Loss of Innocence

December 11th, 2012

Hi! Guys & girls specially girls. I am Rohit (name changed) from Mumbai. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, good body coz of gym, fair looking & most important have a 7 ½ incher. It’s 2 inch wide too. I can already hear the gasps or the girls… J. I am from a very well to do family. Now enough of me. The experience I am gonna tell you happens in the life of very lucky few and I am one of them. This happened about 8 yrs back when I was 24 yrs old. At that time too I had a good physique. Basically I was doing nothing with my life. Marriage of my cousin was fixed in Rajasthan. So all of us had gone there. There we were staying in a 5 star hotel. As that was tourism time there were many foreigners staying in the hotel. Anyways the day of wedding arrived & I enjoyed a lot since there were so many girls of my age. The wedding got over & everyone started leaving. But I decided to stay back since I wanted to see Rajasthan. I thought it won’t be nice of me to ask anyone to come with me so I went out alone. Little did I know that this would turn out to be by best holiday till day.

I started with Jaipur where the wedding took place. I saw lots of places & enjoyed a lot. At night I was dining in a restaurant. Suddenly I saw a girl of about 16 yrs (lets call her Lola), long dense blonde hair sitting at a table near me. She has blue eyes and a very proportionate figure with a slightly heavy ass. She looked quite innocent. She was there with some black guy (let’s call him John) and an Indian girl (let’s call her Anjali). That girl too was very sexy. She was about 21, black eyes.

She too had a slightly heavy bottom. I was shamelessly staring at them. Anjali was doing something too the Blonde she had a strange _expression on her face. Suddenly Lola jumped a bit. It didn’t take me long to realize that Anjali was fingering Lola. Soon I finished my lunch & went to room and slept. Early next morning I left for Udaipur. I had completely forgotten about previous day. It was very hot in Udaipur. So as soon as I reached my hotel I left my luggage in the room & jumped in the pool. I swam for about 5 mins when I saw the girl of my dreams (Lola) coming towards the pool. She was wearing a very flimsy bikini. Wowwwwww what a bomb she was heavy but proportionate boobs & quite a heavy ass. It was like the sex goddess had herself come on earth. When she bent to jump in the pool I had a fest for my eyes. She was doing breaststroke. I saw this & bumped into her and pressed her right boob. She sighed a little. After spending some more time in the pool I came out. But I was watching her from side.

Suddenly something happened and she started shouting for help. I immediately jumped in the pool & took her out. She was finding it very hard to breathe. After giving her first aid I took her to her room. Soon she was in deep sleep. I left her and went away. Later in the day I was dining at the restaurant when I saw all 3 of them coming towards me. They came near me & Anjali said “Hi!! Lola told us how you helped her and made her comfortable. We are very grateful to you and it would be our pleasure if you join us for dinner.” “ Sure.” Soon all of us were on one table. We had a great time together. We chatted, joked and giggled. Nothing happened. While chatting they told me that Lola & John are siblings and are from Colombia and their friend Anjali is from US. Then they asked me to join them in the tour. How could I refuse such a golden opportunity? We would go everywhere together. I could feel Lola was giving special attention to me. But nothing sensational happened except mild brushes on boobs and ass which she ignored. By then I had made my mind to fuck her. Then suddenly one day they told me that tomorrow is Lola’s 18th birthday & they (Anjali and John) have planned something special for Lola. I was also invited to the party.

Next day I got up quite early. I bought a nice present for Lola & went to her room. She opened the door & I wished her happy birthday & kissed her on her cheek. She thanked me and invited me in. There we cut cake had some drinks. Then we all went for site seeing. In the evening when I was going in my room they invited me in their room. They reminded me about the special present. Inside the room was decorated very well. Lights were very dim. John put on the tape & played some erotic music. We started dancing, me and Lola & John with Anjali. We were dancing very close to each other. Lola’s boobs were touching my chest and my raging hard tool was pushing in her cunt from the thin fabric of her dress. Soon I was moving my hand all over her ass and she was rubbing my penis. I got a little bit bolder & a touched her left boob and pressed her lightly. A moan escaped from her lips. Soon I was kissing her. This went for about 15 mins when John stopped the music. Shit!! I felt like killing him. He said “Guys.. as we all know that Lola has turned 18 today. Rohit. All the while we have been we have been telling you about the special gift. You know what it is? Today Lola is going to lose her cherry and you are the lucky one who has been chosen to do the honours.” I couldn’t believe my ears. John told us to sit & watch a special show by Lola. She played a highly erotic tune and began to dance. Oh!! My God she was going to strip for us. Soon she was gyrating to the tune. 1st her gown came off. Shit!!! She was in a bra which barely hid her nipples. Her panty was similar. There was a triangle in the front which hid her slit.. At the back a thin line of Nylon separated her perfect round bums. She was a total knock out. She was looking even more beautiful then I had imagined. She turned her back to us. She was moving her bums from left to right and up & down. Then she untied the knot of her bra and her bare back was visible to us. There not a single spot on her body. She moved around. She had one hands on each boob. Then slowly teasingly she began giving glimpses of her nipples. Then in one sudden movement she removed both her hands. Oh my God!! 2 most perfectly shaped boobs were in front of my eyes. 2 small nipples looked like pearls in ocean. They were light pink in colour. Then she began slightly pressing her boobs all the while moving her body in a very sexy way. Then both her thumbs went to 2 sides of her panty bands. Then in one movement she pulled down her panty.

There it was the gate to heaven. There was not a single hair on her pussy. Even more cute were 3 arrows (one each on her stomach and both thighs) pointing towards her pussy and saying heaven inside. Her pussy closely stuck to each other. Later they told me that Lola was virgin & they had been preparing her for this day by finger fucking her. But they took care not to break her cherry. Meanwhile all of us were totally nude. Anjali was not bad looking. She too had a nice figure. All this while John had been finger fucking her and she had already orgasmed once. Lola continued her show. She took a grape & placed in her bum hole and challenged me to suck it out only using my tongue. I went on my knees. 1st I traced a line from back of her thigh to her bum hole where the grape was stuck. I touched her hole with my tongue. A moan escaped from her lips “ Ohhhhh God it feels so goods. Keep on doing it..” After a lot of struggle I was finally able to take out the grape. “ Good job Rohit.. You deserve a prize.” Saying this she bent on her knees and took by penis in her hand. Ohh God it felt so hot and soft. She peeled back my foreskin and started rubbing my foreskin up and down “UUmmmmmmm Yess Yesss don’t stop. I am in heaven. I have never felt like this. Keep doing it.” Suddenly I could feel some warmness. Lola had opened her mouth & was ready to take my penis in her mouth. 1st she slowly flicked the tip of my penis. Then slowly slowly she started taking me inside. Though I am more than average she took all of my meat in. I could feel my prick hitting back of her throat. She was moving her head up & down my shaft. I was in total ecstasy. I grabbed hold of her thick blonde tresses & started fucking her mouth furiously. I could feel my flood building inside me.

I gave a last final push & began spurting inside her. Amazingly she drank it all. Not a drop fell on floor. Later John told me that Lola has been giving her head for last 6 yrs and she is an expert in sucking. John stood up and told “Now don’t waste any more time & fuck the shit out of her. I have promised her that I will see her 1st fuck completely and after that only I will fuck Anjali. So now get her on the bed and fuck her brains out.” I took her in my arms & threw her mercilessly on the bed. But she didn’t say a thing. I laid her on the back. I put my mouth on hers & began my French. It was quite a hard one though.. Then I began kissing her all over her body. 1st her ear lobes then her shoulders. I gave her a love bite “ AAhhhhhh” a slight scream escaped her mouth. Then I paid attention to her perfect boobs. I put my mouth on her right nipple. I was sucking her like a child sucks while drinking milk. My left hand was busy on her left boob “OOhhhhhhhh Noooooooooo Suck them, press them, crush them….Make it pain…. Treat me like a slut.” I took the nipple in my mouth and between my teeth and pulled it upwards. As expected she screamed in pain. But who was caring. She herself had demanded this. Her left boob too got same treatment. By the time I finished with sucking her boobs were red like cherry and she was on fire. I went down from her stomach to her love hole. I began by rubbing it from outside. She was burning hot. Then Suddenly I inserted my index finger in her. She was tight… very tight. I was going to have time of my life fucking this sexy bitch. But I was determined to make her beg me to fuck her. My lips were on hers and I was smooching her very aggressively. Oh!! Boy what a kisser she was. She was just incredible. Throughout our 5 mins French kiss I didn’t even feel like leaving her once. Our tongues were inside each others mouth and were fighting very hard battle of superiority. After about 5 mins I left her mouth and concentrated on licking other parts of her body. I started with her eyes then nose, earlobes ….. She was in total ecstasy and was moaning like a whore. Then I went to her right shoulder and gave her a love bite. She screamed in pain and pleasure. “Did you like it?” “Ooohhh yes. This is my 1st love bite. I liked it very much and savour this moment forever. Then I went on her boobs and they were the worst sufferer.

They were absolutely smashed. She was shouting like “ Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Oooooooohhhhhhhh Nooooooooooooo. Aaaaahhh Aahhhhh. Please please do it slowly . Pleeeeeaaaaasssseee. Oooohhhhhhh yesssssss. Drink from them. They are all yours. Don’t spare them.. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” I gave a big bite on her right nipple and pulled it up… up and up. By the time I was finished with her boobs they were all red like red cherry. She was incredibly hot now. I traced a path with my tongue to her navel. I immediately started fucking her navel with my tongue. I would dart my tongue inside her navel and then would scoop like ice-cream. Then I would circle her entire navel. Her reaction was like “ Oohhhh mmmyyyyyy Gooooood. What are you doooing ? Don’t stoopp. Ooohh yessss.Yesssssssss . Ohhhhhh Yessssssssssssssssss.” She had a big big orgasm spurting everything on my face and I gladly drank it all. I decided to give her a bit rest. As soon as I got up there was a loud shout “ Nooooo Don’t stop. Show that bitch, that whore what a true fuck is like. Fuck her hard till she passes out. Common do it.” I was too glad to do it. She had still not recovered from her previous orgasm when I suddenly put my tongue over her clean shaven pussy. Oohhh my God. Even though she was regularly finger fucked her slit was incredibly small. I was gonna have time of my life fucking her. I darted out my tongue and moved it from her asshole to her pussyhole. She was flowing like a running tap. I tried very hard to lick everything but she kept on flowing and flowing. She tasted incredibly sweet and had a very sweet aroma. I still had not touched insides of her pussy. She was withering like a slaughtered animal. She was in total fire and didn’t now what was happening. By now she was very quite & had her eyes closed tightly. Then suddenly I parted her pussy lips and put my index finger in her. A loud gasp escaped from her lips. She arched her ass in the air to take more of my finger in her. I was fucking her with my index finger in slow and steady motion. Then I inserted my middle finger in her.

She shouted in slight pain “Aaahhhhhhhhh Please slowly. Iiii have never taken more than one finger in there.” It didn’t matter to me and I continued my work. After some time she was moaning like “ OOoohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh Uuuuuuuuummmmmmmm. Yesssssss dooooooo it. Fasterrrrr Fasterrrrrrr. Don’t stoppppppp. Please fasterrrrrr.” However I was determined not to make her cum and not to break her seal with my finger. So as soon as I felt her body tighten around my finger, I left her. I could see a sense of frustration on face. “ Please fuck me, make me cum. Please I can’t bear this pain. Please.” But who was going to listen. When I felt that she had regained her composure I was at my work again. This time I decided to use my tongue. I straight away darted my tongue inside her hot furnace. Again she arched her back in air. I didn’t take any effort on my part to make her hot again. Soon she was moaning again and this time her moans were louder. “ Oh yessssss Oooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooo. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh youuuuuu arrreeeee making me maddddddd. Common yessssss yesssss yesssssss. Ooooooooohhhhhh Nooooooooooo.” I was scooping her pussy like ice cone. I would dart my tongue inside giving her 4,5 strokes, then would circle her entire pussy lapping her juice, then I would trace a path to her asshole putting some of her juice over there. Soon I could feel her tightening again. Again I left her. I did this 3 times. By now she was very frustrated. She was literally crying “ pleaseee. Why are you torturing me like this ? Please fuck me long and hard. Please make me cum till I pass out please do it…. Please. I am your sex slave. I am your whore, your slut. Use me as you like. Fuck me anywhere you want. But please do it.” I knew that by now she was so hot that she won’t say anything no matter what I do with her. So I placed the tip of my cock on her entrance (Did I tell you that she had 3 arrows tattooed one each on her thighs and 3rd on her abdomen pointing towards her pussy saying door to heaven.) I moved my cock to and fro teasing her little more. Then with one sudden mighty push I entered her. She screamed in extreme pain “ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Please leave me. It’s paining too much. I don’t want to do it. Leave me.” But by now my animal had tasted blood. I gave another push and my cock entered her some more. I started slow rocking motion giving her time to relax, all the time giving small pushes. Then I came across a resistance. I knew it was her hymen and it would me more intense pain to her.

So I put my lips over her and began French kissing her. When I felt that all her attention was in the kiss. I gave another mighty push and broke her seal. She was in excruciating pain. This was real pain. I stopped there just savouring my conquer and allowing her to relax. After few seconds I could feel her relax and I started slow motions. She was not enjoying it at all. There were tears in her eyes and she was just laying there still. But after some time as her pain subsidized she began responding. Now even she was humping slowly. I looked at the watch it has been 20 mins since I took her innocence and I don’t know what I was doing. I pushed her on her back put my palms on both sides of her waist pinning her down tightly. I took my cock out till only my tip was inside her and again gave a big push. But this time she didn’t scream. There was a gasp of ecstasy from her mouth. Soon I was in my full motion and this time she was participating fully. Her head was moving too and fro and she was moving her ass in the air to take me more and more “ Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yesssssssssssssssssss. Don’t stoppppppppppp. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss.IIIII am your whoreeeeee slutttt, your sex slaveeee. Make it pain down thereeeeee” We were fucking like animals. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Then after 2,3 strokes she came with a loud scream. Ohhh my god she cummed and cummed. I have never seen any girl cum so much. This helped lubricate her pussy and now my cock was slipping in easily.

