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Sexy Maid from Pakistan

February 24th, 2016 No comments

Hi it’s again danial here from Pakistan. Let me share my first Sex experience with everybody I was 25 years old and student of CA at that time. The story is all about my sexual encounter with the daughter of our maid servant. It was June (summer) and my siblings and parents would like to go on a hill station for enjoying vacations but as I have to appear in exams I was unable to go with them.

They decided to go for 10 days and instructed our maid to come daily in morning and stay at our house so that I won’t have any problem in having food and cleaning etc. She is around 38 years of age and was working at our house since last 10 years so she don’t have any issue in staying with me, but she requested my parents that it will be helpful for her if her 17 years old daughter can also stay with her as she cant let her daughter live alone in house because her father also go for work in day time. My parents allowed her daughter also and said that she can also help in work and do dusting and other minor works.

They all went to hill station and as my classes were over and I m on exam preparation leaves; I wake up late at around 10.00 am. When I come to living room on dinning table for breakfast, I saw maid’s daughter – hina. She is 19 years old, with a very sexy figure of around 32-26-34, wearing shalwar suit without duppata and working in the kitchen with her mother. When I have eye contact with her I feel she was observing me keenly and gave me a cute smile, which I respond. Till that time I don’t have any bad intentions. Her mother instructed her to make breakfast for me and serve with tea and she went upstairs to wash clothes. Now we 2 are alone in the ground floor of house. She came close to me and serves me food in that she was still watching me and smiling. I asked why u r smiling, she said she came to our house 7 years back when she was very young girl and I was also around 18 at that time. She said she like me a lot at that time and wants to be my friend as now she has lots of feelings for me. I said if your mom knows that she will kill u and me, she smiled and said no issue her mom won’t know this at all. Then immediately she put her hands on my hands and holds my hand and said Dani I love u a lot and pls take me in your arms. I stand up and hug her, she was responding in a gr8 manner and hug me very tight, I then told her that relax we will do it in safe manner to avoid any issue. Just kissed her on her checks and ask her to go and take shower and dress up in more attractive clothes. By the way she is very fair in complexion, and very attractive 5’2” height with oranges like breast, which I feel when she hugs me.

When her mother came after washing clothes, I told her that there are many unused clothes of my little sister in the room which she wants to dispose. So give them to her daughter (I purposely did so , so that hina can wear the sexy and tight clothes of my sis and I can admire her sexy body). Her mother was v happy and took all the clothes and gives her to hina to use.

Now I made up the whole plan of spending next 10 days with my sweet heart in the max. Pleasurable manner. In the after noon after lunch, I asked her mother to go to utility / grocery store which is around 30 minutes drives from our house and buy monthly grocery for home. I knew she will go using cab and it will take minimum 5 hours for her to go and buy and then back. She asked her daughter to prepare dinner and went out to buy grocery.

I quickly locked the door and run inside towards the kitchen to catch hina. When I entered in kitchen, I was in shock to see her from the back, as she was wearing my sis modern clothes, which was skin fit T-shirt and a lower. No one can imagine that she is a maid servant, looking like a very sexy modern girl with wet hairs as she just came out after having shower. I quietly move towards her and took her in my arms from the back and put my palms on her breast and hug her tight. She gave me a very sexy smile and then turns towards me and immediately kissed on my lips. I also reciprocate and kiss her on her juicy lips. We were kissing madly for around 10 minutes then I took her in my arms and move towards my bed room. Lay her on the bed and move her t-shirt up. Oh my God, she was not wearing any bra and her 32 c size breast is hanging, they are pure whitish pink in color and with small tits. I come over her and started pressing her one boob while sucking the other. She is like in heaven , moaning a lot .uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh and I was sucking her like a dog. Then I lift her t-shirt and removed totally and also removed my clothes. As she saw my 8” long and thick penis, her eyes glows and she took that in her hands and playing with that. Rubbing her soft hands on my shaft which I like a lot. Then I put my penis in her mouth which she sucks in a very professional manner. Her tongue was rolling all around and I was like in heaven and I was totally mad till that time. I just pull out her trouser and started rubbing her vagina with my fingers. Now its time for her to enjoy. I move my fingure in and out and moving quickly which stimulates her feelings and she was moving like a fish out of water. We both are enjoying a lot. In few minutes she released her juice and all her pussy is wet. As I am very much concern about sexual diseases, I never fuck any girl. I put my penis in between her two soft breasts and tighten her breast by pushing them close to my penis and stroking my pennies in between two water melons. In few minutes I exploded all my cum on her breast. Then we cleaned up the whole mess and have shower together. We both are very much relaxed and enjoyed a lot. After shower she sits on my lap and we watch porn movie on TV till her mother reached home.

At night, when she came in my room to give me milk, I again kissed her lips for 10 minutes and asked her that when her mother sleeps, she should come to my room for next shot, which she accepted with full pleasure. At around 1:00 am the door of my room opened and I saw her in a transparent nighty. She came inside and locked the room. Then I did everything throughout the night and sleep naked on a same bed in each others arms. She then went to her mother’s maid room early in the morning. This continues for next 10 days till my parents came back. When they reached, I asked them that hina is very efficient in work, and we should hire her permanently at home for day and night. We gave her guest room which is upstairs , next to my bed room while other family is having rooms on the ground floor. Friends, till that date, at night when all family sleep, she came to my room and we locked the room and start our play and explore each others body in various manners. I will tell u more about that in my next story. Any girl interested in me or more stories, pls contact at, waiting to hear from u soon. Bye



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D sexiest servant woh !

January 10th, 2013 No comments

Hii this is fahad from mumbai , first let me tel u tat i am 21 nw in my final years
of my diploma courses, i am average in health n 6.1 tall . It so happened when one
day i was leaving for my classes i saw a girl abt 19 to 20 yrs of age , 4 a monent i
taught she must be sum of ma cousin n i went , wen i returned she waz still there in
d house , i came to know tat she waz my servant , man she waz so hot , whitish
foreigner like colour ,wit a hot round exellently shaped boobs ,n ass waz as hot as
a pornstar , man those nights i masturbated twice thinking of her , then one day i
went to my kitchen to take a bottle of water n saw her eatin her dinner , as time
passed we slowly started to talk like i use to order her to bring a glass of water
etc etc n started teasing her slowly ,

a month had passed n one time i went to d
kitchen jus like this n saw her preparing juice 4 ma mom , i jus waz out of my
senses n went near her n started talkin , n suddenly jus jokingly frm my both han!
ds pressed both her ass frm behind n could see her upper part boob clearly , she
shouted jokingly ‘arey side hato ‘n smiling at me,my house being very big no one
heard , but tis waz d day , it waz my bro’s birthday , after d short party in r
house every 1 were tired n went to sleep , n she waz a 24 hrs servant n use to
sleep in d second hall , i came out frm my room n d 1st hall waz dark , i went to d
second hall n saw tat she waz missing , d kitchen light waz on n i waz gettin scare
tat by chance if any1 sees me at dis time, but bravery i went to d kitchen n saw
her putting d utensils in d cupboard , i said aur jaao so jaao , her name waz sabra
, she said ya , but i waz jus staring at her but waz scared tat if i try to do
something if sumtin goes wrong , but i went close to her n touched my half erected
penis inside my tracks behind her ass n started pressing her boobs , she suddenly
turned n said ye kya kar rahe ho , etc etc , i said come on no one would know , she
n waz abt to leave d kitchen wen i pulled her bck n again sta!
rted pressing her boobs , she said arey yaar fahad tu pagal ho gaya hai tu samajh
nahi raha , as she waz saying dis i turned her n smooched her hard , nw i slightly
closed d door as she waz holding my bck tightly , widout any delay i took off her
shalwar n started licking n finger fucking her pussy as shown in blue films which
was hairless n smooth ,she had great sweet juices, first she yelled aaaaa hh , she
waz neither wearing panties nor a bra , i licked it n then took off her kameez , my
god tat waz awesome those round fat boobs were like a model’s boobs , i started
sucking them ,n she waz touching n playing wid my cock frm out side , suddenly she
pushed me n took off my tracks n there it waz my 6 inch fat cock waz up in a flash
, n already sum of d cum waz on d tip , she started sucking my cock n gv me a
blowjob , man as it waz my first time i felt tat i waz in heaven , i waz suprised
tat hw can she be so expert in this , i again saw through d door as nothing wrong
, then i told her to cum d 69 way n i again started licking her pussy n she waz
giving me a blow job , after abt 7 to 8 mins i got her straight n waz feeling very
nervous to fuck her, but suprising she caught my cock n guided it to her pussy n
waz telin me , jor se andar tak daalo , lekin rukna mat , man half d cock waz in n
wat a feeling tat waz , as she said i started fucking her hard , n it started d
moaning sound , aaaah aaaaa oooooh aur zor se , but d skin touchin sound saaat
saat waz comin n i waz scared if sum 1 hears it , but nw daringly i closed d door
completely , n came bck n jus again i started fucking her , jus two strokes n i
blasted my cum in her , then we again started smooching n kissing , n jus abt 2 to
4 mins my cock waz again hard standing , n dis time i took her on me , put my cock
in her pussy n started fucking her again , man she waz enjoying it too , i fucked
her very very hard , n dis time i blasted late , abt 12 to 15 mins of hard fuck ,
we were !
sweating a lot , n as i saw d clock it waz 2:30 am , it waz too late we!
both washed n went to sleep ,d next day i nervously taught abt her getting
pregnant so i bought a packet of i pill , ewplained her n made her eat secretly, a
week passed n we din get chances , d other day i waz restin n my mom told me tat d
servant iz comin to clean her room n she waz goin to d market n jus my 8 yrs old
bro waz there in d upper room , as my mom went n she came , i locked d doors n
widout wastin a second i opened my zip n took off my cock frm my underwear , she
started laughing , i went near her caught her n took of her shalwar n put my nw
erected hard penis in her n started smooching n pressing her boobs , 17 to 20 mins
of hard fuck i took of my cock n she caught it n started shaking it , n all cum
came on her face , sum she drank it happily , as i told her to wear her shalwar n
i too widout cleaning it zipped my cock bck in as i had to take a bath , n then
after when eva we gt a chance ,we njoyed.she iz jus superb man .m planning 4 a
three some nw though.

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Noorie – My Mature Maid

December 19th, 2012 No comments

My family had recently relocated from a small village to a metropolitan city, where we were living in a small bungalow. My family’s more or less average in size, consisting of my father, mother, two brothers, a sister, and myself. We had this one old maid that helped out with the household chores, but when she got married and moved away, my mother needed to hire new help. I was what you’d call a typical, horny teenager in the traditional sense, and growing up, anything could really get my blood pumping. Shortly after our old maid moved away, my mother brought a new girl to help out with the daily work. Her name was Noor Jehan but we called her, “Noori.” Noori was a little on the plump side, and her dark skin depicted her as a typical villager woman. My mother told me that Noori’s husband had passed away the previous year and that she was trying hard to support her children. The first time I got a look at Noori, I about guessed her to be in her mid thirties. Every time I ran into her, she looked more or less the same, with her black hair characteristically worn in a ponytail.

Noori was almost too old for my tastes, actually; she had already given birth to three children who were all young teenagers. No, she wasn’t what one would typically call a beautiful woman in the popular sense of the word. Her arms were slightly pudgy, her chin had a few extra rolls, and her belly had a little bit of extra flab tacked onto it. All in all, not a terrible frame, but her age did show in some areas. She rightfully looked like someone’s mother (which she was), but despite her less than perfect body, she did have a pleasant face and a crisp demeanor.

All in all, given my age and horny temperament, I was very excited whenever I saw her. She always wore a tight fitting qameez, which held her firm, generous breasts high and tightly against her chest. I later learned from my mother that she was actually a bit older than my earlier estimate, around 40 years old. Age had certainly been kind to her, as she’d held onto round, soft, and sensuous assets. In addition to her mouth-wateringly voluptuous cleavage, her tummy had a slight dip to it, but considering her own age, the tight tunic she always wore accentuated it nicely. Much to my delight, her ass was also round and plump, too. The years had taken somewhat of a toll on her buns, as they were a bit wide-set. Judging by the way she moved, though, I could tell her butt was bulky, but firm. After all, that physical work she did had to pay off somehow.

She had been treating me very nicely right off the bat, more so than any other member of the family. Involuntarily or purposely, I didn’t yet know, but she’d always provide me glimpses of her fat, curvy tits whenever she’d bend over in front of me. The beautiful cleavage in between her two magnificent peeks were often the object of my masturbatory lust, and it gave me frequent opportunities to exercise my well-practiced skills of stealing glances without getting caught. I just couldn’t get enough of her breasts! From underneath her shirt, I could tell they were more than a pair of decent handfuls, even when she didn’t wear a bra, which was quite often. The way she walked also got me hot, too, as her breasts would bounce freely with each step she took.

I could only imagine what they were like underneath the surface.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not what you’d call a pervert, but since I didn’t have a girl, I’d constantly catch myself staring like a fool at Noori’s curves whenever she was around. What else was I to do? I couldn’t help myself, and Noori certainly didn’t make things any easier by parading her natural curves so shamelessly around me. But it’s not like it was just a physical thing, either. She was the nicest woman I’d ever met, and after all the time she spent with us, I grew quite fond of her, and over time, I sort of inadvertently developed a crush on her.

One day, I was sitting in a chair, pretending to read as I watched Noori hand wash some clothing. She’d been at it for about an hour and a half, and from all the other chores she’d been doing, she had worked up a small sweat. As a result, her nipples were pressing against the thin fabric of her qameez, which did wonders for me. It was the first time I’d seen her nipples poke out from her huge tits and rub against her own clothing, and I remembered being transfixed as I sat there, mesmerized by the sight. As she alternated between rubbing the clothes with her hands and placing them out to dry, I watched her fit, glistening body strain as her breasts jiggled in time with each of her movements.

As I continued eying her hefty melons, I blankly noticed her pull the front flap of her qameez up in order to itch her stomach. As I watched her in a trance, I finally looked away from her tits and made eye contact with her. Much to my surprise, she was staring right at me! In my own lust, I’d completely forgotten to cover my tracks, and she’d probably been observing me for the last few minutes. When she looked me and saw me staring at her, she pretended to be menially doing her work as she smiled and waved out to me. I tried to look away from her, but I couldn’t. As I guiltily stole glances up and down her body, I felt her devouring me with her eyes.

After that incident, every time I looked at Noori or whenever our eyes met, she’d always flash an ambiguous grin or smile at me. Since that day, we’d always stare a bit longer at each other, and the smiles she gave me seemed to be more full of seduction and life. I also noticed that her “accidental” tendency for bearing her flesh had increased significantly. Bending over in front of me was more of a habit now, and her clothes even seemed to be getting tighter as the days went by. She gave me all kinds of opportunities to see flashes of her body and breasts from the sides, as well as from the top of her cleavage.

Some time later, my entire family had left me alone in the house with Noori. They had left the city to go attend some family wedding, and they would be gone for a few days. Apparently, the wedding only had room for so many people to attend, and the invitation only asked for my parents and three kids. Apparently someone made a mistake when sending invitations. I didn’t feel much like going to the wedding anyway. They always lasted so long, and they bored me to death. My parents insisted that I come, but I convinced them to let me stay after I made up an excuse about not feeling too well. My real goal was to be alone with Noori, and while I had a feeling that probably nothing would happen, as a horny boy I held onto the notion that it might.

This was first time Noori and I were alone in house since she first joined us, and considering the naughty glances we’d been giving each other, we both were a little bit nervous about being alone. As I was walking through the house, I happened by Noori’s room, and noticing the door being ajar, I looked in and accidentally saw her changing her clothes. My pulse quickened since I had been eying her fro the last few weeks ever since she had been appointed by my mother to take over. What I saw made me freeze instantly in my step. All she was wearing was her shilwar, and her torso was uncovered, revealing her magnificent breasts. Unaware of myself, I stood there, admiring her curvaceous tits. The dark brown tips of her nipples looked so inviting and sexy, and as soon as I layed eyes on them, I felt a warmth enter my stomach. Holding my breath, I felt my throat choke and my cock harden instantly within my own shilwar.

As throbbing bulge grew to full mast within my trousers, I realized that this was the first time I’d seen a naked woman in real life. As I felt her gaze upon me, I felt a tiny bit shameful in the back of my mind for staring. However, the darker side of my conscience didn’t care. It felt good looking at her in her half-nude glory, and it was such a pretty sight. As I stood there, painfully hard, I imagined myself squeezing and caressing her full, round tits. I imagined I was right in front of her, massaging and kneading those jugs as I licked and tweaked her dark nipples.

My common sense getting the better of me, I looked away from her hypnotic breasts and looked up at her face. I expected her to be disgusted with how I was gawking so shamelessly at her, but instead, she had a warm smile on her face, and her eyes had a glint of desire painted on them. In my panic, I thought I’d been caught. Despite her smile, I thought she was going to bust me. My heart started pounding rapidly within my chest, and my palms grew sticky with sweat. I froze like a statue, unable to move at first. My face got really hot and tingly, and I saw her looking and became very red and embarrassed.

Much to my confusion, she didn’t even look angry or upset with me. She held her smile, and simply proceeded to hide her luscious mamaries by cupping her small hands over the bulbous flesh. Completely overcome with panic and the conflicting lust of my hard cock, I made a run to my bedroom. I hurried inside, closed the door behind me, and huddled myself facedown on my bed.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at my door.

