November 25th, 2012

b48f9dfcbfcaf6d5b72f3a78c1fb9690I was born and in Mumbai but moved to London, England when I was 15 years old. I was 18 when this happened. I loved sports, the chance came for me to join the net ball squad. I was surprised I made it, since I don’t consider myself that good. True, I’ve never had trouble-finding guys, and my figure is pretty good but not perfect. It took about three days to find out who the bitches were, and who the friendly girls were. Names here have been changed to protect us all. Our costumes consisted of scanty wisps of nylon, and small shorts, or long dance leotards that hugged our bodies close. You HAD to be in shape, else every little bulge or flabby spot would show. Kate, a white, bitchy blonde who’d originally given me bad advice constantly griped about wearing sKatepy costumes just to give the guys in the audience a thrill. She kept saying that she’d rather fuck a bull than most of the sports fan slobs. It was Nima, which told me to ignore Kate.

Nima was very pretty, with a slim figure and legs that were perfect, especially when they extended out from beneath a pair of our purple shorts. Nima had introduced me to Jassi and Kavita, and we ended up as a foursome whenever we practised or travelled. It was after our first week of practice when Nima asked me if I wanted to did sound fun, especially since Jassi and Kavita were both going. I followed them to Nima’s house, some forty minutes away from the gym. It wasn’t much, but it was nice. Nima had gotten the house after divorcing her husband, which surprised me, since Nima looked only about 18. In fact she was really 20. Maybe it was her light brown eyes that seemed to sparkle all the time that made her look younger.

The house sat on a hillside, and she had no real neighbours to speak of, and the pool was large, surrounded by a nice wooden deck. I mentioned to Nima that I didn’t have a suit, and asked if I could borrow one. “Suit?” Nima laughed. “None required in my pool, unless you’re bashful Pooja.” I’d never considered skinny-dipping and I stared at Jassi when she boldly walked out the back door and dropped her clothes, shorts and a blue T-shirt then dove into the pool naked. Kavita followed suit, peeling off her spandex racer-back top and showing off her full breasts. She too dove into the water, stark naked. Nima was pulling her top over her head and I started to do likewise, figuring “when in Rome…” The four of us swam around, splashing each other and generally having fun. Kavita crawled out a spread herself out on the deck, letting the warm sun dry her. Nima and Jassi raced back and forth, and I just loafed along. After about thirty minutes we all got out and sat around in Nima’s backyard, stark naked talking about Kate and the other three bitches in our squad. Jassi produced a couple of joints and we smoked them both, getting a pretty good buzz. Nima said we should grab something to drink. We went in, picking up our clothes on the way. I was going to get dressed, but the others dropped their clothes in a heap on a chair inside the door, so I did likewise. I felt a little odd, walking around someone else’s house nude, especially with three other girls there. But it was all so easy and free, I went along with it. Kavita was telling us about one of the guys she went out with, and the size of his prick. She made him seem like a super-stud, with a monster of a prick and able to fuck all night. Jassi kept squirming around on the barstool, making the seat swivel back and forth. Each time she swung around, her large breasts brushed the cold counter top, and I could see how hard her nipples were. I was getting aroused by it too.

Then, without any hints or suggestions, Kavita made an announcement. “Let’s
all take a shower.” She said with a playful look in her eye. Jassi and along,
walking behind them. I followed, unsure of what was about to happen, but I
had visions of four naked girls crowding into a shower. As it turned out, Nima’s house had a shower big enough for about eight or ten, with two shower nozzles and controls on opposite walls. Jassi and Kavita were already soaping up, and Nima climbed right in. I was a little unsure of this, and carefully climbed into the shower. I wanted to rinse the chlorine smell off of me and out of my hair.

Nima volunteered to wash my long hair and I didn’t object. My hair reaches
down almost to my waist and I keep it braided most of the time. Pretty soon,
I was standing with my head back and Nima was massaging my scalp. “Shit! Can you take over a minute Kavita?” I heard Nima say, “I’ve got soap in my eye.” Kavita began washing the lower part of my hair, telling me that she’d had hers long in high school, but loved it shorter now. I heard Jassi say she
was getting out, and then Nima said she was going to make some tea. I relaxed and let Kavita finish my hair, and then rinse it out. It felt nice to have someone else do the work for a change. “You’ve got a nice figure.” Kavita said. “I bet guys go crazy over your tits though.” Guys did actually. I have 35C breasts, which are just big enough to be fun, not as big as Kavita’s 38Ds. Kavita kept hers wrapped up in tight spandex so she didn’t jiggle too much in front of the fans. After rinsing, Kavita said she was getting out too, and I soaped up and rinsed off quickly. I stepped out and used a towel that Nima had left and then headed out of the bathroom.

Hands grabbed my arms and I was scooped up and carried towards the back of
the house. “Hey! What’s going on? What’re you doing?” I yelled, struggling but not too hard. I was dumped onto the bed, and Kavita sat on my legs, tickling me, while Jassi and Nima began tying my hands to the headboard. I was laughing and struggling, and a little bit goofy from the joints. I didn’t notice anything really weird until I realised both my legs were also tied up, to the bottom bedposts. Nima picked up a bowl of fruit, and fed me a strawberry. It was cold, and sweet, so I ate it. I figured this was some sort of “rite” that they were doing to me, so I didn’t resist. Nima sat next to me on the bed, as naked as I, feeding me orange slices, apple pieces, strawberries, grapes and the like. “Hmmm, now this might be interesting.” She said, picking up a banana. I giggled, then laughed at the age-old idea of special uses for a banana. I watched as Nima peeled it. She looked down to me, playfully. “How far down do you think you can take it?” She asked. “Hmm,” I said, giggling too, “Eight inches!” That was the size of my last boyfriend and I’d taken him all the way. Nima fed the banana too me and I arched back letting it slide into my throat. She pressed it deep, and then withdrew it. I gagged a little, but not much. Kavita showed up with a tape measure and ran it from Nima’s finger to the end.

“Jeeez, pretty good.” Kavita said. “Nine and three-eighths of an inch.” “Really?” I said. “I’ll bet you’re a pretty good cock sucker.” Kavita said, leaning over. “Among other things.” I said, giggling. “Watch this!” Jassi said, taking the banana from Nima. I raised my head and watched Jassi take the long banana into her mouth, and surround the end with her lips, then push it back out. She sucked it in, then closed her lips again, and then pushed it back out. I was amazed at the sight of it, and I felt both envious and aroused thinking about her ability. “That’s a ten inch banana too.” Kavita said. “Try this.” Nima said, reaching into a drawer and tossing Jassi a very long dildo. “It’s fourteen inches long.” Jassi arched her head back like a sword swallower, and we watched most of it disappear. All but one or two inches which she held on to with her fingers. She pulled it out, and bowed. “Gawd, girl!” Nima said, “You’re incredible.” “I have other talents too you know.” Jassi smiled. I had been aware of being aroused, but now I realised that Kavita was drawing circles on my right breast with her fingers. I was about to say something to her, when Jassi interrupted, without saying a word. Jassi stuck her tongue out, and held it out a full five inches from her lips! It was the most incredibly long tongue I’d ever seen, still is! She flicked it up and down, and around, then pulled it back into her mouth and smiled. “Ohhh Jeeez-us!” Nima said, “You’d better show us how that works.” “Glad to.” Jassi said. Jassi crawled up onto the bed between my legs, and I shifted a little arousal to her oral abilities. Jassi bent down towards my pussy. “No. Jassi, no!” I pleaded.

She stopped, far enough away from my pussy, or so I thought. I felt the tip of her tongue graze my clit, and I jumped. “She’s too far away!” I thought wildly. How?” I wondered, then remembered her tongue. Then “IT” happened. Jassi slid forward, putting her mouth fully over my pussy, and slid her tongue up inside me. Rockets, bells, whistles, horns, everything went off in my head. I arched up and thrust against her invading tongue. I orgasmed for several long seconds and then fell back on the bed. But Jassi had just started. She wiggled that snake-like tongue inside my pussy, and I felt it starting up again. Expertly, she fucked me with her tongue, which was both stiff, and soft at the same time. I squeezed it with my pussy, feeling it slither past in or out. Then she sucked my clit, her tongue flicking rapidly over it and circling it with the most beautiful rhythm. I arched again, feet, frustrated by not being able to move much.

When I opened my eyes, Jassi was sitting up and smiling at me. Kavita and
Nima were fingering each other’s pussies. Jassi looked right at me and
her long tongue snaked out and licked my cream from her chin! “Was that all me?” I asked, shocked at the wet mess on her face. “Um-hmmm!” Jassi replied, “You cum a lot honey, and you taste good too.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Naked in bed with another woman eating my pussy – and enjoying it! Nima leaned over and licked the length of my pussy, tasting me and making me arch up. “You’re right, she does taste good.” Kavita repeated it, and then they all took turns, each taking only one lick of my pussy. It was driving me crazy, and I wanted to cum again. Jassi leaned down and shoved her tongue inside me, and Nima sucked my clit, humming as she did. The vibrations set me off, and I climaxed with a loud moan, clenching Jassi’s slippery tongue in my pussy. “God girl!” Jassi cried out. “You almost sucked my tongue into your pussy!” Jassi slipped up over me, and bent down. Our eyes met, and she turned her tongue entered, then filled my mouth, passionately swirling all around my tongue, licking the roof of my mouth, and under my tongue. I could feel my own pulled a trick of my own, and sucked her tongue into my mouth, treating it like a cock, and sucking on it. Jassi let me, then began to fuck my mouth with her long tongue. We did this for long minutes, and I could feel her pussy dripping onto my belly. Now, for the first time, I wanted, really wanted to lick a girl’s pussy. “Let me eat you.” I said breathlessly when she sat back.

Jassi gave an “ohhh” sigh, and moved over me, lowering her bush to my
mouth. Her musky, fragrant smell was erotic, and I licked her pussy lightly. Her taste was what I expected, much like mine. I began licking her pussy up and down, then circling her clit. In no time, Jassi was rocking her hips back and forth over my mouth and tongue, her cream soaking my lips and chin. She squeezed her full breasts, moaning loudly. Jassi soaked my face, then Kavita climbed on while Nima began licking me. Over and over, I ate each one of them until my jaws ached. Nima was the wildest, rubbing her pussy on my tits, then fingering Kavita’s dripping cunt and smearing her juices all over my face. While Kavita ate me, Jassi and Nima lay next to me, in a very torrid 69, and Jassi got off and rubbed her pussy all over Nima’s tits. Nima made me suck her tits before I came, and Kavita licked Nima’s cream from mine. When we finished, they untied me, and we all made a circle, sucking each other’s pussies. From then on, we were inseparable. Especially since Jassi and I loved to get each other off. I loved her long tongue in me, and she loved the way I could suck and flick her clit just right to make her cum hard.

At several games, Jassi and I were the last ones out of the locker room, so we could spread each other’s juices on our tits before the game. We were even on television, with the cameras zooming in on Jassi and me as we cheered the crowd on. How many hard cocks or wet pussies would there have been, if they’d known that Jassi’s tits were sticky with my cream, or that her juice was running down between my tits along with sweat? It was after the sixth game of the season, and we were out of town, staying in a hotel. The only reason we were there was that the game wasn’t that far out of town. After dinner, Jassi, Kavita, myself, and Nita returned to our flu. Nita was sweet, but seemed very straight and innocent. The four of us crowded into the elevator with two men, a tall black man who was nice looking, and a white guy who kept glancing at our bodies. I winked at Kavita and Jassi, but it was Nita who started things off. “You guys watch the game today?” Ann asked.

“Yeah.” The black guy said. “We dumped ‘em good.” We’d lost the game, but by only two points, so we were all a bit irked by “Two points isn’t ‘dumping them good’.” Kavita said sharply. “And besides”, I piped up, “it was a lucky throw that won the game.” “Shee-it.” The black guy said, “You gals really are into it.” “I know who you are now.” The white guy said. “You’re the…” Nita put her hand over his mouth. “Be nice now.” He told the black guy who we were, and he smiled. “Well, I always wanted me a Net ball player , now I’ve got four to choose from.” “If you’re MAN enough.” Nita challenged him. “Oh! Baby, I’m man enough, believe me!” He said with a grin. “How about you, Mr. Know-it-all?” Nita said, looking at the white guy. “M-me?” He asked. “Sure.” Nita looked at us, and we laughed with her. We were game alright. We took the guys to their room, since they were staying together on business, and the six of us quickly got down to business. The black man had a nice cock, about nine and a half or more inches and thick. The white guy wasn’t a disappointment either. We each took turns sucking them, with Jassi going last. She got the black cock last, and sucked the whole thing down, then snaked her incredible tongue out and licked the man’s balls.

“Ohhh shee-it!” He cried and moved back. His sperm gushed into Jassi’s
mouth, and she let the rest splash into her face. Nita grabbed it quickly and drank down his last squirts then swallowed noisily. Jassi sat there, smiling with her sperm-soaked face and neck. When Nita turned around, Jassi showed her the thick pool of cum in her mouth, then swallowed it just as noisily. The white guy moved behind me and slid his cock into my pussy. He pumped for a while, then Kavita demanded some. The Black guy pulled Nita over and slid his still hard cock into her pussy and began fucking her from behind. Jassi got on her back and sucked Kavita’s clit, and Nita motioned me to suck hers. Pretty soon, we were all switching around, and each of us got fucked good and hard by both men. Kavita was riding the black dick, and sucking the white one, with Jassi and I in a 69 and Nita sucking Kavita’s big tits.

The black guy wanted to fuck Kavita’s tits, and she let him. She pressed her tits around his big cock and opened her mouth to suck the head each time it got to her lips. He sprayed her face with his thick cream, and then pushed his spurting cock into her mouth. Kavita drank his cum down and I licked some off her face, then sucked the last drops out of him for the night. He wanted her to lay between Kavita’s legs, with her wide open, and Kavita to reach around and cup Nita’s breasts in her hands. The rest of us sat back and watched, toying with our pussies and the soft black cock.

Nita sucked and sucked on the white cock, coaxing his cum to spurt. The guy
finally backed up, straddling her waist, just above her hips. He jerked his cock hard, making his big balls bounce around. There’s something about the way a man handles himself that’s incredibly erotic, to me anyway. He leaned forward, pointing his cock at Nita’s chest. What happened next got “oohs” and “ahhs” (awe?) from all of us, even the black man. The man’s cock turned purple at the head and seemed to swell up and get rough looking. Then he fired a long, thick stream from his cock. It spurt a white gout of cum for three seconds solid, the cum splashing onto Nita’s chest and covering her with sperm. The man bent, then straightened again and another long spurt came out, arching through the air and splattering Nita’s face. Thick streams of cum ran down her face, dripping off her chin, running down her neck. She opened her mouth, getting only part of it. He fired again, and this landed mostly into her mouth. Nita’s face was soaking wet with his gel-like sperm, and we could see a thick white pool of it on her tongue. He came again, spraying more, this time aiming over Nita’s shoulders and hitting the top of Kavita’s tits. Kavita leaned over and opened her mouth, getting a face full of cum. Then he turned his hose-like cock on Jassi and me. Jassi scrambled right up the streaming cum, her mouth open, droplets spraying about her face, until she took his cock in her mouth. The man shook and came again, and Jassi flinched, moaning around his spurting cock.

He pulled out and sprayed my face and tits down again, then began milking the last drops out onto my tongue. I swallowed it, and it was slightly bitter, but good. Jassi turned around and kissed me, a flood of semen entering my mouth with her tongue. We savoured it while we kissed and then I gave it back, most of it anyway, and she repeated the kiss with Kavita and Nita. Jassi sat up and swallowed his jism, then rubbed her stomach, as if it “hit the spot”.

We can’t wait for another game in that town, because we have a new girl on
our squad who orgasms when a man cums in her mouth!

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Gorgeous babe Girija

November 23rd, 2012

2872957453100f21525d674b6322ebbfGirija is a gorgeous slut who happens to be in my class. We were friends but deep down I was madly lusting for her. One day while we were talking it turned out that Girija was actually a distant relative!! “Why don’t you come over to my home and meet my family,” she said as she brushed away her gorgeous black hair. She had sexy glowing skin, nice nipples and her tits were just blossoming for a 16 year old. I went to her home and we got talking. Suddenly her parents had to leave and Girija and me were all alone. “Do you want to see my bedroom,” she said seducitvely. Instantly my cock sprang up and I was bursting to cum as she walked ahead of me with her gorgeous ass swinging along. We walked into her room which had a nice sexy smell that a sexy girl carries with her.
She sat on the bed and purposely put her feet up so I could clearly see the outlines of her pussy through her tight jeans.

“Girija babes, I think you are so hot and sexy I can’t control myself,” I said and sat next to her with my arms around her. “I know and since we are family, it is only fair we share our love for each other,” she said and brought her lips next to mine. I teased her lips with my tongue as my hand started caressing her tits. And then we kissed…”mmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned as I slowly lay her down on the soft bed.
My hands reached for her jeans and unbuttoned her as my fingers went straight for her super sexy wet pussy… “oooooooooohhhoooooooohhh do me baby” she moaned.
I took off her t-shirt and kissed her tits by sliding off her black lacy bra. Then i went down on to her navel and into her panties with my tongue. Her pussy had a gorgeous sweaty wet juicy smell that made me crazy!
I ripped off the final clothing on her which was her black lacy panty and dug into her pussy deep with my tongue… I almost ate her pink clitoris as my tongue darted in and out of her vagina which was now oozing with love juices.
Girija’s hand reached for my super erect cock as I made my way on top of her to thrust her and finally enter into paradise. She helped me part her vagina to ensure a smooth entry for my cock which was aimed at her hymen!
”’oooooooooohhhhh” she moaned loudly as I made the final thrust stretching her tight hymen which was about to explode any second. with one more thrust i pounded into her and felt a trickle of blood which i rubbed with my finger and sucked it. i took some more blood from her pussy on my finger and inserted it into her gorgeous mouth. ‘Your pussy taste is awesome” i said as I kissed her gently as my tongue entered deep into her mouth.
Meanwhile, my cock went deeper and the thrusts became stronger and faster as I started pounding the sexy pussy of my super slut Girija.
I tried to hold my cum but couldn’t and then let out a flood into her. She wanted to scream with ecstasy but my lips were stuck on to hers and as she tried to push me away, I only entered deeper into her which drove her crazy. Her nipples were fully erect. I swallowed her tits like mad until her nipples were deep into my throat. After another massive shot of cum I just lay there with my ramrod cock still tightly fitted into my gorgeous baby’s sexy pussy.
“Baby, now its my time to be on top,” she said as she turned me over on my back. She sat on top of me and started playing with my wild cock. First she went down on me by licking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I was again ready to cum but somehow managed to control myself until Girija swallowed my cock deep into her mouth. And then she furiously started sucking…
“Baby you are the greatest!” I almost shouted as I tried to fondle her tits as her head bobbed up and down.
And then it was time to let go. Another tsunami of cum erupted from my cock as Girija’s mouth overflowed with my love. She sucked it all like a hungry bitch which made me wild. And without missing a beat she grabbed my cock and inserted it into her pussy and started riding like a rodeo cowgirl!
It was amazing to see how professional she was just like a porn star!
And then she rode me like mad. I was totally stunned at how my cock was as erect and ready to explode as the first time!
Her pussy walls pounded against my ramrod cock as our love juices overflowed. And again it was time for the flood of cum! I shot like a cannon into her since my cock was upright into her on top of me. And with one loud moan Girija collapsed into my arms as I lunged for her nipples. She was having an orgasm as I kissed her deeply, rubbing her tits and still thrusting her pussy.
“Baby I am glad I gifted you my virginity,” she whisphered sexily into my ears. “Girija honey you have no idea how I have lusted for this moment since I saw you in class the first day. The fact that you are my relative is such a turn-on because now I get to fuck you for all time baby!”
She smiled and kissed me passionately. “I don’t want any boyfriend or husband except you.” “Same here baby – you are my only love.”
We played together in bed for a while caressing and kissing like lovers reunited after ages. I licked her pussy clean as part of the clean up operation. She sucked my cock again slurping off the last drops of cum as if she was enjoying an ice cream cone! I sucked her nipples and even bit her on the underside of her tits. “These are my love marks that claim your body as mine” I said. In return, she bit me on my thighs and nearly on my cock! “These are my love marks for my gorgeous lover” she said.
We then dressed up just in time as her parents returned.
“So its great that you are part of our family,” her mom said. “Yes aunty, Girija and me are enjoying this strange coincidence,” I said as Girija tried to hide her laughter.
The next day in school, we hid ourselves in a store room and again kissed and fingered each other passionately. “My parents are away this weekend,” she said seductively as she played with my hands which were deep into her pink panties. “You mind helping me with homework,” she teased. “Baby, you are such a horny slut! I love you!” I said and kissed her deep.
This weekend we plan to have some wine which I want to pour on her tits and suck her nipples. She suggests that I also take a vanilla ice-cream cone and insert that into her pussy so I can lick it all off. We are ready to sexplode!!!!


Indian Housewife & Her Houseboy

November 21st, 2012

720174f9189a09aabcd06bf029bcfbe3Sofia still had a marvelous body at the age of thirty-nine. Her long black hair still retained its youthful appearance and her beautiful, big, dark eyes seemed to transmit smoldering warmth that drove men wild. Sofia had a rather unusual body shape. Despite being short in stature she had a beautiful and very shapely bottom that drew many admiring glances whenever she went to the market. She was very proud of her breasts, which were large but not too big. Sofia had been married to Imran for twenty years. He was a highly successful, and very wealthy businessman, who brought all the money into their marriage that allowed them to enjoy a privileged upper middle-class life style. In some ways Sofia was very content with her life but recently Imran had become more and more obsessed with his quest for success and less concerned with giving satisfaction in their marriage bed.

In quiet moments Sofia was the first to admit that he was not a great lover and never really tried or claimed to be another Casanova. He gave her everything money could buy but Sofia longed to be appreciated in bed and like so many couples, their relationship had lost its spark over the years and settled into a safe, predictable routine. Lately he was too exhausted to make love to her more than once or twice a month and then it was over almost as soon as it began and he would roll over and immediately go to sleep. Sofia longed for more sex but her situation and standing demanded fidelity to her husband and for a long time she continued to play the good, conservative and shy Indian wife. Sometimes she masturbated in an attempt to relieve her increasing frustration, rubbing herself frantically through her shilwar but unable to bring herself to the orgasm she desired.

She sighed as she tried to remember the last time she’d had sex with Imran. It had been so long and every day her frustration increased. She was torn between her duty to be faithful to her husband and her own aching need for physical relief. Sofia was careful never to be seen acting in an improper manner but the temptation was strong. A few of her husband’s so called friends had snatched a quick feel of her ass and breasts on several occasions but she had never responded although in her heart it made her feel extremely aroused and sexy to know that other men still wanted to feel her up.

Sofia was uncertain what to do. She was well aware of the danger of giving in to the feelings that she felt. So she decided to talk one of her best friend Neelam. Once she invited her and she promised to reach her house at noon.

Now, waiting for her best friend to arrive. Neelam and Sofia were sipping tea in living room served by the young servant Nadeem. Neelam asked her what was wrong and Sofia told how lonely she was, and how she hadn’t had sex with her husband for months.

It did not help when her friend laughed when Sofia confided in her.

Her friend simply pointed to Nadeem the houseboy as he worked in the kitchen. “What’s that guy for?” she said, lowering her voice. “Is he your father? What can heaven give you that is better than this young guy? Use him Sofia, use him.”

Sofia was shocked and blushed at the suggestion. “What are you saying Neelam? I’m a forty-year old woman, and he’s hardly twenty, just the age of my son. I fancy him more than anyone but how can I be so foolish? The boy is twenty years younger than I am.”

Neelam replied, “Don’t take this the wrong way but it is exciting to have sex with someone besides your husband, especially when your husband doesn’t care about it any more.”

“What in God’s name are you thinking of?”

She leaned a little closer. “Don’t be silly, look at him. Nadeem would really make you happy, a young guy like that could fuck all night. Just imagine the excitement of him exploring and playing with your body.”

“But he has worked here since he was a kid, how I can? He is three years younger than my son.” Sofia demanded.

“I know you are older Sofia, Nadeem is young, and would satisfy you,” her friend whispered.

Sofia laughed to hide her embarrassment. “You always have such a dirty mind. You always think like this. As if it is as easy as that”

“Don’t knock it until you try it” her friend said with a smile.

“You have a young guy like him hanging around, suppose? That young. Have you used him?”

“Yes, I have been having him for a year. I couldn’t hide it Sofia he’s cute. Go for it.”

“Really?” asked Sofia.

“Yes! It’s true and I know it’s going to happen between you and Nadeem. An old fart like you and a young tart like him. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Just do it soon. An affair with a houseboy is safe. Sofia, he’s cute. Go for it! Nadeem also seems interested in you.” She also told her an affair with the houseboy was both extremely satisfying and completely safe.

Sofia said no, she could never do such a thing, who wants a guy who’s the age of her son? But when her friend was gone she found it increasingly difficult to stop thinking about her suggestion.

Nadeem the nineteen-year-old houseboy was very tall, charming and had an athletic body with a lot of sex appeal. He was dark, but not sinister. He had broad shoulders and perfect and muscular arms. Even more exciting he was very shy by nature.

Once Nadeem had been working in the garden near the window when he heard the sounds of a woman’s moans coming from his master’s bedroom. His heart pounded harder as he got closer to the window. He heard a gasp and a moan from the room. He was now alert. He heard a voice say “Like that honey?” It was Sophia!

“Oh yes, it’s brilliant darling. I can’t believe we’re doing this after such a long time. It’s feels so good. You’re making me so horny.” Another moaned flowed through the window as Nadeem listened. He could hear the sounds of the springs in mattress crying for mercy.

Nadeem climbed up to the window, trying to make sure the noise wasn’t loud enough to alert the occupants in bedroom. He peeked in the open window. His heart made the front of his T-shirt move as he saw the two naked bodies moving on top of bed. Sophia had her legs wrapped around the man’s body. Her face was turned away from him and he strained to see to be sure.

Nadeem couldn’t tell who the man on top of her was, but he watched as the man’s butt pumped like a dog on a bitch in heat. They didn’t care about the noise they were making. Nadeem could feel something strange happening as his cock become erect. He’d never felt it do this before! He could only guess that this was wrong.

Soon they stop and the man, whom he recognized was his master Imran, laid his sweaty body on top of his wife Sofia and she kissed him. Then he rolled off her and almost immediately fell asleep. He saw Sofia as she reached down between her legs and held herself as she hurried to the bathroom.

Nadeem left the window and went to wash his face with cold water. It had a soothing effect and brought some of his senses back. He was just into his teens. It was the first time he had begun to explore the difference between a man and a woman.

The more Sofia began to think about Nadeem the more the idea of seducing him appealed to her. She’d noticed before the way he sometimes stole secret glances at her breasts when he thought she wasn’t looking, and now she began to feel excited every time she looked at him.

Very slowly she began to change her style of clothing. Sometimes she wore more revealing clothes that showed her midriff and cleavage. Often she decided not to wear a bra when she knew she would be with Nadeem and she began to spend more time talking with him. If she knew that he was watching her she deliberately swayed her hips as she walked about the house.

