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The Bus Ride

Charu pressed her side against the pole that stood in the middle of the train, clinging to it in a desperate attempt to stay on her feet and near the door of the over crowded bus. In many more rural areas of her country men and women wouldn’t even touch one another, but here in Bombay things were not quite so strict; especially when it came to riding on the bus.

Once you stepped onto the bus it was like entering another world, one where the usual customs and laws often had to be suspended. Old, rickety and always crowded to far beyond capacity the busses were a menace. Once you got on there was no guarantee that you would actually manage to push your way through the crowd to the door once you reached your stop. In such conditions it was impossible to avoid contacting members of the opposite sex, however, once you stepped foot back on the solid ground outside the bus, all bets were off. Bombay was more progressive then many parts of India, but there were still strict expectations of Indian girls’ behavior.

Charu held tightly to the bar as the bus ground to a halt. A press of bodies slammed into her from behind and she was forced to press back against them in order to avoid being thrown out the doors when they opened. Even as a flood of people pushed past her to get off she held her ground. Her stop wasn’t for quite some time but there was no way she was going to miss it because of being stuck in the throng of people behind her.

As the doors folded shut once more, and the mass of people left on the bus, including the dozen or so that had just boarded at the last stop shifted to try and find a comfortable position, Charu thought she felt something, something unusual. She was still un used to riding the bus and the proximity of all these men with their masculine scent and hard bodies was pretty overwhelming all by itself, but she thought she’d done a pretty good job of blotting all that out, until now.

Somebody was pressed up tight against her from behind. That wasn’t all that unusual really, but what was unusual was how perfectly in line with her body they were. They were standing directly behind her, were she to let go of the bar and reach back she was quite certain that her arm would line up with their arm, on either side. Standing directly behind her as they were, she couldn’t move at all, on one side was the bar she was clinging to, on the other a throng of humanity. The door was in front of her, and she daren’t put even the slightest pressure on it or it would be likely to open and spill her to the ground, and this man, for it was a man she could tell by the hardness of his frame, was directly behind her.
Taking a deep breath Charu steadied her nerves. It was okay, her stop would come up before too long and she could get off, she only had to maintain her composure until then, surely she could do that. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, and wiped the sweat from her hand that was not holding the bar, off on her sari. Just a few more stops.
That’s when the man behind her took a half step forward, placing one of his feet between her own and pressing himself tight up against her. Charu stifled a scream of shock and tightened her grip on the bar. Then she felt it. At first she wasn’t sure what it was, this long hard lump that was pressing against her bottom, and as all the possibilities of what it might be flipped through her mind she flushed with shame and embarrassment as she realized that it must be this strangers manhood. She tried to pull away, but there was no where for her to go.

The bus lurched to a stop and the doors opened, Charu was about to get off, even though this wasn’t her stop, when suddenly a flood of people came in the door she was standing by. Much to her horror she found herself swept away from the door, away from the bar to which she’d been clinging, and pushed harder back against this strange man’s erection. She twisted, trying to get free, to find a way away, to the door, or even just away from this man and his shameful penis, but it was in vain. All her wiggling served to do was to make his manhood grow and throb against her bottom.

As the bus doors closed and the vehicle began to rattle down the street once more she realized that the movement of the bus was rubbing this man against her, and, much to her horror, she thought she felt his fingers delicately playing with her bottom as well.

Slowly the hem of her sari began to rise, and she looked around frantically. No one could see what was happening, the way the man behind her was standing and the way he was lifting her skirt, no one would be able to see. As he pulled it up around her waist Charu wondered why she didn’t cry out, call for help, this man would be stoned for what he was doing to her, but she realized that a part of her wanted him to, a part of her was curious and wanted to find out what would happen next.

She bit her lip to keep from crying out as she felt his rough fingers caress her panty covered ass, and there was no denying the flicker of excitement that sprung to life in her tummy, spreading downward into her suddenly warm womanhood. Arousal was a new sensation for Charu, but one which she welcomed. The blood rushed down there, there where she’d never even dared touch herself and yet she could feel this man’s fingers gently teasing her. They caressed her nether lips through her panties while his cock pressed against the softness of her rear.

The stranger touched her clit through her panties and Charu thought for a moment she’d wet herself as a flood of moisture gushed out from inside her to soak her panties. Pleasure washed through her as he fingered her slowly in this crowded bus. There were people all around, pressing against her, holding her immobile, and yet none of them knew, none suspected what this strange man was doing to her.

The Indian girl felt herself press back against him, wriggling her bottom against him, pressing down against his hand. As she moved against him he slipped his hard cock between her thighs and began to rock, all the while his thumb rubbed against her swollen clit, pressing against it through her panties.

The feeling of his manhood rubbing against the length of her slit while she clenched her thighs tight around it, coupled with the intense sensations that this man, this stranger whom she’d never even seen, was causing to emanate from her clit were to much for her. She felt a bubble begin to grow in the pit of her stomach, a bubble of pleasure that grew and grew, and as the man sped up the pace with which he thrust himself into her thighs it grew even faster.

Finally it burst, shattering into a million pieces and as the orgasm washed over Charu she felt him join her in it, shooting his seed all over the back of her panties. Its warmth seeped through, making her even wetter, her orgasm even more intense. Only the sound of the busses brakes squealing to a stop disguised the noises she made as she came, again and again.

By the time she once more regained control of herself Charu realized that her sari was back in place and the man who had been behind her, was gone. The only evidence that he had ever been there at all was the growing wet spot on the back of her panties

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