Milk Shake (Gay)

September 11th, 2008

Hi, everybody. I am Samir Raj here. I hope you all will love me and my story. Really, this is not a story. This is my real experience. This incident takes place when I was working with an Engineer. I stayed in one of the rooms of his quarters. We prepare the food for both of us. He is well built and hairy body, aged 30 yrs. His wife and child were at the home town. I liked him very much. I am very much eager to see his naked body when he changed his dress. I thirstily look at his basket (penis and balls covered by underwear), thighs and hairy body.

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Hot Meeting With stranger

September 10th, 2008

This time it is of one stranger whom I met few days ago. Last month on 19th I went to New Zealand for some business. This was the first time I was visiting there. I had a meeting fixed with a company on 21st.. Being new to this place I had already made an arrangements to stay. It was my cousin Shruti’s house. Shruti is my second cousin who is studying there for last almost 8 months. So I was bit relaxed, as there will be someone known at least. Shruti is very cute girl and very confident at the age of 19. Even being cousins we were not so close. I mean we rarely use to meet each other either on family marriages or functions.


Indian Sex Scene

September 10th, 2008

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amar ammur birat pacha (Bengali)

September 9th, 2008

HI folks this is the first story by me hope u all will enjoy it. jokhon theke amar modhe joubon asche thokhon thekei ami meyeder shorirer proti khubi akristo hoi.kintu ar shobar moto ami amar shomoboyoshi meyeder proti akristo hotam na.ami shuru thekei moddho boyoshi mohilader pochondo kori.majh boyoshi mohilader boro boro dudh ar pacha deklei jibhe pani chole ashto.amader building e 3 jon aunty thake.ekjon er boyosh pray 35 hobe.besh mota ar chowra deho.dui ta meye ache tar,ekta class 5 e arekta class 2 te pore.arek aunty er boyosh 37-38 hobe.tar 3 chele meye.boro chele college e pore.tar o shorir khub boroshoro.onno aunty er boyosh pray 46-47 hobe.tar dui chele meye,boro chele university te last year e pore ar meyeta college e pore.

ei 3 jon ke deklei iccha korto eder bishal dhamar moto pacha gulay hat bulie putki mari.jokhon tara ghor theke ber hoto amio tader pichu niye hattam ar dektam tader dudh ar pachar eo boyoshko madam der pachar duluni dekte prai tader follow kortam.jai hok nishchoi apnera bujhte parchen je ami boyoshko mohilader bishesh kore tade pachar proti beshi akrishto.ebar mul kahinir dike firi.
amar ammur boyosh pray 41-42 hobe.gayer rong forsha.shorirer size hobe 36-34-45.orthat bishal o birat typer shorir.dudh gulo boyosh er karone ektu jhule geleo besh shugothito.nitombo ba pacha ba pod jai bolen ta shobcheye shundor kore srishtikorta baniyechen amar ammur.jokhon hate tokhon pachar dabnar nachon dekhe amar buk eo jhor uthe.shubodh baloker moto takie takie dekha chara ar kichu ei jibone oi pachata niye korte parbo ta kokhono bhabini.

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My Aunty being very sweet

September 8th, 2008

Once I was alone in my home and my all family have gone to hill station for enjoyment their holidays and I didn’t joined them due to an interview call for me. It was nearly 3 o clock of the noon that a door bell rang. I went to out that who rang the bell.
There was an woman stood out side the door. I identify her she was my father cousin named jaya . I received her warmly, and asked her to come in. she had some luggage which I picked with her . she came in the home and asked about my family. I told her that they all are out of station and will be here after 3 / 4 days. She became very upset to listen this and said that what should she do now as she has come here for a long stay from other city.


Sex-Crazy Stud Hooks Up To Decorate His Girlfriend’s Juicy Hole With His Naughty Hard-On

September 8th, 2008

bollywood porn

It happened one hot Friday afternoon. I had been waiting for the right time to seduce my girl to do something other than eating mee goreng noodles and talking. I wanted to get past her clothes and silky dark locks. I wanted to fuck.

It all started innocently. She called, asking help to decorate her bedroom. The moment I heard the word bedroom, I knew this was my chance and said yes right away. Luck seemed to be following me since her parents weren’t home when I showed up.

My lovely Indian partner was waiting in her bedroom and the first thing I noticed was the gentle curve of her breasts against her shirt. I was hypnotized by the graceful slope of her knockers and started imagining how soft it would feel against my teeth. The kinky images running in my mind was making my cock throbbed against my jeans.

