abandonment. She was letting out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her cunt. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper with each thrust. He watched with passionate delight as Reena grabbed both of Vibha’s straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled the inflamed flesh. Vibha responded by reaching her hand between Reena’s spread thighs and shoving her fingers into the hot, dripping hole of her pussy. The incredible tightness and heat of Vibha’s pussy was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he could tell was going to flood her pussy with steaming, boiling jism. He knew he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the lips of her tight cunt. “Aaaahhh… uungghhh,” he grunted passionately. “merey mun.h mei.n apne lunD kA ras nikAl!” Vibha cried suddenly as she felt him approaching his orgasm. “Please, Javed… mujhe terey lunD kA ras peenA hai… mujhe mun.h mein chAhiye, mujhe peenA hai!” She pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came. She wanted his hot jism in her mouth.
Her whole body ached for it. Reena gasped as she felt Vibha’s pleading voice send shivers of lust through her cunt. She loved seeing Vibha so excited. She moved back away from the two lovers slightly as Javed withdrew his incredibly red and swollen cock from Vibha’s cunt with a loud slurping pop. She could tell by the way Javed was grimacing and panting that he was trying hard to hold his cum inside his balls until he could reach Vibha’s mouth. Vibha’s fingers continued to probe and pull her cunt as she sat down on her knees. Reena urged Javed on as he positioned his cock in front of Vibha’s waiting mouth. “apne lunD kA saarA garam maal iske mun.h mei.n Daal de !” Javed pointed his bursting cock straight at Vibha’s mouth. Reena leaned forward and grasped Javed’s red-hot cock in her hand, aiming it at Vibha’s mouth as she began stroking it vigorously. “Uuuuuhhhhh… mujhe de… mujhe terA saarA kA saarA maal chAhiye!” Vibha cried wildly as she stared transfixed at the steaming prick
Reena was holding right in front of her mouth. Javed felt his jism began to race through the length of his burning cock. He looked down at Vibha’s face, her mouth open and tongue protruding, cupping the head of his cock with her waiting tongue. “Uunghhh!” he grunted as the first hot jet of cum spurted out of his piss-hole and almost filled Vibha’s hungry mouth. Reena squeezed his rod hard with each spasm of his hips, milking spurt after spurt of thick jism out of his balls and into Vibha’s overflowing mouth. Vibha released a moan of pure passion from deep in her throat as Javed’s boiling hot cum filled her mouth. She swallowed hungrily as more and more of his luscious cream shot into her throat. She felt his hot, thick jism spilling over her lips and dripping down her cheeks. Javed just kept cumming and cumming. It was amazing that one cock could have that much cum in it. Reena was swallowing as fast as she could, but soon, the cum began to overflow and started pouring down the side of her face.
Reena continued to milk and squeeze Javed’s convulsing cock dropping the loads on Vibha’s face, hair, stomach and thighs. Javed panted and groaned with the final thrills his gigantic orgasm sent through his loins. He continued to kneel over Vibha’s cum-drenched face as Reena gently rubbed the head of his still-erect prick over Vibha’s lips and cheeks as Vibha lapped and licked at his sperm-smeared cock. Reena held his thick, glistening cock in both hands and pulled the tender skin downward until the slit at the top of the head gaped open. Then, placing her lips against the open piss-hole, Reena sucked the remaining thick jism from deep in his shaft, milking it with her hands to squeeze out every drop. Reena released Javed’s cock and moved her head toward Vibha’s face. Reena began to lick all the remaining cum from Vibha’s lips and face. She sucked and lapped hungrily all over Vibha’s legs and even her sandals, drinking in all the delicious jism she could. Reena Vibha held her cum-covered tongue out from between her wet lips and Reena sucked it into her own mouth, sharing the pleasure of Javed’s cum with Vibha. Then Javed started putting on his clothes.