“Master? I have to ask you something. May I please come in?” It was Noori. Her voice was soft and contained a sincere edge to it.

A little worried at firs, I finally worked up the nerve to speak. “Uh… y-yes! Come in, Noori,” I replied. As the door slowly opened, her casually clothed frame appeared before me. Walking into my room, she strolled over to where I was and sat beside me on my bed. I was almost afraid to look her in the eye, but when I did, I noticed that she still had that ever-pleasant smile on her face.

I noticed Noori had sweat on her upper lip and forehead. “Thank you, Jawad, I feel honored to be with you.”

Not knowing how to respond, I just smiled and let out a small murmur of affirmation. My muscles tense, I remained seated at the edge of the bed with my hands folded over my lap. For few minutes, we sat quietly without talking, and then Noori grabbed my wrist and looked me right in the eye. Breaking the silence, she spoke with an affection that I thought was unmistakable. “You know, Jawad, I’ve always thought you were a cute, sweet young man.” Pausing, she took a breath before continuing in a low voice. “You’ve always been kind to me, right from the start, you know? Ever since my first day, you made me feel welcome.”

As her hand traveled from my wrist to my thigh, my eyes went wide. My inexperience kicking in, I started to panic. “Ah… th-thank you, Noori, I don’t really know what else to say…” I trailed off, looking away from her gaze. I felt like a total idiot. I honestly didn’t know what to say to her!

Changing the subject, Noori forwardly asked a more direct question in her stern voice. “Were you watching me just now, back in the hall?”

“No! Well, ye-yes, sorry. I’m… I’m really, very sorry,” I stammered. I knew she had me. She caught me red-handed, and was going to tell my parents.

Laughing, Noori’s hand squeezed my leg through the fabric of my pants quite firmly. “Don’t be sorry. I shouldn’t have left that door open,” she added, reassuring me with her smile. “I mean, what else could a boy your age do but watch?”

Letting out a nervous laugh, I fell silent. It comforted me that she wasn’t mad, and it was actually very nice that she was being cool about the whole thing.

Suddenly, her hand traveled up my thigh, closer to my crotch. Letting out a gasp, my cock sprang to life once again. Looking her directly in the eye, my mouth hung open as an expression of worry and excitement entered my face. Noori, on the other hand, simply stared back at me with a devilish grin. “Did you like what you saw?” she whispered in a voice that made my dick harden even more.

Letting out a strained breath, my panic kicked in once again. I didn’t know what else to do, so I tried apologizing. “I am so sorry, I can’t help it, you’re just so… and your… they’re just so…” I was stuttering a lot, and I was making a lot of gestures with my hands. I think she got my point, because she let out a small laugh as she scooted closer to me on the bed.

In her whisper, she continued to reassure me. “So what, Jawad? You’re a normal, healthy young man. You don’t have to apologize to me… you’ve done nothing wrong.” Her hold on my thigh was almost like a vise. She was gripping me so tightly I was afraid to move. I feared that if I did, my cock would twitch and explode right there.

Sweating, all I could say was, “Thank you, Noori.”

“Well good then! Now that that’s cleared up, I want you to tell me something, Jawad.”

“Um… wh-what it is?”

“Hm… Why you always stare at me?” she asked.

Choking on my breath, I was absolutely stunned. She knew about all those other times? “What? No! Noori, I swear, I’ve never done that before.”

“Oh come on now, you think a woman doesn’t know when a man is staring at her? Or these?” she finished, resting both hands against qameez-coverered breasts.

“I… I don’t know,” I said hardly above a whisper.

“I’m a mother of three, Jawad, and I’ve been around the block a few times. I know these things.”

“I don’t know,” I said again. “I’m sorry.”

She laughed loudly and said, “You don’t know, him? Well tell me something you do know. The way you’ve talked to me before… the way you’ve tried to hit on me. It excited you, didn’t it?”

Afraid to admit it, I swallowed dry air as I finally worked up the courage to answer honestly. “Yes… it did.”

Smiling, she continued. “Hm. and every time I let you steal a look at my body, it also excited you, am I right?”

Not completely sure where she was going with this, I just sat there with my head turned toward her, trying not to screw anything up. “Yes, I… I think your body is… very pretty.”

Laughing again, she spoke to me as a mother would speak to a child. “Don’t be upset, Jawad. All boys are the same at your age. You get curious… you get aroused. I know you’ve been taking every opportunity you can get to look at me. I’m not surprised, but I am very flattered.” As she said that, her voice lowered to a sultry tone as she replaced her hand on the inside of my leg.

We sat there, and my nervous breathing filled the otherwise silent room. Finally, she spoke again, asking me something that caught me off guard. “Have you ever been with a woman, Jawad?”

“What do you mean, Noori?” I pretended to act dumb.

Rolling her eyes playfully, she continued. “You know what I mean, Jawad.”


“Sex. Girls. Have you had sex with a girl yet?”

“No,” I said nervously.

She saw my reluctance to say too much, and she caught me on it. “Don’t be shy, Jawad! You can tell me.”

“I haven’t had sex yet, but there was this one girl I liked…” I trailed off as a bad memory entered my mind.

Noori giggled quietly and put her hand over her mouth to hide her smile.” What, she didn’t like you back?”

“She didn’t even allow me to touch her.”

“Did you ever ask her to let you?”


“Then how can you say she didn’t allow you?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think I know.” A coy smile was on Noori’s face now.

“Know what?”

“You don’t have enough confidence in yourself,” she said plainly. “My son is the same way, Jawad. Lots of boys are.”

“I-I guesses I can work on that…”

Her seductive tone returning, Noori’s fingers found their way to my hard-as-steel meat. “See… I’m willing to bet that you like me. I’m willing to bet you want me, and that you’ve been thinking about having sex with me.” As her fingers danced softly around my cock, I moaned into the air as she spoke some more. “Since you don’t trust yourself, you can’t admit it. Not to me… not to yourself, even.”

She was making me blush now. Man, she was absolutely right. I had the hot for her, but I was too afraid to make a move because I didn’t think she wanted it, and I definitely didn’t want to get caught by any of my family.

Finally, I worked up the courage to speak to her. “You know something? You’re absolutely right. I think you’re very sexy and attractive, but I have to admit… I’m pretty nervous about all this.” My dick pumping with a life of its own, I looked over at Noori’s seated body, taking in her bountiful tits and beautiful face. “Noori, may I touch you?”

Leaning into me so that her face was mere inches from mine, she answered enthusiastically. “Yesss….” she whispered. “Go right ahead. You can touch me any way you want to.” I swallowed a bucket of my saliva in utter disbelief at what was happening.

Closing the distance between us, she leaned in some more and kissed my lips. I had never kissed an older woman before. I felt naughty, but it felt so utterly amazing. As she kissed me passionately, she moved her tongue around mine as we exchanged saliva. Her fingers playing with my hair, I felt her voluptuous body pressed firmly against my own. Her touch was electric, and I felt my hard cock fill with even more blood. Getting braver by the second, I let my hands rest on her hips as we kissed.

During the lip locking, Noori’s hands roamed my entire body as if they had minds of their own. She’d spend a few seconds rubbing my stomach with her fingers, and then she’d switch to my shoulders. One minute she’d be twirling my hair in her fingers, and the next minute she’d be rubbing the insides of my thighs. When she finally rested a hand back on my cock, I almost lost control. As she haphazardly tugged at the waistband of my pants, she continued to kiss me wildly while I tried desperately to contain my primal urges. I wanted this to last, but I also wanted more. As I attempted to move my hands up toward the sides of her breasts, Noori abruptly broke our kiss and looked at me again, a smile on her face once more.

“Jawad, what exactly do you think you’re doing?”

Looking back at her with desire and confusion, a smile formed on my own face as well. Judging by the look in her eye, I could tell she was teasing me again. “Ugh… I can’t take this anymore! I want to touch you so bad…”

“Oh, so you mean you’re interested in these old things?” she musingly asked, placing her hands on her luscious jugs.

“God, yes… they’re amazing!” I could barely keep my emotions under control.

“You’re so cute, you know? Come here…” And with that, her face was pressed against mine again. Taking my face in her hands, Noori inserted her tongue in between my lips and snaked it inside. In between kisses, she’d laugh lightly and smile before continuing. Her hot breath against my own, I felt empowered by lust. I couldn’t sit back any longer. Grabbing her right breast through her shirt, I felt the soft shape and texture for the first time. Even through the barrier of her clothing, the sensation was like nothing I’d felt before. It felt so forbidden and foreign to me, but at the same time, I felt so completely comfortable and lustful. Rolling my palm against the round tit flesh, I mentally noted how it felt within my hand. Kneading and grasping the jiggle surface area, I felt my dick twitch and grow even harder underneath my pants.

“Here, why don’t I let you take a closer look?” As she shifted her body, she grabbed either side of her qameez and lifted it over her head. Mesmerized, I sat there with my mouth hanging open, breathing heavily as the superfluous globes came into view. As the clothing slid up and over her chest, each of her breasts strained against the fabric until finally, they fell freely. Tossing her shirt to the side, Noori rested her palms on her breasts as she looked naughtily into my eyes. “Don’t tell your parents. Or your friends. Last thing we want to do is draw attention to ourselves, right Jawad?”

“Uh… r-right!” My eyes were glued open, and my heart was pounding so loudly in my ears I almost didn’t hear her ask the question. I was extremely fixated on the naked set of tits that stood before me. I was exploring completely uncharted territory, and although I knew I’d eventually see a naked woman eventually, I definitely didn’t expect it to be my family’s maid! She spent so much time with us that she practically felt like family. If anyone ever found out, I’d be toast.

As I stared upon her magnificent, rounded orbs, I took note of her dark brown nipples. They were already pointed outward at me, and they were complemented nicely by not-too-large areolas.

“Go on, Jawad. Grab them,” she encouraged.

My mouth watering at their proximity, I reached forward, anticipating how the bare flesh would feel against my palms and fingers. When I finally made contact with them, it was as if a mental barrier had been removed. The dam had been opened, and the water had been released. I suddenly felt her warm, soft breasts against my hands, and I felt like I just set foot on an uncharted island. I studied the texture with my hands, feeling her goose bumps against my fingertips. As my hands traveled across all corners of her extremely generous breasts, I grew bolder with my actions. I squeezed the rounded edges within my fingers, I pushed into the milky surface with my palms, and I took the entire experience very slowly. It was nothing short of amazing.

Finally letting out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, I mentally came to grips with what I accomplished. Half an hour earlier, I was craving to set my eyes on these glorious tits for only a moment. Never did I think that I’d have them at my disposal. Kneading her tits harder, I pushed them against her chest as the ample flesh spilled out of my hands at their sheer volume. Taking each of her erect nipples in between my fingers, I tweaked her sensitive tips, eliciting a long moan from Noori’s throat. With the amount of time I was spending on her breasts, it was obvious that I’d never done this before, but she was being nice about it. She let me attack her breasts to my heart’s content.

Removing my gaze from her plump tits momentarily, I looked up at Noori’s face, and to my surprise I noticed that she was biting her lower lip and moaning softly. Smiling back at her, I returned my attention to her breasts, working my frontal handling into an all-out massage. As I continued to tease her, she returned my actions with even louder and more eager groans, which succeeded in getting my dick even harder. So much excitement was running through my head that I actually felt a bit dizzy. As blood continued to flow from my heart to my cock, I actually had to shake my head to regain my senses.

“Oh Jawad, they’re yours, pinch them harder, pull them harder, twist them! God, yes… keep doing it ooooohhhh…” Her noises and supportive banter were exciting me to no end, and I had no choice but to comply with her demands. Tugging and groping her breasts and nipples even harder, Noori’s moans continued to fill the emptiness of my room.

Arching her back, Noori’s round tits were suddenly pushed closer to my face. Slapping myself over the head, I finally remembered that I could just as easily suck on her magnificent breasts. Grasping them both at the sides, I pushed the copious amounts of tit flesh together, accentuating Noori’s amply cleavage. Bending my neck down, I shuddered as I brought my mouth closer to her breasts. Aiming first for her nipples, I pushed my face closer to her skin, closing my eyes upon making contact with her flesh. As my lips wrapped around her nipples, I felt my cock stir even more.

Hearing my gasp above me, I continued to knead and roll her flesh as I lashed my tongue against her right nipple. Alternating between each brown nub, I coated her sensitive skin with my saliva as I slobbered all over them like a starving newborn. Taking a breather from her tits, I removed my face from her bust and examined my conquest. Noting the generous amounts of spit that accumulated on her mounds, I smiled inwardly at how her breasts glistened with my saliva in the light of my room. Looking quickly up at Noori, I exchanged a lustful smile with her as I returned my face to her heaving tits. As my mouth captured her nipple again, I heard her moan and press her chest even harder against me.

“Ah, your mouth feels so good,” she huffed in between her moans.

Moaning in response, I simply continued my assault on her breasts. Trying a slightly different technique, I latched onto one nipple with my mouth as I squeezed and massaged the opposite breast with my other hand. Feeling her flesh rolling in between my hand as I mauled her other orb with my mouth felt incredible. I almost couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Alternating my strategy on both of her breasts, I continued working the flesh in my mouth and hands until my mouth started to feel numb from all the strain.

“Uhhn… bite them, please…”

A little surprised at how kinky she was being, I quickly obeyed. Tweaking her left nipple in between my fingers, I brought the other to my mouth and lodged it between my teeth. Tugging on the sensitive, brown buds with my lips, I heard Noori let out sharp gasps of lustful pleasure. Her hands resting at the back of my head, she played with my dark hair once more as I continued servicing her breasts and nipples.

After a few more moments of feasting on her fat tits, I decided I wanted more. I’d have been perfectly content with playing with her breasts and calling it a day, but I knew the mood was damn near perfect. I’d read on the Internet about situations like this, and I knew this could go further. Removing her nipple from my mouth, I replaced my hands back on both of her breasts. Feeling her grip loosen from around my head, I lifted my face so that it was inches from hers. Our lips were nearly touching, and we both felt each other’s breath on our faces.


“I want to you fuck you, Noori,” I whispered back.

“No!” she said almost reflexively. I could see the hesitation in her eyes. I guess foreplay was one thing, but going the whole nine yards was something else altogether. “I mean… we should really, really stop. I think we’ve had enough–”

“—Noori, let me fuck you,” I said firmly, cutting her off as she tried to pull away.

“Maybe we should wait a little longer, Jawad. We could do this tomorrow or something… I don’t know if we should go all the way right now…” she gasped and tried to pull away, but it didn’t look like she was trying too hard. Looking into her eyes, I could see something was nagging at her, perhaps some shred of guilt was still running through her mind.

A little taken aback by her hesitation, I tried convincing her. “But we have all the time in the world now… I want it now I and know you want it.” I said, replacing my hands onto her enormous jugs and looking into her eyes.

“How do you know I want it?” she asked me.

“If you didn’t, then why did we do all those things just now? Didn’t you like them?” I queried, my lips upturning in a slight smirk.

“Yes… but… Jawad, your mother would kill me if she ever found out that we…”

“But who would tell her? There’s no one else here and I won’t say a word to anyone! Mother doesn’t come back until next week and there’s no way for her to find out.” I paused, seeing what she thought.

“You’re right, but–”

“—And no one would suspect a thing! She’ll never know, Noori, please… just this once. I need you so bad!” I was practically pleading with her now. With my hands still clutching her tits firmly, my eyes pleaded with hers.

After a moment of agonizing silence, she responded with a smile of her own. “All right.”

“All right… meaning ‘yes’?”

“Yes, I’ll let you fuck me,” she said, her eyes falling to the floor.

My whole face lighting up, all I could think of saying was one thing. “Thank you so much! I won’t tell anyone!”

My hands dropping from her breasts, Noori’s hands reached down and loosened my shilwar string. I raised my ass off the bed as she yanked my pants off of me. My pants were still falling to my ankles as she grabbed at my swollen dick. When she did, I nearly jumped off of the bed. I couldn’t believe that a mature woman was touching me! My hard cock and tingling balls pulsated with a life force of their own. It felt so amazing to have her hand wrapped around my meat. Everything from the way her cool fingers felt, to the firm way she gripped the girth of my shaft, it all felt incredible. Still seated next to me, Noori began to move her hand up and down masterfully, jerking my cock gently at the base with one hand, occasionally stopping to fondle my balls.

Leaning back onto the bed on my elbows, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as I simply stared at the ceiling. The feeling was out of this world, and I knew it was only going to get better. Feeling a shift next to my own body, Noori moved and whispered into my ear. “Little master, you’ve got a beautiful cock… it’s a lot bigger… and longer… than I thought it would be. Let me show you how to use it right,” she finished as her grip fell from my dick.

Noori grabbed my hand placed it on her shilwar and pointed at the string tying it in place. I pulled it and loosened it, and then she did the rest by snaking them off of her legs.

Now sitting up, she was the one laying back, propped up on her elbows and eager. Her legs spread and hanging off the bed, she looked at me with her dark eyes and exposed tits. “Come on, Jawad… come on and do with me what you want, I can’t wait anymore…” The lust in her voice was unmistakable, but for some reason, I was suddenly overcome with uncertainty and anxiety. I faltered, not knowing how to proceed. I saw her pussy for the first time, but it was an entirely new territory for me. I didn’t really know how to do what I wanted, and I was afraid if I tried something, I might do it wrong and upset her.

Most of all, I think I was afraid of the embarrassment. My cock still painfully hard, I let out a sharp sigh as I worked up the courage to speak again. “Noori, I, uh… I don’t really…I told you I haven’t done it before.”