However there was no stopping me. I continued. By now she had began swearing “You bastard. You son of a bitchhhh. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. You mother fucker. Fuck me as hard as you can. Aaaaahhhhh Aaaaaaahhhhhh.” Soon she cummed again and this time she had even bigger orgasm the before. She had 3 more orgasms very soon. But I had not cummed till now. Now I concentrated on doing just that. I was going slow but I picked up speed on again and rammed and rammed. By now she was lying down all flushed and had very less energy left. I could feel cum rushing down my penis. I told her I am gonna cum. She replied cum in me. I want to feel you cumming inside me. I gave few more strokes and the with loud grunt let out one of the biggest cum of my life in her. I cummed so much that it started flowing out from both sides of her pussy. Then she too cummed and passed out. I was also tired by then and soon went to sleep when I woke up John was all over Anjali. He was fucking with all his might. I could see cum all over Anjalis body. Maybe John had cummed on her body. Soon they both tightened and cummed simultaneously. By now Lola had woken up too. We decided to eat something to regain our energy. While eating too we were playing with each other. We finished out food. And began going towards our respective partners. But Anjali said that she is very tired and want to sleep. She went in the room. I could see John very disappointed. I decided to help him. I said “ John don’t be so disappointed. We still have Lola with us we can enjoy our hearts out.” He replied “Are you nuts. She is my sis; I can’t do it with her. Fingering is different.” I laughed at his reply. I said “Say that you can’t fuck her coz you can’t get erect after so much fucking. Don’t give this crap of brother and sis.” I could see that he was very angry by this comment. He pushed Lola on the bed and started smooching her passionately. Very soon his cock was inside her mouth and a bitch she was she was enjoying it every bit. I concentrated on her nipples and pussy. Soon she was on fire again. She was rubbing my shaft and was mouthing her brother. Without warning John came in her mouth. She had no option but to swallow every bit of it. She swallowed and cleaned up John. Mine was hard and standing up like iron rod. I pushed my cock easily in her pussy and was fucking her vigorously. She had cum twice before I came. With me she also had an orgasm. John concentrated on cleaning her and she on me. Soon we all were hot again. I told John to lay down on his back. They didn’t know what I was up to but he didn’t protest. He laid there with his rod pointing towards ceiling. Then I told Lola to sit on him which she did willingly.

Soon Lola was lying on top of John fucking him. Now I placed my tongue on her asshole. I put my index finger in her pussy wetting my finger. Then I put it in her asshole. She jumped as if someone had inserted hot rod in her asshole. But soon she got used to it. I was licking and fingering her asshole. By now I had 2 fingers in her. I placed the tip of my cock on her asshole and without giving her time to think gave a push. “AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh whattttt are you doing? Take that out. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. It’s paining at lot.” But this time I was not going to show her any mercy. Straight away I was in top speed. She once again had tears in her eyes but I ignored that and continued with my work.” Soon me and John established steady motion and we would go in both her holes at the same time. Meanwhile Lola had stopped crying and was moaning like a true slut “Commonnnn you both sons of bitches… Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. UummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmOoooooooohhhhh Noooooooooo. Fill both my holes with cum.Only men like you can satisfy slut, whore like me. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh” But the John took out his cock and cummed all over her face and boobs and started spreading it all over. By now Lola might have cummed more than 15 times but she still was going strong. We both were close to our orgasms. John began licking her pussy and I began stroking more violently. We both came together and she cummed all over John’s face which he lapped up gladly. I filled her ass. Now John too wanted to fill her ass and he did just that while I licked her. He too showed no mercy on her. We fucked Lola and Anjali in all positions in 2 days. During these 2 days none of us left our rooms and were naked all time. After this we had many encounters. I married Anjali. 2 months back Anjali and I went to US and met Lola and John. They are very rich now. She remembered our 1st encounter.

We spent 3 weeks with them and relived our earlier days. She even has a daughter which she says are mine and I believe her coz all her mannerisms are like mine.

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December 10th, 2012



My Best Friend Took Me

December 9th, 2012

Hi guys! I have been reading the stories put up on various sites for quite some time now. I never had courage to describe my own experience before, but today I am going to narrate my first experience to all of you. Let me tell you about myself first. I am 22 yrs young girl, fair, 56 in height. My name is Madhurima. Though my name sounds Bengali, I am not. I have an inviting figure of 35-24-36. Right from my school days, I’ve been very much figure conscious and always use to work out to keep myself in a proper shape. I’ve always noticed guys staring at my body in school as well as in college and to be frank, I use to love the expressions on their faces and the comments they use to pass.

The incident happened when I was 19, in 2nd year of graduation. Our colleges function was going on and that was a tie-day for guys and sari day for girls. I was in a lovely red sari with sleeveless blouse worn a bit below naval. It was the first time I was going to college in sari though I had worn it many times in family function and my cousin always use to tell me that I look dam sexy in sari. Just when I was entering through the gate someones comment caught my attention

Kya maal lag rahi hai yaar..

I was used to those kind of comments so didn’t react. I went and joined my group. We had a group of 5 with 3 guys and 2 girls including myself. One of the members of our group was Aditya. He was strongly built fair guy, nearly 6 feet tall. He was one of my very close friends with whom I use to share problems I face and he use to always help me out of trouble.

We all were in mood of party that day. After attending a quiz session, we decided to go out and enjoy. One of our friends had car so we went for a drive on outskirts of the town. While coming back home we decided to go for an afternoon movie. After the movie got over our friend was dropping everyone home. Aditya stays nearby my house so I got off with him as I was supposed to take some notes from him. He was looking very much like an executive of a company wearing tie.

We both went to his house. He opened the door with his key and we went in. There was no one around. I didn’t have any problem as it was not for the first time I was coming to his place all alone with him. He asked if I would have a cup of coffee. I was feeling bit tired so accepted his offer. While he was making coffee I went to get fresh. When I was back he was ready with coffee. Just when we were having coffee, he had a phone call. I pick up my cup and went close to window and was staring the beautiful sea from the window while he was on the phone.

I was staring at the sea forgetting everything around. I didn’t even realize when he came and stood next to me. I realized his presence next to me only when he warped his arm around my shoulder. I looked at him and saw feelings in his eyes and on his face as never before. Slowly and softly he pulled me close to him and kissed on my cheeks. I felt really great and responded with a kiss on his cheeks too. After all he was my best friend.

He then pulled me even closer and kissed on my rosy lips. That was first time ever I was kissed by a guy. I felt really nice but same time I felt its not proper too. So I pulled myself out of his arms.

No Aditya! Please.
Come on Minty! he said, I love you! I always want you to be with me!
Come on dear! I know you also like me! Dont you?

Yes! I use to like him a lot. I could not answer him. He again pulled me closer and kissed deeply on my lips. That really sent an electric current through my whole body from top to bottom. Unknowingly, my hands went around his neck and I started to respond him. He pulled me even closer and first time I felt his strong chest against my breasts. He was pressing his body against mine and the feeling of my breasts getting pressed was really great. I felt his hands around my slim waist. I was about to moan with his touch but could not do so as he was kissing me deeply on my lips. His hands were moving up and down right from my waist to my neck. His tongue was exploring my mouth very swiftly. Never in life, I had such a great feeling!

After some time we stopped. He looked at me and smiled. Then he went behind me warping me in his arms from back and started licking my neck. His hands were exploring my belly and he was gently teasing my naval. Never before that Id come across this side of him, a romantic lover. I was completely in his control now. Slowly and softly his hands started to move up on my belly. I knew what was going to happen next and he was after my treasures, but I didn’t want to stop him as I was enjoying his touch and the feeling of being with such a man.

In a minute I was feeling his hands touching lower part of my breasts. He was as usual mischievous and was not up there still and was just teasing me with the touch. I was not ready to wait any longer. I needed his touch so badly. I put my hand on his and pushed his hand up on my breasts. Oh! What a great feeling was that. He then started caressing and then squeezing my breasts slowly and softly and bit harder later on. I was moaning in pleasure. It really was a wonderful feeling not to be described in words. He kept on playing with my breasts for sometime and then pulled me up in his arms and carried to his bed room.

We reached his bedroom and he made me stand again in his arms. He was pulling off my sari and in a minute it was off. I was standing in front of him in a petticoat and blouse. I felt shy the way he was looking at me and was in his arms in a flash. He held me close and started kissing deeply. His hands were exploring my slim and slender waist and my shaped ass in the petticoat. Then slowly he untied the string of my petticoat and it was down. He then unbuttoned my blouse and that was off too! Then he pushed me on the bed. There I was, lying in front of him in just bra and panty! He was staring me upside down with that need in his eyes. I was really feeling very shy but was feeling very good at the same time.

He then started undressing himself. His shirt and pant were off quickly and I was staring at him while he was taking off his cloths. He really had a strong and muscular body with a hairy chest. He soon was just in his underpant and lying next to me. He was very calm or might have been acting to be so. I was not ready to wait and wanted him so badly. I pulled myself up and was over him in a flash. I kissed him deeply and his arms were around me again. I went down licking his hairy chest down to his belly and then back up to his shoulders. He was enjoying my tongue exploring his body. Then he held me tightly and unhooked my bra. My treasures were now free for him completely. He pulled off my bra and kept on staring at my lovely breasts.

Then he pulled me under him and he was over me in a flash. I was feeling the weight of his body over mine. He was kissing me deeply and his chest was pressing hard on my breasts. Then he started licking his way down. It was great feeling his tongue exploring my body. Soon he was on my breasts. He took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking slowly. He was teasing with his tongue moving around and tickling it and then sucking it. I was moaning in pleasure more and more. All this time, his hand was squeezing my other breast. Then he went down on my belly. He kept on teasing my naval with his tongue. I was really moaning loudly now. His hands were exploring my soft but shapely thighs. He was constantly massaging them and I was like ,Oh god why is he wasting time? Then he told me to sleep with my back up. He started licking his way down from my back to my waist. His hands were squeezing my tight ass. I was not at all in my senses now. This guy was making life more and more difficult for me now!.

He then turned me over again and started licking my belly! I was going mad now and was wondering why he is not going further, but I didn’t know he was arousing me as much as he could. His hands went inside my panty and then he slowly pulled my panty off. There I was! Lying completely nude in front of my friend and he was exploring my beauty! He kept on licking my belly but his hands parted my legs, He was not massaging on my virgin pussy! Ohhhh I moaned loudly on his touch! He was so soft rubbing his fingers against it. Then slowly he started putting his finger in. I screamed loudly!

Stop! Its paining
Come on love, it will pain for a while but you will feel great!

He was true. He was slowly putting his finger and I began to enjoy now. The pain was whipped out and soon his finger was moving swiftly in and out of my virgin pussy. He then put another finger and in a while I was able to take three fingers in. I was loosing the control fast and I had my first orgasm on his fingers. He took his fingers out. He was not getting ready to give me the experience I was never going to forget. I could sense the erection in his manhood over his under pant. He then pulled it off! There it was, his manhood! First time in life I was seeing a man naked.

He laid over me. I was feeling his manhood against my wet pussy. He carefully positioned the tip of that on my pussy and softly started to push it in my pussy. I was aroused completely and wanted him badly. I didn’t have any idea what was in the store for me. He pushed his manhood in me a bit forcefully and I was in tears.

Ohhhhh Aditya! Its hurting me! Noooooo!
Minty, dont worry take some pain for great pleasure.

He was soft and was very careful but I was in terrible pain. He had nearly half his manhood in my pussy. He was moving softly and slowly the pain was coming to and end. My screams now turned into moans as I began to enjoy it. He quickly realized that and began to move in a rhythm now. His speed now went on increasing, He was very careful keeping in mind that he had virgin in his bed. Even with his speed increasing, I was now not in any pain. He was pumping me fast and I was moaning in pleasure. This went on and on and then I realized he had reached a point of climax. I was expecting it and suddenly he shot his load inside me! Wow!!! What a feeling that was. I was feeling to be in a heaven. Just then I had orgasm too. We both were drenched now and he laid over me for few minutes. I had just experienced a great man and what makes a girl a woman! The pleasure of sex and loosing your virginity!

After a while he got up and laid beside me. He pulled me close to him and kissed deeply. His hands were exploring my back down my waist and down to my ass. Again he was arousing me. He was getting hard himself too! Then he told me to sit on his manhood which I was kind of surprised off. I sat on his manhood. He had his hands squeezing my breasts. He started to push me up and down. I was responding him too now. I was now very much in rhythm moving up and down. He was squeezing my breasts. We were about to reach climax just then he pulled me over him. I had my orgasm and he too shot his load inside me. I kept on lying on him kissing him deeply.

Some time later he got off from bed.

Come on Minty, lets have bath together!

I was excited with the idea. We went to bathroom and he put on the shower. The cold water poured on our bodies. I was shivering just when he pulled me closer. There in the shower we were in each others arms and cold water was pouring over our bodies. Then he pulled me down on the floor of the bathroom where we enjoyed the fun again. By the time he was done, I was completely drenched.

We then came out of bathroom and dried each other and dressed up. Before leaving I asked him,

Tell me honestly, did you have sex earlier? before today?
No Minty, but I know one thing, when you have a virgin in your bed, you have to be careful not to hurt her!

I smiled and left. It was the most memorable day in my life. He made me realize what I have in me as a woman and what I was missing as a woman. I can never forget the way he handled me very carefully and softly. After that we use to have sex once or twice a month when we feel the need for it very badly and he was always very gentle. After the college he got job abroad and he left. That saw end of my affair with him. But I just cant forget the time I had with him. I find it hard to control my body now and need someone who can handle me carefully and softly the way he did.


