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Three Sisters

December 27th, 2012 No comments

I was seventeen and in last year of my school, when a family of three sisters shifted in our neighborhood during the winter season. These three sisters, lived with their mother who was working in a bank, their father was deceased. And we often studied together for preparation of exams.
The eldest was Alpana 21 years, having finished graduation was looking for a job, second daughter Vasudha was my age and in the same class with science subjects like me, the youngest one was Priyamvada and was fifteen years of age. They were all beautiful and of medium built with the second sister Vasudha having the best body, nice big tits, and large fluffy bottom. The eldest sister was also well proportioned but was less developed on her height as well. Since Vasudha and I had Science and as the younger one was also preparing for her ninth grade exams, we three decided to study together and I was given the honor of helping the two girls in case they needed any help. So every night we used to get together either at their house or my house to study.

We all became very friendly and besides studying we were freely touching and feeling each other. For some days this went and I was slowly but definitely designing my dreams to fuck all the three sisters. Vasudha was closest to me and had even me to cup her breasts and kiss her, the youngest one Priyamvada also did not object to my hugs touching her breasts or rubbing her bottom. The eldest one Alpana was the real tough one who maintained her distance with me (probably she was having an affair) and was reserved generally. One day, their mother had to leave the town for some urgent work for about a week.

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Hostel’s Experience

December 2nd, 2010 No comments

My name is Asmithai this is my true story, I want share with all u friends. I left my village for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering, which is far from my village, so I joined in ladies hostel. In hostel I got a room with three beds so I have to share with two other girls, out of the two girls one girl is new like me and another girl is our senior. I was very tired with the journey, and very uncomfortable as it’s a new place, I washed my face and started changing my dress to nightie, and I absorb that the senior girl Sangeeta is looking very curiously at me, and smiling. I fell shy, let me tell I’m a beautiful girl 18 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big breast that can attract even the girls. 38 size, firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape.

My belly is round, deep and big. I’m having round beautiful ass. Long legs and good thighs, I removed my salwar kameez and I’m wearing only bra, which can’t cover my big boobs and panties. Sangeeta passed a comment wow you are beautiful, I received the complement with smile. Like all other collages in India in my collage also there was a ragging problem, around 10 pm at the night, my senior girls came to my room, there are six girls in that batch, they closed the doors.

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Rita like hymen girl Jhanky.

October 4th, 2009 No comments

Author’s Note: You should always clean your toys before and after using them.
Reedited by: Jack Mayne, many thank to him working with my story.
Short description: Story is about my maid, who was a virgin girl and how I was able
to take her virginity.

Characters: Rita me and my maid Jhanky
I was reading a newspaper at my parent’s home when I heard the maid and I said
hello to her then went back to reading my newspaper. I think she picked up the cups
and left but after a while, she was back and looking at me.
“Yes? Do you want something?” I asked.
“Yes, ma’am, actually I want to discuss about my daughter,” said Shanty, my
family’s longtime maid.

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Sex With My Elder Sister

January 20th, 2009 No comments

My elder sister Chitra, 26 of age, was oddly attractive and fair complexioned. I addressed her: Didi. She had been a bright student right from the beginning and had taken up computer education courses after graduation. After a few years, she had started teaching at the computer education centre. Didi was very shy and what most would call ‘bookworm’. She wore glass dressed very conservatively, a behenji type. She has pretty eyes and…well, I guess that’s it. She seemed more focused on her education than her social life.

I guess that’s why she was excelling, and I wasn’t. She could not get married as she was manglik by astrological considerations. It had became very difficult to find a suitable manglik partner for her. Moreover, other criterions were also there that had spoiled the negotiations with various proposals that had come. Recently, through one of our relations we were able to find a manglik boy and Panditji said it would be a good match. Our parents seemed to like it too, but my elder sister seemed reluctant. The groom promised to help her continue her studies, and, thereafter, the job, too. Although, didi seemed unsure of herself, gave her nod.

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Teaching how to make good Sex

December 12th, 2008 No comments

Hi all, I am Gayathri. I am narrating one of my experiences which I had faced when I am working in Hospital as a gynecologist. This is a true story which I am narrating from my life. I am 35 years old. I am not practicing for last 5 yrs. I am a mother of 2 kids. My Husband is also a doctor in Ernakulam. One morning, As I am one the way to the hospital. I received a phone call from my one of my relative. They had just married. I had gone for her marriage.

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Shailaja lesbian story

November 28th, 2008 No comments

My name is Shailaja Prabhu and I am 25 years old. I am working as a private secretary in a pvt. ltd. company. I am a lesbian and my best friend of school days Sowmya is my lesbian partner. She is also working in a institute as a receptionist. My height is 5ft 7inch and fair colour with a dark nipple on my 36D boobs. I shave my pussy at least once in 2 weeks. We stay in a bungalow and I have got a room for myself which I call it as my den. In bangalore we have bungalows with separate rooms for each one sowmya also has a very big bungalow.