Looking at me blankly for a moment, as though remembering, she comforted me with that warm smile of hers. “Oh Jawad, it’s okay. I’ll make sure you enjoy your first time with a woman. Don’t worry, okay?” She glanced down at my cock one last time, and then looked back into my eyes.

“Just do as I say and you’ll have that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy in no time.”

Grinning devilishly, I looked back into her eyes as my cock bounced with life. “Sounds good.”

Licking her lips, Noori placed her left hand on her left breast and pinched her nipple. “Come and stand between my legs,” she instructed as she scooted back on the bed. “Shake those pants off and kneel on the bed between my thighs,” she added as I approached her. Giggling, her eyes fell back down to my engorged dick. “Mm… I hope you never forget this fuck for a long time, Jawad… I know I won’t.”

As she said this, I found my place, kneeling on the bed in between her legs. Invitingly, she spread her thighs to my gaze and gave me a full look at her mature, hairy cunt. The close up of her pussy lips made my dry mouth even drier. Swallowing in the back of my throat, I licked my lips as I studied her folds more intricately. She had a lovely dark bush that lined the folds of her plump twat. Her labia had blackish edges to them, and beneath the hair and folds, I was able to make out a lighter pinkish spot that contrasted very starkly against her tanned skin.

Kneeling before her with my right hand around my throbbing cock, my eyes darted back and forth between her gaze and her pussy. The sight was unbelievable, and when she brought her own hand to her bushy snatch, I felt my legs and balls tingle with anticipation. My mouth hanging agape, her eyes seemed absolutely glazed over with lust as she simply stared back at me, her chest heaving with each and every breath she took. I adjusted myself and raised myself up on my knees, towering over my aged maid. Scooting forward, I pulled close and let my cock hover in front of her steamy pussy. Taking my extremely sensitive dick into her hand, she placed the head right at the entrance of her lower lips.

As the spongy tip of my organ made contact with her glistening cunt, a rush of cold shivers shot through my spine. This was really happening. I closed my eyes, savoring the feeling, until I was pulled back into reality by Noori’s voice. “Now push it slowly into me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. With nothing holding me back, I slowly edged my hips forward and felt my dick inch farther into her body. I felt more resistance than I thought I would, and if it weren’t for the sharp yelp that Noori let out, I almost wouldn’t have understood what was wrong. Opening my eyes, I heard her laugh as I looked down at our groinal areas. A faint crimson blush filling my cheeks, I looked into Noori’s face as she lit up with a small trace of laughter.

“You can’t have that hole just yet, Jawad. Maybe next time you’ll want to open your eyes?” she said with a chuckle. “Here, I’ll help. I know it feels weird at first.”

Once again she grabbed my cock and positioned my tip right before the entrance to her pussy. Spreading her legs even wider, she used her other free hand to separate the folds of her hairy pussy. Looking back up at me, she gave me an encouraging look as she sat back and waited for me to make contact.

“This time, just push it all the way in. You don’t have to go slow.”

For a split second before I forced myself inside her, I realized how lucky I was to have such a helpful, pretty woman willing to guide me on my first time. As soon as my appreciative thought faded, I refocused on my current situation, furrowed my brow, and readied myself to move forward. Using my entire weight to push myself into her, I violently jerked my hips forward and sank my cock deep inside of her cunt. Oh, God… it was really happening.

I’d seen porno before, and I’d read magazines and talked about it with my friends, but this was the real thing! The feeling was surreal. All around my dick, I felt the cushiony, velvety surface of her muscular pussy walls. It was amazingly warm, and her walls fit around my dick like a glove. Overall, it felt comfortable and extremely hot.

The fact that it was my maid succeeded in kicking the intensity up a few notches, too.

Biting my lip, I looked down at Noori’s face, and noticed that her own face was straining in surprise. Her mouth hanging open, her chin lay on her chest as she breathed heavily, a bit shocked at how fast and strong I pushed in.

“Ah… Jawad, move your hips… in and out, come on…”

“Ah… it feels so good!”

I started rocking my hips immediately, driving in and out of her experienced cunt. The sensation was fantastic. It felt like pins and needles were stabbing my entire body. Each time I plunged into her, I felt my balls mash between my body and hers. As I watched her massive tits rock wildly in all directions against her chest, Noori reached her arms up and snaked them around my neck. As she pulled me to her, she wrapped her smooth legs around my waist, locking me against her. As our lips locked in a steamy embrace, I resumed humping against her cunt as best I could, my cock stroking her inner walls forcefully each time I pounded in and out of her.

With our heavy breathing filling the otherwise empty room, the bed rocked beneath our gyrating bodies as I felt my entire body tingle. As my thrusts grew more sporadic, Noori loosened her legs from my waist and broke our kiss. Gripping my arms tightly, she spoke up as I felt myself loose control. “Slow down or you’ll cum too soon!”

Upon hearing her advice, I ceased my motions immediately, afraid that I’d done something wrong. As I lay on top of her propped up on my hands, I stared down at her sweating body, examining each and every one of her features. Her sizeable breasts were spilling all over her chest; her chest was heaving with each breath she drew. Her eyes were wide, as though she’d told me something of vital importance. Taking her advice to heart, I tried my absolute best to regain control of both my emotions and my movements. Swallowing in the back of my throat, I took one look down at our grinding pelvises before resuming my thrusting.

This time, Noori’s legs released me. She also let her arms fall to the bed on either side of her and let me back into my former kneeling position. With her legs spread widely on either side of me, I looked down and saw my painfully throbbing meat still buried in her snatch. Looking back into her eyes, I started to slowly rock back and forth again, this time pulling my cock almost all the way out, then ramming it back deep into her cunt. Hearing Noori gasp carnally each time I plowed fully into her, I internally smiled.

As I slowly picked up speed, I began to pump in and out of her with an intensified fervor. With every thrust, I felt her pussy tighten around my dick as her bodily lust increased ostensibly. The clapping sound of our hips meeting echoed rhythmically, and aside from our heavy breathing and groaning there were no other sounds to be heard. As our bodily noises serenaded us, I saw Noori’s head fall backwards against the bed. As her bucking frame gyrated back and forth underneath me, I clasped my hands around both of her ankles as I stared at the ceiling and hammered away.

Then, suddenly, through closed eyes, as I pushed deeper and deeper into Noori, I heard a guttural cry escape her lips.

Did I just make her climax? Holy shit, I just made a grown woman cum!

Slowing my pumping down, I watched in sheer awe as Noori’s eyes groggily opened and gazed into mine. “How does it feel, Jawad?”

My eyes opened and looked down at her face. “…Amazing,” I huffed in between pumps. “Ugh… this is so much better than beating off!”

She was moving her body arching her back causing all sorts of sensations in my cock. “Harder,” she groaned. “Mm… harder!” She was practically shouting as I pounded into her with all the force I could muster. “Oh, Jawad! I’ve wanted you to give it to me for so long, but I was afraid your mother would find out!” She frantically spread her legs even wider so as to give me the deepest access possible into her steamy snatch.

“Noori, I’ve wanted to fuck you every time you came here. I wanted to rub my cock all over your skin and touch your tits and ass so bad! I’ve felt this way for such a long time! Ugh, feels so good!”

Through clenched teeth, she replied with mock anger, “Well, my Jawad, if that’s all you ever wanted, why didn’t you just ask?”

“Ah… mm, I was afraid you’d tell my mother. Oh, fuck!” I bellowed, feeling my balls tingle. “I didn’t want to risk you saying no, either.”

“Mm, God… we should’ve done this sooner!” she confessed.

I was in already in heaven, and talking like that made me so turned on. Thrusting back and forth with my hips, I pulled my cock fully out of her before mercilessly ripping her plump mound apart, reaming her with all my strength as she grit her teeth and screamed in delight. Still propped up on my knees, I leaned forward once more and crashed my body on top of hers. Her breasts mashed between us, her legs folded back even more as I resumed humping my ass up and down, drilling my cock in and out of her sloppy snatch.

Her hands finding my chest, I placed my own on either side of her bucking frame as I continued to shamelessly and strenuously pump into her. Feeling her generous boobs roll underneath my weight, I savored the way they felt against my skin. Positioning my head so that my mouth was directly between them, I licked and nibbled on her smooth, tanned flesh as I gasped for air like a man possessed.

With Noori’s legs flailing in the air around me, I concentrated the incredible feeling of pounding my meat into her wide-open cunt that seemed just perfect to receive my forceful thrusts. Her breasts rocked back and forth each time I bottomed out on her, and her hands left my shoulders as they snaked their way to my ass. Pulling me into her for all she was worth, Noori’s breathing grew heavier as she gripped me tightly.

“Mm… you’re a fast learner,” she chuckled in between strained breaths.

Lifting my head up, I smiled at her, my own eyes glazed with lust. “You’re an awesome teacher!”

“Your big cock feels so good in me, Jawad,…” her voice moaned. “…Ah, yes, keep fucking me, just like that.” Her fleshy legs wrapped themselves tightly around my hips, urging me even deeper into her.

I rammed straight in to the hilt. She jerked her hips back, slamming them upward to meet my thrusts. Noori now started to make desperate effort to actively fuck me from underneath. Giving in to her wonderful struggle, I stopped my own movements and let her work her hips up and down, back and forth. Noori was fucking me incessantly from underneath and was moaning lustfully. After a few moments of her doing all the work, I resumed my position and continued to thrust my ass up and down, my balls slamming into her ass each time I landed.

I picked up speed and my shoving became more desperate. I rammed into her as if she were a tool to be used, and she responded enthusiastically, her hips rising to meet my own. She was pushing her hips against me whenever I drove into her. Her pussy seemed to have caught fire, and a generous amount of her love juice made our motions wonderfully slippery.

Placing my hands on both side of her body and propping myself up, I began breathing heavily as I looked to the ceiling. As I was rocking back and forth in time with the rhythmic slapping of skin on skin, Noori cupped her heavy breasts as I made eye contact with her.

“Jawad… play with my tits… I want you to touch them while you fuck me.” As I watched her breasts fly all around against her chest, she pinched her nipples, letting out a long moan before addressing me again. “Kiss them, suck them for me…”

Stopping my pumping for the moment, I focused on dropping my mouth onto her magnificent soft breast, taking her one nipple in my mouth and sucking it between my lips. Biting the nipple lightly, I tugged at it with my teeth before letting it go. Hearing an encouraging moan escape Noori’s lips, I did the same to her other nipple before releasing it from my grasp. Setting upright again, I sank my cock back into her pussy, placing my hands on her tits for support. Palming and groping her fleshy mounds firmly, I plowed back into her with all my might as she squeezed me tightly with her legs.

I was thrusting myself deeply into her, again and again. She was incredible-she knew the sexiest things to do. She was pushing her pussy with all her force as deep as possible around my cock, squeezing me like a vise.

“You’re like an animal, Jawad! I never knew you were this strong!” Noori moaned. “I haven’t been fucked like this in a loooong time… mm…”

Like a maniac I was fucking her hard using my cock as a piston to penetrate time and time again into Noori’s hot cunt. She threw her arms above her head and started screaming relentlessly. Her shrill voice filled the room entirely, and my groans, combined with the squeaking of my bed and the headboard banging against the wall, all served to create a chaotic symphony of sexual orchestra. This only encouraged me to fuck her harder, pushing her almost against the headboard of the bed, as I knew I was going to lose it soon.

Looking down at her strained features, I looked at her not as a maid but as the prettiest woman of the world—a woman whose steamy honey-pot I was having the pleasure of fucking.

She and I were moaning carnally now. Not caring as knowing that no one could hear us, we continued to fuck on vigorously towards each of our climaxes. Suddenly, her body jerked up and she wrapped her arms around me, bringing both our bodies together in an ecstatic last spasm.

Whispering hotly into my ear, she said to me, “Shoot me full of your hot cum, Jawad! I want you to cum in my pussy now!” She tightened the muscles of her cunt around me, squealing as her own orgasm rocked into her body.

“Fuck, yes! I’m cumming… uuuuugh….!!”

I thrust hard and buried myself inside of her core just as the first spurt came of semen came so forcefully through my shaft. I shrieked with pain and pleasure at the same time, and stars filled my eyes while my whole body tensed up.

“Oh, fuck I feel it. Yes, you’re cumming inside me!”

I kept fucking Noori and grunted with each successive explosion of semen. With all my physical strength, I drilled my full erection into Noori’s pussy and emptied out all I had into her. I felt incredible joy and relief as my balls emptied. My eruption shot a surprising amount of seed into her, and it took me a full minute to empty the last of my load inside of her. Her nails dug into my back as she came. Feeling Noori explode under me gave me an incredible extra kick and I felt like all the liquids in my body simply empty out into her.

When it finally seemed to have stopped and the last spasms had subsided, my whole body quivered and I collapsed onto Noori who seemed equally shattered with my empty cock still sticking inside her pussy. I threw my head on her chest and closed my eyes relishing the sweet release. We both were trying to catch our breath at this point.

We settled, our heartbeats slowed, our bodies slippery with sweat, and our breathing was still heavy.

A few minutes later, my limp member slipped out and I rolled off the woman that had just fucked me almost senseless. I looked between her thighs; our combined juices were flowing out of her pussy down to bed sheet through her ass crack. Exhausted, I fell back onto the bed.

“That was fucking incredible, Noori… I can’t believe we just did that,” I huffed, looking over at her.

“For your first time, that was very impressive, Jawad,” she said, smiling at me as she leaned over for a deep and passionate kiss. “It only gets better from here, too.”

“God I hope so. I love it more than anything in the world!” I replied, reliving what just happened.

She looked at me and said, “I better go clean up myself and I’ll be right back to clean you.” She went into the bathroom to wash up herself.

Noori came back after a minute small, soaked towel in her hand. She bent down and wiped my cock clean.

Transfixed, I looked her and asked, “Noori, do you think we can do this again sometime?”

She didn’t hesitate one bit. “Absolutely. If my young master wants it again and again,” she said, squeezing my softening cock, “I’ll never disappoint him… so long as he keeps this secret to himself.”

Hearing those words, my whole body beamed. This was the beginning of a very new and exciting part of my life. Placing my hand on hers, my cock shook with life as a smile formed on my face.

“Sounds good to me.”

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Banging young nurse

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Hi to all readers of Indian Sex Stories. I am Jairaj from Kerala, now working in Calcutta. I am 43 years old, but energetic, enthusiastic and very young at heart. As good luck had always smiled on me because of my charismatic nature, I had a stream of relationships with girls and ladies in my life which I would like to share with you.

Let me tell you my experience with a young South Indian nurse in a nursing home at Kolkata.

Once, a friend of mine had to be taken to a doctor, about 40 KM away in the outskirts of the city around 11.00 PM due to continuous vomiting and loose-motion due to food-poisoning. After examining him, the doctor, as usual and expected, advised him to be admitted to a nearby nursing home. It was a C-grade nursing home (but the best available in the locality). The nursing home was two-storied. The ground-floor provided accommodation for male and female patients in groups as in dormitories. The first floor had separate rooms with attached toilets on rental at higher rates. My friend was a miser and he wanted to be put up in a dormitory. But we insisted and put him in a separate room. Luckily he got the room at the end of the corridor getting fresh air and view outside through the window.

There were two types of nurses there. In the first type, you do not engage a nurse at all. But each nurse attends a group of patients, may be once in 2-3 hours mostly for changing saline bottles or for emergency calls. In the second type, you can engage a nurse exclusively for you chargeable per 8 hours basis. To reduce expenses, normally relatives engaged exclusive nurses for night hours only. My miser friend vehemently opposed to engage an exclusive nurse. I found a group of such nurses, some old and some young in the staff room.

In the next morning, when I visited my friend, I found a young nurse coming out of the room adjacent to that of my friend. She might be around 25, medium-complexioned and had a South-Indian look. But there was something peculiar about her body which arrested my attention. She was lean and thin but had very big boobs unmatched to her construction. I noticed it from her side profile. Suddenly, I got other ideas and I attempted to strike a friendly conversation telling her I too was a South Indian. Her name was Leena from Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. She joined about three years ago and stayed in a women’s hostel. She was in the exclusive category, on duty from 6 AM to 2 PM that day. But their duty time changed frequently – that is from morning, noon and night.

She too was happy to know I was a South Indian. I told her about my friend in the next room. Then I requested her if she cared to attend him in the night shift. She regretfully told that was not possible as her duty would be over at 2.00 PM that day. I spent more time there than the normal visiting hours and could succeed in meeting and talking with her thrice. She too showed interest in me. My friend was fine by the evening and he was discharged the next afternoon. But I was disappointed I could not find Leena till then.

I spent several following nights thinking about the nurse. Actually her boobs had done the magic on me. I knew too I can’t meet her in the hostel or in the nursing home as I did not know her changing duty hours.

Three weeks later my mind could come out with a nice idea. I telephoned the nursing home to talk to Leena and they told me she has night duty. I told them I was the brother of her friend and booked her to attend me to be admitted in their nursing home in the evening.

In the evening, I packed a few clothes and essentials and told my friends I was going to a neighbouring city to attend an interview and would be back the next day or day after. I went straight to a Heart Specialist in the area near the nursing home. I complained of a very small pain just below my heart in the afternoon. He took an ECG with his portable machine which showed everything was fine with me. But he did not want to leave a goose likely to lay golden eggs. As expected, he wanted some more tests to be done and referred me to the nursing home. At the nursing home, I referred to my earlier phone call and appointment. Around 8.30 PM I was admitted and was told Leena would attend me from 10.00 PM. As the room at the end of the corridor where my friend was put up earlier was vacant, on my request, they gave me the same room,

I needed to pass another one-and-half hour for Leena to turn up to take exclusive care of me by remaining inside the room. As I was perfectly healthy, I lay on bed reading a book.