Sucking and fucking Smriti bhabhi

December 7th, 2012

Hi everybody, here I am telling a real life incident which my best friend experienced. He is really good at making such relationships. So enjoy the story in his own words…hi there this is vicky kumar from surat, citylight area. Today I m gonna tell u about the sexual pleasure which I had with my cousins wife. first let me tell u all about myself, I m vicky kumar from surat of 19 yrs old well build physice, of 5’11”, studing in college in SY. And Smriti bhabhi is white in complection, sweet looking with good height and awesome figure of 34d-26-30.she is of 27 yrs and height of 5’8″. lemme tell u, I never had bad intentions about smriti bhabhi in my mind whatsoever till the time I had sex with her.

this all happened during last august when my mom told me to handover some things to Ajay bhaiyas house( smriti’s hubby). I told okay and took the things and thought to hand over the things in my way to college. ther wen I rung the bell,

bhabhi opened the door and was feeling fresh as if she just had a bath. she was wearing synthetic saree with tight see through blouse, she was just looking like a blonde with hairs opened. I told her jayshree krishna and asked her whers aunty,

she replied by sayin she is out of station for religious trips. I just thought to leave the goods and opt out but she forced me to have tea and some snacks by asking me for a very sweet please. I changed my mind and said” acha hai isi bahaney thode gappey bhi maar enge kyu?”

she told ” okay gappey hi sahi, hume to aapko jaan na hai, kabhi aapse baat nahi hui na”. I was sitting on the sofa watching th tv, while she was preparing tea and snacks. i asked her to do it soon, she replied by saying ” acha to college jaake gf ko milna hai”

I juz said no, to which she added” hume sab malum hai, college, gfs, short term realtions, flirting aur woh bhi” I asked her ” what u mean by woh?” she replied “woh matlab aap samajh gaye hume samjhane ki zarurat nahi hai, don think I m fool here”

I juz said okay and tried to keep away from it. she then came in frot of me and bended and offered me the water. my ghosh wat a sight it was, her pallu slipped off and her boobs were seen locked in her light cloth blouse and white bra,

I couldnt tale my eyes of it, she saw me lookin that, and in very naughty voice and expressions siad ” naughty hum aap ki bhabhi hai, aap too bhabhi ko bhi nahi chodte “, I was ashamed and said sorry for that. she then said ” its okay don worry,

hum hai hi itne achey ki aapki nazar hi nahi hati, lekin aap galat cheez ko dekh rahe the isliya humne aap se kaha” I said ” aisi kuch baat nahi hai bhabhi I m sorry” she got angry and came in front of me and bended down, leaving her pallu again to slip and said”

ab bhi hum aapko sexu nahi lagte hai” I juz ” okay bhabhi ur sexy buss?” she then said okay and brought up tea and snax. while talkin casually she juz asked ” toh aapki gf kaisi hai” I din said any thing and said I dont hav a gf. she at once said ”

oh toh to aapne woh bhi nahi kiya hoga na”, I said “woh kya bhabhi?”. she came near me and said in my ears “sex, ab samjhey, jaise aap ko kuch bhi nahi malum ” i looked in bhabhi’s brown eyes and siad ” haan bhabhi mujhey kuch nahi malum,

wil u explain me” she asked ” aapko samjhana parega ya karke batao” I thankfully said” jaisi aapki marzi ho bhabhi”. she then cam near me got hold of my right hand and kept it over her boobs and gave me silent kiss on my lips and said

“aur samjhao ya aap khud aur kuch karna chahoge” I looked in her eyes and said” bhabhi thanx for it, aaj main ko itna pyar karunga ki aap apne hubby ko bhi bhul jaoge”, she came near me and said” to wait kis liye kar rahe ho”,

I at once kept my right hand over cheeks and left hand hand on her boobs and gave a long 5 mins french kiss. it ws awesome I reaally had chance of my life time, she has always been my crush and tasring her lips, touching tounge to tounge,

caressing her boobs and experiencin her thighs, all these was just great. she then removed my tishit of from me and kissed all over my chest, bit on my nips, it was like she was dying gor having sex with me and dint had sex for past yrs.

i removed her saree, she was lookin like a fairy queen waiting to be raped, her boobs were dying to come out of her blouse. I got hold of her peticoat and caressed my hand over her thighs by lifting her peticoat and simultaneously kissing all over face,

neckline. she was very sweet, melted strawberry. I unhooked her bra and removed her peticoat. there was she with only teo- piece. white bra and fancy white laced panties. she was lookin a real blonde with her young age wanting to be crushed.

I then rolled ice cube all ove body from toe to head. taking over boobs, she was moaning like hell” hmmmmmmmmmm aaaaah pplzzzz fuck me vicky bhaiya.” then I removed my jeans and graabbed her again and planted a french kiss again for minutes,

this time it was long probably of 7-8 mins. then she rubbed her hands towards my dick, and rolled my undies down and gave me a bolwjob. this time even I moaned ” ohhh bhabhi, ssshhhh, plz suck more deeply, give me shag, ohhhh aaaahhhh hmmmm”

she then shagged and took all my cum in her mouth. she was feeling like any thing and said ” thanx for satisfying me bhaiya, it is realy nice I always dremt of having sex with you since I got married and saw u first time, u r great nobidy wud hav satisfies me better”.

i hold her gave her a jhappi and said ” bhabhi abhi to bahut kuch baaki hai intercourse, saath main shower lena hai, aap to abhi se thak gai” she said removing her bra” main to tab tak nahi thakungi jab tak aap nahi thakte”.

it was wonderfull sight a lady in front of me with only panties and her boobs getting ready to be sucked.” I immediately grabbed and and her sukd both of her boobs and rmoved her panties and even sucked her vagina, she was moaning like anything,

she was urging for desperate fuck. I then told her sit over me and get ready for intercourse, she then sat over me letting cock go I slowly, she was moaning immenssely” aaaahhhhhhh hhhhmmmm ooohhh thanx bhaiya ooohhhhhh aaaahhh”

and she was moving up and down. then we moved towrds her showr, I was holding her in my arms, we eneterd the bathroom, put her down in tha tub, put on the shower, and we njoyd all the things.


The Hot Night Train

December 5th, 2012

Hi to all the readers of Indian Stories, I will say I did it or also can say this happened to me in December 2006. First let me tell you all my unseen friends, I am Kundan from Mumbai Juhu India. I am 33 with 5.9 height, fair & clear skin with average built. I look 5-6 years younger to my age that’s what my friends say. I am into business after completing my MBA. Enough of me as I know nun of you boy’s are interested in my profile expect few girls. We are 6 friends in our group and I am always the lucky
one when it came to Girls, right from college days. My friends say ‘Girls surrender by looking into your eyes’. Four of us decided to go to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan India. It was in December for 3 nights.

We were booked in 3rd A/C evening train & I was suppose to join them directly after my office as it is near the station. As usual office never leaves you and I reached just 7 or 8 minutes before train started.

There are normally two 3rd A/C coaches I got in the first one as I was afraid train will start and walked throw to next one. I saw one collage group with beautiful girls with them and few more with family with young ladies.

I reached my seat greeted my friends & said ‘What is this we should be in next coach, all beauties are there’. One of my friend said shuuu… one pretty girl is sitting behind us and she is alone. I immediately walked other side to see her,

she was wearing tight jeans & a short top I came back, my friend moved his eyebrows up- ‘How’s she?’ I said not my choice. On other side there was one foreigner lady with sexy daughter might be 20 or 21 & I eyed her,

but very next moment her father came with one more sexy daughter and told them that he has managed to exchange two sets near him as they had separate sets in next boggy & they left and the happiness on my face also left.

My friend said don’t worry we have 3 day and you are lucky asshole never returned empty hands from any trip. I was sitting on the side seat and looked around there were two guys of 40+, an old lady of say 75+ and his son 50+ and we 4 guys.

This old lady was wearing a typical red cotton Rajasthani gagra choli with big silver earring and all total gao ki (typical Rajasthani village woman). Train had already started 5 mts back & our journey started with the oldies.

We two friends were sitting on the side berth, one on the other side & one was standing in the lobby opposite to me. Suddenly we could hear ‘Excuse me Bhaiya (brother)’ my friend in the lobby turned behind said sorry & sat on his seat & I could see a very pretty girl,

5.6 tall or might be more by an inch or so, wearing a churidar kurta & full sleeve loose sweater on it. That long hair, tall neck, sharp face, sound eyes, wheatish skin, gave twinkle in eyes & I did not blink till she sat down on the center seat beside my friend who said sorry to her.

My other two friends were giggling & pulled his leg ‘You already got a sister at start of the journey’ & I was busy staring at her without knowing what is happening around me. I think my mouth was open my friend said close it & come back to reality.

I asked by moving my eyes who is she? All started giggling again & one said a Rocket Bomb we were waiting to drop on you. You came late we all are formally introduced to her & her family now you help yourself, I had lot to enquire & my friends

kept on pulling my leg for next 10 mts & finally they vomited that they only know that she is with old lady & man, and they have one waiting list ticket & are waiting for ticket collector to come and issue them one seat if available.

I was feeling jealous of my friend who was sitting next to her but latter realized that sitting diagonally opposite her was more beneficiary. We all friends were busy chatting but my eye was constantly on her. No one know I was staring her expect her,

as my friend was sitting between me & her so it looked I am looking at my friend. An hour had passed she did not give any response not even a small smile although we had many eye contacts. It was 9.30 pm & other 2 guys wanted to

have there dinner so we scuffled places & gave them side seats where I was sitting so they can have it peacefully. She went to neighboring side seat, we shifted to center. I could see her again, but no response although she was alone there.

I got up for toilet & point her to come out. She didn’t, after sometime I try again this time she dint even look at me as I passed her. I didn’t try any further we also had our dinner chatted for sometime and started the arrangements to sleep.

They had the side seats & T.C had told them there wait list ticket is not confirm but since there is a girl & old lady you 3 can adjust in 2 seats. Old lady was given the lower seat & uncle told he will sleep on the ground between 2 seats.

She took the side lower seat & kept her pillow on the left side, so I took the top seat on the right that I can see her from the top. As it was just 11.00 pm & too early to sleep we friends went to outer lobby as one friend wanted to smoke.

Two left to sleep in 20 mts we 2 came in after an hour & and I found that my friend was already sleeping on top right seat which I had chosen, so I had to take top left one now I couldn’t see here as here face was below my legs.

But after 10 mts she got up changed her position to right side now I could see her face. I thought is she giving me a lift or just like that & ignored her open eyes. It was 1.00 am I was not able to sleep & everyone around me were sleeping in glory.

I thought I will brush my teeth which I had forgotten so I will feel fresh to sleep. While coming down I purposely stamped on her foot & moved to my bag to take my pouch which has everything a man needs from morning to late night.

I finished brushing in 5 mts as I turned this gorgeous girl had come out covering herself in a shawl & gave me a big smile and said Hi. It was December & chilling cold I said Ha Ha Hi & I was wordless. She said lets go to next compartment which was 2nd A/C it would be safe.

Coach attendant was sleeping there so we went other side of that coach. Finally I could listen to her sweet voice she said ‘My name is Seema’, before she could say anything I said ‘See talking here is also not safe’ & I pull her in the toilet & locked it.

I said ‘Relax don’t worry, it’s safe to talk here but softly’. She was wordless I said ‘I am Kundan from Mumbai’. She said she is from a small town near Jaipur but staying in a hostel at Jaipur for further studies.

She is 24 & had come to Mumbai to attend a wedding at her elder sisters’ house who is married in Mumbai & that old lady & her son are someone from her sister’s in-laws family so she was more careful & afraid to talk.

That beautiful babe who was in everyone’s eyes in the train even my friends!! was standing a feet away from me in a locked toilet. I thought how lucky I was, if my sleeping friends come to know they will burn my ass.

We had more introduction for sometime, my hands were shivering as it was too cold, she said ‘You can hold my hands inside the shawl you will feel cozy’. O o what soft hands. But I had to maintain my decency if she shouts I am gone.

While talking for say 10.0 mts I had shifted my hands one by one on her waist which she did not mind. Though it was not my first experience my stomach was tickling from in side. Late night, beautiful stranger between my hands,

locked in a newly made western toilet which was more spacious with a big platform wash basin, one in the hotel room. But no guts inside me to do anything. I said ‘I had an eye on you, did you also?’ She said ‘If not would I be here & you holding me?’

I said to my self what a silly question but a positive answer, try your luck. By that Seema said it’s late she will call me we had already exchanged cell numbers. I took a chance ‘can I kiss you goodnight?’ She just nodded & smiled,

I gave small kiss on her soft check & second below her ear just perfect to arouse a girl, and kept my lips 7 or 8 inches away from hers just waiting for a lip kiss anddddd… I got one. ‘That was to dry’ I said, I just brushed my teeth.

She smiled & I did not leave the chance, soon our tongues where finding each other, her soft lips red like petals of rose where between my lips & my hands were exploring her body from behind, her body was so hot & firm I had never touched skin like that before.

I thought the night would be hard on me as I was already hard and had to relieve myself after she leaves. But GOD has made me lucky. Smooching went on for about 5 mts & she had started moaning very heavily and I cashed on it.

Till now I had not yet felt her melons as they were covered in her shawl. I took off here shawl without her permission & and I got a shock of me my life as I was playing with the most perfect body I ever meet. Under that lovely face, there was a rocket body,

no wonder she had covered herself from the start. She was wearing tight body hugging kurta & a churidar below (Indian outfit), her body was so straight & firm, just protruding out was here huge mango shaped breast which was 36+ I guess,

with a flat Stomach & with a perfect and lovely stiff ass behind. I said ‘O this was the treasure you were hiding till now’ & I started kissing here more passionately again. This time my hands were busy squeezing her breast and we both were in haven of pleasure.

I don’t know why she dint stop me. I opened the zip behind here kurta my hands were soon exploring her full body inside. She was so warm, her skin was so smooth. Soon I realized her hands were also inside my T-shirt trying to put her thumb in my belt area.

I quickly removed my T-shirt and stood there like Salman Khan. She soon started moving her warm hands on my chest & this was kick start to the game. Our tongue was licking each other & my hands were squeezing her mangos.

I removed her kurta & was stunned to see black bra holding her huge melons. I said ‘O GOD the babe is so small but her boobs are so big’ she said you are too naughty, I said ‘Yes I am naughty to suck them now’.

I opened the hooks, down came her bra but her boobs did not move an inch hanging firmly on her beautiful body with pinkish nipples of half a inch round & strong like marbles pointing me straight. I started sucking her tits like wild dog.

She was moving her soft hands in my hair & said ‘They are so silky & smooth’. ‘But not silkier then your boobs’- I said. We were hugging each other tightly & smooching very wildly as there was no tomorrow which went on for few minutes,

I pulled the string of her churidar she pushed me back. I said I don’t want to miss her full view. She agreed after a little yes-no, (normal girl tendency). I was taken by surprise before her churidar was down; she started opening my belt and said ‘Why should guys have all the fun’.

Soon we were in our birth suit. What a view it was- Naked Night Queen was standing in front of me & the whole train was busy sleeping. She was everyone desire including my friends- was standing as a Goddess of Kamasutra (Sex) in that moving train.

Only some hair I could see on her fair body was on her sexy pussy. We were kissing each other passionately, my lips were sucking here lips, my hands were on her sexy butts- so firm & round. I started licking below her ears, she started moaning heavily,

I put my one finger in her love hole she got a shiver in here whole body & started breathing more heavily. After few minuets of oral I made her sit on the washbasin which was platform type (as I said earlier) and did some finger fucking to make her ready for my junior.

As I enquired she said she was not a virgin she had four minute game with her far of cousin. They had gone to bushy place at her native’s, her cousin hurried up pushing it in wearing a condom, before she could overcome the pain of hymen he ejaculated.

He got scared seeing her in pain, after that they never got a chance. So I had less work & more pleasure to get. I kept my junior at the entry of her love hole, made it wet with the juice coming out of her & pushed in with one go,

she was about to scream I put my hand on her mouth don’t forget we are in train baby. By that time my cock was on fire, bloody she was hot like a volcano inside. We were kissing deeply my hands were moving on her boobs & playing with her nipples.

She caught my shoulders for support & her legs were around my waist what a moment it was. I slowly started moving inside soon pain turned in to pleasure; Seema started making whispering sounds which added to fire. I was holding her waist & giving her long shorts of my life.

Within few minutes she got her first orgasm, her face was totally red, eyes were closed & lips were biting but I was long way to go. We explored each others body while pumping her for 20-25 mts, she had one more orgasm in between & I was about to explode I pulled my junior out,

turned around & shooted my come to the corner of the bathroom. I had a longest come of my life. She gave me a tight huge & said it was too good. I spread her shawl on the commode & set on it, she made herself comfortable on my laps. We spoke about our new experience.

