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Watched sister in live sex

Let me be the first lady to post one of an erotic experience in this popular Indian Sex Stories site. We, Kerala girls are normally very shy to talk about sex and we do keep our desires and feelings buried inside us. This site has helped me atleast to narrate the experiences we encountered. I do expect more women readers to submit their experiences and share with the world. My name is Asha from Ernakulam. I’m a 27 year old housewife in Bahrain now. I would like to share my most exciting moment of my adult life. This happened when I just finished my graduation and was heading for my masters. We (my sister and I) are extremely good looking and were heartthrob’s of many guys in Ernakulam city. My sister got married to Shyam who is also very handsome.

When he came to see her for the first time..with the kind of looks that we’re used to from our romeo’s..we both figured out that he is a naughty chap. They got married. My M.S entrance was in Ankamali. I reached the place a day before and Shyam offered to drop me at the exam center the next day.

He is a romantic type guy and made couple of passes at me eversince he joined our family. That night, I was preparing for my exam and I was studying. It was about 10:30pm and quite & calm outside. After a while, I heard some creeking noise from their bed room. I switched off the TV and sat quietly on the sofa next to their bedroom door. My Brotherinlaw was making love to my sister. I quickly understood what was going on and thought of getting out of their privacy range…But, it was night and it was a small single storied house…there wasn’t any choice left. I slowly walked up to the wooden partition that was seperating the bedroom from the hall and their love making sounds became quite clear now..Their bedroom was dark but the dim blue night lamp was good enough to see them. He was wearing white juba & lungi and my sister was wearing my nightgown. She laid back on the bed and Shyam was sitting beside her. I realised that I was sweating lightlty on the forehead and my palms have become hot and my legs were shivering…I was horny by then curiosly watching live sex for the first time in my life.. He lifted her gown all the way up and was slowly massaging her firm boobs. at times, he was ducking to suck her nipples..I can see my sister approaching his fly and rubbing his manhood.

Then, she got up and took off his juba & lungi..That was the first time I ever saw a man naked..it appeared to me that his dick was longer than what i could ever imagine. My sister was holding his dick in her hands and started kissing it ..he laid on his back and then she took his gaint cock and started sucking it..I guessed that she would do that..we saw some X rated VDO’s when my parents were not home 3-4 years ago…She started giving him full oral service and he was holding her head with hands close to his crotch. After a while, He got up and she laid on her back. he lifted her both thigh’s and started licking her between her legs..I was in a helpless position..my yoni was wet like mad and I could feel the wetness drip way down to my backhole.. He was sucking her and was smootching her pussy making a loud Chhhp..chhhp They were in a oblivious state of mind..I was trying to slowly get out of that place..then it happened…As it was dark, I stepped on something and it made a big sound..What ever I was worried about happened already..I was so embarrassed, and I tried to run back to my sofa-bed before getting caught red handed watching them fuck.

My Lucky stars shined a little bit there and fortunately, only my brother-in-law came out of the room..he was robed in a small towel..I almost made it to my sofa but he saw me rushing from behind the partition. He understood that I was watching them and came to me with a smile on the face. I was really speechless and then he reacted first. he said ‘Asha..don’t worry I will not tell anyone..’ I was afraid that my sister will come out..so, I asked him to get back to the bedroom. He kissed me passionately and spanked me before leaving..he added..Asha..comeon stand there and enjoy the show.. he got back to the room and started making love agian. I gained lot of confidence as he assured me. so, I pulled my gutt’s together and walked back to the same position to watch. She parted her legs wide open and his face was buried between her big and healthy thighs. She was moaning with sweet pleasure and he was licking her. He lifted her by her ass cheeks and now she was ready for the doggy position that we both watched on the tape.

As Shyam knows that I am watching he was doing everything in an angle clearly visible to me. He entered her from behind and started stroking deep inside of her. We both sisters have big and firm asses ( we caught many men watching our backs when we suddely turn to see the person walking behind us). Shyam was very very horny on that day as he knows that a beautiful sister-in-law is watching him perform..after about 10 minutes of analsex he pulled out his long thick dick and started to work on her front. (We both kept our Vaginal hair but trimmed it regularly right from age 14). By now, she was laid on her back and was guiding his organ into her lovemound. He was facing me and was constantly looking into my eyes while screwing her. he then increased his speed. The bed was rocking..and my sister was enjoying like a bitch. She was begging for more and was utterring some words that I couldn’t even understand..he was working hard and was going on and on. It went on for about 10 minutes and then as they both reached the climax he released his yield into her wet and deep pussy..I could feel the relief that they both were experiencing and she was panting like athelet after a 100m/sprint. This happened 4 years ago but still the memories are so clear. even now, when I see my brother-in-law, we exchange those teasing looks.. I noticed that the posted articles in Indian Sex Stories are by Mostly by men and I wanted to prove that Malayalee ladies are not far behind narrating their exciting sexual narrations..hope you all enjoyed.½

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