At 10-10 in the night, there was a gentle knock on the door. I said “come in” and there came my Leena in her white uniform and scarf. She showed mixed feelings of surprise and anxiety recognizing me. She was anxious now because she had gone through my medical history sheet (cardiac problem) kept in the Staff Room before turning to attend the patient.

I told her to relax. First I made her to swear in the name of her God that she would not feel bad to whatever I was going to tell her. She agreed visibly surprised. Then I told her everything about my trick and ploy to get myself admitted to the nursing home just to see and be with her only. While she listened, she smiled in an admiring way. To reassure myself at the end, I said if she felt bad or offended with me, she had the option to leave me to take care of any other patient. She said she was very happy to be with a person (me) who took many pains to be with her. I smiled to notice she went to bolt the doors from inside. When she returned, I sat on the bed. She sat on the chair near me. On my request, she removed the white scarf so that I can see her full face. She was average beautiful only. She did not flinch when my eyes hovered on her big bosom.

During talk, she told everything about her. She belonged to a very poor family. Due to acute pecuniary problems, she could not go for higher studies, instead took training in nursing so that she could get a job soon. She was honest in revealing she had submitted her virginity to a doctor who gave her a job in his nursing home in the native place as well as to another wealthy patient. I won’t elaborate further as I too admitted I was not in love with her but had developed a fascination for her.

I went close to her and made her also stand up. I hugged her tightly and kissed hard on her lips. To reassure myself once again, I asked her if she minded, but she replied it was her pleasure too. Though her body was lean, yet her big boos hard pressed on my chest separated our bodies. I virtually licked her small face. She had thick lips. I asked her to wet her lips by her tongue with the saliva. Then I sucked both her lips separately. She extended her tongue and I sucked it too.

As I began to unbutton her shirt, I asked her if anyone was likely to bother us, but she said no. I was thrilled to see her boobs under the bras which I softly massaged over. I unhooked her bras. Wohhh…. as if two bulls released from their cages charge at a matador her big boobs jumped out menacingly. The boobs were round, may be 36C size, not proportionate to her body. They were really irresistible. All hell broke inside me and I virtually grabbed at them. I still can not remember what I did with those big boobs. Man! Was I kissing or licking or caressing or pressing or squeezing or sucking her boobs? Rather, I did mix up all. I knew it was not unusual for a man who had gone mad with excessive sexual urge to behave the way I did.

“Oh dear, I know my big boobs are making you mad. But you need not have to hurry. You have all time to enjoy till 6 tomorrow morning” she reminded me.

.It also suddenly occurred to me that even a hotel room would not be more safe than the nursing-home room. I removed her skirt and panty too. She was having her stockings only. I found her pussy small with a little growth of hairs. As I kept my hand on her pussy, she jerked a little. Perhaps she felt awkward to remain nude while I was dressed.

She wanted me to lay on my back on the bed. I obeyed. As if removing the clothes before dressing up a wound, she removed my dresses one by one. She eyed on my jumpy erect cock. I could not sustain any longer with her standing nude by my side. I grabbed at her, pulled her up and thrown on my body. She lay with her boobs pressed on my chest. I embraced her upper body tightly with my hands and at the same time held her lower body wrapped with my legs. She seemed to lay pasted on my body like a sticker except for her big boobs which separated us. I held her head with both of my hands and rammed her lips with kisses after kisses in a raining manner. I did that as if I won’t get another time, but true also.

Since she was shorter in height, I made her move higher. I made her upper body at an elevated angle with her elbows resting on my sides. Now her big boobs were hanging close to my face. This positioning made her pussy rub on my cock once or twice, but I left it alone. I caught of her hanging boobs with both of my hands and began to caress them in circular motions. Her nipples became firm, hard and erect. Yeah, she has big brown aureoles and nipples. I squeezed her breasts the way I never wanted to squeeze any other lady’s boobs before.

She asked smilingly “Did you like my boobs”? I said “Even a saint can’t say ‘No’.

“Then, open your mouth” she asked me.

As I did, she inserted and thrust her left boob into my mouth. I liked the way she did. I must say only a little portion of her boob went inside. But soon I began to suck it madly. I held her other boob and began to squeeze it. She enjoyed it by looking at my face the way a mother looks at the face of a baby sucking her milky boobs. I think I spent nearly 15 minutes sucking and squeezing her boobs.

Then she said reluctantly: “Dear, my boobs pain now. Can’t you do something to alleviate it by massaging them in some other way?”

When I said ‘sure’, she asked me to go ahead. I moved her body down to my crotch. I asked her to place her boobs on my hot, erect cock which she did smilingly. She knew what was to be done. Holding my cock, she rubbed and pressed my cock over her boobs. Then, keeping my cock in the cleavage she held her boobs tightly together keeping my cock tightly sandwiched between them. I began to thrust my cock as if fucking her boobs. As this went on for quite sometime, I felt darkness around my eyes out of the extreme pleasures I was getting.

I felt I was about to cum and I did not want to waste my ejaculation. So, I asked her to lay on my body immediately on opposite direction (like 69). She did so. I divided her legs and thighs wide apart exposing her little pussy which became wet now. I rammed my mouth hard onto her pussy, kissing and licking it madly. For the first time, she began to moan. She said she was getting tickling and titillations. This encouraged me further. I rubbed her pussy with my chin and cheeks. She enjoyed it very much. Then I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and found her hole. Though her whole vulva area was small, I found her hole a little bigger. I began my attempt to shoot my tongue into her tunnel. Though her pussy was wet, I could not make much progress. Then I inserted one finger, later followed by second to make room. Then I could succeed. Excepting for moaning and writhing, she did not move.

As soon as my tongue began to probe and twist inside her, she grabbed at my erect cock and thrust it inside her mouth. She began to suck it very hard. Now, it was my turn to moan. I became aware she gulped down my pre-cum while I swallowed her juices. Though I wanted to retain my erection for long for her continued sucking, I could not make it. Within 3-4 minutes, I exploded and filled her mouth with my fluid. She swallowed it all, yet continued with the sucking my slowly withdrawing cock. I concentrated on sucking her vagina. Though she was lean and thin, but she had high sustainability. It took nearly five minutes of my continued sucking for her to climax and cum straight into my mouth. I swallowed all her juices greedily.

Though she was unmarried, I think she was quite familiar with the sex pattern of males. For the first time I also knew she was more an expert than me She knew after first ejaculation, a male required some time to erect his cock again. After her coming from the toilet, I was a little anxious to see her dress up. Before I could say anything, she gestured me to keep cool and calm. She said she would go downstairs to join some other nurses to make sure everything was fine and would be back soon. I admired her presence of mind.

She was back within 20 minutes. She said most of the nurses were asleep after changing saline bottles of patients (which would run for a few hours now). After talking with her without any interest, two remaining elderly nurses wanted her to leave them alone for sleeping. So, she quickly came back to me with a little smile on her lips. She told there was nothing for us to worry about for at least 3-4 hours.

She bolted the doors and this time she removed her dress herself. I too removed mine. She came fast into my extended hands. I spread her on her back on the bed. She kept her legs separated and raised upward. I kept on looking at her inviting posture. I wondered if any man on earth could resist this temptation.

She looked at my face and the erecting cock simultaneously. Then I mounted on her. She guided my cock into her pussy. It easily slipped into her tunnel as it was already wet and juicy. Once it was fully inside her, she circled her legs and clasped my body tightly with her legs. I did not bother to think about any safe aspect about unwanted pregnancy as she was a trained nurse who knew it much better. Defeating my assumption, she first started making upward thrust with her pussy. I punched her tunnel hard with my cock in quick successive thrusts. She was an expert alright; she gave me extra pleasure by tightening the grip on my cock by contracting her vaginal muscles. I literally ploughed her pussy in extreme pleasures. Surprisingly I was moaning and she was not.

It occurred to me suddenly she was more receptive and eager to satisfy me than helping herself. I remembered it was only during my sucking her pussy she moaned. Yet, I enquired and she asked me to satisfy myself first. I knew there was no question of my helping her to attain orgasm first. I admired her in my mind and continued with the onslaught of my assault. I shook her entire body and the metallic cot violently with each of my forward thrusts. However, I wished if she was a little fleshy I could have enjoyed the lovemaking more. And within next four minutes or so, I climaxed pumping my entire fluid deep inside her. She allowed me to rest on her body keeping my cock buried inside her pussy.

Later, I took out my weak cock which almost slipped out from her juicy pussy with my cum. I deliberately licked and sucked her pussy for sometime. We rested lying side by side. It took another 25 minutes or so for me to get into mood. At this time she asked me if I minded to satisfy her the way she wanted. That really surprised me. I said that was my extreme pleasure and asked her which way she wanted it.

She did not utter a single word. She stood on floor and took me also off bed. Then she bent her upper body resting on bed, keeping her legs widely separated resting on floor. She asked me to penetrate her pussy from back and cup her boobs. And she requested me to fuck her with as much force as I could. I thought….oh…she fancied the doggy style. I took the position behind her and drove my cock deep into her. I slid my hands around her body and cupped her big boobs. Then I rammed and punched her vagina with heavy forward thrusts with my cock. I was really surprised when she asked me to thrust exactly the way a dog deep-fucked a bitch in a crouching manner. I looked no further and really accelerated. I wondered if my balls too would go inside her the way I thrust myself into her because the cot began to move inch by inch. I saw her face turned upward, eyes closed and mouth wide open. She moaned “Ah…aahh…aaahhh…aaaahhhh….” in extended tunes rhythmically to my successive thrusts with increased force. Suddenly I adopted my deep-breathing technique fearing I may climax before her. Luckily for me, within next two minutes, she attained orgasm limping to the bed with a discharge flowing out of her vagina. Within seconds I too reached climax.

As we lay side by side, I knew our conditions were pathetic. Both of us were fully exhausted. I felt my cock burn with pain out of the heavy thrusts made into her lean and thin body. She was licking my face in admiration. She admitted nobody had bothered to give preference for her satisfaction, rather were selfish to satisfy themselves. It was I who acceded to her request for the first time. After sometime, I found her dress up leaving her bras and panty behind. She left the room.

After checking her colleagues downstairs, she came back in no time and made herself nude again. Truly speaking, I was really tired and in no mood for lovemaking for some time. I wished she would not request for any more session soon, but of course she did. I casually asked her what she had in mind. I nearly collapsed knowing her wild imagination and fantasy, the strangest one I had ever heard of. She wanted me to fuck her in raping manner. As I stood puzzled as I would never rape a girl, she consoled me it was all a drama. Seeing my weak condition, she agreed to start it after half-an-hour or more.

I lay on my back with my eyes closed. I suddenly woke up sensing my cock being licked. It took sometime for me to realize where I was. My wrist watch showed I slept for nearly 40 minutes. I found her sitting by my legs and licking the entire length of my cock. Sensations from my cock sent impulses to my brain which made my cock erect again. She became happy and smiled at me. I remembered about her fantasy and asked her to be prepared for it. I grabbed at her body in a violent jerk and shoved her on to bed. Erasing her smile on her lips very quickly, she pretended to protest pushing me off from her. I mounted on her sitting near her thighs. I caught hold of her hands with mine and pinned them on bed in extended manner. For the first time, I realized having undermined a girl’s strength. With one quick shove she made me off balanced nearly tripping to the floor. She ran towards the door, as if to escape, but not opening the bolt. I rushed after her, grabbed her again. As she was not coming with me rather struggling, I lifted her while she hit my body with her hands and legs, of course painlessly (as if in a drama).

I made her lay on her back again and in one quick jump, I mounted on her. This time I pinned her down on the bed with more force. She struggled under me and my vice clutches. She quickly moved her face sideways preventing me to kiss her. Pressing with my own head making her head unable to move, I rammed kiss after kiss on her lips. As she tried to move her legs to kick at my body (of course, in the drama) I pinned her legs too pressing with me very hard.

Now the problem occurred. I was unable to drive my cock into her pussy while she moved her body and buttocks continuously. I tried several times still I could not succeed. Lastly she remained motionless till I penetrated fully. Later she began to move her body while I fucked her. Once my cock slipped out of her vagina and she had to remain motionless again to allow its insertion. Then I continued to fuck her violently. Though I was supposed to look tough, at times I smiled at myself considering what a paradox is it. Within next 3-4 minutes, I reached climax and she knew it as she felt her canal filled up with my fluid. She quit her acting soon and keeping my ejaculated cock inside her she began to give upward thrusts. Luckily again, she reached orgasm soon. Though she praised me highly, I too enjoyed some strange pleasures hitherto unknown to me derived out of lovemaking in a raping manner.

Well, I won’t extend this more. I ended up spending some money unnecessarily on check-ups the following morning after my doc’s visit. As he found everything was fine with me, he reluctantly agreed to discharge me in the evening. Even if he had not discharged me, I would have walked out of the nursing home clearing the bills because I had asked Leena to meet me in a restaurant in the town. Leaving the nursing home, I went straightaway to buy some gifts. After the dinner at the restaurant, I gave the packet to her as a presentation from me. She thankfully but reluctantly accepted it. I think I need not have to go further.

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Lust For Babysitter

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we are a happily married couple in new delhi. I am Amit Bhasin 27yrs fair tall 5’10 inch with an average built up doing business in delhi. I have a boy of 8 months. We came home early, that night. The party was not very exciting, so we made excuses and left before 10, even though we had told Anita, our babysitter, not to expect us until after midnight.
And obviously, she did not expect us–at least, not right then. Although we made a normal amount of noise driving up to the house and walking in, she didn’t hear us at all. In fact, neither of them did. Not she or her boyfriend, lying on the couch in a passionate embrace, seemed to notice as we entered the living room. We were both startled, and hesitated awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