One day she told him that she wanted him to go to the market with her and Nadeem hired a rickshaw. Sofia knew that she looked stunning in her tight black qameez and white shilwar. Her nipples were clearly visible through her tight qameez as Nadeem stepped aside to let her get in first.

Nadeem hired a rickshaw and gave the rickshaw puller the directions.

“Did you lock the door?” Sofia asked as she settled on the rickshaw.

“Yes, Malkan, I’ve locked the door,” Nadeem replied, as he followed her on the rickshaw.

“OK. Come on, then.”

Sofia began to have some very naughty thoughts as soon as she was sitting in the rickshaw beside Nadeem. She deliberately sat as close to him as she could, close enough so their thighs touched with every bump of the road. Remaining silent as the rickshaw trotted along the bumpy road. She kept thinking about what her friend had said.

With every pothole they went over she made sure Nadeem was aware of her supple body close to his. She was pleasantly aware of the way her breasts moved with the motion of the rickshaw and flattered when she realised Nadeem was sneaking looks at them at every opportunity. Sofia felt a strange sensation when she felt his warmth. The road to the market was full of potholes. The rickshaw jerked Sofia violently, throwing her body against Nadeem

With every jerk, Nadeem could feel the supple body of his Malkan colliding against his side. Occasionally, he felt her breasts touching his shoulder. He could feel a cold sweat break out. He was nervous; but he could feel his cock getting hard. He knew it was a sin to think dirty things about his master’s wife, but this day something different was happening. He was sporting a massive hard on. It made him uncomfortable.

Nadeem was grateful when they reached the market. As the rickshaw stopped by a big showroom, Sofia got down and hurried to the shop. Nadeem waited for her outside.

When she finished her shopping, they hired a rickshaw and went back home. On the way back home, Sofia couldn’t stop herself feeling Nadeem’s body. Sofia was so excited She just wanted Nadeem to feel her, drag her into a bedroom and fuck her. She was trying to throw herself on the poor young man. She was enjoying this cat and mouse game. She’d been thinking “Who knows, he might even rape me if I tease him too much. It would have been my fault if he did and I would just have to take it.”

Probably, Sofia was only playing games with Nadeem but she wanted to seduce Nadeem.

After that day, Nadeem found Sofia staring at him a number of times. Every time he turned his gaze and looked in other direction. He spent his days trying to focus on his work. It was hard to do especially as Sofia was around. Her presence kept his cock hard and throbbing in his pants.

Sophia’s sexuality was an irresistible lure for Nadeem. Around other people, he never let it show but he had fantasized about Sofia many times. Nadeem’s eyes always followed Sofia’s plump butt-cheeks as they moved from side to side with each step she took. When Nadeem played with himself, his thoughts were always on Sofia, and he always ended up with a shattering orgasm.

He began dreaming about fucking her, however, he knew that would never happen, and therefore he kept his fantasies as a closely guarded secret. Every time he saw those perky, rounded breasts and that big ass sashaying across the living room he had visions of her bent over her luxurious king size bed gasping for breath and screaming his name while he fucked her silly. He even dreamed of fucking her big ass.

Now that her children were both in college, Sofia spent her time at home during the day watching videos and reading books, and helping Nadeem in household chores. One day he was cooking and while she was instructing him in the recipe, she stood just behind him. She was pressing her firm body against his back, pinning his to the counter. He could felt her breasts against his back. He felt guilty when his cock twitched in anticipation. He wasn’t to blame, he reasoned with himself. That woman was definitely doing wrong with him.

Distracted, he burnt his finger on the hot saucepan and as he jumped to back, he fell heavily against her. He slipped, and she draped her arm over his belly to support him. He turned to her and he could feel her breath on his face, she was so close. Their faces were almost touching. He looked at her with a wicked grin. When he saw she was confused he felt a little embarrassed and immediately made his apology. He didn’t try anything, not even a furtive fondles of her tits. “Was he teasing me?” Sofia wondered. She was confused about his sexual intent. And she was horny. She did a few more chores with Nadeem in kitchen, feeling hot and sweaty in the warmth of the day.

At the door, she turned to give him a quick glance before she walked out of the kitchen to her bedroom. After her bath, she dropped into bed. Thinking about touching of Nadeem made her incredibly horny. She slipped her hand down her shilwar and found her pussy extremely wet. Her fingers made long lines up her vagina lips. Slowly she penetrated her wet, aching pussy. Her finger deep inside her felt good. She was simply dying for a cock, a hard piece of thick meat slicing through her scorching cunt, driving her to the verge of ecstasy.

Unsure what to do, she decided to ask Nadeem to massage her. One of her close friends had had similar encounters and had told her about them, and she had ended up having sex with the young man who was massaging her.

“What am I doing here? Here am I, a married woman, going to seduce a young houseboy. After no sex for nearly a year, now I’m a slut. But it’s so much safer to seduce my own houseboy than go out,” she decided. “Nadeem, come here, you come here,” she shouted. She heard Nadeem put down the dishes. She hadn’t locked the door — she never did.

Nadeem opened the door after knocking but didn’t enter the room and remained standing outside the door. “Yes… Malkan?” he asked nervously. “Come in.”

She was laying on her bed on her side, with her head propped on her elbow and her long hair falling down. He caught a whiff of her perfume. “Yes, Malkan?”

She rolled her eyes and a slow smile crept across her face. “Come in and close the door. Have you have finished the cooking?”

“Yes. What can I do for you, Malkan?”

“Nothing, really. I just wanted to talk.” She pointed to the bed. “Sit down.” She sat up on the edge of the bed. “Nadeem, I am too tired and not feeling well.” “Oh! Should I call the doctor Malkan?”

“There is no need of a doctor. But give me a little massage on my feet, if you’ve no other urgent work.” She was suddenly feeling embarrassed, asking for massage.

He slowly sat on the side of her bed.

“No, come up, you should sit on the bed. It would be easy for you.”

He started slowly, massaging her toes and legs, then his hands moved up, massaging until he reached her knees. They both were silent.

He was not going above her knees, so she told him, “Nadeem, I need you to massage of all my body, continue up to my upper legs.”

Without saying, a word started above her knees. He was working his way up, smoothing. Then he used his hands to slowly pinch and massage her thighs. She could feel the heat in her breasts, and her pussy was getting wet. The thin cotton dress she was wearing seemed to be too flimsy. Nadeem could see the outline of her nipples through the qameez.

Nadeem’s gaze seemed glued to her breasts. The thought that she made him horny made her feel horny as well. It was wonderful. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy his touch.

Soon he came up to the top of her thighs, and she slowly opened her legs. It felt like the sensations were sending signals from her breasts down to her swelling pussy. The juices began to flow in her pussy, making her feel as though she were about to cum…

Nadeem just couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. His fantasy woman was laying in front of him in a transparent qameez. He could see delicate curves of her breasts and the dark erect nipples. Could she see the bulge in his shilwar? He was so close he was having difficulty resisting the urge to reach out and touch her nipples.

Nadeem shivered with excitement. Being near to Sofia always excited him. Sofia found she enjoyed teasing her young houseboy. “Wow,” she half whispered, looking him up and down. But her heart began to sink. She was not young enough to hold the eye of a twenty-year-old lad. “What, Malkan?” he asked.

“You’re so young. I guess I never noticed how solidly you’re built. Have you been working out?” “Some, but I don’t get much time with housework and all.” She tried to remain indifferent, but her face slowly turned crimson. Her throat went dry. She was breathing hard; she could feel her legs shivering violently. Her mind shouted loudly, warning her to stop, to keep this young man from feasting on her body. But her body argued that she needed the attention of a man. No man in her life apart from her husband had ever touched her bare skin. The thought of Nadeem going to taste her forbidden fruit gave her an erotic rush. Nadeem picked up his head, looked into her eyes and said, “Malkan are you all right? Can I help you with anything?” Sofia’s fantasy faded away. She shook her head. “No I’ll be fine. I was just thinking about something. Thanks for asking.” Her breasts moved up and down as she spoke. He tried to look other way, but every now and then, he stole a good look at her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts. His cock was raging with lust, and he was afraid that Sofia would notice his bulge. His stiff cock stood straight up. He tried to avoid touching Sofia but couldn’t. His cock brushed her leg. Sofia jumped. Their eyes met as she reached down and wrapped her hand around his cock. “Is that hard-on for me?” It was as if he had been hit by a rock. Nadeem stared at his Malkan, completely stunned. She was directly looking at him. He lowered his head. His eyes locked on her breasts, but he looked back up at her face. She wore a pleasant, self-satisfied smile on her face. “I know you’ve been admiring me for quite some time and I’ve really enjoyed that. I’ve been admiring you for quite some time. You don’t need to be afraid or ashamed, just relax and do what comes naturally,” she said. “Now tell me, how many girls from the neighbors have you been with, Nadeem?” He looked down again. “No, one, Malkan, I’ve never…” “Oh! You’re a virgin. Well maybe I just need to teach you a few things.” Sofia didn’t know what had come over her. Maybe it was all those years of sexual frustration. “Come on, Nadeem,” she whispered, holding her arms out to him. “Love me!” Seeing him hesitate, she grabbed his hand and pulled him down. He lowered himself over her. She wrapped her arms around his waist, holding him tight against her. Never before had she offered herself to anyone in this manner, not even to her husband. Her breasts pressed to his chest. She could feel her soft breasts flatten against him and her lower stomach pressing into his erection. Looking up at his eyes, she whispered, “Don’t be ashamed, I know you really want this, you need it.” She grasped his cock through the material of his shilwar and began stroking him. His cock was large and thick. She wanted it in her right now. She stroked his throbbing cock harder. Nadeem felt her hot breath over his lips as she kissed him. Their mouths melted softly together, their slippery tongues gliding hotly in and out between their parted lips, while Nadeem passionately ground her steaming pussy against his hardness. “Do you like what we are doing?” she whispered in his ear, gently nibbling at his earlobes. “Yes!” Nadeem could hardly believe his luck. His entire life, he had been obsessed with the idea of being with Sofia. He fantasized constantly about her. She took Nadeem’s hands and placed them on her twin treasures. At first he hesitated but then his hands cupped her heavy fully laden breasts. He gripped the breasts, briefly feeling the grape-like nipples, he began squeezing them softly, and tweaking Sofia’s hard pricking nipples. As he got bolder, cupping and caressing her bosom, Nadeem leaned forward and ran his tongue along the valley of cleavage between those sexy tits. Her purring told him to keep going so he licked his way closer to her tit through her material. Nadeem moaned loudly in ecstasy and closed his mouth on her breast, through the thin layer of cloth, and bit down on the mound of flesh. “May I see them Malkan?” suddenly he asked her. “Yes! Why not let me show them to you,” she said and she slowly lifted her qameez, pulling it up her chest. What a sight that was when she revealed her fat, large, pink, slightly succulent melons. His mouth fell open when he saw the sight of his naked Malkan. Those amazing breasts were now completely exposed to him and he stared at those huge pink nipples surrounded by the areola. Nadeem plunged his hands down and reached out to take her large breasts in his hands. So soft, so pliant, so big and so wonderful, he thought as he squeezed the monstrous globes with his palms, surprised that even his big hands couldn’t hold them completely. He took them both in his hands together and squeezing them. “Don’t you like pinching my nipples? Pinch them, harder, harder,” she ordered as he grabbed each one and twisted them a bit in his fingers. “Yes! Yes!” he moaned Like her breasts, her nipples too were quite large. Of a deep pink color, they looked like a couple of bullets, surrounded as they were with the vast areola. He squeezed and pinched them, almost cruelly. He continued to twist and pinch her nipples for a few minutes. They felt good in his hands as he rubbed them and flicked her erect nipples. “Take them in your mouth.” He bent his head taking her breast in his mouth. He licked her perky nubs of nipples, licking the areola in circles and moving the buds around in his hot mouth cavity his hand found the other proud counterpart and twisted it playfully making her gasp in wonder as flood of sensations raced in her famished body. He started sucking her tit gently as he was rubbing the other one, Sofia’s hand still working his thick cock. As he bathed her tits with his saliva, he focused in on her nipples that stuck out so far. So he took her delicious looking nipples between his eager lips sucking and biting them. Nadeem drew Sofia’s nipple between his lips, and sucked wildly, eagerly, his tongue lapping in wet swirls.

“Ohhhh, Nadeem!” Sofia sobbed softly, her breast swelling inside his mouth.

“Ahhh… don’t stop.” Sofia screamed at the top of her lungs and her hands clutched his hair tightly, trying to push his head deeper in her breasts. “Suck it harder! Oooooh, suck it harder!” Sofia screamed.

Nadeem pulled as much of her breast into his mouth as he could, hungry for it. The wet pull on her tit sent a wild ripple of delight down her body, causing her cunt to suck inward tightly. She squealed in soft sounds, her eyes blazing and slightly unfocused with fiery passion.

Now they were in each other’s arms, breasts flattened against each other and lips clamped together as one.

“Oh Nadeem, this feels so naughty but so good. I really think this is wrong but it is very, very stimulating.”

Sofia noticed that he was rubbing his cock through his shilwar. His bulge was huge.

“Come on, Nadeem, don’t be shy … you need to get over this shame you have been feeling. Your turn to show me what you have, Go ahead don’t be shy.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice. Obediently Nadeem unknotted his shilwar and pulled it down. When he did, his fully erect, rigid hot black cock swung up free like a released arrow. Nadeem had a weapon that was both very long and excessively thick. She looked at his erect cock for the first time with wide eyes.

“Oh Nadeem… What…what a man!” was all she could say as her hands eagerly and tentatively closed over his thick cock.

She shook her head and then looked up his face and she cried out “It’s too big, I wasn’t expecting that!”

She gasped as she wrapped her fingers around the glistening shaft. She ran her fingers through the rough coarse hairy nest at the base his cock and gripped his hardness between her delicate fingers.

She closed her fist about his cock, testing the hardness by squeezing. The head seemed to bulge more, and a clear bead of love dew bubbled from his piss hole. With her fist tight around his cock, she pressed down hard, bringing a moan of delight from him. Holding the base of Nadeem’s cock, she ran her closed lips up and down his long shaft. She began pumping his cock and squeezing it a little extra at the end of each stroke. Her bangles started to jangle and the beat of her hand and the stroking of his cock were the only noise. She could feel his cock throbbing and twitching under her grip. She enjoyed its rigid warm flesh. When Sofia touched it, his cock began to throb so much that it was hard to hold her hand. Sofia could see his precum leaking from the open slit at the tip.

While Nadeem sucked frantically on her tits, Sofia massaged his cock crazily. The bangles she wore made rattling noise when she was stroking his cock. Nadeem could feel the churning inside his balls; he knew that he could begin shooting anytime. However, he continued sucking his madam’s tits waiting for his own orgasm to peak.

Nadeem was young and the excitement of the woman of his dreams, the first woman to touch him sexually and the progress in one short morning had made him ready to burst. He could not control himself and he came suddenly, squirting his juice. “Mmmaa’ ammm.” he hissed as his cock spurted. Jet after jet of ropey cum gushed forth. The first blast was like a shot, which leapt out of his cock. The next several jerks released his sperm in waves over her fist. She continued to stroke his cock, slowly milking it until he quit spurting. His cock spurted jet after jet of hot white cum all over her palm and fingers.

He looked at the mess he had created and felt little ashamed.

She withdrew her hand; streaked with cum showing him her hand and said “Look what you’ve done.” She smiled at him seductively. Her hands were a mess but she enjoyed the release of the young man; it was virile, energetic and wild and it provided her with a sense of conquest.

“Sorry.” he apologized. He didn’t know what else to say. He was totally in love with this woman the first to touch him, and how! He was sure he would soon fuck her.

“No need to apologize. That was just the warm-up anyway.” Then she added “That’s good. Yes. I know you needed this, don’t be embarrassed this is natural.” She found that he knew nothing about sex.

“Now let me clean myself.”

She wiped her hand with some tissue and looked at his now limp cock.

“When will it be ready again?” she said huskily.


“I need it, Nadeem.”

He took his limp cock between his fingers and began stroking it tenderly. “I don’t think it is ready.”

“Let me take it.” and she grabbed for his cock, which was now languishing between his thighs. She took hold of it and began pumping her fist over it to revive it back so that she could now take it in her pussy.

Sofia worked furiously over his cock length. The warmth of her delicious hand had the right effect as she felt his cock slowly began to swell. She was rewarded quickly as in a minute or so his cock swelled to original proportions. Finally, satisfied with her efforts, she left his cock.

“Now you’re ready to fuck me.”

Sofia unknotted her shilwar, slid it to her feet and laid her down on her bed with her elbows propping her up and her legs bent at the knees. His eyes followed her delicate feet up her long silky smooth legs to the wicked curve of her hips. Sofia had wonderful thighs, Smooth, white creamy thighs! Just the way he imagined them. She lies on the bed and spread her legs exposing her delicious pussy. He gasped when she opened her legs and showed him her cunt. She spread her thighs even farther apart, giving him a clear view of her open pussy; she unashamedly exposed herself before his prying eyes. Nadeem looked in total disbelief. He had never expected that his first view of a real naked cunt would be of his madam’s. For a moment, he held his breath relishing the wicked flaunt.

“Have you ever seen a woman naked before?” she asked.

He was frozen with fear and excitement. “N-n-o, no” he stammered out. “No, I’ve never seen one before.”

“You like my cunt, don’t you? Is it beautiful?”

“Yes Malkan, yes. It’s so beautiful … so cute.” he hissed.

“Are you ready?” Sofia asked.

Nadeem simply nodded his head. Sofia looked squarely at the growing rod in his lap and smiled.

“What are you waiting for? Do it now Nadeem.” she whispered. She continued “I can’t stand it any longer. Do me now.”

“How … how do I begin …?”

“Oh! Come between my legs, I will teach you how to begin.” Nadeem eagerly positioned his hips between her wide-open thighs, the bulbous head of his cock probing majestically against her welcoming open pussy lips.

Sofia arched her body, rubbing her horny dripping cunt against the swollen head of his cock.

“Oh, Nadeem.” she moaned, feeling his cock head rubbing against aroused pussy. “Do me, Nadeem please fuck me!”

Nadeem readied himself to impale his cock into the begging pussy. However, before he could move, Sofia reached down between their bellies and impatiently took hold of his raging hardness, guiding the swollen head into the entrance of the hot sucking lips of her scorching pussy.

“Push it, Nadeem.” she asked him.

He was now leaning over her, ready to assume the traditional missionary position. As he did so he couldn’t succeeded and in the chaos, he slipped out of her causing the sexual shock of a sudden emptyness in her. He too gasped as his cock slid along her bare skin and he missed the hot caress of her pulsating flesh.

Urgently and quickly her hand reached between them and she grabbed his convulsing cock once again and guided it back to her waiting, cunt.

Looking straight into his eyes she said “Now gently push your weight forward but Slowly, Nadeem.” she murmured. “Don’t be in such a rush! Don’t cum too fast.” she said. “I want to enjoy this.”

“I can’t help it!”

“You must try! Okay, are you ready now?”


“Put it in slowly!”

He sank in, now completely leaning over her. This time his cock head slowly entered her warm moist abode. Sofia squealed with delight as the mushroomed head of his cock penetrated her. His cock slipped easily into her cunt. It was hot, slick, tight, and wonderful. He looked in her eyes, bright, happy and radiant with lust.

This was the first time someone other than Imran had put his cock inside her and the feeling was like nothing she had experienced before. His cock felt like a hot rod to her. As he began thrusting, she rolled her head back and moaned gently.

“Ooooh you’re so big, please be gentle with me I’m begging you.” she panted as she felt his cock slide into her.

“Good. Now easy do it, put it in slowly, yes, it’s right, yes that’s it. That feels so good, Nadeem! Yes!

That’s wonderful! Now push it in deeper! Oh, yes!

That’s it! C’mon, deeper. Shove it in, Nadeem as deep as you can. Yes! That’s it! Put it all in! Oh Nadeem! Oh Nadeem yes! You’re a good guy, Nadeem. You’ll make every woman very happy”

Nadeem got the first feel in his life of a hot pussy engulfing his cock head. She was hot, incredibly hot.

Nadeem let his cock buried into his first pussy and enjoyed the rapturous feeling. It was difficult for him to believe that he was actually fucking his first pussy, his Malkan.

He thrust his hips forward, he was buried as deeply into her as he could get. Nadeem began slamming repeatedly into her, banging his pubic bone against hers. His balls were bouncing and touching against her butt. She felt the fire began to spread and she knew she was on the edge.

She had never felt so full in all her life. He fucked her slowly and then gradually picked up the pace as. She adjusted to his size. Soon he was pounding her pussy and bringing her off to multiple orgasms.

Now Sofia closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body jerking gently with his thrusts, her fingers clenching his shoulders. Bent over her on his forearms, Nadeem kept his eyes on her face, captivated by her sensual loveliness. Her lips were parted and her two front teeth glistened. Her cunt, hot, wet and tight, convulsed greedily on his pistoning cock, her hips writhing rhythmically under Nadeem. Her hips started bucking, and the moaning got louder and more frequent. “Oh, Nadeem, don’t stop. That feels so good. Oh …Nadeem, Nadeem!” she helplessly moaned. “You’re making me so happy.”

Sofia began humping wildly beneath him, slamming her juicy cunt up and down over his pistoning hard on. Her hand worked its way into his hair to make sure he didn’t leave her.

The soft delicate folds of her cunt sucked his cock deeper and deeper into her ravenously hungry burrow.

Sofia’s moans were more like grunts as she took Nadeem’s hefty manhood. She had felt his equipment through his shilwar, but she had no idea that he was so well endowed.

Sofia felt so wonderful so she instructed him, don’t move for a minute.” Pleased with himself, Nadeem lay motionless on top of Sofia. It was his first fuck and he wanted to savor every moment of this blissful occasion. He never imagined that he would ever be able to fuck his fantasy woman; but it was happening, and he had lost his virginity with this dream woman.

Above her, the twenty-one year old houseboy groaned thickly and flexed his buttocks taut. His lean hips dipped and his eight-inch erection squelched into her convulsing slit. She gasped and arched steeply under him, clenching his powerful biceps, lifting her hips to meet his in descent.

“Now, fuck me hard, hard as you can.”

Obligingly, Nadeem started banging into her with as much force as he could muster.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” she moaned.

Two more strokes and she were shouting. “Yes.” she murmured. “Fuck me, Nadeem, fuck my cunt. Nadeem shove your cock into my slit, Nadeem fuck me. Ohhh that feels so good Nadeem, come on fuck me harder, yes, that’s it!”

Sofia had an instantaneous orgasm: she had already been on the edge for over an hour now, long before as Nadeem had played her and she played him. Hardly a dozen powerful strokes of her Nadeem’s cock inside her, and she was moaning and bucking her hips up and down.

She pressed her buttocks back at him, urging him to continue, as Nadeem didn’t realize what happened but he could feel lot of wetness and lubrication and also could hear the wet plopping sounds his cock made when he slammed inside her.

He could feel her nipping at his cock with her pussy. He paused for a while as they were face-to-face and she immediately began kissing him again flicking her tongue in and out of his mouth. Sofia wrapped her long legs around his back and pulled his cock to her pussy.

Nadeem started again slow and gentle at first but then she began pulling him in deeper and faster with her hands grabbing at his ass. Her cunt was getting wetter as his cock slid in and out and in and out of her pussy lips as her legs spread wide and pulled up to her chest. She clutched his back with her hands and dragged those finger nails across his back so hard it hurt. He began thrusting harder and deeper as the pain sank in and she started screaming. The bed creaked ominously as they moved and pulled at each other. Sofia was bucking so wildly beneath him, he swiveled his hips, slamming his hard cock into her cunt from every angle. He continued fucking his cock deeper and harder into her sweltering pussy, she wildly arched her hips up to meet his hard thrusts.

She then lifted her legs up over his shoulders, so he pushed her thighs back until they were resting against her chest, in a position which she had never experienced in her twenty year marital life. He was positioned on top of her that he was fucking almost straight down into her cunt. This wild position also gave Nadeem the fullest access, allowing him to fuck even deeper into her cunt. The bed was creaking due to their furious copulation.

She lost count of her orgasms as waves of pleasure went on her often and she shouted. “Ohhh … yes … like that … yes … yes …”

Nadeem picked up speed effortlessly, rocking his hips swiftly up and down, his buttocks flexing, powerfully, his enormous cock plunging and thrusting steeply in and out of her cunt. He pumped into Sofia’s tightness like there was no tomorrow. She hissed in pleasure as he rammed his cock into her flesh. It crushed her gorged clitoris in its back and forth, to and fro passage, mashing her cunt-flesh delightfully. Her body lurched and jerked faster and faster under his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, and her gold necklace slithering and tossing. Her head flipped from side to side as she moaned ecstatically. Sofia was moaning, her eyes closed with ecstasy, her face contorted with lust, her head rolling crazily from side to side as she wildly swivel her juicy cunt up and down his fucking hard-on.

“You liked it, Nadeem?” she asked as he plundered her pussy. “Did you like fucking me?”

“Yes Malkan, yes!” he moaned, pumping his cock and out of her delicious pussy. “You’ve got such a delicious body and I was dying for it for years.”

“Tell me didn’t you yearn for me?” she asked.

“You don’t know how I yearned for you.” he answered back with a huge smile on his face.

She laughed out loud. “I’ve wondered when you would get around to me. What took you so long?”

“Because you’re my Malkan and I was afraid of you.” he muttered. He fucked hard and furious. She fucked back.

She twisted and humped up her cunt to try conquering his cock. Quickly she reached under with one hand and ringed his cock with two fingers. The extra sensations and the pulling back of his skin made his cock bulge harder still.

She gasped and bucked eagerly under him, her legs spreading wider, her hips rocking up and down in increasing urgency, her body jerking and lurching in pleasure, her tongue arching erotically across her “I am your bitch, not your Malkan you will take me when and where you want!” she panted and wailed.

“Fuck me Nadeem, make me your whore. Ohhh, yes Nadeem, oh my ohhh yes ohhh yes Nadeem hurry up Nadeem fuck me, You’re a fast learner, Fuck me Nadeem …ohhhhhhhh ohhh yes, ohhh that’s so good shove your cock deep in Nadeem, shove it all in your Malkan’s old cunt, yes. Don’t stop, never stop, and fuck me for ever, deep and harder!”

Nadeem Quickly covered her breasts back with his hands and returned her favor of twisting and squeezing the nipples She held his hands and forced him to knead her harder, more brutally. She wanted to be owned and abused by this man. She wanted to be possessed so hard and deep that she could never be separated from him.

Her hands moved up his arms and she tried to pull him closer. She was now able to reach behind his neck and pulled his head to her breasts.

Nadeem was Kissing down her chest and pulling her nipple up to his mouth. Her nipples were the normal size and absolutely blood red. They were standing almost a half inch tall fully erect. “Bite me.” she whispered between mewing gasps.


“Bite my breasts.”

Nadeem sucked in all of her nipple, his tongue toying with it. The teeth tugged and chewed on the nipple. Sofia groaned and clutched at his head. Her other hand snaked behind him and cupped and pulled his ass closer trying to get his cock deeper inside of her. But Nadeem wanted to feast on her breasts. Both his hands were squeezing her hard. The masses of her breasts were clutched in each hand but the nipple and areola was exposed. His mouth flitted from one nipple to another.

