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Mother Story

Hi Desi Folks! My name is Tania from Lahore (Pakistan). Age 19 years. I have read many desi stories and after reading them I decided to write a story by my self.

1. Mrs. Khalid (the mother her name is hena, age 41,widow, still quite beautiful, haven’t had any relations with anyone else her husband but her husband died 10 years ago) After the death of her husband Mrs. Khalid has devoted her life for her children without caring about her own sexual life. She had married her daughter with a wealthy person. And know wants her son to be successful in his life.
2. Ali Khalid (son of Mrs. khalid, age 18, good looking, similar to his father) He likes sex but afraid of his mother.


It was a Sunday morning. Alias college was closed but Mrs.Khalid had some work in her office so she was leaving the house. In the half way she remembered that she had forget some files, to bring them she again went to her house. She always had a key so she entered the house with out ringing the door bell. when she entered Alias door was closed. First she went to her own room and took the files and then went to Alias room to tell him to lock the door but when she reached near the door she heard some voices. When she looked in the keyhole of Alias door she saw Ali totally naked grabbing his dick in his hands and the voices were coming from the TV. There was a sexy blue film on it. She was amazed by watching such a thing and decided to leave the house without confronting himi. In the office she was just thinking about Ali.

She now knew that her little son was a mature person and has some sexual needs. When she reached home after some hours Ali was studying. It seemed like that he have not done anything in her absence. She said to Ali “How are you son”, “fine ” replied ali. Then she went to the kitchen to cook and the whole day passed. That night was quite different for Mrs.Khalid. She can’t stop thinking about her sonas dick. It was almost same to his Dadas but Alias dick was a little bigger and thick. Mrs.Khalidas sexual needs were rising. After all she went to sleep. Amazingly she had a wet dream that night it had happened after a long time. The next day she decided to know more about her son she checked his room in his absence and found a CD, there was a nude pic on it she played it and found it to be the same one which ali was playing that day. She also watched Ali in his bathroom and many times and found him masturbating. Days were becoming quite difficult for her and her sexual needs were growing and growing. She has started masturbating. But she badly needed a person who can fuck her hard. She decided that the best person for her is her own son. Now she wanted to catch her son masturbating…..

Atlast the weekend came and it was Alias holiday. She decided to do the thing through which she came to know about Ali. So she told Ali that she is going to the office. Instead of going to the office she went to the general store and bought some pills which will able her to have cum inside her pussy but not get pragnent. After buying them she reached her home. She opened the door with out making any noise. Luckily Alias room was closed. She watched inside by the keyhole. Same situation Ali was naked with dick in his hand .A smile came on her face. She quickly opened his door .Ali looked toward her. There was a sense of fear on his face. His mind was blowing like atom bomb. He quickly putted a cloth on himself and closed the movie. Some thing came in Mrs.Khalidamind and she decided to leave.

The whole day passed and she did not talked to Ali. Also Ali was afraid of her. After the dinner Mrs.Khalid went to her room and Ali to his. She decided it was the time to talk to ali.she wore her nightdress through which her beautiful body could be seen a little. She went to Alias room. He was lying in the bed when he saw his mother entering the room, he stood up. He thought it might be the time for his punisment. His mother went to the cupboard and took out the BP CD There was a nude pic on it. She asked, “What is it”'” Ali was unable to reply her question. She then asked ” Tell me how long you are seeing such movies and don’t tell a lie”” “M…mmm..Mom!!!!” ali said. “Just tell me”” she asked with a harder voice. “The first movie I watched was two years ago”Ali said. “And for how long you are been masturbating”” Mother asked. “About 3-4 years” Ali said. “I thought my son is still a child and do not know anything about sex but you are doing such things for years!!!” “Sorry mom I will not do it again please forgives me!!!” Ali said. “I want to tell you one thing Your father died when you were a kid since then I havenat gone to any man for my sexual habits. I just wanted that my children become educated. “sorry mom ” ali said. Mrs. Khalid did not replied just went to the computer and played the CD.The movie started in which a girl was sucking the cock of guy. She then asked Ali “Tell me one thing, have you ever thought of your sis or me to be your sex partner”'” “Nnnn…no..no mom never”ali said. “I want to hear the truth I will not say anything to you,” she said. Ali replied “well…. yes but I am…””Ok I just wanted to hear this. I have Visualized that you are a grown up now and you have some sexual needs. Have you had a sexual intercourse ever'” “No” replied Ali. Mrs. Khalid came near to Ali put her hands in his hairs and smiled. Her other hand was moving on Ali body then she said “Take your clothes off ” “What !!!” Ali said. ” I said take your clothes off ” She said. Ali first of all hesitated but then did as ordered.

