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randi ki aulad shyina

January 4th, 2013 No comments

i was preparin 4 my cat exam in jaipur. due to some cold n cough i decided to move
on 2 my town sgnr. and during my trip i met her.the story starts from here now.i was
waiting 4 the bus at bus stand and prayin 2 god 4 a nice girl in there. and wat to
my surprise i got her in there.i was supposed to sit on third last row exactly one
row above her as i mentioned above her name was shyina.she was very beautiful.long
hair. blonde face. only one thing which made me to hate her and that was her
fatness. i was sitting on my seat and did not paid attention towards her.

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a love story

December 25th, 2012 No comments

A Love Story
I live in Kanpur & it started when I was 21 and she was 19 years old. I was pursuing
my engg. at that time. Our families knew each other well, as my father and her
father work in the same natinalised bank. They arranged an 18-day tour to south
India (my best ever tour) along with our families. She was extremely beautiful, good
figure, big globes. The best thing in her is her jovial nature. She keeps smiling,
bubbling & is always full of life. She is a woman of substance. Any guy would be
lucky to have such a mix of beauty & nature. She can charasmerise (charm) a person
with her soft sweet voice.

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Gorgeous babe Girija

November 23rd, 2012 No comments

2872957453100f21525d674b6322ebbfGirija is a gorgeous slut who happens to be in my class. We were friends but deep down I was madly lusting for her. One day while we were talking it turned out that Girija was actually a distant relative!! “Why don’t you come over to my home and meet my family,” she said as she brushed away her gorgeous black hair. She had sexy glowing skin, nice nipples and her tits were just blossoming for a 16 year old. I went to her home and we got talking. Suddenly her parents had to leave and Girija and me were all alone. “Do you want to see my bedroom,” she said seducitvely. Instantly my cock sprang up and I was bursting to cum as she walked ahead of me with her gorgeous ass swinging along. We walked into her room which had a nice sexy smell that a sexy girl carries with her.
She sat on the bed and purposely put her feet up so I could clearly see the outlines of her pussy through her tight jeans.

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Had to Win the Bet

November 17th, 2012 No comments

404335_301112636668719_1046851547_nHello guys, this is nick again with another story. First of all thanks to all those people who liked my 1st story. I received quite a lot mails, and thanks for the love. Let me describe myself, I am 22 years old, presently in Bangalore, 6 feet tall, average built and good looking as in Cute. This incident happened to me while i was in Engineering 3rd year. One fine morning my Girlfriend Preeti(named changed) called me that i am shifting to Jaipur. Now please talk to me properly, we will be meeting regularly and i am really sorry for lying you, and please forgive me and please meet me at Gaurav Tower on Monday. All i said was we will see on Monday.

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October 23rd, 2011 No comments

Hi, I am a regular reader of Indian-stories and I always wished that I should have such a beautiful life as these people writing the stories have. But I didn?t have to wait too long b?cos in the last few months I too had a wonderful experience which I?m going to tell you all. It all began when I joined a new college after completing my 12th std. I was a new guy and gradually made friendship with my classmates. Amongst them were a few girls out of which I was attracted to 1 girl particularly. Her name was Sanyukta. She was a sex bomb of our college. But I being very open -minded enjoyed a good friendship with her. Soon we became very good friends. We used to bunk the lectures and go to movies and Beaches, etc. We were just enjoying good friendship.

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December 29th, 2010 No comments

This is a true story. This incident happened when I was 18 years old. Let me tell you about myself. I am a good looking guy, many girls are impressed by me. I have many girl friends and I also have experienced fucking. The girls always love my huge cock and usually I remain out of my house with those fucking bitches. Now I will tell you my experience with Nighat. Nighat is my best friend and her parents are also our relatives. Nighat always liked me. One fine evening Nighat came to my house and talked to me. Then she asked my mom if she could stay with us for two to three days. My mom gave permission and after taking dinner we all went in our rooms. Then I said goodnight to Nighat and went in my room. One of our room was extra were Nighat was to spend the night. At midnight Nighat came in my room and told me that she could not sleep there for some reasons and she wants to sleep with me. I agreed and we slept together by putting our arms around each other.

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Yasmeen – My favourite

April 1st, 2010 No comments

Hi, I am Janee from ahmedabad – 36 years old and this relates to my first sexual encounter with a very beautiful young lady Yasmeen and though it dates back to a decade and a half, it all seems like yesterday. After my parents moved to Bombay on transfer, I shifted to a new flat with my elder brother who had to leave immediately to Gulf on an assignment. This brother of mine is a confirmed bachelor and with him gone I was all alone in the entire building as the new flat had no neighbours for some days until Anand and Yasmeen arrived on the scene. The recently married young couple ( both around 27 years ) happened to be my next-door neighbours and my soltiude was broken bcos I now had some company. Anand & I hit off well and Yasmeen to was quite friendly. Over the next few weeks we all became quite close to one another so much so that they had a duplicate key of my flat and I had theirs. We were at liberty to barge into one another’s rooms – they would drop in to watch t.v. at my place but I rarely entered their room as I did not want to disturb their privacy.

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Sex With Hot Male Student

March 21st, 2010 No comments

I am a computer teacher in a reputed public school in south delhi and there are a lot of spoilt students who have enough money. Some of them look older than their age and look like a man enough for a woman like me. Most of the teachers in our school are young girls having done our graduation few years back. Like I’m 28 years old and these boys even in 11th class are taller than me and have full grown bodies like a man.

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My handsome friend

January 23rd, 2010 No comments

I am Arjun (21). I am a Commerce student and right preparing for my board exam (TYBcom). I am residing in Mumbai.
This happened to me two years back when I was a first year student. The College in which I was before was a junior college because of which I had to change my college to complete my graduation. As I was new to the college I did not had much friends to talk to. There was a guy named Vikrant who became my best friend at that time and who is still a friend of mine. He was good looking and was having good physics as he use to workout daily at his home. He was staying with his mother who was working in a company. His Dad was working in Bangalore for some IT Firm.

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Fucked by huge MBA cock

December 27th, 2009 No comments

Hey friends I am rony. When I was 18 after my examination, I went to my uncles house at bombay. When I reached the station my uncle was waiting there for me. Then we went to andheri in which our flat is situated. When we reached our flat I saw a handsome young man coming out from the very next room. I asked about him to my uncle. He told me that his name was rahul and he is an mba student,he told me that rahuls parents were abroad so he is alone their. The next day when my uncle and aunty went for job I found that rahul didn’t go to class that day. So I went to his room and ring the doorbell. Then he came and opened the door and invited me inside. When I enter the room he closed the door.

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