When he was at one nipple the other one ached for his attention. An eruption of feelings she had never felt before rushed through her body. She cried out with pleasure. She felt a sensation in her pussy she had never felt before. It caused her to tighten all her muscles. She could all of a sudden feel every bump of Jakes cock. Her nerves seemed super sensitive. Each stroke of his cock sent another wave of pleasure through her pussy. Her legs raised and went around his hips and she tried to pull him in.

He sucked on them and bit them gently pulling on the nipple between his teeth. He did. Gently at first, then harder, he bit her breasts as she asked for. She arched her back making her tits look larger and her stomach flatter. He clutched her breasts and there was a loud slapping and sucking noise as he fucked her as hard as he could. She was now moaning like a whore begging him to fuck her as her teeth clenched and her brow furrowed as she now begged him to let her orgasm.

“Not yet.” he replied.

Sofia had not expected the boy to be so dexterous.

There was something more appealing about the muscle and tone of the body of a young boy who had achieved that from working on the farm. And that boy was Nadeem. The contrast between how he felt, and how her husband felt was so obvious.

The muscle and the strength of the young boy’s arms matched the roughness and calluses on his hands. That roughness brought an electric friction to the caressing of her soft skin.

It was like a flint to match, setting her alight. She felt the furious pounding of his mammoth cock and left herself at his mercy, squealing from the unbelievable joy of getting fucked in a position, which she had never experienced. Her husband was never fond of experimentation and he had never tried variations.

Nadeem had his hands under her ass lifting her off the bed and pulling her into him. The bed was shaking with every thrust. As Sofia locked her legs around Nadeem’s back and her pussy tightened around him, he felt totally at home inside her. He began exploring Sofia’s pussy with his cock, driving slowly but deeper and deeper. They were totally lost in each other.

The room was filled a wild slushy sound, like a perfectly fitting piston moving inside a watery hole.

Sofia had never been so aroused and never felt so wet before. Her free flowing pussy fluid was flowing down her crack towards the bed sheet beneath her ass. She had never had this feeling before their two bodies had merged as one flesh. Nadeem began fucking that sex starved woman with rapid, hard deep strokes. She was screaming with pleasure.

Sofia’s orgasm was violent, her cunt convulsing frantically on his throbbing, swollen penis, her body arching, the breath hissing from her throat in a choking, rattling gasp. He continued ramming his cock into her cunt repeatedly till at last her orgasm ebbed. He slowed gradually, rocking gently in and out of her cunt.

He pushed his cock fully into her pussy, paused, drew out, thrust in again, and yet again, and each thrust drew a shuddering, cracked moan from deep in Sofia’s throat and made her lurch forward.

At last, with a loud, shuddering gasp, he came. The heat erupted from his groin and spewed in thick, hot, sticky endless spurts deep into her pussy channel. She was almost cumming and kept squirming as her orgasm began but he held her firm with his prick deep in her vagina and fucked her frantically as his full load exploded inside her. Her cunt contracted, greedily, milking every drop of spunk from his squirting manhood as her own orgasm shook her body.

Nadeem exploded and climaxed fully, squirting his hot cum inside of her. Sofia came like she never had before and so did he at the same time, cumming buckets full.

Sofia savored the moments as she felt herself come down from the experience. Her pussy could almost feel him inside of it still. Her clit was still throbbing and she knew that her hole was still open, gaping wide, as she felt a little more of his cum dripping out of it and running down onto her ass crack. She wanted to just lie there and relax for a little longer. Sofia had never felt so satisfied, so fulfilled in her life.

Her legs were parted wide around his narrow hips and their genitals were still merged together. They didn’t make any move till their lips meet in a deep kiss.

Slowly, with a soft sigh, Nadeem pulled his cock out of Sofia’s pussy. He slid out of her body; he slowly rolled over on his side. He cupped her breast, squeezing it, nibbled her earlobe, nuzzled the nape of her neck. Their bodies were slippery with sweat.

“That was great darling.”

She took his wet flaccid cock between her fingers and stroked it affectionately. “Malkan loved the way you fucked her. When can we do it again?”

“Whenever you need it.” he smirked.

“Keep it always ready for me.”

She smiled seductively as she stroked his cock. “Whenever no one is around … I’d like it inside me.”

“What if we get caught? What’ll happen?”

“What will happen?” she asked and laughed lightly.

“What if we get caught? My husband will kill you and me, nothing more than that.” Then she added, don’t worry nobody will catch us, we’ll be very careful and we’ll make sure nobody can interrupt us.”

“What do we do now? Can we do it again?” he asked her.

Her eyes were mostly closed when she answered. “No!”

“This is enough for today, you are a young but I am an old and my body is aching from our hard-core lovemaking and your weight on my body, now you should go to your room. You have given me the real fuck of my life so I’ll go to sleep and enjoy it in my dreams now.” She smiled, her eyes still closed. “And you don’t tell anyone you fucked me.”

After Nadeem had left, Sofia just lay there for a while, She became worried but when she calculated days and she was somewhat relieved to find that she should be safe. Then she felt proud of herself. She didn’t feel dirty, or guilty, she felt exhilarated. Here she was, 39 years old and feeling sexy and wanted by a younger boy. She was feeling new sensations she wished she had felt twenty years ago. She was being fulfilled sexually like never before in her life, and she didn’t want it to stop.

That evening Nadeem engaged himself in household chores because he didn’t want to encounter his Malkan after having fucking her just a few hours earlier. Some of the housework did allow him the benefit of keeping his eyes on the task and his head down rather than getting into eye contact and conversation with his Malkan

Sofia was also so circumspect. There was no communication in words or in glances and looks between them and they acted that nothing has been happened.

Later that night Sofia when she lay in bed she thought what she had done. She tried to sleep but the mixture of her infidelity on the one hand, and the sheer ecstasy of the experience on the other hand, kept looming in her mind and she couldn’t sleep. She started to get angry as a married woman, having sex with a young boy is not good and sensible.

She thought about her husband who was sleeping snoring on the bed where she was lay, she felt fear if he ever found out, what would his reaction be? Would he kill Nadeem and her to? Even if her husband never found out, she would always have to live with the knowledge that she’d cheated on him. She never thought that she’d go through with it.

She convinced herself that she shouldn’t worry about having sex with her houseboy because she had needed it and her husband didn’t give her what she needed. And it had been wonderful. She tried to convince herself that her husband would never know if she didn’t tell him. After those considerations she dozed off to sleep.

Next morning she awoke and recalled the events of the previous day. She was a bit ashamed. She never should have acted that way. She was a married woman. She didn’t want to ruin her marriage, and she didn’t want to break up her family.

Nadeem couldn’t sleep all night. He just kept thinking how he fucked his sexy Malkan. He was fucking his Malkan and was wondering would she allow him to fuck her again?

In the morning, he kept his routine as normal. He got up early morning, prepared breakfast and served it to all members of the family, who left after breakfast. So Nadeem and Sofia were left at home alone. He kept himself in kitchen. He was busy in the kitchen washing the cups and plates of breakfast, when he felt a pair of hands grip his shoulders from behind. The scare quickly turned into a pounding heartbeat as he recognized the grip: it was Malkan.

Nadeem did not move. From his position he looked up and behind at her and smiled. But he stayed that way. Malkan placed her hand between his thighs on his cock, which was raising now. That was all it took her to melt him. Her soft hand on his cock.

“I have been waiting for an opportunity.”

“What if we get spotted?”

“No one can see us, be a man.” she replied.

Nadeem turned to face her, hugged his mistress, and pushed his hips out, rubbing the head of his raging erection against her crotch. He pulled her close to him right there in the kitchen, and they attacked each other. They began to kiss deeply as she slowly stroked his cock.

He grabbed her breasts, Sofia giggled, allowing him to thrust his hand inside her qameez and take hold of her luscious breasts. “Take them my hero and be man, but tell me how you became so randy so suddenly?”

“You! Who can else other than you?”

He fondled her breasts then she reviled her breast for him and she sighed when he grabbed the pair and bending down, stuck his face between them. She shivered when his tongue licked her cleavage before sliding over to one erect and rosy nipple. He sucked on the nipples constantly.

As he suckled on her breasts, she fondled his cock, gently stoking it. “The other one, Nadeem, the other breast now Nadeem.” she whimpered and he immediately obliged by stuffing the other breast in his mouth.

“Ah, Nadeem, I need this!” she hardly squeezed his cock.

“Who am I to deny? I am you’re servant.”

“You are my lover not servant!” and she pushed him down on to the bare kitchen tile, and She had been faster at unknotted his cord of his shilwar. He raised himself a bit so she could slide his shilwar off.

His prick was rock hard. She let him lie on the floor. Then she sat on his midsection, on top of his dick. She reached down to grab his cock and guide it to her cunt and slowly sank lower, his cock went smoothly in her already wet pussy. A deep moan escaped from his throat as her pussy engulfed his prick. Slowly at first and then with increased momentum, she began to ride him. Every time he pumped, Nadeem grabbed her hips in his hand and dug his nail in them as if he could not believe she was there fucking him in the kitchen. “You like this, Malkan?” he muttered. “You do like to feel me inside you, don’t you? You like when I screw the living daylights out of you!”

“Yes, I like your fat cock in me, like this!”

“It’s for you, Malkan, only for you!” She bent down and gave one her breast in his mouth; he started sucking on the engorged nipple.

“Yes, Nadeem, suck it harder and bite it too!”

She rocked herself back and forth, drawing him inside and out of her. As the act continued, she began to buck faster and faster till her orgasm came and juices ran down his dick and her thighs. They were fucking like there was no tomorrow. As their climax neared, they both bucked and pushed into each other. They came simultaneously and as their juices mingled, she laid on him to catch her breath. She rolled over and lay exhausted beside him.

Nadeem grabbed a tissue from the kitchen cabinet, cleaned around his cock and around his legs, and wiped her.

They fucked that day in Sofia’s bedroom on her king size bed at noon like animals.

Nadeem is now her secret lover and she is not ashamed of it. They both were opening a whole new world of sex and pleasure that she never knew existed. At the age of twenty-one, handsome and muscular, Nadeem had become an exceptionally fine lover under her teaching.

Nadeem had brought her a whole new way of enjoying sex. Nadeem was a young and inexperienced though Sofia had been married for the last twenty years but she had also known very little about sex.

Sofia always wished she would spend more of her time with her young lover than with her husband. Nadeem was one hot firecracker! Sofia had never imagined that making love to a man would be so pleasurable and so adventurous. They both slept together when her husband was out for business.

The long winter nights were the best time for long erotic sessions, while her husband was away. They never cared about the children as Sofia knew that her children all slept soundly and not even a rocket going off was going to disturb them. But they always tried not to make any noise during the night when they were busy.

Nadeem loved his mistress’s ripe body, the way her breasts jiggled, the way her thighs clenched around his and the way she moaned and whimpered. And he loved her ass more than anything else in the whole world.

Over the next few months, he became more adept in lovemaking, learning to pleasure Sofia with his hand, body and mouth as well as with his massive cock. He would make Sofia beg him to fuck her. Sofia just thought it was his way of keeping things interesting. She found all of it very stimulating.

He was taking her to new heights sexually. She just went along with all of it. Nadeem was totally dominating Sofia in bed, though was still a servant when they were not alone. They fucked all over the house including her children’s bed.

Once Sofia’s mother and sisters had came to stay with her for two weeks so Nadeem and Sofia didn’t find any opportunity to make love. Nadeem as a young man was too frustrated so once, when Sofia came to kitchen to give him some instruction for lunch, while the guests were watching TV, Nadeem grabbed her and wrapped both hands held her at the waist. Sofia grabbed his face and pulled it to hers, kissing him passionately. Nadeem returned her kiss just as aggressively. His hands immediately began roaming her body. First, he reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands. Then leaving one there, he found one of her tits and mashed it in his other hand.

“You seem to have been waiting for an opportunity, you cannot keep quiet when I come to you?” she said with a playful smile.

“Yes, I cannot keep quiet when you come to me.” he replied, both hands held her at the waist.

” In such a full house, what if we get spotted?” She asked.

“No one ever saw us before.” he replied.

“Then we were alone and now we have a lot of guests, we can’t hope to be so bold!” she said. She was, however, so hot she wanted to him to take her right there in kitchen. Still, the fear of being caught made her reconsider. If some guests were to see her, she would be shamed.

“Then tell me what I am to do with It.” he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock.

She gripped his cock and it was hard like a bone, she told him “Let me think.” and the said I am going up stair to the store once I went so then you come to me quietly.” she advised him. But then said him “No, doesn’t come quietly, when I went there I would call for help and you’ll come up stair to the store.”

So as planned she left the kitchen and after few minutes she shouted from the store calling Nadeem to help her.

He also shouted from the kitchen. “Yes Malkan coming in a minute.” showing to the guest that he was in no hurry.

He went up to the store and as he entered to store Sofia was stood there, like she was really looking for something in the store, he reached around her from behind and grabbed both of her both breasts and squeezed them hard.

“Don’t waste time we don’t have any, do whatever you have to quickly and quietly, otherwise someone might come looking for me.” she told him while he continued to molest her tits

Nadeem reached down and unknotted the cord of her shilwar which went to her feet as usual she had no panties, he lifted her qameez over her hips. Nadeem pulled at her hips and she backed up a bit. She now stood with her hands on the mattress, which was on a big table, her ass sticking out and her legs spread, like a criminal about to be frisked.

Nadeem discarded his own shilwar quickly and dropped it to his ankles. His hard cock jutted out from his groin hard as ever. He grabbed it and placed it at her dripping hole. He slowly pushed it in until his pelvis reached her ass. Sofia moaned her approval, and Nadeem began to pump it in and out of her .He now lifted her qameez revealing her ass to him.

“Oh Nadeem!” she gasped as he picked up his pace. “You feel so good in me today.”

Thinking about the guests was affecting her. She never imaging that she would be fuck in store while guest were sitting in living room. “Oh yes, Fuck me harder!” she demanded. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was no prude, but here she was standing and in her store with some man’s cock buried in her horny pussy, telling him to fuck her harder.

The situation was very stimulating. Just under them the guests were watching TV and Sofia’s houseboy was fucking her from behind while she was whispering and demanding “Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Make me cum!”

Nadeem grunted and pulled back to thrust again. The bangles on her hands jangled as he fucked her. She was wearing a full hand and she wished she hadn’t. She actually added to the noise with a series of grunts as Nadeem changed his pace.

Nadeem had started rapidly sliding in and out of her cunt. His hands slowly slid up her waist, up the sides of her chest and gripped her breasts. He squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples.

“Yes Nadeem! Yes, maul them and ride me like this. How I missed this!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She shook her head from side to side as indescribable pleasure emanated from her breasts and as the occasional lunge from the cock touched a pleasure zone inside her pussy.

She could feel the orgasm building. Nadeem’s pace was fast and furious by now. He had hold of her hips and was pounding her pussy. Sofia bit her lip as the orgasm reached her brain, so as not to scream from the pleasure. Waves of euphoria washed over her as Nadeem continued his assault on her dripping cunt.

When her orgasm had subsided, she begged Nadeem to finish. Nadeem fucked her like an animal. He couldn’t control himself anymore and it took him just a few fast strokes to reach his own explosive climax.

They came down as soon as they finished cleaning up and they acted as if nothing had happened, just a houseboy helping his Malkan find something in the store.

Ever since Sofia began fucking her young houseboy, she had become a cock hungry whore. They fucked all the time. If there were eight days in a week, they would fuck on all eight days. They fucked in the mornings on the kitchen they fucked in the afternoons in her king sized bed and they fucked, whenever she got the chance, at night in his room on his small bed. Initially, they were overly careful, screwing only when no one was at home, but then she became somewhat daring, and they occasionally began enjoying their carnal relationship even when someone was at home though such occasions were very rare.

Now her lover Nadeem was not a learner anymore but had become an expert as they tried and enjoyed every possible position.

Nadeem expressed a wish to fuck her butt. First, she refused but his demand became more forceful day by day. As an Indian conservative she’d never thought about having anal sex before, though she had heard about that, and she knew some women let their husbands and lovers to do it.

Sofia loved Nadeem and she couldn’t see him sad. She also wanted it once in her life. She’d finally decided to do it. That’s right. She finally gave in and told him she would let him have her ass. It wasn’t a quick decision. For months, he was demanding to fuck her ass. He was playing with her ass. He used his finger inside in her ass. As the time passed, his demanding for her ass grew. She loved him, as he was the only one who gave her pleasure of sex and he gave her new life so she knew what it all led up to. She knew that one day she’d have to give in and let him go all the way.

His hands were roaming over her body, Sofia ran her fingers through his hair and announced it to him by saying “Nadeem you are going to take my back side.” Sofia was so nervous when she told him, but she knew the anticipation had to be killing him,

Sofia instructed him to use the specifically purchased petroleum jelly on the nightstand, as she bent over, presenting him her lovely ass high in the air. Nadeem lubricated his finger in his saliva and slowly inserted it in her anus. Sofia tightened her sphincter as he tried to push his finger into her. His other hand was at her clit, which grew now like a tiny penis due to Nadeem’s constant attention.

Sofia’s sphincter finally relaxed and opened to accept Nadeem’s finger. He penetrated her and slowly finger fucked her. As her anus got used to the intrusion, he pushed more and finally the whole finger was in her rectum and the palm of his hand pressed against her buttocks.

After some time Nadeem pulled out his finger and pressed his lips onto her bottom, his tongue replacing his finger, pushing into her. The contact was electrifying for Sofia. Sofia bit her lips and it happened. Nadeem felt her sphincter tightened and grasp his tongue, as she felt a strange and sensual pleasure.

Nadeem grabbed the bottle of lube from the nightstand opened it and liberally applied the petroleum jelly to his cock, to his fingers and inside her ass, coating it with the jelly to ease his entry.

“Malkan shall I insert my cock In here…” as his finger inserted itself into her vagina “…or in here?” he asked as his finger moved down to rub against her anus.

“You can put your big cock wherever you wish, but please don’t hurt me.” she pleaded.

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her asshole before pushing against it. As she felt him enter she thought with a thrill that this was her first ever anal experience.

Nadeem was not sure if she could take him and he was afraid of hurting her. He eased the head inside her without much trouble. For Sofia, the pain was excruciating, nothing like when he had his finger inside her. She cried out, begging him to stop. And immediately he complied, afraid of what he’d done, until she asked him just to stay there with the bulbous head of his cock inside.

After some time she relaxed and asked him to continue. He started and with each successive thrust, the cock head slipped a little further in, until finally he had come to rest on his madam’s sexy broad ass. After few slow thrusts, he left her hips, placed his hands on her shoulder, thrust his cock deep into her, and held it there.

She moaned at the sense of fullness as he slid further into her. Sofia rocked backward, pushing him all the way inside her, and he moaned as her tight ass fully enveloped him. He moved slowly at first, sliding almost all the way out before pushing back inside her ass. His hands slowly slid up her waist, up the sides of her chest. He grabbed her hanging breasts and started massaging them and pinching her nipples.

“Oh, Nadeem! Maul my breasts and ride me like this. How I missed you!” she hissed through clenched teeth. She shook her head from side to side as indescribable pleasure emanated from her breasts. Her face now buried in the pillow. He could not control himself at the incredible tightness of her anal muscles gripping him. It was immensely satisfying for Nadeem to take his Malkan from behind.

Sofia was trying to keep pace with Nadeem behind her who was sliding his cock with his renewed vigor; she was bouncing her large buttocks back and forth, impaling herself on his huge cock.

Nadeem shuddered in ecstasy as spurts after spurts of his sperm ejaculated inside Sofia’s rectum. The thick liquids formed a balm for Sofia’s ravaged anus as he coated her. Her sphincter relaxed and at that instant, Nadeem penetrated her deeper. Sofia could only gasp as she felt her bottom filled with his hardened penis.

Nadeem never felt such complete sexual satisfaction before as he slowly fucked his madam’s anus, although he had completely spent himself inside her. He felt as though his cock had grown in size and firmness. He fucked her gently, making sloshing sounds as her rectum grew wet and slippery.

Finally, Nadeem pulled out and he could see her gaping hole. His ejaculate ran out of her anus onto her cunt and down onto bed.

Should I continue it…?


getting fucked by my brother( gay story)

November 19th, 2012

f32e5da753db4f0237d33cd8d4600b1chi my name is srinivas(now tara)  and i’m going to write about my first sex experience that took place 4 years ago . I am a big fan of Indian stories and I’m glad that I finally have the courage to write about my first experience, now let me tell you a bit about my self .I was Studying in class 10(9th going to 10th) and living in Chennai( now delhi). I was fair and a bit ample so I Have breast like structures, round buttocks, a nice big navel, and a short Height, a feminine face (I’m a gujju like my mom) and shoulder length hair and no facial making other people mistake Me for a woman sometimes.  My parents are divorced and living separately And I for various reasons don’t live with them. Anyway my aunt and my Cousin Brother live near by so it’s fine.

My experience all started when
my cousin( vivek) to stay with me  as both me and my cousin had summer
Vacation. One day me and my cousin brother who is older by 2 years by the
Way went to play and we both were sweaty and exhausted and came home . Idecided
to take my bath first and my brother followed, when me and my brother reached
The room, I started removing my shirt where he saw me he had a strange
Expression on his face that looked slightly hungry. (I should mention that
By class 9 I was attracted to guys and me and my brother discussed allot of
Things and he knew about my sexuality) I was slight surprised by his
Expression as the only time I saw he face like this was only when we spoke
Of porn to each other or anything connected to sex. Then
I told my cousin to go for his bath in the other room and he left
Reluctantly, then I entered my bathtub and started having some
Relaxation” .
.Then after some time my cousin came into my bathroom without his clothes and
Saw me lying naked and hitting my head as I remembered I forgot to lock
The door. I quickly covered my penis with my legs and hands and shouted”
YOU BASTARD WHATDYU WANT HUH?”  To which he calmly replied “relax little
Brother I came to have a bath here since this toilet is nicer”. I was about
To shout back when I got distracted by his sweaty abs and his 9 inch long 3
Inch wide penis which was erect and I said shyly” but whats wrong
There”? And he said “its humid so ill stay here but don’t worry” then he
Got in without permission and said “relax and trust me, your gay right? So
Then this is nothing” and then he slowly pulled me on top of him so that
His chest so that his penis faced my butt to which I tried to get up and go
Away saying” are you mad? Leave me alone! You are no gay and you’re my
Cousin, this is wrong!!” but then he pulled me down and said “Wait I need
To tell you something” and started telling me that he was still a virgin
Who really wanted to have sex but couldn’t find any partners etc, and that
He said that I looked so much like a girl it would feel exactly like that.
When I hear these things I was shocked and said “but please listen we are
Related and it’s wrong” but then he said “please esha (my nickname
then) just this
Once it won’t even go far I won’t do anything” he said. And I feeling very
Horny but trying to hide it said “Alright for you and just this once but
Not too far”. Then he pulled me up to him and we sat in a spoon position
With his hard cock against my buttocks line, his hands on my nipples and 6
Inch cock that was slowly growing hard. Then he slowly made his moves
one by one by putting one hand in
The valley between the cock and butt and rubbing while his other hand kept
Me aroused by rubbing my nipples continuously, the he started kissing my
Neck slowly and sensually then made his way to my man boobs and start
Licking my nipples. It was really nice and I started feeling my cock
go hard. This went on for some time,   and then suddenly his hand by
the valley went into my butt
Hole very suddenly and forcefully and he bit my nipple making me shout and
Get out of the tub. Then he said” I’m sorry I got ahead of myself please
Come back and I said no go away. Then I went away caressing my nipple and
Feeling horny to the guest room when I suddenly saw my cross dressing
kit in the top shelf of the cupboard and had a plan made
Up in my mind. Then after changing and once he came out we both play some
Games on play station and then got tired and ate and went to sleep, I told
Him ” sleep in the my room (as it was the only room with A.C) ill go to
Toilet and be back.

Then when I went inside the toilet and changed into a
red bra to give a cleavage appearance  and then wore a sexy red
g-string over which I wore a black micro mini  to reveal my sexy wheat
ass and a black blouse which exposed my belly and needed to be tied in
the front to hold it together ( like vidya balan in dirty picture)and
high heels. When I left the toilet I found my cousin brother wearing
nothing but white v-cut underwear. He was saying “do you mind if I
sleep like this? I always do” before seeing me to which I said ” only
if you don’t mind me sleeping like this”, when he saw me his
expression changed to extremely horny, even his 9 inches of chocolate
got erect struggling against the poor far too small underwear
revealing a bit of tool and bushy pubic hair, to make things even
spicier I went to the other side of the bed by kneeling by his head
giving him a direct view of my thong.

Then after a minute I turned over to the other side and moved towards
the AC to set it to 16 making it really cold so we would have to stay
next to each other, then he switched of the lights and got into bed,
we both shared a thick bed sheet as it was cold and I got so close to
him that his right hand was touching my butt, I even kept pushing my
butt so I could coax him to caress it, then he turned to his side and
pulled me close, since he though I was asleep he slowly started
putting his hand inside my blouse and bro to start caressing my
nipples, the he removed his hand and put it inside my g-string to
start rubbing around my hole when I suddenly grabbed his hand and
pulled him into a sitting position and I sat on top of him making his
head face my chest, I said ” Honey I’ve been a bad little whore, I
need a spanking” , then he smiled evilly and said ” yes  you have”
pushing my sideways so I could feel his penis poking my belly and
started spanking so hard…at first it was really painful then I
started to enjoy it, then he stopped and said ” I think that’s enough
of reddening  your cheeks so lets lick and then he started to lick the
freshly bruised skin giving a bit of relief, then he slowly started to
remove my panty to which  I said ” no lets not get my penis in the
way, if you want the sex to be girly and not gay then you fuck me as I
want to be the girl, I don’t want to fuck, if u want to fuck me move
the string covering the buttocks line”, then he said” okay sure as you
want it, but tell me how much do you know about sex?” , ” nothing
other than blowjob,doggy,missionary and spoon, im a virgin” I said
defending myself, then he said” well your going for a bumpy ride
tonight baby”.

Soon after saying that he switched of the ac and switched on the video
camera and kept it stationed by the desk and asked me to give a
blowjob to which I readily agreed, then I got out of the bed and onto
my knees and he stood up and I bit the top of his underwear and
removed it slowly
when I got it down to his knees I saw his beautiful light brown erect
penis whose foreskin was half removed, then I immediately started
sucking it like a little boy getting  his first lollipop and made a O
face and sucked it so hard that he started moaning and saying ” esha
please go slowly, please its too much” then without replying I removed
my mouth and started doing an up down motion on his penis with my hand
then I took a breath then started again continuing the motion, then I
moved down to his balls and kept sucking and kissing it even the pubic
hair, then after 5 minutes of sucking cock he cummed all over my face
and beautiful blouse, bra and chest, then he told me to lick it, I
having seen only 3 porn movies so far I was kind of shy so I licked a
little, it was like nothing I ever tasted before, it was really
addictive and salty, then after licking every last drop from my body
and his penis.

