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First luv with my mother

HI I am amrita and I am from India (banglore). I want to tell my first lesbian luv with my mother. It was three years back. At that time I was studying my 12 std. My father works very far away from home. It was a weekend. My father came to my home. Then during the night (I for got that my father was here) I some times sleep near my mother. so I was moving to sleep near my mother. At that time the strange thing happened. when I went near to the room a little bit of moaning was there.

I just wanted to know what was it. so I peep in to the room. There I saw mummy sucking dads huge cock. As I know about sex but that was the first time I had seen that. I was mind blowed to see mum completely naked. There it self I started masturbating. I came to cum over there. So I went into my room and I came all over my fingers which I sucked them clean. After then dad went to his place. Then onwards I was completely changed. I just want to fuck my mum hardly. But I was afraid to tell her. Then after when ever I got a chance I looked into the bathroom, changing clothes, every chance I am enjoying that. I even started smelling my mums panties. haaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa they smell nice. This happened 4 many days.

Then it happened on one day. My mum and I went 4 a party. I just took some drink which became more. I was not in control. I was in some what control but acting as I was completely drunk. In the car it self I started removing my dress. She tried to make me control. but she was unable. Then after coming home I was completely naked I went to my bed room and I started pressing my boobs, like masturbating I am doing.

Then I forced my mum to remove her clothes. She slapped me and hesitated to remove clothes. I was in real anger and I asked seriously To remove her clothes. I started pressing her pussy, boobs and started speaking vulgar language. Almost she was half open, Her boobs came out of the blouse in side the black bra. She just pulled me and she went out and locked the room. On the net fine morning I was afraid to show my face to my mum. Then mum entered into the room. She was damn serious. She just asked me do u know what happened last night’ I simply said mum, I am very sorry 4 the things happened last night. She straightly asked me do u masturbate’ I looked at her in a strange way’ She just shouted say yes or no’ I said yes. SO do ever had made sex with any guy she asked’ No I said. Then do u think what u had done 4 me was correct she asked’ Then openly I said mum I got highly erect so I did that. I am sorry I said. Then she asked do u want that’ WHAT’ I asked ‘Then she told if I leave u in this way u surely going to have I some one which is a odd thing. So its better to have it inside the family.

So she do u want it now’ so I cried in a way I told her I am dying 4 that. Then she told u must be my slave 4 that. I agreed. Well My mum was of 36,24,36 with a well shaven pussy……..nice ass……first she put me to bed. I was wearing a night ware with a white bra and a pantie .She started removing them she made me completely naked. Then she told If u made me impress with ur activities I will remove each of my clothes se told. she was in her saree and a blouse. no innerthings. First I started masturbating in front of her. she started removing her saree. Then I was in confusion what to do’ she asked me to pee in front of her. I did that 4 her. She too removed her blouse. She too completely naked.

That was the first time I saw my mum completely naked. I got highly erected. Now she pushed me to bed. Started kissing me hard. now she moved down started sucking my boobs…….pressing them hard. She just move away and brought some thing. I asked what was it’ She showed me it was honey. She poured it all over my body on my boobs, face, pussy, even in my ass).Now she started sucking all over my body. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhmind blowing. my own mum sucking my pussyyyyyyy. She opened my lips and started sucking hard. At the same moment she started stroking the ass with her fingures. I was completely getting wet.

She was pressing my boobs hard….Sucking my pussy deep inside. I felt like I was going to cum.HAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA OOOOOOH HHHHHHHHHH HHHh suck it bitch suck it .u daughter fucker suck me haaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaI was shouting like hell. I felt some thing strange in my pussy.I told it to mum That it like I was going to pee…….She told noprobs go on .she started sucking more harder. I started to cum all over her faceeeeeeeeee. she started sucking all my cummmmmmm. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, told I want to pee. she asked to pee on her face. so I peeed on her face. she sucked my golden shower. Then I looked at her. with my cum and pee all over looking like a horny bitch………..then she asked me to make her cum….I started sucking my mums boobs, then she asked me to suck her pussy as she was horny. so I started sucking. with in minutes she came all over my mouth. I sucked my mums cum. Now she told me to lie on floor. with out saying any thing she started peeing on me.

I enjoyed that I started sucking it……..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so nice it tastes great. we lied there naked. again we got erect we turned to 69 position. we cum again. So on that day we cum and peed on each other several times. We even slept with out washing…….. from that day on wards we started enjoying our sex life. I completely became slave 4 my mum. So any one interested heartely welcome……..

good byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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