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Banging my hot sister

Hello friends, I am a regular reader of Indian-Stories’s erotic stories. Today I will tell about my sexual experience with my sister. At that time I was 21 years old and my sister was just 18 years old. She had a great figure. Her boobs were big and she has got a nicely shaped ass and a flat tummy and a fair complexion, all I can say that she was very sexy by her looks. One evening my father’s friend called us and told us to come to his place for holidays for a few weeks time. My mom and dad agreed to his plan but due to some reasons we both brother and sister were left behind at home.

After mom and dad were gone I told my sister to make the dinner and meanwhile I will wash up my self. After about half and hour I came out of my room in my night dress and was coming down the stairs when I heard our TV. was on and my little sister was watching an XXX rated movie which was coming on the disc. Their was a fucking scene going on the guy was fucking really very hard in the pussy of the girl. I intentionally made some noise and as soon as my sister saw me she got really very afraid and quickly switched off the TV. I asked her what she was watching on the TV. and she pleaded me that I will not tell anybody about what she was doing. I told her that I will not tell anybody about this.

After that we had our dinner and we were gone to our different bed rooms to sleep. But I can’t sleep , thoughts were coming in my mind to have sex with my sister and these thoughts gave me a real hard on. I quickly went to her room where she was in a nighty and was going to sleep. I didnt spoke a word to her but I grabbed her face and started kissing her on her soft and red lips. She resisted for a while then she too became hot and after a few minutes we both were exploring each others mouth. I grabbed her right boob and pressed it a little hard and their was moan aaahhh… coming out my sister’s mouth. I quickly undress her and their she was in a black bra and panty. I let the bra fall on the floor and their in front of me two wheetish colored ripe and juice melons with light brown and erect nipples. I started pressing her boobs and she started moaning loudly aaahhh… ohhh.. hann.. aur jor see dabao.. maza aa.. raha.. hai.. aaaahh.. uummm..

Then I take out her panty and started licking her hairy pussy. She was again very excited and she let her pussy juices flow and she had a big organasm. I then took out my erect 9” cock and slowly entered her pussy and she cried in pain oohhhh.. it’s too big.. plzzz go slowly..

and then when I was fully entered then I increase my pace and she started enjoying and started moaning ohhhh.. aur tez.. ur zor see chodo.. aaahhhhhh…… aaahhhh…uummm… and then I was at my peak and I filled her pussy with my hot semen. We made sex a few more times that night and whenever we got a chance and when our parents returned they also didn’t noticed anything and we continued to satisfy each other on every night. Any sister want sex can contact me on stories_crazy@sify.com.

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