Fucking Hot College Girl

May 26th, 2008

Hi! My name is Somesh. today I am going to share the enjoyment of my first sex experience with the readers (especially girls ). I have done business management and my master’s degree specialization in marketing management. Currently I am working in one of the most reputed concerns of India and posted in Delhi. I am 26 years old. Having a good physique not so tall but of 5.8? now at this time I feel beautiful girls always attracted me, and women with tight, round and big back sides. I always wished to fuck the females having big butts.


Saritas Amazing Story

May 24th, 2008

Hello Folks, I am a regular visitor to this wonderful site. I am a 26 year old housewife, I am pretty tall 5-9 to be precise, with a very cute and innocent looking face ( that’s what everyone tells me ), and my vital stats are 35-30-38. My story began 12 years ago, when I was 14. I belonged to a normal middle class family in Delhi, father a government servant and mother a schoolteacher, and a younger sister who was five years younger to me and was a regular pest. It was summer vacation time after my STD IX examinations.

I had two months leave and wanted to go on the school trip to Darjeeling but my parents didn’t give permission for it, instead they decided that I should visit my youngest Chacha (Chacha-Father’s Younger Brother). He lived in Solan (Himachal Pradesh) and was a successful businessman. As he was visiting Delhi on a business matter it was arranged that I would go along with him.
At that juncture of time my height was 5-5 and certainly appeared much elder than my age. I had just graduated to the world of Bras and Sanitary Napkins. My knowledge of sex was virtually nil; whatever little I knew was courtesy school gossips and wild conjectures. But I was aware that boys and men look at me, and this excited me more than it scared me. However my parents were very orthodox and I would get a scolding if they found any boy in the colony talking to me.


A Seducing trip

May 24th, 2008

Hi Friends, You may call me desi phantoosh which is off course is not my name with 6 ft ht and 28 yrs with good personality. Hope fully you will like it this incident which happened when I was travelling to Hyderabad from Mumbai. I was sitting on the second last seat of a private bus and going back to Hyderabad (India) after staying a week in Mumbai and it was the last stop within Mumbai, a beautiful well figure, healthy and a good height girl with long hair stepped in and started searching for her seat and stop in front of my seat and sat beside me, Wow what a company I thought in mind and we both have a formal smile and said hello to each other, after a while bus started moving and I started looking at her figure….

she was completely in white suite, she was amazing, beautiful with a very sexy figure, every thing was perfectly sized with a good height, pleasant, good looking, fair complexion, good features and rounded butts, and a sexy curve towards her waist, it was almost 1/3rd of difference between butts and waist and so with the chest, her boobs were so tempting and sexy that no one could ignore it, her titan boobs were so sensational that even though she was in dupatta it was a clear message that they are so tightened that they may bust out like any thing at any time although her shirt was not so tight, her smell was scintillating me, her eyes looks very sexy as if she is drunk.

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Virgins story

May 24th, 2008

This is my first story. Hope you will like it. Before getting into the story let me introduce myself. My name is A…..(you can call me Chinnu.).I am from Kerala ( Thrissur ). Well I am 5″6 and have a gorgeous masculine body since I workout 2 hrs every day for the past two years. Well I will be 18 only on the 8th of the coming Nov. Well I am studying for my Engineering. Let us get into the story now. Actually I am a shy personality and hence have had very few encounters with feminine. Yet those were really memorable. It was during the summer holidays after I finished my 12th.Since I was Getting bored I decided to enroll for a youth camp which was being held for personality development. Well I met this exotic and gorgeous looking gal there. To be precise there was an event in which we were to introduce our partners and luckily she was my partner. Since I was to introduce her, we came to know a lot about each other. Well she was from Kozhikode and was studying MCA. she was21 but her tits and boobs were immaculate. She was not a virgin which came to know later.