Vibha took out a 500-rupee note and handed it over to him. “gazab kA lunD hai terA. vaisey tau gaanD bhi marvaani thi tujhse par phir kabhi sahi.” After Javed left, both the women kept sitting there nude except for their high-heeled sandals. They lit cigarettes and Vibha poured whisky for both of them. “Aaj tau bahut mazaa aayA.mai.n kabhi nahi.n bhooloo.ngi yeh din.” Reena said exhaling the smoke. “arey abhi tau tooney dekhA hi kyA hai.saaDe naal rehegi tey aish karegi. chudaai de naye naye mazey kaish karegi” Vibha replied as Reena gulped down her drink. Reena poured more for herself. “arey thoDa dheerey pi.ghar bhi jaanA hai chaD jaayegi” Vibha tried to stop her but Reena said, “jis par chudaai ka nashaa sawaar par yeh whisky kyA asar karegi.” Reena poured herself three glasses in the time it took Vibha to finish one. She raised her last glass in a salute to Vibha, who had just finished her first, and drank deeply. Then they started putting on their clothes. “kal Sunday hai.mere ghar aajA afternoon mei.n.thoDi aish karengey.” Vibha said with a wink as she put on her saree. Reena also put on her salwar-kameez and they parted with a kiss.
Vibha dropped her at the nearby bus stop in her car. As they lived in opposite direction, Reena insisted on taking bus when Vibha offered to drop her. Although Reena had been drinking and but she felt herself under control, just a little light-headed. Luckily, the office-crowd time was over and the bus had very few people. That had been quite a session of fucking, Reena reminisced as she sat by the window in bus. She was relaxing, thinking back to that wild session she and Vibha and Javed had that day. Whew! She thought. “That Vibha was really a sex-driven woman.” Reena realized that bus had to take de-tour due to some reason and she will have to get down at the bus-stop which was about more than one kilometer from her house. When she got down, it was already dusk (darker part of twilight). The drinking she had done a little earlier now seemed to be hitting her. Reena felt a little unsteady on her feet. So, she decided to take a short cut through a narrow dirt path, bordered by knee-high grass and trees and wild flowers. Although this dirt-path was going to be deserted, still she opted to use it, as it would save her more than half a distance. As she strolled along the pathway, she felt as though her legs could no longer support her; they were giving away under her!
She started weaving drunkenly just slightly in her high-heeled sandals as she walked up the path her hands tightly clenched around her purse. To make the matters worse, she felt a strong urge to pee. She lurched ahead for a minute and when she could not control her urge anymore, she quickly glanced through her surroundings to make sure no one was there and since it was almost getting dark, she loosened the nada of her salwar and pulled her salwar down to her ankles and squatted on the ground. She was not wearing panties at that time. She took a deep breath, and then unleashed a steaming golden torrent and next moment she caught the rustle of grass and dry leaves behind her. Then to her horror, she noticed a middle-aged man in cheap rustic clothes about 100 meters from her. He looked like a vagabond. In her drunken confusion, she got up pulling up her salwar. She couldn’t hold back the dribble of hot golden piss streamed out in a gushing torrent from her cunt, that flowed down her thighs, drenching her salwar and soaking her feet and sandals.
As she teetered forward trying to keep her balance and trying tie the nada, she realized that the man was now just behind her. “aisey laDkhaDaati hui kahA.n chali, chhamiyA.zaraa apni choot ke darshan tau karwA do..” the man said putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. She was afraid of what he might ultimately do to her. “mujhe jaane do..dUr raho mujhse” she screamed. “saali.nakhrA karti hai.nashey mei.n jyaadA phudak rahi hai.abhi terA nashaa utartA hu.n.ranDi.kutiyA”. he hissed and held her close to her and kissed her on mouth. Reena was scared as well as excited. “mujhe chhoD de…” she started struggling and protesting, with great trepidation, but enjoyed every bit of it. “chhoD du.n yA chod du.n.” he mocked her and pushed her against the nearby try and tightly embraced her. With one hand he furiously, squeezed her breasts. In his eagerness to open her kurta, he partly tore it and even ripped her bra to knead her now exposed tits. He leaned down and sucked and bit her erect nipples. “saali. kutiyA. dekh terey nipple kaise sakhat ban gaye hai.n.mazaa aa rahA hai, phir bhi jhooThA nakhrA dikhAti hai.” he said while he tore and ripped off her piss drenched salwar from her legs. Reena tried to think how terrified she was, how much she hated this dirty vagabond, but she felt herself becoming more and more excited. The man pulled down his own trousers and briefs to his ankles.