Then he started kissing my neck   and then he started going lower and
lower till he reach my navel and started tonguing it till he saw my 6
inch penis and removed it from the g-string, it sprang out as it hand
been struggling against it and then he started doing the up down
motion really fast till I felt a slight intensity and then he started
going faster till I cummed all over my body and his body. It was so
intense that I started crying, my cousin didn’t care, and he rubbed my
white cum over both of us and put the g-string over my penis and then
went into missionary and started kissing my lips. It was my first kiss
but I didn’t care then and forced my tongue into his mouth and started
playing with it while his hands massaged my butt and my hand playing
with his penis trying to make it super hard again.

I succeeded in getting it hard and then turned our bodies over into a
position which he told me was ” reverse cowgirl” and I told him ” Fuck
me please my butt needs something other than a dildo to please it” and
he said ” just after this” and he did a flurry of movements resulting
in a position called as 69. Then he moved the string away from my hole
and started putting his tongue in and out and moving it around it and
making the entire area wet while I repeated my previous performance
though not so much interested in making him cum but making him wet.
Then he told me it was enough and I moved away and slowly started my
blouse, while he pushed my skirt up to my stomach above my belly
button below my breast, then I unlatched the bra whose latch was in
the front and removed it showing him my breasts again.

Then I moved towards him and he made me put my butt in the air while
the rest of my body was on the bed, and then he entered my butt hole
slowly while I held it open with my hands, it hurt a bit, then he held
my butt and put his full length inside and I could feel the warmth, it
felt nice then he started banging my virgin ass slowly and it was a
bit painful but still nice it was what people call meeta dard(hindi),
I kept saying ” yes yes keep going yes”  and he started going full
fast and I could feel his balls bouncing and the slight pain and loads
of fun then after a few minutes  he started going  fast and faster
till he cummed in my ass. Then he got tired and he lied down and
started playing with my nipples and saying ” that was fun, lets do it
again tomorrow” and I said ” You better” with a smile knowing my ass
would be filled everyday and it would never close, and then we both
started entwining ourselves on each other and started a long time of
lying next to each other’s sweaty bodies mixed with our cum and
kissing each other.

The next morning I woke up with a pain in the butt and some unusual
warmth in my hole and when I saw that he had been fucking me last
night after I had slept as he left his cock in my hole and he was
hugging me. When I pulled his semi erect cock out me turned and faced
him and woke him up and gave him a kiss. His breath was stinky but I
liked it. Then I woke up a put the sheet above my chest like a girl
and with a limp went to make coffee. Then I went and gave him his cup
and then went to the balcony. He followed me without any clothes and
hugged me from the back, now his dick erect again, and I told ” I have
neighbors you know, maybe if we go inside we can do what you want”
while he kissed my neck and carried me inside. Then I said “do you
think we should tell our family members? I think we should, then we
can get my gender changed and maybe then we can get into a
relationship” and he said” I’m okay with anything for the relationship
but we will tell the family only after a round right here and now. Is
that okay with you?” to which I said “ the kitchen table is very
comfortable” smiling naughtily and lied down on the kitchen table
dropping the bedsheet for another round.

Now it has been 4 years since our “incident” after which we told our
parents and like expected they were very angry and gave us no option
but to marry each other. Our parents had me go under sex reassignment
surgery before I entered college so that our family name wouldn’t be
disgraced. Now I’m in college in Delhi living with vivek, we are
getting married this December and he fucks my pussy all the time and
we both love it, guess he wasn’t gay after all.

If you want to hear stories of our now straight sex contact me at or

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Having sex with sister is a heaven

November 18th, 2012

7be8454ed7e027ccdd774f916c08f7ebHi! My name is Lucky. I am writing this story from my computer. This story is about my sister and me. Her name is Komal.This story is of time when I was of 18 and in class XIIth. My sister at that time was of 21 and had completed her Graduation. I was well aware of sex at that time. I always wanted to have sex with a girl having sexy figure, but didn’t know that it would really happen and also didn’t know that Komal was a HORNY girl also wanted to have sex with a boy having great physique. (As I was doing GYM for last two years, therefore, I have a great physique.) She had such a gorgeous figure (36,24,38) and had big boobs (She wore bra of size 36 with cup size d); that anyone would become ready to have sex with her, so, she wanted somebody to satisfy her.

One day I was alone at home and was bathing. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I had to go just with a towel around my lower. I opened the door and saw that Komal was there. She came in and said “Hi sexy boy!” I was looking at her with strange that what she was saying. She said, “Why are you looking at me strangely? I haven’t say something big that you are looking me like this. You should be open-minded and it’s just a compliment. You deserve this compliment.” She put her purse on table and calls me. She touched my chest and said, “So, you have developed a good physique. Your body is in a shape that makes you looking too sexy.” There was a circulation of current in allover my body when she touched me. I was nervous at that time, so, I had no other option to say only “Thanks for the compliments”. Now she also became aware of the fact that I had also something in my mind about sex. I think at that time she decided that she would convince me slowly and would have sex with me in future because she knew that I am also a HORNY.

Now she used to do things by which I got HORNY. Like she used to wear deep-necked suits in front of me. One day I was studying in my room. She came in the room. She stood in front of me and was talking to me. She suddenly dropped the pen she was holding in her hand. Then she bent enough to show her big boobs. When I saw her boobs, a bug started to become active in my under garments. I got HORNY. I went in the bathroom and started masturbating. When I came back she said, ” Where have you gone”. I said, ” I have gone for toilet”. She said with a little smile on her face, ” I don’t believe this. You have gone in the bathroom for something else. Tell me what was It.” Now imagine my position at that time. How could I tell her that I was in the bathroom because of her? But she continued to question me. Then I understood that she knew about my act in the bathroom and wanted to hear from my mouth. (What a HORNY girl!) Then with a great effort I told her that I was masturbating in the bathroom. She said, ” Why was you masturbating?” I said, “I have seen your boobs. So, I got very HORNY. Therefore, I had to go in the bathroom for masturbating”. She said, ” Do you think my boobs are big enough to make anybody HORNY?” I said, “Yes they drive me crazy”.

After that day whenever I was alone at home with her, she used to wear micro skirts through which I could easily see her waxed thighs. One day she came into my room wearing micro skirt and very tight t-shirt without bra inside. I could easily see the shape of her big boobs and nipples on them. My dick started to grow big and stronger. I said, “Sis! Today you are looking very sexy. (As she told me to be open-minded.) But you should wear bra under t-shirt, because anyone can see your nipples.” She said, “Are they visible to you? If yes, tell me, where are they?” I said, “How can I tell you where are they?” She said, “Simply! By locating your fingers on the boobs where they are visible to you.” I took my finger and put it on her boobs where I could see her boobs. Then I said, “Sis! Tell me, what is the size of your bra?” She said, “It is of 36 with D size cup.” I said, “I don’t believe that you have D size boobs.” She said, “Ok! Put your hands on my boobs and guess their size.”

I put my hands on her boobs. She closed her eyes with a great sigh. By that time, my dick had grown up to its full size. She took off her t-shirt and exposed her mind-blowing boobs. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I was sucking her boobs as harder as I could. Now, within few minutes we were totally nude. She took my dick into her hands and was playing with it. I asked her to suck it. She started to suck it as if it was her first and last desire.

Then we go to bed. She lay there with her legs open and inviting me to satisfy her. I inserted my dick into her pussy slowly. I felt that she was feeling pain as I could hear her sounds like “Aahhhhhhhh”, “Ahhhmmmm”. But later she was enjoying it. She said, “Common my brother! Fuck me faster and harder.” I started to fuck her faster. After sometime when we realized that the cum wanted to come outside, I put my fully loaded gun into her mouth. She was sucking it with a great urge. Soon, the load from the gun started to shoot into her mouth. She sucks it all. Now for sometime we were laying in the bed.

I was holding her boobs in my hand and she was holding my dick. Then we went in the bathroom and take bath together. After that day we had regular sex whenever we were alone at home. So, I think that having full-fledged sex with your own sister is heaven and is a great pleasure. And if you do not believe this you can contact my sister or me on our e-mail, i.e.


Had to Win the Bet

November 17th, 2012

404335_301112636668719_1046851547_nHello guys, this is nick again with another story. First of all thanks to all those people who liked my 1st story. I received quite a lot mails, and thanks for the love. Let me describe myself, I am 22 years old, presently in Bangalore, 6 feet tall, average built and good looking as in Cute. This incident happened to me while i was in Engineering 3rd year. One fine morning my Girlfriend Preeti(named changed) called me that i am shifting to Jaipur. Now please talk to me properly, we will be meeting regularly and i am really sorry for lying you, and please forgive me and please meet me at Gaurav Tower on Monday. All i said was we will see on Monday.

I put the phone down and was taken back into memories of how we meet and what got wrong between us. 3 months before i had gone to Jaisalmer to attend my friends sisters marriage. I was with the group of 15 friends, we stayed in a hotel. Then one of friend said he has a friend her and she is HOT, i want to fuck her, but she is too smart and doesn’t even let me touch her. This caught my attention, and said lets meet her. He called her and asked her to meet at a coffee shop, I and my friend got over there, she was waiting for him, i looked at her she was fair , i mean really fair ,, fairer than me. She was beautiful, 5″3 height, 32-24-32 figure, was a mouthful. We sat and started talking and then i just started hating her, arrogant, bitchy, egoistic. We paid the bill and left. My friend asked so how was she. I replied in dis-satisfaction, beauty but a bitch. He laughed and said so can you fuck her, i said i don’t want to but yes i would love break her ego. We attended the marriage came back to Jaipur. Then her call came on my friend asking about me and my no. I told my friend dint give her my no. and ask her to add me on orkut or facebook.

That day only i received a friend request from her on both, we started chatting and exchanged no., As i told you i good looking, so i figured it out she was interested in me. So i played like i least care. And this went for few days. One day my friend said you say that you are a big playboy, cant even get into her pants, So that day while chatting i proposed her and said reply me tomorrow. She was astonished as what just happened as she started asking questions why? why now? why me? but u never showed any interest? So i just logged off and didn’t even picked her phone nor did replied to her messages. I did it for exactly one day and then called her, I knew now she would just say yes, though i had to do some explaining, as i was tensed about your answer, i tried to stay away from you, so that it wont hurt me and all that crap. She bought it and said yes. Then within few days i started kissing her on the phone, and received the kisses back. One day i asked her about what she was wearing she replied top and a lower. I said beneath them, she became shy and then i had a long discussion about sex, and explaining her that this is not wrong, its a perception how do you see this, our parents did it and every body does it. If you love me then whats wrong in doing it. And then I gave my trump card that we are doing it, we are just talking about it. So there should be no problem, She agreed and that day we had phone sex, and by doing so i got to know that when she masturbates she doesn’t put her finger in her pussy but only rub it over the cilt, and that she had been folded by many boys but she was still a virgin.

After few days i asked her to send her upper half nude pic, I knew she would decline it, so i again gave her same shit that i love you, and i want to see you,, we are not doing it, and after 30 min of persuasion she agreed and sent me a nude pic of her,, and wow it was a site. She was even fairer on her boobs and her legs were really shiny. So now we used to daily have phone sex and she would daily send me her nude pics. I had made her really sex carved till now, i asked her to watch porn on net and read sex stories, and then we started discussing our fantasy and stories and porn that we watched, I knew now if i ask her to come to Jaipur she would agree in a minute and fucking her is a cake walk now. So i didn’t asked her directly to come to Jaipur. I made a story that Imagine that you came yo visit me, and then i picked you up on bus stand and then we drove to a hotel and then we kissed and fucked. She really got wet and next day asked me, If i come to Jaipur to meet you will you stay with me for a day or two, I said yes definitely dear. Then the problem was how to make her parents agree to send her to Jaipur alone. Then i asked her to tell her parents that from her college ( Engineering college) she was sent to Jaipur to participate in college fest. She somehow managed to get her parents agree, so i was happy that we will be having a great fucking time.

On Tuesday morning she was coming to Jaipur by bus, and i had to pick her up. So in advanced i booked a hotel room. I picked her up, and god she was looking amazing, this was the first time i was seeing her in salwar suit, she had all the perfect curves on the perfect places. A complete 0 figure. She hugged me tightly and said i Love you. On the way to hotel, she was frightened, but she tried to be calm, she wasn’t frightened of having sex, but was frightened of her parents finding out of our lie. So sensing that i tried to make her calm and started talking normal things, about her family, or are you excited being here with me. So these small talks made her relax by the time we reached out hotel. Our room was on the first floor. She liked the room, but she didn’t unpacked and was just sitting on the bed looking at me, all confused and had nothing to say. So i broke the ice and said i need a bath, will be back in few minutes. I opened my cloths and i could see the shame in her eyes and sensing my move she said i promised god that on this trip we wont have sex, so in return dint let my parents find out. To which i replied, Its ok if you want we wont fuck, but at least we can kiss and play with each other, to which she became red with blush.

I went to shower took a bath and came out in my towel, and asked her to go and freshen up to which she collected her cloths and was about to move to the bathroom, i quickly hold her from her waist and made her sit on my lap, she blushed and said i need a bath, i then said first a kiss and then you can go, she smiled and said No, but her smile told me all, she too needed it. So i caressed her back and then turned her face towards me and planted a wet kiss on her lips. Her lips were not a smooching lips, they were very thin, so i didn’t smooched her, but yaah i planted another kiss on her neck and then all over her face, eyes, lips, neck, her cleavage and the moment she was getting wet and excited I stopped and asked her to go and have a bath. She also came out in her towel, and this was the moment i really needed a fuck, she was so fair and smooth, her hair were wet and she had wrapped her towel on her boobs but i could she her cleavage and seeing me gazing her beauty, she blushed and said Nick don’t look at me like this, i get a very different feeling. I modestly laughed and took her into my arms, made her sit on my lap, hugged her from behind,  and then said how will i be able to keep you promise made to God, and kissed her lips, and this time i smooched her sucking her lips, making them swell and then a perfect smooch our tongues started playing and this was the time i got an erection. Her hair were still wet and droplets were coming on my face and hers too, but we were enjoying our first smooch together. Then i started pressing her boobs and yes they were firm and had pink nipples, i opened her towel and mine too, we both were naked, i then put her on the bed and laid upon her and started caressing her all over.

We smooched for about 30 minutes and mean while i was pressing her boobs and was caressing her legs, but didn’t touched her pussy. Till this time i didn’t really looked at her pussy as i was busy with her lips and her boobs. Then when i saw her breathing heavily, i knew this is the time to move ahead. So i got up and looked at her, not like a wolf but in love. Then i gazed on her pussy, it was shaved and her pubic area was really very smooth, so then i clicked it wont be a problem as she was too expecting this. I just kissed her toes and kissing went on on legs and her thighs, then near her pussy and then finally a kiss on her pussy lips, a really wet kiss, which made her moan loudly, i got to her clitoris and started licking it on circular motions and this made her crazy. She was a real talker during sex, she said yeah, nick suck me good, i like it too much, i love you, you feel too good on my cunt. Please don’t stop, and hearing this i was very excited and she was too, she kept pressing my head deep into her pussy, and due to the flow of her juices and her body trembling i could sense that she came twice.

I then knowing she was on fire, put my dick on her pussy and rubbed it along her pussy lips, what she could only say was aahhh, she was moaning like a wild bitch, and i was enjoying every moment of it. I was looking into her eyes and then when i knew she cant handle me more, i pushed my penis inside her pussy, but my effort was in vein. My dick slipped right out and then i realised she was very tight for me. We tried again and again but it slipped out..then i positioned her right made her one leg on my shoulder and then tried again, my penis head went in, she tears rolled down her eyes, she was in great pain, she shifted back with a jerk, and my penis was out again in rage. She said its really paining very much, we tried more than 4-5 times but it didn’t worked, i was frustrated at her, but i didn’t showed, as cant she bare some pain for just few minutes. So after some tires we slept naked in each others arm. We woke up at around 2pm in afternoon, and i was hungry so we dressed up and went to a restaurant to have our lunch. While the whole lunch, we were doing naughty things as i was pressing her boobs when no one was looking, and she was pressing my dick. It was fun and exciting. She even said she came once while having lunch, while i was teasing her by pressing her thighs and touching her pussy. I too enjoyed the attention and was feeling proud as i could make a girl cum 3-4 times without even fucking her.

So while heading back to our hotel room, she said we will try again. I was hoping for such a thing to happen, So as soon as we entered the room we started kissing, smooching and was wild this time, she even bit my lips, due to kissing and smooching both our lips were swollen and had became red. I was really hungry for a pussy around my dick this time. So our foreplay lasted only for 15-20 min this time and as soon as i licked her pussy, within few sec she said nick try again. I knew what she meant, i made her in doggy position and then entered her from behind, it was really tight but my dick’s head was inside and she screamed and i knew she was in pain, so i didn’t moved a bit and was caressing her boobs and her ass and her back..kissing her back her neck..made her relax and then i pushed again and my dick was inside her pussy and she moaned with pain. I didn’t moved and was in that position for about a minute. And then while caressing her boobs i started moving my dick in and out very slowly. I was in heaven, i had fucked virgin girls before but this pussy was really tight. I fucked her in the same position for 5 minutes till the time she declared she was about to cum. So i increased my speed and as she came she let her body lose and she laid on the bed, my with a pop my penis came out of her pussy then i turned into missionary position and then again entered her, she moaned and then i gained my speed and what a site it was, her eyes closed, her hair all open, she was biting her lips and i could see her boobs bouncing with my every thrust. I was a sight. After fucking her madly in that position, i knew to make her beg for sex again i had to give her the best of what i can do. I made her stand against the wall and entered her pussy, and asked her to look into the mirror.

I was holding her one leg in my arm and she was looking into the full lenght mirror were she could she me fucking her. I knew this will drive her crazy, so i smooched her and fucked her hard, my every trust was from my hips. And from every trust i could hear her moan escaping from our smooch. She was in total Ecstasy. Ans then she broke the kiss, hugged me tightly looked into that mirror and her moans told everything how she was feeling, She declared that i am about to cum again, so i increased my speed and we both came together, i could feel her cum on my cock, she she could also feel my penis pulses. We then headed towards the bed again and slept in each others arm, While sleeping i was watching her sleep, and only one thing came into my mind what a beauty. But one more thing stuck me, why did she lied about being a virgin, She wasn’t, the way she enjoyed it, she had sex before. And there was no blood from her pussy. I knew it didn’t mattered to me that she had sex with someone else before or not, but ya ah i really liked this girl in my arms sleeping calmly. So i made my mind not to make a fuss about this lie now, but when she is gone to her home then i will bring this topic.

When she woke up, we went to book her ticket to her home back, we roamed around Jaipur we had dinner and all this time we were teasing each other sexually and it was fun, exciting, many a times guys and girls saw what were doing, but it least bothered us. When we reached our room, we had sex like wild animals, we fucked 4 times that night. We didn’t slept, were naked till morning. We enjoyed wild sex, passionate sex, dirty talking sex. And really enjoyed a lot, I had brought only 3 condoms, so our last sex was a passionate one without condom, and she really enjoyed it. She said if you fuck me again then don’t ever use a condom, i really like the feeling of bare skin. I had a control, so i said any thing for you baby, While having wild sex, she scratched my whole back and it was drawing blood, but we enjoyed a lot, so it didn’t mattered me at all. So in the morning i again fucked her before dropping her home without condom and she came 3 times. I couldn’t believe from a very shy girl, she became a sex manic in one day. I dropped her on the bus stand, and she left.

After she reached home, we talked and i brought up the topic of her virginity, she cried and told me the whole story ( that one for later) i got angry on her saying i don’t want to talk to you as you are a liar. I was upset as she didn’t told me the Truth before, she thought she could fool and i wont know. I then only told her, i didn’t care if you fuck other guys, what i care about is you tell me about it. So i started ignoring her. Mean while her engineering got over. Yes she is 1 years older than me. So after her last year she was shifting to Jaipur. And that’s why she called me. I thought while she is in Jaipur, i can enjoy her daily. Now its high time to break my ego and go to meet her and enjoy my last year of Engineering. But i still wanted the upper hand in my relationship, so i told her we will see on Monday. But in my heart i was waiting for Monday. And frankly guys the last year of my engineering was really amazing. We fucked and fucked and now her very tight pussy can even take a dick bigger than mine. Hope you enjoyed the experience..i Know not as much as i did doing it, but then also you can share your comments by mailing me on or


Hot Sex With Sofia Aunty

November 15th, 2012

270480_301070410006275_76838386_nHi! My name is Asif, if I weren’t the main character of this story I wouldn’t believe it! This is one of those stories, which occasionally one hears about but never experiences! I sincerely hope it gives my readers a like pleasure that I have had from writing it. This story basically is about my mature aunt and myself. She is the sister of my stepmother. The relationship with my stepmother and her parents is extremely good! We live in a very big, lovely home with five bedrooms. My Father and I are the only males in the house.
At the age of 21 years I am proud to say that I was much more mature in both the business sense and my sexual experience as I was already having sex with my own personal maid, Noori and my older Sister-in-law, Umera. Umera Bahbi has taught me a lot about sex and the ways and means to seduce women, so now I find all women as attractive challenges.

For instance, it was so easy for me to get into Noori’s shilwar. In fact I think I have turned my maid into a nymphomaniac, she will fuck with me morning, noon and night! Practically the same with Umera Bhabi, she is all over me as soon as I enter her house and the kids are elsewhere.

Life was good but at that typical young age, I was still very horny and looking for more and more sexual adventure, looking upon all women as a conquest to be conquered and so driving my desires into seduction mode on sight.

For as far back as I can remember, my stepmother’s sisters and their families would visit our home regularly. My stepmother has four sisters, the eldest is Aunty Sofia, 38 then My Step Mum 36, Aunty Naila 34, and Aunty Nishat 32 and unmarried Dilshad who is just twenty.

They would usually stay for a week or two, and I always had a great time with them. My father’s financial position was much higher than that of my stepmother’s family; they were poor. Poor enough to appreciate gifts however bestowed.

We were always generous to them. We always helped them specially me; I always tried to help them because my generosity usually made them indebted to it and quite often me gained me sexual favors. My stepmother has four lovely sisters and they were all married except the youngest one. When my stepmother’s sisters visit us, they stay with us for a few days, which I hope, will give me time to charm their shilwars off. Auntie Sofia was to be my first shilwar exploratory delving target. She has a delicious looking most delectable ass.

Aunt Sofia, elder sister of my stepmother, paid visits to us regularly every few months and when she came, she used to stay with us at least one or two weeks.

My stepmother keeps Aunt Sofia very close to her heart; she was an important part of my life too. She was so beautiful, I really loved her. She was my favorite aunt and I had strong feelings for her. She was near the end of her youth, being 38 years old, but she possessed a mortal beauty and was seductively graceful. She looked very voluptuous, although the grace in her face had not diminished. She had long straight blonde hair, blue eyes and was tall. Weighing approximately 180lbs, she was a little plumpish but, as she was tall, didn’t look all that much overweight. Her waist flared out into a biggish bottom, with large, soft, perfectly rounded sensuously rounded buttocks. Buttocks, which I often imagined myself spreading apart with eager fingers and having my wicked way with what, she had hidden between. Because of Noori’s love for sports-anal I was rapidly becoming an anal freak.

Aunt Sofia was married to an idiot of a man who looked like an owl. It was little wonder why she did not pay much attention to him or his needs what ever they were.

She was tall, willowy, and femininely vigorous. The sort of woman who could eat her fill and never put on any more weight than what is her natural build. The sort most women are envious of. To me she was sexually delightful.

She was never lavishly dressed, her choice of garments were always of fine silks. Always in the fashion of India, perhaps I should tell you at this stage what both men and women wear so that you will understand our culture. The garments for both men and women are practically the same; even night attire is the same sort of styles. Ladies, they wear bras, but very rarely wear panties. The lower garment is like a pair of baggy trousers made of mostly silk and other light materials, which is called a shilwar. The denier of the garments in strategic areas protects modesty. There are no flies at the front and a string tied at the front holds up the garment. The garment worn above is a qameez, a knee length coat of colorful silks, sometimes cotton that has no collar or sleeve cuffs. Both men and women wear the shilwar and qameez. Obviously materials differ between the sexes because of sensuality. Women do not normally dress to be provocative unless in the confines of their own bedrooms with their husbands. The headwear a woman wears to cover their head and their breast is called a duppata, it can be quite long.

Aunt Sofia’s skin tone was very fair almost whitish and her blue eyes were enough to drive a man crazy. Breasts, which gave me a hard-on even before taking in her gorgeous ass! I was also attracted to her sober and polite manner, which added to her elegance. I used to get goose pimples and a loin stirring every time she looked at me and then there was that smile! That horny come-to-bed smile of hers. She like all her sisters was very free and easy with me. Although the youngest sister, Dilshad could be timorous and coy with me.

We had a large house, a house that was an absolute dream to live in with its spacious family rooms and its five bedrooms. My parents used one room on the ground floor. The remaining rooms were upstairs out of which I was using one while the others remained vacant for the guests. All of my aunts stayed in the bedrooms either side of my bedroom. Needless to say I was very happy it was so. I never locked my bedroom door because I always lived in hope.

One night, when Aunt Sofia was staying for a while, she was sitting at the table with the rest of the family after finishing the evening meal and as always we were all talking as families do together. It was much too wet to go into the garden as sometimes we did. I had already planned to spend the evening in my room to watch a DVD film that I wanted to watch.

I reached back to the table where I had placed it prior to the meal and Aunt Sofia asked, “What is that you have there, Asif?”

“It’s a DVD recording of a film that I want to watch, Aunt Sofia. I have a machine which plays it onto a screen in my room.”

“You mean it is a movie picture?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I have never seen the likes before, Asif! How does it work?”

It was obvious to me that she had never seen a DVD player, as the DVD player was not so common in those days.

My stepmother was also there and she said to her, “Sofia! If you want to see it, you should go to Asif’s room. Asif will show you how it runs and if Asif’s has no objection to you watching the movie with him, you can watch it, because I know you have always been interested in the movies.”

My penis shifted in my shilwar, thrilled at the thought of being alone, sitting next to my lovely Aunt Sofia in the confines of my bedroom. I had been longing so desperately for such a chance. There was no way that I was going to miss an opportunity like this.

“Of course! Why not! It will please me to show my aunt my new VCD. It will be a great pleasure for me. Auntie you can watch the movie if you want too. I don’t have any objections. Doing my best to graciously smile at her.

I invited her into my room saying, “You can see the new machine called a VCD, which is taking the place of a VCR. You can watch this movie with me in my room.”

“OK,” she replied, “I will definitely see the VCD and the movie, as you have no objection.” I was in rapture; she was so close to me as we mounted the stairs to the upper floor. My nostrils were picking up her scent and my penis was getting more and more uncomfortable in my clothing.

Well, I took her to my bedroom where she gave me a smile and told me, “You really are so incredibly decent for taking us in and making us part of the family. Thank you so very, very much.”

“No! Aunty, this is your home. You are a part of it and a part of us, the family.”

She sat down on the bed and I sat with her and she paid little heed to the fact that our thighs were touching through the silky material of our clothing.

She turned to me and looked long and hard into my eyes while I was aware of the increasing heat emanating between our thighs. Finally she spoke, she told me, that she felt uncomfortable in the clothes she was wearing, that she would need to go to her room and change into something more relaxing and that she would not be long. She squeezed my leg as she rose to leave. Gentlemanly, I rose too and walked with her to the door.

