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Three Sisters

December 27th, 2012 No comments

I was seventeen and in last year of my school, when a family of three sisters shifted in our neighborhood during the winter season. These three sisters, lived with their mother who was working in a bank, their father was deceased. And we often studied together for preparation of exams.
The eldest was Alpana 21 years, having finished graduation was looking for a job, second daughter Vasudha was my age and in the same class with science subjects like me, the youngest one was Priyamvada and was fifteen years of age. They were all beautiful and of medium built with the second sister Vasudha having the best body, nice big tits, and large fluffy bottom. The eldest sister was also well proportioned but was less developed on her height as well. Since Vasudha and I had Science and as the younger one was also preparing for her ninth grade exams, we three decided to study together and I was given the honor of helping the two girls in case they needed any help. So every night we used to get together either at their house or my house to study.

We all became very friendly and besides studying we were freely touching and feeling each other. For some days this went and I was slowly but definitely designing my dreams to fuck all the three sisters. Vasudha was closest to me and had even me to cup her breasts and kiss her, the youngest one Priyamvada also did not object to my hugs touching her breasts or rubbing her bottom. The eldest one Alpana was the real tough one who maintained her distance with me (probably she was having an affair) and was reserved generally. One day, their mother had to leave the town for some urgent work for about a week.

When their mother left, I as usual turned up for studies at about 8.30pm at their house and we all sat down to study. For the rarest of occasion, I was surprised at Alpana offering me a going on? Vasudha told me that she had told her elder sister that I was kissing her and also fondling her tits and that Vasudha was enjoying that along with the studies and so was Priyamvada. The eldest sister thought she was missing the fun and since the mother was also gone, she asked Vasudha if it was ok if she too had little fun with me. So that was the whole thing. I thought. Alpana is not getting a cock up her pussy, poor young girl of 21years in full bloom but no guy to kiss and fuck. What a pity. I told Vasudha, no problems, lets forget studies tonight and lets do some exploration (the girls ofcourse didn’t know that I was well versed, experienced lover). Alpana lovingly made hot chocolate drink for all of us and while we sipped the same. When we finished the hot drink Alpana asked both her sisters to join her on the double bed and get inside the quilts, as that night was particularly cold. I also joined them with Alpana and Priyamvada on my sides and Priyamvada sitting near the foot of the bed. Alpana took lead and asked me to disrobe, as they had never seen a young man in the nude. I said OK, but I too want to see her. They agreed but said would do it after I had disrobed. I started to take of my woolens and then the shirt and finally the trouser and under garments. It was real cold. My cock was in its smallest form, the winter cold having reduced it to its bare minimum.

The three girls squealed in delight and were very happy to see that after all the cock was not big at all, infact smaller than their little fingers. Alpana said they were worried that if the cock were as big as a cucumber or a large banana, how would they take it, as none of them was able to insert even their little fingers in their pussy. Girls were masturbating, you see. I was quite happy at their innocence but I guess Alpana knew that when cocks are erect, they are big because she asked me PRINCE how can you make this big. together and tore at their clothes, none of them, I noticed was wearing any under-garments. Fully nude the three beauties stood on the bed. All of them stunning in their own right with Vasudha being the outstanding not only she had the best body but God had blessed her with the prettiest of faces the pinkest and fullest lips I have ever seen. Her breasts were a little larger than a tennis ball; they were round and their tips pink with small but fat nipples. Absolutely flat stomach smoothly shaven pussy (all the sisters had shaved their pussies), a large pink clit, a nice round bottom and good legs, she was stunning. The eldest sister had small breasts and her clit too was large but not pink, Alpana was as fair as Vasudha. The youngest sister had lemon sizebreasts and I could not see her clit as she stood with her legs together. We all suddenly felt cold and got into the quilts on the bed.

Vasudha my favorite lay near me and kissed me on the lips and brought her leg on top of my thighs, pressing my cold cock. Just few second had passed when Alpana pushed her away and took her place on my left side and kissed me madly, sucking my lower lip rubbing her breasts on my side her nipples were erect so they felt very nice to the touch. My cock was slowly getting enlarged and Vasudha who had gripped my cock felt the size growing and looked at me in anxiety. I told her, that it was her love, which was making it grow in size. Alpana was not leaving me and was continuing her kiss, Vasudha caught hold of my right and placed it on her tit, which I quickly pressed gently taking her nipple in my thumb and first finger and rolling it. Her nipple too became taut and I could see blood surge up her chest, neck and her face-signs of the girl goin on sex heat. Vasudha was continuously holding my cock, which by now was more than erect. The youngest Priyamvada was only a meek spectator until now tugged at Alpana’s hand and asked her to move so that she could also a room warmer (an electric heater) which she connected the electric board and switched it on. Both Vasudha and Priyamvada were fighting with each for kissing me and I was finding it difficult to kiss and suck their tits and both wanted the most were My hands though got busy exploring their pussies.
Even Priyamvada was quite aggressive and she held my middle finger and ran it up from her arch up to her clit – she was moist. Vasudha on the other hand took me as her sole property and wont let Priyamvada or Alpana to kiss or fondle me for long. I fondled Vasudha’s pussy as well and was able to insert my full finger in her pussy, which she enjoyed and she responded by kissing me harder and harder. My cock by now was getting into its very thirst urge to get into a hot moist pussy or a loving sucking mouth. With electric heater the room also became warm and Alpana pulled down all quilts and threw them on the floor. We were all naked and the three sisters looked at my erect cock in disbelief, which few minutes ago was barely two inches was now a full six inches (well almost) long and more than four inches in circumference. No, No you cant put that in there, they said in unison with their fore fingers pointing at their pussies. I told them not to worry and if the pain. So the show began, I first asked Alpana (she being the eldest should lead the way and infect had the most matured pussy and I knew would be least difficult to fuck – all the three were virgins- what a lucky man, I was their super hero and the three of them bed she came on my side and held my cock gingerly between her fingers (as if it will bite her) then shyly placed a very faint small peck on its head. I asked her to give it a long nice kiss as she had done to my mouth only minutes ago and that my cock won’t bite her. Her two sisters encouraged to her to do so and both Vasudha and Priyamvada were rubbing each other’s clits and now and then sucking each other’s nipples, Girls were keeping themselves warm.
Vasudha my favorite lay near me and kissed me on the lips and brought her leg on top of my thighs, pressing my cold cock. Just few second had passed when Alpana pushed her away and took her place on my left side and kissed me madly, sucking my lower lip rubbing her breasts on my side her nipples were erect so they felt very nice to the touch. My cock was slowly getting enlarged and Vasudha who had gripped my cock felt the size growing and looked at me in anxiety. I told her, that it was her love, which was making it grow in size. Alpana was not leaving me and was continuing her kiss, Vasudha caught hold of my right and placed it on her tit, which I quickly pressed gently taking her nipple in my thumb and first finger and rolling it. Her nipple too became taut and I could see blood surge up her chest, neck and her face-signs of the girl goin on sex heat. Vasudha was continuously holding my cock, which by now was more than erect. The youngest Priyamvada was only a meek spectator until now tugged at Alpana’s hand and asked her to move so that she could also a room warmer (an electric heater) which she connected the electric board and switched it on. Both Vasudha and Priyamvada were fighting with each for kissing me and I was finding it difficult to kiss and suck their tits and both wanted the most were My hands though got busy exploring their pussies.
Even Priyamvada was quite aggressive and she held my middle finger and ran it up from her arch up to her clit – she was moist. Vasudha on the other hand took me as her sole property and wont let Priyamvada or Alpana to kiss or fondle me for long. I fondled Vasudha’s pussy as well and was able to insert my full finger in her pussy, which she enjoyed and she responded by kissing me harder and harder. My cock by now was getting into its very thirst urge to get into a hot moist pussy or a loving sucking mouth. With electric heater the room also became warm and Alpana pulled down all quilts and threw them on the floor. We were all naked and the three sisters looked at my erect cock in disbelief, which few minutes ago was barely two inches was now a full six inches (well almost) long and more than four inches in circumference. No, No you cant put that in there, they said in unison with their fore fingers pointing at their pussies. I told them not to worry and if the pain. So the show began, I first asked Alpana (she being the eldest should lead the way and infect had the most matured pussy and I knew would be least difficult to fuck – all the three were virgins- what a lucky man, I was their super hero and the three of them bed she came on my side and held my cock gingerly between her fingers (as if it will bite her) then shyly placed a very faint small peck on its head. I asked her to give it a long nice kiss as she had done to my mouth only minutes ago and that my cock won’t bite her. Her two sisters encouraged to her to do so and both Vasudha and Priyamvada were rubbing each other’s clits and now and then sucking each other’s nipples, Girls were keeping themselves warm.
Alpana, process sucked the cock’s head inside her mouth. She turned her eyes to look at me for approval, I told her fine go ahead, try and take as much cock inside her mouth and drag on it in a sucking motion. She was a good student and followed my instructions and finally she took more than half my cock inside her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down its length, but being a fresher she was also sometime grazing my cock with her length of my and then to purse her lips to squeeze the body of my cock and slowly suck upwards covering her teeth with her lips so that not to hurt my poor RAMROD. She did that and we had an expert cocksucker ALPANA. I then proceeded to pay attention to ALPANA’s body. She was sitting on the side, with her back to me and her face towards my cock which she was sucking slowly and gently I grabbed her tit from behind and pressed her nipple, it was already erect. So I shifted my hand to her ass and ran my fingers all over butt lightly brushing her ass hole and the lower end of her pussy. I sucked my middle finger and applied my saliva on to it and pushed it just very little inside her arse. Alpana took out my cock from her mouth and asked me to insert the finger in the other hole (cunt). I told her to shut up and concentrate on sucking my cock and leave the rest to me. I then pushed my finger inside her arse further up. Alpana stopped sucking and said it was painful. I told her to continue sucking my cock and not pay attention to my finger I also asked Priyamvada to Suck Alpana’s nipples so that she is fully aroused and does not feel the pain in her ass. Priyamvada quickly took her position and slurped up Alpana’s tits. Alpana relaxed and so did her ass and allowed my full finger inside her butt hole. Vasudha who was left alone joined the party. She came and sat opposite to ALPANA and asked her to allow her to suck the cock. Alpana reluctantly agreed. Vasudha was even better on the cock and having heard my instructions to ALPANA did a nice job of sucking my cock. Alpana who had my middle finger in her ass and was having her tits sucked by Priyamvada brought her lips down on my mouth and gave me a real sexy kiss. She then whispered ‘’lets fuck, my choot is all wet and yearning for your cock’’ I smiled, I told her, see this is the magic of my finger in your ass. All thenerves around your pussy are also connected to the ass and since her ass was relaxed so would be the pussy and she will enjoy the fuck. So I disentangled myself from Vasudha, who protested that I should first make love to her and then to ALPANA. However, I told her first to watch her DIDI get fucked and then I will fuck her – lessons first you see?
Alpana took her position on the bed and I took mine, between her legs, spreading them. I lovingly pressed her pussy which was really wet (good I thought, lubrication will ease the little ‘’first time’’ pain) and bent down on her to kiss her and suck her tits and slowly traced my tongue from her nipples to her chest, her sides, her flat stomach and dipped it in her navel and then dragged it down to her pussy, I twirled my tongue around her clit which was now full of sexual desires.

Alpana’s breath became short and it looked she couldn’t resist anymore and asked me ‘’meri choot me dalo, please’’(put it in my cunt, please). I knew the time was right and quickly placed two pillows under her hips and asked her to raise her legs with knees folded. Having elevated her pussy I placed my cock at her entrance and slowly, gently but strongly exerted pressure. She was tight, no doubt, I managed to barely put the head of my cock inside when Alpana’s eyes welled up with tears, she was in pain, and I stopped exerting pressure. I looked at both Vasudha and Priyamvada aroused. I must say the sisters were really very eager participants, both Vasudha and Priyamvada sucked their sisters tits and I too pressed my thumb at Alpana’s clit, which in seconds raised her sexual appetite and her juices again began flowing from and she looked stop but to push the full cock up her pussy, she was so hot that she didn’t mind the pain and wanted to get rid of her cherry. I was hot too, almost uncontrollable with sexual urge. I began pushing, slowly though and when more than half of my cock was inside Alpana’s cunt, she stopped me and asked to wait for a few seconds, but I knew, now there was no stopping, my cock was in a tearing mood and spray my cum inside her cunt. So I continued, she tried to get up(her sisters still sucking her nipples) but I pinned her down and pushed my entire cock in her choot. We were fully joined. Alpana was biting her started working her cunt with very small pushes barely half an inch out and in and removed the pillows from under her hips(which were necessary for the ‘’FIRST FUCK, as the pressure from cock is also helped by the gravity to lower the cock in the pussy below) and asked Alpana to clasp my waist with her legs. She did so and I pressed my cock upwards so that I was also rubbing her clit.

She was now enjoying. Sexual excitement was written on her face. I moved my cock in longer strokes in her tight pussy, which brought lots of happy ooohhs, and aaahhhs from Alpana who asked me ‘’fuck my choot, move your cock harder’’. I did so couple of times and having thoroughly enjoyed this virgin (also my first virgin fuck, I had up till now only fucked my aunt and my friend’s mother who were both married and much elder to me and had sex number of times, but ALPANA was special, though she was older than me, she was the first virgin I fucked), I lay on top of Alpana and took her breast in my mouth and sucked real hard, I fully emptied my cock inside her cunt and slowly withdrew my cock out. I noticed a few drops of blood on my cock, which she and her sisters noticed too both the younger sisters then kissed their sister and me on such a wonderful event. Alpana and I went straight to the toilet, where she washed my cock lovingly with soap and warm water. She then washed herself and we both returned to the bedroom to find that VASUDHA and PRIYAMVADA were in each other’s embrace and their fingers playing with each other’s pussies. It appeared having seen their elder sister fuck they both were also high on sexual urges and wanted to badly fuck. I wasn’t. Seeing us they both disengaged and VASUDHA pulled me on the bed and hugged me, kissing me, groping my cock in her hand said, PRINCE its my turn now and after you have fucked me you fuck Priyamvada. Priyamvada then shouted, No Vasudha didi, you promised me you will let Prince fuck me first and in return I had sucked your pussy. Please don’t break your promise. Vasudha looked at me sadly and said, yes Prince you have to first fuck Priyamvada and then me. Alpana then asked me to lie down on the bed and asked Priyamvada to sit on top of me in a sixty-nine position. Good idea I thought, Priyamvada was just fifteen and needed to worked up much more to have a pleasurable FIRST FUCK. Priyamvada sat astride on my chest her little hips and pussy just half an inch away from my mouth. She bent down to grab my cock and kissed it. Alpana joined her to teach ‘’cock sucking’’ while Vasudha became the spectator. Priyamvada took my cock in her mouth and began sucking, she then took it out and Alpana took my cock in her mouth and sucked my cock and both sisters took turns at sucking my cock. The cock rose up in fury to blast for action. When Priyamvada sucked my cock Alpana would run her tongue on my shaft and when Alpana had my cock in her mouth, Priyamvada would lick my balls. The girls were doing a good job and my ‘’LUND(cock)’’ loved it all. I saw Vasudha was playing with her tits and pussy and trying to bring herself to TIGHTNESS (she had this word for her orgasm). I also got busy and started licking Priyamvadas virgin pussy. Priyamvada had small hips a small pussy and a tiny butt-hole, it was cute. I licked her butt, which brought her pussy to flow with juices I then licked her pussy, inserting my tongue in and out of her very tight cunt. My cock was being raised to great sexual heights by both Alpana and Priyamvada who had contrasting styles and also differed in the manner of sucking, while Alpana was taking long and slow sucks Priyamvada was taking short and quick dips, Alpana moved her tongue up and down the shaft and sucked my balls while Priyamvada would gently hold my shaft between her lips and move those lips up and down the shaft. But it was a new -double suck- experience for me thought its time for my young friend to loose her ‘’virginity’’.