Reena stared unabashedly his cock with her mouth agape. His prick was almost as thick as her wrists, over a foot long and it hung halfway down between his thighs. It was the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat knowing that soon enough she probably would be forced to take that black shaft in her choot. Reena both wanted him and feared him, and the combination of the two made her absolutely sizzle and smolder with contradictory feelings. His hands were rough and weathered, his lips chapped and cracked, and his fingers and mouth rasped on her tender skin. He kissed her bare gleaming bronzed shoulders and her smooth upper chest, and squeezed her breasts so hard that it hurt her, but Reena was growing so weak and dizzy with passion that she didn’t care. His chapped, rasping lips found her aching nipples and tore at them, and waves of heat shimmered through her breasts.
He held them in his palms and milked them fiercely from beneath, digging his fingers into the springy round globes, hurting her again, but beautifully, while he lip-pinched her fiery nipples and sucked them between his strong teeth. Reena put her hands on his shoulders in order to keep her balance on her high heels, and shut her eyes, turning her head to and fro and hissing with pleasure, pushing her hot aching breasts into his face. She was already moaning in low animalistic guttural sounds, bursting and burbling all over with lust, crying out softly from the sweet pain his harsh mouth and his rough, grasping fingers caused to her sensitive breasts and her flaming, teeth-tortured nipples. Then he forced her on her hands and knees. “Aaj tau gaanD hi maroo.ngA teri.” he chuckled lewdly. His eyes seemed to glaze as he stared at the illicit crack. “Oh nahi.n! meri gaanD mei.n itnA baDA lavDA nahi.n samaayegA! mar jaaoo.ngi mai.n. gaanD phaT jaayegi. chaahe tau meri choot mei.n apnA lavDA Daal ke chod le,” she moaned when she felt the hard rubbery head of his penis pushing crudely against the defenseless opening of her rectum. She felt numb all over, and her brain refused to register what was happening. He continued to surge forward, straining with all his might.
Stabs of shooting pain shot up Reena’s spinal cord as he finally managed to insert the thickly pulsing head of his cock up inside the elastic-tightness of her futilely resisting rectum. For a moment, she thought she was split in two. She was completely stunned by the excruciating pain and her breath was coming in agonizing gasps. He didn’t let her get used to his massive tool either. Immediately upon entering her anus he pushed hard forcing his hard black cock all the way in her ass. Reena screamed in pain. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Her asshole was still dry and unlubricated to take anything so large inside. “ruk jaao… ruk jaao, please… haai mai.n mari…” she rasped hoarsely, barely able to make her voice heard. But he was cruelly oblivious to her agony. After a moment or two of gathering his strength, he shoved forward again, forcing his huge, lust-distended cock into the tight, unyielding sheath of her rectum. Relentlessly, he surged on; searing the sensitive inner membrane unbearably, until at long last, he was embedded to the hilt in her sorely abused anal depths. He held it there triumphantly, watching the desperate squirming of Reena’s lewdly skewered buttocks.