Then you placed a finger on your lips, motioning me to be quiet; and we both relaxed, leaning quietly against the door frame, enjoying the unexpected entertainment. Both Anita and her companion (who was unknown to us) were fully clothed, but the young man was trying to correct the situation. He slipped his hand inside her blouse, which was already half unbuttoned; she moaned softly, but slowly, reluctantly, pulled his hand away. He slowly reached in again, undoing one more button; even more slowly, she removed his hand again. Like a stuck record, the identical motions were repeated over and over.
It was not difficult to understand the young man’s fascination with what was under Anita‘s blouse. When she had arrived, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra; her large, firm breasts stood out proudly from her magnificent 17-year-old body. I suppose I stared, but she didn’t seem to mind. As we walked out to the car, you laughingly told me that I could stop drooling. And now, as if in a projection of my fantasy, those luscious young tits were being stroked and fondled.
Suddenly, the boy seemed to tire of the game, and sat up on the couch in a huff, still looking away from us. Anita, suddenly concerned, pressed up against him, her breasts nearly overflowing her blouse, now almost fully open. At first, he would not be consoled; then he relented, and began to kiss her. How long would it be before he tried again, I wondered, but the youth had decided to try a different tactic; as he held her with one arm, he began to unsnap and unzip his jeans with his free hand. With remarkable dexterity, and without relinquishing the kiss, he opened his fly and pulled his jeans down just a little. Just a little–but enough. The sexual teasing that he had been subjected to had give him an enormous erection, which sprung free with such force and suddenness that we both had to stifle giggles. Still without breaking the kiss, he took Anita ‘s hand and wrapped it softly around his cock. After a few moments, she withdrew her hand; then, she slowly broke the kiss and gazed down, dreamlike, at his erection. Slowly, on her own, she reached for it, stroked it lovingly, caressed its length with hypnotic fascination.
Heather’s friend moaned softly; and slowly, gently, but inexorably, began to push her head toward his lap. We exchanged amused, excited glances; it was obvious what he wanted. We nearly gasped out loud as Anita began to lovingly kiss the side of kiss cock, as he moaned in sudden pleasure. She began to lick the length of his cock with long strokes, obviously aware of–and enjoying–the effect she was having on her partner. Her red tongue danced slowly up and down his swollen prick, teasing him, unleashing his passion. Suddenly, boldly, she encircled the head of his cock with her moist, full lips. The magnitude of the unexpected pleasure seemed to be too much for her friend to bear; holding her head down on him, he thrust wildly with his hips, driving his shaft deep into her mouth. Not surprisingly, she gagged. Unfortunately, we gasped. Out loud. And this time, they heard us.
Instantly, pandemonium reigned. Our living room, calm and sedate only an moment earlier, was transformed into a three-ring circus in the blink of an eye. The boy, a bright shade of crimson, was grabbing at his pants, trying to stuff his wilting hard-on back in, running for the door at the same time, stumbling and tripping as he run, cursing. Anita, shrieking, was covering her face with her hands; then, still screaming unintelligibly, she began to dash around the room aimlessly. I guess we didn’t know exactly how to react. On the one hand, we were trying to reassure them both, to tell them that everything was OK. But we were both trying with only moderate success to stifle our laughter, not wanting them to feel any more humiliated than they obviously were. But we were too surprised to take any control of the situation; and, an instant later, the boy had stumbled out the door, and Anita was on her knees in front of me, actually sobbing and begging. “PLEASE don’t tell my mother,” she said frantically. “Oh God, and don’t tell my father he’d KILL me I won’t do it again I didn’t mean it please, PLEASE don’t tell anybody, I’ll do ANYTHING, just don’t tell them. I’ll do ANYTHING!”
With obvious effort, she stopped sobbing, and began to regain a glimmer of her composure. Hesitantly, she raised her face and looked up at me. I was standing there with my mouth open, caught in mid-thought. I was trying to say, don’t be ridiculous, of COURSE we’re not going to tell anybody, now calm down, and for God’s sake get up off the floor, you have nothing to apologize for…but that’s when I realized that she had said “I’ll do ANYTHING!”
“Anything?” I thought. Hmmm. As if she was reading my mind, she repeated, more softly. “Please, don’t tell. They’ll KILL me. Please. I’ll do ANYTHING. Please.” Her eyes glistened with drying tears as she looked up at me pleadingly. Getting no reaction from me, she turned her head to look at you; but your eyes were locked with mine, as we both weighed the exciting possibilities.
As she gazed hopefully at you, she must have been surprised to hear the sound of my zipper being quickly lowered. As if in disbelief, she turned her head slowly back towards me; then gasped when she saw my cock hanging just inches from her face. “Well,” I said, “for a start, you could suck me off.” Her eyes, wide in astonishment, never left my semi-erect and rapidly-growing prick. “It looked to me like you were beginning to enjoy yourself with your friend, and I’d be happy to continue your lessons!”
For a long moment, I couldn’t tell what she was going to do; then, as if in a dream, she leaned forward and circled the head of my cock with her luscious young lips. From behind her, I was dimly aware that you gasped as my prick slid into her mouth. She began to suck on my shaft, gingerly, tentatively. You kneeled down behind her, hands around her waist, and put your face next to hers. “He likes for you to lick it, not just to suck it,” you informed her; to demonstrate, you gently licked the point where her lips clasped my cock. I could hear, or maybe feel, Anita as she moaned softly.
“Now,” you said, like a patient instructor, “lick the underside of his cock. Right down the ridge. All the way to his balls.” An apt pupil, Anita followed your instructions with increasing eagerness. As she reached my balls, you gently lifted them, caressing them in your hand. “Now lick under his balls, and between his balls and his legs. See how far you can get your tongue back towards his asshole.” From my viewpoint, as I watched Anita lick and suck me, I could see most of her tits, barely covered by her mostly-opened blouse. I saw you grin as you followed my gaze; obligingly, you reached over and completed the uncovering. Released from their bondage, Anita ‘s tits were large and ripe, thrusting up, nipples hard with excitement, bouncing and swaying erotically as she moved. You cupped one breast in each hand, kneading her firm flesh, teasing her enlarged nipples. Then, suddenly, you slid down, clamped your mouth over one exquisite nipple, and began to suck. Anita stopped her oral exploration of my genitals and gasped in astonishment, mouth wide open. Of course, I was unable to resist such an obvious invitation, and reinserted my cock into her waiting mouth. After barely a moment’s hesitation, she began to suck my cock, moving her head back and forth in a quickening pace. In seconds, I knew was about to explode.
“That’s so beautiful,” you said. “God I love to watch you fuck her mouth. You’re about to cum, aren’t you,” you added knowingly. “Now listen, Anita,” you implored, “try to swallow all of his cum. See if you can suck him dry. Drive him crazy.” She was, of course, already driving me crazy. I grabbed her head and added my urgency to her rhythm, sticking my cock deep into her mouth, fucking her mouth as if it were a warm, wet pussy. And then I exploded, streaming what felt like gallons of hot cum into her mouth. Despite your admonitions, Anita couldn’t handle it all. She tried–I saw her gulp down at least one mouthful–but she was too inexperienced to keep up with my insistent spurts. Finally she backed up and released my throbbing cock; the last few spurts of my cum shot onto her upturned face. I could see that she still had a mouthful of cum, and you were quick to notice it too. “I’ve gotta have some of that,” you said eagerly, and licked the traces of cum from her face. Still Anita ‘s mouth remained full; cum continued to slowly ooze out of the corners of her mouth. Finally, you put your mouth on hers; and, with your tongue, forced her lips apart to share my cum with her. I could see both of you swallow the remains of my cum; and long after it was all gone, your tongues still explored each other.
The sight of you two beautiful women–one fully developed and experienced, one young and naive–kissing each other passionately was incredibly exciting to me. Even though I had just barely finished cumming, I could feel my cock slowly begin to harden in response to the visual feast. “Jesus, I’m unbelievably wet,” you announced; and, to demonstrate, you stood up and removed your salwar and panties. “Look,” you said, spreading your pussy lips wide, and inserting one finger deep inside. Anita, dazed, obediently watched. “Now, it’s my turn. Eat me,” you demanded of her. “Lick my pussy. I want to feel your warm tongue deep inside my cunt. Suck my clit. I want you to make me cum too.” Transfixed, Anita leaned towards you, her head between your legs. I could see her tongue darting between your fingers as you held your pussy open for her and showed her where to lick and suck.

“Lie down on your back,” you ordered breathlessly, and just about flung Anita around before she had time to respond. Straddling her face, you lowered you pussy to her mouth, grinding into her with increasing speed and urgency. “Oh God,” you kept saying, “that’s wonderful. Eat my fucking cunt. My God, I’m going to cum!” And with a short scream, you did. The incredible turn-on of watching two women making it right before my eyes– possibly the most arousing sight in the world–had caused my prick to become almost entirely stiff once again. After just a few seconds, you seemed to have recovered some of your composure, and were eager to continue. You scooted back a foot or so, leaving Anita ‘s upturned face staring up dreamily, your pussy juices smeared on her face. “Take off her salwar,” you suggested; and, as Anita wiggled her ass helpfully, I complied. I pressed my hand to the center of her panties; as I felt the wetness, Anita moaned softly. Quickly, I completed undressing her, and spread her legs with her knees bent. The thin line of her young pussy gleamed with moisture; I ran my finger over it lightly, as Anita tensed and moaned. I lowered my head, and began to lick near the tops of her legs. “Oh my God,” Anita said softly, “sahib that feels so fucking good!” I paused, momentarily surprised to hear her speak. “Don’t stop,” she begged eagerly. “PLEASE don’t stop!” Before I could oblige, you offered Anita some timely advice. “Be more specific,” you suggested. “Tell him EXACTLY what you want him to do.”

Catching on quickly, Anita didn’t seem to need much urging. “Eat me,” she nearly shouted. “Make me cum. Please–I want to cum SO BAD! Eat my pussy. Lick my cunt–all over. Suck my fucking cunt. Make me CUM!” With ever-increasing excitement, I eagerly obliged. I slipped my hands under her butt, squeezing her ass tightly, and began to explore her wet pussy with my tongue. I licked and sucked all over her cunt, and teased her clit as she moaned and writhed. In a surprisingly short time, she shrieked and shuddered in a violent climax. Noticing my now fully-erect cock, you had a recommendation. “Fuck her,” you suggested. “I’ll bet that young, tight cunt will drive you crazy.”
“Oh yes,” Anita added, semi-deliriously. “Please fuck me! I want to feel you inside me saab. I want to feel your cock deep inside my cunt. Please! Fuck my pussy. I’m so wet. I’m so READY!” As if to demonstrate, she reached down to her sopping-wet pussy, and easily inserted two fingers as far as they would go. I spread myself over her, filling my mouth with an ample breast, teasing her cunt lips with the head of my cock. “Stick it IN, stick it IN,” she urged. Slowly, I slid my cock into her pussy. It was one of the most incredible feelings that I’ve ever had–her cunt was so fresh and tight that it felt like a velvet glove, caressing me, squeezing me, lustfully pulling me ever deeper. Again I knew that I was going to cum quickly; and, sure enough, after a few minutes of ecstasy I unloaded into her snatch. Spent, I rolled off her.
“What kind of gentleman are you, anyway,” you demanded mischievously. “You left the poor girl unfulfilled! Well,” you added, “I’d be less than the perfect hostess if I didn’t make amends!” You repositioned yourself over her face, and this time she eagerly grabbed you and started licking and sucking your pussy. With a moan, you stretched out over her and began to reciprocate. I swung around for a closer look at one of my favorite activities, and watched as your tongue and lips explored Anita ‘s cunt. Just as earlier it had her mouth, my cum overflowed her pussy; you eagerly lapped it up, and rubbed your face in the mixture of her juices and my cum. Incredibly, the magnificent sight of two beautiful women eating each other’s pussies began to make my cock hard yet once more; and by the time you both came, I was stiff as a board. I jumped you as you rolled off Anita, inserting the length of my cock quickly into your tender pussy. Both semi-exhausted, we began to fuck slowly, savoring every stroke with intense pleasure. Soon, I began to feel Anita ‘s mouth between my legs, licking and sucking my balls, trying to lick my cock as it plunged in and out of your cunt. Just as I could feel that we were both about to cum together, I felt Anita ‘s tongue circling the rim of my asshole. And just as she spread my ass and squirmed her tongue deep into my asshole, we both came.

For next three months our this relation continued then one day we came to know that Anita is pregnant, so we arranged to send her to her parents in Punjab getting her aborted and in this time we tought her all about sex. Ok. Friends let us know how did you like our experience with our babysitter. my E-Mail is plz send us ur comments & response….any body intested to be….doing with me….only, can write to me…ladies are welcomed.

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My Wife And The Maids Husband

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Simran hesitated just for an instant before pulling her panty down and stepping out of it fully nude. She was still in her dressing room. She had read about the benefits of massage in a number of newspapers and journals but could perhaps never muster the courage to go to a parlour. All sorts of doubts would appear to cloud her mind. How could she strip fully before complete strangers! And if the masseuse turned out to be a man! God! She would certainly die due to sheer embarrassment. And if she insisted on having a lady to do the job, perhaps the parlour owners would smirk at her prudishness.

However when her maid servant Lakshmi had once mentioned that she too had lived in Kerala and had picked up that art, Simran decided that the time had come to indulge in what she had been wanting to do for so long. For the lady to be seen nude by a maid servant was, well, natural. The only thing was the initial hesitation because till now Simran had only been topless in front of Lakshmi and that too only once. The admiration that was reflected in Lakshmi’s eyes at that time was not lost on Simran. So when she broached the topic of getting herself massaged by Lakshmi, her response was more than enthusiastic.

Lakshmi and her husband Bhavdeep had been with them for almost one year. While Bhavdeep worked as a driver, Lakshmi looked after the kitchen and whatever sundry work was assigned to her. Lakshmi was dark and in her early thirties whereas Bhavdeep, though of a similar age was fairer and looked slightly younger. In fact so fair was his complexion that an ignorant visitor could have been excused for assuming that he was a member of the family.

At 26, Simran had a body that would give many established models a run for their money. Generous and firm 34 B size breasts complimented her 5 feet 7 inches body that was tall by Indian standards. Before stepping out from the dressing room she permitted herself some vanity and admired her nude self. The slender neck, the flawless satin skin, the shapely breasts capped by chocolatish brown nipples with small aerola, the sparse hair in the shaped pussy which did not do much to hide the lips of the labia, the long and lovely legs and the nail polished bare feet. There was a long and black beauty spot not unlike the shape of a heart, that was situated at the top of her right thigh. It had been a matter of some consolation to Simran that the mark was situated so high that it would be visible only if she went nude and the chances of that were remote. Her nude body was a sight that could have stopped anyone in his tracks. A light golden chain in the neck, appropriately designed bangles on her wrists and a cute pair of anklets only served to accentuate her well toned body.

A suitable mat had been spread on the floor. Lakshmi had locked the door and was waiting for Simran with a bottle of oil in her hand. This bottle had been purchased by Simran herself with the fond hope that someday she would be making use of it. That day had finally arrived.

She finally took a deep breath and stepped out of the dressing room. She was feeling very self conscious but had braced herself by telling her own self that if she wanted a massage she had to strip, so it was best to act confident. As Lakshmi saw her Mem Sahib nude for the first time, she just stood mesmerised. If she had found Simran to be beautiful from above the waist, she was absolutely gorgeous from below the waist. Lakshmi also noted that Simran had recently got her belly button pierced and a dainty golden ring there, despite its small size was arousing tremendous passion in whosoever beheld that sight. Lakshmi was fully aware of the employer/employee relations between herself and Simran but she couldn’t help thinking that if the sight of Simran’s nude body could have such a powerful impact on her, what impact would it have on a male?

Simran acted nonchalant as if this was not at all a big deal for her. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and lay there ready for Lakshmi to start. The first touch made her jump but she soon relaxed as Lakshmi poured warm oil over her back. The smoothing of the oil on her body was delicious, the firm yet soft hands soothing her, first her shoulders, arms then lower back and when her buttocks trembled slightly under Lakshmi’s touch she felt a sense of letting go… almost a submission to her maid.

`Mem Sahib. may I say something?’ Lakshmi asked.

`Yes.’ Simran answered.

`You are very beautiful.’ Lakshmi said in a husky tone. After all, it was not everyday that one got to work with a beautiful lady and it was even rarer to see her nude.

`Hmm.’she mumbled not knowing how exactly to respond to a compliment being paid by a maid.

`Mem Sahib. You are so hairless here. Just this little line of vertical hair looks very pretty.’ Lakshmi carried on pointing to Simran’s shaped pussy with her eyebrows. `Sahib must be very happy to see you that you put in so much effort to give it such a proper shape.’

Simran felt that the most appropriate response would be to keep quiet. She felt that Lakshmi was overstepping her limits but the compliments were such that she was actually enjoying listening to them. Her legs and feet were coated with the oil and Simran’s body felt so relaxed….so out of her control… that when Lakshmi parted her legs to coat her inner thighs, she moaned softly and felt a familiar wetness beginning to form in her most sensitive spot between her thighs.

`Mem Sahib. This dark spot that you have right here is very beautiful’ Lakshmi said running her slick fingers over the smooth skin on the inner thigh. Simran knew that in the state of nudity,the spot would be so visible that it would definitely be noticed. `Even Bhavdeep has a similar spot.’ Lakshmi continued.

`Where?’ Simran asked sleepily and regretted it almost immediately. The massage had had a twin impact on her: she had started feeling drowsy and aroused at the same time.

`Very close to where you have it. It is long and carries on upto where his… starts.’ Lakshmi said blushing furiously.

Even Simran was blushing. It felt odd to be discussing birthmarks of the maid’s husband situated in private parts. Despite that she felt a tingling in the lips of her pussy and immediately dismissed all erotic thoughts. How could she feel aroused thinking about a maid’s husband?

For a moment the feeling of embarrassment persisted and then faded away. So she relaxed, not bothering to close her legs when Lakshmi had coated them and, with the oil on her body, she couldn’t tell what was oil and what was her body’s reaction to the hands that stroked her. However, she dreamily thought that it was good that Lakshmi is so adept at her job and it was such a pleasure to be treated like a queen. Lakshmi smiled down at Simran’s naked body lying on the table before her and admired the gleaming skin. It had shades of a beautiful golden brown all over except for the pink undersides of her feet.

Everything appeared to be going dreamily when Simran heard loud noises outside. What on earth could have been going on, she wondered. The voices were that of her husband and he appeared to be very angry.

`Lakhmi, I must go and see. Amit appears to be very upset.’ Simran said.

`Okay, Mem Sahib. As you say.’ Lakshmi said winding up the massage by rubbing the remaining oil in Simran’s body by gently pulling her buttock cheeks apart and rubbing her oily fingers in the crack. For a fraction of a second they lingered on teasingly at the entry of her ass and then it was over.

Simran hurriedly put on the gown that she had discarded over her body and emerged from the room. She was quite perturbed and it did not bother her that her ample cleavage could be seen. With Lakshmi close on her heels she proceeded towards the place from where the voice was emanating and were just in time to hear the sound of a resounding slap. Both Simran and Lakshmi were aghast to see that the recipient of the slap was none other than Lakshmi’s husband Bhavdeep.

`What is going on here?’ Simran asked no one in particular.

`Ask this man. He is so thankless. We have employed both of them. Not only is he not sincere he answers back.’ Amit bellowed.

Bhavdeep stood transfixed to the ground and did not utter a single word.

`Whatever the case may be you should learn to keep your temper under control.’ Simran spoke to her husband. She somehow felt bad at this crass display of crude power by her husband and that too in front of Lakshmi. What would a wife feel when she saw her husband being slapped!

`I am fed up. You also lecture me.’ Amit spoke in an exasperated tone and marched out of the room.

Simran felt like consoling Bhavdeep and just as she approached him, she became conscious that her robe had just been tied with a cord and that under the robe she was completely nude. Her bare legs could be seen through the slit in the gown just as her cleavage. As she was becoming conscious of her state and was contemplating withdrawing, her eyes met that of Bhavdeep. She expected to find a feeling of hurt; instead she found a lusty feeling, a desire that was at the same time scary and endearing. By way of reflex action, Simran looked down at her feet and turning around swiftly walked to the privacy of her room. Somehow she felt a trifle disturbed. What disturbed her even more was that she did not feel contempt for the husband of her maid. This is preposterous, she told herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her skin was glowing from the massage and it was hardly Bhavdeep’s fault that he had forgotten all about the insults heaped on him by her husband. Simran shuddered, and peeled off the gown over her slender shoulders. For a while she looked at her bare self in the mirror. As she saw her own birthmark hidden so tastefully by nature, she recalled what Lakshmi had told her about a similar mark’s existence on Bhavdeep’s cock. Even within the solitary confines of her room, Simran blushed and went to the bathroom for a shower.