Having lifted Priyamvada off my chest (she was small and thin girl, light in weight) I placed her on her back and folded her legs and brought her knees on her small breasts. I parted those legs and sucked on her tit, giving her tiny pink nipples a roll in my lips and moved my tongue around it – I did the same to the other tit and moved my finger at cunt and tried to insert my finger which went in only for an inch and then her pussy tightened. I knew I had to work hard on this girl as my cock was like four fingers for her. I lapped up her tights and slowly moved my finger in and out, her juices were flowing and she was slowly moving her hips to push against my finger. I kept on at my effort and lovingly cupped her face in my hands and asked her to give me long nice kiss. She did so this kiss was really sweet her saliva was like syrup of sugar her tongue like a piece of chocolate and her lips like rose petals. Her breath was heavy and quick, she was actually fully aroused, I tried insert my finger further and this time it was more than half inside her. I rubbed my finger on the sides of cunt walls and brought her flow her juices even more heavily, I cud feel her hymen at the tip of my finger and pushed my finger a little further up and managed to tear her membrane, my finger was now fully inside her. I got out from between her legs and onto her side bringing my mouth directly on top of clit and began flicking my tongue on the clit and slowly and gently moved my finger in and out of her virgin cunt. Seeing me in this new position, Vasudha who was watching me with admiration for the display of my art of sexual foreplay got up and got between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. Alpana also joined her and she started biting my buttocks in a very gentle and soft manner, not hurting me but pinching my butt with her teeth, she even began flicking her tongue on by butt hole – gave me a nice feeling and raised the excitement. Priyamvada finger. Priyamvada was getting even hotter and finger and tongue did a great job in relaxing this kid. She was ready I was ready and the two sisters who were showering their attention on me freed me to see their youngest sister take my LUND in her small CHOOT.

Despite the fact that Priyamvada was hot and flowing, I knew I needed more lubrication because of the great difference in the size of her choot’s entrance and my cock’s head. So I asked Vasudha and Alpana to put all their saliva on my cocks head and their sisters pussy. Both collected a great amount of saliva in their mouths and directly passed it inside Priyamvada’s cunt and also applied some on my cock. Alpana asked me if I required some cream or oil – I told her no, atleast for the moment. I sat between Priyamvadas legs and spread them raising them and folding them at her knees and pressed her knees to her chest, this brought her pussy up. Alpana guided my cock to Priyamvada’s cunt and I started exerting pressure. Half of the cock’s head was inside Priyamvadas cunt and I could feel the smallness of her pussy. I pressed further, Priyamvada was almost about to scream when Vasudha sealed her mouth. I continued to exert pressure and managed to get half of my cock inside. I looked at Priyamvada; she was in pain but was smiling. Despite the winter there were beads of perspiration on my forehead and Priyamvada’s. Priyamvada pulled up to catch my hips and asked me to move my cock further up in her pussy -brave girl- but the tightness of her pussy was also bit painful for my cock, so I first pulled it out a bit and pushed it in again, I pulled it out an inch and pushed it back an inch ever so slowly and then slowly pushed my cock further up and with only half of my cock inside her I felt I could not go any further, either she was too tight or her cunt was only about three inches in length. So I stopped for while and began kissing and licking her tits to draw her attention away from the pain. Priyamvada was very aggressive sexually and when she was do it in one go, even asked Alpana to push me from behind to add to the pressure. But I knew that was not the way and I told Priyamvada not to worry and if she tried to hurry it up, I would take my cock out of her cunt. She stopped her insisting for the ramming and laid back to relax. I continued to play with her tits, Alpana also joined and started sucking the other tit of her baby sister. Vasudha smothered Priyamvada with her kisses and they both played with their tongues This cooperative action from all of us brought her back into a HIGH on her sex. My cock inside her cunt felt her juices flow and ooze out of her pussy, tainted with her virgin blood. The sight of blood woke the animal in me and I started pushing my cock inside her and in seconds, I fully tore her hymen and almost fully inserted my cock in her. Priyamvada was in heaven and so was I. Mercifully there was no further pain and Priyamvada led me to fuck her. She moved her hips up and down, pushing out my cock and then then trusting her hips to pull it back in her. She then asked me to lie on my back and let her ride. Having lost the ‘’barrier; Priyamvada was a liberated girl and wanted to enjoy her first fuck the most, but I was to disappoint her a little. I lay on my back and she astride me, she may have moved up and down on my cock maybe four or five times, when I shot my cum in her cunt. I held her tight and pulled her down on me, inserting my cock as far as it would go and squirted my cum in her insides her juices too gushed and flowed out of her pussy making a big mess on my cock and the bed. She then boxed me gently and asked why I finished so quickly and made me promise that I would fuck toilet and washed us clean. Asked me if I needed some chocolate drink or something to eat. Asked her for a cup of coffee. Vasudha, who by now was so, aroused that she couldn’t wait for any foreplay and asked me to simply sit between her legs and fuck her. I was amused and happy as such a demand from such a beautiful girl and instinctively knew she would be the best fuck (though both her elder and younger sisters were excellent fucks). I told her am waiting for the coffee and after the coffee break it would be her turn; Vasudha refused to listen and insisted we begin it. I showed her my limp cock and said this required atleast ten minutes’ rest. She said no and got up from the bed to drag me there. She then fell on top of me and began kissing me feverishly, playing with my tongue, biting my lips, bringing her firm tits to my mouth, then rubbing her tits all over my body with an extra rub on the cock, which came half alive with Vasudha’s tits doing the trick. Vasudha grabbed my cock and straightaway sucked it. Gripping it in her mouth, she pulled my cock upwards, then went down on it, taking the half erect cock fully in her mouth and then roughly pulling at it with her mouth. Her efforts were immediately rewarded and my cock jumped back to life. I It grew big and was hard and ready to fuck my dear Vasudha’s pure/unfucked pussy.
By the way Vasudha had the biggest clit in the three sisters. I played with it while she sucked my cock. Having felt my cock fully erect in her mouth, she quickly got down to her fours and asked me to fuck her from behind (she told me she had seen pictures of people doing it that way). Variety, I thought is the spice of life. I got behind her. Vasudha’s round full hips were in the air. Her brown butt hole was quite inviting and the parted lips of her pussy were all put together the most beautiful sight of this world. Vasudha was not only beautiful but was a good friend of mine and I wanted our first fuck to be the best. I sat down behind her cupped her hips and lowered my tongue on her butt hole, first lightly licking it and then pushed the tip of my tongue in her butt while my fingers worked up her pussy and gently stroked her clit my other hand caught her breast and gently pressed and rubbed its nipple. Vasudha, purred and moaned asking me to love her, to be her man, to kiss her lick her pussy and ass and maul her breasts. Vasudha who was already aroused and over sexed couldn’t take my love anymore without the cock tearing at her pussy.

Vasudha’s pussy had a wonderful fragrance and it raised my sexual urge to maddening height. Vasudha was by now even more wet, with her juices flowing down her thighs. I inserted my finger in her pussy which had no problem, I then added two fingers which also went in fully with some effort. Vasudha told me she had worked hard to get ready for my cock and had worked two finger masturbation for sometime. Was I pleased no I was happy for her, as she will not have to bear the pain. Vasudha is my age (about two months younger to me) and was larger than both her sisters. My cock, which was already raising hell to get inside Vasudha’s cunt, was only too pleased when I brought its head to meet the nether lips of my lovely girl friend. I pushed the head of my cock into Vudha’s pussy and then bent over her to catch her breasts in both of my hands. I whispered to her that she simply great and the most beautiful girl of this world and that I was actually in love with her. She turned her face towards me and said she too loved me and wanted to be fucked by only me in this world. I told her I would love and fuck her as long as she wanted and maybe later on marry each other. She agreed and said, though for sometime, please make my sisters happy too as I don’t want them to be fucking every tom dick harry. I accepted that gleefully and glanced at the two sisters who nodded in approval and joined us on the bed. Both Alpana and Priyamvada kissed every inch of my body licking at my balls, digging their tongues inside my mouth, sucking Vasudha’s tits and even sucking and rubbing my nipples. All this was maddening in real terms with the sex fever at its highest peak -literally Vasudha and I were dying for the fuck. I again started pressing forward my cock into Vasudha’s cunt and she pressed back to take the cock inside her pussy. Gradually I managed to fully insert my cock in her pussy penetrating her cherry and making her scream fuck her hard and mercilessly, she wants it to be the greatest fuck I ever hard, she asked me forget that it was her first fuck but to enjoy her body without any gentleness. I was surprised at her intentions; sex was really riding high in her head.

I started moving my cock slowly and gently in and out of her. The slapped my behind and asked me to move faster and deeper. I picked up the speed but was still gentle when she yelled at me to make mince meat out of her pussy and to ram my cock right up to the hilt and so it faster, faster, faster, harder. She forgot her pain and repeatedly asked me to continue my onslaught on her choot. Apart from her juices her blood was also flowing, Alpana quickly brought a towel and placed it under her, but Vasudha kept on asking me to push harder. I did that HARDER and FASTER ramming my cock up her choot, grabbing and pulling her tits inserting my thumb in her ass (which she loved). Vasudha was a great lover, she was meeting my thrusts with her pushes as well and my full cock was now going in and out. She came, once then again when I moved my thumb in her ass hole, third time when I old her that I would like to fuck her all the night and yet again when slapped her bottom red. I was far from cuming and knew a long fuck was ahead of me. I asked her if she would like to ride me. She agreed, quickly we changed position; Priyamvada in the meanwhile had a good sense to bring warm wet towel to wipe my LUND and Vasudha’s choot, to clean the blood and juices. I laid on my back and Vasudha on top of me while she leaned forward Priyamvada caught hold of my cock from behind and gave it a small suck and then put it into her sister’s pussy. With my cock inside Vasudha, she began to jump up and down and then bent forward on my body kissing my lips sucking my tongue and asking me to push my cock up pussy. Vasudha came for the fifth time but continued her working her choot on my lund and soon came for the sixth time. She was now visibly tired. I asked her to slow down and why not let me up again. She took the doggy position again and asked me to enter her from behind. I put my cock in her cunt and bending over her caught her breasts with my hands and started ramming my cock in her tight pussy. Vasudha was continuously alternately. Vasudha’s pussy was on fire an with my cock not in a mood to spray yet, I continued with my pushing’s for another five minutes and then I fell dead on here, my cock had washed her insides with my heavenly cum. Vasudha, quickly got out from under me and took my cock in her mouth giving me suck, drawing out even the last drop of my cum. Satisfied she left me to go to the toilet and returned with a towel and some water, cleaned me and the three girls then left me in that room to sleep. But barely ten minutes had passed when Alpana turned up with a glass of coffee and asked me to drink it and to feel refreshed. Oh what an hour of sex we had, three virgins. Alpana told me, that she enjoyed everybit of sex I had with her and asked if we could do it again.

I thanked GOD for his bounty for me and told Alpana yes I would like to fuck here again. This made her happy and after I had finished the coffee she sat near my head and loving took my head in her lap, her pussy smell, fresh from first fuck was great. She asked me to suck her tits while she fondled with my cock. Alpana’s tits were nice to taste, though small in size her tits were very sensitive as I cud smell her getting ready for sex (the cock and pussy have unique smell when they are ready for sex or during arousal – May mausi was a great teacher really). Her nipples became taut and she started rolling when she kissed me. Its not just the pussy, which gets its juices, but the mouth as well, gets a load of saliva when sex is on the anvil. Alpana then asked me if I was ready, I said yes. three times before I came. We had just finished when Priyamvada and Vasudha entered the room again and wanted to have another as well. I fucked them, this time with lights off, Alpana also as member of the game. I told them I will not finish in anybody’s pussy, but in a mouth and that I will give five strokes of cock in the pussy to each of them and they were to take turns till I finished in the last one’s mouth. So the first was Priyamvada (tightest and cutest of the three) five strokes (she tried to stop me when I took my cock out) then Alpana who kissed me and kissed, five strokes and I got out of her and then Vasudha, my dear one, as an extra I sucked her tits, no lights so nobody saw this extrafavour, five strokes and another five strokes when Priyamvada yelled that I was doing extras then I gave Priyamvada five strokes and then Alpana when I was about to get out of her, she asked Priyamvada and Vasudha if I could fuck her to a finish and if they both who kept on saying she was grateful to me for having made her experience heaven on earth and said I could fuck her when ever I wanted, even after she had been married etc etc – promises and more promises.

I quickly. Alpana was atlast satisfied. It was now Priyamvada’s turn whose cunt was he most difficult to enter and once I finished the five strokes, she asked for another five which Vasudha said give her ten, ten turned to twenty, maybe even this little girl also wanted a hard fuck so in and out, up and down, harder faster deeper rode my cock in her pussy but pay more attention to her. I licked her tits, flicked my tongue on her nipples. Wet my finger in our juices and inserted that in her ‘ass’. She got the pain and I could feel her cunt get even tighter on my cock. I moved both the finger and my cock in unision and for finished, she wanted another cum and then one more, she being the youngest both Vasudha and Alpana implored with me to satisfy her first and that Priyamvada should not be disappointed. Priyamvada’s happiness knew no bounds, She screamed in happiness and I proceeded to fuck her. So far I was dealing with her delicately considering her small size and her age but now I realized that the girl had an animal appetite for sex. I must admit here that pushing into her pussy was not a very easy job especially if she was not fully aroused. I bend down on Priyamvada, took her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard on it and kept on pushing my cock inside her. Then I sucked her other nipple while playing with the second. Sucking her hard and giving her pussy hard and long strokes brought her to heightened sexual craving. I once more inserted my finger in Priyamvada’s ass and this time fully, she squirmed and moved her ass in delight in that pain when I realized she loved the pain and must get it in her choot as well. So that small choot came in for a in a tight embrace not letting me take out my cock and in that frenzy of sexual exhaustion she fell asleep.