I stood at my bedroom door watching her undulating bum cheeks as she walked up the passage to her room door. My thoughts were building fantasies so lewd about Aunt Sofia’s arse. She was so sexually exciting to me. My cock stirred some more as my imagination ran riot again. She was aware of my eyes and she liked my interest because her ass was moving more and more suggestively as she walked. Then she turned and smiled, her beautiful eyes on my groin as she slowly entered her room. I was mortified; I felt precum dribbling into my pants.

My thoughts were mad and centered on my Aunt…Typical of big beautiful women, she had huge ass cheeks which looked round and strong. Each side had appeared and disappeared with the motion of her hips. I could see that her movements had pushed her qameez deep into the crack of her bottom cheeks, cheeks that didn’t seem to be marred by her wearing any panties. The two mounds created by her bottom were smooth. I felt my dick start to grow. It was in my mind to fuck Aunt Sofia in that tight ass of hers and I was musing, was it in her mind to let me?

As usual, in my state of arousal I had oozed precum and soiled my shilwar so I went and quickly changed into something lighter and fresher. I was hardly back and setting up the VCD when she knocked quietly on my door. She was stunning! I She was wearing a simple cotton shilwar, qameez as she would in her bedroom at night. So Light, so shimmering silky. She had applied a new heady perfume, perfume to attract a man’s senses. I was attracted. Attracted to her full-grown breast, her protruding nipples easily seen through her flimsy qameez. My eyes had spent some time trained on her cleavage as Aunt Sofia was taking in the bulge in my shilwar. Her large breasts were together to form an inviting line of cleavage. She asked me, “Asif, first of all, show me the VCD and its functions as I have never seen one. We have a VCR in our home.”

I showed her all of the VCD’s functions, from which she was impressed most particularly with its reception. We talked a little about the latest technology. Then she asked me about the film I had.

I told her, “Auntie, this is an English movie, by its cover it may be a love story, I hope you do not mind. I have not seen it, do you still want to watch it?”

She asked me to play it, I did as she asked, and we sat side by side on the sofa. Sitting on the sofa she took her shoes off and pulled her legs up under her, giving me a quick look of her fleshy thighs, as her shilwar was so flimsy I could see them very clearly.

The film was a little boring at the start, but I had heard that it became interesting after some time. I looked at her and she seemed to me to be bored, but as we were watching, suddenly an erotic scene came on screen where the hero and heroine were tongue kissing. When this went on for a long time, I tried to forward it, but she smiled and asked me not to forward it, saying, “What are you doing? This is a part of the film.”

Atmosphere in the room started to heat up as we watched the movie. I also noticed that she kept watching me through the corner of her eyes. I kept stealing glances at her. I stayed in a trance, enchanted by her nearness. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, and make love to her. My nostrils were now picking up a muskiness in the room, Aunty Sofia was on heat.

The hero was stripping off the heroines clothing. I was so embarrassed by this, and once again tried to forward it, but she again forbade me. She was watching it and smiling creating an embarrassing situation for me. I began to squirm around on the sofa as I was dying for a piss.

“Oh, Aunty I’m sorry, let me change it,” I told her as I knew it was turning me on and I did not have any underwear, and my hard-on was already very obvious.

“Why, don’t you like to see this? You are old enough to see these,” she was talking in a slurred voice. “Every guy likes watching it I know!!”

“But not with his aunties,” I replied quite sternly.

“But I’m a woman as well as your Aunt. There is nothing wrong with you and I watching it together.”

She looked me directly into my eyes with the casual glance down at my cock and said to me meaningly, ” You’ve grown. You’re a full-grown man now, such a size! It intrigues me, Asif!”

Suddenly Aunt Sofia had taken on an alluring look. She had become so sexy looking! She was turned on! The film was making us both horny or was it my hard cock what was turning my Aunt on?

“Yes, I’ve grown into a man,” I said. “But you haven’t changed a bit. You look like the same as I remember you, you’re as pretty as ever. Aunt Sofia, you’re older than my mother but look about fifteen years younger.”

She smiled widely, blushed and said, “Thank you very much. I try to stay in shape. ”

Before I could reply she asked me, “Do you have any experience, like the heroine and hero of this film?”

I was dumbfounded. She asked it so fast; I wondered how she talked with me like this. This was not the first time I watched her as a women and not as an aunt. I told her a lie, “No, I have not had any experience such as this.” I was pretending to be embarrassed.

She laughed and said to me, “Do not tell me lies, Asif!”

“No, Aunty, honestly, it is the truth.”

“Didn’t I see you with Noori just at round about noon? I’ve seen you two in the kitchen, very close together.” She said,

my heart started to pound excitedly.

” Noori… And me? Oh no…. I was just asking her to make tea for me. She gave me tea, and she’s supposed to give me all I need… she’s maid of the house.” I said sheepishly.

“Why does she look so sweet at you and why did she blush so coyly when she saw me. Also; Asif – why was your hand inside her shilwar?

“I don’t know, Aunt Sofia. Noori had an itch which she asked me to scratch for her.” I replied trying not to giggle like a small boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Throughout our conversation I had basically been looking right down into her cleavage. Imagining my aunty taking part in sex I was seeing on the screen. I was getting excited. I was ogling at her firm conical tits, which were quite visible through her very flimsy qameez.

Our discussion had gone to the extent where she asked whether ‘I felt excited sometimes and whether I used unnatural methods to fulfill my desires.

As our earlier discussions had broken all the barriers I told her blushingly, “Yes! You know Aunty, do you know what I can do other than that? Playing with it, I mean?”

“Why don’t you ask Noori? Maybe your itch scratching could lead to other things that would please you, Asif….I’m sure she’d be interested in a good-looking young man like you!” she said teasingly.

I definitely didn’t know how to answer that question I could not tell her I give Noori a good fucking most days, but hadn’t been able to fuck her since she had come to visit.

I had no answer for her, so again I told her a lie,

“I can’t, and I haven’t really been paying too much attention to her in that way.”

“Oh, you poor little boy! I’m sorry for you,” She said sexily and continued to look into my eyes with a calculating smile. I knew that she was trying to seduce me, but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by jumping to the wrong conclusions.

All these discussions had maintained the bulge in my shilwar, which was very obvious to her as my shilwar was made of silk and it clung to me, clung to my hard and long member. I was making no efforts to hide it. I moved fairly awkwardly on purpose to bring my state of arousal to her notice. Normally I would have been embarrassed that Aunty might realize I had an erection from talking to her so intimately. I raised my knees up and opened them so that my cock was framed in her view. My thoughts were that I was pussy teasing, Dear Aunty Sofia.

Sofia, dear Aunty was always friendly with me, and up until now had never talked anything but nicely to me, but never did we discuss matters relating to sex. I got up, as my cock was about to burst talking her like this. I needed to let out some water and to have a drink, because my mouth had become dry.

I stood holding my cock, guiding my pee into the bathroom, at first finding it hard to relieve myself because of my erection. I was thinking of my Aunt Sofia and my desperate need to get my cock into her. I had the feeling that she was as anxious for it as I was.

I returned to my seat to find that she had moved closer to my place and had piled cushions the other side of her making it plain to me that things were going to be stepped up a notch with Aunty seducing poor Asif! I took my seat and I deeply breathed in her perfume, undoubtedly mixed with her personal body odor. She smelled wonderful and flowery with a hint of something pungently spicy.

By now the film was more normal. But it was actually an X movie and just after that there was another hot romantic scene. This time, I didn’t care, as she was more interested in it. Our hands were on the sofa nearer to each other and when the scene became more pornographic with the hero’s bum bobbing up and down in between the heroine’s wide-open legs and she was telling him to go harder, deeper with a few ‘yeses’ punctuating her gasping words. The more it went on the warmer Aunty and I were getting, our hands moved to each other. I was speechless as I felt her hand on mine, one of her fingers wriggling inside the palm of my hand. Made me feel more passionate and my cock painfully hard. It was obvious that Aunty wanted it and this was her first physical move to tell me what she wanted. She slowly shifted her legs suggestively. Opening them and I turned and deliberately looked between her open thighs and was clearly able to see her pussy through the split in her qameez. The crotch of her shilwar was discolored, wet looking, making the crotch of both her panties and her shilwar transparent.

We were watching nothing but sex and while watching, I without thinking naturally started massaging my cock from above my shilwar. It affected Aunt Sofia because she too started to grope between the juncture of her thighs very suggestively.

She brought the hand away from herself and placed it back into my hand, finger now deliberately scratching my palm, it was wet with her juices. I could smell her pussy now; she was that hot and horny for my cock. And at one point I noticed Aunt’s bare feet were resting on my feet. My heart felt rather warm and I felt her feet moving up and down on my feet. I was rather surprised at the romantic mood, which seemed to be engulfing us and I was unable to believe she was practically asking me, begging me to fuck her. To the point where I sensed she was becoming impatient with me.

My aunt’s eyes were fixed to the screen at all the activity going on the screen; there were even shots of the hero’s cock moving in and out of the heroines hair covered pussy. She was sitting on top of him and he was fingering her with a straight finger moving it in and out of her anal passage.

Aunt Sofia moaned out, ” Oh! God! Asif! He is going for her bum too! Look! It has been such a long time since a man did that to my bottom! This film is making me so hot and in the need of cock, Asif. You naughty boy!”

Suddenly she shifted her hand and grabbed my bulging cock, “What is this Asif?”

“Nothing, it is nothing Aunty,” I said.

“But I see it’s on display. What is the problem you have?”

She said it so playfully and I was embarrassed to death. She added, “What is the reason for it? Movie or Me?”

As I nodded in agreement to her latter remark but nor quite answering it, she said, “It is really a very pleasant surprise for a woman of my age. I have forgotten when my hubby had a spontaneous hard-on because of me.”

She looked at me very seductively, and asked if she could be any help. I just gave her a shy smile and with hard difficulty managed to hide my excitement. The fuck was on! I was going to get into Aunt’s silk shilwar!

Her face had now become red and her breasts were palpitating very high.

She moved in closer to me, her body pressed against mine she was very warm; her fingers toying with my rampant shaft.

I really didn’t know how she had managed to continue watching the film. The heroine was up on her hands and knees now and the hero was kneeling behind her licking the deep crevice between her bum cheeks. My cock was really hard by now, it wanted out of my pants.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” my aunt whispered into my ear.

I was totally shocked to hear this question from my older Aunty, but was taken off balance, and said, ” Off course! I can say you are the prettiest,” I stammered ”

“Am I still worth staring at?”

“Of course you are. Your beauty hasn’t faded.”

“Asif, I’ve always found you very attractive, and I know that you stare at me too, you often stare at my ass, do you want me there, like the girl in the film will soon be getting it, the hero’s cock up her ass, Asif?”

I was rather surprised she was talking about anal sex as if she was asking about my choice of breakfast cereal. I was in very high spirits so I said to her, “Sofia, my Aunty, I wish I were your husband.”

“Why Asif?”

“So I could lay into bed with you every day!”

She moved her mouth to my ear and licked it from top to bottom. Then she whispered to me, “Don’t you want to make love with me, just now? Don’t you want to put this big cock of yours inside me, Asif?” and pulled me to herself and sat me on her lap kissed me on my cheek and said, “You’re too young to be my husband but just at a nice age to be my lover.” Then she added, “I can’t compare you with my husband. You don’t know what, nothing is more pleasing than having a decent companion close to you. I feel so pleased with you tonight.” She threw her arms around my neck, planting a kiss on my mouth. I was much excited as the older Aunt’s perfume enveloped me. The feel of her arms drifting around my neck as her body pressed lightly against mine made me dizzy with excitement.

It was incredible, and I went out of my senses. I just could not imagine what was happening. I gasped quietly. I hadn’t expected anything like this. I had thought Sofia, my Aunty was being quite reserved with me and now, all of a sudden she took me in her arms, her warm, lush curves pressing against me in the most arousing manner.

Her eyes were full of lust now.

I tried to hug her tight and brought her to me in a heated embrace. The feel of her tits flattened on my chest, her nipples pushing into me. I put my arm around her and grabbed hold of her. My hand had found its way underneath her bra and I had a firm hold of her tit. It felt as good as it looked. I could feel her hard nipple pressing against the palm of my hand. I held on tight and brought my other hand around her body. My lips slowly traced a wet line on her cheeks, traveled down to her chin. Then to her neck, and licked her neck for some time. “Go a little further,” she told me and I pushed my fingers into the top of her shilwar and panties and felt for the opening of her juicy cunt.

As I kept my hand there, she spread her legs so that I could reach further. I felt for her slit and spread her lips apart finding her clitoris and gently pinched it with my fingers. It brought a moan from her ruby lips.

“I know what you want from me, I like it and I want it. I think you know just how much I want it, Asif!” she said. “I could feel it.” ” Now Just relax and let me show you, how I like you,” she said with sparkling eyes. As she spoke she lifted my hands to her breasts and pressed it them firmly to her swollen tits. She asked me to squeeze them. She sighed as I gently fondled them.

She put her lips on my lips again and kissed me very passionately.

She had such soft, warm lips for her age. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and sucked my tongue alternately. I felt for a movement she had stopped my breath.

My hand was moving on her breast and I was rubbing, caressing and even crushing her tits.

She asked me to be patient.

But who was listening to her? I was nearly tearing her qameez trying to pull it out from her body to see those amazing tits which were another point of attraction every time I saw her.

She stopped me, ” Easy my Tiger, you are going to tear it, let me do it for you, my very Eager Lover.”

My eyes widened as the qameez fell away her black lacy bra emerged. Her full firm tits were pushing at the full black cups of her bra which was in stark contrast to the flushed color of her chest. Again we kissed deeply and my hands searched for the clasp on her back finding it, I fumbled trying to free her of the garment and sensing my trouble she reached behind her self and easily popped it letting the cups spring to her front. I slipped the shoulder straps down and felt the bra fall in her lap.

She was now half naked in front of me. I took in the sight of her firm full tits and marveled at their firm jiggle. I saw her huge breasts had gone a tiny bit saggy than they looked with the bra and qameez. But overall She had really a nice white milky breast with wonderful light brown nipples with romantic areolas. Her nipples were already hard as I use my fingers to play with them, squeezing them lightly then tighter. Her nipples were so hard and standing out pleading to be touched, suckled. I started to pinch her nipples with my hands. “Aunty, I always knew you had nice tits but they are fantastic, but so much better without this though,” I said

Sofia, my horny aunty moaned in approval of my actions and pulled my head with both hands to her breast. I lightly ran my tongue over them, taking a nipple in my mouth and suckling gently, eventually, I kissed my way down the slope of her large, full breasts. She moaned with lust as I tongued and kissed her boobs. My tongue swirled around each nipple leaving a trace of wetness with each gentle lick. I took one of her gorgeous tits in my mouth. First lathing one then the other. A soft moan escaped my Aunt’s lips. I kept my lips attached to her breast like a starving child. I covered her nipple with my lips, sucking it softly, slowly, then taking her whole breast in my mouth while licking her nipple with my tongue, teasing her, making her feel so desired. While tongue kissing one I tweaked the other with my fingers.

“That’s nice,” She was moaning now “I want you to make love to me, Kiss them, suck my breast it makes me so hot and ready to be fucked, Asif! Get me really hot and you can do anything you like to me, Darling. I do mean anything! Look at the woman in the picture taking that cock up her ass, Asif. She is enjoying it, yes? See how he is pumping it all the way in and all the way out.”

While sucking softly on her one nipple I began to caress and rub the nipple of the other with my hand. Not really interested in the film, what I was doing now was very much real and alive. I had my own plans for Aunty Sofia’s bum.

My hands were moving over her belly and navel, it was so sexy. Her belly was a little plump and had little deep ripples which didn’t look bad, but it made her tummy more sexy or maybe that was the way it looked to me at that time. I planted love bites all over her breasts and nipples getting approving moans and spasms from her.

After a few more minutes, she said with a naughty smile,

“You are a grown man. You proved it to me today, I measured it with my fingers through your lumpy shilwar.”

She then lifted me from her lap and sat me down on the sofa. She winked her eyes and said me, “You have seen me though I haven’t had a glimpse of you.”

Wasting no time, she quickly pushed me onto my back and removed my shilwar, revealing my cock, that was standing firm and erect, jutting out from my body.

She saw my cock and said with smile,

“What’s this” she exclaimed putting her hand on my hard cock.

“I’ve never seen a cock that big and thick before.” She said and put her hand around my cock in her hand hesitatingly; I felt her warm hand on my cock. She slowly moved it up and down as we deep kissed.

“It is just like, I have thought it should be, since I saw you in the kitchen with Noori. She had you hard, didn’t she, Asif? The way she was looking at you she wanted it too, you will have no trouble getting it up her pussy, Darling. If you want me to hold her down for you while you put this big beautiful cock into her, I will willingly. She will be lovely and tight for you.”

She was looking down on my cock with adoration in her eyes, so very lovingly as if she had never seen cock before. I saw a strange shine in her eyes and asked her, because I was wondering, “Why she was looking at my cock so strangely?”

She caught me by my cock and fondled my balls.

“It is so beautiful, your balls are so shapely and so fair, I feel like chewing them, swallowing them!” she slurred. “I would like to tell you the truth that I have tried so many times to seduce you, but you couldn’t have understood. The many times I gave you hints, trying to encourage you to come onto me, but you didn’t notice. The times I went to my bed at night, thinking of you, me teaching you how to fuck me.”

“Oh I see, I told her, I had been waiting for such an occasion for so long! I also think about you, Wanting to kiss you and eat your glorious tits, put my cock into your delicious looking bum, but I had no courage.”

“Ok! So It is late but at least we found each other.”

My hands found their way to her shilwar which I easily opened the knot of her shilwar string and gently tugged on it waiting for her to help with its removal. She lifted her hips and I slipped her shilwar together with her wet crotched panties to her ankles. She fidgeted kicking her legs to rid it of the clothing binding her ankles and lofted them to lay haphazardly on a nearby table, they panties fell to the floor in a sexy little heap. She had wonderful thighs; they were so white and wonderfully smooth and fleshy. My head was so near now that I could smell her sweet pussy odor above all her other scents and perfumes. My mouth watered.

We were still sat on sofa so her thighs were closed thus I tried to open them but she became crazy and was not allowing me to open them. I looked at her quizzically with a slight hurt expression, like a boy refused a chocolate bar.

Her reluctance melted and she smiled at me as she opened her legs for me after a while. It was cleanly shaved, white and shining. Surprisingly big! At last her cunt was in front of me. I marveled at the beauty her naked pussy had. Her pussy had soft brown lips. Which was extra ordinary big; as I have never seen ever in any triple x movie I had watched.

I remarked to her, “Aunty your cunt is so big!”

“Yes, you are right, my cunt is abnormal size, Asif…I never heard about a big pussy like mine. Don’t you like big pussy; has Noori got a little one? ” She asked me.

“I love your big pussy so much. Noori’s feels tight when I put my finger into it.”

“I have no doubt that some day soon you will make Noori’s pussy much bigger, Asif. Getting back to my pussy, it looks good enough to eat doesn’t it Asif? Eat me Asif Please! I want you to eat me; no one has eaten this big cunt of mine in my life! Don’t be shy, Asif, I won’t bite and don’t mind if you do just a little bit. Come on, Darling, do it!.” she beseeched me.

She seemed to have a strong sex drive it was about equal to mine if not more. She encouraged me to kneel in front of her. I leaned downwards into her pungent groin with my face now level with aunt’s fluttering cunt. My lips parted and my tongue swirling eagerly into her juicy slit, which seemed to envelope my face.

Remembering all the other cunts I had licked, Noori’s included, I could not recall one with such strong pussy odor before. It thrilled me so much to taste Aunt’s hot juicy pussy. Her freshly shaved stubble tickled my face and I lapped up the many beads of her juice which clung to her very short hair. I kissed and licked it every inch of her slit. She was so very wet; her cunt lips glistened from her ardent dampness. Then I moved my tongue between her pussy lips and she slipped one hand into my hair to hold me steady as she lowered her ripe cunt onto my mouth. She was moaning. I was lapping and suckling deep into her pussy lips, slurping her copious love juice. I took her swollen clit between my lips and lashed it back and forth as hard and as fast as I could with my tongue.

I was madly in love with her cunt! I ran my tongue around her swollen nub then along her slit. Up and down her pussy from her crinkly puckered arse to her clit and back, slowly and gently. The tips of my fingers fluttered aimlessly from her knees up the insides of her thighs, which was causing her cunt to throb on my mouth. However she was so passionate that I was finding difficulty breathing and I put my hands on her hips to lever my face out of her pungent cunt lips to get some breathing room. Didn’t succeed though because Aunty had her legs clamped viciously around my ears. It felt to me like she was going to crush my skull between her wildly shuddering thighs.

Aunt Sofia wasn’t able to control her self anymore and cried out as her loins stiffened achingly because of my feverishly leeching suck. Then her cunt began to spasm. She began to shudder like she was being electrocuted with my tongue. Her juices began to stream from her loins in ecstatic, fiery pulses.

She moaned out aloud and cried, “Asif, That’s enough! You can stop; now let me get on top of you. I want to feel that big dick of yours deep inside me.”

In no time she got up and asked me to close my thighs she stood over me, her legs astride of my own. She slid her body over mine, her thighs wide over my thighs. She placed her hand around the base of my cock and lifted her pussy completely off it before plunging down on it. She sat on my lap holding my cock and centered it towards the rear of her gaping cunt lips and so guiding my engorged cock crown until it nosed into her pussy. I could feel the heated wetness of her arousal on my cock, and closed my eyes in ecstasy.

She lifted right off it again surprisingly she didn’t put it into her hole as I had expected her to do, but moved it forward and rubbed my precum covered knob around her swollen clitoris. I held her hips and watched as she guided my cock back through her pussy canyon and then she squatted down, slowly and gingerly and I cried out involuntarily as my cock slid up into her wet slippery depths. In one smooth motion as she impaled herself on my steely erection right down to my balls. It was unbelievable, I was fucking my Aunt Sofia! It was delightful seeing my prick embedded inside her. Just a short while ago she had been sitting at the table so ladylike, talking about the boring things people talk about at the meal table. And now, she was naked fucking herself on my cock!

Smooth as silk, I slipped inside Aunty’s cunt and she got an appreciative groan for her efforts.

“Ohhhh Asif” she sighed as she sat fully downs on me “Your cock, how many years I have longed for it,”

Her responsive cunt was rippling around my cock like a moist, supple glove.

She was much aroused, and was at the height of pleasure.

Her moans of, “Asif! I am cumming, Darling! I am cumming!”

She started flowing juice and after few strokes her flow was like a river overflowing. Her honey poured down my thighs, soaking my over full balls.

My grown up Aunt was acting like a horny teenager, a young schoolgirl despite the fact that she was nearer forty than thirty, and at this moment was moving up and down on my dick and was enjoying this and was screaming with joy. I began to lunge up feverishly over and over into my Aunts irresistibly enticing cunt. She encouraged the fucking, clenching her muscular thighs around me and urging me on. I didn’t think this could really be happening! Getting into her panties had been so much wishful thinking, I was a young buck, I wanted into every woman’s love box. I didn’t give a hoot for their age. Young or old, all women are a prospective fuck in my eyes. A friend once told me he thought I would even fuck my Granny. I said if he paid me I would fuck his Granny too.

Aunt Sofia was riding me like a horse, jogging very slowly. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with her every bum lift and back down on my personal saddle. She was the sexiest sight I had ever seen, hundred percent all woman. How I was lasting out so long without spilling my seed I do not know. It was a joy to take both of her tits in my hands to rub them. I started sucking them like a baby. After some time she paused her fuck motions, took me by my hand, and asked me to shift to the bed as she pulled my cock from her pussy. A cock, which was shiny, fully coated and dripping with mixed juices. Smelly too…

We started to walk to my bed as she was going before me and my jaw dropped. Sofia aunt’s bare bottom was really big wide, curvy, creamy white and perfect. I remember thinking I wasn’t supposed to be seeing this. I brazenly touched it, and pushed my hard cock between the curves of her ass cheeks, and with my hands cupping her ripe tits I danced her to the bed where she laid on the bed on her back. She turned and gave me a wicked smile. “Asif, my Lover! You really do like my ass, don’t you? I have never had it that way, but with you I am willing to try everything.”

I laughed at her serious face, looking down on her obvious beauty, laying on her back and taking a pillow from the head of the bed and positioning it under her inviting hips. She spread her legs as wide as she could. She raised her legs which I gripped by her jeweled ankles forcing her cunt up into the right position for re-entry. I had taken Noori in the same position and I was able to get my cock fully into her. Aunt Sofia must have seen the hunger in my eyes as I slid into her feminine depths, filling her vagina completely. I started to wonder just what my feelings for her really were. We began to fuck in earnest. I pushed my hard rod into her soft big pussy and my whole dick went in fully, in one womb searching stroke. Soon she was wrapping her wonderful legs after I had let them go around my back, pulling me into her. She locked her ankles around my lower back and held me tightly.

She said tenderly “I have a big pussy but you have also the biggest prick I have ever had in me and it is the right size that I need to fill it!

My dirty fool of a husband has only half of what you have. I Love you Asif, fuck me, and fuck me hard. I have become a slave of your cock. Tear my insides if you can. I want to feel the pain and the pleasure of you fucking me, Sweet Asif!”

She cupped my balls and gently tugged, her hand reached under me and explored between my ass cheeks. Soon I felt her fingertip around my puckered anus, she ran her finger gently there, prodding into my tight hole. Her experience was like no other woman I had made love to.

“Oh! Yes! I like that, Aunty Sofia!”

“One day, I will surprise you and have you, Asif, as a man has you!”

Her words shocked me, I had heard of women who wore fake cocks. I shivered and felt both excited by her words and at the same time humbled.

She was kissing me hard with agile probing tongue. I forced my huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke. Not satisfied with only this encouragement, I lowered my hands to her sides and slid them to her fabulous, legs. gripping and plunging.

She asked me, “Give me harder strokes, insert it fast and hard into my pussy and then pull your cock out almost all the way very slowly and then plunge it back in deep as you can, make it hurt me, Asif! I want to feel you stretching me wide open with each of your youthful fuck strokes.”

She was the expert, so I followed her instructions.

I grabbed her legs and raised her toes until they were high above me, waving in complete surrender. Her body was pushing against me with every thrust. Her pussy although sopping wet, still held my cock like a vice, with every stroke providing intense pleasure.

I pulled out my cock, and then I again forced her pussy lips aside and slowly buried my cock and rammed the last two inches deeply into her. With each stroke I pushed her down until my pubic hair mashed into her loins.’ Even at this slow pace, we were nearly on fire now. Aunt’s breathing was coming in strained short gasps.

“Don’t tease me Asif, increase your pace and fuck me hard and fast,” She pleaded now.

My most beautiful aunty was asking to be fucked hard and fast. I started fulfilling her request in earnest as I increased my pace with every thrust and she met my every move with a building intensity of her own. At first my strokes continued to be long and slow. I wanted her to remember the length of my strokes, the size of my cock. On each upstroke I withdrew until I hovered above her, only the tip of my cock playing in the puffy lips of her opening. Then I thrust my huge cock into her cunt once again.