After a few lovi-davi talks I had an idea, I again made here sit on the basin platform & told here that how about shaving off her pussy hairs. She just kept on staring in my eyes for a minute or so & slowly murmured ok. I used my shaving kit to do the needful.

As it was my first time shaving a girl’s pussy I was bit nervous. Everything went right with her guidance only problem was the water was too cold not to forget it was a chilling December night. Wow!! A clean & pink pussy was ready for me now.

Pussy lips were swollen just ready to push in baby. I just couldn’t resist my tongue I spread her pussy lips and started licking her clit. ‘Ouch it’s so wonderful’-she said. My tongue was deep inside her love hole and now she was moaning.

I started eating her pussy in that night train. With that train noise in the background it was totally different feeling. Very soon she had her third orgasm of the night, my lips were totally wet with her cum & I was enjoying licking the same.

I could see tremor in her body when she was coming, her body had turn stiff, & she was pulling the napkin hanger as hard as she could. I kissed her with my wet lips she was enjoying her own cum which she tasted for the first time.

She sucked my lips and licked my face clean. By this time my gong was 95 degree pocking high to pump her. She pushed me on the Maharaja seat (commode yaar). ‘Now let me see what is going inside me’ she hold my dick with both hands & said

‘O my cousin’s was just the size of my palm’ & she licked the tip of my cock, looked into my eyes with a naughty smile & started sucking it as hard as she could. My hands were moving in her silky hair, her mouth was moving to & fro on my cock.

What a felling it was I still get wet when I think of that scene. I made her sit on my lap & entered my lollipop in. It was easy to go as both were wet, now she was the Women On Top & riding my dick like a pro. Meanwhile I enjoyed sucking her tits and

playing with her butts which was adding the pleasure. She said my junior was touching deep inside her in this position. Then I picked her with my dick inside & my hands were holding her full body from her butts she was hanging on me with my shoulder support and

I pumped her in standing position. The feeling was different but couldn’t manage her weight for a longer time so I leaned on the wall & she kept her one leg on basin & other on window frame and pumped me by holding my shoulders

I was enjoying the acrobats but it was difficult for longer time so I landed her down safely I made her bend towards the window wall with one leg on the commode I entered her from behind. She started playing with my testicles & squeezed them hard.

I was on cloud 9 & feeling like a Porn Star trying all the difficult positions. I was holding her waist and pumping her, my eyes were on her ass, so I told her now your asshole have to hold me. She instantly said NO-not possible.

I convinced her in a minute or so that I will not force her if it pains. I wore a condom from my pouch as it would be easy to enter & I put some moisturizing cream on her asshole to make my enter smooth. She patiently beared all the pain & let me enter the full length.

After I enjoyed few strokes I removed my junior as I know it was enough for a virgin ass. I removed the condom, before I could say she turned, I could see her red watery eyes in pain, she started sucking my cock by holding my butts with both the hands.

It was too much pleasure for me I exploded without telling her in her mouth. She didn’t move her face till my last drop was fired. I picked her in my arms, kissed her & said ‘I love You’. You were too good. We sat on our hot seat tired & exhausted with that long game.

We rested hugging each other on the shoulders & came to senses only after 45 minutes or so. I squeezed her melons & said wakeup baby it’s too late ‘sona do na Jaanu’ she murmured (let me sleep sweetheart). She woke up after few kisses as a bribe.

Washed her face, meanwhile I was resting with my eyes closed. Suddenly she pore cold water on my dick. I cupped her boobs standing from behind & told her ‘Stop teasing me or you head it for your life’. After a little more word talks our lips meet, body charged up.

Looking at my erect rod she said ‘Now you want to tear my pussy?’ I said ‘No, we will play Bum Chick Bum’ I applied cream on her asshole & my dick too. She bended holding the washbasin I push in with one go, I had a burning sensation as her hole was too tight & my rod was on fire,

we didn’t move for couple of seconds & regained by slow moves we were fully charged up. Only pleasure of love game was on mind. I was riding her as hard I could by holding her sexy butts. I bended little more & gave her a finger fuck.

My two fingers were in her pussy & Seema was yelling with joy with both her holes getting screwed at same time. She soon came & made my fingers wet. I pulled my dick out & applied her come on it and rammed her in full action.

She played with my hanging balls below which exits me the most & I short all my come in her fleshy bums. Before leaving she gave me a love bite on my chest and I gave near her nipples as a token of remembrances of the journey.

I left toilet ten minutes after her & dossed off till morning on my upper berth. I wake up at 9.30 am & could hear my three friends talking to Seema who was sitting on the berth below me. I got up & jumped down between the berths and said ‘Hi guys missing me or forgotten me?’

One of my friend tried to introduce me to Seema ‘Meet her she is See……..’ before he could complete his words Seema jumped & kissed me with a warm huge ‘Good Morning Sweetheart’ I was shocked how can she in front of her relatives

but found out they had gone the restroom. But But But guys I couldn’t forget expressions of all my three friends ‘What the hell you have done?’ I had no words to say but latter at the hotel I was forced to tell them everything (and now the world knows)

and only believed after I showed them the love bite. I came back from my holidays with sweet memories of wild life century & wild experience I had with Seema. We are still in touch & waiting to meet again.

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Chhaya Bhabhi

December 3rd, 2012

Hi Indian-Stories fans this is rocky (name changed). I am from Mumbai. It is a real story of my first experience of having a sexual encounter. I was not married at that time. I had just joined as a restaurant manager at Indore basically I am from Mumbai. I am around 22. I was in my full youthfulness. The owner had made for me arragements for for my accommodation there, as I did not need a separate house since I was bachelor. I was living as a paying guest with one Mr. Sheth, a buisnessman.
They provided me a big room on the first floor. Two other rooms on that floor were locked. They lived on the ground floor. My room was well furnished with a double bed some chairs, tables, almirah, etc. There was an attached bathroom. Earlier they would use that room for their guests who visited them for few days from outstations.