Vasudha maximum number of times and she and I had the most satisfying experience of our lives, yet was not to be left behind and her sex drive also knew no mercy – I would have preferred a half hour break but no Vasudha wanted my ramrod up her pussy and even her ass she suggested (I was not too sure, her ass could barely take my finger how could it take my cock – but we experimented). After cleaning me, Vasudha took my limp organ in her mouth and rolled it like a ball with her tongue, sucking and tugging at it, gently massaging my balls and also sucking them. She sucked my nipples and licked me all over but my cock showed no sign of erection. She wondered w hat had happened and loving embraced me and asked me what she could do to bring that cock up like a bamboo. Asked her to ask Alpana to suck my cock while Vasudha should suck my balls. Alpana who was just waiting to be called was an enthusiastic performer. She sucked my cock lovingly and Vasudha sucked and licked my balls and gave my ass hole an occasional flick with her tongue. Mr. Cock fumed in fury and got up from its slumber hard enough to drill a hole in the wall. Vasudha quickly got onto her fours and asked me to apply my spit on her ass and asked Alpana to do it, having put in lot of saliva in and around her ass, she asked me to put my cock in her ass. I placed my cock on her ass hole and pressed and pressed and pressed but it would not go in. Alpana then fetched some cream which she applied to the head of my cock and asked me to try again. I tried with all my earnestness, love and affection and while the cock didn’t go in, it did stretch Vasudha’s ass hole and she herself backed out as the pain was too much. I was also only too happy, as I didn’t want to hurt my lovely second journey. Vasudha was a great athlete in bed. She could curve, arch her back, lift her legs and clasp them behind her head making her pussy grip my cock like a vice, she could sit on me with my cock inside her choot and move her choot all around my cock in a churning motion. She would ask me to fuck her in standing position, leaning position and even did sixty-nine while standing with her legs around my neck and her mouth on my cock. She was simply a GREAT.

We in each other’s arms. When I woke up it was well past 3 am in the morning and I was supposed to be returning home. All of us were on the double bed, still naked smelling of cum, cum and cum. I cleaned myself and got dressed and woke up Alpana and asked her to lock the door behind me, she agreed and followed me. Just before we reached the door she asked me a short quick last fuck. I had rested for a while and her naked body anycase was sending sparks down my penis. Which became erect on her suggestion. We fucked standing up and Alpana finished me in her mouth and drank the last of that night’s cum. I then got out of the house, wondering at my luck and thanking God.Too good to be true, but it is.

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Hostel’s Experience

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My name is Asmithai this is my true story, I want share with all u friends. I left my village for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering, which is far from my village, so I joined in ladies hostel. In hostel I got a room with three beds so I have to share with two other girls, out of the two girls one girl is new like me and another girl is our senior. I was very tired with the journey, and very uncomfortable as it’s a new place, I washed my face and started changing my dress to nightie, and I absorb that the senior girl Sangeeta is looking very curiously at me, and smiling. I fell shy, let me tell I’m a beautiful girl 18 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big breast that can attract even the girls. 38 size, firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape.

My belly is round, deep and big. I’m having round beautiful ass. Long legs and good thighs, I removed my salwar kameez and I’m wearing only bra, which can’t cover my big boobs and panties. Sangeeta passed a comment wow you are beautiful, I received the complement with smile. Like all other collages in India in my collage also there was a ragging problem, around 10 pm at the night, my senior girls came to my room, there are six girls in that batch, they closed the doors.

First they caught the other new girl, who stays in my room and asked about her personal things, and asked to sing, dance etc, after Sangeeta introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked about my bra size, I fell shy, another girl squeezed my breast and said wow it’s wonderful, and all other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I obey there order, and take off my nightie I was wearing pink colour bra and panties which is very suitable for my colour, sangeeta asked take off bra, and I refused but one girl pulled my bra and my boobs came out. One girl pulled my panties, and all of them saw my clean shaved pussy, with long lips, “nice count” one other girl passed the comment. And they asked how you masturbate, I said I won’t. “tho kiske saat choodwayegi” one other girl asked, I got annoyed and shouted shat you bitch, she slap on my face and said “saali tere gand chodhungi”, and she took off her cloths. She is a beautiful girl with 34 size with black nipples, her unshaved pussy is having silky pubic hair, and she pushed me on the bed. I confused, I unable to understand what’s happening, she started kissing on my lips and I started protesting her.

Sangeeta started squeezing my nipples and she also took off her dress, and other girls also become naked. The girl started kissing deeply with her tongue in my mouth, one girl started sacking my nipple and some others started licking my thighs. My body becomes so light, and I started feeling like flying. That was my first kiss and I cooperated to that girl by opening my mouth, and she got from me. I was laying on bed naked, all other girls are around me with there naked bodies, I felt so hot and started sweating, one girl smelled my under arms, and started licking my right breast and another girl from left. Two girls shared my thighs and one girl started licking my wet pussy.

I wanted to be fucked by someone. And I asked the girls to fuck. They took the promise that I will keep open my wet pussy for them, to fuck any time, and asked me to choose any of them as it’s my first experience. All of them are beautiful, but I choose Pooja. She is really a rare beauty, fair long dark hair, 5.5″ height 36 size perfect breast with brown nipple, deep belly and sweet horny cont, with light silky hair. All others appreciated my selection, and asked me to open my legs so that they can lick my pussy for that day. After squeezing my breast and ass, all are taken a kisses from me and they took the new girl to lick there pussy’s.

Pooja, Sangeeta and me left alone in the room, Sangeeta said she is my bitch and I can do anything with her and she is going to sleep with me in the room. First time I kissed Pooja on her lips it was really very sweet her boobs were very firm and I bite the nipples, sangeeta started licking my ass. And pooja with the dick (dildo) fucked my pussy with very fast jerks. That was my first experience. Any girls, boys wanting sex with me pls. mail me at or chat with me at asmitha_love is mine id. Friends from mumbai are invited for friendship.

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Rita like hymen girl Jhanky.

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Author’s Note: You should always clean your toys before and after using them.
Reedited by: Jack Mayne, many thank to him working with my story.
Short description: Story is about my maid, who was a virgin girl and how I was able
to take her virginity.

Characters: Rita me and my maid Jhanky
I was reading a newspaper at my parent’s home when I heard the maid and I said
hello to her then went back to reading my newspaper. I think she picked up the cups
and left but after a while, she was back and looking at me.
“Yes? Do you want something?” I asked.
“Yes, ma’am, actually I want to discuss about my daughter,” said Shanty, my
family’s longtime maid.