My girlfriend noticed my silence and asked me “What’s wrong?” Distracted, I shifted my gaze from her plump breasts to her gorgeous face. She repeated the question and I said I’m fine. I also added I will help her but it comes with a price. She was getting curious at this and asked “What will the price be?”

I told her I wanted to fuck She was a shy beauty and the concept of fucking wasn’t on top of her priorities. I told her she will not regret doing this and I will help her decorate her room to the design she wanted. She walked closer to me and I started kissing her sweet lips. Soon, we were down in bed with our clothes all over the floor. She tasted so good, I had a great time flicking my tongue all over her fragrant caramel flesh. She had the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen and I didn’t waste time getting my hungry mouth all over its juicy peaks. She moaned and cooed on how good I made her feel. Encouraged by this, I went down lower on the rich valley of her breasts to her wet, bushy pussy. My fingers stroked its fleshy nooks deeper until she was shaking crazily against me. I gave her what she wanted and drove my fully aroused shaft in perfect harmony with her pink pussy. Check Out This Indian Twosome’s Afternoon Cum-Swapping Stories Here!.


Enjoying Giji

September 7th, 2008

Hi i am Rahul,doing my final year engg at Kottayam.
I am going to tell you a true story.Nearer to my house ,there is a newly married couple. He often goes to Bangalore for his business and she is alone in her house.Her name is Giji. Some times her mother will be there. Her only friend was my sister. I often look at her boobs when she come to our house and masturbate thinking of her naked. I can hear her bathing sound from my house and i imagine the scene and masturbate.

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Sexy Bhabie and me

September 6th, 2008

This is a story about me and my bhabi (brothers wife). I was 18 and perhaps One of the horniest guys possible. I always had a problem that I always like a girl older then my age. I always had a crush on my bhabhi, as she was the only woman in my house. She was not the sexy type, no great figure either but the thing about her was her colour. It was really fair, sometimes I used to compliment her with a sentence “bhabhi agar tum par doodh gir jaye to tum maili hojao ge.”
My brother was a real slow guy. My bhabhi wanted a romantic guy who could give her the dick of steel but my brother was not like that, he was normal. He used to fuck her once or twice a week but she wanted more then that.

One night when my brother was out with his friends she called me and said Rahul “I m taking a bath if somebody asks for me tell them that I m sick and sleeping.” I said “ok bhabhi”. After that sentence I saw a wicked smile on her face. I was always used to look in her personal activites but this was an open chance for me. When she went to take a bath she left the door open slightly. I saw she took of her clothes, I instantly got an erection and I masturbated on the door of the bathroom. Then I saw the whole scene of her taking a bath and doing her stuff. I thought that was heaven for me but there was more to come. The next morning when my brother went to the office, she called me and said “Bathroom ka mat raat ko geela geela tha, kya tum sai kuch gir gaya tha?” I said “pata nahe bhabhi.”


Taming (By Nishat)

September 5th, 2008

I am 27 years old and not married. I had my first sexual experience at 15 years of
age and since 19, the frequency has increased. I get aroused quickly. Simply looking
at a thick and long candlestick is enough to get me wet. I love to suck and deep
throat long thick ones especially those belonging to older men of 40 or more. When I
take them in they hang like a donkey’s and as I suck them they become hard till
they burst in my mouth. I love to lick them clean. My sister’s father in law, lets
call him Bughira, will turn 52 coming June has one that is 11 inches long. It is my
pet and I call it hisss. That’s the sound Bughira makes when excited. Bughira has
a good petting hand. His hand is like a paw, and when he puts it on my ass, my tight
boobs sag. He would run it up and down my ass, and then up and inside my kurta a few
times before it goes down and inside my shalwar, and then his thick and stubby
middle finger would penetrate my asshole and stay there till I take hisss into my
right hand and stroke it gently. I would undo the shalwar’s knot and pulling it
down would lift hisss with my left hand and take it into my mouth.



September 5th, 2008

Hi i m Adil i m 17 years old and a fan of watching sex vdoz porn movies and
stories .from Karachi (Pakistan).this is a mix story in English and urdu.My mom
is 36 years old having nice figure fair complexion her figure is 38-30-36 having
long hieght of 5’8″named Sabiha .She is an business woman having her own
business she runs her own boutique.she is a fashion designer. Me and my mom live
alone in this city my mom and dad are separated he lives in USA.Mom used to come
back from her boutique late at night she loves me very much.Mom was married in a
very small age of 16 years dad took mom to USA there my dad and mom cant stay
together so they got separation dad was a very horny man he use to have affair
with many girls even after marrige so they didnot lived together mom became a
fashion designer in USA after she moved with mo to Pakistan.


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