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With Mom after fight with Dad

There she was laying on the couch face down. She was wearing a night shirt that came halfway down her thighs leaving exposed most of her sexy long legs. Even the plain material of the garment could not hide her massive ass. That ass stood up proudly almost as if calling to me. It was past midnight and I realized that she was there because she and my dad had another fight about sex. From what I heard he wasn’t interested and she was practically begging for it. I couldn’t understand this as I thought it would been the other way around.

My dad had let himself go and had a pot belly from eating too much and drinking too much beer. On the other hand, my mom was nearly a goddess. She stood 5’6″ and weighed 150 pounds with green eyes and long black hair with just light streaks of gray running through it. Her boobs were nothing to sneeze at as they were 36D’s, but her ass was absolutely stunning. Two massive pillows of soft flesh that filled out everything she wore so much that no man who saw her could avoid getting a hard on.
I just stood there watching her sleep wanting to reach out and touch it. Being only 20 years old and her son I admit I was chicken. My experiences with the opposite sex had been limited. Besides, guys do not make passes at their own mothers. I ran off to my room and did what any horny lad would have done, I jacked off.

Apparently, the very next night she had tried even harder to seduce my dad. When I came into the living room there she was laying there again this time in a flimsy nightie.
I made up my mind that if my dad would not or could not satisfy her I could damn sure do it! Sure enough an hour later there she was in that sexy shortie nightie spread out on the couch.This time I strolled over to the couch and sat beside that plump ass and placed both hands right on it.

In a matter of moments I was kneading both cheeks gently. I was trying to decide how to proceed from there when she began moving again. I took my hands away but stayed right there. Before I knew it she had rolled over and I was looking at her in the face. I put a hand onto each breast and felt the nipples get erect in my hands. Wasting no time I pushed the material aside and gently caressed the boobs flicking the nipples with my fingertips. As I tugged, pushed, and pulled on them just a bit harder I could hear her breathing getting heavier. I looked up and saw her eyes blink as she was just starting to wake up.

OH FUCK RISHU WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? I am your mother.” Evidently she now knew who was playing with her boobs but, strangely she just laid there as I continued to squeeze her melons of wonder. “Mom, you deserve to have sex whenever you want. You are very sexy and I would love to have sex with you anytime.”

She still had not moved. She clearly like what I was doing to her tits. Breathlessly she responded, “Rishu, I, I am your mother. There is no way in hell we can do this.

“Yes mom,” I eagerly agreed as I dove into the task at hand full force. My head bobbed from one boob to the other as I tweaked, pinched and pulled on her orbs. She ran her fingers up and down my back as she moaned in delight. I bathed her chest in my saliva as I gave my tongue a workout. These were by far the biggest boobs I had ever touched; none of the girls my own age could compare with my own mother.

But, alas, after several minutes of enjoying those perfect tits she pushed me away and got up and went back to her room leaving me there to satisfy myself. While I was disappointed I knew this would not be my last stand with my mother’s body. The next day nothing was said about our encounter; almost as if it had not happened.

I got the impression that she was looking at me differently. I know I viewed her differently and had to do everything in my powers not to stare at her boobs that I had such fun with the previous night. I did not have to wonder long when I would have another shot with mom. As I was getting ready for bed that night I heard them argue again. My dad was yelling that he was just too damn tired. To which, my mom responded that she knew plenty of guys who wouldn’t be too tired to have sex with her. The argument continued for a couple more minutes before I heard mom come out and take her usual place on the couch.

I waited in my room to make sure the argument was over and that mom was asleep. This time when I got to the living room my eyes popped out of their sockets as she had on a different shortie nightie with garter belt and stocking but no panties. She had pulled out all the stops for my dad but still did not succeed, at least, not with him. My heart was racing as I damn near ran over to her.
Moving the hem of the nightie out of the way I began caressing her ass. Getting slightly bolder I pulled the cheeks apart and ran a finger up and down her crack. I jumped out of my skin as mom spoke, “Rishu, do you like my ass?”

It took me a second to get back my composure before answering, “Yes mom, it is very sexy.”

“You can go ahead and kiss it if you wish, but only if you stick a finger in my asshole.” I jabbed my finger into her rectum much to her delight and kissed her ass from one side to the other. As the kissing got more passionate her hips began to move egging me on. After awhile her movements became more and more pronounced until she was grinding that massive rear in my face. She was really getting into this.

As I continued my assault I was trying to decide what to try next when all of a sudden mom sat straight up. She let the straps of the nightie fall from her shoulders and smiled at me. She motioned for me to stand up and almost purring, she asked, “Do you like kissing my ass?

“Oh yes, of course I love kissing it,” I lamely replied. She reached for my belt and began unfastening it.

As she pulled down my zipper she smirked, “I bet I know something you will like even better!” She pushed my pants and underwear down my legs and grasped my eight inches in one hand and cradled my balls in the other hand.

She leaned forward and licked my cock head with her tongue barely touching it but nonetheless sending shivers up my spine. Her hand gently began rubbing up and down the length of my member as her tonguing became more aggressive. She sent another shock through my body when her lips took in the entire head. She was obviously enjoying mouthing my cock. She took in a deep breath as she gave my balls a firm squeeze and sucked the entire length of my prick into her hungry mouth.

I was now moaning out loud. She was incredible as she sucked me in and out; her hands and mouth working in perfect concert. She was now bobbing up and down my length with a fury but still working her tongue masterfully, I thought she would swallow my entire cock down her sexy throat. She gave my balls another firm squeeze and I exploded shot after shot of my thick sticky cream into her hot mouth. Even after several loads she did not stop as she appeared to hunger for my cum.
she stood up and let the nightie fall to the floor and stepped out of it. She d laid down right in front of me and spread her legs wide. I wasted no time and had my head between her legs. She was so turned on it didn’t take much to make her cum. I licked and sucked feverishly as she ground her hips in my face. She soaked my face with her beautiful fluid repeatedly and kept on asking for more. “Oh god, Rishu, I need you to fuck me. Come on I want your damn cock inside my cunt.” Not only did my own mom want to fuck me but she was demanding it. It was a wet dream come true.

“Oh yes, Mom Oh god let me fuck you,” I answered and started to climb up her body.

She pushed on my shoulders hard until I was flat on my back. She gave my cock a torrid yank saying, “I’m on top you son of a bitch. Besides you will have more fun with my tits and ass that way.”

She leaned down and gave me a hell of a sexy kiss full on my mouth as she straddled my hips. She reached down and placed my cock between her cunt lips. She began to slowly move up and down with her clit against my cock. Her speed increased until she was fucking my cock with her clit while her hands rested on my chest. This was a sensation I had never felt before.

Then suddenly, she lifted herself a couple of inches and my cock slid right into her silky cunt. It seemed to have enveloped my prick. I was firmly in her cant’s grasp. She was moving up and down my cock as if her life depended on it. Our hips met each other thrust for thrust. She placed my hands on her wonderful boobs and I proceeded to maul her without mercy saying, “Oh Mom, oh fuck, you are so fucking hot, shit, oh my god.”

“Rishu, Fuck me you damn son of a bitch, come on give me that fucking prick, come on fill me up.” Without missing a stroke she leaned down and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionately as our hips continued to dance together my cock slamming into her twat. My hands were now covering her ass with a finger poking into her asshole. We were both getting close now.
Our speed picked up. She was using her twat muscles to squeeze my rod even harder than before. We were both now breathless and panting hard. The sweat was pouring from every part of my body. Finally, I shot first one load then another and yet another deep into her sweet little cunt.

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