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Sheela’s Story

May 23rd, 2008

By Starlight.
With his hand in mine, I let him lead me down the drive towards the Gatehouse. I was as prepared as I would ever be. Two heavy petting sessions in the school grounds, kind of abortive, as my fears had overcome me when he tried to slip a hand into my knickers. The open mouthed kisses had taken me by surprise, stirring feelings I was still trying to deal with. I ached to give him what he wanted and when he told me how he had managed to acquire the key to the currently unoccupied masters accommodation – it seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

I was determined to let it happen, go all the way if that was what he desired. I was going shamelessly prepared, and sneaked out after prep to meet him at the top of the long school driveway. The cool evening air touched me like it never had before. I could feel the strange concoction of anticipation and terror flowing in my bloodstream. I felt wanton and wild, and not a little terrified.


Aunties Nipples

May 22nd, 2008

This is a simple story about a few boys, who discovered something…and about that one boy in particular who kept the research going on in full swing, and finally reached seventh heaven. I was just a small healthy boy then, i remember so clearly…how horny i used to feel just by the sight of different women wearing different clothes..i used to appreciate the goodness of every female physique that i saw…every age group…every type. But some of them carved a place in my heart forever.

Asha aunty was one such female. She was a marvadi, 22/23 yrs. old,with one little baby girl…u know, the typical maadu types which get married to some wealthy businessman at an early age. She had completed ssc. in some school in rajasthan and then she found herself married.I hated her husband so much, all he did was applied face packs, put mehndi in his hair,haldi on his face,he was a total waste.


My Unique Experience

May 22nd, 2008

I have searched down so many sites but Indian Sex Stories..has No.1 place in its style, content&presentation.Since long Iwas thinking to let others know the real incidents of my rich sex life. First of all I want to clear that I found 90% of erotic stories as cooked up & not real ones. One may take the liberty of language but not of ideas & situations. As you will find I am going to give you REAL STORIES. As far as language is concerned All my lovely ladies stories readers may advice me ’bout that.

Those were the days when Iwas 24 . I am a north indian attractive male, wheatish complexion, atheletic build having 6″ long &2.5″ thick cock.It was my first posting in a small city 200 km away from my home.Being a middle class young boy I still couldn’t get a chance of sex &till now was spending my days by “muth markar” i.e. rubbing the LUND with your own hands.

Since I had to go to my job for whole day so Idecided to employ a servant for all domestic jobs. Hey! Hey! don’t jump on any conclusions. You might think as how Iseduced my lady servant & just like it…………..

Perhaps you know the life of a small city. Here everyone knows everyone and has no business but peeking in everyone’s life. It was impossible to get a lady servant for mine type of AKELA LUND . Ladies servants were available only for family homes.

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A Family Together 1

May 21st, 2008

rani 38 saal ki white aurat thi . us ka jism bohat naram ur ovile color ka tha . us ka kad 5 ‘ 5″ hai . ua ka wait 120 pound tha . us kiya hair light – browen hain ur eyes dark blue hain . us ki gand bohat naram hai . us kiya boob white ur bara bara hain . us ki choot bi bohat tight hai . us ki choot per chota chota hair hain . us ka size 38D/28/32 hai . wo jet-black.short mini-shirt pahnti hai . us kiya 2 becha hain aik beta ur aik beti . us kiya pati us ko 5 saal akla shor giya tha . wo apna bechon kiya stah rahti thi .

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Bipasha Basu – Jism Sex Scene

May 20th, 2008

[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=ntmDVpjAw2w 380 317]


Lovely Aunt

May 20th, 2008

Hi all readers of Indian-Stories.com. My name is prasad , I’m a guy aged 23 years and have finished my graduation in software engineering. I am from Chennai Having a little healthy figure I do have a good 5″ tools under my underwear. Anyway I always use to read the fantasy of Indian-Stories.com and I am a big fan of it. Therefore I decide to tell you a very truly incident which I can’t forget ever. This is not any kind of great work or contribution story, infact it’s a great sex story.

I live with my family here in Chennai. Beside our house a man stays with his wife and only one daughter. I called the man uncle, as he is neighbor of me and called his wife aunty but I don’t speak with their girl ever because she doesn’t want or may want to avoid. I also never show any interest in talking with her. I always like the aunt very much. She does have a huge pair tits and a round, heavy ass, she is 36 years of old and her daughter is also very sexy reading 1st year in college. She also is having good shaped tits and short good figure.


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