His long dick was waving in air. It was erect. Maybe because the sexxxxy movie was on and the nude voices were coming. After seeing his dick mother smiled and said, ” You know your dick is just like your dad’s. What a wonderful feeling it was when it entered in me!!. There were hairs on his dick. Mrs Khalid said, ” I have came here because I want you to make me feel good. I have not even masturbated since many years. But your beautiful dick has again brought back my sexual needs .I want you to make your mom happy!!!” Alias dick became more harder after hearing this. Now he went to his mom slowly moved his hands on her body. “Mom you are beautiful”Ali said. “Ok take my clothes off ” mother said. Ali could not believe his ears. He went to her mother and putted off her nightgown .He was also moving his hands over her body. He picked up his mom and laid her on the bed. Now she was only in bra and undy. Her boobs were trying to come out of bra. Ali opened her buckle of bra and took it off. He could not stop himself of sucking them HARD. “Come make your mom totally naked.” she said. Ali now slowly took her panty off. Her Pussy was covered with a large amount of hairs. I looked like that she have not shaved since years.”Hey moms don’t u under shave”'”Ali asked. “No my dear son your father liked it like that” she replied. Ali then said” I love it and now I will give you real pleasure:)”Then he made a space to finger her pussy. He first of all putted his finger inside. But then started licking it. His mother was getting aroused slowly soon she started to moan”SSSSSS AAAAAAAHHHHHH OHHHH YESSSSSS” After some time he told his mother ” Mom you haven’t had sex because of me I will now make to feel cool. But ur pussy is really tight!!” “Yeah son but you were so small when you came out from hear. Now your first home is too small for you. Only your dick can fit in. Now lay down I want to suck your dick.”She said. Ali did as she ordered. Now she took his dick in her hands and then spitted on it.”Hay feel your moms hands” Then she licked it slowly, soon it was in her mouth and she was bring it in and out. Ali’s facial expressions were looking wonderful. After some time he cried ” MOM I want to fuck you”.”All right son ” she replied.

Ali then stood up and went to the cupboard and gets some oil. His mother was fingering herself. Soon he started putting his dick in. He slowly putted it in .His mom was crying with joy. He slowly started moving it in and out. His mother stopped him and asked him to abuse her she said “Hay you bloody ass fucker abuse me it will make me more horny.” He said, “OKKKK you bitch today I will make you cry” and started fucking her. “Don’t you have power will you do it like that with your wife”’ Come fuck me hard” This made me Ali more fast and now he was fucking his mother toooooo hard.”Bitch, Gashti, Rundi, Wehshia I will make you cry” now she has started moaning fast “AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSS Bhanchod Faaaaaasst Fuck meeeeeee aaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh yeessssssssss yeahhhhhh wait wait wait waaaaiiiittt ” Ali have to wait ” What happened did i heart you'” “No you cant cum inside my pussy I have not eaten the pills also I want to drink my sons tasty cum”Then she stood up and went to her room took the pills and came back.”Ok let me drink your cum” “Alright suck my cock “She started sucking it “Faster bitch randi ” It really worked and she started sucking faster and faster.” I am about to cum”ali said. And loads of his cum were inside his mothers mouth .She drank all of it. Then she said now lick your sexy moms pussy you madarchod (mother fucker). He not even waited her to lie down he picked her up putted on the bed and started licking. “Faster my son faster make your mom feel good AAAAAAAHHHHHHH OOOOOOOO HHHHHHHH Yeah” Soon she also cummed. Her son was making his mom feel good. His dick was erect again.”Now your ass mommy ” “No it will heart” mom replied. But Ali did not hear her and started putting his dick in her ass. It was really tight and hot. But he did not stopped. His mom was crying “AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA hhhh AAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHH STOOOOPPPP ITTTT” but Ali did not stopped ” MOM don’t worry it will be cool after some time” Soon it became cool for his mom and she started to moan with joy. “Yeeeeaahhhhh Make me feel good Fuck me hard YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH.BLoody son of a bicht fuck your mom fast fast fast” Soon Ali cummed in her ass. Now he was lying on her back.” thanks son you are really cool I love you and your metal rod (dick).”Then she started kissing his son on his lips his ass, his dick and every part of his body. Both of them were tired and went to sleep in on another arms.

Now Mrs. Khalid had a playboy who was her companion at nights. And Ali was trying his best for his mother that she forgets her loneliness.

Well Indian-Storiesas readers Please tell me how was the story and please mail me at “tania4u84 {AT} hotmail.com” and tell me how you liked or disliked the story. Also if anyone will send me a pic (nude one) I will reply him as soon as possible. Others might get the chance.

TANIA (I love sex and sexy people)

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