“OK, go ahead.”
“Ma’am, actually you asked me about another maid for your apartment,” she said.
“Oh, yes I remember a few days back I asked you, so have you found any one?” I
asked her.
“Yes, ma’am, I did found someone,” she said.
“Who is she, do you know her?” I asked.
“Yes, ma’am. She is my daughter.
“What, your daughter?” I said. “I think she is so young and doesn’t she
still go to school?”
No, ma’am, because of my husband. He drinks a lot and we have to fulfill his needs
– if we don’t he beats both of us so that’s why I asked about my daughter,”
Shanty said.
“But you know your daughter is young isn’t she?”
“Yes, ma’am she is young”
“Well, can she manage living alone much of the time at the apartment?” I asked
her. “You know I only stay there once in a while to entertain special guests.”
Yes ma’am she can manage, she is alone now most of the time at home.”
I reminded her I lived a different life at the apartment since I was a lesbian and
used that place for my games with other girls.
“Yes, ma’am, but she can manage,” Shanty said.
I told her I will pay 2,500 Rupees a month and she would have to live there full time.
She agreed, and I told her to bring her daughter to me in the morning so I could
talk with her alone.
When I first saw her, she appeared quite young, average looking, sky and looking
down at her feet.
I talked to her for a while alone and she tells me her name is Jhanky and that she
cannot read or write.
I asked her if she could manage alone in my apartment.
“Yes, I can manage alone,” she said.
I told her to go and send in her mother. A moment later, her mother reappeared in my
“She looks fine to me and for now she can have the job at my apartment,” I said,
but I wondered how she could feed herself alone there if she cannot cook.
A few days later, her mother told me she had been giving her some cooking lessons
and now should be able to cook for herself.
“She can definitely cook now. She can fry eggs, make coffee, tea, and drinks, for
herself and also for you,” Shanty said proudly.
My apartment had two bedrooms with attached baths, kitchen and a living room with a
television set. One room would be mine and one for Jhanky. No one but my “secret
friends” and me ever lived there so this would change things.
It was a hot, humid day in Mumbai when I took Jhanky there and showed her the
apartment. I told here that I bring my very special friends there and she should
stay out of sight and in the kitchen or her room.
“Don’t come in where we are and don’t spy on what we are doing,” I told the
wide-eyed young girl. I also told her not to change things around without asking me
I told her to bring some cold water for me and she obeyed my order. After giving me
water she went back to the kitchen and asked me about the dishes there. I thought I
should bring some plates and glasses for Jhanky but I hadn’t so she could use the
old ones and I could bring some new for myself.
After drinking the water I asked her bring some apple juice for me. She did, then
sat near me on the sofa. We started chatting about things, and I told her how she
was to behave when I was busy with my friends and I told her what she could do in
her spare time. She listened and I answered her questions.
A few days later, I was sitting on sofa watching movie and I asked Jhanky get some
massage lotions and oil from my bedroom.
“I am tired and need a massage, Jhanky; can you do that for me?” I asked the
slender young girl.
“Yes, ma’am, I can do that,” she said. “I used to do that for my mother when
she was tired after working at your parent’s home.” She went to my room for the
oils and lotions.
I stripped naked and wrapped a towel around myself, then took off the towel and
spread it on the sofa and laid naked on it.
She started with my shoulders, applying some lotion on my shoulders then she starts
with her hands. I loved the feeling of her soft, young hands on my body. The first
massage from my Jhanky was awesome. Her fingertips went from shoulders down my arms
to my hands.
Her hands had a magic way of applying lotion, using her fingertips. I felt so relaxed.
Then she went to my feet and toes, up onto my legs to the knees, softly stroking and
massaging my legs. It was wonderful, I felt her soft angel stroking, mixed with some
delightful squeezing and rubbing.
She hesitated when she got near my naked ass, but I told her softly not to worry
because she is a girl, too, and she should not be nervous.
Jhanky poured some lotion on the soft contours of my tight butt and her fingers made
my feel their magic.
After a few minutes, I told her to put her oiled finger into my ass hole and
massaged inside. She paused a moment but then her finger slipped into my butt again.
I moaned when the small finger touched my sensitive anus. Then she pushed her finger
in deeper and I gripped the pillow and moaned loudly. My pussy immediately began to
get wet and felt itchy for more stimulation.
I then asked the beautiful girl to massage my tits; the sensitive nipples were
already hard and throbbing. Jhanky applied some lotion on my breasts, and her
magical hands began to softly massage them. I told her how to pinch my nipples with
her thumbs.
She and did as I told her.
After she did my tits and my stomach, I began to realize with was getting very wet.
Jhanky’s hands moved around my pussy, but did not get close to my shaved pussy
lips, which were now swollen with need.
I asked her to touch my labia she did, massaging it with her fingers causing me to
feel the need to cum. She squeezed my pussy lips, stroking then with soft fingers,
but she did not know how to finger deeply into my slit and to rub my throbbing clit.
When I asked her to get me off, she said she didn’t know what to do.
But I knew I had to get off – I needed an orgasm badly. I told her to rub my inner
and outer pussy lips as fast as she could. When she started that, my hips began to
thrust up and down and I gasped and moaned in hot need of a cum.
I told her to slide two of her slender wet fingers into my steaming pussy, as far as
she could, and they move them in and out as fast as she could, and I told her to put
her thumb on my clit. I had to show her where the clit was, but then she stroked it
hard and it was driving me crazy with a need to get off.
I was squirming and thrusting my body up to get more of her fingers inside my hot,
drooling hole. I was wiggling and whining in need as she thrust her hand in and out
of the hole, her hand covered in my juices.
Suddenly her fingers inside me began to wiggle along with being moved in and out. I
was shuddering with sexual need, my hips thrusting and twisting, and my gasps louder
and moans becoming hot squeals of sexual heat.
“I want to cum, Jhanky, make me cum?,” I whined. She looked at me wide-eyed and,
even in my gasping heat; I could tell it was turning her on, too. I knew at that
moment, whining and whimpering and thrusting and twisting, that I wanted to fuck
this beautiful young girl very soon.
Then, with a loud wail and shuddering, I came. I was completely out of my mind in
ecstasy. I was covered with sheen of sweat and was gasping in one of the best cums
“Fuck me, oh, fuck my cunt, I need to cum,” I wailed at her. It was wonderful.
My body stiffened, tightened and stretched and I felt like I was transformed to
another level of existence. I hadn’t cum like this in a long time.
While the inexperienced girl didn’t really know what to do, she followed my
instructions and I think that made my orgasm even better.
I slowly relaxed, smiling to myself with my eyes closed. “Thank you, Jhanky, you
did it,” I thought.
She was still fingering my pussy, her hands were very wet, making squishing noises
as they moved in my gushing hole, my juices pouring out of my pussy and soaking the
I asked her to stop and to taste my cum. She sucked her fingers, but she didn’t
seem to like the taste and rubbed her hand dry on the sofa.
I went to take bath while she cleaned the sofa and went to take her own bath. When
she came back into the room I told her I wanted another such massage like this one
in a couple of weeks.
She smiled and said she would.
Time passed quickly and after six months, it was a totally different Jhanky.
She was tending to my apartment very well and I was really happy with the way she
worked, the way she managed things and she obeyed my orders.
Her magical fingers were a wonder on my body and even better on my pussy slit and
into my pussy hole. She brought me off regularly and seemed to really enjoy it. I
know I did.
She and I became closer and closer. I told her what I did with my special girl
friends and she saw some of our sexual activities.
I knew I could do whatever I wanted to do with Jhanky and that she would never
object, but I wanted to tease her. I wanted to see how much she could wait. But I
knew it was just time before I had this beautiful girl in my bed where I could fuck
her to my heart’s content.
A few weeks later I was in the apartment and decided to play a porn video while she
was watching. I had always watched porn in my room on my laptop, but today I wanted
to show her an extraordinary Indian porn movie that I had downloaded from net.
It was a full-length lesbian porn movie in Hindi so Jhanky could understand it. The
movie plot is a maid that made a mistake and her mistress is to punish her. It stars
two famous Indian lesbian porn stars, Priya and Teena.
She was working in kitchen and I told Jhanky to come to the living room when she was
In a few minutes she came and I told her to fetch my laptop from the bedroom.
I was lying on the sofa, wearing pants and a shirt when she brought the laptop,
which I placed on my stomach.
“Bring me some juice, Jhanky, banana would be nice,” I told her.
I asked her if she was finished working and she said she was.
“OK, bring the massage lotion,” I told her.
When she returned with the lotion, I asked her sit and she sat near me.
I took off my pants and shirt so I was wearing only my bra and panties when I
started the movie.
First she didn’t understand what the movie was about was in first few minutes. She
asked about the girl.
“Just watch, my dear,” I told her.
When the woman of the house starts punishing her maid, I asked Jhanky to take off
her clothes like the girl in the movie.
Jhanky was confused and shy, her face red and her teeth biting her lips, while she
watched the movie with wide eyes.
“Jhanky, don’t you want give me a massage?” I asked.
Suddenly she came back to earth and said she did. I smiled again. But in a few
seconds later she again was staring in fascination at the movie, her hand rubbing my
bare shoulder but without applying any lotion.
“Do you want me to punish you like the girl in the movie?” I asked Jhanky.
At that she began her massage, her magic fingertips on the soft, smooth skin of my
But her eyes were glued to the scene on my computer screen.
I put my hand on her pussy and she jerked up, looking shocked.
“Jhanky, are you wet?” I asked softly while looking into her eyes.
She was shy and looked down for a moment, her eyes flicking between down at me and
to the computer screen where the movie was playing.
“Have you ever masturbated?” I quietly asked her.
She looked nervously at me and shook her head. I think she was telling me no, but
when the woman in the movie started fingering her maid, suddenly Jhanky looked at me
with questioning eyes.
“Is that punishment?” she squeaked.
I smiled and told her that was the same thing she had done to me.
“Yes, so it means you are punishing me?” I asked with another smile.
“No, ma’am I swear, I never thought I was punishing you,” she said quietly.
Then I asked her if she had ever seen anyone naked. She kept her head down and said
she had never seen anyone naked in real life.
“Jhanky don’t lie you saw me,” I said.
“Yes, ma’am, I saw you but no one else,” she said.
She began to rub oil on me as we watched the movie.
My pussy was drooling from the hot scenes on the screen, but I wanted even more.
Jhanky reached my shoulder and arms, and then she went towards my stomach.
Suddenly, she bent down and massaged my foot and legs so I asked her to put the
computer on the table so we can watch while she massaged my almost naked body.
I told her to suck my feet and toes while rubbing them. She did. My body was getting
hot from her work.
I asked her to take off my bra and she did, then starts softly rubbing my tits and
softly thumbing my nipples. They were getting harder than little rocks and causing
my pussy to get wetter and wetter.
This girl is driving me crazy with desire.
But Jhanky looked a bit nervous while palming my smooth tits.
She also was watching the action on the laptop while playing with my boobs.
Then I told her to put her hand into my panties and to put some lotion on my pussy.
She did and then started gently rubbing it.
She starts rubbing my pussy lips with her soft fingers, sending sparks into my body.
I asked her to press her fingers into my slit and to move two hot fingers from my
asshole to my clit.
“Fuck, move it faster in and out, Jhanky,” I said with a husky voice. My body
was jiggling and squirming, and I moaned and whimpered as her fingers slid up and
down my crease, and in and out of my slobbering pussy hole.
“Harder, damn it, Jhanky, fuck me with your fingers,” I wheezed while pushing my
hips up to make her hand drag harder on my slushy pussy slit and across the stiff
“Yes god, go faster, girl, harder, fuck, go harder. I need to cum, shit, I really
need it, faster, faster, make me cuuuuuummmm!”
I went rigid, my legs pressed together so that they squeezed my pussy, making me
jerk with orgasmic jolts, as I imprisoned Jhanky’s hot, wet hand in my wet cunt.
She was still jiggling her fingers along my slot, and deeply into my hot hole. It
was a wonderful feeling.
I watched her face, nervous, intent, but seeming to enjoy how she was making me
writhe and whimper and jerk around the sofa, spilling out my juices again on the
“Jhanky get me towel,” I wheezed, totally relaxed after that wonder orgasm.
After I had a bath, I was relaxing in my bed when Jhanky came in to tell me lunch
was ready.
“Did you masturbate after the movie, Jhanky?” I asked.
She looked at me with a funny face and seemed confused.
“What is masturbation, ma’am?” she said quietly.
She wasn’t a stupid girl, just a girl that had never had the reality of being a
girl explained to her. She simply did not know about a hymen or anything about sex
other than what we had been doing here.
She told me she did not wear a bra or panties that she never had and did not know
what sizes she wore.
“Ah, I see, OK, this evening I will go for shopping for some undergarments for
you,” I told her.
After lunch I had her come to my room to see if I could figure out what sizes the
girl wore.
She hesitated a bit in shyness when I asked her to strip off her top, but she
finally did.
Her body was fantastic.
I grabbed her tits with both hands, and decided she needed a near 30 bra.
Then I told her to take off her pants and her curvaceous body was before me. But
what a forest of thick, black hair there was around her pussy.
“So, you don’t shave your snatch, eh?” I asked.
“No, ma’am, not yet,” she said quietly.
I touched her pussy, but she pulled away, so I told her it was a pussy just like mine.
I started to rub her little, hairy slit, massaging her outer and inner lips with my
fingers, keeping away from her hymen but getting her wetter and watching her outer
pussy lips swell up in excitement. I put my little finger against her hole, but it
was hard to do because I did not want to take her virginity that way. Suddenly,
though, the lovely little girl shook with an orgasm, maybe her first one ever.
I wanted to taste her hot little pussy, but all that hair was a put off. I like
pussies nice and smooth and sleek.
“I like shaved ones,” I said, but she didn’t understand. I sent her to my
washroom of the tube of depilatory but she said she didn’t know how to use it. I
showed her, gave her a towel and waited for her to come back to my room. She came
back with a towel wrapped around her slender body.
Jhanky was damned sexy, her wet hair dripping water on the sofa.
I asked her to remove her towel, the sight was unbelievable. Her bare, tight little
slit made her look younger than she was. She was just more than beautiful and I knew
I wanted badly to fuck this lovely girl.
I stood up and touched her beautiful apple-sized tits pinching her nipples, slid a
finger along her wet pussy lips – oh, my god, she is hot enough to make me slick
with juices from my own pussy.
I had her sit up and then I gave her a mini makeover. I like pink so I used pink
nail polish and pink lipstick. As I worked, I could see a beautiful young bride
standing in front of me. She didn’t know what was happening to her, she was just
enjoying what I was doing with her.
She was completely naked, so I rubbed my hand from her face, lips to breasts and
then on her hips. I pinched her butt, she squeaked, but I didn’t stop. I rubbed my
hand on her back side, from hips to her face, putting my fingers on her soft lips,
rubbing her lips with my finger, I whispered in her ear that she was ready.
She didn’t reply, she is just standing naked and virginal in front of me with her
eyes closed as I was looking at her in the mirror.
I pinched her nipples again she whimpered that it was hurting, and then I gripped
her small butt cheeks in my hands and start massaging her sleek ass. She was
standing quietly, just letting me touch her.
I bent a little and started sucking one by one those beautiful small black nipples.
I whispered in her ear if she liked this. She didn’t reply.
So I continued sucking biting her nipples, grabbing her boobs and squeezing them.
That made her moan softly. Her hands were touching her own butt, but she is doing
nothing else.
So I kissed her softly, but she tightly closed her lips. I kept up with my soft
kissing and, slowly, she relaxed her lips. I started sucking her beautiful lips and
after a while, I asked her to kiss my lips and Jhanky opened her eyes and started
kissing me, just soft kissing which caused me to moan softly as I felt this gorgeous
creature kissing me harder, sucking on my lips and moaning softly herself.
When my hands reached down to her pussy, she is already wet. I rubbed her few times,
and suddenly she can’t breath easily, she can’t control herself. She moans
loudly, then says, “Ma’am, there is something coming out from inside me.”
I rubbed her wet slit hard and fast, massaging her outer lips. Then I lick my finger
then I ask Jhanky to suck my finger and she did. I pushed my wet finger inside her
hot, tight hole. She cried out that it is hurting but I didn’t stop, I started
slowly and seductively pushed my hot finger in and out making sure not to damage her
“Do it, ma’am, do it yes ma’am yes do it – something is coming from inside
me,” she moans loudly, her bright eyes shining and her face glowing with emotion.
She now is kissing me with force, sucking and biting my lips. I tighten her grip
around me and bend down and start licking her now hairless bare pussy. My tongue
goes in circles around her clit, sucking and biting her outer pussy lips, swollen
and drenched with her juices.
“Keep doing that, ma’am, keep doing that, I love the way I feel now, more,
more,” she says with gasps and whimpers. Her angelic face is twisted in ecstasy.
I shove my tongue into her pussy hole, feeling the soft walls inside her clamp down
and imprison my tongue inside for a moment. My tongue was where nothing had ever
been before. I keep swirling my tongue inside her, tasting her tart juices as she
whimpers louder and louder, panting and gasping and writhing in sexual heat.
I start fucking her hole with my tongue, in and out in and out, as fast as I can. I
gently placed my fingers in her tight slit and start rubbing her while my tongue
keeps fucking her pussy hole.
Jhanky’s moaning is getting louder and louder, she is panting now, trying to
scream out, her eyes rolling up into her sockets. She is jerking and moving with no
control of her actions.
She starts babbling incoherently while I keep rubbing my fingers around, my tongue
deep inside, in and out. Jhanky alternates babbling with constant moans, whines and
whimpers. She is pulling my hair so hard that it hurts, but I know she is almost
ready to cum like a freight train.
Suddenly she squirts her cum and her juices into my mouth and it tastes heavenly.
Soon my mouth full of her cum, dribbling and running over my face and onto my shirt.
Then she loosened her grip on my hair and was relaxing, nearly falling, but I held
her tightly against me, feeling her heart hammer in her chest, her tits squashed
against my shirt.
Then she relaxed.
“Did you like this, Jhanky?” I whispered into her ear.
“Oh, god, so much, I loved how it felt,” she said with a huge smile. “OK, I am
now ready for another trip.”
I laughed and look deeply into her eyes, scanning her beautiful face that is shining
with love and feeling more relaxed that she probably ever has felt before.
I asked her to lie next to me and she did, the shyness coming back.
I kissed her lips again and she closed her eyes.
“Feeling shy?” I asked. She shook her head but she meant yes, so I kissed again
and again on her lips, her cheeks and under her ears.
She then started kissing my lips and sucking my tongue so I sucked her tongue back
as a kind of real fun.
I started rubbing my hands all over this wonderful, soft and sexy girl, sucking and
biting her tits and her hard little dark nipples while she gripped me hard as hard
as she could. I kept pinching her nipples, biting her nipples – again and again. I
move up and down so that her pussy rubs against mine but I was dressed so I stopped,
then got naked with her.
I opened her legs and got in between, then started slowly rubbing her pussy while
watching her. She was wriggling on the bed so I started licking around her pubic
area, licking in circles and then stiffened my tongue and licked along the wet,
glistening red slit. She was enjoying my tongue reaching down inside her throbbing
wet hole.
I moved upwards and started kissing her and soon our lips sucking together so hard
even air cannot escape. I broke the kiss, moving to her hard nipples, softly sucking
first one then the other between my lips, then licking her tits a bit and biting on
her nipples.
I moved lower once again. After licking her around her pussy, I put half of my
finger inside her with my finger touching her hymen. I started moving my half finger
in and out and around inside slowly and slowly. I increase my speed until I was
moving my finger quickly inside her pussy.
Jhanky starts writhing, her hips moving here and there up and down and crying, “I
am cumming, shit, I am cumming.” with that I sped up my finger, but careful I did
not hurt her hymen. My fingers were doing magic for her, moving freely inside her
wet, slick pussy hole. She was moaning, whining and gasping while I was pinching her
nipples and squeezing her tits.
Her hands were gripping the sheet; her whole body was moving especially her hips
which were jerking up and down.
She was jerking on my finger, trying to get it deeper into her slot.
“Oh yes, I am cumming,” she whined and panted to me. “Do it fast do it fast
ma’am do it, fuck, I need it, I can’t wait.”
As she began to spasm her cunt hole was now full of juices ready to gush out. I kept
fingering her pussy fast and glued my face to her hot and undulating pussy slit, my
tongue flipping over her clit.
“Fuck, make me cummmmmm,” whined, “I need now, now, fuck me, ma’am, shove
your finger in, lick me harder.”
Jhanky was totally out of control, she just kept moving and crying for me to do it
“Do it faster, do it ma’am fast.”
Suddenly she squirted for the second time and I felt my finger, hand and mouth
flooded with her tangy juice, but I did not stop. But after while Jhanky stopped,
her eyes were closed. I placed my wet finger inside between her soft lips.
“Eat your sweet cum,” I whispered to the panting girl. “Isn’t it sweet?”
“It is sweet ma’am,” she whispered.
We lay on bed side by side, relaxing together.
“Now I will fuck you,” I told the wide-eyed girl. “It will hurt you, you will
bleed some blood from your pussy hole, but don’t worry you feel better when I
finished my job.”
She didn’t say anything.
It was time to take her virginity, to break her hymen.
We started again, kissing and rubbing and soon her pussy was getting very wet again.
I picked up my strap-on from the drawer and put it on.
“Jhanky, do you wish suck my big cock?” I asked her.
She did suck my cock as I was on my knees near Jhanky who was in bed She started
taking my cock inside her mouth I push more and more inside her until she can’t
breathe, but every once in a while I allowed her to take breath. She is
inexperienced, but she sucks my cock gently, but the way she is sucking it is like
she is a porn star.
She opened her legs widely for me I took my place between her legs, then applied
some oil on her pussy and into the tight hole and around her hymen.
Then I put a lot of oil on my strap-on cock that is 7 inches long and 2-and-half
inches thick.
I know if I get all this inside her tight virgin pussy, she’ll be in pained agony,
so I know I have to do softly and with love.
I gripped one hand on the strap-on and other on Jhanky’s face so if she cries out
I can keep her quiet.
I push my cock at Jhanky’s tight, wet, oily pussy but it did not go in, even force
but didn’t help.
So I rubbed and fingered her pussy for a while until she was ready once again.
Her eyes were closed and she didn’t know how much pain it would be for her.
I pushed my cock at her pussy hole, but it still did not go inside of the young
girl, again I tried to force it up her channel, but the small hole and its hymen at
the entrance kept me out. This was my first time with a virgin, so I didn’t
exactly don’t know how to get inside.
But on third try I used all my strength to get the head of the huge cock inside
Jhanky’s clasping pussy. But her hymen was gone now, she was no longer a virgin.
“OOHHHH, my god, it hurrrrrrrtss, take it out,” and she just kept screaming, and
I worried that the neighbors would hear and come running over.
I managed to control her screams but Jhanky was weeping, begging me to stop.
I didn’t stop and I pushed my cock deeper inside her.
I think she took about four inches, still begging me please get it out, but I
didn’t. I did stop for a moment to let her tight stretched cunt hole to get used
to the monster I was shoving into her. I noticed her hole was tightly pulled around
the thick shift of the strap-on cock.
I started kissing her face and lips, slipping my tongue into mouth so Jhanky
wouldn’t cry. The kisses made her feel better so I started moving my cock up and
down, but Jhanky used her Kegel muscles to grip the shaft tightly and stop it from
moving deeper into her cunt.
“It won’t hurt any more,” I tell her.
So she loosened the grip on the hard shaft and let me move it freely but slowly.
Soon, are kissing each other hard, our lips sucking each other’s tongues and I was
moving up and down so that my cock was moving inside her pussy.
After a bit, I start fucking her pussy faster and faster even though she is feeling
some pain, but I don’t want stop this time. I am fucking her hard now, my cock now
freely sliding into her pussy about four inches. The cock deep inside her tunnel now
is giving Jhanky pleasure, but also still a bit of pain.
“Ohhhhh, I love it, it hurts a little, but it feels wonderful in my pussy,” she
said with a whisper. “Fuck me harder, or please more. Deeper, ma’am. That’s it.
There. Oh god! Faster! Yes!
“I am cumming, OHHHHHH, yes fuck me hard, oh fuck me ma’am fuck me – I love
But she did not say she wanted still more and that is what I wanted to hear her say.
Her hips were moving along on bed, with my each thrust of my cock, she was shoving
her hips up, enjoying the cock in her little hot, slimy pussy hole encouraging me to
fuck her faster and faster, and deeper.
I can see the tight walls of her cunt grabbing the shaft of the cock, pulling out
and then moving back into her hole.
Finally she came with a scream that the whole neighborhood could have heard. She
shivered and shuddered and twitched on the bet, tossing her head back and forth, her
tongue pushing in and out of her mouth, drool dripping off the corners of her mouth.
Her hands flew up to her hard little tits and twisted her nipples while her hips
thrust up, stayed up with my cock buried into her cavern. Then she sagged back onto
the bed, satisfied.
She stopped moving, and closed her eyes. I was top of her and we kissed for a while,
then I slid my cock out of her with a wet sound. The cock was wet with her blood and
When Jhanky opens her eyes she saw her pussy blood on my cock and all over the
sheet. She could not move her hips without pain, so I took a towel and cleaned her
pussy and my strap-on.
Jhanky was lying on bed beside me, my hands still running over her body. I wanted to
fuck her some more, but she complained of the pain in her pussy. I remember how much
pain I felt on my day, so I left Jhanky on the bed and took a shower. Then I offered
Jhanky a glass of milk with a pain killer tablet so she can relax.
After an hour Jhanky moved from my bed and went to her room and came back dressed
telling me she was still in pain and she can’t walk easily. I told her I could
take care of myself and that she should just relax. I gave her sleeping tablet with
water so she could rest well.
I was also nervous at what I did with Jhanky.
I didn’t sleep well all night, but the next morning Jhanky told me she felt better.
After breakfast, I asked Jhanky to take a bath get ready for more fucking pleasure.
She smiled and ran into her room. After taking a bath she came back to where I was
sitting on sofa.
First I asked about her first fuck and she smiled and told me her feelings, that she
wanted to do it again.
“Wow, that’s great you want to do it again,” I said.
She shakes her head, but she meant yes.
I told her bring same toy that I used last time with the oil bottle. When she gets
back, Jhanky sat on sofa, looking at me with big, brown eyes.
I told her that today I would fuck her ass hole.
We began kissing and making out on the sofa, getting both of us hot.
I pulled down my pants and got on my hands and knees in the doggy position on the
floor next to the sofa. I told Jhanky to lick my anus, so she started placing her
tongue above on the tight ring of my ass hole and she started sucking, moving her
tongue slowly around the crinkly hole.
“That’s nice, Jhanky, lick it,” I breathed, shuddering at the wonderful
feeling of her tongue.
She did, then I told her to push he tongue inside of my ass hole. She did and I
could feel her soft, but stiff tongue touching the sensitive walls of my anus.
“That’s like a good girl, Jhanky,” I told her. “I like that way yes lick it,
Jhanky, now get three fingers inside my ass hole, I need three of your fingers deep
inside my anus.”
She licked her fingers first and then shoved them deep inside my anus. I sobbed, so
she pulled her fingers out.
“Jhanky, don’t pull out again, put them deep inside my ass hole,” I told the
young girl. “It’s OK if I am crying, you don’t worry. Just push your fingers
in and out of me.
So she starts with playing with my shit hole and her fingers were deep inside me.
I changed position and sat on sofa so that Jhanky can easily reach both of my holes.
She started licking my pussy, keeping three fingers deep inside my ass. I was
already wet so I asked her fuck me with her tongue.
She did as I told her and moments later I started rotating my hips here and there,
up and down, but Jhanky kept going. She kept playing with my ass hole until I
finally told her to take off her dress so I could lick her butt hole now.
She had a really small ass but she still has a virgin asshole, I am the only one to
have touched the girl.
I started licking her anus, then I decided to give her some pleasure. After licking
her anus, I fucked her ass hole with my tongue deep inside her touching her
sensitive walls. Soon, she was really wet and moaned when I licked two fingers and
pushed them deep inside Jhanky’s ass.
“Oh, take them out, it’s killing me,” she cried.
But I didn’t.
I was get going in and out with my two fingers, going deep inside her shit hole.
When she got used to two fingers and calmed down, I put my third finger inside her
butt hole and she cried again.
“Oh, ma’am I am dying please get your fingers out of me,” she sobbed with a
loud groan.
Again, I didn’t.
After my fingers and my tongue fuck loosened her up, I put on the strap on, but this
time I did not put any oil or did I use spit to wet the cock or her ass hole.
With out telling Jhanky, I gripped her around her waist, then placed the head of the
fake cock on her little ass hole and pushed inside her hole with my full power. In
the first try I was inside her.
She screamed in pain and her head flipped back and forth, her body twitching and
twisting. She cried the way she cried last time, but she could not escape because of
my tight grip around her. I kept pushing my cock inside her back hole, which was
shivering because of the big cock in such a tight hole.
She kept crying, begging, but I didn’t listen to her this time. I was pushing my
cock deep inside; I was able to get six inches inside her little hole.
“Take it out, ma’am, please. It is killing me. It hurts soooo much, shit, it is
like a hot poker up my ass, I have never felt so much pain,” she babbled at me.
She kept desperately trying to find a way to escape, but she couldn’t.
I started fucking her ass hole as hard as I can as fast as I could.
Jhanky was weeping, crying with pain but I didn’t listen to her.
I fucked her hot ass hole for more than fifteen minutes and Jhanky kept begging me
to pull out.
I didn’t.
After we finished, her ass throbbed in pain all day.