She ran her hands over my chest, and then draped her arms around my neck, raising her tits in both hands proudly towards me as though wanting to feed me her milk, maybe in thanks for the pleasure I was giving her.

I started suckling and biting her nipples and all over her tits. She was now screaming and moaning. She was enjoying it much more. Soon, I was thrusting myself into her so forcefully that my cock head bottomed sharply on her sensitive cervix with each jab. Each time I bottomed, she cried out. She was biting her lower lip and gripping white knuckled onto the bedpost and was arching her hips to my thrusts. My cock probing her cervix at the entrance to her womb.

“Suddenly, “I asked her, “might I request you, my sweet Aunty?

She replied, “Do not request, order me, I am yours.”

I said, “No, I request you, please let me fuck you in your asshole!”

“Ufff, Asif, this is not the right time for this,” She replied.

“But this is my dream.” I said to her.

“I will do what you want, maybe later, but now please tear aunt’s pussy.” She lifted her legs and placed her heels on my ass kicking my anus, pulling me strongly deeper into her.

Aunt Sofia splayed her wonderful thighs wide in submission. Then she hooked her powerful legs around my waist and sucked me into her pussy. Her heaving breasts were covered with sweat, and were bouncing back and forth like beach balls. I was using my cock to nail her good! She was dying for my cock, all of it and was wailing and pleading for it.

“Come on Asif, fuck me hard” was her cry. I was pounding into her, and she was bucking back at me, expressing herself like the wild mare that resided deep within her. I fought to stay in her.

“You’re giving me the fuck of my life, Asif,”

I held out as long as I could. I wanted this fuck to last, but Aunt’s body was on fire from the extended foreplay.

Soon she had reached the boiling point for the last time. “Give me all of it now Asif. I’m ready to explode!”

My thrusting was as hard as I could. The bed was creaking and groaning under our violent bonding. I was on fire with the sheer lust of what I was doing to her, she was the hottest fuck I had ever had. Aunty was scratching my back with her nails pulling me to her with every stroke, our groins made a slapping sound when they collided and there was a faint wet slapping sound of my balls making contact with her ass. With a scream of triumph, and soon her pussy gripped on to my dick, she arched high into the air, stiffened, and exploded into orgasm and then she was wetting my cock and balls in strong squirts with what seemed like gallons of her fresh juices.

I was not far from release. I thrust powerfully and smashed into her, She thrust back with all of her strength and threw her legs into the air again. Using all of the power in my hips, I piston fucked her faster than I had fucked any woman before. I was showing no mercy. Her head pitched from side to side as her body convulsed beneath me. She was cumming again so hard I thought she was peeing herself, maybe she was!

I was like a robot now, not knowing how or when to stop. I fucked her for a long time. a marathon fuck, until finally I couldn’t hold any longer and looked down at my gorgeous aunty and fired my first stream of sperm, splashing it deep into her thirsty cunt. I spewed continually, spurting gushing deep streams into her wide open fuck hole. She howled out, ” Yes! Fill me, drown my womb!”

I was quite proud of myself, not only had I had a great fuck with my aunty but also I think she probably thinks I am a real stud. I collapsed on top of her my cock still inside her. She chuckled to herself. I wasn’t sure what was wrong, so I asked her and she told me that if she had known her dream would be this good she would probably have tried it sooner. ” I found a man who’s the skill and the stamina to please me once and for all?

Her words made me really proud and I replied, “Aunty, my Darling. I’ve found my………… my Treasure of Pleasure.”

I pulled out of her well-fucked pussy to look at her. She was still laying on her back, smiling up at me contentedly.

We lay in each other’s arms for what seemed to be an eternity.

I was nestling in her arms as she squeezed me into her chest, saying, “I wish I could live here and have this life forever,”

After some time I was ready once again for a fuck, as she was still stroking my cock back to life and it became hard like a rock in less than15 minutes.

“Oh! You have become hard again so soon!” she said to me pleasingly.

” Why not when soft and beautiful hands like yours squeeze it so lovingly.”

“I love your ass, from my childhood, my sweet Aunty, “I said to her pleadingly.

“Okay, as you wish. I could not see my nephew sad.” She said almost joyfully. It was almost as if she really wanted it in her ass and had got me hard again for that purpose. I was more than happy to oblige her.

“I have never been fucked in my ass and it will be very tight so please lubricate my ass hole and also your cock.”

“Why, Aunty, doesn’t your husband fuck you in this great ass of yours? ”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t let him touch my ass; I give him my pussy when he begs a lot.”

“Oh aunty, I am luckier than your husband. Don’t worry Aunty I have seen so many movies of anal fucking, I will manage it easily.” While we had been fucking, the heroine had taken the heroes cock up her ass and was now licking it like it was a fleshy lollipop!

I asked her to bend over raising her pussy up in the air. I spread her legs wide, almost splitting her in half. She had turned over, her arse in the air and her head and shoulders down on a pillow and bent on her knees upping her ass in similar doggy fashion as the girl in the film did. It was so exciting for me seeing Aunty Sofia in this position. Offering her glorious asshole for me to fuck.

I couldn’t control myself and started paddle her ass on her cheeks, each stroke harder than the last; her cheeks became red and welted. I had seen so many video films of females getting their bums smacked before they took a hard cock up their asses.

“She moaned and whispered, oh, yes spank me but lightly not too hard”

Then I applied my saliva on my dick, and asked her, ” Aunty, please, if you have some saliva in your mouth apply it into your ass hole for me.”

I also helped by applying some of my saliva on my left-hand fingers and applied it into her anal hole pressing my finger inside her ass as I did it.

“She smiled at me, “Why don’t you lick me there, spit into my hole and tongue it, like the man did in the picture. That bit in the film really turned me on, Asif because I imagined you doing it to me!”

I was amazed, to say the least. Aunty Sofia wants me to lick her asshole! I never in a million years thought she would ever ask me to do anything like that to her. I knelt behind her, using my fingers to stretch her bum cheeks wide open. Impulsively I kissed her brown button and her hand clamped onto the back of my head as she moaned out, “Yes, Asif! Yes!” The smell and taste was strange but not as bad as my mind had thought about it.. I flicked my tongue out intrepidly, I was a man now, a lover, proving that I was what my Aunty wanted me to be. It wasn’t bad! I rolled my tongue around her anus and she was mumbling away, urging me to lick deeper into her hole. I liked it! I was eating ass and I liked it! I had seen gay films of men eating each others ass and thought it a bit yucky. Maybe someday someone would do it to me. I had to fork my tongue out hard to push it into her rectum. I spat on it and fingered it for a while and it started to loosen up and when I tried my tongue again I was elated when I was able to push in until my tongue was a good three inches in her asshole.

“Yes, Darling Asif, that feels lovely, fuck me with your tongue and then use your big cock, Asif!”

I thought of Nooris tight ass and Dilshad’s ass, she had a cupids ass which made my cock stir on sight. I knew I could taste Nooris asshole, but…………………………………

I spat again and fingered it in, placing a second finger into position and pressing them into her. They slipped in easily. I spat again onto three fingers and turned them in a drilling fashion as I forced them into her tight ass. She grunted and moaned out but didn’t tell me to stop what I was doing to her. Then I had a brainwave and placed my cock into her mouth to suck and get wet with her saliva. She grinned at me and sucked my cock as if I had coated it with fresh cream. I had to restrain her or she would have swallowed my load. I moved back behind her and rubbed my cock into her anal button.

“Just start slow, my love. My ass is still unused.”

She grabbed my rock hard cock with her soft hand, and then as I bent over her she guided it into her asshole.

The head of my dick touched that hot wet ass tunnel and I wanted to insert every inch into her asshole on the first thrust. But the feel of her hand guiding me reminded me of her plea for tenderness so I was able to hold back. Aunt’s asshole wasn’t like Noori’s ass. Her ass was protruding and her bud puckered. Aunt’s anus was like an indented star, it so obviously was a virgin ass, never been fucked before. Noori said to me her Father was first to take her that way and then her three brothers. When I asked why she was telling me that when it was custom to keep things like that a secret, she just smiled and said she didn’t give a damn.

I slowly pushed the big red knob of my cock head into her, Aunt Sofia, but it was more difficult, not like her cunt. Her ass hole was too tight and it needed more power. In one swift, hard plunge I penetrated her ass up to half of my length and rested there, as she screamed from the pain, I froze, just taking in the utter delightful feeling of having my prick in my Aunt Sofia’s asshole.

The ass I had admired for so long! It took a while, as if she had climbed a high plateau and needed to come down cagily. As I had never felt a cock in my ass, I was not aware of the type of feeling my Aunt was getting just now.

I felt her anal muscles relax and clamp on my cock and relax again and once again clamp onto my cock. I slowly began to move, first pulling outward about an inch and then easing it back in further and deeper. Aunt Sofia spit onto her hand and then pasted it onto my shaft. “Easy, Darling,” she muttered. I then plunged in gradually deeper and deeper holding my breath as my entire length inched fully into her asshole until my balls hit her pussy.

I was moving in and out of her very slowly as she was moaning with pain not pleasure. I moved my hand to her pussy hole and inserted my finger into her still very hot and juicy cunt and I immediately felt her relax against me and heard her take a breath of relief. Now she was in blue mode, ass fucking mode! Her hands came behind her and her fingers gripped her ass cheeks, spreading them wide so that I could see my cock anchored in her arse. She was now moaning loudly from both pleasure and pain.

I began to push back in, watching the flesh of her anus getting dragged inside by my hard cock and when I pulled out, out came her anal ring and now I was seeing her raw puckered asshole. I was so rampant, so proud of myself, proud of my cock, proud what my cock was doing to her asshole. I was over zealous and my dick came out of her ass and she moaned out at me, “Put it back in, Asif!

I laughed and stood back, my prick pointing strongly at her hole. I moved forward and it found its own way back into her rectum. I slammed it fully back in until our flesh slapped loudly together and Aunty grunted out aloud.

“Oh! Asif! It hurts, how it hurts, but I want it! Do it! Fuck my ass, it’s yours. I have to take it to show you just how much I have wanted you. My sisters talk about you, ask why you have never married when there are so many women including my sisters who will happily go through this, what you are doing to me now, even Dilshad. I have overheard her talking about you. Both Naila and Nishat are married I know, but they both fancy you like I do. Do not tell them I said that.”

I heard some one outside my bedroom door and ignored it. Who ever it was would know I was fucking Aunt Sofia. The fact that they hadn’t disturbed us, meant that that it was to their advantage not to interfere. Noori, perhaps. My stepmother? Maybe. I had thought about fucking her, but had settled on using her soiled Shilwar to wank into up until now. She was younger than Aunt Sofia and very pretty. Swam a lot, exercised a lot so her figure is still very sexy. I fancied her, but so does my Dad and I didn’t fancy crossing swords with him. The only other person it could be was my younger sister. Just 18 and as far as I knew, still a virgin. One day I would catch up with her.

Aunt Sofia, meanwhile was now fully into getting her ass reamed by my hard cock. I fucked her in long, slow, steady strokes. With every stroke she raised her ass to meet me.

She was talking now, “Fuck your aunty ‘s asshole! This is my very precious ass and you are the very first to be fucking it. I know all the men seeing it, want to fuck it. I have no doubt they will be ready to pay a lot of money just even to touch it.”

Her words exited me and my prick became harder and I was fucking energetically up her behind, in her asshole and under her pussy hole. She was moving her head side to side biting her lips as she erupted again and again. She was loudly moaning her deep showing to me her passionate pleasure.

Her tits were hanging as a pendulum, so I reached out in front to pull and pinch her nipples, while fingering her clit and cunt, she moaned so loudly from the pleasures I was giving her and I began to fuck her deeply in her ass. She feels so full and her juices flow freely for me to ride her, she begs me not to stop. I had no intention.

All the time she was mumbling for me to fuck her ass, deeper, rub her clit, and finger her cunt harder, fuck me hard, fast and deep.

I honored her wish and started the most punishing fuck into her virgin ass. I began to swell deep inside my aunt’s ass. Meanwhile I was fingering her very fast.

She was pushing her ass against my cock to take more and more, feeling my arousal coupled with her own she rubs her ass against me harder, feeling my balls slapping her pussy, she shouted that she is coming. So I hold her shoulders tight gripping them in both hands, using them for leverage to give more power to my strokes and after few strong strokes I stiffened and we both exploded in ecstasy cumming all over each other,

I fell on top of her my cock still embedded in her arsehole, completely shattered. I had never fucked anyone using up so much energy before. I had no idea I had it in me.

I laid on her for just few minutes the mixtures of our juices seeping out and down from her ass hole down her thighs.

I pulled myself out of her ass and kissed each her asscheeks at the same time thanking her for such a great fuck!

“Yes! That was good,” she said simply.

She sat taking breath heavily and cleaned her self. She was now looking at me, gratefully smiling.

We lay in each other’s arms hugging each other.

I was in her arms as she was squeezing, hugging me into her breast.

Our lips were glued to each other. We talked after that a lot and she told me that she had wanted to lay with me, and that her eyes were on me from few years back. But she never got chance or courage. It had been so worth the long wait.

“Asif, you can’t tell anyone about this my husband would kill me. He blackened my eye last month for talking to friend while I was shopping in market and he saw me.”

I nodded, and kissed her cheek. “I will never talk to any one, I am not kid Aunty Sofia. I fuck other women and not tell, why should I tell about you. Maybe we fuck again, yes?

“Oh! Who else have you fucked, Asif?”

“I think that is not a secret I should tell, Aunty!”

She laughed and cuddled me again.

I was playing with her gorgeous tits and she was doing likewise with my cock. And soon we were ready for our third round. We fucked all night till early morning. We fucked four times that night.

And after that night we never missed any night Sofia Aunty stayed with us. I even asked Noori if she would let my Aunt hold her down while I fucked her? She was more than pleased and we had a lovely time. Even more so when my Aunt asked Noori to go belly down to take my cock up her ass.

Now, whenever she comes to our home, she comes to my room at midnight and we play the fucking game, sometimes as a threesome. Aunty licks Noori’s pussy while I fuck Aunty Sofia in her ass. Life can be so much


Fucked by husband’s friend

November 13th, 2012

01cda8970bca70cd6ca23ecaa5f61fc7Randip had been known to my husband for years before our marriage, in fact when I came as a newly wed bride, he had welcomed us and had helped me set up home in the building where we all lived. He was in the habit of dropping in some evenings and staying over for dinner as he was divorced and lived as a bachelor. This closeness through the days between us had been on a very innocent level and randip has always been a gentleman. Once in a while I would catch him staring at my breasts or legs, but I always felt that was normal behavior for a man. And I had also cum to know that he had some affairs with few married ladies. I was friendly with girl who told me that her best friend had a hot affair with randip and she used to swear by randip that he was the best man ever she had ever slept with.

In this recent days however something had changed a bit. Our relationship had subtly changed. Maybe I was giving out some king of signal as my sex life wasn’t quite what I would like. My husband and I had good sex, but over the months it had gotten a bit stale and I never enjoyed sex with him. He was also not been caring at times when it came to my needs, occasionally leaving me high and dry after his orgasm. How ever my husband sameer had a strange habit of making me expose in front other and show off my beauty and good figure. He used to get a thrill out of it and had bought me so many cloths which exposed my body. He bought me sexy saree’s with deep back and low neck blouses which did not cover much of my boobs. In fact I really had a beautiful pairs of tits. (34 d). I remember on our honey moon in goa he made me sleep in just a bra and a panty when the waiter came to deliver us tea. And on one occasion I was topless on a beach with a young boy passed by. This also continued in Delhi when moved to this place. After showing off my body to other in parties and other places he used to get exited and that night he used to have a wild sex which I also liked.

Now coming back to randip, over the last few weeks, randip and I had been flirting a bit – there were some innocent hugs and pecks on the cheeks but nothing more. We had seen each other a lot at the lakeside boat house in bathing suits and a couple of times accidentally partially nude. Once he caught me changing and I was in my bra & panties and once I caught him in his briefs, with his back turned. Along with this we had seen each other many times in pj’s so we were quite comfortable with each other.

One night we met for drinks. That day sameer told me to wear something very sexy. I understood that he wanted me to show off my body to others so I selected a very sexy dress which he had purchased for me. It was with a very deep back and it had to be worn without a bra. There were cups in front to hold the boobs. I was really looking very sexy in that. It was supposed to be a bunch of friend’s but instead because of schedules it ended up just us three. It was a Delhi club full of young crowd. We sat and stood at the bar and talked and at some point the conversation turned to sex. Whether it was my comfort levels with him or the drinks I had consumed, the conversation became very open and honest. We talked about a bunch of very personal things that surprised my husband. Things like whether we liked oral sex, whether I swallowed, even whether I had vaginal orgasms. We talked about sexy lingerie, and then the killer when I said my “husband and I don’t have nearly enough sex!” this was said luckily when he went to the bathroom otherwise he would have felt very bad.

The night continued and we even danced a bit. Our conversation had taken its toll on us as randip and I were much more touchier then normal. Whether it was just standing a little too close in the crowded bar knowing my butt was up against him or dancing it seemed we were always touching lightly. During one dance he had practically placed his hand on my butt and latter shifted on my nude back. He used to hold me tight when ever sameer was not watching or was out of the room. He used to pull me close to him and at times I could feel his crouch with a little bulge on my stomach and my boobs used to get pressed against his chest. The night ended and we parted as friends due with a warm hug.

Both of us however from that point on seemed to join a tighter bond with each other and there was a sexual tension that had never been there before. Whether it was the innocent touches or the frank sexual discussion I didn’t know.

A few weeks later we accidentally met at the mall, one of gurgaon’s largest malls. I had gone to pick up some clothes after work and he was also shopping. I was enjoying the quiet cup of coffee at the coffee outlet when I saw randip. He sat down got coffee and we chatted. After some innocent chatter I mentioned I needed to shop, he offered to walk with me since he also had to shop. As we walked we chatted a bit but nothing sexual.

Then we entered a the Nike store as I needed to get some sneakers. As I sat down, I didn’t realize it at the time but randip was sitting directly across from me. As I tried on a couple of pairs I realized he was gazing at my legs as they parted. Now I was feeling a little horny and I decided to lead him on a bit. His view wasn’t probably all that good as the skirt I was wearing wasn’t that short but I made sure my legs spread apart each time I tried on a pair and flashed him a few times before settling on a pair.

We left the store and walked around looking for another store. As we walked I thought about teasing him a little more it felt pretty comfortable teasing him in a place like this where there were lot of people waking around and no one knew us.

The next store was Westside, I was looking for some track suits to wear to the gym and he was looking for jeans. We picked out a few sizes each and headed towards the changing rooms. The salesgirl gave us two rooms next to each other and as I went in, I told randip that I wanted his opinion on what I was buying.

I started by removing my skirt and putting on a pair of the tracks, I then came out of room and knocked on his door. He opened it a bit and to my surprise he was standing in just his briefs. He was yet to put on his jeans. Although it caught me a little off guard, I did not react as I had seen him a couple of times before in his underwear. Of course, I could not help staring at his crotch – it looked like a mild erection was in progress and it looked big.

I asked if the track suit fit nicely and he said they were nice but maybe I should get a smaller size which would do justice to my figure. As he was talking, he pulled on his jeans with his ass towards me and facing the mirror. He turned and I told him they looked good but he too should try on the smaller size. I then jokingly said that maybe we should both try the other clothes together to save the effort of going between rooms to show our stuff to each other. That was enough for him, he just picked up his stuff and we both squeezed into my cubicle. I could see the salesgirl smirk!

I was feeling very naughty by now and proceeded to slip off the track pant. I also removed my shirt and stood there checking out myself in the mirror. He looked at me of course but also acted quite matter of fact about it. I told him that his briefs looked great and then he commented that I look very sexy in the black bra and panties. I then pulled on the smaller pants and turned around to see in the mirror. These were white as well as being too tight in the crotch and realized with a shock that my panties were wet and it showed through the pants. He said these were better, now its my turn to put on the show. He pulled down his jeans but as he had not removed the top button, it ended up in his briefs coming down too and the start of his cock could be seen. He made no attempt to pull up his briefs and instead nonchalantly pulled on the jeans.

Finally after a couple of more trials, we both got dressed, paid for our items and left the store. By now I was feeling very horny, not that I was going to do anything about it but it had turned out to be a very nice shopping experience.

Then as we walked and commented about the conversation we had in the bar, one thing we had chatted about was a thong. He had said how sexy they were and I had mentioned that I didn’t have any since my husband didn’t seem to like them. So then he dragged me into Victoria secrets and started to look through the panties. I am not shy but was a little embarrassed as he went through picking out different ones, finally I agreed to two of them. He paid for them and handed me the bag, with a naughty smile he said that for buying them some day I should let him see how they looked, he even mentioned that he should get to see them before my husband did. I laughed and said not here, he of course answered maybe some day when I had the chance. My quick response of not here had pretty much implied that I would somewhere else. This hadn’t really been my intention but it was too late.

We left the mall and he escorted me to my car, a warm hug and peck as always followed but I thought his lips had slightly opened as I felt a wetness on my lips but I wasn’t totally sure. I drove off feeling incredibly sexy.

A couple of days later we were all sitting around in our den. It was a Saturday night and the three of us were chilling out over some beer. Randip was staying the night as his house was being fumigated it had been a terrible rainy weekend and none of the regular friends and family were over . So there we sat after a rainy day, we had consumed a fair amount of whisky and wine. The kids were asleep and we just hung out talking and watching a stupid movie.

The first thing sexy thing that had happened earlier between us that day is that randip had kidded me about my thong so when I showered that evening I had put them on. So later in the evening when my husband was in the bathroom and we were alone he asked to see them. We traded some shy comments, I kept saying I can’t here, he of course said it was safe for a quick flash and anyway he had already seen me in my panty at the shop.

It was a little cool so I had put on some long pj pants from Victoria secrets and a tee. Randip had noticed the thong through the pj’s in the light. He insisted that all he wanted was a quick peek and I could easily pull my pants down for a second, well it was pretty scary but also very sexy so I did it. I pulled down my pj’s and showed him the front of the tiny thong and then turned quickly and showed the back. He told me I looked amazing and I pulled them right up. I was so hot showing off for him like that I cant describe, the thong was so small that it covered little, plus the thought that my husband hadn’t even seen them yet also made it that much more naughty.

So there we were few hours later in the den with some more whisky and wine under our belts. Now my husband for the past few months has liked when guys look at me in bathing suits and stuff so what was about to happen wasn’t that crazy even though he could also at other times be very jealous. He talked about playing strip poker and of course randip approved. I don’t like being dared so I went along and I think my husband thought I wouldn’t have gone along, or he figured I would play down to my underwear and quit. But he hadn’t realized how little my underwear was and he also underestimated my competitiveness. He also had no idea of this building sexual tension between randip and I who made the thought of some nudity sound quite hot to me.

So we sat down and played. The first few hands were pretty uneventful. We all lost a few hands and lost our socks and jewelry. We were down to real stuff now, everybody had on a tee shirt, I had on pjs and the guys had shorts, and all had underwear.

The next to lose was my husband; he took off his tee, which exposed his chest. Then randip lost and also took off his shirt. He had very good body and hairy chest which I really liked. I admired his chest and gave a naughty smile and he also smiled back. Again randip lost and took off his shorts. He was wearing briefs instead of the boxers I had seen him in a few times before and he seemed semi hard as his bulge was looking big. . I was enjoying looking at him and his semi hard cock for the first time. Then I lost, I had a hard decision, if I took off my shirt I will be left in a bra, or I could do my pants and expose my thong. As I thought my husband commented that I was quitting, I gave him a look and stood and stepped out of my pants. Wow he said noticing I was wearing a thong; I took a little spin saying you like. Then I winked at randip as my husband’s reaction had just confirmed that randip was the first to see my thong. I felt so naughty sitting their knowing randip had not only seen them first but also picked them out and paid for them.

The next round sameer lost and took off his shorts. I giggled a bit as he sat back down cause even he had a hard on but his bulge was looking smaller then randips’s. Now my husband said that the game was over, randip said we should play till one winner, my husband started saying no he was tired etc so I chimed in saying, look who was quitting now. I was dying now to continue and see where this game will take us. I did not even mind getting naked in front of randip and I was about to say I would keep playing when he decided to continue. However he said that we will not strip any further but the loser will have to what the winners say. The next loss was mine; so both the men were what to make me do. Randip gave an idea that I should have a close dance with then with only the dim lights on. Sameer also agreed so I got up and sameer came to first and randip played a cd with real slow numbers. My husband caught me and took me in tight hug and danced for few minutes and kept kissing me and I could fell his hard on and knew he wanted me badly. Then it was the turn of randip to dance with me. He came close to me and slowly took me in his arms while sameer watched with eyes fixed on me and he gave me a naughty smile. Randip pilled me closer and we started to slow dance. I could also feel his hard on which more looked then what my husband had. Then sameer said that he is going to the bathroom and will be back in few minutes. This was enough for randip to pull me close to him and was a little scared that sameer may come in the room any time but he was just not willing to listen to me my breast were pressed against his hairy chest and his hard cock was pressing my stomach. I was getting wet in my panties and was on the verge of dripping. I could feel his hot breath on my face, neck and ears. His hands were all over my back and he slowly moved them to my naked butt as my thong hardly covered anything. I slowly whispered to randip that sameer may come anytime. He also understood and released his grip and just then sameer walked in and we finished our dance. After that my husband decided that we will have a last game and then call it a day. So it was decided that anyone who loses now will remove his one garment while the light were totally dim and we call it a day. As luck would have it I lost and I hard to remove one garment out of the two I was wearing. I decided to open my bra and as I took my hands behind my back to unhook my bra my husband switched all the lights with little light coming out from the kitchen and the bedroom. I unhooked my bra and lowly let it fall to the ground and exposed my breasts and my rock hard nipples. Even in the dim light my boobs were visible to both of them. My husband seemed quiet while randip made a gentlemanly comment about how nice they are or I looked. I was only left in panties which really did not cover much. He was looking hard at my tits and then winked at me.

My husband quickly declared himself and randip the winners and suggested we turn in. I knew he was getting jealous about randip looking at my half naked body but I wanted to enjoy the moment. I sat there finishing my wine and making small talk about what to do in the morning all naked except the panty and making no effort to cover myself. Randip followed my lead chatting with me with his raging hard on at attention. We continued this for about 15 minutes while my husband nervously fidgeted and picked up cards and stuff before we finally started on and went to bed. Before going I went and hugged randip as we used to it every day and this time as we hugged my bare breasts were pressed against his bare chest. I said good night and as I was moving away from him my erect nipples brushed against his hairy chest and it was great feeling, after that I left for my room.

We went to bed and I was horny and so was my husband so we started having sex, it was hotter then it had been for quite a while. I had a very intense orgasm as did my husband but then with the wine he drifted off to sleep and I was wide-awake. I didn’t know it at the time but randip had hung out by the bedroom door and tried to listen to some of our love sounds. He would confess this later.

