Lover Boys (Second part)

January 12th, 2013

Hi I am here again. The next day got up early and went to the nature’s call. While doing that I felt pain in my anus. It was really cannot tolerable. So I couldn’t fresh up properly and joined the parade. Raj was feeling shy to talk to me, same was with me too. We didn’t talk the whole day. Day passed very late then the time has come for which I was eagerly waiting for. This night I was wearing only shorts and no underwear. He saw me and even he came in the same dress. Today I opened my bed that he saw and came to me and said yaar don’t open your bed we will share my bed “he asked hesitatingly” I agreed for that and went to sleep. Today I couldn’t sleep but I pretended to do so.


D sexiest servant woh !

January 10th, 2013

Hii this is fahad from mumbai , first let me tel u tat i am 21 nw in my final years
of my diploma courses, i am average in health n 6.1 tall . It so happened when one
day i was leaving for my classes i saw a girl abt 19 to 20 yrs of age , 4 a monent i
taught she must be sum of ma cousin n i went , wen i returned she waz still there in
d house , i came to know tat she waz my servant , man she waz so hot , whitish
foreigner like colour ,wit a hot round exellently shaped boobs ,n ass waz as hot as
a pornstar , man those nights i masturbated twice thinking of her , then one day i
went to my kitchen to take a bottle of water n saw her eatin her dinner , as time
passed we slowly started to talk like i use to order her to bring a glass of water
etc etc n started teasing her slowly ,

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Mera Darzi

January 8th, 2013

I live in posh area of karachi with my grand mother only.Since the house was my
grand rented one room to young tailor who used to live there and did ladies
tailoring.He was a nice tailor and had many clients.When I ended my studies I used
to remain home most of the time.I observed that one very pretty rich lady used to
visit her once or twice in month.He introduced as her aunt.She used to spend two
three night with him.I became curious and started spying on them.Since it was
summer,they used keep windows open and night light on.One night I that darzi is
fucking her and thrusting his huge inside.


Faraz love Faiza

January 6th, 2013

Hi,my name is faraz i m 17.I m a regular reader of ISS,i wish that i can also write
my story and my time comes.This is my first experience of life.Before starting my
story,firstly i should tell about myself.I m goodlooking guy,with little muscular
body,many girls attracted from me.
This happend 1 month ago i was in my cousin house she is also my age her named is
Faiza she is cooled,dam sexy.No one can imagin about her beauty.she is one of her
parents,I was staying in her home for 3 days,her parents go for job and she was
alone with me at her home.We both have kiss each others at young ages,while she was
off from her school,i was watching TV and she was making breakfast for me.


randi ki aulad shyina

January 4th, 2013

i was preparin 4 my cat exam in jaipur. due to some cold n cough i decided to move
on 2 my town sgnr. and during my trip i met her.the story starts from here now.i was
waiting 4 the bus at bus stand and prayin 2 god 4 a nice girl in there. and wat to
my surprise i got her in there.i was supposed to sit on third last row exactly one
row above her as i mentioned above her name was shyina.she was very beautiful.long
hair. blonde face. only one thing which made me to hate her and that was her
fatness. i was sitting on my seat and did not paid attention towards her.


Pyari bhabhi ki chudaee

January 2nd, 2013

Me pankaj agarwal 21 ht 5 3.Colour white smooth.Once there was a function in my
home.Too guest r there to enjoy function.Our house has 3 rm.My bro marid 2 yr back
then n no kid .My bhavi very sexy beautiful 34 30 36.Me only hr devar.Al relative
far.Sn me hr lover devar.C was very frank.Wen papa n bro go to job then me n my mom
only in home.Aftr doing school work me chat wth hr n help hr in home work.Sum time
me sleep in hr bed in undrwr n banyan.Al our famly membr also sleep in that dres.So
b4 fnctn nite there r many guest .So which place empty gust sleep.Bro ws out of
station to bring hr sali etc.N he came next day morning.Wen i complete house work me
go to sleep bt there no place.

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Chachi and me

December 31st, 2012

Hello Readers this is Dee from Pakistan I have always wanted to tell everyone how I got the chance to get dirty with the woman of my dreams and finally I have enough courage to get the story out but before that I would like to tell u a lil bit about me. Well I am 28 yrs old athletic build fair complexion and short hair I have almost always been attracted to sex for as long as I can remember.
I have been masturbating since the age of 16 as most teenagers do and at that time I wanted to fuck almost every girl I saw I have always been a fan of big boobs and round huge asses .This happened about 4 years back my parents were going out of town for a couple of days so they told me to go stay with my chacha(Fathers brother) and chachi (his wife)her name is sadia. I went to their house at about 1230 pm and started talking to my cousins my chachi was in the shower.


Nikhil bangs Sheetal aunty

December 29th, 2012

Thank u for all guys’ n gals who replied me for the last two stories which I had shared with u. Hope I wud be getting the same responses even for this story as well. I am Nikhil aged 21 from Bangalore.
I was 18 years old when I started having an intimate relationship with my neighbour aunt Sheela. We are a middle class family. My aunt was married at the age of 21 to my uncle. She had given birth to a boy just a few months before it started. It was the baby that started our affair. My beautiful aunt, who was 22 years old at that time, used to breast-feed the baby. As a young boy of 18, I was attracted by her breasts, which were extremely big and shapely.


Three Sisters

December 27th, 2012

I was seventeen and in last year of my school, when a family of three sisters shifted in our neighborhood during the winter season. These three sisters, lived with their mother who was working in a bank, their father was deceased. And we often studied together for preparation of exams.
The eldest was Alpana 21 years, having finished graduation was looking for a job, second daughter Vasudha was my age and in the same class with science subjects like me, the youngest one was Priyamvada and was fifteen years of age. They were all beautiful and of medium built with the second sister Vasudha having the best body, nice big tits, and large fluffy bottom. The eldest sister was also well proportioned but was less developed on her height as well. Since Vasudha and I had Science and as the younger one was also preparing for her ninth grade exams, we three decided to study together and I was given the honor of helping the two girls in case they needed any help. So every night we used to get together either at their house or my house to study.

We all became very friendly and besides studying we were freely touching and feeling each other. For some days this went and I was slowly but definitely designing my dreams to fuck all the three sisters. Vasudha was closest to me and had even me to cup her breasts and kiss her, the youngest one Priyamvada also did not object to my hugs touching her breasts or rubbing her bottom. The eldest one Alpana was the real tough one who maintained her distance with me (probably she was having an affair) and was reserved generally. One day, their mother had to leave the town for some urgent work for about a week.

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a love story

December 25th, 2012

A Love Story
I live in Kanpur & it started when I was 21 and she was 19 years old. I was pursuing
my engg. at that time. Our families knew each other well, as my father and her
father work in the same natinalised bank. They arranged an 18-day tour to south
India (my best ever tour) along with our families. She was extremely beautiful, good
figure, big globes. The best thing in her is her jovial nature. She keeps smiling,
bubbling & is always full of life. She is a woman of substance. Any guy would be
lucky to have such a mix of beauty & nature. She can charasmerise (charm) a person
with her soft sweet voice.


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