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My passions with sexy Pooja

January 14th, 2008 No comments

Hi I am Maya Varma. This happened during our stay in one of the Bangalore. Few years before we came here from Palakkad. It was a very hot evening in May. I was alone, doing household chores leisurely at home expecting the arrival of my hubby.We had plans to go for shopping and a late night dinner in a cozy restaurant. I had almost finished everything and proceeded to the bathroom for a refreshing bath. Had a nice bath and dabbed perfume to entice my hubby &expecting to have a quickie before going out & (he usually falls into the trap). I pulled out a transparent nightgown and changed into it. I was humming a popular song of Vayalar when I heard the doorbell.

When I peeped through the peephole, I saw my neighbour’s daughter, a Punjabi Girl, a 19-year-old, college student, standing there with some books. I opened the door to let her in. The girl, a very friendly one at that, used to address me ‘sister’ (may be, because of the age difference) and my hubby as ‘uncle’. A pretty, buxom girl, with sharp features and curves, in fact. She used to come to my house quite frequently in some context or other. She used to taste the dishes, especially the South Indian, and compliment me; in exchange, she brought, many times, the delicious items prepared by her mom. She used to compliment me on my appearance and had told my hubby that he is very lucky to have me as his wife.

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Sarah and Me being naughty

January 7th, 2008 No comments

A true story of how I made my friend realize what she was missing out on by being straight. Sarah and I sat with our feet propped on the coffee table, every now and again reaching under the blanket to tickle on another, we had always flirted, even though she knew I was bi-sexual, she wasn’t like the other girls I knew who were intimidated by me. She was pretty damn beautiful though, slim with creamy white skin and eyes that could never hide a lie. I constantly was testing my boundaries with her, but she never seemed to mind. Which of course, made me push them further…

I playfully leaned over and tickled sarah under the blanket, only instead of pulling my arm back after she playfully batted me away, I let my hand come to rest on her thigh. No reaction out of the ordinary. She had a skirt on, I could feel her smooth skin and I could only imagine what lie just a little farther up, I moved my hand, sliding it gently upward.

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Nandini Menon (Lesbian)

January 2nd, 2008 No comments

Hello, I am nandini menon from ernakulam, a housewife aged 44. My friend sheela showed me this site, first I shocked and then realized. Because this is a very good media to share the experiences freely. Even though I don’t have pc in my house, now I am a regular visitor of this site with the help of sheela. I have 2 children, elder daughter was married and now living at chennai and younger daughter is studying for b. Sc. Presently I am living separated from my husband and staying with my mother and second daughter. While reading the experiences of others, I also determined to share my lesbian experience with one of my friend subaida. Subaida is my new neighbor aged 48 with a fatty figure and having good complexion. Her husband is working at dubai and she have 2 daughters both are married and living abroad. They recently purchased a plot near to me and constructed their own house.

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Great Gracy Chechi

November 26th, 2007 No comments

Hi, I Am Mini. I was a Degree student there. I was staying in my home itself. Daily commuting in service buses.
One day there was a seminar in our department and so there were no classes after noon. Many of my friends went to a cinema. But I didnt join them because my mother wont allow such things. So I moved to the bus stop. Since it was noon time buses were not available like in the morning, to my homeplace. Then a santro car stopped in front of the stop. The window glass lowered. It was my english teacher, Mrs. Gracy. She asked me: where are you going.? I told my place. She invited me: then get in .

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Lesbian Became Threesome

November 26th, 2007 No comments

My name is Shazia Qamer, and I’m nineteen years old. I’m writing this on my girlfriend’s computer, with her help. I’m five foot four inches tall, and I have a nice, but slim, 34C-24-34 figure, what a lot of guys call sexxxy! I am very proud of my sexy legs, and love to show them off. I have long dark brown hair that reaches my waist, and black eyes. Anyway, I was at my friend’s house in the afternoon, and we were talking about our boyfriends and such.
Sheetal is a gorgeous girl, and we both keep or hair about the same length. She has startling black eyes, and a nice shape. Sheetal measures 35D-22-35, and she has very dark and large nipples. Sheetal loves to show her body and she is a real flirt! Her mom and father ware in office so we both seen a porno movie one that my boyfriend rented, and it had two girls going at each other hot and heavy.

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Sis On Sis (Part II)

November 4th, 2007 No comments

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I heard you race in, and then, well, when I saw…..I was just going to close the door, but you….., she trailed off, looking for the right words. I was still silent, scared. You just looked so beautiful I’m sorry but I couldn’t turn away. Beau-beautiful?, I managed, a sniffle following. I was melting inside, now, just completely.

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A Sex Starved Lady

October 24th, 2007 No comments

I am Rajesh from Hyderabad and now 50. When I was 26 years and working in a quasi-govt. office, this incident was happened with my colleague, Madhu. The story begins now. Both were joined the organization in the same month. We were became friends and residing in a same colony nearby office.

At first I have to tell about her sex with her husband. He is very adamant and not interested in sexual life. She is very sexy and size of 36-38-38. Her eyes are very attractive. After joining of 3 months, on an occasion both are going out after office hours, in a remote street, she immediately catch hold of my hand and kissed me. That is the signal of her interest with me. After that she invited me to her house when we attended a marriage of our colleague. I went to her house in the a.n. and sat in a chair. After some time, she came to me and sit on my thighs and kissed me and I also kissed on her cheeks and eyes and fully on her face. I squeezed her two mangoes and kissed her. She immediately got up from my thighs and told me that we did a very bad thing and stop now. Since then I am waiting for an opportunity.

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My Room Mate Prema

October 23rd, 2007 No comments

I am a beautiful lady and married lady. My name is sara and it happened in my college days some 3 yrs ago.I am writing this experience which I had .I hope you will enjoy it thoroughly and passionately.and am fair ,good looking and am 34-30–36 I am a lesbian and I have secretly desired to feel the body of a beautiful lady, as being a lady I know how smooth and soft the skin of a lady is.

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