That night Amit returned very late and was too tired and drunk to do anything. Simran wanted to speak to him but found that there was no point in trying. She expected Lakshmi to be sulking the next day but was pleasantly surprised to find that she was present in the house, in time. Simran was wearing the same gown that she had worn the previous evening. It was a gown that she was very fond of and although her mother-in-law had once or twice made disparaging comments about the fact that it revealed more than it hid, it was still a favourite of Simran.

`I am sorry about yesterday.’she said in a small voice.

`Why, Mem Sahib?’ Lakshmi appeared to be quite normal.

`I mean Amit did not really behave the way he should have.’ Simran elaborated.

`Oh, that. It is okay Mem Sahib. Bhavdeep is a very nice person. He likes Sahib a lot.’ Lakshmi said. `And you too.’ She added.

`What?’ Simran was surprised.

`Nothing, Mem Sahib. And you won’t believe what happened. At night, I told him that you are really beautiful and that you too have a birth mark like he does. He asked me how did I know and I told him that I had massaged you, that was how.’ Lakshmi said excitedly.

`You told him that you had seen me nude?’ Simran was aghast.

`Yes, Mem Sahib. What is wrong? I am a woman and I thought that it was perfectly okay to tell him that I had seen you nude. Did I do something wrong?’ Lakshmi asked innocently.

Simran did not know as to how to explain things to Lakshmi. First she goes and tells her husband that she has seen Mem Sahib nude, then she also tells him that he and Mem Sahib have a similar birthmark and that too in their private parts.

`Nothing wrong. But what is the need to say such things?’ Simran said absent mindedly.

The day passed uneventfully. Amit was grumpy all throughout. He hardly had anything for breakfast and was busy throughout the day. He had taken another driver and Bhavdeep was left behind. Lakshmi too therefore went early but returned after two hours saying that since Bhavdeep had gone away because of some important work, she did not know what to do.

That night Simran wanted to please Amit, so she put on her sexiest nightie. It was a peach coloured one brought by Amit from one of his sojourns abroad. She applied erotic perfume on her pussy and underarms and on the back of her knees before wearing a diaphanous bra and G string panty which left little for the viewer’s imagination. She put on a dainty pair of silver anklets which were just right for a nice round of lovemaking, subtle enough to highlight Simran’s feminity. Tastefully applied nailpolish on her toes and hands made her look absolutely ravishing.

Amit did arrive at around 11 at night. He had to attend a party with some colleagues and did not appear to be in the best mood. However seeing his wife in such a lovely attire did lift his spirits a little. He went to the bathroom for a shower and by the time he returned, Simran had slid between the cold and crisp white sheets in anticipation of what should have followed.

Just as Amit was easing himself into the bed there was a sound from the drawing room. This appeared to be strange. The servants lived in the outhouse and there was no reason for anybody’s presence in the house. It could perhaps have been a cat or a mouse. This suspense lasted for barely a minute when Simran was appalled to see a well built man in a mask intruding into the bedroom. Simran was almost nude but thankfully in the bed. The mask was black in colour and hid the entire face except for the eyes and the lips. He was armed with a revolver.

`Come to the drawing room. Both of you.’ He said, his voice a menacing whisper.

`I, well….’ Simran stammered.

`Out of the bed. Now.’ he said, his voice absolutely cold. Simran looked at Amit but he offered no advice. Not because he didn’t want to but he did not appear to be in a position to do so. Seeing that there was absolutely no alternative, Simran got out of the bed and saw the pupils of the intruder’s eyes widen as they drank in the sight of her body through the transparent nightie. Somehow they did not seem to be unfamiliar. Neither Amit nor Simran had any choice; so they meekly followed him, both of them too scared to do anything but obey. The fear in the living room was thick and palpable as Amit was made to sit meekly on a straight chair. Amit tried to assert himself but after a hectic day and the liberal pegs of whiskey he was in no position to take on the intruder. He was tied down firmly with a plastic rope brought by the intruder who also slammed down a handkerchief suffused with something on Amit’s mouth which made him even more drowsy within no time. The intruder had obviously done his homework. What exactly he had in mind was beyond Simran. She was however feeling very awkward at being so scantily clad in front of the man.

`Now take this nightie off nice and slow. Please’ The man’s voice was a whisper. Simran bit her lip as she looked over at her husband and knew she had very little choice in the matter so she hesitantly took off her necklace Amit given her as a birthday present and dropped it on the floor.

`I’ll do whatever you say if you let us go and promise not to hurt me or my husband,’ Simran said, tears falling down her cheeks.

`Come on, please be quick. We assure you that if you behave you won’t be hurt.!’ The man commanded, his eyes blazing with lust. Simran felt her face flush self-conciously as she tentatively, almost seductively, took her beautiful nightie off. The hungry look in his eyes made her try to cover her glorious bra-covered C-sized breasts, but thought better of it and pulled them away and unhooked her bra, dropping it to the floor. Her breasts felt nice and free in the open air and her brownish nipples were hard, like bullets from the fear and cold. One thing many guys found attractive about her was the fact her breasts stuck out and didn’t bounce as much as most women’s did. The only problem was most people that had seen her breasts (which wasn’t very many, only other girls), thought that this meant that she undergone some expensive surgery, which wasn’t true. As Simran stepped out of the nightie leaving it crumpled on the floor, she felt an odd sensation enter her body. She couldn’t describe it beyond knowing that this man, besides her husband, was perhaps the only one who was seeing her virtually nude.

`I did what you said. Please take what you want and let us be.’ Simran said, afraid that he would force her to take her panties off as well.

`Not quite yet,’ The man said as he came up to her with a wide cruel smirk. He took the initiative in pulling her lace panties down right to her bare feet exposing her beautifully shaped pussy. It was his casual demeanour that Simran found chilling.

`Look, this is nothing personal, but it is a fantasy of all rich persons to see their wives have pleasure. All sorts of pleasure.’

`W..what does that mean?’ Simran asked suddenly terrified.

`Don’t be afraid.’ He said almost patronizingly. `I am sure you know how pretty you are. Surely this beauty needs to be shared with persons who are not as fortunate as he is.’ He said pointing towards Amit.

`Please, please…’ Simran burst into tears.

`You somehow think that I want to hurt you. Not if you cooperate. You,’ he said addressing Amit. `Tell her to co-operate and enjoy; if you do not want to get seriously hurt.’

He was so much in command of the situation that he kept the revolver on one side and stepped out of his trouser. He wore no underwear and out sprang an uncircumcised cock that was surprisingly fair and well built. Simran had always imagined that the burglars were always the dark skinned ones but this was to her, even in that state of terror, a surprise. The head looked like a helmet, oozing white stuff that she knew had to be precum. It was the raw power behind it that truly frightened her.

`Please don’t do this to us. If it is money that you are after, we are prepared to let you have whatever you want.’Simran said. Simran’s please seemed to have no effect on him, rather it seemed that he was getting a kick out of her discomfiture. Looking over at her husband, still in bondage, Simran was horrified to notice he was now recovering from the effects of the tranquillizer that he had smelt.

`Please don’t force me to be rough with you. Surely you realize that I can get what I want by being nasty. If that is what you want, so be it. Should I start by breaking his teeth?’ he said in a matter of fact manner while proceeding to switch off the light. `It won’t do for others to wonder as to why the light in the room is on at this time of the night but the light that is coming in from your bedroom should keep us going nicely. Now, you well, what does a girl do when she sees a cock? Obviously sucks it. So do it. But wait, I think I need to do you a favour.’

The man knelt between her legs rubbing his own cock which had assumed a full throbbing erection by then. `That’s nice, God I wish I had a camera at a time like this.’ He laughed quietly at the possible humiliation she would feel. Then he leaned in on her and with one hand squeezed her breasts. He took the other hand to his mouth and put one finger inside it. Once it was properly wet and dripping from his saliva he began sliding it in and out of Simran’s pussy. Just up to the knuckle to get her wet, but she was already wet and he worked in the whole finger and started fucking her with it the other hand teasing her nipples. She closed her eyes and rolled her head back trying to ignore what he was doing to her, but Amit could see Simran bite her lip and start to hump back. He worked in a second finger and got a bit more energetic and she turned her head left and the right taking deep breaths. When he started thumbing her clit at the same time she lost it. No longer could she control what her body was going through. Her chest heaved and both her husband and the intruder saw the ripples run down her abdomen with each contraction. Her thigh twitched and her whole body shook with the power of her orgasm. Before she could think, the man was leaning down on top of her. She could feel his hard-on against her belly and knew it would be inside soon. He worked it against her skin to get used to her body and began searching for her wet pussy. This was not the way she wanted this to happen. She had to stall him somehow.

`Wait please, don’t … don’t.’ was all she could come up with.

`Do you mean you don’t want me to fuck you? You must want to suck my cock first, right?’ He sat up and straddling her waist, leaned in and brought his cock up between Simran’s mauled tits. He cupped a tit in each hand and very slowly ran his tongue over her nipples. Although she tried her best to prevent it but the nipples stood perfectly erect as they did when tremendously aroused. Seeing the response of the nipples, he laughed a slow laugh before taking them in between his teeth and biting them almost lovingly.

Seeing that this was again taking Simran to the heights of pleasure and ecstasy, he discontinued that and squeezed both the breasts together to wrap his cock and then started fucking the lovely groove thus formed. Simran didn’t know what was going on but thought she should try to bring him off quickly and began rocking to his rhythm. He liked the way she was moving with him now and picked up speed. After a few minutes he opened her mouth with his two fingers and searched out her tongue. Her eyes were closed and when he shifted forward she did not see it until his cock was in her mouth. He held the same pace as with her tits and began fucking her face. Simran could not turn away, he held her in place and drove forward until his cock pushed into her throat. By way of reflex action, Simran opened her mouth in such a way that her teeth would not hurt the intruding cock; the lips were so positioned that they held the foreskin back while allowing the entry of the cock in the mouth. The realization dawned on her that he was using her pretty face as his little fuck toy. It was at that very moment that she opened her eyes and something struck her as very strange. The shaft that was going in and out of her mouth had a black mark at the root. This was what Lakshmi had told her about her husband.

Oh my God! The realization suddenly dawned on her and this was Lakshmi’s husband who was doing this to her. Lakshmi had always said that he was a nice man. Why, then?Oh, he was avenging the humiliation that Amit periodically heaped upon him! As the cock rammed into her mouth, she recalled the scene when she wanted to console him after Amit had hit Bhavdeep. She opened her eyes wider and peered into the eyes of the man. Even in the darkness she recognized those eyes. Struggling to breathe as he picked up his pace, Simran was shocked as his seed shot down her throat the sheer force of discharge rendering her incapable of doing anything else. She choked and tried to turn away but only after a substantial amount of cum had found its way down her throat. Surprisingly the taste was quite similar to the cum of her husband and not unpleasant. In a second he was back between her ripe tits and fucking them harder than before. Each thrust now ended with his sperm shot into her face. She kept her eyes closed and waited it out as Bhavdeep finished his needs.

`Are you happy now? Can you get off me?’ Simran was glad it was over and she wanted to get out of there. Yes, what Bhavdeep had said was perhaps right. A man may want to imagine his wife having sex elsewhere but being violated in front of his own eyes while he sat there, tied and helpless! The only silver lining was that he had not hurt either Amit or her which he could very well have done had he wanted to.Bhavdeep had other ideas, however.

`Thank you. That was very nice of you’ He slid back down but still held her pinned to the ground. As he massaged his cum into her breasts he kicked her legs open again and positioned himself between her knees.

`I feel I owe you one,’ and he dove down into her pussy and immediately found her clit with his tongue. Simran tried to push him away but found her legs squeezing his head in place. One of his hands mauled her tits some more while the other began finger her cunt. She could not resist and her body’s desperate instincts took over. She pulled him in with her thighs and her hands now, not wanting any of this to stop and when the wave swept over her for the second time there was no resistance. Her hips humped his face like he had fucked hers. She couldn’t tell if she was breathing until she heard her own screams of orgasm. Finally, as it passed, she let him up for air. What Bhavdeep saw as he rose took his breath away and brought his cock back rock hard.

Simran’s young well-toned and shaped body, still writhing in ecstasy was laid out spread-eagle before him. Her skin was on fire, blushed red and quivering. Her mouth, still showing his come on her lips was wide open, catching her breath. Her tits rose and fell with each inhale, her nipples still standing erect. Everywhere her skin glistened with the mixed sweat and sperm. As he moved his cock up to her pussy she offered no resistance. Simran lifted her knees and opened herself as much as possible to him. Neither much noticed as the head of his cock touched the moist lips of her pussy. They willingly gave way and the pussy walls eagerly wrapped themselves around the shaft of the cock as the foreskin rolled back with each shove. Bhavdeep would withdraw fully and again thrust his cock back into her so that a steady fucking rhythm was formed. Her body was so aroused and her pussy soaking wet that she took him in all the way, easily. Reaching back he hooked both knees with his elbows and folded her in half. She felt him drive deeper than before and she grabbed onto her own knees tight against her tits now and let him take her. With each thrust she felt her his pubic bone grind against hers She could also hear the clapping sound his testicles were making as they clapped against her perinium. Simran accepted this fuck with another man with quiet resilience. It surprised her that she had given in so easily, but she realized to her surprise and shame that it turned her on incredibly to be forced.

She came twice more beneath the body of Bhavdeep and then he rolled her onto her knees. On all fours he took her from behind, pulling her head back by her long hair and riding her like the animal in heat that she was. With his last desperate strokes he deposited his second load of cum into the sweet pussy of the lovely Mem Sahib, the first having been deposited in her mouth. What made it even harder was how her pussy was starting to adjust to this man’s girth and she found her body was betraying her. As his hot rod banged continuously against her cervix, Simran began to feel her fear start to literally melt a way and a new feeling began to enthrall her. A loud moan of pleasure issued forth from deep within her throat and almost against her will, she began to thrust back as a flush began to creep up her fair cheeks. What was she doing? Here she was, raped and deflowered by a man who wasn’t only foul but the husband of an employee, and she was starting to enjoy it! The man did not stay long to enjoy the drowsiness that takes hold of a man after good sex. As Simran lay he kissed/licked her concentrating on her full lips, the nipples, the inner thighs and finally the wet and oozing-with-cum pussy. He then proceeded to blindfold her also but in such a way that it would require just a minute or two for her to open it. By the time she did it, the intruder was gone.

`I… I am sorry, Amit.’ She said to Amit the next morning. In a way she was thankful that Amit had returned home drunk. Not only that the tranquilizer that had been given to him had made him drowsy and he had not seen his wife’s hips humping back thrust to thrust.

`That is okay. What could you have done? Telling the police will serve no purpose whatsoever. My honour will be at stake. If only there was some way in which that man could be identified. Some way.’ Amit said speaking through clenched teeth.The servants of the household knew of the incident of last night and all of them were standing outside the house. There were gossips galore. Nobody knew exactly what had happened.

As Amit stormed out of the room, Lakshmi entered.`Mem Sahib. Whatever has happened has happened. We are not interested in finding out what happened. But we are very happy that both of you have not been hurt. Sahib is so upset. Even Bhavdeep is angry. Mem Sahib, Sahib is right. If you can identify him, we can take care of him. Is that not so, Bhavdeep?’Simran lifted her head and saw Bhavdeep standing in the doorway. She was looking at him when he too lifted his head and their eyes met.

`Mem Sahib, can you identify him. Anything about him that you may be remembering?’Lakshmi was carrying on.Still looking into Bhavdeep’s eyes, Simran shook her head. Simran was not sure but she thought she saw a playful smile on Bhavdeep’s lips just for a fraction of a second.

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The Maids Hot Husband

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“Anita” , “What is it?”. “Where have you kept my tie. I just can’t find it anywhere”. “It’s inside the wardrobe. ”
Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, serving breakfast… it went on and on until Amit left for his office and she took the kids to the bus stand to catch the school bus.

Anita either slept nude or in a panty and that is why she made it a point to get up before the children. She had been asleep when the doorbell rang. She asked Amit to open the door but he was too sleepy. She tiptoed on her bare feet and peeped through the key hole. It was the maid Lakshmi. Anita opened to door. Lakshmi had had seen her nude off and on and so there was no problem in letting her see the breasts once again. Once in a while they had also discussed the lovemaking aspects of weddings. Lakshmi went to the kitchen and Anita saw that one of her anklets was missing. That is what happened when Amit made violent love. Before going to the kitchen she pulled on a knee length nightie and went to the kitchen.

Mornings were even tougher when the maid didn’t turn up. Lakshmi was a nice person and always went out of her way to help Anita. She never refused to do anything, quite unlike most of the maids employed by her friends and neighbours. When they had moved into this beautiful bungalow in Pratap Ganj, in the eastern suburbs of the city, she had felt elated. The apartment blocks would no longer stifle her. No doubt to it, she hated living in apartments.

But then Lakshmi had her own share of problems – her drunkard and abusive husband. He would return home late most of the days just managing to keep himself steady and would beat her up for flimsy reasons. Whenever the thrashing got too hard she had to stay away from work for a day or two. Anita pitied Lakshmi. Why did she stay with him? At times she tried to imagine an abusive Amit. If anything like that ever happened she would, surely, walk out. It was not a question of how much it hurt physically; it would be an intolerable insult on self-esteem. Then she would laugh at her idea of an abusive Amit…after all they had been college sweethearts and knew each other so well.

Whenever Anita expressed her opinion to Lakshmi, she laughed patiently.