But if you had that kind of innocent, young, girl would you leave her?
I think I will never leave her, just play with her all the day and nights. I did
that with Jhanky. We fucked three more times that day.
I fucked Jhanky three times again the next morning and also fucked her ass twice
that night.
After a couple of weeks Jhanky ass could easily take a cock bigger than normal easily.
The way she wept when I broke her hymen and cried when I fucked her ass I really
enjoyed a lot, so I like to say you should definitely try a virgin girl, even if she
has never masturbated before, but you must have an strong grip upon her when you
play with her.

With love Rita.

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Sex With My Elder Sister

January 20th, 2009 No comments

My elder sister Chitra, 26 of age, was oddly attractive and fair complexioned. I addressed her: Didi. She had been a bright student right from the beginning and had taken up computer education courses after graduation. After a few years, she had started teaching at the computer education centre. Didi was very shy and what most would call ‘bookworm’. She wore glass dressed very conservatively, a behenji type. She has pretty eyes and…well, I guess that’s it. She seemed more focused on her education than her social life.

I guess that’s why she was excelling, and I wasn’t. She could not get married as she was manglik by astrological considerations. It had became very difficult to find a suitable manglik partner for her. Moreover, other criterions were also there that had spoiled the negotiations with various proposals that had come. Recently, through one of our relations we were able to find a manglik boy and Panditji said it would be a good match. Our parents seemed to like it too, but my elder sister seemed reluctant. The groom promised to help her continue her studies, and, thereafter, the job, too. Although, didi seemed unsure of herself, gave her nod.

Me, a 15 year old, on the other hand, wasn’t doing so well in studies. I really resented the fact that the same was so easy for her. Because of our sibling rivalry, I never thought it right asking her assistance in studies. But, a few days back one of class fellow challenged me for a computer test. Taking it headlong, I decided to rise above and take Didi’s help to teach me computers. As far as the our rivalry was considered I thought she was my sister, an insider, with whom I could do some attitude adjustment in order to beat an outsider.

I was pretty cordial to her for a few days, then I asked her. She laughed at first. ‘You really expect me to spend time helping you out with this? After all those comments I’ve taken from you about how ’smart’ I am and how ‘boring’ I am, and how I ‘have no life’? Now you want my help? OK. But we’ll have to make some kind of a deal.’

‘Anything, Didi! You name it! Let me know and it’s yours. I promise!’

We worked out a schedule for when we could prep for the test. Then I kissed her on the forehead before I went off to work. She blushed and shooed me away, embarrassed. She looked really cute just then; it was a shame that she didn’t really seem interested in guys. She was very awkward and self-conscious around guys.
Our first tutoring session went well. It was tough for me but Didi was a good teacher; patient and thorough.

‘So, Mohit; about that ‘deal’…I think I might know what I want you to do…but I have a few questions first.’

‘Ask me.’

‘You said you’d do anything, right? OK. What I was thinking…’ Her voice dropped down to almost a whisper. ‘I was…You know I am very much afraid of marriage. My friends have told me it is very painful on the first night. I don’t know that frog with whom my marriage has been fixed. I don’t mind him touching my naked body. But to do it… first time…I want somebody, whom I am close to, help me find it out what it is. I think who could be a better male than you. Although, ashamed to say but I am clear in my mind: I want you to teach me sex. I don’t care for that virginity issue.’

‘Oh…well…um, OK,’ I said, trying to act very mature. I looked utterly confused.

She continued calmly looking straight in my eyes, ‘And, Mohit. I don’t want to talk to you about it. I want to … do things…I’ve read all about sex… I guess you’ve been right when you’ve said that I am that behnji type… no life…I thought you could show me what it’s like.’ Didi looked shyly and spoke haltingly. This was difficult for her. ‘I mean…I’d like to find out what it’s like with you…my brother, before finding out…you know, with someone I hardly know…And, don’t tell me you never had sex. I have seen you and Vrinda Aunt playing comedies all night at Titoo’s marriage.’

I said lightly…’Look, Didi…I can understand your curiosity if you’ve never had any…experience before. But for us to…We can’t, Didi! It’s not right.’ Her eyes had grown indignantly, slightly shinning with tears as she listened. She interrupted again. ‘Mohit, you said anything. Anything! This is what I want! I thought about this long and hard! We made a deal. And you promised.’

She paused. ‘Things. You know. What a husband does with his wife on the first night; what she does to him…I know what happens; I just want to know what it’s like… ‘

‘Kissing? Rubbing? These things?’ I offered. Keep it simple…

‘Yes! C’mon, Mohit, you know what I’m talking about. What is the first thing you try with a girl when you’re…messing around?’ Her voice had steadily risen over the last few minutes; I motioned her to quiet down. It was pretty late and our parents were asleep a floor away, but to get caught discussing such things…

‘My Gawd, Didi…I guess it would be feeling her breasts. Yeah.’ I simply could not believe it, but I had a semi-erection and it was growing by the second. I shifted on her bed, trying to accommodate it; hoping Didi wouldn’t notice. Then, in what seemed to me like slow motion, she took her glass off, reached over to her nightstand and flicked the 3-way light to it’s dimmest and started unbuttoning her blouse. I couldn’t believe my eyes. ‘Didi…hey bhagwan…I’m…’ The sight of her tight breasts in her bra stopped me short. I had never ever seen her in anything even close to revealing…but they were fantastic. I guessed 36 inches. As my eyes drank them in a combination of shame and excitement, she reached behind her back to undo her bra strap. They were fantastic. Perhaps the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen up close and in person; their nipples hard and a vibrant pink. She took a deep breath and said, ‘Now show me. Show me what you do.’ I knew she was looking at me, and I tried to look up at her fa
ce, but…they were magnificent. I realized that yes, I wanted to touch it, very badly…My cock was completely hard and throbbing.

I gently took one breast in my hand. I could hear her breathing now. My fingertips instinctively went for her large, hard nipple and started lightly pinching it. Didi gave a little gasp and closed her eyes. I slid over a bit closer to her and continued my stroking, pinching, massaging. I bent over and put my mouth over the nipple. I bit its tip gently between my teeth. I sucked on it lightly and kissed all around it. She had put her hand on the back of my head, cradling it to her mamme. Didi was breathing heavily as I suckled her tit.

After a few more minutes of this, she whispered, ‘Then what, Mohit? Hhhhhhh…Then what do you do?’ While still sucking her titties, I reached down and slid my hand up her inner thigh towards her crotch, not really thinking clearly anymore. But suddenly, Didi stopped me…Didi unfastened her nara, kicked her salwar off. She stripped to her white cotton panties. I was in shock: she was a beautiful young woman; slender hips, tight, lean legs, those wonderful tits…’Then what? Go ahead…’ she said, closing her eyes. I looked down into the crotch of her underwear. The little mound was so pretty; so perfect. Her inner thighs were creamy and smooth, inviting…my hand somehow found its way onto her upper thigh. It felt like velvet in my hand.

