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My Younger Brother

Hello iam kushboo telling u the story of my sweet night with my younger brother. Story start when we r in b’lore.we are four member in our house i my brother mom and dad. we have a small house i and my brother vivek sleep in one room which is in the side . one day morning i was bathing with out closing the door .suddenly vivek came and opened the door i was socked b’coz i was naked even vivek also socked seeing me naked he was looking me like she never have been seen a nude then he closed the door .and went away in noon he came back to have lunch while eating he was seeing on my breast b’coz it is big and shaped round and my nipple is also erected it is pointed on my tight shirt. then he went out.

In night all are back all of us had the food and went to sleep .but vivek was not sleeped .he was thinking to touch my boobs when i slept she came near to me and opened my shirt button one by one and he opened all button of my shirt and then she touched my boobs through my bra when he touched my breast i got good feeling but i acted like i was sleeping only then he started pressing my boobs and pinch on my nipple i moned slowly ahh and told “vivek jor se dabaoo na aur jor se isko chuso(suck) aur mera doodh piyo”. he socked and got up and switch on the light . i too got up he asked me really sis i can touch u and suck u i said yes my dear. come i cannot wait .

he came to me and took of my shirt and kissed onmy lips and pressed my boobs i moned ohhhhhh vivek mere pyare bhai apani bhen ki pyass bhujao pls .and then i remove my bra and pant even my brother done the same we both are nacked we both are in the arm of each other he was kissing me and i too kissing him . he then sucked my boobs and drink my milk and at the time i messaging his dick he was biting my boobs and sucking like a small baby feeding and then i took his lund in my mouth and started sucking he was monaing oh sis ahhhh suck it ah hh i never felt like before suck it ahahhhhhhhh ohhh uunnnhhhh and then i told come lick ur sister pussy she obeyed me and started kissing my pussy and licking he entered his toung in my shaved pussy which i saved in the morning .he was testing each and every drop of my pussy juice and i was pressing his had in my pussy and monaing ahhhhhhh ohjhhhh and telling him bad words ohh benchod apani bhen ki choot ka ras pi .

oh then he told me to be in 69 position i agreed iwas sucking his hard lund and he was licking my soft pussywe both r monaing and my brothe came in my mouth telling me that i am coming sis and loded his fulll cum in mouth even i to done the same and fulled his mouth with my pussy jucie then i again started sucking my dears lund to make it hard again so he can fuck my pussy .

it was again rock hard it was too big near by 7 inch i told my younger t insert it in mu pussy he entered it it was too tight in my pussy i was monaing oh ahhhhhhhh uhhnnnnnh mer gai yeah to bahoot bada hai mere bhai yeah meri choot ko phar de ga ahhhhhhh but he never listen to me and gave me a hard shot again it gone fully inside my pussy and she started fucking me up and down i also moving my self up and down to encourage him he was fucking me like a bullet train in and out i was monaing oh ahhhhhhh ohhhhh uhhhhhh and telling oah fuck me harder oh u bhen chood phar de apani bhen ki choot ko mer chote yarr apani bhen ko pyare de chood aur jor se chood ahhaahhh and after some shot he was telling me oh sis i am cumming ohhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh and then he filled my pussy with his sweet jucie and slept on me for 5 min and then we slept nacked there it self and many mor time he fucked me and one day he fucke d my ass hole it was my first experience of gand maraneka i tell u this erotic story in next of story .

if any body of brother sister like to have a group sex with us and have any secret i would like to share it mail me: kushboo_22 {AT} hotmail.com

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