“You don’t understand everything. ” Lakshmi would say, leaving Anita wondering.

But, Lakshmi had agreed that next time he repeated it she would bring him over for Anita to try to talk him out of this beastly habit. Yesterday when Anita learnt from another maid that Lakshmi wont turn up for work for a day or two she had expected them. They hadn’t turned up till now.

“Vipin and Varsha, I want you to finish your breakfast within five minutes. ” She warned. The kids were in their usual habit of messing up with the breakfast. Vipin with eight summers behind him was capable of taking care of himself but his six year old sister was still the baby of the family.

She looked up at the wall clock. It was eight-thirty.

“Honey, I’m off. Might be late in the evening. Amit stood beside her in the kitchen just long enough to plant a kiss on her cheek and if the situation permitted he would just slide the nighty aside and give a peck on her nipples. It’s one of those gestures that have stayed with them for the last twelve years. She followed him out of the kitchen, yanked the kids out of the table and sent them off to the bedroom to get dressed for school. They managed to do that on their own.

As she started to get dressed standing in front of the wardrobe mirror she mused that there was at least one bright side to her tough schedule. It definitely helped her to stay in shape. She was slim, tall – almost five feet seven and medium complexioned. She knew that even at thirty-two she was attractive.

“You are still a head turner, honey. ” Amit was always saying that. It was a harmless leg pulling on his part but going by the way people stared at her she knew he wasn’t wrong. Having put on her pale blue saree she turned, her side facing the mirror and arranged her shoulder length hair. That’s perfect, she decided. No unwanted prominence.

“Mama, we are ready. ” Their shout brought her back to her senses. It was time she took them to the bus stop for their school bus but luckily they went with Mrs. Pareek.

She flopped down on the bed. She felt too tired even to change her clothes. The blast of cool air from the ceiling fan helped her relax. It went just like that on day’s Lakshmi didn’t turn up. Later, she would get up, change and have her breakfast. A brief flip through the newspaper before she returned to the kitchen to get on with her daily chores. Now the only thing she could think of was to relax under the fan. Everything else could wait. She closed her eyes just to enjoy that stupor of sleep come over her.

The ringing doorbell brought her back to her senses. She looked at her watch. It was almost ten o’clock.

“Who can it be?” She murmured rising from the comfort of the bed. Peeping into the door-eye she could see Lakshmi standing outside. She opened the door to let her in. It was then that she noticed the man standing a couple of yards behind her, right on the driveway. She wondered whether she should let him in. She was wearing only a sleeveless nightie with no bra and a thong pantie which Amit liked. But since Lakshmi was there Anita decided to let them in.

“Do I need to tell you what happened day before yesterday?” Lakshmi said.

No, she nodded. “I have brought him with me. See whether you can talk him out of this beastly habit. I have my doubts. ”

Anita made way for Lakshmi to get into the house. As Lakshmi went past her she looked at the man standing there.

“Come in and close the door behind you. ”

She walked into the drawing room and sat down on the sofa. She was in a fix, should she invite them to sit on another sofa or on the floor. Before she could decide, Lakshmi made herself comfortable on the floor. Her husband followed suit.

“What’s your name?”


It was for the first time Anita had a close look at him. Unshaved, it looked he was having a hangover. That’s nothing surprising considering his habits. Otherwise, his hair was neatly combed and the shirt he was wearing was one of those she had given to Lakshmi. He looked fine in it. He must be around forty or so, she decided. He was couple of inches taller than she. Lakshmi had told her that he was a mason. Anita saw that his eyes were locked on her breasts. She wondered whether he could see her nipples through the thin material.

The next quarter of an hour she talked to them, at length, about the virtues of being a teetotaler. He seemed to understand everything, agreeing with her that he should get rid of this habit. While talking to them she bent down to pick a ball that the children had left on the floor. At that time the nightie also fell and she was sure that Bhasu saw her breasts.

“Nobody had explained to me the problems of being a drunkard the way you have done. ” He went on. “You are definitely younger to me in age but you are more matured. I guess, that’s what education does to you. Don’t worry, from this moment onwards I’ll concentrate on earning a decent living rather than wasting our earnings on drinks. ”

As they left, she could make out the gratitude on Lakshmi’s face.

More than an hour had passed by. She was still leafing through the newspaper…not feeling like starting the chores in the kitchen. But first, she had to change. She got up and started towards the bedroom. Just then the doorbell rang.

Must be the postman delivering the registered mail, she thought.

She opened the door to find Bhasu with a cloth bag.

“What is it?” She felt irritated, but controlled herself.

“I have put all the bottles that I had back home in this bag. As a tribute to the way you helped me I request you to throw these away yourself. ”

She agreed reluctantly, taking the bag from his out-stretched hand.

“Can I have a glass of water?”

“Sure. ” She replied putting down the bag on the floor.

When she returned with a glass of water, she found him standing inside. He gulped the water down and returned the glass to her. She took the glass but before she could move it away he caught hold of her hand pulling her to him. It was unexpected and fast…she just couldn’t react. All that she managed to do was to turn around so that he was behind her. At that moment panic struck her and the glass slipped out, shattering itself into pieces as it struck the floor. His hands were on her breasts gripping them so hard that it hurt. She bent forward to free herself form his amorous bear hug.

That didn’t help. To keep her balance she had to shove her behind at him. He responded immediately, his loins ramming against her behind. He was squeezing her breasts rather painfully.

“Stop or I’ll shout. ” She found her voice at last.

“I know you won’t do that. All that you need is a good fuck. ” He was panting. Recovering from her panic she fought back, her hands catching hold of his hair forcing him forward and her bare feet kicking at his shin.


He deserved it. Desperately, she clung to his hair. Unexpectedly, his right hand relinquished its hold on her. But it was only a brief respite. She felt his hands on her nightie, trying to pull it off. To her horror he succeeded, throwing it away from her reach. It lay in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Suddenly he released her.

She staggered, trying desperately to maintain her balance.

He slapped her hard, the sting ringing in her ears. Tears swelled in her eyes. Then came the second one, sending her reeling onto the floor. She was pinned down to the floor as the blows rained on her. She tried to resist, but most of them got through her defenses. Before long her strength began to wane away and the slaps coming in quick succession became unbearable.

“Please! I beg you…” She wailed.

Instantly it stopped. She started crying, drops of blood trickling down her nose.

“It’s nothing. Will be okay in a minute. ” He sneered as she felt his hands on her panties, tearing them off.

She couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

“Oh God! Let this be just a nightmare. ”

He couldn’t shift his eyes from what he had unveiled…long legs, firm thighs and neatly trimmed

pubic hair just covering her mons.

‘That is a nice pussy. If you are so fond of Lakshmi why did you not ask her to trim her pussy as


It was overwhelming. She was just what he had fantasized sitting on the floor in front of her,

listening to her crap on drinking.

He buried his head between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively, he started licking her.

Oh God!” She shuddered clutching his head with her hands and trying to move him away. Amit never did that to her. As his tongue became more insistent increasing it’s rhythm and pressure she began to lose control. With a startle she realised that the body was capable of accepting what the mind rejected.

“Aah!” She moaned and moved her hands, putting an end to her feeble attempts to move him away.

Soon her moans became louder as she shuddered under his maneuvers. She was beyond all caring now…her background, education, husband, children…nothing mattered. There is no way out. She will have sex with this man…her maidservant’s habitually drunkard husband.

Abruptly, he got to his feet and started undressing. In his hurry he tore of his shirt and trouser. Lying on the floor, she had a fleeting glance of his manhood as he joined her. He is huge…certainly bigger than Amit, she thought. He raised her legs, arranged them on his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock at the entry of her pussy with just the head buried slightly in the folds of her pussy.

‘You want this inside? Do you get fucked daily?’

‘No, please don’t do it.’

“Hmm. so you don’t get fucked daily. Too bad. Perhaps he fucks Lakshmi.”She found the thought revolting. How could Bhasu think such a thing?

Slowly and steadily he started pushing. Anita was already wet and as her pussy held Bhasu’s foreskin back, his cock slid in smoothly.

‘I am so sorry but you did not resist enough and see it is already inside. It is nice, tight and warm. Obviously you don’t get fucked regularly. That is why you need me.’ And he increased the rhythm by fully withdrawing and then thrusting wildly. All the while he kept sucking her nipples and playing with the breasts.

‘Lakshmi had told me that you have nice breasts but these are just too good. Lucky man, your husband.’

“Oh God!” She sighed as her vagina stretched to accommodate him. She put her hands to her mouth stifling her moans as the tip of his penis drove all the way to her cervix again and again.

Bhasu seemed to carry on and on. Involuntarily she had locked her ankles around his back. An explosion that left them panting for breath. He discharged entirely inside her.

She looked at him.

“I told you that’s what you needed. You scare me the way you moaned. ” He was smiling. Embarrassed, she looked away.

When she tried to get up he pulled her back to him.

“Where are you going, my dear? We are not through as yet. Wouldn’t you like to fuck again?”

“I need to go to the bathroom. ” She tried to sound detached.

“But you can’t go like this. ”

He stood up and helped her to her feet. He had already stripped her naked. He turned her around.

“You can go now. ” He said patting her naked behind.

When she came back into the living room he was sitting in front of the television watching Sun TV.

“Come, sit over here. ” He was indicating his lap. She hesitated for a moment, acutely conscious of her nudity but then relented. He placed his cock at her pussy and wanted her to sit on it but the cock was limp after the discharge and did not go in.

Nevertheless as soon as she was on his lap his hands started caressing her again.

Half an hour later the smoldering fires began to burn again. But this time he wanted it differently…to come in her mouth. She had never performed fellatio, not even with Amit. It was perverse… something that you can read only in those English paperbacks. Certainly, she can’t do it.

“I won’t do that. ” She stood her ground.

Moments of his ecstasy he will not be able to hold onto her. Wanting to get over the whole thing she started to suck him vigorously.

The pressure of his hand on her head increased…she could feel his approaching orgasm. He was hard and huge inside her mouth. She started choking and gasped for air but there was no respite. She knew it was time to pull away…this would be the last time she would suck him in. He moved swiftly catching her unaware. His hands moved to the back of her head and powerfully pulled her to his groin. It was as if he knew from the very beginning what she had in mind. Tightly pressed against his groin, she was suffocating. She struggled to free herself, but he was too strong for her. Then suddenly he relaxed, allowing her to create just enough space to breathe. It was only a brief respite. The next instant she was again forced against his groin. As his penis hit the back of her throat he exploded. She had no other way but to gulp down his secretions to prevent herself from choking. When he released her she fell back, heaving a sigh of relief. Her cheeks and chin were covered with his semen that had escaped her mouth. Almost immediately she started retching and rushed to the bathroom, somehow managing to reach the wash basin, before throwing up. That gave her immediate relief from the nausea. When she looked up she found Bhasu standing beside her. She offered no resistance as he took her in his arms and gently ran his fingers through her hair to comfort her.

“Are you comfortable now?” He whispered. She nodded yes.

Bhasu helped her to clean up before leading her back to the living room. He helped her onto one of the sofas and then sat opposite her.

“Take it easy. ” Soon they were engrossed in the television.

“Okay its time. ” His words startled her bringing her attention back from the television.

“For what?”

“Come here on your knees. ” He ordered, opening his legs.

“Bhasu! Please don’t force me to do that again. I have never done that before. ”

“Okay, Okay. ” He seemed to understand and walked over to her.

She didn’t even get the time to flinch as he slapped her hard. Tears and stars sprang to her eyes.

He went back to the sofa.

“How many times do I have to tell you that your preferences don’t count. You don’t know your preferences, anyway. Just follow my orders and soon you will start enjoying it. Now crawl over here and you better keep it down this time. ” He threatened…

This time there was no nausea. When it was over she sat down on the floor, her head on his thigh – only inches away from his now satiated manhood. She felt too embarrassed to even look up at him. He knew how to have his way with a woman, there can be no doubt about it.

Anita looked at her watch and jumped. It was time for Varsha and Vipin to return home. Hurriedly she extricated herself from his embrace and got to her feet.

“Bhasu you have to go now. It’s time my son and daughter returned from school. ”

“Let me kiss you there one more time. ” He was looking straight at her naked crotch. “You look very nice when you are naked. Do you trim the hair there yourself or does your husband do it?”Anita remained quiet.

“Okay go there, stretch your arms overhead. Let me examine you. No hair under the arms, nice, very nice. A Mangalsutra in your neck. Good earrings. A diamong nose pin. A golden girdle around your waist, very expensive, no!But nice. Turn around. Oh nothing in your asshole. All it needs is a tight slap. Turn around again. Glass bangles on one wrist and gold one in the other along with a watch. And a combination of silver anklets and chain along with small toe rings. Nice red nail polish on your hands and toes. This is the way I want to see you when I come to … you tomorrow. You want to get… badly?Remember nothing else or else?” He said sneeringly

“You are nice to look at and nice to fuck. But we have missed out on one important thing.”said Bhasu “God!” Thought Anita. “Now what is it?”She was exasperated.. “Come closer, very close.” Anita complied. Bhasu too stripped quickly. “Now stand on your toes, cup your breasts and keep your nipples on mine.” Anita hesitated. “No! Why all this. You have had sex with me. Now why all this?”

“Shut up. Do it and you won’t get hurt. Or else you will get hurt and then do it. And don’t say that I had sex with you. Say that I fucked you” She stood on tip toe and placed her large pink nipples on Bhasu’s brown. He cupped both her buttocks and pulled her closer to him. However because of the difference in height his cock could not enter Anita’s pussy. It just kept pushing on the mound of her sparse pubic hair. “Now kiss me as you kiss your husband. Suck my tongue. Take your hands behind my head.” Anita wondered whether he would ever go. Since she wanted him to go early she was complying with his instructions willingly. She darted her tongue inside his mouth, found his tongue and sucked at it wildly. This again set her body on fire and gave Bhasu an erection again. “Good. One last thing. Get your cordless phone. Quick.” Anita picked it from the nearby cabinet. “Lie down. Open your legs”He then placed his cock at the tip of her ass-hole, and kept her ankle on his shoulder. With the wild kisses given by Anita his cock was rock hard again. “No, not in there.”Anita pleaded. Bhasu’s cock was slippery and placed just at the tip of her ass-hole. He kept his hands near Anita’s belly button and pulled her but the hole was too tight. ‘Please don’t put it there. It will be painful.’ Anita was almost begging him. “Well, okay your choice bring your hand and keep it wherever you want it.” Cursing Bhasu under her breath she held his cock and kept it at the opening of her pussy. “Now dial your husband.”

“Why?”Anita pleaded. “If you want to fuck me, do so. Why bring my husband into it?”

“Do as I say. Why do I have to repeat myself once you know that you have to do it. If you delay your children will come and they will not be too happy to see you like this.” Anita dialed Amit. As soon as she said hello Bhasu thrust his cock in. “Hi, love. How are you” Amit said. “Fine!” Anita replied. As the conversation proceeded Bhasu kept thrusting his cock in very slowly till it was fully embedded in Anita’s pussy. His strokes were also discreet. All the while he kept pulling her nipples and also nibbling at them. He withdrew only after the conversation ended, wiped the cum over her breasts and proceeded to get dressed. “Remember. Tomorrow. Now the pussy kiss.”

She came over and opened her thighs, allowing him to kiss her sex. He opened the lips of her pussy and darted his tongue inside. “The good part is that your pussy lips are visible even without opening them and Lakshmi has such a bush of hair there. You have seen her bush there?”

Anita shook her head.

“But she has seen you naked. Okay I understand. She comes to your house and in the house you can be naked. Since you don’t come to our house how can you see her naked?’

What had actually happened was that after making love she had fallen into deep slumber. Amit got up before her. He had put the latch from outside so as not to disturb her. Just as Amit was taking the children to school Lakshmi arrived. Amit completely forgot that Anita was sleeping naked. When he returned he took off his shoes as per his habit and entered. He saw that Anita was still asleep. Her left leg was straight. The right sole was on the left knee. One arm over the head and the other by the side. In this pose even the pubic hair trimmed as they were could not provide much protection. The lips of her pussy were slightly open and the breasts were rising and falling rhythmically. Lakshmi was sweeping the floor and was completely normal. She did not appear to be even slightly surprised that Mem Sahib was naked. Later when Amit told this to Anita she was not embarrassed by the fact that Lakshmi had seen her pussy as well but was surprised that she slept so soundly. He started getting dressed. She found it surprising that she no longer felt embarrassed to stand before him stark naked.

“I will be back tomorrow, same time. You will open the door wearing nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing except of course, all your rings, necklace, bangles etc. ”

She nodded trying to get him out of the house as soon as possible.

She bumped into him as he suddenly stopped in front of the door. Turning around he cupped her breasts and sucked one nipple after another.

“Tomorrow you will receive a good thrashing first and the you will offer me your last virginity. ”

Was she a willing victim? It was then that Lakshmi’s words had struck her… “You don’t understand everything. ” Now she understood what lay behind the physical abuses that Lakshmi silently suffered.

“The way he dealt with me was no different. ” Anita thought. And like Lakshmi she had endured his physical abuse to satisfy her hideous animal passion.

The stillness of the night was unbearable. She got out of bed and tiptoed to the terrace. The cool southern breeze brought comfort.

How could she betray Amit with a moments passion, she wondered. They loved each other dearly, didn’t they? And is this what he expects in return? His beloved wife fucking and illiterate drunkard. What a shock it will be for him if he ever came to know of it. Didn’t her culture, education and children mean anything to her? She fought to control her tears. There’s no way she would allow Bhasu to have his way with her again.