They themselves lived on the ground floor. Mr. Sheth had one son who was just 8 months old. There were only three members in their family. Mr. Sheth’s wife generally used to be at home as she was a not a workingwoman. Her name was Chayya Sheth. I called her as Chayya Bhabhi. She used to prepare food and did other household chores, and as such she shared much of the responsibilities in the house. Her Husband was most of the time used to be busy with his wok. Many a times Chayya Bhabhi used to be alone at home, as her husband generally went away for his work.
She was a free and frank woman. And it was only Chayya Bhabhi who used to serve me the tea & dinner. So I had more communication and interaction with her in the house. Chayya Bhabhi used to come to upstairs for hanging their washed clothes or keeping there some other things for drying. Meenakshi Bhabhi was a very young looking woman. She was 26 yrs. She was an educated woman with a modern outlook and attitude. She was fair enough with good attractive looks. She was beautiful. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 Chayya Bhabhi’s breasts were eye catching and fleshy. Her breasts were in proper shape. Her hips were quite heavy. Her breasts bounced and hips shook as she walked. Ever since I got there I had my eyes on her.
Very soon Chayya Bhabhi came close to me & taking interest in me and intentionally engaged me in talking all to me. She started talking me directly looking into my eyes. Step by step Chayya Bhabhi came closer to me. She later started coming to my room for one or the other reasons. I did her small works also that she requested me from time to time, Thus I would go to her room when no one else used to be there in the house. Slowly I started feeling thirst in her eyes when she looked at me. It was clearly noticeable. She appeared to be bold in her talks. We freely and frankly talked about everything films, heroes, heroines, models, etc.
I used to be in my room as much as possible except for going to my workplace during the daytime, that was five days a week. On holidays I generally preferred to stay back in my room only. I had found an apparent change in Chayya Bhabhi with regard to her clothes and dresses. She used to expose her cleavage generously and also the upper curves of her breasts, whether she was in her sari-blouse, or in her salwar suit, or even in her nighty. While she used to be in my room Chayya Bhabhi intentionally and cleverly let the pallu of her sari or her chunni fall down from her shoulder and remained on her fore arms, that gave me a glimpse of the exposed breasts and also the idea of their roundness, shape and size. I always wished her to come frequently to my room and remain there as long as possible. Whenever I would be around her she would expose her. I liked such Bhabhis who smartly exposed their breasts. I had many times fantasized in my bed about having sex with her. I had masturbated also fantasizing about fucking her. Many a times I felt like grabbing her in my arms and kiss her, press and squeeze her boobs.
I noticed that Chayya Bhabhi became too bold as she started exposing much of her breasts. Since I was a young man my cock used to become rock hard time and again. Chayya Bhabhi used to borrow novels & magazines from me. I was regularly buying many novels & magazines on suspense action romance & even sex ( but I would never give it to her ). One day when Chayya Bhabhi came into my room at that time I was in the bathroom. She asked me do you have some painkillers I told her that it might be on the table or below the bed.. When I came out after taking my bath I was a little embarrassed to see that Chayya Bhabhi was sitting in the bed keeping those magazines in her lap(as I would keep the magazines below the bed) and was looking at the nude pictures of models in the magazine. The pallu of her sari was down resting on her hand. She was wearing a blouse that had a wide and low cut neck with two of her hooks open giving me the full view of hewr sexy boobs. Looking at me She put down those magazines on the bed. She stood up on her feet in front of me. I was still in my towel only. She looked into my eyes and then to those adult magazines lying on the bed. Chayya Bhabhi gave a meaningful and sexy smile at me. She was still exposing her breasts. She did not take trouble to readjust her pallu. I was getting excited. I had not put on the underwear to hold my cock well and I was feeling some strain and tension in my cock. So it was a difficult situation for me. I got into the bathroom, put on my underwear and got out again. She had gone by that time. From that day on Chayya Bhabhi used to tease me very often by generously exposing her breasts. She also let open the upper hooks or buttons of her blouse, kurti or her nighty in her move to tease me. She also used to expose her body down her blouse to her waist where she wrapped her sari. She always tried to expose her sexy body as much as possible. Her boldness was much to my likings. It developed me a strong urge to have her.
I also started eyeing her breasts in lust. On two occasions I saw Meenakshi Bhabhi completely drenched also. Once when I was in her room palying with her child She was washing some clothes in the bathroom which was open. When she came out she was completely drenched. Her nighty was fully wet. It had clung to her sexy body. The material of her nighty was so thin and light coloured that it had become transparent. It revealed her sexy body fully except for the those linings only that were covered by the netted cups of bra and its straps and her small panty. With that the shape of her body had become clear and noticeable. Her fully wet netted nylon bra was not able to conceal the roundness of her breasts. Her pointed nipples were also looking distinctly. The outline of her body had distinctly come to the fore. The roundness of her breasts and hips were looking prominently opulent. The bulge of her breasts was lucid and clear and their curvature was observable. Her crotch and thighs were also distinctly visible. I could not take my eyes off from her sexy body. She was looking too sexy. I went on staring her in lust. She saw me looking at her like that. She smiled sexily at me and remained there in that condition only. She made some deliberate movements that caused her breasts bounce and sing sexily. I could easily guess that she might have poured water over her in order to drench herself. I feeling hot lava within me and was getting excited to see her in that condition. After getting back to my room I immediately masturbated there.
On the other occasion, she had called me to her room for some help in her work. That day also no one was there in the house except for us. As I went to her room I saw her coming from the other room. She was in her sari and blouse. She was hundred percent dripping wet. Her sari had clung to her in such a way that it was revealing every curvatures of her voluptuous buxom body. Her breasts and hips had come to its full prominence. She deliberately slid her pallu down from her good-looking attractive breasts. The blouse she wore was also of light coloured and had become completely see-through. The straps of her bra were revealed clearly. Since she had worn netted bra the roundness of her plump fleshy breasts were distinct. Her nipples were clearly visible through her wet netted bra and thin fabric of her blouse that had badly stuck to her breasts. I was feeling like taking her in my arms and do every thing that a young man does with a woman in such situations, but I didn’t do anything except for staring at lustfully. She let her breasts be visible to me more and more by leaning forward for one pretext or the other. While I stared at her breasts balls, she time and again saw at her exposed breasts and then looked into my eyes. She teased me too much. It was a clear invitation from her, but I some how managed to keep my cool. I very well knew that she had intentionally drenched her fully that time also, just to exhibit her sexy young body to me. I knew that she was trying to arouse me, again and again but could muster courage in me to take a step forward. So, each time I had to masturbate only. On a couple of occasions, on holidays, when I had requested Bhabhi to awake me during daytime as I had to go some where, she came to my room for that and leaned on me coming to my bed so as to give full pressure of her breasts on my back or shoulder and awoke me. That way she used to put full weight of her fleshy breasts. I liked it very much and finding her pressing and slowly rubbing her breasts on my body, I also intentionally took some time to get up to feel the softness and sponginess of her squishy breasts for a longer period and also sense the heat of her sexy smooth body.
That made me fantasize about fucking her and masturbate in my room later. One day while I was engrossed looking at the nude photos of the models in those adult magazines sitting in a chair in my room, she sneaked in and stood right behind me. She took the magazine from my hands and stood in front if me resting with the table. Her legs were touching mine. The pallu of her sari had fell down. She was wearing a very low cut blouse. The two upper hooks were left open. She was looking very much tempting and inviting. Much of the roundness and curvature of her breasts were exposed. She was smiling very sexily looking into my eyes. She told me showing those magazines “…wow….so eager to see nude women and girls, my dear …..so engrossed with nude these nude photographs……” She gave a sexy gesture and asked “….my dear, only photographs, and no reality……aren’t you interested in real things…..” She continued “…..oh my dear, would you like to see live….” I was flabbergasted. I kept mum. I just some how gulped my saliva in utter confusion to see boldness and audacity of Chayya Bhabhi. She looked dazzling and inviting. Her words were enough to ignite me. She was taking the lead. In fact I had just fantasized her to be vivacious and potent and forceful. But she actually appeared to be so. She told me sexily “…….my dear, wait for some time……I am just coming…..I will show what all you desire….I also do possess these assets my dear….today you would be seeing a young woman in her full nudity…..” And she stylishly giving jerks to her boobs and hips went out of the room. I had enough time to make myself prepared mentally for what was about to happen there with me. Meanwhile I was I was too much excited to think if she really did what she was telling me, I would be in the seventh heaven. My cock had stiffened too much. Chayya Bhabhi came back after about one hour. She was looking very sexy. Her pallu had again fell down. Her breasts were being exposed generously. She came closer to me. I was standing in front of her. She put her smooth arms around my neck, pulled me closer. I felt her breasts pressing against my chest. The softness of her breasts was stimulating. She came further closer and kissed my lips.
Ohhh, that was very pleasant. That sent a current in me. She again put her lips on mine and rubbed them. She kissed my lips for a bit longer that time. I was getting aroused. I also held her by her waist. She told me “…..my Dewarjee, now be ready for the real show….you might have seen many blue films…….but today you would be seeing your Chayya Bhabhi in her full nudity….yess my dear devarjee……I will show you every thing I possess…..” And she stared taking off her sari. In utter confusion I told her “…..Bhabhi what will happen if some one comes here……” She replied “……I have more concern about it than you dear…..I myself would not have done it if at all there is any chance of any one coming over here…….every body has gone out, and they would not come back before evening my dear……” So Chayya Bhabhi was well determined to undress herself before me. She started taking off her clothes one after another. She took off her sari. Then she unhooked her blouse. She slowly took off her blouse in style. She was now in her bra and petticoat. She unhooked her bra also and took off in a very sexy manner. Her breasts were now set free. They stood straight while her nipples were pointing me. Finally she took off her last remaining cloth as she opened the string of her petticoat and let it fell down. Now Chayya Bhabhi was stark naked before me shamelessly and openly. It was for the first time for me to have seen any young female in her full nudity. She very elegantly and stylishly made sexy gestures and postures like the young sexy models do in their full nudity in the magazines Debonair, Chastity, Fantasy and Fun. She caressed her body here and there. She stood there in all sorts of erotic postures before me. I was dumbfounded. I felt slight shiver also in by body. The more she exhibited her vital parts in sexy and erotic manner the more I was getting hotter.
I was gulping down my saliva in the state of half bewilderment and half excitement. She was looking much more sexier than ever. Although I had many times fantasized about seeing her in that state yet I did not expect Chayya Bhabhi to be so bold and daring. She looked extraordinary. She gave exceedingly inviting gestures with her sexy facial expressions. Her body language was making me restless. I had only read the erotic stories of sexy Bhabhis, but that day I was actually having a live show. Chayya Bhabhi asked me in a very sexy manner “……my dear Dewarjee…..so you have seen me stark naked now…..you had many a times looked me semi-nude……how do I look completely nude, my dear….how did you like me breasts…..and what about my hips….I had seen you staring at my breasts and hips in desire…..I had very well understood that you were always craving for my breasts, thighs, crotch, hips, etc…….don’t you feel like taking my breasts in your hands…..oohh Dewarjee, I can very well understand your desire for sucking my nipples……” And while she was telling me about her breasts she exhibited her breasts in erotic way. Her breasts were looking outstanding. The curvature of her breasts was still maintained even as they were free from the bra. The shape was still remarkable. Although she possessed heavy breasts but they were not so drooping. That was a very exciting site for me. I had seen many nude photos of young girls and women in magazines, or even I had seen girls or women in XXX movies. But it was great to see her in that state. I was getting aroused. Her uninhibited open sexy dialogue redoubled my titillation and excitement. My cock had straightened too much. Its size had remarkably increased. Chayya Bhabhi saw it. She noticed the bulge on my pant. She was sure that I was aroused immensely.
She asked me to undress myself also right then. She said “…..ooo my Dewarjee……will you stare me like that only or do some thing also….why don’t you disrobe yourself also…..yess my lovely Devarjee, please take off your clothes also…..come on dear…..undress yourself…..I know you are inexperienced …..I will teach you how to handle a young woman……” With that she kept on giving sexy and inviting gestures. She especially showed her breasts, crotch, thighs, hips, etc. in open and explicit manner. She showed me the opulence and bulge of her breasts from different angles and sides. Now I was looking at her nude body in lust. I was feeling like taking her nude body in my arms and kiss all over. I was yearning for fucking her. Meanwhile, Chayya Bhabhi stepped towards me. She started opening my pant. She unhooked and unbuttoned it, pulled down the zip fastener and let my pant slid down. I couldn’t say any thing. Then she unbuttoned my Tee shirt and took off. I was feeling some sort of strange pleasure. Her nearness in her nudity made me terribly stirred and enthused. But I couldn’t do anything except for holding her hands. Now her soft hands were caressing my thing from over my underwear. She said sexily “…..dear Dewarjee….why are you hiding your asset from me…..when I did not hide any thing from you, you should also show me yours….yess Dewarjee I am standing completely nude before you and you have see every inch of my young body…..so please let me see your cock……wow it has become harder and longer…..” Her caressing of my manhood from over the underwear sent too much of stimulation in my body. My cock got more stiffness. It seems that it was trying to tear off my underwear. Now it was impossible for me to keep it in. I asked her “…..but Chayya Bhabhi, if some one comes right now, what will happen……” She said sexily “….offfoohhh….again the same thing……no body will come……come on dear, when being a young woman I have shed all my inhibition and shame, and stood completely nude before you, why do you feel so……after all you are a young man…..I am crazy about you…..please dear let me see your manhood…….” Saying that she pulled down my remaining clothing.
I was also in my nudity like her. She held my cock and caressed it. I just held her by her arms. I said in ecitement “…..oohhh Chayya Bhabhi….” My manhood got more erection. It gained more thickness also. She said “…..dear you have got very good manhood……I am craving for it….it also looks like willing to entering into me dear…..please dear try your manhood in me now…..yess dear I want fucking from you……I believe you can fuck hard……look dear, I am thirsty…..I want some one manly…….I want full penetration…..come on dear, your Chayya Bhabhi can not hold any more…..I have become very hot……” She kept on caressing my shaft to make it more and more long and stiff. She asked me to give a good hand to her breasts. I crept my hands over her breasts. I caressed them Ohh, it was a strange pleasure for me. In fact I had so many girls friends and also I had the opportunity of coming near to so many young sexy looking Bhabhis. But I never had such occasions. I pressed her breasts. My cock was brushing against her thighs and crotch. It got stimulated further. She caressed my hands. She also exerted some pressure on my hands. I further increased pressure of my hands on her breasts. I started squeezing them. She sighed sexily “….oooohhhh my dear Dewarjee…..oooohhhh yess….that’s fine….I like it….I like it very much……go on squeezing my breasts like that……aaaahhhhh…” She sighed. She continued to say “……uuuufffff……..dear squeeze them hard…..yess squeeze by breasts hard……” That encouraged me. I put as much pressure on her breasts as I could. Chayya Bhabhi asked me sighing sexily “….dear how are my breasts….how did you feel them…..” I said “…..Chayya Bhabhi your breasts are very fleshy….these are full sized….these are very spongy……Bhabhi your breasts are round and shapely also….your breasts are still so firm and tight Bhabhi….I really liked them…..you have got very good nipples also my sexy Bhabhi…..” She smiled in pleasure closing her eyes. And I kept squeezing her voluptuous breasts hard and hard. She kept on sighing in contentment. Then she asked me to mouth her fleshy breasts “….dear please mouth my breasts…..don’t you feel like kissing my breasts….oohhh please, suck my nipples also……..you will like it dear…..please kiss and suck my breasts…..come on dear….oohh do it …..I want it dear …..” She was uttering these words sighing with her eyes closed. I mouthed her breasts one by one. I liked it very much. I licked the roundness of her fleshy breasts. She sighed and moaned sexily “….aaaaaahhhhhhhh……dear… ….uuuuufffffffff………yesss….that’s fine……I really like it…..” I sucked her nipples one by one. Her nipples became harder. I went on sucking her nipples. We were still standing. Then Chayya Bhabhi told me to take her to bed “….dear Dewarjee, let us go to bed….let us enjoy fully……fuck me in the bed…..I will give you all co-operation in the bed, dear…..” We came to bed. We were entwined in each other’s arms and kissing each other hotly and fervently. She was very lively.
She asked me to again mouth her breasts. I moved towards her succulent breasts. I kissed them. The softness, silkiness and smoothness of her breasts made me more fervent. Chayya Bhabhi seemed much more hotter and sexier that want I had read in the stories about young sexy Bhabhis. Chayya Bhabhi was caressing my face and head while I kept on kissinf, licking and sucking her breasts. She was giving all sorts of encouragements. I was enjoying too much. Chayya Bhabhi was moaning and sighing heavily. She was tossing her body in excitement. She asked me amidst her moans and sighs to kiss her thighs and crotch also. I did kiss her silky shining smooth hairless thighs and triangular crotch. She was throwing her legs and was tossing her body in the state of stimulation, thrill and vibrancy. Chayya Bhabhi was in complete effervescence now. She started uttering fervently “…….oooohhhh dear Dewarjee…..it is too much stimulating to me……now I am craving for your manhood inside me…..yess dear come on, fuck me……I am longing for it for quite some time…..I cann’t wait any more dear…… come on fuck me…..yess dear push your manhood right inside my hot cunt….it has become wet now…..oooohhh, I am getting impatient….. now I can not hold myself anymore….I am dying…..oooohhh come on, fuck me…..” Chayya Bhabhi was now fully aroused. I came over her. She parted her thighs, took my manhood in her hand and guided it to her love zone. I dived right in side her hot valley. As there was already much fluid inside her wet vagina I did not have any difficulty in pushing my cock in. She said with her half closed eyes “….ooohh dear fuck me…yess, fuck me….. ” I started making too and fro movement of my torso. After few strokes Chayya Bhabhi raides her thighs up. That gave me more room to enter. I pushed more into her. Initially I was fucking her gently. I gradually increased my speed. She was just sighing and moaning in ecstasy and pleasure. As I increased my speed she encircled her thighs and legs around my waist. I pushed a little more. Then coming up to my knees I held her soft sexy fleshy hips and lifted a little more.
I was finding it easier to push my cock into her. Now I was able to push my cock fully into her. The more I fucked her the more my cock was getting harder and longer. She was feeling too much of excitement out of it. She sighed and moaned heavily “….aaaahhhh…..uuuuuffffffff…….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……yess….aaaaaahhhh……ye ss dear… …like that…fuck me like that…I like it……aaaaaahhhhhhh……..I was really longing for it dear Dewarjee……
And I was fucking Chayya Bhabhi with all my vigour and strength. In fact I had read about fucking and also I had seen blue films, but actually I did not know, fucking a woman would be so pleasant and exciting. I was fucking Chayya Bhabhi and she was encouraging me more and more. My piston was working well in her bore and as if our engine were creating too much of compression. After some time I ejaculated inside her valley. We both were spent fully. We gasped heavily. We rested there. Chayya Bhabhi said to me “……dear I never knew you would be so good…..it was really marvellous…..you fuck well…..yess dear you are vary manly…..I like such persons….…After a long time I had such pleasure…..in fact my hubby is more engrossed in his jobs….so he had hardly any interest in it now……dear…..I would like to have many more fucking from you…..I would come to you for fucking as and when we get free time…..yess dear….I like the way you fucked me….” I said her “….Chayya Bhabhi you have changed me completely. Now I have tasted a young woman……Bhabhi I would also like to fuck you again and again, if you really give me chances……you are too good in the bed Bhabhi…..in fact I had fantasized about fucking you earlier Bhabhi….
I have been really yearning to fuck you Bhabhi….but I cloud not muster courage to advance even a little bit…. Chayya Bhabhi I am really thankful to you for you have given me chance to fuck you….many a times I have wished to fuck a young Bhabhi like you…..I have always been fantasizing about fucking various young sexy looking Bhabhis…..yess Chayya Bhabhi it is true…. ” By then I was aroused again a s she was caressing my cock. I fucked her from behind making her bend forward taking the help of the table in the standing position. She gave me all co-operations by throwing her hips back with my each stroke. I was stroking her fast and she responded very well. My shaft was smoothly going in and coming out. She was moaning and sighing heavily and was just uttering “……aaaaaahhhhhI…..uuuuuhhhhh……that’s fine dear……..aaaaaahhhhhh……you are great……aaaaaahhhhhh…..oooohhhh…..yess like that…. ….aaahhhh…….uuuuuuufffffff…….ooooohhhhh……go on…..aaaaahhhhh…..go on my dear….yess fuck me like that………fast.
That gave me too much of encouragement. I kept on fucking Chayya Bhabhi holding her fleshy smooth sexy hips. We enjoyed fucking in that posture for quite some time. Finally we again exhausted. We took rest in the bed. She kissed me and put on her clothes. She thanked me for the energy I spent for her. And then she went out of my room. So that was my first experience of fucking. Since then I fucked hot and sexy Chayya Bhabhi many times. Each time she demanded vigorous fucking from me.


The Insatiable Sunita

November 30th, 2012

This memoir of mine goes back to about ten years. At that time I was still a virgin bachelor of the age of 24 years. I was posted at Vizag for my first assignment in my company. The company was engaged in servicing projects. Since, I basically belong to Bangalore I had to stay in a Hotel. At that time a medium type Hotel used to cost about Rs. 350/- a month. So, I thought it is better to stay in Hotel instead of taking a house on rent.
From my childhood I had grown up as peeping tom. I had seen my brother fucking my sister-in-law. Similarly, I had opportunity to see young damsel bathing in a pond etc. So, the habit continued while I was staying in the Hotel there. To my luck, I had similar experiences there as well. Once, I could see a young man fucking his wife (I guess so!). Both were good looking active and really sexy. I had really enjoyed watching their screwing. My stay in Vizag was really enjoying and that got really enhanced when I became friendly with a middle-aged man named Atul who also was staying in the same Hotel. Atul also like me was staying in the Hotel on monthly basis. He was in fact a Manager in Bank.

