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My gorgeous sexy bhabhi..

August 30th, 2008 No comments

I am Rahul writing my experience. First I say about myself. I am 5.9 inches, 72 kg and fair in complexion. My family consists of 4 members. My father is farmer and mother is a house wife. But they spend a lot of money on our education. My brother studied M.B.A and working in Tata Consultancy Services. My brother is very talented. So he would go for foreign tours on behalf of the company. So half of the month he will be out of the country. I completed my Engineering and trying for jobs. My brother will be in Bangalore and I used to be in his room for job search.

We went to our village for marriage looks of my brother. Our family went to see the woman that my brother is going to marry. At first look every one liked her including me. Her name is Swetha. She is 5.7 inches height, fair in complexion. Her figure is 38-30-36. Her hair black in color and length up to her butts. Our elders talked to each other and everything was fixed. Exactly after one week from the marriage date first night was arranged. The room was decorated beautifully. I saw my bhabi who was ready for the first night. I couldn’t take the eyes from her. She was looking so beautiful. Till one week I couldn’t take her figure off from my mind.

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Trapped by Sister-in-law (By SK)

August 30th, 2008 No comments

Hi friends am SK, I have been reading the Indian stories for quite some time and I
am great fan of it. Today am going to tell you a real story. Well am working at
Ahmedabad in Gujarat, am married for last 15 years and enjoying my married life. Am
6 feet tall and athletic built; my wife is also very good looking and fit. In fact
I was so happy with my wife that thought of another woman never came to my mind,
till this happened. My younger brother who is a businessman got married one year
back, his wife name is Suman.

As am in service I always have lots of free time even in the evenings and also on
weekends but my brother being in pharmacy business has to open his shop even on
Sundays and public holidays. Suman started this comparison that even after 15 years
of marriage, am spending more time with my wife and she is not getting time and
attention from her husband even though they are young and newly married. Secondly my
younger brother is shorter than me 5’7” and very fat. This comparison by her
slowly got converted into attraction towards me. In fact being my younger
brother’s wife I never gave a serious look to her.

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Me & my Bhabhi (Real life experience)

August 15th, 2008 No comments

Hello all. I, rejavik,will narate you my real life experience which happened today with my bhabhi, sneha. Let me first describe her. She is 5 ft 4, slim & trim, nice shapely boobs & very attractive ass. Her ass & boobs are main attraction. When my brother was married to her i was not attracted to her but after giving birth to baby gal, she put on some weight & became sexy, most of weight was accumalated on boobs & ass. She use to wear transperent salwar kammez exposing her bra through it.While serving food her boobs use to touch me when she use to bend which would give me instant hard on & ask for more. When she use to walk, her hips use to swing left & right & i wished i could ass fuck her.I use to capture her snaps of her cleavage & ass without her knowledge & use to masturbate on seeing them.

One day my bhabhi had come to town for shopping. She had to go to shoping market which is near our office & very crowded place. As she had come alone & my bro had work, he told me to accompany her as the area was crowded & people are not friendly & good. I was very happy to accompany her. My bhabhi was wearing a white coloured tight t-shirt & light blue jeans. she was looking mind blowing. Her boobs & ass were protruding. Being evening time the streets are very busy & there is hardly any space to walk through but still people manage to push out. My bhabhi is very simple & educated girl. She feared commuting in crowds. I convinced her & asked her to keep moving. I was trying to be protective & asked her to walk in front of me to avoide peverts touching her.

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August 15th, 2008 No comments

I was on my way to visit my friend. I reached on time but i was informed by her brother wife Nisha that he will be late & i have to wait for him. Nisha was so sexy fair looking & good figure. I was friendly with her we used to talk on phone. I was about ot leave she said wait ofcourse who wanted to leave. I love to watch her boobs. Nisha brought Coke she asked about my personel life. i asked nobody in the house. No!

She spoke suddenly my father in law is harrasing me.Nisha father in law always ask for tea early in the morning always i am in nighty so he takes advantage of my figure touch her boobs & harass her. I asked nisha you mean your father in law haras you sexually. She said Yes.Eeeks I was surprised.One day her father in law took advantage of the situation. Father in law went ot kitchen asked forthe tea stood behind Nisha very closely to her behind her ass touching her ass with the dick.One day father in law called her in her bedroom ( nobody was the house) has pain.She told me it was lie but no choice.

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My Cousins naughty Wife

May 4th, 2008 No comments

My cousin’s wife Simran is a very sexy looking girl from a Sikh background . She is slim. Her boobs are very attractive. From the day she was engaged to my cousin, she always gave me a hard on. My cousin too lived in India but in different city. Once my cousin’s wife came to our place. Generally she comes along with my cousin but this time due to some reason she came alone.

