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Sex adventure on train

Erotic stories devoid of extreme stuff is always welcome and I and my wife feel that Indian-Stories is doing a good job in this regard. Variety is spice of life and moreso of sexual life. No, I am not talking of sleeping with as many as possible but of enjoying sex with wife – ofcourse with her consent, in different ways possible. This is one such incident in our life that we love to share with Indian-Stories fans. Shilpa and I were travelling by train and this included a night and a full day travel before we reached our destination.

Being off season, the first class compartment was empty except for we two and ofcourse the coach attendent. The ticket collector had come and gone and shilpa suddenly got up from her seat and said that she is going to change her clothes to something more comfortable.

A naughty smile on her lips made her intentions clear and I quickly got up saying that I will help her change the clothes.

The train was speeding away, while shilpa stood facing the locked door of our coupe and I stood behind her, my hands gripping her slender waist. we hugged and kissed passionately and I was dreaming of what a great night it would be – making love in train!!

I took off her blouse and bra but left the saree in place. Her silky soft back was a delight to feel while the 34C breasts heaved with her fast breathing.

I quickly removed all my clothes and moving close to her, grabbed her left breast in one hand while my other hand lifted her saree to the waist. Shilpa was quick as usual and in one swift move removed her panties and holding up her saree to her waist, bent forward towards the door. In this half doggie style, she parted her legs wide and in a flash I had entered her.

I was pumping harder and harder into her, while my hands grabbed and crushed her ripe breasts while she was moaning both in pain and pleasure and we were enjoying a lot.

But all of a sudden somebody was at the door of our coupe, demanding we open the door at once. The rough acceent sent shivers down my spine while Shilpa surprisingly remained cool. she asked to move back and quickly adjusted her saree. she laughingly refused the bra and blouse and whispered, ” women have great weapons that will neutralise any man in the world”.

I stood in a corner, waiting to jump to her rescue if things went out of hand, while she boldly opened the door.

To our surprise, it was no ruffian or dacoit but a old man with a young wife. The girl in her twenties blushed pink seeing me nude while the old man stood shocked before the sexily smiling shilpa.

Join us quick, its cold out here, whispered shilpa and with a swift turn, moved towards me and hugged me tight. The girl quickly got in and literally dragged in her husband as well.

doors shut, we were all now in same boat. I did not know what was happening, sorry .. mumbled the old man Mr.lal while the blushing wife Kajal stared at me with hunger in her eyes. Neither did we know this would happen..my husband suddenly got into romantic mood…whispered shilpa with a sexy smile. ” yes, yes…a man with a wife like you will always get romantic..grinned Mr.lal and shilpa retored at once..” I am no match to your beautiful wife”

“hey this is great idea Mr.lal, why not you and me decide whether Shilpa or Kajal is the beauty queen here” I said and Mr.lal was mightly pleased.

The winner gets my husband for the night and if she wants she can share him with the loser too.. announced Shilpa and getting up began to remove her clothes one by one. Kajal followed the suit and it was a different fun time now.

Stark nude, Shilpa and Kajal were real delight. Mr.lal proved to be a expert as well and began a long but close examination of each of them!!

Shilpa proved to have bigger breasts but kajal had harder ones and therefore lost points here. Again, the expert Mr.lal found out that she shaved her pussy once a while and kajal with virgin pussy hair was a winner again!!

But shilpa won hands down, when Mr.lal declared that she had a virgin ass hole compared to Kajal but neverthe less he rebuked me for not making love to shilpa from rear also.

The close contest came to an end with Mr.lal deciding which of the girls would cum first in his hands. Shilpa won it and became the ultimate winner!!!

But Mr.lal quickly turned to me and said that I should make wild passionate love to both the girls now. I was waiting for it and the girls were hungry for it too.

The expert Mr.lal had some wonderful suggestions and boy, we enjoyed it all a lot. Tired, we collapsed in each other arms and Mr.lal gave me and shilpa a tetrapack drink, while picking up the tired kajal into his arms. This is unfair, she is tired..protested shilpa but Mr.lal laughed away saying that he was tired of waiting as well and kajal can certainly manage a old man like him.

we watched kajal patiently help Mr.lal make love to her and tired that we were, we collapsed into each other arms and into deep sleep.

Wake up, its disaster for us…shilpa woke me the next morning. yes disaster it was, with the Lala and Kajal pair not to be seen around and neither was our luggage too.

They have taken everything except a cheap old shirt and pant for you and her bra, blouse and saree for me…yes we have tickets still and about two hundred rupees that were stuffed into me…Shilpa hissed in anger and I could understand her problem.

Kajalas bra or blouse was no match for shilpaas bigger breasts and wearing them for namesake and to travel the rest of the day was a torture as well.

But we had little choice….and completed the journey like that.

If any of you encounter this Mr.Lal – a bony, old man with exceptionally strong hands or Kajol the blushing bride who smells of jasmine, please let me know immediately.

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