Didi widening the gap between her knees considerably as my hand slipped up towards her pussy. I touched the center of the crotch of her panties with the tips of my fingers. I could feel her pussy lips through the thin fabric. Didi’s mouth opened and she took a few harsh breaths. Her started rubbing her pussy over her panty. My lund felt about to explode as I brought her almost naked body to climax. Her hips started to gyrate as I rubbed through her panties at her hardened knob…Goosebumps covered her arms and legs. She arched her back suddenly and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing them roughly…and came. She bit her lower lip as her orgasm ripped through her; her hips bucked up and down wildly as I strained to keep my hand in her crotch. I wanted to finish her off completely. After about 30 seconds, she lay still, her breathing coming back to normal. ‘God, Mohit….That was wonderful…’ She bent forward and slid her panty down and lay back on her pillows and closed her eyes. I kissed her lightly on he
r pussy lips once; then again. Then, during the next kiss, I slid my tongue around the thin lips a little bit. She moaned as I worked my tongue into her pussy; yes, she was a virgin. I knew it. I continued licking her lips. ‘Oh, Mohit…that feels so beautiful…’ Her clit was hard and swollen now; her juices were flowing freely. I felt a hand at the back of my head, urging me on. I increased the pressure of my licking, working hard on her clit. ‘Oh my god, Mohit…bahoot gulguli mach rahi hai…mmmm….’ After a few more minutes, her body started to jerk uncontrollably and Didi clamped a hand over her mouth, not trusting what noises she might make. She was loving every second of it, too. I must admit I was enjoying myself, as well…With her other hand, she pulled my head into her groin. Then she came in a long series of spasms that shook the bed. Red faced and panting, she tried to catch her breath.
‘Oh my god, main to ur rahi thi. Mohit mere pyare cho chweet tuney mujeh pari bana dia!’ She recovered quickly. She sprang up onto her elbows and said, ‘Now you! Show me how to do it to you!’ as she glared at the erection in my shorts. There was such an innocence about her eagerness that it in no way came across as aggressive or slutty. Her tits were still fully exposed and her nipples were sticking out from their tips like bullets; her wet pussy glistened from in between her open legs. At this point, there was no holding back; I was in for the long haul. How far would this go…

I looked over at Didi with the same look she had given me: I trust you. Without getting up, I slipped my pajama off. Didi was surprised. She had obviously never seen a real live penis before; my lund was almost 7 inches long and very thick when fully hard. She looked simultaneously afraid of it and fascinated by it…’How did you get so hard?’ she asked.

‘I’m pretty…excited, Didi. This is what happens when a boy gets really excited.’ I sat before her on bended knees as she examined my lund. She looked worried. ‘I’ve just never seen a…penis before, for real…What should I do? Please; I want to learn. I think you insert it inside here slowly,’ she indicated towards her fuddi.
‘Yes, but you would have to bend over on your fours. I like to enjoy in doggie style,’ I whispered. She did as I told her. Didi had turned around and bent over slightly; she stuck her perfectly shaped hips in the air. She now spoke in that new low, breathy voice of hers. ‘Have you ever done it before?’ she looked at me.

‘Yes, … well,’ I stammered. ‘Yes, you did it with aunt Vrinda. She seduced you last year at Titoo chacha’s marriage. As if I don’t know. All night both of you played comedy at the old house, first floor…’. I was aghast. She seemed to enjoy – she knew my secret rendevouz with Vrindo mami. ‘That’s why she is all honey and sugar to you,’she chided me, ‘Now Common in.’ Sheepishly, I put my hands on her buttock. Her big beautiful boobs hung down invitingly and her entire pink pussy smiled at me from behind. It was glistening wet as she waited for me. I slid to her back and positioned my lund up against Didi’s pussy. I slid it’s big bulbous head all around her hole and pushed. She squealed. ‘Remember, Didi: relax. Relax all of your muscles. Concentrate.’ I felt her hole open a bit. My lund pushed harder. There. It’s tip was pushing the vulva gently open. I was very careful and took my time. ‘That’s it…relax…Take deep breaths…good…’ My lund was about half inch in; Didi seemed to be OK…God, it felt gre

She suddenly held one hand up in the air. ‘Stop! Mohit! Wait!’ I stopped, ready to pull out. ‘Just hold it there, don’t move…Ahhh…Hold it…’ Didi moved forward a little, closed her eyes and then moved back…I could feel a little obstruction. I pushed slowly. She was tightly clutching the bed sheet. Suddenly, I felt my lund entering a very small eye inside which was growing in size; a bubblegum layer tearing open and her fuddi swelling on my lund. Now it was in about 2 inches. ‘Oh, mari gayi!’ She was panting. ‘No! Just…Let me…Oh! Let me, Yesss, I want it…Mmmmmm….’ Now i had worked about 4 inches in and she was at the fattest part of my lund. She had the muscles of her pussy completely relaxed and I couldn’t quite believe what I was feeling. My petite elder sister was taking almost half of my lund into her virgin pussy. Now every small movement we made was heavenly; I started to move just a tiny bit myself, and soon we were making even more progress. Didi moaned through clenched teeth. ‘Arghhhhh
h…Ooooh…Yes, OH, YES!’ Past the most difficult part, Didi started to move more freely back and forth; and suddenly we were fucking. I was fucking her! I never would have dreamed she could have taken the majority of my cock in her tiny virgin bud. This session was really bringing out the animal in her, as well…

‘Ahhh, Mohit, give it to me full, chod de mujhe..Oh! Oh! Oh, Rajaaaah, bahut achcha lag raha hai’ I held her hips with both hands and really started fucking her hard. I pulled her on and off my cock like a rag doll. She obviously enjoyed it. ‘MmmmMmmmMmmmm!’ she hummed. She bent around to look at me. I almost didn’t recognize her; she was so transformed by lust. She squeezed a tit while she said, ‘It doesn’t hurt at all, Mohit! It feels sooooo good…Do it….Ahhh…Do it harder…’

I lost control and gave into the sexual frenzy. I was really slamming her. Didi tried to answer but could only manage a series of high pitched whimpers. Her boobs were dangline about uncontrollably. I think Didi came then; she howled like a dog, shaking and sweating. I just kept on fucking; Didi put her head down on the couch and her ass in the air and it sounded like she was weeping. Soon I felt my own orgasm approaching. I was also sweating now. My thrusts became fewer and harder, Didi whimpered loudly with each forward thrust. Suddenly, I spurted gush of releases wave after wave.

Didi spoke first. ‘Thank you, Mohit. Now I know. How it would be on my second night…’ I was still catching my breath. ‘Didi, I…that was amazing. I just didn’t want to hurt you…,’ I, too, was overwhelmed. She breathed heavily,’We didn’t, Mohit. We didn’t,’ in my mouth and closed her lips on mine, inserting her tongue; she flowed into me in a kiss…she inhaled me…it was as if our body was one joined by our lips. I tasted as she tasted. I felt as she felt.

In last four years, she has been ‘happy’ in her marriage, with a 2 year old son. She confesses – the memory of our first time still lingers. We still do it when she visits.

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Teaching how to make good Sex

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Hi all, I am Gayathri. I am narrating one of my experiences which I had faced when I am working in Hospital as a gynecologist. This is a true story which I am narrating from my life. I am 35 years old. I am not practicing for last 5 yrs. I am a mother of 2 kids. My Husband is also a doctor in Ernakulam. One morning, As I am one the way to the hospital. I received a phone call from my one of my relative. They had just married. I had gone for her marriage.

She knows me very well and me too. She is of an age of 23 and her husband of 27. Her name is Rekha and her husband name is Rajeev. He is a computer engineer. He was very workaholic and bright in studies. He was a rank holder in Pre degree. Rekha is now a house wife.
One the phone call I received, she told me that she wants to meet me personally. As a doctor, I thought may be some personal question as all ladies may have. So I told her to meet me in afternoon. She as not fatty an average beauty. Her figure is 34-28-32.She wore a black silky sari. She was very beauty conscious. She may weight upto 58 or 60 kg and 5.5”tall.
She reaches at 2 pm. I reached home after my duty to 1pm. Afternoon I was free. As my 5 yearold boy was in school and my Husband was on day duty till 5pm. Due to some reason I didn’t has my servant one that week. So there was only myself and Rekha in room.
I gave her some soft drinks from fridge and we started to chat as usual. After some time I asked her what is her problem. I noticed some change in her facial expression when I ask this question. Soon she told her problem. She was really unsatisfied with her sexual life with her Husband. As a workaholic and very brilliant in studies he doesn’t know how to make a good sexual life. As a husband he was very much failure in bed. In all other monetary and family matters he was good. She was also well known about how to make sex. So here both of then don’t know how to make sex. So she needed my help to make them a good sexual life. She had told her husband that she was not getting orgasm. And he too not gets proper relief.

She asked me”Aunty I don’t know anything about sex. Can u plz tell me how it is? ” Hearing this I laughed. She was very free to me. I asked her “What all u want to know from me?” She told me frankly “How babies are born?” I told her that while men semen’s enters through women vagina during the time of sex making or love making. Then she asked me “What all are the Do’s and Don’ts of sex”. Actually I was shocked. I got the idea that she doesn’t know anything about sex and I asked how u makes sex. She told me that it’s really painful and I am really fed up with his activities. I asked her whether U told all these to ur Husband. Then she told me that she had discussed with her husband and with his permission she reached here today. Then I got idea about what is their problem.

I asked her how u makes sex. She told me that when he has mood he will tell me that he wants me today. So we will move to bed and he will enter his 8 inch penis in to my vagina. I was really shocked when I heard about 8 inch cock. My husband has only 6 inch. So I thought what a lucky girl she was? But the things are going like this………

He is complaining that I have some physical problem that’s why I am not getting relief. She told me that she has no problem. But I had a desire in my mind to “SEE HER”. So I asked her that I want to have a check up her right now. Firstly she refused. But I told her that I am doctor and you are consulting with a doctor. So as a doctor I want to have a check up now.
She agreed and I took her to my bedroom. I told her to take a quick bath. I gave her a towel. Then I sat in front of my TV in my bed room. After a 10 min. she opened the door of bathroom and at this time she was wearing her bra and panty covered by the towel which I had offered her.
She was really shy at that time. I told her to lie on the bed. She obeyed. Then I went to near her body and sat near her. I told her that I am going to remove her towel. She allowed me. Then I saw he semi-nude body. What a structure was it? She was extremely good in this dress. She looks more beautiful in this dress. Her breasts were really perfect figure. Her navel was very beautiful and bigger than me. She wore a black color panty and black color brassieres which looks her very very sexy as she was wheatish in color. I said her that I am going to remove her panty also. Then she agreed and I slowly removed it. I saw her cunt. It was hairy there. Then I told her that “U has to clean the unwanted hairs”. She asked me that whether every women do it. I said it is more hygienic and now days every women will do this. Some times husband may tell not to clean there. Some husbands like it.
So I told her to use any good hair remover creams for this. She agreed. Her Vagina was small. I told her that I am going to touch there. And I touch her hairy cunt with my fingers. Then I put one of my middle fingers in to her vagina. But she told that it may pain. So I said that there is one method for pain relief. How can I show u that as you are also women? Then she told me Aunty “plz tell it to me or show it on me. I won’t mis understand u” plz aunty’. Then I told her to remove her bra also. She did it. Really she was a goddess. Her areola is not bigger than me. I told her that “Think me as husband –Rajeev. What ever I am doing on you was actually doing by Rajeev. Are u ready fopr that.” She said “OK”. Now I got the permission.
I started to kiss in her lips. Firstly she hesitates but after continuous 5 min she was also interested. I started to suck her tongue. Now I noticed her changes in her. Her hairs on hand got straighten. This gives me a green signal to move forward. I slowly move to her neck. There I found out her most sexually part of mostly every women. It really works. Then I told her that I am going to change my Sari and want like U. She has some shyness in her eyes. I can understand her feeling really from her eyes. I slowly undressed. She then covered her body with a blanket.
Soon I too undressed. I saw that she was eagerly looking to my body which gave me more encouragement. Soon when I changed my panty I noticed her changes in her face because I was cleaned my hairs. I told her that “U also have to be like this from today onwards.” She agreed.
Then I move slowly to the bed and again started to kiss her. Now she was also in great mood and she started to suck my lips and then my tongue. Then I caught her breast. It was very plumy and smooth. I understand that he hadn’t played much with that. Or he don’t know how to use and make sex using this beautiful breasts. I slowly started to press her breasts. Then she asked me “Whether all men do like this. And her Husband hadn’t cared it”. I feel pity to that man. Then I slowly started to take her nipples in to my mouth. It is brown in color and mine is dark brown. She was feeling this for the first time in her life. I started to suck it really hard. Then I told her” Do the same here also”. Slowly she caught my breasts and started to care it smoothly.
After a 10 min of sucking her nipples I heard some moaning sounds from her mouth. Her breathing has increased and her heart beat had also increased. I slowly take my one hand to her cunt and slowly touch on her “lips”. It was really wet by this time. I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and slowly touch inside. I found that her fingers started to running through my head and hair. Then I slowly touch her G-spot. When I touch her she moaned “aunty I am feeling something great”. Then I told her to enjoy the next steps too. I slowly move my tongue to her cunt. As it was hairy I felt a tempting smell in her even after bath. I slowly began to lick her cunt with my lips. She was now in really mood. With my two fingers a parted her cunt lips and started to lick there. I can hear some sounds from her mouth. Then I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her. With a great pleasure she began to moan really hard. I then understand that she is now moving to great pleasure. Then I inserted my finger in her cunt in to and fro motion.
As my speed increased, she loaded cum in to my hands with making very loud voice. I slowly inserted my two fingers in to her. As it was lubricated, my fingers went inside very easily. I again did on her. Now I can see her really wet and I with my tongue drank all that in her cunt. Her cunt smell is really different not as mine. I liked it very much.

Then I ask her ‘How was it?’ She told me that she hadn’t got this much pleasure in her life time. I said her that sex is one think to enjoy. There is no Do’s and Don’ts in sex. But doing sex must be looking through the partner’s interest only. She then started to look at my cunt and she found it different from her and as I am a mother of a kid and it is not as small as her. She asked me “Does your husband do all these?” I told ‘yes’.

I told her not to tell what ever happens here to anyone even her husband. She also took promise from me.

But after a week I again got a call from her that she and her husband wants to meet me. I thought they are coming to me for thanks giving. But I was wrong. She had told every thing to her husband and even though he is not more aware of sex. So he wanted me to explain it to him. I was really shocked. But suddenly I thought of his 8 inch cock.

That story in next time. Or those who mail me, I will send then personal. How I taught These couples to make sex by Demonstration.