Once she came to my office. She was wearing a sexy Salwar-Kameez. As usual just by seeing her my cock started becoming hard. She entered my room. After some time I offered her to play a game in my computer as I had loaded a nice game. She sat before the computer. I stood close to her. My cock was almost touching her shoulders. She pretended as if she didn’t notice this.

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Bhabhi and me together

April 27th, 2008 No comments

This is a story about me and my bhabi (brothers wife). I was 18 and perhaps One of the horniest guys possible. I always had a problem that I always like a girl older then my age. I always had a crush on my bhabhi, as she was the only woman in my house. She was not the sexy type, no great figure either but the thing about her was her colour. It was really fair, sometimes I used to compliment her with a sentence “bhabhi agar tum par doodh gir jaye to tum maili hojao ge.”

My brother was a real slow guy. My bhabhi wanted a romantic guy who could give her the dick of steel but my brother was not like that, he was normal. He used to fuck her once or twice a week but she wanted more then that. One night when my brother was out with his friends she called me and said Rahul “I m taking a bath if somebody asks for me tell them that I m sick and sleeping.” I said “ok bhabhi”. After that sentence I saw a wicked smile on her face. I was always used to look in her personal activites but this was an open chance for me.

When she went to take a bath she left the door open slightly. I saw she took of her clothes, I instantly got an erection and I masturbated on the door of the bathroom. Then I saw the whole scene of her taking a bath and doing her stuff. I thought that was heaven for me but there was more to come.

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April 11th, 2008 No comments

After a week of my brother’s marriage my bhabhi caught me one day when I was preparing for school. She kissed me and hugged me. I felt her boobs which were about 38 in size. I told her that I am feeling something which she told me I want that u should feel the same which I am feeling too. What else you are feeling she asked and she put her hand on my cock. I referred back and put my one hand on her boobs and hold on her boobs. She asked me to put inside I told her no I can’t do it, then she put my hand forcibly on her boobs inside the blouse. I went strong hard in my pant and she asked me to press it and kneed it.

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Fucking whifes sister in the ass

March 15th, 2008 No comments

A few weeks ago, my wife Nayana and I had a business trip out of town. Well actually it was her trip I just tagged along. The planning all happened fairly quickly, I took a week holidays from work and on the following Monday we were off. We planned it so that after her meetings we could be tourists and sight see, have dinners and spend the evenings together. Hopefully fucking the evenings away. But, that’s not how it turned out.

The first two nights Nayana had to stay late at work. The third day I decided maybe it would be better if I went back home and catch up with my own pending work.

So the next morning I caught a cab back to my place.

Turning the last corner to our house, I parked on the street. It was nearly 7.30 PM when I reached and was surprised to see lights. I slowly opened the door without making much noise and stepped inside. I pulled a iron rod for help just in case I needed it. The living room and the veranda were empty, so I made my way to the bottom of the stairs to go up to our bedroom. Our upstairs bedroom was kind of a den/ movie room/ bedroom all in one. When I got to the bottom I could hear voices or sounds from up there. I slowly stepped onward and upward on the carpeted stairs. The voices turned to moans. I froze, thinking who could possibly be in my house?

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Having fun with bhaabhi

March 9th, 2008 No comments

Hello all and how are you guys doing? I am an avid Indian-Stories reader just like you and I have a great experience to share with you. My name is Adil. I live in the U.S. I have been in here for only a short period of time but thanks to my cousins, I’ve learned the ways here fast. I was lucky enough to get a job working for a major airline. This has helped me tremendously, since I am very skillfull online chatter. I have got many babes this way and met some too. No place is too far for me when it comes to US.

This happened a few backs when a very good friend of mine got married. I saw his wife for the first time at his marriage. SHE WAS HOT!!! She had a nice figure, great boobs and seeing her on the dance floor, I knew she would be a great fuck. On a few occassions we exchanged some deadly glances. Anyhow my friend moved to another state and his wife wanted to persue her education so she got admission in a college out in Montana (for those of you who don’t know – Montana is in the middle of nowhere) My friend was obviously distressed about this but he would visit her about once or twice a month, it was a 6 hour drive for him. I quickly became friends with both of them as a couple. I would call when they were both together in Montana. So, two weeks back – we all made a plan that I would get together where Bhabbhi was studying.

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Unforgatable night with bhabhi

January 3rd, 2008 No comments

Unforgettable night with bhabhi i m ankit from kanpur, 20 yrs old a young and handsome boy.i live with my parents, brother and bhabhi. bhabhi is my dream girl since she came in our house.
Her name is deepti. nice figure, round butts, and cup chaped tits are her qualities. my brother is a businessman and he usually stay out from the house. once my parents had 2 go out 2 delhi and luckily brother”(sonu) was on his duty. it was a beautiful morning and i was ready 2 go 4 the college like everyday. i told bhabhi to prepare my breakfast. she said”wait ankit,let me take bath 1st” i said “ok”after 4-5 mins bhabhi called me (she was in bathroom) and when i reached to the bathroom the door was closed.

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