Sex with Officemate

May 10th, 2008

Hello this is a true story. I and Rashmi worked in a some firm. She had joined the firm 6 months back. She was about 22 yrs and I was 25. She was dark complexioned but witty. She had a beautiful figure and had the personality that attracted every guys. The guys were moving in and around her. I never gave a look to her, But only assisted her in the daily job. I and she used the same computer. She would leave daily unnamed messages in the new word file as if she has left a letter in half. I marked the same for few days. But have never courage to ask her about the same. One day I gathered some courage and gave the reply on the short notes. Next day she came and read the short notes but pretended as if nothing has went wrong. In the evening when she left for home I again turned the PC on to read the message if any. To my surprise she had invited me the home next day in the evening.

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Indian Girls Naked Sex dance 6

May 10th, 2008

[youtube: 380 317]


A night of great sex

May 9th, 2008

This is the incident I am submiting for Indian Sex Stories. I have posted this story in the same form, as it was what happened no corrections or modifications. I’m posting it this way so those that I want you all be the judges and justify was I able to resist? Have I done anything wrong?….
“Damn it’s too cold,” Mini muttered to herself, “Must be 0 degrees if it’s anything.” It was the first of Jan and the small town we were setting up in was in western U.P. She wiped her brow, then picked up a box from the back of the car and headed for the hotel room. Mini was my collegemate. She was in 1st year and I in final year at that time. I was with her as she was having an exam to attend next morning.


Pinky in Hyderabad

May 8th, 2008

Hello Folks, This is a great fan of Indian-Stories and I want to share a story which I witnessed. Firstly, something about me. I used to work with Taj Residency at Hyderbad. This is a story which took place in the month of middle Jan 2006. We, at Taj, had some regular guests from corporate sector, actually, they are the one on whom the hotel runs in off-season. In that month we had some VIPs, so we attached some video cameras in the rooms which were to be allocated to them for security measures with their permission. One of the corporate people that used to visit us frequently were Pfizer ltd. Bombay. During this month of Jan 2000, there was some Ms. Pinky from pfizer came down to our hotel and she was allocated the room fitted with cameras by mistake but since it was already allocated, we had no other option but to give another room to that guest for whom it was actually meant for.


A day with a sex star

May 7th, 2008

This is my day with a star – the day I fucked a famous bollywood actress. It was an experience no one would have ever got. But I do not wish to tell her name, because I would be betraying her. Just think of the actress you would like to fuck. For convenience I will name her x. My name is Suraj. I am 23 years Old. This event took place 2 years ago when I was in college. At that time I was An ardent fan of x. in college I came to know that x was a family friend of my Classmate. so I got an appointment to meet x with the help of my friend. my Friend could not come that day because he had some work. so with his dad’s card I Went all alone to meet x quite unaware of what was going to happen. When I reached x’s big house I showed the card to the watchman and he Immediately let me in. then I walked to the main door of the house where I was Received by the servant maid. I handed over the card to her and she went into a Near by room which was x’s room and came back and asked me to be seated in the Hall and gave the card back to me. then she brought coffee for me and said That she was leaving home and asked me to lock the door after she had gone. On Enquiring what x was doing she said x was taking her bath and would come soon.


Recent sex experience

May 7th, 2008

This is the recent experience I had recentyl with a nice girl whom I met. Since she requested to narate our first meetings like how it happened? so that she wants to read it when published and go back thinking of the nice expereice as she cannot have this fun agains since she got married now. Here you go! One Monday morning, the calling bell was ringing and my wife opened the door. She saw a beatiful girl standing outside in sarees with a hamper bag. She had a badge on her chest having her name and the company.


Secrets of a Champion

May 6th, 2008

I am Pallavi (Petals to my friends), a young woman of nineteen years, and I am already a winner in more than a way. I am pursuing my studies in Delhi but was born and brought up in Chandigarh. Ever since I can remember, I have been adored and admired as ‘cute’ and ‘smart’. As I grew up and reached teenage, my body bloomed into what many people, especially boys refer to as a perfect-ten figure. As if that was not enough, my features ‘ bright, innocent eyes and bee-stung lips ‘ endowed me with a somewhat sensuous appeal. From a young age I encountered myriad lingering gazes and leering stares. It did not take me too long to realise that a woman’s beauty had its own unique powers to achieve quite a few goals.


Sex with hot Colleagues

May 6th, 2008

I’m working as an executive in a private Bank. We have received a news that we are getting a lady as our manager in the general transfers. Her name is Seema. I being a sexholic, dreamt about my new manager even b4 she comes. I used to fantasize about her while fucking my collegue(Radhika). I’m 28 year bachelor, 6?, fair, slim, with athletic body attracts many a girls. I have been fucking Radhika, the cute unmarried clerk since last six months. I told Radhika that I’m going to fuck Seema. The day has arrived and Seema came to our branch and taken charge as Manager. WOW! She is gorgeous and more sexy than I have imagined.

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Stunning Sisters

May 5th, 2008

Hi, my name is Kamdev and I am writing this just to tell you about the greatest week of my life so far. It all started on Monday when I was at work. I work for a fairly large general store near to where I live, and 2 most gorgeous, and sexy women also work in the office of the store. In fact they are sisters. Their names are Sunita and Aarati. Aarati the older of the two sisters aged 22, is about 5’4, black shoulder length hair, with the most gorgeous eyes. She also has a very sexy tight ass and very shapely legs. Her sister Sunita is 20, about 5’3, black shoulder length hair, and black eyes.

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My True Sex Story

May 5th, 2008

Hi all, the story I am going to narrate happened around 6 months back in Bangalore. At that time I was working for a MNC as a software engineer. Since I am basically from the Northern part of India, I used to stay alone in a house in Bangalore. I used to frequent a PCO on two or three days in a week to call my folks and this is where I met my sweetheart. Her name was Preethi and she was from Bihar and she was studying in Bangalore and she also used to come to the same PCO for calling her folks and this is where our friend ship started. Since we used to meet quiet often there , we came to know each other and our friendship started.


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