“I am sorry Amit. I beg you to forgive me. I promise never to do that again. ” She murmured to herself. She resolved to straighten things out with Bhasu tomorrow. She will shut the door on his face…to let him know that whatever they did today meant nothing to her. She felt the burden lift from her heart.

“I love you Amit. ” She cried out into the stillness of the night.

She had asked him.

“What will happen if Lakshmi comes to know of this?” She looked at him expecting some sort of assurance.

He broke into laughter. “If you want you can go ahead and tell her. In fact, I was planning to have both of you together in bed someday soon. ”

“What do you mean? Are you crazy?” Startled, she sat up.

“I can assure you that nobody other than the three of us will ever come to know of this. You want me to carry on fucking you this way or do you want this to stop?'”

‘I want this is to stop.’ ‘Good. So I will fuck you no more. However tomorrow when I come you should be nude in the house, just as you were today. The only change is that when Lakshmi comes you will remain nude. Not only that after a while when I come still you will not run here and there like a fool hiding your breasts but remain casual. Okay? By the way what does your name mean?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Well, so before I go won’t you give a nice long suck to this cock affectionately. Your husband’s would be slightly different, so enjoy this.’

“Why are you so late?” Lakshmi asked. “Why? What happened?”

“I have to go to Anita Mem Sahib’s place. As it is I am late. There is so much work.”


“Tomorrow Mem Sahib’s younger sister Sunita Mem Sahib is coming for two weeks.” Hearing this Bhasu started salivating again and imagining what Sunita would be like. With and without clothes.

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Fucking Of Babysitter

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I am Ketan 30 from surat in India.At the time when this happened I was divorcee and single parent. One of my friend’s sister was taking care of my son when I was at job. It was lucky Jigna was failed in her 2nd year at the college. She had turned 19 and had nothing to do at that times so she agreed to babysitting my son. I was 27 at that time.

It was late when I opened the door to my home. I phoned Jigna to tell her I would be late. She had been great, said she’d stay the night if I needed as she also stays in next building in our society.

I heard the TV in the bed room, pulled my shirt off and made my way towards the sound.

Jigna lay on the couch, asleep, her body splayed, her skirt pushed up, exposing her young thighs.

She was such a lovely girl, smooth white skin, Dark brown hair, small firm breasts. She wore a top and skirt, I moved closer, seeing her little Cream panties peeking out. God, I need her, fuck I was going to have her one way or another. My cock was rock hard, I stoked it though my jeans as I looked down at her sex filled body.

I went over to her, sat on the edge of the couch and slid my hand down over her body, over her breasts, palming them, feeling the nipples harden, her body stirring as I moved over her bare mid-drift.

Jigna’s eyes opened, she looked up at me, “hey, what are you doing Ketan” she tried to get up, to push herself up and I held her there, holding her down, my hand over moving quickly over her mouth.

I’m a big guy, 6 feet, 70 kgs, strong, I held her little body easily. She struggled but I held her, “You little cocks teasers, I’m going to give you what you deserve.”

I could see the fear in her eyes, she struggles, trying to bring her hands up to push me off, but I just grabbed her wrists. I took my hand away from her mouth, she screamed out, and I rolled her over. Holding her head down into the couch, “Shut up bitch (bhosdiki), or I’m going to really hurt you,”

“No please no, don’t, please stop I am like your younger sister,” she was pleading, my hands pulling her wrists together I pulled my belt from around my waist and quickly wrapped it around her wrists, pulling it tight and securing it.

She was tied, her body completely at my disposal, I was so hard, I wanted to just slam my cock into her right there. Use her hard, make her feel my big cock splitting her open but I held back.

Her skirt had ridden up and I slowly moved my hand over her little ass, massaging it through her little cotton panties. My hand moved down, between her legs, and she tried to close them. I pulled her panties down and hit her, slapping her ass hard. First one cheek then the other I continued to spank her, hitting her till the cheeks seemed to be on fire, burning red. She sobbed, begged me to stop, squirmed and moved trying to avoid the assault but I didn’t care. Finally I stopped, “Are you ready to do as I say Jigna”

She just sobbed and I hit her lightly again and only then did I hear her say yes through the sobbing.

“Open your legs” I demanded. She slid her legs open and my fingers had complete access to her young sweet pussy. She was so wet, my fingers slipped into her little slit, sliding along her wetness, against her clit, and I heard her moan. Opening her legs further, pushing her hips up, she was enjoying this, I looked at her face. She was going to be a good bitch in bed.

I finger fucked Jigna, getting her even wetter, Jigna was pushing her hips back onto my hand, wanting more. I was going to have some fun with her. I rolled her over, pushing her top up, playing with her little breasts, god, her nipples were so hard. Her eyes closed, she lay there enjoying my toying with her. I twisted her nipple hard, I knew it would hurt, Jigna twisted, her eyes opening. “Look at me you Jigna, look at your fucker”

The sound of my voice scared her, I could see it, see the concern in her face. I liked it, like to scare her.

Lifting her, carrying Jigna to my room, were I could have some more fun with Jigna. My cock was so hard, I wanted her, needed to fuck that sweet tender young body, needed to use her.

“What are you doing, what will you do with me, don’t hurt me, please try to understand I am virgin Ketan, ill do what you want just don’t hurt me”

Now Jigna really was afraid, I threw her down on the bed, “Lay on your back, stretch out. I went to the drawer, pulled out some scarves. Quickly I tied her down to the bed, her legs and arms outstretched, “lift your ass” and as she did I shoved a couple of pillows under her ass.

Her pussy up in the air, spread wide for me, still wearing her skirt, shoved up, her little pussy hole open, her cunt dripping. I pulled my cock outs, stood next to her, moving my hand up and down as she stared at it. “Do you want it Jigna, do you want to feel my cock inside you”

She still had tears in her eyes, she nodded, admitting to me as well as herself she was mine, she wanted my cock.”

I knelt on her, holding my cock, sliding it along her tight little pussy lips, so wet, so swollen. I drove into her, filling her, breaking her hymen, splitting her little pussy open. She screamed, I loved it, she was going to be fucked so hard. I love to hear her scream, every thrust, harder, deeper, splitting her open, I found a rhythm and pumped her little body. I think she came, she tensed, screamed out, panting and shaking and I just kept fucking her.

Harder and faster I worked her, my cock so close now, I wanted to cum wanted to fill her little pussy.

When I exploded I rammed deep inside her, holding it there, feeling my cock pump my cum into her. It felt so good, so tight, her little body was such a sweet treat for me.

She cried like a hell when I untied her she stood up collected her clothes and went to bathroom and after bath she left my home. I was not afraid about what if she tells someone as I know she was not going to tell anyone but I was worried she will not come to babysit my son.

To cut long story short, she showed up next morning at my home at my office time and told me to comeback early in the evening as she wanted to talk something important with me. In the evening Jigna asked me do I love her or it was just a lust. I told her of-course “I love you Jigna”. she told me she also love’s me and we are now Married since last 3 years and with one daughter from her.

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sexy with my maid shobha

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stay at rajasthan, which is distant suburb of the city and I am 26 years of age
working for a financial firm in the city. We never had a problem getting maid
servants for household work since there were many of them in this place. So much so,
that there was competition and quite a few of the women were left without work.

Two years ago when I moved in, I spread the word that a servant was required at my
house, I got many ladies who were interested in coming and working. I was clear on
one thing, that this female had to be working for me only. When I made this clear
there were 3 servants left amongst the crowd that had applied, two of them were
around 60. I chose one of them who looked sly enough and made the terms and
conditions clear. I told her that she would have to be residing in the house and
would have to take care of the house and its duties.

Initially, there was reluctance but later on she agreed when I offered a decent sum
of money. Sheetal was short, dark brown in color, but had long hair upto the waist
and decent sized boobs. She had pouted lips and was not married and aged around 24
years at that time. She was staying with her uncle’s family and her aunt treated
her very badly, which resulted in her accepting this position.

She looked very hot and I decided if I had to seduce her I had to do it on a
weekend. I noticed that Sheetal had a habit of having a late evening bath in
addition to a morning bath. One Saturday, I went to her room and waited till she
finished her bath. She came out with a towel wrapped around her and feigned surprise
upon seeing me. I caught hold of her and stripped the towel of her body.

Her body was beautiful and looked like it had been chiseled by a sculptor. It was
hard to believe that she was a maid servant. I told her so and I could see a smile
on her face. I kissed her deeply and she responded. I knew then that she was equally
hungry for sex. I started putting my fingers inside her vagina. It was extremely
hairy and very tight. I had thought that a female like her would have fucked many
times. But my fingers indicated a hymen inside that was untouched. I removed the
clips from her hair and let her hair fall down. I cupped her left breast and
squeezed them. I could see that she was ripe, fertile and eager to be fucked. I
could see her face tense as I moved the head of my erect tip on her cunt.

Then I started licking her down there and she came with a rush, spilling some of her
liquids on my face. I stretched her legs; she then wrapped her legs around me and
with her legs she started applying pressure on my rear to enter her. I thrust myself
inside her and I could hear her moan and then shout as her hymen broke. Her blood
came out in a rush and I withdrew out of her vagina with blood on my dick.

We both went and washed ourselves and then continued the act. I went inside Sheetal
in slow strokes and then fast ones. Fluids were oozing continuously out of
Sheetal’s cunt. Finally, I came inside her. I knew there was a danger of her
getting pregnant, but the thought did not cross my mind at that moment.

We had a shower and then slept the night together totally naked. I could smell her
hair as I slept. In the morning, I fucked her again doggy style, her boobs were
dangling when I caught her by her waist and went inside and out of her vagina. I
finally collapsed on top of her. Sheetal embraced me very tightly and kissed me. I
told Sheetal that she could stay with me as long as she wanted as my very own
personal sex servant.

After that day Sheetal became a lot like my wife. She took care of the house,
cleaned my stuff, utensils, clothes and even slept with me. Only thing she was
better than a wife, since she never argued and was always willing to have sex
whenever she wanted, and wit hout condoms. When her uncle and aunt tried to get her
married off, she would not get any proposals since she was staying alone with a man.

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Surrogate Wife

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I am a businessman running my own factory. Last year I married Anita who is a computer engineer and after two months of our marriage Anita got a good job in a multinational American company. Since both of us were employed we had to engage a male servant and two female servants for cooking and other household work. All the three servants were aged between twenty-two and twenty-five years of age. The male servant was named Raju and lived with his parents at a distance of about four furlongs from my house and was required to come at 8.30 a.m. and to leave our house at 8.30 p.m. after the dinner was over.

The older maidservant was Preeti and she also lived with her parents near about a furlong from our house and the younger maidservant called Roopa lived in a kothari in our house near our bedroom, as she had no one to live with. Unfortunately my wife Anita had to go to the United States for training for six months which was extendable by a further period of six months.

After my wife left I used to feel quite lonely. In the day most the time was spent in the factory and the office and with my friends whom I used to invite for drinks and sometimes dinner but the real loneliness was felt by me in the night. Sometimes I could not sleep at all and used to rise very early against my routine when Anita was here. Then we used to leave our bed not before seven o’clock in the morning. One day when I had retired to bed for sleeping I saw Roopa standing. I asked her what is the matter for her coming at this hour. She said mujhe lagta hai ki aap ko bina bibiji ke neend nahin aati hai ( I feel that you are not able to sleep without my mistress). I said tumhen theek hi lagta hai magar koi chaaraa bhi to nahin hai (you are right but there is no way out). On this she said agar aap kahein to jabtak bibiji nahin aajaatin main aap ke saath let kar aap ka akelapan door karne ki koshish karun (if you say I may lie with you till the mistress returns and try to remove your loneliness). I said agar tum mere saath so-ogi to log kya kaheinge(if you will sleep with me then what will people say). To this Roopa said kisi ko kaise pataa chalega ki main aap ke saath so rahee hoon. Jabtak koi aayegaa main uth jaaoongee aur bistar par aap akele rahenge( how will anybody come to know that I am sleeping with you . By the time any one comes I will get up and you will be alone in the bed). I said main sonch kar kal bataaungaa( I will think over the matter and tell you tomorrow). Next day when after taking my dinner and when Raju and Preeti had left and I had closed all the doors I retired to my bed for sleeping I found that Roopa had again come and asked me aap ne kyaa sonchaa (what have you decided). I said that tum mere saath let kar so sakti ho magar 6 baje tak uth jana aur tum yeh baat kisi ko bhi nahin bataaogi (you can sleep with me but you should get up at 6 a.m. but you should not tell it to any body). I said tum mere saath so-ogi aur mujhe chodne ki ichchha huee tab kyaa hogaa. Kyaa tum mujh se chudvaalogee?( if you sleep with me and I am aroused then will you let me fuck you?) Roopa said aap ki agar mujhe chodne ki ichchhaa ho to aap mujhe chod leejiyegaa. Aap jo bhi bibiji ke saath karte hon voh aap mere saath keejiye. Aap mujhe apni biwi hi samajhiye jabtak bibiji nahin aajaatin ( if you desire to fuck me you may fuck me. You may do whatever you do with your wife. You may think that I am your wife till your wife returns). I then asked Roopa kya tum jaanti ho ki main Anita ke saath kyaa kyaa karta hun?(Do you know what I do with Anita?). Roopa said aap wahi karte honge jo sab aadmi apni biwiyon ke saath karte hain. Aap unka chumma lete honge, unki choonchi dabaate aur chooste honge, unki bur chaat-te honge unki choot chodte honge aur shayad unki gaand bhi maarte honge. ( you must be doing what every man does with his wife. You may be kissing her, you may be squeezing and sucking her tits, you may be licking and fucking her cunt and probably fucking her ass) I asked Roopa yeh sab tumhen kaise maaloom huaa(where have you learnt all this). Roopa said meri saheli Shanti ki abhi haal hi mein shaadi huee hai who mujhe bataati hai ki kal uske pati ne uske saath kya kiyaa ( my friend Shanti was married recently and she used to narrate what her husband did with her the previous day.). I asked Roopa kya shanti ka pati uski gaand bhi maartaa hai(does Shanti`s husband fuck her ass also). Roopa said that Shanti ne bataayaa ki ek din jab uska pati use chodne chalaa to Shanti ne kahaa ki aaj meri mahawari ho rahi hai is par uske pati ne kahaa ki koi baat nahin aaj doosri tarah se tumhen choden ge. Phir usne uski gaand mein thook lagaa kar uski gaang mein apna lund ghuser diyaa aur jab tak uski mahawari hoyti rahi roz hi uski gaand maartaa rahaa(Shanti told me that one day when her husband wanted to fuck her she told him that she has got menses then he said he will fuck her by other means and after applying saliva in her ass fucked her ass and had anal sex with her daily during her menses). Roopa then asked kya main aaj se hi so sakti hun?(can I sleep from today?) I said main kal tumhaare liye achchhe se kapde sabun aur kuchh cheezen le aaoongaa tab tum nahaa kar aur voh kapde pahan kar mere saath letnaa (I will bring clothes, soap and other things for you then you sleep with me after taking bath and wearing those clothes tomorrow). She said achchha kal se hi so -oongi aap ke saath. Main chaahti hun ki bibiji ki ghairmaudgi mein aap ka akelapan mit jaayye aur aap theek se soen (all right I will sleep with you from tomorrow. I want that in Bibiji`s absence you may not feel lonely and sleep well). Next day I bought few nighties and sarees and other things and soap and powder and perfumes for Roopa and kept them in my wife’s wardrobe. In the night when Roopa came I gave her a nightie and soap and powder and perfume to wear after taking bath in my bathroom. After the bath when Roopa came wearing the nightie to sleep with me she was looking extraordinarily beautiful. The nightie was made of semi – transparent material and the boobs and nipples and pubic hairs of Roopa were almost visible. I said to Roopa main nahin samajhtaa thaa ki tum itni khoobsurat ho aur tumhari choochiyan to dekhne mein Anita se bhi zyada achchhi hain. Inhein dekh kar to mera lund khadaa ho gayaa hai aur meri ichchha tumhe chodne ki ho rahi hai (I never thought that you were so beautiful and your tits are better than Anita`s and seeing them I have got a hardon and I want to fuck you). Hearing this Roopa blushed a little and lay down on the bed beside me and said meri choot bhi bibiji se zyadaa kasee huee hogi kyon ki bibiji to aapse roz chudvaati theen aur main jaane kabse binaa chudi hoon (my cunt is also more tight than my mistress because she was getting fucked daily while I have not been fucked since long) . Agar aap mujhe chodna chaahte hain to chod leejiye (You may fuck me if you so like). She said main ne kahaa na ki jab tak bibiji nahin aatin hain tab tak mujhe aap apni biwi samajhiye aur apni biwi ke saath jo kuchh karte hon mere saath kar leejiye ( as I have already said till your wife returns you may treat me as your wife and do with me whatever you do with your wife). Then I pulled her towards me and kissed her passionately. Then I opened her nightie and started sucking her nipples. Then I placed her hand on my cock and asked her to stroke it ise mutthi mein pakad kar dheere dheere aage peechhe karo. Then I inserted one finger in her cunt and finger fucked her for some time. This excited her and she started crying ab chodiye mujhe (now fuck me). Then I inserted my cock in her cunt and started fucking her. In a short while she reached her climax and I shot my load in her cunt. After so many days I had a sound sleep so had Roopa. Since then I and Roopa lived like husband and wife every day in the night.

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