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Sex in Public Bus

This is the first time im writing about my experiences on net……. I hope you like this one. Well, im a tall girl 5’8” with big large breasts. Im fair in complexion and am not a keralite. This is my experience in a bus that took place around two years ago. Im 20 now so at that time I was 18. Im a fashion and fitness freak and I try my level best to look good wherever I am.

I was leaving my friends place at was searching for an auto but thanks to the auto strike I couldn’t find a single one..
I was dressed in a mini skirt and a sexy revealing tank top, red in colour(one of my favourites……) So I had no other option but use the public transport as I had to reach home quickly.
So as it is the bus was very very over crowded( it was around 5:30 pm). I still managed to get into the bus.
I noticed there was a majority of males in that bus and only a couple of ladies including me.
The lights inside the bus flickered and in an instant the bus was dark.
I was holding the handle of the seat in front of me and was litterly suffocating in that bus.
I was surrounded by all sorts of hungry looking men waiting for the opportunity to grab hold of me.
The bus moved and then it stopped at the next stop. More men loaded the bus and I noticed the 2 other ladies stepped out. Now I was the ONLY lady in the bus and was pushed even closer to those hungry looking men.
But still I managed to stand.
Suddenly I felt something moving over my hips. As I turned around a man aroung 40 years of age was looking at my bottoms lustily.
I admit I have quite a good body.i decided to ignore him as I didn’t want to create a scene in a bus where I was the only girl.
He then again put his hand on my bottoms and this time was rubbing them like a crazy person. As I was about to turn and make him stop doing such stuff, the bus halted abruptly and the man standing in front of me fell over me( actually on my breasts). Instead of taking support of the handles or anything of that sort, he held my breasts and gave them a quick massage
I was feeling really awkward at what was happening to me. There were other men rubbing their bodies against mine. There were men surrounding almost all parts of my body.the man who was feeling my bottoms started squeezing them and as I said I was wearing a mini so he tried rushing his hand inside the skirt and felt my panty.
Initially I was very uncomfortable but soon after I enjoyed all this.
Meanwhile the man who fell over me was continuously staring at my breasts and I wanted to have some fun so I bent down a little so that he and others standing near him could have a GOOD view of my assets.
They were sooo horny and hungry and lusty by now.
Even the men who were standing behind me saw a little exposed part of my hips.
They were tooooooo glad to see them I felt.
We felt another jerk and all the men fell over me. Men behind me, grabbed my ass, in front of me, held my breasts and there was a fellow who tightly held my exposed belly.
For an instant I felt like a whore………….
Then my stop came and I realised I was getting late.
So I rushed to my home.
I still saw those hungry men looking out of the windows to have a glimpse of me……
But it was a real fun experience.

Hope you all liked it.

For some chats or some similar experiences you can e-mail me at sexymallika86@yahoo.co.in

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