I am a boy of nineteen years of age. My name is Shailendra. It is a true story. When I was only sixteen years of age I saw my mother being fucked my uncle and from that day I started thinking that if my uncle could fuck my mother than why can’t I. One day when I returned from my school I heard some moaning sound coming from my mothers room. It haunted me and compelled me to look in the room that what is really happening. When I looked through a narrow hole in the door that what is really going on, I found that my mother was completely naked, laughing and smoking near my uncle who was there sited on a chair. My mother was really looking very sexy. After some times I saw that my uncle also become naked and the real story begins. After that he fucked my mother really very hard. She was moaning and screaming under real pleasure. I immediately got out from there and back after some times. Till that time the game was over and they were behaving very normally, but the fucking scene was still revolving in my mind.

One day it happened that I and my mother was there only in the house alone. My mother went to take bath. When she was bathing I tried to find any small in the door so that I may see my mother naked once again but I didn’t succeeded. Then when my mother came out of
bathroom she was only in towel. She was again looking very sexy. I thought that today it is the golden chance for me to fuck my mother today. I went near to her, gave a smile and instantly pulled the towel. As I pulled the towel she became completely nude and start hide her pussy that is “boor” by both her hands. She told me shailendra what are you doing? I didn’t replied.

She asked me to instantly give the towel and get out of the room but I told her that I want to play with you the same game which you were playing with the uncle that day. She was really ashamed to know that I saw her fucking. I also told her that if you will not allow me, I will tell all this to the father. She then became ready and told me that O.K. do as you like but don’t say any thing to your father. I asked her to take off her hands from the boor and let me see that very clearly as I have not seen the boor of any grown up lady. It was my first experience. She took of her hands and I was really delighted to see her pink boor with a lots of hair all around covering her boor. I asked my mother that , that day you were also smoking, why don’t you smoke near me, it will really please me. My mother also now becoming shameless told me that O.K. son if you like this take the cigarette from the cupboard. I brought the cigarette and now she was also enjoying with me. It was really a great experience. Then teasing my mother I asked her that tell me ,what you call pussy in Hindi. She was feeling very shy in telling the name then very lightly she told me in my ear that the name of this funny thing in Hindi is “boor”. I again asked her to repeat her. Then she speak several times that this is boor boor boor boor boor. Then I asked her that what you call your breast in Hindi. She told that this is known as “chuchi” and it gives me a lots of pleasure. She then told me to take my cloths soon before some body comes.

I instantly put of all my clothes ad she was really fantasized to see my long lund. She hold my lund in her hands and starts masturbating. It was really giving me a lots of pleasure. Then she put my land in her mouth and start sucking that really very hard. She was really behaving like a “randi”. I told my mother that I will also like to fuck her ass that is “garn”, she readily agreed but told me that this we will do some days later, “aj tum boor chod kar santosh karo, jaldi se apna land dalkar chodna suru karo nahin to koi aa jaiga to maja kharab ho jaiga”. I also agreed and fucked her really hard. From that day onwards I frequently used to fuck my mother and I very much like to shave her boor hairs. She really look teen girl with her shaved boor.

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