He was also a bachelor of age of about mid forties. He belonged to a place called Ongole in Andhra Pradesh. He was posted in the branch that was located in the Navy area. He had a unique problem while interacting with his customers. He was unable to understand Hindi and could not converse with them in Hindi. Whenever he had to converse with such of the customers who didn’t know either English or Telugu he had to take the assistance of his fellow colleagues who knew Hindi.
During his tenure as Manager of this branch he came across a lady very good looking but little short and wholesome. Her name was Sunita. She was a Punjabi, aged about mid thirties. She didn’t know much of English or any of the south Indian languages. At that time her husband was posted at Andamans. She was living with her two sons of aged 12 and 8. Somehow, while doing his job my friend Atul became friendly to this lady. Sunita also enjoyed talking to Atul as it was a new experience of learning each other’s language. Sunita used to talk to him in Hindi only and my friend Atul in English. After few days both became so friendly that Sunita started visiting him in the Hotel. Atul used to tell me about his daily conversations and ask me meaning of few of Hindi words, which she used to tell him.
I used to translate them in English and tell him the meaning of few of the words she used to speak to him. This sort of activity continued for about a month or so. One day while Sunita was with him in the Hotel, Atul introduced her to me. She was really beautiful with typical Punjabi looks fair, long hairs with shapely bosoms but little plumpy but yet she looked gorgeous. After little normal exchange of pleasantries she asked me to translate many things that she wanted to tell him. Nothing of the speech was either romantic type or offensive but had something more than mere friendship. I didn’t feel anything abnormal in translating each other’s speech. This type of interaction continued for some time. Sunita was a bold lady. One of the things she used to pester him was about staying in the hotel. For some reason he could not take an independent house.
However, after few days I got an opportunity to take an independent house and as I was alone and the house had two rooms with kitchen bath etc., I asked Atul if he could join me and we could share the rent of the house. He readily agreed. Soon we bought some minimum furniture and kitchen items to start our bachelor life in our own house. In fact Sunita helped us to buy some of the items required from the navy canteen itself. The life started. I had bought second hand scooter by which I used to go to my office and for playing Badminton. Sunita continued visiting our house more freely now. One day it was evening and when I came to house I saw Sunita waiting at our house. I opened the lock and invited her inside the house. It was already dark so as soon as I entered the house I put on the light in the hall. I entered my room, which was also dark.
I was keeping my bag on the table but Sunita was groping in the dark for the switches. The switch was broken and I shouted at once and held her hand and put on the light. She looked at me when I explained her the danger she was about to face. She smiled and said ‘thank you’. We sat for some time when she started talking of many things. It was nice to hear her stories.
After some time she asked “Is it holiday for you tomorrow?”
I said, “No, but I have taken leave”
“Why what for? She asked. “I have so many balance leave I want to just relax for some time” I said.
By that time my friend Atul also arrived and we started talking for some time.
There after, Sunita said, “Atul, it is dark now I want to go back home..and ..if you don’t mind ask your friend to drop me to the Bus Stand” She said.
Atul asked me to drop her by my scooter. I agreed and took her to the Bus Stand and dropped. Next day, I remained at home. For a brief time I went to the market and came back soon. I was sitting after my bath and clipping my fingernails then doorbell rang. I went and opened the door. To my surprise Sunita was standing in front. I asked her to come inside. She sat in the chair for some time. I was sitting on my bed and continued clipping my nails. Soon she also came and sat on my bed. We started talking on various things. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and chiffon sari. While she was sitting by my side, I could have glance of her cleavage.
Once I finished my work Sunita said, “Rajesh, clip my nails too” I was very surprised, however without much of talk I took her hand and started clipping her fingernails. After few minutes I could feel she was deliberately asking me to do this, as her nails had not grown much. Still I started clipping her nails. While doing so I observed that her sari pallu had slipped from her shoulders but she did not care much to adjust it. Instead she sat in such a position that gave full view of her bust. I could see lovely shaped balloons sitting pretty inside her blouse and looked as though they want to pop out. While clipping her nails I could feel her pressing my fingers indicating something. However, I was so simple and sober that I continued with my work. But, inside my shorts I was feeling hard. Once I finished the work I lay back on the bed and relaxed. She was sitting next to me almost touching her buttocks to my body. She continued to talk.
She said, “Rajesh, you know why I asked you people to shift to your own house?” “Why?” I asked. “Because, I like you. I wanted to be friendly with you.”
“How about Atul?” I asked. “It is only a pretense, basically I liked the first day I met you in the Hotel.”
She said. “I like your sober nature and friendly nature” she said.
After few minutes she sat so close to me that her body was rubbing against my waist. While moving her hands she just brushed my crotch and that made my cock hard. After sometime Sunita asked me “Rajesh, can I also lie down?” Although it was only a single spring cot still “Okay..” I said. She slept next to me almost touching my whole body. Soon, I was having strange feeling. It was first time that a gorgeous looking female was sleeping next to me and there was every opportunity to taste the first sex. But, somehow I did not get the courage to take any initiative. We laid back in same way for nearly ten minutes chatting on various subjects. Sunita changed her position and turned my side. Here face was within kissing distance. I could feel her hot breath. She slowly started caressing my body. I was very clear of her intentions. Yet, I lay on bed quiet. She moved her hand on my shorts and felt my hardened shaft. I was feeling excited.
She asked me “Rajesh, have you any time had sex with any one?”
I was flabbergasted at her direct question yet I said “No, not so far..”
“You want to experience it today?” she asked.
Hearing her words I was stunned for a moment. Her words gave me a very strange feeling that went through my mind and body. Here is an opportunity just waiting to drop in my arms for which I longed all my youth so far. I had always desired that I should give my virginity to my beloved only. My other inner voice said “Come on man, how long you continue with masturbating. Here is an opportunity just grab it! …you will repent if you don’t grab it!” my inner voice said. I was timid. I lay unmoved. While my mind was wandering here and there I could feel that Sunita had pushed her hand in side my shorts and started feeling the hardness of my cock. I could feel her soft hand caressing my rod.I just closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft caressing.
She said, “Look, that is also ready…come on…. what are you thinking about?”
I did not say anything. Few moments passed by in same position. Sunita was slowly caressing my cock that was still inside the shorts. I was still not getting courage to proceed further. However, Sunita feeling that I was not at all resisting her actions continued with her actions and unbuttoned my short. I did not resist at all and allowed her to remove my shorts. It was the first time I lay bare before any woman. Sunita was holding my cock in her palm and pressing it. With every soft press the cock was getting harder and harder. Sunita was looking in my eyes. Somehow I could not look into her eyes so, I closed my eyes. She continued pressing my cock in her hand. But by this time, her actions were too exciting to me. My breath became heavy and moaned softly. I was feeling that I was about to cum. I closed my eyes and tried to hold back my cum. But, my efforts were futile. I made moaning sounds. She immediately, laid back and pulled me on her and lifted her sari up and guided my cock in her pussy. Before my cock could enter her pussy my cock spilled the sperms. Part of it spilled on her sari and partly inside her pussy. I gave few trusts before my rod lost hardness. I could not hold my hardness. This was my first sexperience. Within seconds my cock became flaccid and came out of her cunt. My cock was all wet.
Somehow, I had the feeling of guilt and made me ashamed on my non-performance. I could not show my face to her. I laid on her in same position for nearly one or two minutes. She kept on talking to me trying to console me. I could not respond to her. She got up from the bed and fetched drinking water to me. I was lying on the bed without my shorts. I could not see in her eyes. However, she still continued consoling me. I drank water and went to the bath and washed my cock. I came back to the bed. Sunita was telling me “Look what you have made, you spilled all your sperm on my sari.” She went inside and cleaned herself and her sari with the cum that I spilled. She came back and sat next to me on the bed. I was going through a strange feeling of losing my virginity yet not doing it properly. Soon, we could hear the doorbell ringing. Atul returned back to home. Soon, I could hear Sunita moving to his room and chatting with him as though nothing had happened. It was amazing to see how she adjusted herself to different situations.
Thereafter, Sunita was in our house for about fifteen minutes after that she left bidding good night. Atul accompanied her to the Bus stand. I lay back on the bed reminiscing what had happened sometime back. After two days it was Saturday and was holiday. I was relaxing at home. It was about 10a.m. I heard doorbell ring. I opened the door to see Sunita standing at the door. She was wearing pink colored salwar kameez. She always looked very young and pretty in that dress. The dress had broad and deep neckline that gave a gorgeous look of her cleavage. I welcomed her inside the house. She sat in the chair and we kept on chatting for some time. She went to the kitchen and prepared tea for both of us.
While sipping tea she said, “Rajesh, what happened the other day, you almost killed me. I was dumb struck at your behavior.”
“Nothing, I was just ashamed of my self” I said.
“Oh, it’s because you spilled your cum before you could enter me?” she asked.
I gave a weird smile in affirmation of what she said. By this time I was lying on the bed and she was sitting on the chair next to the bed. She moved to the bed and sat next to me.
She put her hand on me and with a smile said, “Why don’t you give another try today.”
While saying so, she bent on me. Her big tits almost rubbed my chest. She lay next to me and moved her hands on my shorts. My cock was slowly started hardening. This time I was mentally prepared to go for it. With our movement on the bed, the metallic cot made screeching sounds. Both felt conscious of the sounds hence decided to remove the bed from the cot and put on the floor. Quickly both moved the cot to the side and put the cotton mattress on the floor. We both moved on to the bed and lay on it. Sunita quickly put her hand on my short and unbuttoned it. She removed the short and moved hand on my hardened cock.
“Today your cock is very hard, Raje” she said with a smile.
I also smiled and allowed her to play with my tool. Quickly, she removed my T-shirt and simultaneously removed her kameez. First time, I had the chance to look at semi nude body of a woman so closely. We slept side by side Sunita continued pressing my cock in her left palm. The cock was quite hard by this time. I was thinking in my mind always that today I must not miss the chance and enjoy the sex fully. I also moved my hand on her body. She had smooth skin and her plumpy body gave me a nice feeling while caressing. I moved my hand on her buttocks but somehow was not getting enough courage to untie her salwar. Knowing my dilemma, Sunita untied her salwar and removed it. Sunita moved so close to my body that prevented me to see her lower half. However, I had feel of her smooth thighs with my thigh. And suddenly Sunita moved on me and sat on my waist and guided my hard cock inside her hole. Her pussy was very wet indicating that she was fully aroused. She sat on my waist and started rubbing and fucking me hard. My cock soon started seeing depths of her wet cunt. I moved my hands on her bra that was still holding her breasts. I was very eager to unhook her bra and feel her lovely breasts. Knowing my desire, Sunita unhooked her bra.
Wow!! What a sight it was! She had, two shapely boobs with small nipples. I enjoyed moving and caressing her breasts. I did not lose opportunity to squeeze her boobs. By this time, Sunita was vigorously fucking me. She was moaning with excitement.
“Raje…you have a very hard cock…I…like it…”
Her moaning sounds made me more exciting and fuck her hard as long as I could. But, my desire remained unfulfilled. Suddenly, I spilled my cum and Sunita felt it and gave good thrusts till she also came out. She sat on my waist with my cock inside her cunt. Within few minutes my penis became flaccid and came out of her cunt. Sunita moved to my side and lay next to me. She took my T-shirt and wiped my cock. She wiped her cunt as well. We lay in same position for some time.
She asked me, “How did you feel Raje?”
“Nice..” I said.
“Is this really first time you had sex?” she asked me.
I said, “Yes, you have any doubts?” I asked her.
“No, I was simply asking…your cock is really good..it’s very hard I liked it very much” she said.
While we lay on the mattress Sunita kept on caressing my body as well as my cock. I also kept on pressing her boobs as I didn’t wanted to miss the grand opportunity that day and regret for it later. After about five minutes or so, I felt horny again. The soft caress of Sunita made my cock harden again.
Soon, it stood up. “Look, your cock wants more..” said Sunita with a smile.
I also smiled. I was thinking within myself that I should show my stamina to her. This time, I was fully ready in all my manly state to fuck her. My performance fifteen minutes back gave me psychological support to proceed further. My cock this time was rock hard. It was craving to take Sunita’s fleshy cunt. Sunita without wasting any time mounted me and shoved my shaft in her warm pussy. My cock slipped inside her hole and started seeing the depths of her fleshy mound. Sunita this time was very excited. She could feel my cock much harder than it was first time.
“Raje..your cock is simply superb…I..love..it…….I love..taking..it…more…a..n..d… m..o..r..e..” Sunita kept moaning while she took my cock inside her and fucked me.
Somehow, this time I was also more vigorous in giving my cock to her. I kept caressing and kneading her boobs. I was getting such a wonderful chance for the first time that I didn’t wanted to waste it. This time she loved the way I gave my cock to her. Soon we changed position. She pulled me up so that we were in sitting position. She was still sitting on my lap with my rod inside her.
She gave her boobs in my mouth and moaned, “Suck…my…boobs…I…like…it….”
Like a baby in the arms of her beloved mother, I started sucking her boobs. Although it was a unique experience I sucked her tits to her satisfaction. The hard cock in her cunt and sucking her nipples made her mad with excitement. I slowly bit her both the tits and Sunita became madly excited and started moaning and having orgasms. I could feel she was really enjoying fucking me. She asked me to fuck her for long and hard. After about five minutes of fucking, she felt little exhausted and lay on bed and asked me to fuck her. I got a first chance to mount a babe. Also for the first time I had close look at her cunt. It had sparse hairs and must have been shaved only few days back. When I moved between her thighs I could see her shapely body with divine hole with lips open to devour my hard dong. I guided my cock inside her juicy cunt. It moved inside as though it moved through the butter. I was not feeling any tightness in her cunt. I wanted to give her hard strokes and show my power. I took the position in such a way that my both the legs stretched and touched the sides of her arms.
Sunita folded her legs to allow easy stroking of her cunt. Then, resting on my both the palms I started stroking her. Now I could feel tightness of her cunt. The feeling made me mad with excitement. I continued to stroke her hard. Whenever I gave thrust Sunita moaned with excitement. Sunita enjoyed every bit of my fucking. She desired for fucking her for long. Looking at her this desire I could really feel that probably she must not had a good sex for a long time. I fucked Sunita for nearly fifteen minutes. Thereafter, cum spilled from my cock. I moaned and released my juices inside her flesh and lay on the bed.
After a while Sunita said “Raje…you..are…really a good fucker…that day you made me very nervous.”. she continued and said “Will you promise that you will continue to love me?” she said.
“I promise..I..will” I said.
She slowly moved me to the side and started wiping my cock as well as her cunt with the towel nearby. Once she finished doing it, she wore salwar and went inside the kitchen and fetched water. She made me to drink water and she also drank. She was still topless. I enjoyed looking at her lovely boobs.
I said, “Sunita you have lovely boobs! I like them.”
“Really? She asked and moved next to me and lay by my side.
We kept on talking lying in same position. It was about one p.m. I was keeping watch on the clock for fear of Atul intruding and spoiling our ‘act of love’. Generally, Atul used to return by about 2.30 p.m. So, I decided to be with Sunita as long as I could. Sunita was although daring lady she also had fear that now that she has changed her colors she didn’t wanted to get caught but play safe among both of us. We kept on talking lying side by side. While talking I continued fondling with her voluptuous boobs. I enjoyed caressing and kneading her boobs. Whenever I pressed her tits a bit hard she moaned and asked me to be gentle.
“Sunita, you have such a beautiful boobs that I just can’t let them go out of sight” I said.
“It’s all yours Raje I love you…I want you to be mine alone and no one else” she said.
Her words made me very exciting. I was wondering such a beautiful lady is seeking my love. I felt bit proud too for losing my virginity to a really deserving and gorgeous lady. I had no remorse of any kind in my mind. While talking and fondling each other I could feel my penis getting hard for the third time. My God! What a sight. I wanted to show my power to the sexy Sunita and my cock really was not getting satisfied at all!!
Sunita feeling the hardness of my cock caressed it and said with a smile, “See Raje, your cock is not under your control anymore…it listens to me…it wants more…come…on..”
I was really amazed to hear her words. Sunita was longing for more sex. Without wasting anytime she removed her salwar and moved on me and shoved my steel hard cock inside her hole. She rubbed her pelvis hard against my crotch. She gave quick thrusts. The fucking this time was different feeling. I was almost exhausted but never wanted to concede before her. I wanted her to say ‘enough’, but it was not so. Sunita had insatiable desire. She also wanted to give me fuck of my life. She made me to suck her tits while she rode me. In this position I could feel she derived maximum pleasure and attained orgasms. When she had enough of my hard shaft, she asked me come over and fuck her. I moved on her and fucked with fierce force. Sunita liked my action.
“Being a Badminton player you have very good stamina” Sunita said.
For a second something came to my mind and I asked her “Tell me Sunita, you and Atul also have enjoyed?”
My cock was still digging her fleshy mound.
But, Sunita said, “No, not at all Raje…he is only a friend…and you know how old he looks…it was only for you I was friendly with him”
Although her words did not appear convincing to me I felt within my self ‘what I’m I doing.. without enjoying what I have I am trying to ponder over unwanted things’. And I continued thrusting my cock hard and hard inside her. There was no sign of cum spilling from my cock. I fucked her for about five minutes. Soon I was feeling exhausted but still there was no sign of sperm oozing out. Sunita felt my predicament.
She asked, “Raje, what happened?”
“I am not able to come out..” I gasped.
“Come on Raje, fuck me from behind..” she said and kneeled before me.
Wow!! what a sight it was. Beautiful Sunita just kneeled before me with her big round buttocks fully exposed to me to ram in to her hole. I had watched such a scene only in blue films or in those foreign booklets. I felt very excited. The cock was still very hard and not a sign of any surrender at all. I felt proud of my cock. It came up to my expectation. I felt very satisfied as a ‘real man’. For a moment I thought definitely I can satisfy any lady on any given day!. And without wasting much of time, I pushed my cock inside her cunt from backside. I held her shapely waist for support whenever I thrust my rod inside her. The pumping continued for nearly six-seven minutes. The exhaustion was slowly taking over me. Sunita also started showing signs of reaching total satisfaction. She kept on moaning and asked me to fuck hard and release my cum. But it was not in my control. The cum was not at all ready to come out. I started feeling a kind of pleasing pain in my cock. Then I thought it is better to withdraw without releasing the cum. I took rest of few seconds and held her buttocks hard and gave quick thrusts inside her cunt. Then I felt my cock spilling something I removed cock from her cunt and masturbated vigorously, and then I could just see two drops of cum oozing out. I dropped the cum on her back and lay on her totally exhausted.
Sunita slowly moved me and made me to lie on bed. Both of us had smile on our faces. The smile showed total satisfaction to both of us. Sunita as usual cleaned her self as well as me with the cum. She also for the first time appeared satisfied. She embraced me and kissed my face and lips. I also kissed her neck, face and boobs.
Sunita gave a smile and said, “Raje, I love you…don’t ever leave me…I want you to be mine alone…”
I nodded in affirmation, then suddenly I could hear doorbell ring. For some time Sunita didn’t hear it and wanted to lie on the bed in same position. But, when second time the bell rang she also heard it. Both of us quickly dressed and put back the mattress on the bed. I asked Sunita to go and open the door. She went and opened the door. It was indeed Atul standing at the door. But, Sunita maintained her poise and welcomed him with such a smile as though nothing had happened. Within minutes everything was under control and normal. Atul didn’t have any inkling of what happened few hours back inside the house.
This is not a story but my sweet memoir. Our sweet togetherness continued for nearly two years till I was transferred out of that place. Sunita visited me in Bangalore and we enjoyed a lot. Even after twenty years I still cherish it whenever I think of it. Definitely, I feel Sunita may also thinking of me…??