Looking mails from you all : dr_jayathri_devi {AT}

Bye for now


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Shailaja lesbian story

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My name is Shailaja Prabhu and I am 25 years old. I am working as a private secretary in a pvt. ltd. company. I am a lesbian and my best friend of school days Sowmya is my lesbian partner. She is also working in a institute as a receptionist. My height is 5ft 7inch and fair colour with a dark nipple on my 36D boobs. I shave my pussy at least once in 2 weeks. We stay in a bungalow and I have got a room for myself which I call it as my den. In bangalore we have bungalows with separate rooms for each one sowmya also has a very big bungalow.

Let me tell you about how me and sowmya became lesbians. Sowmya is 5ft 5 inch and has got a wheatish complexion. but she has got great buttocks and 36D boobs with dark nipples.she has got hair till her waist and that is the sexiest part of her which I get aroused by. We were very good friends and almost like sisters since our childhood days. She stays some 3 blocks away from my house. We used to stay in each others house over nights during weekends and holidays and also during our exam times. During our summer vacation we used to stay every night alternatively in each others house at nights. Sowmya has got an elder brother who is very handsome and well built.

We both had our usual girlish talks of admiring some actor and having crush on him. We used to go to the market daily which was near boys college and used to look at handsome boys and we used to give names to a couple pf boys and return back home and used to talk about those boys and behave as if we were their girlfriends and as if we were to marry them. Those were our innocent days and we never had any imaginations and fantasies about sex. During our vacation after giving our 9th std exam during one such stay in sowmyas house when we were in the midst of our usual girlish fantasies we heard something falling down in rajus (sowmyas brother) room we ignored it. One of Rajus friend Sumit had also come to stay with him and they were in college preparing for their exams.

It was those days when both of noticed that our panty used to be wet when we woke up in the morning. After sometime rajus rooms light turned on and now we became more curious and wanted to see what raju is doing at this time of night so we just peeped into his room through the ventilation separating Sowmya and Rajus room. We were astonished and shocked and embarrassed at the site that we saw inside the room. Both Raju and Sumit were naked. That was the first time when we saw grown up boys naked and that too a personality like Raju and Sumit who was equally wel built. They had a very big and strong rod like thing between their legs which we now know is a dick or what you call as penis. they had bushy hair in that area. Both were busy kissing each other like they do in movies and after some time they slept in a position which made raju facing sumits dick area and sumit facing rajus dick area.

This we came to know as 69 position most suitable position for both the partners having sex to suck each others private area. Now both raju and sumit were having each others rod in their mouth and were moving it in and out and making strange noise. Looking at this suddenly I could feel something tingle inside me and my blood running fast inside my veins. My heart started pounding hard and my nipples were becoming erect and as if they will tear my tight t-shirt that I was wearing and will pop out. I could not bear the pain in my boobs and also the itch in my pussy area. I could feel sowmya also going through the same experience. we continued seeing raju and sumit taking each others rod in their mouth after some time both started moving fast and the pace increased rapidly and then after a noise we could see some liquid in both of their mouth and the liquid was falling out also. They got up and started kissing again but this time they were licking that liquid. We could no longer hold on to the scene and we came down on to the bed.

I asked sowmya after a long silence as to what was this that both raju and sumit were doing. To this sowmya said that I used to hear strange noises from rajus room whenever sumit came to stay but never bothered to see as to why that noise was coming. As far as what they were doing sowmya said that she had seen once her cousin Radhika and her husband doing the same thing that these guys were doing. After some discussion we came to a conclusion that this is what people call as having sex but then we were confused as to which is true radhika and her husband or Raju and sumit. Anyway that night we slept with these thoughts and the pains that was still there in our private areas. Morning when we got up we usually have bath together we noticed that both our panties were wet and had a very different fragrance coming out of it. The smell was mind boggling and we felt like smelling our panty more and more. That week we happened to see a magazine in which they had shown girls and boys in the same posture as was radhika and her husband and also like what raju and sumit were doing. This mag gave us the details as to what these positions are and what the characters are doing. It was here we saw for the first time 2 girls doing the same that Raju and sumit were doing. We came to know that 2 guys having sex are called homos and 2 girls having sex are called lesbians. That weekend sumit was to come to stay at sowmyas house so sowmya called me to stay overnight. This time both of us were waiting for the night to fall as we knew we will be in for some fun tonight also. We switched off our rooms light to give an impression that we are sleeping but we clamed the table and were standing near the ventilation. We could see a side table lamp on and both the guys were removing their cloths. Just the view of their dicks (by now we knew all the terms thanks to the mag) made our nipples erect and pussy twitch. Both the boys started smooching first and then they started licking each others body after some time they once again slept in 69 position and started sucking each others dick in an out very fast. This time they took more time than last time to eject their juice and finally they licked the juice from each others mouth and sat for some time. We thought the show is over but no we could see them now holding their dick in their hands and shaking it vigorously that means they were masturbating. immediately their dick which had limped suddenly sprang and became hard rod once again.

Now raju made sumit lie on his knees and hand like a dog and he removed some cream and applied it to the hole from where we shit. Sumit in the mean time had put a cloth in his mouth. We were unable to understand as to what is this and then we saw raju trying to insert his finger inside the ass hole adn make the hole wide and suddenly he held his dick and inserted it inside the hole. sumit was wriggling in pain so was raju. looking at this both me and sowmya became mad and suddenly we could feel our hand squeezing our boobs and another hand inside our panty touching our hot pussy. Raju was ramming his dick in and out and sumit was going mad and after some time raju pour his juice on sumits stomach and licked it. Now sumit did the same to raju. By now we were busy squeezing our boobs and rubbing our pussy. We had seen the pictures of lesbians in the mag and believe me both wanted each other badly but did not have the guts. Finally we were on the bed and silent and busy playing with our own boobs and pussy. I turned and looked at sowmya who had closed her eyes and was moving her hands very fast and was turning on the bed inside her chaddar. That sitre made me mad and I removed my chaddar and my tshirt. we never wore anything inside the tshirt during nights so me with my boobs exposed hugged sowmya and started kissing her without the fear of what will happen. My god she was so hot and I was surprised to see her respond in equal desperation kissing me and rolling her tongue inside my mouth we exchanged our saliva and smooched for may five minutes. Then when we released each other we felt ashamed but when sowmya saw my boobs she also removed her tshirt and now we both a very old school friends were naked in front of each other. We started squeezing each others boobs and sucking the boobs and biting nipples and going mad. We were getting heavenly experience on biting the nipples.

After that we removed our skirt and then the panty and were fully naked. I told sowmya to be careful and not make any noise as this might attract raju and sumit as we were attracted by their noise. then we explored each others pussy by our tongue and then we got onto 69 position and started licking each others pussy and also fingering our ass holes at the same time. After some time I could feel a very strange feeling and as if something is moving very fast towards my pussy area and I told sowmya so , she said that even she is getting that feeling. I said forget it and continued to ram each others pussy with our tongue and finally I could feel my liquid flowing into sowmyas mouth and her liquid flowing into my mouth. At first it tasted very bad but we remembered seeing raju and sumit enjoy this juice so we continued to take the juice in and believe it started tasting great. We were feeling tired and laid down like that for an hour or so. Then I got up and hugged sowmya and told her that darling from today we have become lesbians and we are in love with each other. Sowmya told me that since the day she saw the magazine she wanted to make love to me and that is the reason why she called me tonight when sumit was to come so that she could make love to me after seeing her brother having sex with his friend.

From that day we had sex daily till our schools started adn on weekends when school started. During school also if we get the urge we go to the ladies bathroom and if there is no one around enter the bathroom and finger each other and kiss and relive the urge. After that day we have come home almost daily with our panty wet with our juice. We have been lesbians for almost 7 years now and have promised to keep relation even after our marriage and whenever find time or excuse meet each other and have sex. As of now both are single and enjoying the relationship. We want to have sex with sumit both of us at the same time. Any lesbians want to have relation with me mail me on or can email sowmya on

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My Friend – Reena

November 14th, 2008 No comments

Thanks for the warm response from all Readers. Let me introduce myself for the newcomers, I am Jasmin, married 32years old and have one kid. This is not my story; this is the story of my dear friend –Reena, now she is working as a nurse in Dammam – Saudi Arabia. Her husband and kid in Kerala. Reena is 25, and got a baby girl, She is medium size but well built, 5 ft 5 inches height, and had nice figure. After 3 months (90 days) of the delivery she went to Saudi, She was breastfeeding her kid when she was in Kerala.

When she reached Saudi, since, she was breastfeeding her kid in Kerala, her breast (Mula) starts to paining and the mulakkal was filling with milk.

On the first day itself, she had a big problem with her Mula. She had to go to toilet several times and squeezed her mulakkal herself and to remove the milk from it.

She had night duty on that week. While she was on duty, two / three times, she managed to remove the milk, but it was not possible to remove the milk every time, whenever it fills.

This causes to overflow the milk from her Mula, which made her uniform wet in breast area.

That day, some how, she managed to reach her room by covering wetness of the uniform.

Her roommate is a Philippine girl of 20, her name is Jane. When Reena reached their room, Jane was still in sleeping. Reena run inside the toilet, removed her dress and started to squeeze her mulakkal vigorously to remove the milk from it. Milk start to flow from her Mullakkal.

Suddenly, somebody knocked the toilet door.

Reena enquired: “Who is that?”

“Reena… It’s me,” Jane answered.

“OK, Jane.. I am coming out” : Reena replied.

Again and again Reena squeezed her Mula and removed as much as milk she can.

Reena came out from toilet, and Jane was waiting outside, because she was in hurry for her natural call. Jane went inside and she called. “Reenaaa… Come inside.. Have a look”.

Reena got worried and she looked, she didn’t clean the washbasin, the washbasin was covered with her breast milk.

“It’s OK, Reena.. I will clean it for you,” with a naughty smile she closed the door.

Reena got bit worried about, “What Jane think about it…and so on “.

After about half an hour Jane came out from the toilet, with a smile, she asked: “What happened Reena ???”.

Reena answered: “I am sorry for that, Jane”.

“It’s OK.” Jane replied, “So.. What happened to you ? You looked very much worried, Reena.. You can tell to me, if you have any problems, I will help you to solve it”.

With a hesitation Reena told her problem.

Reena told Jane,” The problem is, you know, I came back here after the delivery, now my breast is having lot of milk, I don’t know what to do. I squeezed and removed milk two/three times while on duty, now also I am having pain because it is full of milk. I need to make my breast empty, I don’t know what to do…”

Jane laughed at Reena and told her: “Reena… you fool.. We know each other for the last three years.. and if there is any problem we help each other..” by saying this Jane lifted Reena’s face and tapped on her cheek.”.

“What you will do..Jane??” Reena Asked.

Without answering, Jane unhooked Reena’s Uniform. When she unhooked front open uniform Jane saw, Reena’s bra were wet because of milk and breast was bulging on the sides of the bra.

Jane looked at Reena, Reena was standing like an innocent kid, who needs help miserably.

Jane unhooked Reena’s bra, the bra was so tight, as soon as mulakkal got freedom, both mulakkal jumped out.

Jane looked at the mula, exclaimed and said, “Reena.. both your breast need sucking.. both are full of milk… I will do it for you”.

By saying this Jane put her lips on left mula and started to suck it. Reena’s Mula was full of milk. Jane sucked and drunk her milk like a kid, the paal from her mula was flowing on the sideways of Jane’s lips.

Jane sucked and drunk both Reena’s mullkkal and made it empty, Reenas was so happy, the pain on the mullas are came down. And Jane got lot of milk from Reenas mula and she didn’t go for breakfast, her stomach was full of Reena’s milk.

Jane told Reena: “Don’t waste your milk again…. I will drink all.. I love breast milk”. She continued: “Treat me like your baby, I will drink the milk whenever I need”.

Reena was very happy to hear that..

Jane sucks Reena’s breast every time when it get filled, both are really happy.

When Reena called me last week over the phone, I enquired about Jane, Reena told me, Jane is still drinks her milk two / three times everyday.

Please send me your suggestions and comments: jasm986 {AT}

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Kerala Girl and I

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I am Trixa, a Britisher, female, age 31, chartered accountant by profession, divorcee and an ardent traveller. You can call me attractive, I am not very tall, 5’6″, not very slim, 36-26-38, and not very bad either!! I’d spent the New Year in Kerala and had come back to UK on 15th of January after the usual Goa-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi circuit. For the last few days I am missing Kerala. So I googled on ‘kerala’, further refined my search to ‘kerala + sex’ to reach at this wonderful site of I enjoy reading stories here. Some of them made me really wet and you know what follows after that!!