He started fucking her ass right away, removing his cock almost all the way and ramming back in. And not just once or twice, but kept on going over and over as Reena screamed and screamed. She had always like it in the ass, but not this way. But now, she couldn’t relax enough, her asshole was too dry, it hurt. She could feel every inch of his hard meat slide in and then out, then back in and back out. The pain rippled through her entire body starting at her asshole and traveling all the way up until it registered in her brain. He began a slow, laborious in and out rhythm, the tortured rectum finally yielding slightly and allowing him to plunge and withdraw with greater ease. Her anal muscles were relaxing, accommodating his huge cock, and the pain was being replaced with an unbelievably intense desire, a desire for all to go on and on. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back and forth, his hard, expanding cock going in and out of her like a powerful piston. “Uuuuugggghhh! haan! maar meri gaanD jor jor se!” Reena moaned as the man fucked his cock in and out of her burning rubbery passage with longer and harder thrusts.
She was rolling her- buttocks in and undulating rhythm to match his driving cock, and the fluid from her cunt was pouring in such amounts as to run free down her inner thighs. She was like a wild animal as she worked her hips around, her anus trying to hungrily suck the juices from the man’s sperm-heavy balls. The man was fucking in and out of her anus with ever-increasing tempo, his big cock seemingly becoming even bigger with his nearing climax. Reena was screwing back her buttocks and she was gibbering incoherent sounds, pleading with the man to pump her full of his cum. Her dark hair was hanging loosely about her head, swaying as she twisted her head back and forth in opposite time to the fucking of her rectum. Her large breasts danced beneath her chest like jelly as the man fucked her anus harder and harder strokes, and the force of his fucking seemed to carry through her body to the top of her head. The man’s balls swayed as he rocked back and forth, fucking Reena’s wide-stretched anus with his cock. When he fucked his cock deep inside Reena’s hot rectum, his twin balls would swing forward up between her inner thighs to hit the mound of her open cunt. She continued screaming and jerking in her bent over position, begging the man to pump her rectum full of cum. The man did as she wished, all right. With a low groan, he held her hips tightly in his hands as his cock released the stored up sperm from his balls, and it began shooting hot blasts of searing hot cum deep up inside Reena’s rectum. “Oooooh! Oooooohh! meri gaaaaanD. chodoooo!” she screamed, her face wildly contorted with passion.
The man finally jerked his hips forward and with a deep-throated groan pumped his cum into her widely expanded anus. Their obscenely joined bodies spasmed in lewd unison as his cum filled her rectum, squirting in great explosive blasts from the tip of his giant cock. Each hot blast was spilled out by a loud cry of pleasure from Reena, and it seemed like the man was never going to run dry. His ass-cheeks flexed and unflexed in emphasis to his exploding cock deep within her hot rectum, and his head was thrown back as he strained for the exquisite pleasure of his orgasm. The man finished his orgasm, and as if in grand finale, he straightened up and pulled his still hardened cock from the depths of Reena’s rectum. Reena was in a state of collapsed exhaustion. She turned around and saw how slimy his cock was from being in her ass so long. Reena opened her mouth to him. He put his cock on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Reena opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy cock. He pushed more making Reena tilt her head up as it hit the back of her throat. Then he forced it deeper making her swallow his big black cock.
It entered her throat and he pushed it down, all the way down, forcing into her throat until all twelve inches of the slimy cock was lodged in her gullet. Then Reena wrapped her lips tight around the cock while he slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Reena cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. The man put on his trousers quickly and left in haste. The whole session took only 15-20 minutes. It was night now and she was sitting there on the deserted dirt-path, nude except for her high heels, with her body glistening in the white moonlight. Oddly she felt neither shame nor guilt nor revulsion, now only complete satiation was flowing through her. Finally she managed to gather enough strength to stagger to her feet and nakedly began to gather the tatters of her clothing together… After she pulled the tattered remains of her kurta and salwar that stinked of her piss, around her naked body; she stumbled in her heels through the empty dirt-path. It wasn’t until she got home that she cleaned up with a shower and laid down for a nap. Reena had enjoyed a day of exhausting nasty dirty sex. But now she was satisfied. Her sexual lust lay dormant, at least for now.