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A gay story from Chennai

November 28th, 2012

ebcd6e444c7e2a1709f67ed6e946032fHi friends this is kanna from Chennai. I m a big fan of this site, I really love stories in this site, i would like to share one of  my story  in this site, this is actually a real incident happened to me. First let me explain about me I am a 23yr old dark, 5.9’ chubby boy with all girl assets, especially my big aunty like ass and my fleshy tits. Though I m bit hairy, I love all those curvy swellings in my body. I was also treated as  girl in my boy’s high school during my school days. Except fucking, my friends have done everything on me.

Ok, let me come to the story, I always like to see myself as a woman, I would always go nude in front of mirror and see my lovely ass and tits. As days goes I started to dress myself like a girl & stand in front of mirror. This habit made me to wear sarees when I m alone. I slowly become addict to wear saree. Whenever I m alone in my home, I will lock all the doors & windows & I will wear saree roam around in my home. I really become a typical Indian girl in liking saree, I will even start to imagine me in saree’s worn by actress in TV.
As days goes I didn’t had any lone time in my house. For two months I couldn’t able to see as a girl in mirror. Luckily one day my parents have to go to a marriage, since it was after very long time, I was really fast. once they left the house, I immediately went into my moms cupboard, took a white transparent saree & blouse. Meanwhile due to occasional pressing of my boobs, it become big(thanks to my friends). The blouse couldn’t fit properly, I could put only the last & before hook of the blouse, then I took the inner skirt and rollover the saree around me. OMG god I was really awesome. My big tits made me look sexier & to mention about my ass, its curviness made me feel hot.
I was in complete joy seeing me in saree, I taught myself as namitha. I began move sexily in front of the mirror, suddenly I heard a sound from the window. For my surprise my neighbor babu was seeing me. Due to my eagerness I forgot to close the window & this guy can easily see me from outside. I was shocked that I was been watched.
Babu is a 25yr dark slim guy, though he is not so attractive, he would always get attracted on me. We were friends but he don’t know about me, but whenever he gets chance he would touch my assets. Though I never responded to him, I have enjoyed his mischievous at times.
Coming to the story I was bit feared, I could see the erotic look in his eyes, he even took a snap on me. He signaled me to open the door & told me not to remove my dress. Things changed very differently once I opened the door. He quickly came inside, closed the door. I was bit away from him, he looked from bottom to top & had a naughty smile, I felt bit embarrassed for being caught, he came towards me, pushed me towards the wall and kissed me in an instant,  I immediately pushed him & said no, he took his cam and showed my pic to me & he blackmailed me that he will show this pic to all. I become helpless at that time. But he didn’t gave me any second to think, he again fell on me and started to kiss me in face & moved his hand all over my body. He was really furious & I started to fear like hell.
Then he looked at me & said that he going to rape me & he removed my pallu, I covered my blouse with hands (like all women in rape scene) & ran towards bedroom and closed the door, he stoped me before closing and pushed me to the bed, he again took his mobile & blackmailed me, he asked me to obey his orders. I said yes. He asked me to lie in the bed arms open, he came to me and bite in my lips, then he moved his hand to my soft boobs, his hard touch made my nipples erect, he removed the blouse hooks and started to massage it, and he began to lick & bite my nipples, and said “sama kaai da unaku”(good tits) I started to enjoy.
He then turned me around and said “un soothukaga taan di katnu iruntaan”( I was waiting for ur ass). He uplifted my inner skirt and began to massage & hit me, he removed my inner skirt completely and asked me to stand facing the wall. He slapped my right ass cheek & kissed me & he began to shake my ass cheeks, then he bent down asked me to spread my legs and he began to bite my ass, slowly he went near my holes and started to lick me, It was my first time, no one ever licked my hole & it felt awesome. I began to enjoy like girl
Then he again asked me to lie in bed & removed his pant, I could see the big tent in his jati, it was really big & I started to fear about his next step, he asked me to touch it & it was really hard & hot. He really have big penis, it is really fat & would be around 7 inch, I never taught he would have such big one, considering his slim body. He suddenly removed his inner and it poked out. It was really black & uncut, he came to me kept my legs around his shoulders, I pleaded him to not to do, but he didn’t care to listen. He took some saliva in his hand and inserted his fingers inside my hole, then after sometime, with a big bang he inserted his big tool in me, for next second I was in complete pain, I shouted aloud & I even felt that I would have got bleeding. I even started to cry. He took a bed sheet, rolled it and dumped inside my mouth.
He started to fuck me, It was paining & I cannot even shout, for god sake he even kept his hand around my mouth in order to not split the cloth from my mouth. His fucking become harder & harder & slowly my pain turned into pleasure, he was going deep inside, after knowing my pleasure he removed the cloth & I started to respond to him, he fucked me for next 20 min. and finally he unloaded his hot cum inside my ass. We got collapsed lied in each other’s arm, he told me that I was awesome and gave me a kiss, later on that day he fucked me thrice & I become his bitch, he fucked me whenever we were alone
And thus how I lose my virginity. To a big cock in a form of a rape. I hope you enjoyed my story, please leave your feedbacks in kamanking@gmail.com

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Desperate Housewife

November 27th, 2012

2046452e81a4d2a64eff1e3e9b65b57aI am 26 yr old young single guy from Hyderabad working in one of the top IT MNC. Since I had never discussed regarding one of my secret service of providing Vibrators to desperate housewives and lusty females who finds it an easy way of relieving themselves from the deprived sex needs and are safe also, I provide the vibrators on rent and daily rent for a good 8″inch vibrator is just Rs 500 (advance 5000/- extra as security), since my ad comes on a foreign site and my condition to provide the vibrator to only the female who is gonna use it makes it difficult to be approached by so many women. Since the response is weak, I get only few selected clients in a month and lot of them are quiet regular now.

I receive one requirement from a couple from Rachana-Hyderabad and the husband contacted me for this Vibrator for her wife. He was aware of my requirement and gave me his mobile no. and his address. I assured him that he should not worry as all the things would be kept as secret and he can trust me. We fixed the timing of next Sunday at 1PM at his home. I reached on time and was glad to see such a young couple before me. They both were in early thirties and had a son who is now studying in a boarding school in Dehradun. They confirmed that they both had a good sex life and they both really enjoy each other very much. I was surprised that what was the reason that they require the help of this vibrator. They both smiled and told that Rachana is now a days feeling some thing very unusual as she is getting more and more desperate and is always in a need of sex, they were already in wife swapping and were enjoying that also but still the requirement of a good big cock of Rachana was unsatisfied.

I was happy to show them my product which made their eyes shine as I can see the reactions on Rachana’s face after seeing that big good shape dildo in my hand. Anand ( Her hubby) requested me to show how it works as Rachana would be using it for the first time. I was more than happy to show the working of this vibrator to that sexy lady. She was just wearing the right outfit on that day and was looking like a sexy slut. Her hubby was sitting nearby and was happy to see such a big smile on her wife face. He told both of us to continue and ignore his presence. She requested me feel easy and want me to show her how to use this in her pussy. I was just stunned to hear her proposal and looked at Anand but he just smiled and clearly told me to anything but ensure her wife enjoys up to the max. We three moved to her bedroom and Rachana requested us to wait as she would be back after changing her clothes. Somewhere in my mind I had judged that today is really a lucky day for me and was now getting aware of this couple intentions. She just came out of the washroom and my face was stunned to see her looks.

She was wearing a long transparent White gown with a thin white silk Bra and a thin Panty inside. Those perfectly shaped breasts, her deep navel, buttocks; thunderous thighs were visible through the light material of the gown. The chocolate colored areolas of her breasts with projected nipples, a golden chain laying lazily in her perfect waist over the deep navel, well-shaped thighs. She was wearing a thin panty and the love triangle was covered with that and I can see the hairs covering her fat honey spot through the thin panty. She had a very sexy and lusty look and a red lipstick made her look hornier. Again my eyes went to her beautiful buttocks. She had a panty on and that showed the whole of her perfect buttocks. The protruding cheeks of her buttocks were so firm that they hardly even quivered; they had stuck out more than what would make any dick start to throb. Total scene was making me mad since I was not expecting this much from that couple.

Most of the breasts were out from her thin bra but they stood proudly in her chest and not drooped a little. Her breasts are a magnet for our eyes. They’re large, full, round and very tempting to touch. I like good dilations of shapely and slightly heavy breasts. I was really mad about her perfect body. The way her big breasts jiggle while she walks makes me masturbate instantly. To me, she has the biggest, heaviest and the most beautiful BOOBS in the whole world. Her breasts are really big and it stood perfectly and proudly in her chest. I had an intensive wish to crush them and suck all by my hungry mouth and suddenly she put her hand on my bulge and squeezed that. I was just stunned! Then I realized what was happening. I was so excited while watching her that I didn’t notice my huge bulge was clearly visible through the tight short of mine. Anyone could see that.

She was doing all these just to tease me and make my bulge even bigger. I was loosing my consciousness and slowly she I was getting more and more excited. I was loosing control already. Slowly she has taken my face on her hands kissed me. The first kiss was awesome. Those voluptuous lips slowly taken my lips to mouth and started sucking it like she was sucking juice out of ripe mango. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging in and out. I met her exploring tongue going deep inside her. We tangled each others tongue and I could feel her saliva going inside my mouth. The feeling was an incredible one that I felt never before. Then her thirsty lips traveled all over my face and that feeling was really terrific. Slowly she laid me in that lawn and her thirsty lips traveled to my hairy chest through my neck. She has taken my erected nipples to my mouth and bitten hard. Then that beautiful luscious lips traveled down and to her hand. She requested me to take that vibrator out as she wants to enjoy with that, I hand over that dildo in her hand. It was pulsating in her hand and size was almost 8″ and she was staring at it with widened eyes in disbelief. She moaned “Oh my God.” I got the biggest cock in my life.

She was a lover of big cocks and it was for the first time she is seeing such a big cock and that too with exciting vibrating effect. Really she becomes hot and her eyes were glistening with lust. She began cuddling the vibrator with her kisses . She was licking that vibrator from the bottom to top and she went back. Meanwhile she has taken those artificial testicles also to her mouth and it was a wonderful feeling .She then taken the entire cock head to her mouth and started to bite it slowly. Slowly she has taken the entire cock to her mouth with great difficulty since it was so big. But she was enjoying every minute of it, sucking that dildo all the way like an Ice-cream cone. I was really in heaven because it was my first experience and too with the beautiful sexy idol. Suddenly she varied the rhythm and saw her hubby masturbating with his cock in his hands, she came to know that he was about to come. A wonderful feeling, which I cannot describe in words, was passing through all over the body and nerves.

I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. Expert movements of her luscious lips were taking me to heaven and I was feeling that 1000 rivers are going to start flowing from my testicles. She was sucking that vibrator like a boy or girl enjoying an ice-cream candy and her movement become very fast. Really she was really mad since she got a big cock to make love and she was not getting much pleasure while making love with males. She is reaching the extreme pleasure while sucking a cock ,moreover it is the biggest cock she ever got for sucking and every movement of me made her madder. I was in seventh heaven and enjoying the perfect oral love with closed eyes while she was enjoying the entire movement. She made her movements very fast with a terrific climax and Anand exploded the entire cum in her waiting mouth and she was enjoying each and every drop of it with extreme happiness. She never had such pleasure before while sucking the vibrator along with bringing her hubby to climax since the taste of the cum was really an intoxicating one.

I kept my eyes closed and was fantasizing of exploring each and every inch of that magnificent body of sexy goddess. Suddenly I felt the wetness of her hungry mouth and tongue licking out the sweat drops of my body like a cow licking a calf and that process made ready within minutes to explore that sexy naked body. Both of us were panting like wild animals. She taken my face in her hands and whispered , “I am ready to take this vibrator inside me. I am here for you. Enjoy me” She licked her lips then kissed me. As she kissed me she darted her tongue, her saliva into my mouth and it did taste good. I kissed her face, her neck, moving down to her shoulders as I caressed her body with my hands. I continued kissing down her shoulders and her arms then moved over to suck her breasts. I removed the bra and that perfect twin stood proudly in front of me. Her nipples were rock hard. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples.