Then I thought it won’t be a bad idea if I write about some of my cherished sexual moments in kerala.
It was the Christmas day and I was in a place called Ernakulam, which is a part of Cochin. I was staying in Presidency, right on the waterfront. A five star hotel, and therefore expensive to make calls from the room. As an experienced traveller I always call from outside, either by using phone cards or through skype — internet phone — from a cyber cafe. But in India I use STD booths, available almost at every nook and corner.
So on the Christmas day, 6.30 pm (UK time 1pm) I called my parents from an STD booth. This booth was in a road near the hotel called Broadway. It is the narrowest Broadway in the world! I usually make calls from that STD booth operating from a small shop in that road. The shop girl, as smart as people of this State, knew all the numbers I call by the time I visited the shop the third or fourth time. On that day also when I went there, she asked me :”Who? London number? Daddy-mummy?”
I said laughingly :”Yes, daddy-mummy.”
My parents were upset that I was not with them for Christmas lunch. They were feeling very lonely. They cried, I cried. In the end I was not able to continue the conversation because of uncontrollable sobbings erupting from my inside. I took out a five hundred rupees note and gave to the shop girl. I gestured her to keep rest of the money and ran to the hotel crying.
Once I calmed down, I decided to enjoy my lonely Christmas in Cochin. I ordered a stiff whisky. After my nerves calm down I was planning a ride in the hotel’s boat.
I was feeling okay once again when the phone rang. It was from the reception. “Madam, Ms Amina to see you.”
“Ms Amina, who’s that?”
“Please speak to her,” the receptionist handed over the phone to the visitor. Ms. Amina spoke :”Madam,me, from STD booth. Remember me?”
“Yes,” I said.
“Madam you gave 500 rupees. Call cost only 146 rupees. Reminder 354 rupees. I came to return money. Also bring call print-out for you.”
“No, Amina. Keep the money.”
“No madam, too much. I can’t.”
“Amina, it is my Christmas present.”
“No madam, too much. No madam too much. God wont like.”
I asked Amina to give the phone the receptionist. “Please send the girl up,” I said.
Amina sat on the edge of the seat and said: “Sorry madam, i am late. Waiting till shop close time. Ran directly here. Sorry madam little bit late.”
“Amina, keep that money. I had given that as a present. A Christmas present.’
“No madam, too much money. Not present, you sad, you cried and ran. Therefore you forgot money. Correct?”
I smiled. “Okay,” I said and took the money. “But Amina, take this perfume, my present.” I took out a small bottle from my suitcase and gave her. I further asked,” Today is Christmas. Why didn’t you shut the shop? ” I asked.
“Thank you for the scent. No holiday. No Christmas for me. I am moslem. Many customers also.” she said.
I opened the door to the balcony of my room. We went out and watched the lake, now shining with lights.
“Why you cry?” Amina asked me.
“Daddy-mummy cried. So I cried.”
“Loneliness?” Amina asked.
“Yes, I am very lonely. Today is Christmas, I have nobody to talk to me,” I started crying again.
“Don’t cry. Amina here for you,” Amina said. She was standing next to me. I sobbed, Amina hugged me. That was when I noticed her. She was taller than me, 5’9″, very dark, bright eyes, small lips and a great wiry body like a sprinter. I was breaking open her hug to go inside to get tissues. Amina said: “No, stand here, Amina will wipe tears.” She took out a kerchief and wiped my face. She said: “Good girl!” I smiled. But again my eyes welled up with tears.
“Don’t cry, na. I am angry,” Amina slapped me on my bottom.
Oh my god! At that moment I felt very sexy and wet. I looked at Amina and said, “Ok, no cry. What else?”
“Come inside.” she said.
I felt greatly turned on by obeying her. I went inside. She drew the curtains and sat on a chair. She asked me “Remove blouse.”
I looked at her in great surprise. “What?” I asked.
“Remove skirt,” she said threateningly. I felt so good and so wet that I wanted to prolong the play. i said: “No?”
“No?” she hit me on my thigh. Not painful, but very erotic.
“Remove blouse.” I took off the T shirt.
“Now, jeans remove,” Amina said.
I did that. She stood up. She came near me and hugged. She lifted my face up with her hand and kissed me. My eyes closed. Her toungue went deeply into my mouth, her hands were gently massaging my buttocks. I started moaning. She stepped aside. I moved forward to touch her.
“NO, ” she said. “You remove your bra.” I did that.
She looked at me appreciatingly. My nipples were erect. She looked at them with interest. Then she said: “take off underwear.”
I took off ‘underwear’ which was actually a Victoria’s Secret panties!! I was naked and standing before her. She was fully dressed in a black salwar and kameez. She watched me and said “Lie down
I went and lied down on the bed. She said: “Do finger fuck.”
I was a bit confused. How can I masturbate her, as she is fully clothed. Amina seemed to undestand my dilemma. She said: ” Finger fuck yourself.” She picked up my hand and caught hold of my middle finger. She guided it to my pussy. She placed my finger on my clitoris mount and with her hand made it rub 3-4 times. She then went and sat on the couch opposite my bed, watching me.
“No stops,” she said. Her command over me, her dominating demeanor, her watchful eyes, all these made me very horny. I closed my eyes and masturbated like hell. I cried out when I came. My body arched forward. Sitting there she could see my pussy opened up. She did not move for a while.
Then Amina came and lied down next to me. She was fully clothed. She hugged naked me and whispered in my ears. :”Don’t worry. I love you.” Her words made me feel very tender that I started crying. She hugged me tightly and her right hand was massaging my bum. The massaging hand very softly circled my asshole. I was feeling very relaxed. The finger entered my asshole. She was putting the finger in and out. I was feeling very good. First time someone touching there. I came, a string of tiny orgasms!
“Amina, you are not naked, ” I said.
“Ok, make me naked.” she said.
With her help , I removed her top and then untied the string of her pajamas. Finally when I saw her naked, she was gorgeous. Her breasts were small and nipples erect. She had slim waist and nice puffy pussy. All shaven and smooth. I wanted to kiss and make love to her. But I hesistated, because she is the boss.
She kissed me. That was the signal I was waiting. I started eating her from her forehead. Her nose tasted well. I knew the taste of her lips from before. When I reached her clit, she started moaning ‘Ay O, Am A, Ay O, Am A’ in a rhythmic manner.
“What you lick,” she asked me.
“Why? It is your clit”
“In English small one is called clit?”
“Yes.” I said, “clitoris is the word.”
“In malayalam we call it cunt.” Amina said.
“In English cunt means pussy.” I said.
She stopped talking and went back to saying ‘Ay O, Am A’. After some time she came with a big cry. I was afraid other guests in the hotel would feel disturbed.
We kissed and we did 69. She wanted to lick my asshole. She took me to the bathroom and washed my bottom with liquid soap. She said, “You see you don’t wash after Number 1. You use tissue paper. So I wash and then put tongue there.” I felt that was very cute of her and got doubly turned on. She tongue fucked my bottom hole and I came big.
Then for ten minutes we hugged each other, listening to each other’s heartbeats. We did nothing. That was very beautiful. By then it was 0930 pm. It was too late for her to go. I asked her to stay back. She rang up her warden in the Working Women’s hostel where she was residing and took her permission for night out.
We hired a taxi and went to a nice restaurant in Willingdon Island. Thiugh it was called Casino, there was no gambling there. We drank whisky. We came back and had more sex.
“Thank you Amina, this is my best Christmas for me in years.” I said.
Oh I am sorry if this long story has tested your patience. In case you want to be in touch with me here is my email address trixa {AT}

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Usha and Her Chechi

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I was 25 when I got married. Usha, my wife was just 19. To put this in other words, we were very high on passion, but short on experience. All my knowledge about sex was based on some readings of porn books and a book called ‘the Marriage Manual’. Usha’s aunts told her that not to get scared if her new husband does funny things like putting his urinating thing into hers. They told her that is how kids are made. Well, whatever. I found Usha naturally responding to my kisses and foreplay, she was properly wet and enjoyed sex. The urinating part was quietly forgottenand we got down to business.

Well, we had sex every day. I used to start fucking her by masturbating her. At some point,she used to grab my prick and put it into her young pussy. By now, we were little more experienced, having watched in nude a couple of foreign porn videos.

One day, a fateful day, she asked: “ Chetta, where is my clitoris?”

That night, I searched for her clit. I touched her wet pussy and asked her to signal me by catching my hand when she feels maximum pleasure. She did that, and I went looking for the elusive clit, but, could not find it.

Talk of inexperience!!! The search continued and we became rather frustrated. WHERE IS USHA’S CLITORIS? I read some anatomy books, but no clit.

One day, Usha’s distant cousin, a middle-aged lady doctor from Singapore visited us. She was staying with us to catch a flight from Nedumbassery next day.

After the dinner I retired to our bedroom. Usha took our guest, Amminichechi, to the guest room. They gossiped for hours, all their family stuff. I was feeling sleepy and closing my eyes when I heard the guest room door closing.

What I am going to tell you next is what Usha told me later. At some point Usha told Amminichechi that she is physically deformed.

“What?” Chechi asked.

“Yes,” Usha said, “I have no clitoris.”

“Don’t be silly,” said Chechi and asked Usha to close the door. She took out a medical CD from her bag and put in on our computer that is kept in the guestroom.

“Look, this is clitoris,” she pointed to the computer image of a vagina.

“But I don’t have one!!” Usha said.

“Go to the bathroom and check here, where the small lips of your vagina meet and look under the hood.” Chechi said.

Usha did that. She came back with tears in her eyes and said:”Chechi, I can’t find it.”

“You silly girl, Don’t cry. Come here. Take off your panties and lift up your saree. Then sit on your haunches, as you do on an Indian commode. Chechi will show you where your clitoris is.”

Usha did that. Chechi took out a doctor’s mirror from her bag. A doctor’s mirror is a tiny round concave mirror that magnifies, with a long handle to it. She put it on Usha’s pussy, probed her pussy. Then she said:” Can you see that hood?”


“Now, open it slowly with your fingers.”

Usha saw a tiny shiva lingam type of organ. It was like a micro-penis, but magnified many times by the mirror.

“Thank you, Chechi, but can I show it to Chettan? Poor man, he was searching for it ever since we got married.”

“Sure, you can. You can take the mirror to your room.”

“But, I won’t be able to find out for myself.”

“What do you want to do ?”

“Can I call him here?” Usha asked.

“No, have you gone mad? I am your elderly relative.”

“But you are also a doc. “

“So what? “

“Treat us your patients. Please call Chettan.” Usha pleaded.

“But I feel embarrassed.”

Amminichechi finally came and called me. A word about her. She is a mousy looking woman with a stern face. She wore black round specs that made her look much more than her 35 years. Her dress was cotton saree with a blouse whose sleeves covered three fourth of her arms. In short there was not a bit of sexuality in the poor woman.

She called me into our guest room where Usha was sitting on the floor. She asked me like a physician: ”I believe you suspect your wife is without a vital organ.”

I was little perplexed. I asked :”Which one, Chechi?”

“ The one at the top of labia minora.”

“I don’t know all your medical jargon. Please be clear

Usha piped in :”She is referring to my clit, dear.”

I was shocked, to say the least. And dumbstruck. I heard Amminichechi ordering Usha like a gynecologist: “Usha, sit on your haunches. Sread your legs.”

She took out the mirror from her satchel and played around it on Usha’s wide open pussy. She gave me the mirror and said :”Now see for yourself.”

I went down and saw it. Magnified by the concave mirror, a little piece of flesh. I noticed Usha’s clit was erect. Also the mirror clearly showed her wetness.

Usha was thoroughly horny. She took my middle finger and placed it on her clit. I was having a giant turn on myself. Completely oblivious to Chechi I started massaging her clit. Then I helped Usha to get up and we moved on the bed.

“Excuse me, “ Chechi said. Her voice brought us down to the earth with a thud. Chechi continued: “You know why you people did not find the clit? Well, Usha’s clit is smaller than the normal. A normal clit is bigger. Look here.”

Chechi lifted her saree and showed hers. You can see it without a mirror. Usha went near her to have a close look. She touched the organ, whereupon Chechi moaned softly. They both started kissing. When Usha undressed her, Chechi was no longer mousy. Her breasts were firm and thighs young. Chechi undressed Usha also, all the while massaging her boobs. They both moved on to the bed. I took of my clothes myself and positioned myself in the middle. With the middle finger of my left hand I fucked Usha and with the middle finger of my right hand, I did the same to Chechi. Usha was masturbating my cock while Chechi was tickling my balls. In a giant explosion we came together.

By now, Usha’s pussy was all-open by itself and I got back my erection. I was about to fuck Usha, when she stopped me and like a good hostess that she is, offered me to Chechi.

“Let me do it to you, I am good at that, “ Chechi said and got on top of me. As she was moving ferociously I saw Usha putting her tongue into Chechi’s rosy asshole.

Then Chechi and Usha did 69. After watching many mutiple orgasms I got another hard on. This time it was Usha’s turn…..

Readers’ this is another one of my real-life stories. If you like it please write to me at
chettan4568 {AT}

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Me with chithra chechi

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Hi readers, I am Remya from Trivandrum, It’s been a long time since I have posted my incidents, actually there was never a real incident till last week in my life, this happened last week when I went to palakkad my native town, there my cousins marriage was fixed and we all visited there. There many of my relatives came and there we have two three adjacent houses in old Kerala model.

We where in my uncles house, that was a two storied house and I was given the upstairs where one of my cousin sister chithra was also with me, she also came here for the occasion and she gave me good company. One day we all went to the near by temple. When we returned some of the girls near by was putting mehendi in there palms, my cousin liked it and she also asked them to put it on her hands, I told I will be back after changing the dress. I went to the house, there the steps are in wood and steep, nale kette model, while ascending the steps I step on my pavada and the hook jut got off, I hold the pavada by hands and went up stairs, there one of our servant man was cleaning the floor after changing the roof tiles, I smiled at him, as there where nobody else anywhere, I thought of changing my pavada, I took one of midi from the bag and put it on, then let my pavada fall down, I bend down to take it, he was look at my chest, when I suddenly looked at him he changed his head, I turn away from him and thought of teasing him, I opened my blouse and took it off, I was showing my back to him, I reached my hands back to unhook my bra, and untied it and throw it to bed, now I took my top from my bag and put it over my head, now my head and face is covered by the top and I tuned towards him, he was staring at my bare chest, I was also enjoying it.

Suddenly he went down as if scared, also I heard some one coming up, it was chithra chechi, she had put mehendi in both of her hands. She was wearing a pattu sari and she also had stepped on it while climbing the stares. When she came in I saw her deep navel and her saree was very much low hip, she told me to close the door. She then sat on the bed and told me it will take one hour to wash of her hands, she told me that she was wearing a costly saree and she is scared that if mehendi will make colours on it, she told me to take her saree and put it carefully. She stud in front of me and asked me to untie the saree, I took the pallu from her shoulders, she was wearing a backless blouse which have strings in place of hooks, which I noticed when we went to the temple, she was showing of her back there, there was only one string that kept her blouse intact. When I took the pallu I noticed that she was not wearing any bra beneath as it a back less blouse, I slowly took the pleat of the saree from her belly she hold her breath for easing the midriff but it was more showing of her belly. I took the saree folded it and placed it on her suite case. She then told me that her blouse is also a rare matching one for the saree and told me to take it also. I went back her and opened the strings, came in front of her and pulled the blouse down, now her bare breast was feasting my eyes.

She was then suddenly taken aback and told me in shy that she forgot that she was not wearing her bra. She asked me to tie back the blouse saying this she turned her back to me. I then pulled back her blouse and started to tie it, she then stopped me and said that her breasts are not in place and asked me to put my hands inside her blouse and position her breasts up. I standing behind her put my hands inside her blouse, my hands where shivering and I have a mixed situation there, I also liked it. I took my time, caressed her breasts and tits, and tied the blouse. Chithra chechi also liked it she was also breathing fast and standing there relaxed. She then told me as there is no one here I can take her blouse, I untied her blouse and came in front of her and pulled the blouse slowly, took it out from her. She was not looking at me she looked at her palms ad mehendi, I was staring at her breasts it was milk white and well shaped. She then told me to take a nighty from the rack.

When I came back she was trying to tie her under skirt, then I helped her to untie it and it fall down, I bend down to take it , while she stepped back wards and saw that I was not wearing any bra. She was now in her panties only, she then told me it’s time for washing her hands saying this she went to the attached bathroom. She came back and told me that in evening we can go to the pond near by and bath……. next time……

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