I was still wide-awake and decided to walk down to kitchen, I was naked so I threw on my short robe figuring that randip was also sleeping. I was surprised to find randip, sitting on a chair drinking a cup of tea. He also thought he would be alone and had only his briefs on. His hard was still on and I could still notice a bulge. We exchanged hellos and I poured myself a cup of coffee. He asked where my husband was and I told him he was sleeping, he knew we had sex but he was probably hoping that once had not been enough for me that night and he was right.

I went to sit and noticed he was now hard; I couldn’t help comment about it still being that way. He of course reminded me that he was a bachelor and that the game had been pretty arousing. He also let on that based on what he could hear in his room I had gotten pretty aroused from the game also. I blushed knowing I had moaned pretty well in the bedroom.

Then we had a short conversation about how arousing it had been to be half naked and dance that way in front of each other. What followed was a surprising discussion about masturbation. He admitted that he had planned to when he got back to his room and I kind of admitted that I too might. What happened next is hard to explain but somehow after a few shy playful comments the possibility of masturbating together came up. I would have love to do something crazy yet safe like that with him but was too scared so I said no way, he said okay like a hurt puppy dog and I then said something I shouldn’t have,

I said I would be willing to help him but he had to promise not to try anything. He looked pretty surprised, I took a walk to check on my hubby and make sure he was asleep. On my return I took him to the laundry room, I figured if my husband came down he could stay there and I would come out like I was doing late night laundry. So there we were, in the dark laundry room, randip slipped down his briefs and told me to go ahead and help him to cum. I told him to wait as I had to put some lotion on my hands which I had picked up while coming back after checking out my husband. When I was done I took my hand forward to grip his hand but could not find his cock in the dark and I also found that my hand was shaking with excitement. Then randip caught my hand and lowly guided my hand to his cock. As my hand touched his cock I was shocked to feel what I felt. His cock was very very large and much thicker then my husband. I could not grip it fully in my small hand. I slowly moved my hand up still shocked, to find out the complete length and ended at the top of his cock where a huge knob was there. It must have been around 8 to 9 inches long. I just held it for some time to get used to the length and the thickness of this monster that I was holding. Randip said what are u waiting for go ahead and make me cum. Then I slowly started to jerk him off, what a rush I felt. It was so hot having a man’s cock in my hand that wasn’t my husbands made in supper hot, as I slowly stroked and gently played with it. Looking at him, asking him if it felt good. I jerked him slowly as I wanted the moment to last a bit and I could tell the night had taken its toll and he would cum quickly. He was enjoying it starting to moan a little as he leaned back against the dryer. I continued jerking him for a while and then started doing it harder, I had to apply some more lotion on my hand and his cock as the one I had applied earlier was not enough. I was on fire myself and he realized it. I am not sure if he undid my robe or it just happened but at one point I realized I was naked with my robe open.

He whispered in my ear “just a little feel ” as his fingers started to play with my nipples. I started jerking really hard as I didn’t have the will power to stop his advances and figured once he came he would calm down. Well it did, he moaned and groaned and let out a hot stream of sperm all over my belly and pubic hair. In the process he cupped my one breast and I also moaned with pleasure jerked him until his was done and stepped back. He had cum all over my stomach, hands and pubic. I had never seen my husband cum so much like a spray I cleaned up with some paper towel and gave him a peck goodnight and ran back to my bedroom.

That night I kept thinking of randip’c cock. I still could not believe that a man could have such a thick and long cock like his and how a girl could take it in. Thinking of that I went off to sleep. Next day morning I got up early and made tea for all of us. I was still thinking of what I and randip did last night and was a little shy of facing him in the morning. I went to my bedroom with tea and woke up sameer. He asked me if I had given tea to randip and I said no. He told me to go and give him tea. I was a little shy and also a bit exited to meet him as the memories of last night were still fresh in my mind. I knocked and went in. He was awake and smile on seeing me, I also smiled back and said good morning. I put the cup of tea on the side table. He pulled me close and he kissed me on the cheeks, I also kissed him back and told him that sameer must be waiting for me and ran out. My face had turned red. After that evening with randip where I had helped him to jack off, whatever barriers were there between us crumbled. We had seen each other half naked though we had not seen each other in full light and only seen in dim light or felt each other and we had shared some more secrets including touching each others parts. It was like we were walking down a path of no return.

That day ended when sameer and randip went off to office and before going I hugged randip as we used to do it earlier. For the next few weeks we did not get a chance to meet in private other then normal visits to out house, which ended in just hugs and kisses on cheeks. After a month later, my husband was chosen by the company to go for training to usa for a month. The day he was to go randip came over to pick him up and drop him at the airport. That way I was wearing a very sexy nightly which did not cover much. I did not wear a bra under that as sameer always wanted to see me like that. So my boobs and the nipples were visible through the night dress. Randip hugged me very tightly as my husband was not there and I also did not mind that at all. He looked down at my tits after we broke the hug and smiled, I also blushed and went to the room. I came out with sameer and this I wore a gown on top. I hugged sameer and wished him luck and as he was going out randip winked at me and I knew that we will have a nice time till my husband was away and maybe be have more secrets of ours. When my hubby went out randip again came in to collect his car keys which he left on table and as he was going out he gave me a packet and told me that it is for me, winked at me and went out. When I opened the packet I found a very sexy lacy pair of red bra and panties in it.

As soon as sameer’s flight took off randip rang me up and told me that sameer has taken off. I said yaa now I will get bored at home alone. He did not waste this opportunity and asked me to join him for lunch. I did not want him to say something and I don’t know what happened to me and I asked where and when should I come. He told me to come to his house and from there we could go out for lunch. I agreed and the time to reach his house was fixed at 11 am so I started getting ready fast as there was not much time left. I chose a very sexy saree with a very sexy blouse which really did not cover much as I was planning to tease randip today. He was delighted to see me and more so in that sexy saree that I was wearing. We hugged each other and he kissed me on my cheeks and held me tightly for more time then normally he used to. My body was pressed against his and I felt current going through my body. He then took me to sitting room holding me by my nude waist. We sat on the sofa close to each other. He asked me as to what will I like to have and we decided on Bacardi and made two drinks and we started sipping the same. The atmosphere in the room was a little quite as we both we a little shy to start any topic. Then randip only started by saying that I am looking very sexy in this saree. As I bend forward to keep the glass on the my pallu slipped and fell down and my breasts were popping out. He looked at them and commented that my tits are the best he had ever seen. I blushed and tried to cover them but he caught my hand said that if I wear such a sexy blouse then what is the need of covering it with my saree and told me leave it like that. I smiled at him and asked him if his attention were clear. He also laughed and said that yes they are as clear as yours and we both laughed to this.

Randip then asked me as to how did I like the gift he gave me in the morning. I said told him that it was really very good and fitted me very well. I then asked him that how did you know my size, he smiled and told that he had a good feel of my boobs that night when I helped him to cum at our house. I smiled and told him that was a very nice time we had and our secret will remain a secret. I told randip that I was wearing the bra and panty that he gave me and it is very comfortable. Randip then told me that he wanted to see the fitting of the bra and panty. I was a little shy and a little scared to show him that because I was at his house and thought some one may come there and finding me in that state may lead to some problems and also told him that. He assured me that no one will come there and this will also remain our secret as the previous ones. I thought for some time and asked him that I hope it is just seeing me in that bra and panty and nothing more then that. Randip smiled at me and said that from his side its just that and if I say so it can be more then that too. I also smiled and said please give me another drink so that I can gather some courage to open my cloths. He poured two drinks for both of us and I started sipping my drink. When it half finished he again told me to go ahead. I smiled at him and said ok wait let me finish then drink. He got up and put on some soft English music and in the mean time I also finished my drink and now I felt quite relaxed about the whole thing , & decided to play along a little bit. I slowly pulled my saree paloo down onto my waist & sat there, my blouse had a low neckline cut as I told earlier & my cleavage was pretty prominent & my breasts were sort of seductively visible. I sat like that for a few minutes & tried as if to show my bra shoulder strap. I glanced at randip and he was watching transfixed with a very focused look, I slowly pulled out the strap of my bra and showed it to him. He then said not to show my bra in that manner. I got the message & then hesitated a bit & then thought , might as well & with him watching I slowly got up send stood a little distance from him and began to unbutton my blouse, halfway through I spread open the blouse to show him the red bra and randip, in a hoarse & choked voice asked me to open it further. I slightly hesitated thinking if some one comes over then what will I do but then thought, might as well do it only once & started opening the rest of the hooks of the blouse slowly and totally unhooked my blouse & spread it open for him to get a good view of my breasts in the sexy bra. It was actually a ” loveable ” bra with a good provocative cut and randip said in a soft and emotion filled voice ” they are really beautiful” and I actually blushed at this and felt quite proud then . I let him stare at my bra and breasts , slowly feeling a thrill about it myself. He did not budge from his seat and as he promised he was content on just watching me. My saree paloo was on the ground and my blouse was fully open and I held it open for him to see my bra and the tits in them. Then he told me that why don’t u remove the blouse and keep it aside other wise your hands will get tired holding it. And becoming a little bolder now and also the effect of the drinks was there on me, I slowly removed my blouse and pulling it off my shoulders I dropped it on the seat next to me. I felt awkward and also thrilled at my so willingly exposing myself to a man who was also my husband’s best friend. This was the first time I had ever exposed to a man like this in full light my tits trapped in a bra were now exposed to a randip who was looking at the, with his mouth dry.

By then I never felt threatened or pressurized with him and walked around the room without my blouse on . He asked to see my panty now and instead of trying to remove my saree , I then simply pulled it up to sort of mid thigh to show my fair panty to him and felt a thrill about it. He asked me to repeat it and I again pulled up my saree, this time a little higher and when every time his request was repeated , I would oblige , pulling my saree further up till he could see the red panty presented by him as well . By then I was feeling very comfortable about the whole thing. Then he told me that why don’t you remove your saree so that I don’t have to lift my saree every time I had to show him panty. I was also getting bolder by now and was much more relaxed then I was when I first removed my blouse and slowly removed my saree and kept it on the sofa where I had kept my blouse and then after a little while and on his persistent requests of ” please remove your petticoat ” I actually pulled the string of the petticoat and let it drop on the flood and stepped out of it and showed my fair, slim and shapely legs. Now was in a red bra and lacy panty. I also felt that I was getting wet in between my legs. I went to the table where I had left my glass and told that I am going to refill my glass and he told me to make a drink for him also. I went close to him and picked up his glass too, he was just staring at my boobs. I turned my back to him and moved to the bar to make a drink for both of us. Took my time thinking that he must be looking at my back and wanted to tease him more. After some time and heard standing behind and to my surprise I felt his body touching my back and I was surprised to feel that he had removed his cloths and I could feel his nude chest and legs touching mine. A shiver ran down my spine as his body touched mine. Then he moved his hands in front to help me fix the drinks and in doing so he brushed his hands on my breasts, I also let him do it as it was really very arousing. Then he moved more closed pretending to fix a drink and now I could also feel his half erect cock against my hips. I was really getting turned on and then the effect of the drinks was also having its effects. I was as good as being in his arms. When the drinks were made he moved back and then I noticed that he was wearing his under wear and rest was totally nude. He smiled at me and told that how could he be in cloths when I was in just a bra and panties. I too smiled and said hope your intentions are clear. He smiled and said that they were as clear as yours.

Then he told me that he will be blessed if I could remove my bra and showed him my beautiful breasts and that he was sure that he had never seen any thing like this in his whole life. I felt a pride in what he said and than decided to open my bra. But before that I told him to switch of some lights as I was feeling shy of opening my bra as I had not done it in front of any one till date. He agreed and switched few lights but the light was enough to my tits clearly. I stood in front of him and slowly took my hands behind my back to unhook the bra. His eyes were fixed on my bra and was waiting desperately for the bra to open he was transfixed with a very focused look. I unhooked the bra and very slowly left the straps as the straps got released my boobs came to full size as they were caged in the bra but were still covered by the bra from the front and were not visible to
Randip. His mouth half opened in anticipation of seeing my boobs I was really getting very exited at what I could do to a man. Then he told me to please remove the bra fully so that he could se my beautiful boobs. I slowly took my hands to the straps on my shoulders and pulled then down on the side of arms thereby slowly exposing my lovely and shapely boobs to randip. I let the bra drop to the floor and my boobs were in his full view with my nipples erect. I just stood there like that and he just kept staring at my tits as if he had never seen any tits in his life. I felt a proud of my body. I become a little more bolder and slowly walked topless in my red panties to him . He just sat on the sofa in front of me and did not budged from his seat & was very content just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally topless & in spite of myself enjoying , what I was doing . Also, with him being a passive watcher, I was quite comfortable as I could have been undressing at home, for that matter. When I glanced at randip

I was surprised to note that he had opened his underwear and had withdrawn his cock & was slowly stroking his erection . I was taken aback because this was the first time I was seeing a cock in real life other then sameer’s though I had held his cock but that was in darkness. He seemed to be in such a heavenly trance , stroking his erect cock , that I did not say anything or show some discomfort , though it was a new & unexpected dimension, in fact I slyly looked at his cock quite closely and was impressed with it’s size which did appear pretty large then what I had seen of my husband and in some of the blue films I had seen. I was now enjoying myself, sort of posing for him. I was still topless & on an impulse, to just stand in front of him, sort of naked, with just my red skimpy panty on. I turned around for him to see my buttocks etc and sort of just walked around the place , with just my high heels on & my red panty, randip was quietly and intently watching me doing all this and still stroking his erect monster of a cock. This sort of gave me a sense of satisfaction . I was enjoying my bout of exhibitionism. He indicated me to pull my panty off and I for the first time really felt shy and avoided doing so. He pleaded again and I then turned around to show my buttocks and pulled my panty down and displayed my fair and soft buttocks to him and then pulled my panty back up. I heard randipl sighing loudly , and I looked at him . He was stroking his cock furiously now and I watched him fascinated and when he slightly leaned forward , his eyes staring at me like in a trance. He once again told me to pull down my panties and remove it. I was totally exited and wanted do the dare so I slowly pulled down my panty and it fell down on the floor and I slowly stepped out of it. I was totally nude now and there were so many ohhhh’s and ahhhh; coming from randip’s mouth which really exited me more. He slowly got up and let his underwear drop on the floor and he too was totally nude and now his cock was looking even bigger. He slowly came near me and took me in his arms. He held my face in both his hands and turned it up towards his face. I closed my eyes as my lips parted and my hands came to rest on his hips as randip bent down and kissed my honey sweet lips. My hands soon grabbed him from behind in tight embrace. Randip lifted his head and looked at me. I quickly hid my face on his shoulder, my eyes evading his every glance. Randipr held me from my back and tightened his grip on me, crushing my beautiful firm breasts hard on his chest. A soft sigh escaped from my mouth. Randip said that why are you still hiding your face from me as I was feeling shy and my face looked red as it was when I saw my husband nude and he took me in his arms. Randip asked me as to why are you feeling shy of me and hiding your face from me. I said that you are the first man other then my husband who has ever taken me in his arms and kissed me and I love my husband like anything.

Randip stroked my hair for a few moments; quite aware of the delicate situation that I was in. Then randip moved me away from him and again placed his lips on mine. This time it was a real passionate one. I could now feel his tongue go in side my mouth for which I opened my mouth a little more and after some time even I put my tongue in his mouth and it looked a perfect french kiss. My hands slowly rising from his back to his head, my fingers running through his hairs. Randip was moving his hands all over my back. His hands moved down to my waists and as he grabbed my buttocks, my grip tightened on his back. Randip slowly moved his hand upwards sliding through my hips, up my belly and then cupped my breast. I was now going weak in my legs. And randip supported me from my back as he began squashing my sexy, firm and full breast. I broke free of his lips and began to push him away from me. I said randip I think we are crossing the limits and randip said that its ok and we are just keeping each other happy. I said that we just started with flirting with each other and look where we have reached now. Randip said that the way you used to dress up in at home and show your beautiful tits to me in front of your husband turned me on and when we had that few minutes in that washing room where you helped me to cum that day changed every thing and we both had the desire to have each other. So don’t feel guilty and lets enjoy life as you live only once. Then randip quickly held my hand and pulled me towards him, grabbing me and kissing me fervently. I too submitted myself completely to randip and again held him firmly. Things began to cool down a bit as he let my lips go. I stood there, my eyes gazing at him lustfully . The desire was no longer a mystery to the both of us.

Randip again gently began to stroke my hairs and kissed me softly, pecking occasionally on my lips. His hands moved down on to my breasts, rubbing them softly. Randip enjoyed my breasts for a few moments and then I could see fell that I began to tremble as he bent down to kiss my breast then sat on his knees and kissed my triangle. When he kissed me there I said ohh god ahh. He then got up and took me in his arms and my big and firm boobs were pressed against his naked and hairy chest. His hands were moving on my back till my butt and I also took him in my arms and my hands were also moving up and down. He admired my boobs and put his hand on it and started pressing it, then he kissed me on my lips his tongue in my mouth and I sucked it and then his tongue rolled down my neck, onto my breasts grabbing my one nipple in his mouth. He began to suck it slowly at first and then gently increasing it as my sexuality began to rise at my peak. He sucked it hard until it was swollen red. I was now like a bitch on heat, my pelvic thrusting on his dick. As he sucked me hard his hand freed her pressed the other breast and began to maul me. I arched backwards enjoying every moment of his licking and caressing of my breasts. He was enjoying me with as much vigor as he could. Then a moan escaped my mouth and I said ohhhhh god you suck them so hard it feels sooooo good. They have never been sucked so hard I love it. My breasts were fully exposed to him tugged, I closed my eyes put my hands on randip’s head and pulled him to my boobs and he once again started sucking both my boobs turn by turn. I kept on moaning now a little louder.
He left my boobs and took me in his arms my breasts were now crushed to his naked chest. I was sure he could feel the contour of my well-shaped breasts as well as the soft touch of my erect nipples. His hand went straight through my hairs as we again cuddled each other in a feverish kiss. I had become so exited that my pelvic were once again thrusting on his dick which I could feel it on my stomach and it was very hard and hot, the pre cum was oozing from the tip of his cock and I could feel the wetness in my stomach. His hand began to grope my breast for a moment and then it began to slide down over my belly. He found my navel and teased her there for some time. He then slithered down to the most sensitive part of a girl. Barely had his fingers been on my triangle that my hand came flying out of nowhere and grabbed his hand. “no.” I said in my soft and sensual voice. He said why not and I said I don’t know but I am feeling guilty. He took me in his arms and said please don’t worry its ok and we both us are enjoying this and I will not come in between you and you husband and we also love each other, so if we love each other then there is nothing wrong. Saying this he started kissing me and I also responded by taking him in my arms and her hands were all over his back and his head. My pelvic again thrusting on his cock and his cock was looking bigger now.

I could feel that I was melting now. And randip was not the one to miss this opportunity and so his hand began to slide down. This time I held his hand but soon let go of his hand as I too could not hold it for any longer. Randip’s hand reached my triangle and as he further moved down he could feel my soft and well shaved area, which he played for some time and then as his fingers went further down a shudder ran through me and I shivered as his fingers ran over her wet clits.

A subtle groan came through within me as he inserted his finger into my cunt. It was dripping wet. I jerked my body and began to moan like an animal. He said to me that you are very tight. I again blushed. Randip took my hand and placed it on his on top of his cock. It was by now hard as a rock. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it from the center. Randip’s finger was moving in my cunt now as I was groaning louder. Then he took my hand and told me to move it up and down the shaft of his dick. As I moved my hand up and down I said ohh my god! It’s so big and thick.” and I blushed. Randip said “then quench its fire with your nectar of love.” he replied cunningly. “oh, god! No. Please! No.” I pleaded and buried my head in his chest. His lightly pressed my clitoris and then I was at it again. His hand and finger were doing wonders, that I started groaning again. I slowly began to move his dick back and forth my thumb caressing the tip of his penis’ head. We fondled each other for quite sometime and then he told me to take his cock in my mouth. I repulsed and said that its so big and I can never take it in my mouth, it will never fit in my mouth and I said that I has never done it to any one else other then her husband. He made me sit on the sofa and he was standing in front

Facing me. Now I could see his cock which was still in my hand clearly as it was just inches away from my face. I was surprised to see its size. It was really very big cock. My husband’s size was less then 6 inch and very thin but randip’s cock

Was very thick and big. Must have been 8 inch plus. His cock was right in front of my mouth and he again told to take it in my mouth. I once again said no please no I cant its so big. It had a big purple knob which was double the size of my husband and then the shaft of his cock was even thicker. I was just wondering that how could a girl take in such a big cock. But after coxing a few times I went down on my knees. I pulled his cock down in front of my face and then released it, it sprang up like an angry lion to its full length and jumped in front of me. I grabbed it in my delicate hand, my soft fingers encircling it. I examined it thoroughly from all angles and said appreciatively, “you are endowed with a real monster, big and thick. My lips parted as I moved forward to take his penis in my mouth. My tongue wriggling his cock. And I slowly started licking the complete shaft up and down. I now began to enjoy it. And opened my mouth wide and put his cock head in my mouth and sucked him in. I was very good at giving blow jobs and really turned sameer on when I did it to him. I started by stroking his member gently, to and fro and my mouth was filling with saliva, which started dripping down my chin and on to my boobs. I sucked hard and sometimes a slurping sound escaped from my mouth, which was strangely very erotic. I moved my head back and forth and began to suck at the same time. My tongue was licking every part of randip’s huge cock. I was now sucking his juices right out of his body then randip took out his penis from my mouth before he could ejaculate.

Randip pushed me back on the sofa and said that I want to lick you down there. I did not say anything and threw my head back on the sofa and closed my eyes. Randip took this hint as yes, he came and sat in front of me he held me from my waist and tried to pull me towards him so that he could lick me. To my amazement as well to randip’s I actually helped him get my self closer him by lifting my hips and moving to the edge of the sofa. He folded my naked legs and spread them. My both legs were now on the arm rest of the sofa and cunt wide open. His hand soon grabbed my knee of the raised foot and began to slide down. My pussy now lay bared to him, cradled in the nest of my well shaved pubic hairs. Lying there waiting for randip to discover it. Randip kissed me on my thighs and his tongue soon began to explore the clandestine parts of me. Am sure randip could now smell my feminist odor. His tongue then began to graze on my clits. I grabbed him by his hair and began to push him, deep inside me. His tongue ravaged the insides of my pussy and he began to taste hungrily at my juices. “shittt!” I exclaimed as both my legs began to curl up in position.

I pushed him more inside and he almost suffocated. His mouth was inside me, his tongue dwelling inside tasting my fluid and stroking what was my g-spot. I was dying as I had never been licked down there by my husband for a very long time and more over sameer never licked me as randip was doing. I was nearing a climax and started moaning like a animal. When I had cum I let go a loud scream which could have woken up the neighbors. He pushed himself up on my belly and his tongue began to play with my navel. I had her hands over his back imploring him to get back to my wet orifice. Randip did as I wanted and started licking again as I wanted another orgasm. He kept on doing this till the time I started moaning loudly and my body was shivering. My head started tossing form right to left and I griped the arm rest of the sofa tightly and my moans were getting louder and breath harder again. Then suddenly I thrust my hips up in the air and this gave randip a chance to put his tongue deep inside my cunt. It was darting in and out of my cunt very fast. I knew I was is going to come any time now. And then I let out another loud scream, threw my head back and my chest came up, my breast up in the air like two peaks. My body stiffened for some time then a loud ahhhh escaped my mouth and I came down to the sofa. A smile on my face said every thing and I said you are too good randip, I never enjoyed it so much.

Then randip said lets go to the room and make love and you will enjoy it even more there. I said “you really don’t mean to put that thing into me, do you?” I asked rather coyly. Randip said “yes honey, and you and me are going to enjoy every bit of it.”. “Jesus!!! Save me.” I moaned and closed my eyes and then said “randip I cant do it, I can never take that monster inside me. Please randip no I cant do it’.

Randip got up lifted me in his arms and moved towards his room, which was his bedroom when he as carrying me in his arms to the room I was protesting to radip. I was still saying that I cant take it in randip please don’t do it. Randip was in no mood to listen to me now as he was getting a female after a very long time. As we reached the room he put me on the bed. Randip said to me “don’t worry sweet heart it will be pleasurable.” he assured me. Gently running his fingers through my hair. Then he went to the dressing table and got a tube of key jelly and started applying it on his huge cock and then he put a lot of it on my cunt and massaged it there.

Randip then came to the bed near me and slowly spread my legs and as he was doing it I felt a shiver run down my spine as I was still scared of that cock of his but heart in heart I want to have in my tight cunt. He came in between my legs and positioned himself on top of me in between my legs and his cock was close to my wet and lubricated pussy and he was ready to fuck me tight cunt. All this time he was gently stroking my hair to pacify. I bit my lip as his huge cock touched my clits and parted them and my hands came over his hips as he slowly entered me.

“ohhh!!! You are so tight.” he said as he gave a bit more force . My body arched and I threw back my head lifting up my chest. He took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking them hard. Randip then slowly pushed his hips and his huge purple head of his cock was almost inside my cunt. “unnnhh!!! Nooo.” I yelled and said please randip take it out its too painful and I cant take it in.

Randip said that I have never had pussy so tight as yours and I can feel my dick burn as my head of cock entered you. I said that even I never thought that a cock could be so big as yours and my husbands cock is not even half your size. Randip said that that’s why your cunt is so tight cause he has not fucked you enough. The head was now fully inside her. He kept on stroking my hair and interchanged my nipples and sucked them and occasionally kept kissing me. I began to wriggle like a snake trying desperately to escape from the eagle’s claws. I said please enough don’t put in more I cant take it. But randip was in no mood to listen to me. Randip made a strong move and forced his huge cock deep inside me and half of his cock was now inside my tight cunt. I yelled and screamed and said no, please randip its hurting me. I began to plead. My pleading only made him hornier as he began to again thrust his cock deep into me. I began to shout and moan in pain and another loud aahhhhh nooooooooooo escaped my mouth. He placed his hands on under my shoulder and grabbed me tightly so that I could not move at all and also put his complete weight on my body. Randip’s mouth went over mine and he took out his cock till the tip of his cock and again thrust his cock into my cunt with a very hard push. This time I threw my head back and yelped. “aaaaagggh!” and randip’s cock was now fully inside my cunt. I once again screamed loudly this time. But there was no once to hear my screams in his house with just me and randip alone in the house. My screams echoed through the house. My vaginal lips were stretched to its limit, now he was forcing the inner walls of my vaginal canal to stretch to accommodate him. I dug my nails in his back and tried my best to push him off but he was very strong and did not move off me. I was babbling incoherently and moaning loudly at the same time. My face was all sweated and in almost agony. Randip held me like that for some time kept kissing me and I said randip you almost killed me. Its so painful. You have bust my cunt and made me fell like a virgin again.