The areolas and nipples were dark chocolate color and were really erotic. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. I sucked first the right nipple while gently holding and squeezing her left breast. Then I started to lick her entire tit and moved my mouth to suck her left nipple and flick it with my tongue. I then started to kiss my way down her flat stomach, arriving at the waistband of her panties. Slowly I removed that also. Anand was just looking at both of us and I suddenly replied that I am making her wet in order make her ready for taking this big vibrator inside her. He smiled and replied. Enjoy with her up to the max and ensure this slut is fully satisfied. It was just like an approval to go to any level with her wife and I was more than happy to enjoy with her. I got on my knees and I nuzzled my face and nose against her pubic mound and scraped my teeth against her. Her crotch was absolutely soaked with pussy juice. I continued to nuzzle her pussy and nip at her with my teeth .She sat back on the bed and spread her legs wide, giving me total access to her fabulous cunt. As I brought by tongue up across her outer lips she put her legs over my shoulders, putting her heels on my back and pulled me toward her. She rubbed her pussy with to my mouth and I just lost control. Because I was dreaming for that sweet cunt and it was here for me to explore, to suck, to bite, to taste and to do whatever I like and this thought made me almost mad. She whispered. “It is for you Anand – just see how I am gonna enjoy with this stranger before you. She then instructed me “to taste as you like explore it and take the juices out” I started exploring that sweet pussy and I have taken the outer lips to my mouth and sucked very hard. She also becomes wild and cried.

I grabbed her by the buttocks and pulled her closer. She opened her legs to welcome my tongue, and finally I tasted what I’d waited for all of my life. Rachana’s pussy sweet tasted and soft, the juices were running down my face! She moaned and pulled my head in jerking motion as if she were facing my face. I buried my face in her pussy and tried to crawl inside. I licked, nibbled, kissed and bit every delicious fold, crevice and crack of her hot wet sticky pussy. Then I came to her aching clit. It was huge begging to be attacked, to have its lust satisfied. I loved the intoxicating aroma of her beautiful cunt and couldn’t resist in pressing my face to the hairy triangle. I parted the outer lips of her cunt and slowly taken it to my mouth and sucked it hard. She was getting wetter every minute and she was pressing my face to her cunt very hard and when I started to suck it very fast and she started to moan very loudly. I rubbed and rubbed till her breathing was rapid and her moans became screams, then I buried my face in her hot pussy again and I teased her swollen clit unmercifully, tiny, fluttery sweeps of my tongue slowly taking her to the climax she desperately needed. But I decided to start the process again and I licked lightly over her pussy as it began to open like a flower blossoming. I then licked harder, my tongue going between her outer lips, tasting her nectar and ending up on her hardening clit. I licked circles around her clit as she began to moan.

Then I moved down and stuck again my tongue into softest inner areas of her pussy as deep as it would go, flicking it in and out and up and down tasting her sweet juices. Rachana was pulling me to her with her legs and grinding her pussy into my face. I was driving my tongue in and out of her cunt as she bobbed her hips up and down, then I moved down and began to lick the inner areas of perfect thighs. After sometime I moved back to her dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as deep as it would go, swallowing the love juices running from her cunt, then sucking on her clit, then tongue fucking her some more, then sucking her clit. As I sucked her clit, I would flick little circles on it with my tongue. She was now really grinding her pussy into my face and making more noise, moaning, groaning and yelling, telling me to lick and suck and eat her. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy as she grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her soaking pussy. I again shifted my face from pussy to her thighs and but she grabbed my hair and kept my face on her love mount again. I moved back to her pussy and put my tongue in deep, at the same time sucking her clit. I had a mouthful of cunt. I was grinding my tongue as far as it would go and moving my head up and down. She was constantly hissing like a snake, she again had both her hands on my head pulling my hair, pulling my head closer to her cunt. I moved my tongue up to her clit again and I knew she was going to come. Rachana was holding me like a vice, grinding her pussy into my face. As I continued to lick her clit her I could feel her legs tense and she was crying in happiness “Anand I am cumming, see your wife is getting pleasure from this stranger” and Anand was just sitting on a sofa near by holding his growing penis in his hand and enjoying every bit of it.

Oh you have done it .”I am commmming” Rachana’s pussy opened wide and drenched my mouth and face with her delicious come. As she came, I lapped up all I could and she kept grinding against my mouth. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was one of the best in her life. She was floating without weight in air since I had given her a perfect and fantastic oral job, which she never experienced in her life. Moreover she never expected such a terrific experience from an in experienced virgin boy. I kept licking the juices but soon She pushed me and we both got up. I sat down on the bed. She looked at that vibrator. Her pussy was still dripping and I slid in easily, filling her with that thick length. Her womanhood wrapped around that vibrator like a glove as she put her arms around my neck, leaned her head back and gave a deep sigh saying “It is really good .It is full inside me my sweet boy. So long… so deeep.. . . very delicious, baby”.

The feeling of seeing that dildo buried to the hilt inside her was absolutely amazing. She leaned down and kissed me. As we kissed, I ran my hands over her body, across her back, caressing her breasts and she let her hands run over my body as well. It was more than a dream come true! It was hard to believe that that sexy bitch was riding on me. I never dreamt this even in my wildest dreams. I could feel her pussy begin to grip that dildo.. it opened an closed rythmicly. Soon, she was gently rocking that dildo inside her and I was leaning back in the bed, moving my hands to Manish’s slow rhythm. I reached up and held both her breasts in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples between my thumb and forefingers. Then I leaned forward and took her left nipple into my mouth as she arched back putting her hands behind her on my knees, grinding her pussy onto that dildo. As I sucked her breast, I reached around and squeezed her ass, pulling her onto me. I leaned back again, arching my hands to drive deeper into Rachana’s cunt.

Rachana bore down with her pussy, grinding it onto that cock, taking every inch into her. Her pace began to quicken. She was raising her hips higher, taking longer strokes of that vibrator, I was in awe as I watched her taking that fat piece inside her, watching that big cock split her pussy, watching as her pussy loved that dildo, making it wet, stroking it, swallowing it. She now had her feet on the floor straddling me as I leaned back in the bed. She was riding that cock with long strokes now, fucking down with her tight pussy, taking the entire length inside her, and then raising up, letting six or seven inches slide out then coming back down on that. I was matching her stroke for stroke, pumping my hands up into her to meet her down stroke, driving that big dick as deep as it would go. Her fucking was getting quite vigorous and Rachana’s pussy was slurping and farting as my hand piston in and out. She kept stroking and fucking that cock with her glorious pussy, and I watched as my thick member was engulfed time and again. She would change the rhythm, from fast and frantic to long and slow then back again. She was making sounds again, grunts and moans interspersed with words like “Ooooh yes, Oooh harder, harder, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me with this dildo, yes’s! , its so, it’s so fucking good!” It turned me on, making my cock stiff to hear how she loved fucking with that vibrator. She was now getting fucked with that vibrator hard now, riding up the entire length of that dildo then driving back down, taking every inch deep inside her, grinding her pelvis against that dildo then riding up again. She was throwing her head back and forth saying “Yes, ooh yes, oh God yes!” as she thrashed on top of my hand holding that dildo in side her pussy.

I could feel that cock going to the very depths of her vagina. Her wetness was continuously flowing, soaking our crotches as I felt my cock grow even larger as I got ready to come. I reached up, grabbing her tight tits and squeezing them in both my hands. She increased her pace, riding that dildo faster and faster with long strokes. She looked almost delirious, her long hair flung about, her hands grabbing at my chest, scratching, pulling me to her as she rode that vibrator, frantically trying to get every inch available. Her cunt walls were very tight and the vibrator was full inside her pussy without any gap and while riding it was touching innermost depth of her hot pussy. Her hubby got excited seeing all this and said that he is, getting ready to explode into her juicy cunt. I said “Oooh baby, Anand is gonna come, He wants to gonna come in you!” She said, “Yes! Yes! Come in my pussy, fuck my pussy till you comes! Fill my cunt with your big prick! Fill my cunt with come!” She was in ecstasy, want only riding that vibrator, on the verge of orgasm. Her pussy was opening up taking all of me, taking so much I could feel her pussy lips on by balls. I was getting close, very close.

My touching was adding to the wetness that was in her, flowing from her. I was straining to ram my hand holding that vibrator as hard and far into her pussy as I could and she was taking all of it and then some, grinding back, swallowing that giant cock with her cunt. She was fucking fast and furious now driving toward orgasm, losing track of time or setting. She even harder trying to bring it on. She was crying in ecstasy “Fuck me, Yes, Oh God Yes! Fuck me deep, Fuck me hard! Hard! Harder! Fuuuckk meee, Fuuuckk mmmee! I’m going to come! I’m going to come. My hand was throbbing and pulsating gigantically into her wet cunt. She was yelling, “Oh Yes! Ooooh Yes! I’m Coming! I’m Coming! I’M COMING!!!” and she rode that vibrator for all it was worth, grinding herself down on it, taking the entire eight thick inches into her, squirming on it, riding up again only to thrust back down.

I could feel her cunt pulsating as my hand continued to throb and pump come into her. I watched as she stroked her pussy up on that dildo, come dripping from her pussy, making my vibrator slick, soaked with her love juice. Then she would come back down, taking every inch, squirming to get more. As we slowed, Manisha was softly moaning, We stopped with her sitting on top of that dildo with my hand still buried inside her. She said, “You are not finished yet, are you?” I was incredulous; we had been sucking, fucking and eating for almost an hour. Rachana stood up slowly, letting that dildo slip from her pussy. She watched with a gleam in her eye as that vibrator slid out. “There’s one position I haven’t tried yet.” I said suddenly. “What do you mean?” she said. I turned her around and slapped on her beautiful butt. I stared at me with narrow eyes and then started to laugh, “So, you like to fuck me like a bull from my back?” She was very hot and was eagerly waiting for the biggest cock she ever seen to enter her awaiting pussy.

She changed her position on bed and bent enough like waiting for entry of that fat cock. I cupped her big boobs in both hands while she guided that dildo to her cunt. She was shivering in excitement. Then I started entering that vibrator inside her from behind. Rachana was hissing like a snake. While entering her cunt she was hissing like a snake. A little sigh from her was the only resistance to an otherwise perfect entry of my fat and 8″ vibrator. Now the moment of truth arrived. I was dreaming for this moment. Then with a sudden thrust I pushed it in. A huge cry came out from her pretty throat. “Oh! Please. Slowly my boy. “Without bothering for her protest, I continued my piston like motion. As I was fucking her from rear, her boobs were moving back and forth. The sight of her boobs moving made me crazy and I got hold it and started crushing with all my force and she was crying in pleasure. It turned me on even more; I kept slapping her beautiful perfect buttocks.

The bed was moving according to the violent movements of us. Rachana moaned and squirmed saying, “Oh God!” She said, “Oh God, it feels so fucking big! Ooh it’s so fucking big, it’s so good, and I never thought it would be like this!” Her pussy hole was tight and hot since I was fucking her from behind. I could feel the tightness of her cunt around the base of that dildo. God! It was so tight. I started to gently stroke that vibrator in and out and could feel her pussy relax, accepting my big vibrator into her nether region. She was groaning, saying, “Yes, Yes, I want that big fucking cock, Fuck my pussy with your big dildo!” I started to move more, the lubrication was good and Manisha started to move with me. The smell was like an aphrodisiac and just watching my hand pump in and out of Rachana’s ass was getting me excited. I was taking long steady strokes in and out of Rachana’s sweet pussy. She was pushing back to meet me every time I would push it in. She was making sounds now, “Oh, oh, oh, oooh”, every time I would fuck my big dildo into her. This was fantastic, pussy was tight. With my strokes, I was rubbing and squeezing the most beautiful buttocks I have ever seen. It was tight and soft. I slapped those beautiful cheeks, squeezed them. My cock was getting harder, bigger, getting ready to come. I kept on stroking my cock with my hands as her cries became louder, more insistent.

She was constantly moaning now, holding onto the bed to brace against my thrusts, moving in concert with me, fucking her in her ass hole. She was now getting ready to come, taking long fast strokes into Rachana’s pussy, She was bouncing back against me, fucking back hard saying “yes more. Please Fuck me hard” I held her by the hips as I rammed my dildo into her. Rachana let out a sob as she felt my dildo explode inside her and began to come and come. I was coming and fucking my vibrator into Rachana’s pussy and could feel it as she came. Her pussy lips gripped that dildo and I could feel her pussy pulsating fast.. Rachana was yelling, “Yes! I’m coming! Oooh yess! Don’t’ stop! I’m coming!” I continued to piston my dildo into her. Cum was dripping out of her ass hole and running down her crack as I fucked her. She was still coming, I could feel her insides vibrate and her pussy lips gripping my dildo as I continued to ram it into her. She was yelling and crying out “Ooooh I’m coming! Ooooh Yess, Yesss Yessss! Ohhh. Ahhh…Yesss!” I was ramming my hands holding that vibrator deep into Rachana’s pussy as she came and came and lost control and was wetting herself as she came.

I could feel the wetness running down my legs as she was now roaring like a wild tigress and suddenly I was coming, my cock exploding, and shooting lots of come. I kept ramming my big vibrator into her now slick and dripping pussy hole and she kept on coming like there would be no end. I was fulfilling her hubby’s fantasy dreams with much happiness and was sucking that love pot mercilessly as if there is no tomorrow. At last at a fine moment she reached the ecstasy and then shuddered in pleasure and instantly had one, two, or maybe even three or more orgasms, which was her best one in her life. Finally after a several minutes, we began to subside and I slowly slowed and finally stopped stroking it into her. We stood like that momentarily, breathing hard, reflecting on what we had just experienced her, bent over the bed with her head turned to one side, hair splayed out.

We were both covered with sweat and the smell of sex filled the air. Then I withdrew my vibrator from her and we both lay down on the bed exhausted. She was enjoying each and every moment and me also. Both of us were enjoying the lovemaking to the extreme extent, especially me since it was the first one of my life. I was tired too much and she kept my face on her lap and she given those breasts to mouth and cuddled me like a baby. I have taken that melons one by one to mouth and sucked it very hard and she enjoyed it very much. While I was sucking that hardened nipples she was watching me with much happiness in her eyes. Her hubby was extremely happy to see her wife enjoying every part of this, He thanked me and requested me to keep giving this service to her wife whenever she requires. That day was just awesome and I really enjoyed with both of them, I had got these types of chances a lot but a lady enjoying up to this extreme with a vibrator was just awesome.


November 26th, 2012