Let me tell you about how me and sowmya became lesbians. Sowmya is 5ft 5 inch and has got a wheatish complexion. but she has got great buttocks and 36D boobs with dark nipples.she has got hair till her waist and that is the sexiest part of her which I get aroused by. We were very good friends and almost like sisters since our childhood days. She stays some 3 blocks away from my house. We used to stay in each others house over nights during weekends and holidays and also during our exam times. During our summer vacation we used to stay every night alternatively in each others house at nights. Sowmya has got an elder brother who is very handsome and well built.

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My Friend – Reena

November 14th, 2008 No comments

Thanks for the warm response from all Readers. Let me introduce myself for the newcomers, I am Jasmin, married 32years old and have one kid. This is not my story; this is the story of my dear friend –Reena, now she is working as a nurse in Dammam – Saudi Arabia. Her husband and kid in Kerala. Reena is 25, and got a baby girl, She is medium size but well built, 5 ft 5 inches height, and had nice figure. After 3 months (90 days) of the delivery she went to Saudi, She was breastfeeding her kid when she was in Kerala.

When she reached Saudi, since, she was breastfeeding her kid in Kerala, her breast (Mula) starts to paining and the mulakkal was filling with milk.

On the first day itself, she had a big problem with her Mula. She had to go to toilet several times and squeezed her mulakkal herself and to remove the milk from it.

She had night duty on that week. While she was on duty, two / three times, she managed to remove the milk, but it was not possible to remove the milk every time, whenever it fills.

This causes to overflow the milk from her Mula, which made her uniform wet in breast area.

That day, some how, she managed to reach her room by covering wetness of the uniform.

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Kerala Girl and I

October 28th, 2008 No comments

I am Trixa, a Britisher, female, age 31, chartered accountant by profession, divorcee and an ardent traveller. You can call me attractive, I am not very tall, 5’6″, not very slim, 36-26-38, and not very bad either!! I’d spent the New Year in Kerala and had come back to UK on 15th of January after the usual Goa-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi circuit. For the last few days I am missing Kerala. So I googled on ‘kerala’, further refined my search to ‘kerala + sex’ to reach at this wonderful site of I enjoy reading stories here. Some of them made me really wet and you know what follows after that!!

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Usha and Her Chechi

October 10th, 2008 No comments

I was 25 when I got married. Usha, my wife was just 19. To put this in other words, we were very high on passion, but short on experience. All my knowledge about sex was based on some readings of porn books and a book called ‘the Marriage Manual’. Usha’s aunts told her that not to get scared if her new husband does funny things like putting his urinating thing into hers. They told her that is how kids are made. Well, whatever. I found Usha naturally responding to my kisses and foreplay, she was properly wet and enjoyed sex. The urinating part was quietly forgottenand we got down to business.

Well, we had sex every day. I used to start fucking her by masturbating her. At some point,she used to grab my prick and put it into her young pussy. By now, we were little more experienced, having watched in nude a couple of foreign porn videos.

One day, a fateful day, she asked: “ Chetta, where is my clitoris?”

That night, I searched for her clit. I touched her wet pussy and asked her to signal me by catching my hand when she feels maximum pleasure. She did that, and I went looking for the elusive clit, but, could not find it.

Talk of inexperience!!! The search continued and we became rather frustrated. WHERE IS USHA’S CLITORIS? I read some anatomy books, but no clit.

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Me with chithra chechi

September 25th, 2008 No comments

Hi readers, I am Remya from Trivandrum, It’s been a long time since I have posted my incidents, actually there was never a real incident till last week in my life, this happened last week when I went to palakkad my native town, there my cousins marriage was fixed and we all visited there. There many of my relatives came and there we have two three adjacent houses in old Kerala model.

We where in my uncles house, that was a two storied house and I was given the upstairs where one of my cousin sister chithra was also with me, she also came here for the occasion and she gave me good company. One day we all went to the near by temple. When we returned some of the girls near by was putting mehendi in there palms, my cousin liked it and she also asked them to put it on her hands, I told I will be back after changing the dress. I went to the house, there the steps are in wood and steep, nale kette model, while ascending the steps I step on my pavada and the hook jut got off, I hold the pavada by hands and went up stairs, there one of our servant man was cleaning the floor after changing the roof tiles, I smiled at him, as there where nobody else anywhere, I thought of changing my pavada, I took one of midi from the bag and put it on, then let my pavada fall down, I bend down to take it, he was look at my chest, when I suddenly looked at him he changed his head, I turn away from him and thought of teasing him, I opened my blouse and took it off, I was showing my back to him, I reached my hands back to unhook my bra, and untied it and throw it to bed, now I took my top from my bag and put it over my head, now my head and face is covered by the top and I tuned towards him, he was staring at my bare chest, I was also enjoying it.

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