Randip grabbed my mouth with his and kept mauling my breasts. My hands came over his back and I was now nailing his back and biting his lips. He entered me deep inside as my paws encircled his back, guiding him inside me. Randip said that you are very tight. I said that now I will not be tight any more. Randip ’s prick began to thrust inside me, back and forth, first slowly and then vigorously. I too began to move my hips along with him. I was having an orgasm. Randip licked me face, my ears and my nipples and then I could feel a storm brewing inside me. In his excitement, randip’s cock slid out completely from my cunt. It looked even bigger now with his huge purple knob at the tip. His penis shining with both from the key jelly and with my juices. Now that he was out of me he again applied some key jelly over his shaft and pulled a pillow beneath my hips. He again opened my thighs apart and I didn’t resist anyway, as he again mounted me. He came over me and impatiently began prodding my loins with his penis. He was taking a long time to center because my cunt was still very tight and my hand emerged in between our groins, held his penis and guided it over to my wet vagina. Slowly he again gained entry into my cunt. Once fully inside, he again started humping me, slowly at first and then furiously. I was calling out his name and pulling at his chest hair, I was wild. In a short while he began thrusting inside me rapidly and after some time I moaned loudly and there were a lots of ahhhhhh and uuuuhhhhhhhh from me as I was coming and when I did come, loud scream came out of my mouth and followed by a loud aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. My body went stiff under randip for a while, my eyes rolled back and I gave a deep, satisfied sigh. We both held each other tight and randip increased his speed as he made his final force inside my pussy. Moments latter he ejaculated inside me and erupted his hot load deep into my cunt. I felt his thick warm cum shooting deep into my cunt. Wads and wads of thick warm cum shot into my vagina. He collapsed on my breasts with his penis buried in my cunt, his cum dribbling out from my vagina running down my thighs. He was perspiring and hugged me tight. I kissed him hard…tears in my eyes… what a fuck I had. I liked him lying on me…his huge penis buried deep in my cunt and filling it up and his cum never seemed to be stopping.. His cum continued to be pumped into my vagina.

Like a possessed woman I kissed him with wanton lust. After some time I felt his penis swelling and getting hard inside my cunt. My god….it was amazing. His penis becoming hard within few minute. He smiled at me. “again?” He questioned me ‘now baby…it will be my way’ he said. He told me to get into doggy position and I quickly turned over and got on fours on the bed and thrust my bottoms out presenting my pussy to him. Needing no instructions, randip grabbed my hips and held me by my waist. He positioned his huge cock head near my cunt lips and rubbed his cock head along the slit up and down. It was such a good feeling when he rubbed his cock on my slit that I was moaning with pleasure and as I could not hold any longer I yelled to him and said ohh randip fuck me, fuck me like a bitch. With a powerful lunge he thrust his penis into my cunt. I moaned out loudly in extreme pain and erotic pleasure as I felt his thick long penis forcing its way into my cunt. I went silent and then started panting wildly as he held my hips and was fucking me steadily long slow powerful thrusts.

He had complete control of my entire body now and was fucking steadily. His arms were now around my back and his hands were squeezing my nipples gently. I let out little moans as the fucking became more and more furious. My moans became screams, louder and louder. I was the only one in the world and didn’t care about anything but the monstrous penis I was being impaled by. My tits bounced up and down with every up-thrust of his dick. ‘Oh my god! It’s sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!!’ Randip then pushed me forward! On my huge heaving breasts, propped my ass on top of a pillow and began to go to fuck me earnestly.. He was like a man possessed. He shoved the entire length of his cock into me time and again. Thrusting in and out non-stop. This must have gone on for at least five minutes. All the time I screamed for more. He was squeezing my nipples and the pain of the nipples coupled with the pain of my stretched cunt made me buck into his thrusts.. ‘Aaaaaaagg ggggggg ggghhhhhhhh’ I moaned out in pleasure. I was on the verge of cuming and I started shouting and screaming. He got the hint that I was about to cum and he took his one hand to my clits and started rubbing that fast. I said, yaaa fuck me randip fuck me hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was coming fuck me aaaahhhhhhhhh and I climaxed.

I clamped down my cunt onto his penis and collapsed onto the bed. I felt randip pulling my legs down the bed and pushing me on my face down to the bed. His rock hard cock was still standing like a pole. He then began kissing my back and was gently massaging and squeezing my labial lips with his hands. I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the huge penis head was swelling up to it’s enormous proportions. I felt randip push the top of my back forward and spread my legs as he prepared to mount me the third time with his big dick. I grabbed the bed and anticipated the monster. ‘Oooooh!’ I moaned as he shoved it in me once again. His hands grasped my hips and worked it in and out of my tender little pussy. My vagina was aching and paining. I don’t think you can ever get used to something that big entering you. He started to fuck me harder and harder as I was being pushed against the bed. My body lay limp as randipl thrust his giant cock into me.
He grabbed me by my waist and started pounding his love machine deep into me .I came about three times during randip’s this intrusion. It took him longer, but when he finally climaxed, he came as forcefully as he had earlier. He kept pumping his warm cum in me. My god, it never seemed to stop. When he pulled out of my pussy, the thickness of his manhood caused it to remain gaping open for a time; the mixture of his cum and my juices trickled out and puddle atop the silken sheets. Lowering my legs, he collapsed on the bed and pulled my back in against him; wrapping my in his arms. Several minutes passed before either of us spoke; both preferring to savor the post-coital moment. I said, taking his hand in mine and kissing it. “i’ve wanted to do this since that first day I saw you as a newly wed bride also knew that sameer was not fucking you very well ,” replied randip.

They both of us went to the bathroom. We both had bath together and came out. Randip lifted me and put me on the bed. I just rolled over with my hips up and relaxed. Randip said sweetheart will you have another drink I said why not. He made drinks for both of us and also ordered lunch for both of us. When came to the bed I turned to face him and I saw his half limp cock dangling between his legs and it still looked very big.. As he came to me I took him in my arms and we started having Bacardi from the same glass. I kissed him and said that this is the best sex I have ever had in my life. Randip said that I am very tight and I blushed and said I that you are too big and I could never think that your cock could enter me. We kept having Bacardi and then I told him that did you not stop when I was crying and screaming, he said that my screams made him even more hornier and to top it I had not seen or had a cunt so tight so I could not control myself. I told randip that you cum so many that I could not believe that a man can cum so much. Randip said I wish you had tasted my cum. I told him that I have already tasted it when I had helped you masturbate that night as you had cum on my hand. After that I went to the bathroom and licked every drop on my hand and it tasted very nice. He took me in his arms and we both started kissing each other. After some time he started getting a hard on and I took the lead this time and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him hungrily till the time it was fully erect. Then he went down on me and started licking me till I got a climax. Then we did 69 position and I was finally ready to get fucked. This time again he used key jelly to lubricate me and his cock so that it was not painful for me. And when he entered me, I let out a loud ahhh again and said its still painful. So randip put his cock in slowly till I could get used to it. I had 3 climax this time and finally randip came inside me.


Dark Places

November 12th, 2012

8025522945457970580b0bfd538eccf5I reached the adult age in time but I want to know to do sex. I came to know this when I got my encounter with my neighbors Sudha .one day I was reading my course book and I heard the sound of buckets shattering and then I rose up and saw that Sudha coming up stairs with wash clothes. I sat and didn’t notice her but got the point that she was staring on me. Then I looked her and she smiled. Then I got an idea, as she turned I open my zip and took out my Lund and sat in such position that no one could see except her and then sit like that, that nothing is known. She turned and saw a 9’’ thing and stared and stared only and began to laugh at me in ironical way and then I stood up and start to masturbate in front of her. She was shocked and in 6-7min I came .it dropped on and she felt horny and horny then I moved and she also.

After some time she went to take bath and then came upstairs for keeping her wet clothes and gain found me in the same position and became horny and pass me a comment kya ab nahi raggdo kya and then went down stairs. After this incident and this comment I got much courage and the same thing many a time and every tie she saw me very carefully and felt happy. Thou she was not so well built but she is sexy to look upon. Her was29c-26-36 but she was dam sexy .she never cared about her clothes and always they are disordered. I thought that I only liked her but she also liked me. I got to know this that on one noon I saw her on roof and I went upstairs .at that time no one was on roof on any neighboring house than she lifted her sari and I became horny and then she said one more commentkya dheko gay and I was astonished to here such a bold reply and I just moved from there.

I then showed her many times and she used to come upstairs whenever possible to have a glance of my heaven. I was happy but I want the real thing. My 10th exam are over and I was free for 2 months and want to enjoy then one day came when my dreams could come true. That day my family had gone out of station and her family members are also not there. When her husband had gone I lock my house and she that is there anyone on the road and no one is there. I went close to her house and then have one more look and then jumped into the house and hide at a place and I got the knowledge that her son was there and I remain hide there, when he had gone I came out and sat in the drawing room very quietly she came there after 5 min and she cried on seeing me. I rushed and put my hand on her mouth and then fell over her. The 1st time on a lady. I got exited and my lund touch her vagina. She then pushed me why I was there I didn’t answer but move away from her and she sat on sofa .then I open my zip and took my lund out and place on her cheeks and then her lips and she became angry and she is going to speak any thing I inserted my lund in her mouth . she bit it and I give a cry but then she began to enjoy it. She started to suck lick and to move her hand on my Lund .after some time I was about to come and I force fully pulled it and at that time some of the sperms got into her mouth some on her chest and some on her clothes .she liked the taste.

At this time she told that I had made her dirty and then told that she is going to take a bath. She went and up to that time I had cleaned my lund and was about to leave that she gave me a call and asked me to bring her towel from her bedroom. I was surprised but I did it and give her. After few seconds she came out and she was in front of me only in towels and I am exited and a tent appear in pant. she had a notice over it and then she touched my balls, and waved her hand to follow her. I followed her and in the bedroom she sat on the chair in such a way that I got the look of heaven. Now I could not control and moved towards her and lift her in my hands. Put her on her bed and took out her towel. She was naked before me and I open my clothes to.

Then my first fucking starts and I kissed her everywhere and she also did the same thing and now the turn of her booba came up. I started to drink the milk, firstly no milk came but as soon as I placed my finger on her ched it squeeze out at once and I liked its taste. As milking Sudha was over I placed my cock in her ched and started to move it in and out because I knew that she have a safe period these days. I fucked her for 15 min and then I came into her and then kept it into it for some more time because she is having a tight hole in spite of 2 child. Then I was about to move then she bagged me for my milk and I permit her now I told her to masturbate me slowly and in 5 min I came in exited state and then she have my milk. Then I also took her breast once more and then wore my clothes. And went to my home , I went to upstairs after 1 hour I saw her there and now this is our daily routine.

“Nahin!” Zahid said firmly holding her tightly and frustrating her attempts to turn around. He roughly squeezed her breast and he rubbed his cock against her butt. “Tumari gaand ya tumari choot.eik sai muza lunga mei” (You ass or your cunt. One is going to get pumped) He vowed harshly into her ear.

They struggled but he was stronger, younger and after all, horny.

She was not weaker, but her resolve was grumbling as she felt her body getting turned on by his manhandling of her breasts and the feel of his cock against her ass cheeks.

Nargis stopped resisting him and was silent for a moment. Then she said softly but firmly, “Oil me first”.

Zahid gave a whoop of joy and reached up to the medicine cabinet where his olive oil hair oil was kept.

Nargis positioned herself. Bending over and parting her legs slightly, as her married life, experience had taught her.

She felt the oiliness fall onto her butt crack and his finger pushing the oil into her back hole. She saw Zahid’s lean muscular legs and saw his hand cup and oil his balls and though out of sight, she hoped his shaft was also being oiled.

Finally after a few minutes of pumping her ass hole with oily fingers, Zahid aimed his cock head at the lubricated target of her anus and pushed.

Nargis groaned holding onto the wall as Zahid pushed into her rectum.

“Slowly!” She pleaded She was aware that he was an inexperienced boy with fucking on his mind, so she would have to guide him or end up unable to sit for a few days.

Zahid was neither slow or gentle he just pumped and fucked her ignoring her cries until with a groan he shot his second load deep into her ass.

Nargis panted and cursed him.

Later on that night as Nargis lay in bed struggling with guilt; Zahid lay down beside her and hugged her tightly.

They had both showered and after the fuck in the bathroom. Nargis had dressed cursing him for the pain she felt in her butt.

As she lay there listening to the sound of the thunder now distant as the storm moved off, she allowed Zahid to undress her. He pulled her kamiz up over her head, removed her bra and tugged her shalwar down. For some reason, she didn’t understand, her white panties were left on. They seemed to hold an erotic fascination for Zahid. He caressed the fabric of her panties lovingly. Tracing the shape of her camel toe pussy with his fingertips and leaning down between her legs to smell her as he rubbed her slit and clit through the soft fabric. Nargis allowed him to freely feel and explore her body. Zahid’s hands, pushing under her panty waistband to continue fingering her as he sucked and squeezed on her nipples, hungrily.

After 10 or so minutes of this pussy wetting, fingering; Zahid lay down on his back beside her on the bed and sucked his pussy flavored fingers as he pulled up and down on his cock.

Nargis watched him silently, her own fingers replacing his at her clit and finishing what he had failed to finish. She came over her fingers in her panties, with a soft almost inaudible moan of pure pleasure.

Zahid took her hand and placed it around his stiff bloated prick. Grasping her hand in his, he began to pump his cock.

He placed his free hand behind her head and gently coaxed it towards his shaft.

Nargis understood at once and adjusting her position she took hold of his shaft and licked the mushroom head.

“Oooooooooooooh!” He moaned as she sucked his cock head and manipulated his balls.

“I love you Baji,” He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

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The Night Of Silk

November 11th, 2012

2c9001e0c605b2de1d653391c8c26cf2I had a beautiful neighbour. a gorgeous lady, fairest of the fair, full of flesh at places required, lovely lusty lips, big eyes, silky hair going down to her back, covering all her back. you could hardly see anypart of her back, except black hair if was left open and she used to keep them open. the tips of the hair, dancing on the buttocks with every moment of her’s. Shaped and fleshy ass tightly wrapped in silk. in silk running all through her body which was no less then silk. a silk smitha u can say. lovely hands always half covered in a blouse and the rest half shining with their fair color. the breasts, ufffff, what to mention, never one could see her without the silk saree covering them. a hidden treasure. but for sure her rest of the body was mentioning that they were just the best of treasures hidden there.

always with open hair, a bindi at the forhead, lipstick on the lips, all the body covered in silk, and a mangal sutra in her neck with bangles in her hand , a lovely beautiful gorgeous indian wife. a wife of age 25. a fully matured one. one which has gone through the nights of initial sex desires. one which has blossomed her body to the full lust. she was a married lady for three years now. without a child.

a curosity to see her used to persist in my eyes right through the day. i used to call her bhabhi ji. a glimpse of her smiling face, a vision of her moving body, a moment of her open hair used to turn me on. but never could dare to mention anything to her.

once my family was out of town. and being the immediate neighbour, she came to my flat asking me to have a dinner with them. who wanted more. i said thanks a lot bhabhi ji, i am coming in 10-15 minutes. i changed to my kurta pyjama, a light green one and got ready to move to lovely bhabhi ji’s home. though her husband was a very soft spoken man but i was more interested in seeing her, more and more. i pressed the doorbell. she was at the door. opened it with her million dollor smile. and wow, what to mention. my fantasy lady was in green silk. green plain silk, covering her fully except that little part of her stomach and the hands and the lovely neck portion. let me tell u, i dont know why, the covered body in clothes was making me hard and hard to resist, what is she comes nude. uffffff. she smiled and greeted me. saying ‘please come’. i too smiled and said ‘thank you’. she pushed back the door. and asked me to sit on the sofa. i sat there and was curious to know where her hubby was. she went to the kitchen to get some water. she came and offered me the water leaning a bit. her hair come to the front from the side. long hair has always been my fantasy and long hair of this gorgeous lady were remarkable. i took the glass with having the first touch of her fingers. running waves in my body. and asked her that where is sumeet, her hubby. she said, he has gone to mumbai this morning. and that was nothing less then the biggest wish of mine at that moment. i am alone with her tonight. in her flat.

she asked me to come for the dinner and i was behind her, looking at the silky body in front of me, lovely hair, falling on her ass. we had a lovely dinner, but i had a lovely feast of seeing her. seeing her eating, looking at me now and then, smiling, talking to me, hands going here and there for dishes.

after the dinner, she brought some fruit cream. came near to me to put some in my bowl. while doing so, she was most near to me. not a touch but still i could smell her and the almighty was with me. i couldnt control and my hand went up her ass giving her a small touch of my fingers. she could sense it but didnt say anything. or probably didnt sense it. while moving away, by mistake, the bowl turned and the cream fell on my laps. she said, ‘oh i am so sorry, very sorry’. i said ‘nahin koi baat nahin bhabhi ji. main change karke aata hoon (never mind bhabhi ji, i shall change and come)’. she said, ‘ab kahan jaiyega, i will give u one of sumeet, come (where to go now, come i shall give u one of sumeet)’ and she was walking to her bedroom. i was walking behind her, to her bedroom. where my dreamgirl used to sleep, used to change, used to get naked and also used to get laid under her husband. the room was a tidy and nicely decorated one. with light blue silk bedsheet on it. now i was curious, i couldnt resist asking her that does she love silk and only silk. she said why. i said i have always seen u in silk sarees only. and this bedsheet is again a silk one. she smiled. looking deep in my eyes. she caught me that i used to see her and note her practises. she said, yes she loved silk and loves it a lot. she offered me another set of kurta pyjama coming near to me and saying ki lijiye aap change kar lijiye (take it, change it). i said thanks and changed to them in a couple of minutes using her bathroom. bathroom where she used to bath.

when i came out she was sitting on the sofa and i too went and sat next to her. she said, ‘lijiye ab aaram se khalijiye and by the way, aap ache lag rahe hain.(now eat this and by the way you are looking nice)’ i said, ‘sub aapki meharbani hai’. ‘aap bhi bahut achi lag rahi hai (even you are looking fine)’ i could say gathering courage. she turned her face smiling and said ‘ thanks’. i asked her further, sumeet kub aayenge (when would sumeet be back). she said, ‘kal (tommorow). i asked ‘aapko akele darr nahin lagta itne bade flat mein (are you not afraid being alone in such a big flat)’. she said, nahin aap jo hai saath mein (no, because you are with me)’. i was not able to calculate what was in the store for me. i said, ‘main to abhi chala jaunga then you will alone na (i will go in some time and then you will alone)’. she said, ‘aap nahin jayenge then to i shall not be alone (if you dont, then i am not alone)’. this was more and more then enough for me.

i slowly took my hand to her face, covered it fully from one side, turned it to me. and believe me, she was having tears in her eyes. i could not understand. i said, ‘what’s the matter’. why are you crying. and before saying anything she was close to me. on my chest. hiding her face in my chest. sobbing. sobbing badly. i was confused. what to do. i caressed her back. her hair. though not in good conditions, but i got a chance to caress her body. i took all her hair to one side and caressed her body slowly. consoling her. i held her to me. close. her sobbing was in control. i said what happened bhabhi. she held both her hands around me and said, hiddingly ‘promise me, you will not say anything to anyone. i am in deep problems’. i said ‘i promise you. please tell me. she said ‘three years of marraige and she is not able to concieve. sumeet’s mother wants a grandson, hence is persuing her son to leave her. and has called her son for this matter to mumbai’. she said ‘ i have got all the tests done. i am perfectly ok’. i said, ‘has sumeet also got them done. she said ‘no, he says, males are always healthy and dont require any. he is fine and good’. i lifted her face to look directly in her eyes, she saw in my eyes and was blunt to tell me, ‘mera ghar bacha lijiye. mere uper se yeh banjh ka label hata dijiye(save my home, remove this label from me). i have faith on you. please dont tell anyone.’. i was stunned. stunned to my heart. my dreamgirl was begging for it but all the things were changed.

she was looking at me with all her smiles gone, with dried tears on her face, with a questioning mouth. i said ‘bhabhi, i too desired you since i saw you. I promise you to not to break your faith in me. I will not mention anything to anyone.’. holding both the shoulders, I brought her close to me, my heart. saying ‘i love you bhabhi’. she said, ‘nita kaho na mujhe ya neetu (call me nita or neetu)’. ‘neetu, my darling neetu, love you neetu’ my hands were on her back. she said ‘you relieve me. am i acceptable to you’ she said. my hands were saying it all. i took one of them to her buttocks, pressing them, i said, ‘my hands shall give u all the ansers’. she said, ‘let us go inside’. she was desperate. so was i.

we were both in the bedroom. the room was mine. minutes before i wished it and it was mine. i hugged her. hugged her close. tight. with al my might. she too responded. her chest was widely on my chest. i could feel her breast for the first time. the hidden treasure was mine. i lifted her face. her eyes were down. i asked her to see into me. shyness was all around her face. looked at me for a sec and her eyes were again down. my lips were on hers. ooooohhhhhhhh my dream was coming true. i was kissing her lovely lips. slowly rubbing her lips my hands were travelling down to her hands from her shoulders, brought them both to my neck and asked her to club me in her arms and love me. she obeyed the unsaid. she opened the lips and i was sucking them. sucking them, stroking them with my lips and the tongue. with my tongue moving inside her mouth. the fairest of the fair lady was in my arms, her face was nearest to me and i was kissing her, licking her mouth. i was badly rubbing all her body with both my hands. she too felt the hunger of my hands and responses were coming as her hands were tight on my neck now. my hands went on her buttocks, pressing her to me. and she moaned. freeing her mouth from my mouth, she moaned looking in my eyes, i could not resist more, my hands were on the silk there, more to float. the silk was helping me. she hide her face in her hands, anticipating the future of this night. the night of silk. the night of passion. Slowly my hands were on the side of her buttocks, i was moving one of them slowly, slowly to the place of love. to the hot point of my dreamgirl. my other hand went up. up to her stomach. and still continuing up. and believe me, i was on her breast. ooooohhhh, the soft press of that breast, made my cock, run into shivers. ufff, i pressed it. pressed it and she moaned. she moaned saying ‘slowly……….’ i was beyond control. my other hand was on her legs. just there. in the midle of the legs. where the union of legs is there. at her pussy. yes she was mine. my hands pressing her boobs, my hand rubbing her pussy all in clothes. sorry in silk. i wanted her now. i was dying for it . i asked her in my eyes, and she too invited me in her eyes. my hand removed the saree from her breasts. and two aroused fruits were standing in that tight silk blouse. she hide her face in my chest. but that denied me the view of that lovely body. i held her by the shoulders, pushed her away from my chest. in front of me. looking and touching them slowly. as though they were something i have desired for years. i couldnt resist pressing them hard. she moaned. my hands were rubbing them hard. she stood and moaned. she wanted the rubbing i suppose. she was erectly standing and allowing my hands more and more. and i could not control. my hands were busy unbuttoning those lovely ones. there wasent any question of any resistance, she was mine as per her wish. i opened them all, and inside was a white net bra, covering the breasts of my darling neetu, more was out of the net of the bra, because it couldnt handle the heat in them. i removed her blouse and was holding her shoulders. bringing my hands slowly to her breasts. i said ‘neetu, you have a lovely body. your breasts are just making me mad’. she smiled and said, ‘they are for you. come, have them. rub them, suck them dear, lick them ‘. i was feeling my response in my hard on cock of whatever she said. i took one of her hands in my hands and took it there. placed it on my cock. and the indian wife was dying of shyness. she just hide in me. holding me. saying, ‘mujhe aur na maaro sharm mein. lights off kardo na ( i am dying of shyness, puts the lights off)’. i said ‘no neetu, aaj mujhe yeh sangemarmar sa badan, pure ujale mein hi dekhna hai. mujhe ab mat roko. and my hands were removing her saree. the silk was in a hurry too. it was off her body, on the floor. leaving my love only in the white lacy bra, long open hair, hungry body, and why a peticot. i opened the side knot of the same and in a flash it was off to the floor. my lady was in a white matching panty. and her lovely legs, the smooth silky body naked in front of me. for me to touch, kiss and love. i touched her thighs. my hands were uncontrollably roaming there. on her thighs. on her legs. on her panty. and she was dying of all the shyness in the world but was allowing me to. i said ‘marvellous. tum bahut sundar ho neetu’. she said ‘aapki hoon, jaisi bhi hoon’. i was busy now getting rid of my kurta and pyjama. i used to wear a vest and an underwear. the bulge there, looking at it she smiled and looked at me. i teased her, yeh aapke liye hai neetu. lo, apne haathon mein lelo isko. her hand was rubbing me on the underwear. i removed it all of a sudden and her hand was there, on my naked cock. she said, ooohhhhh ooohhhh. shy wife was mixed with a lusty and hungry women. i removed all my clothes. and asked her to do the same, she said, aap hi.. itna hi kah payi woh. i got the message and my hands were opening the hooks of her bra, the front opener is always more sexy you know. i opened it and removing both the cups of the bra brought the lovely bare fruits of her breast for me. the nipples in between, those aroused ones, those brown coloured cherries were so inviting. i just left the bra hanging and my lips were there on that nipple whhich was invitng me. she moaned but all the same the feeling of feeding her lover was there. her hand was below the breast holding it and with the other hand she took it in my hair and holding her nipple with both the fingers she said, lo lo, peelo isko. aaj iski pyas bhuja do please, peelo. i was above the world. i was sucking her. sucking her with all my hunger. rolling my tongue around her nipple. taking it as much as i can. smooching it. biting it gently. i could do everything i enjoyed the feed of my dream lady. my hands meanwhile have removed her panty down on her legs. and there , she was naked in front of me. all her body, viewing for me. giving me all the looks. those lovely standing breasts, that great hair now all around her shoulders, her naked legs, close to each other, trying to hide what it couldnt. the clean shaved pussy the fairest color. and she was not shy now. she put both her hands forward asking me to come to her. and that was a surrender. a surrender of love. a surrender of sex. maine usko gale se laga liya. both of us touching all the parts of our body. my hands and my one leg, exploring the lovely naked beauty. i said, chalo na neetu, ab aur nahin bardasht horaha mujhe tumhare andar sama jana hai. mujhe tumhara badan bula raha hai. take me in dear. take me inside your organ and give me all the shivers of love you can. she said, aaiye, chaliye.. and we both were on the bed. exploring all our bodies with each other. she was not at all shy now and was enjoying all the touches of my lips on her legs, on her thighs, i kissed her pussy, but couldnt go further because i wanted to take something more there. i kissed her belly button, i was pressing her legs below my body. she was caressing my hair and pulling me too. i was moving towards her breasts. i pressed them both. i fiddled with them mercylessly. her moaning wwas all increasing with every of my press. she took both her legs out from under me, locking them around my waist and making all the room for my to enter her. that was the time when i asked her, meri neetu ko main apna bana lu na, and she said, haan jaldi bana lo, nahin to main marr jaungi. and i took my cock, placed it at the tip of her pussy, pushing it a bit and there it was moving inside her. a bit slowly, aah,,, she could say. i was not in a mood to control it now and all my thrust pushed it inside her wet pussy and deep into her. her hands were at my back and the face was near my lips. i started kissing her passionately and started my thrusts at the bottom. she accepted me accepted me and started in rhythm to my pushes. i was fucking her slowly and then how could one control , my pace went on and on and her body was flaying under me with her hands badly roaming all around me saying to go on and on. i was stroking all her pussy, and licking her face. it was becoming wild and the thrusts increased. increased till i could say, neettuuuu, take me neetuuuuuu, i want to cum now…. and she said, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm tthhhhhheeeekkk haiiii.

i came in her. the silk smita was mine that night. we enjoyed and enjoyed all our wishes. the night was as though filled with our love. i loved my dream neetu, again after a couple of days. but this time it was a different way. i shall share that too with u.

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