Fucking hot bhabhi Anandita

November 6th, 2012

Let me tell u how I fucked my luscious bhabhi Anandita. This is a long erotic story about the luscious story believe me she is more stunning than the story. She is from Bengal, a 26 yr old babe with a whitish complexion, nice apple sized tits (normally Bengali girl have full ripe breasts) and a nice, tight but big ass which moves with a lot of sexual promise.
I was in my first year and would not think much about her in a dirty way. But her sexy smile and her teasing butt would make me hard and I would feel guilty. After masturbation I would secretly scold myself for having bad thoughts for my nice and kind bhabhi.



December 23rd, 2011

Hi this is Shahzad here I would like to tell you a story, which happened with me recently, First I would like to tell you some thing about me, I am Male & 21 years of age & live in Pakistan (Karachi) and also a student of B_Com and I take coaching class of B_Com and my coaching center is Co-education means girls also study with me and I have also friendship with girls. Any way in my class there is one girl, she is very cute and lovable girl her name is Shaheen and she has also shown her interest towards me many times but I fail to reply her due to lack of my courage. Now the story began, this happened in summer season and I love summer season very much specially rainy days. One day season was very cold and rain was starting but rain was not very much but sufficient to stop class and I had to go home then Shaheen told me that come and sit in my car so she would drop me and if you cannot come in my car then you cannot feel well and then I realized that the idea was right so I sat in her car and she started the car and also see my paint.

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Banging young nurse

December 2nd, 2011

Hi to all readers of Indian Sex Stories. I am Jairaj from Kerala, now working in Calcutta. I am 43 years old, but energetic, enthusiastic and very young at heart. As good luck had always smiled on me because of my charismatic nature, I had a stream of relationships with girls and ladies in my life which I would like to share with you.

Let me tell you my experience with a young South Indian nurse in a nursing home at Kolkata.

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Ruchi – My first fuck

November 24th, 2011

Hi, I am Ruchi from Delhi, I was born and brought at Delhi, My parents stay little far, I studied in a good school there. I am now 32 yrs old, unmarried. Actually a whore in simple words. I will take you through my life in due course. My best friend actually put me into this and there has been no turning back. I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine, he too stays here at Delhi, infact we are in the same locality. Let me call him as Ankit. We studied together in the same school. We had a crush for each other from our childhood. We have petted and had little oral sex while at school, but while in college we have gone beyond limits. This is how my first encounter went along. Both our parents work so there is no one at his place or mine during working hours.

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Sexy Sohini sexperience

November 2nd, 2011

Vijay always cherished the fresh cool morning breeze in between the occasional sips of Darjeeling tea. But it was a luxury he could hardly afford even a month back. His morning aerobics and after that his office always kept him occupied.
Things have been different ever since he retired. Now he would get up early only to enjoy the morning freshness. Certainly, he was enjoying retired life. His son, Rohit was in the United States doing his Masters. At times Vijay longed to see him again.
Of course, he makes it a point to get in touch over the phone once every week. Besides, there is Shila, ever so understanding and considerate. Vijay felt lucky to have her as his wife. Now, when she is away visiting her old mother in Poona, he missed her.



October 23rd, 2011

Hi, I am a regular reader of Indian-stories and I always wished that I should have such a beautiful life as these people writing the stories have. But I didn?t have to wait too long b?cos in the last few months I too had a wonderful experience which I?m going to tell you all. It all began when I joined a new college after completing my 12th std. I was a new guy and gradually made friendship with my classmates. Amongst them were a few girls out of which I was attracted to 1 girl particularly. Her name was Sanyukta. She was a sex bomb of our college. But I being very open -minded enjoyed a good friendship with her. Soon we became very good friends. We used to bunk the lectures and go to movies and Beaches, etc. We were just enjoying good friendship.


Suhaagg Raat Ki Kahani

October 2nd, 2011

Hello friends, I am very old reader of this site but this is my first time to write about mine own experience the first one which opened a new world for me. This is about my first wedding night or u can say soohag ratt. I am now thirty years old women having two kids aged ten and six, figure of 40-31-36.Keep it mind I am not a story writer, Any way at the age of nineteen I was marries with a handsome guy who was my cousin. I don’t know about sex any thing and one of my cousin friend told me about how I should react with my hubby on very first night. Here the night begins, Waoo What A Night:


Act Of Revenge (Gay)

September 24th, 2011

Hi I am Furqan, I am 19 years old and what I am going to tell you its whole truth. My parents were very strict and they didn’t let me go out very much. I was like a house prisoner. School, home, studies and some TV that was my life I was tired of it. The story began when my grandma (she lives in a village of Sind.) wished to see us. My father decided that we will go there and spend two or three days but I had test to attend right next day I informed them about it so they told me to drop it. I was good at studies but this test was very important for me. They decided to go, taking my younger brother along with them. Before going my mother told my aunt ( who live next door to us. ) to take care of me. I was alone for two days.

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Sex with Sexy Aarti and Pooja

August 25th, 2011

I am Raj. A 29 year old some flashy married man. This is my first time to write a story for u. Its a real story of two sisters name Aarti and Pooja.
Aarti is older she is 27 years and having a real good figure 34-25-36 fair tall and very sexy.she is my wife. I am married to her for last 1 and a half year and I don’t think that there is not a day passed without having sex with her. I am telling the story about my sister-in-law means my sali Pooja.

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Naughty Daughter Mala

August 2nd, 2011

I’m 38 years old tall and handsome man, I got married at the age of 21 when I was graduated from Uni. My wife was 18 years at that time, I have such a beautiful and good wife and we are made for each other. We got two daughters, both are beautiful, while my wife was busy with younger one I’m more attached to elder one Mala, she too very affectionate with me and it’s a good way to relax by spending time with beautiful kids. Well she is now early sixteen,studying in 10+1 and it happened recently. It’s really sexy to see when Mala return from her school, in her short skirts and tight white shirts.


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