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Affair with Housemaid

October 5th, 2009 No comments

Hello folks! I would like to tell you all a story involving a friend of mine. This friend, who is in his early forties and whose name is Rajan, works for a well known pharmaceutical company in Madras. He is married and has two children. Rajan is quite distinguished looking, though with a fair share of grey hair, in fact fairly handsome. He has his normal male impulses but is not a compulsive wolf. In the course of his work as the regional marketing head he travels to the major towns near Madras fairly often. One of the places which he frequently visits is Coimbatore. Since Rajan’s wife’s grandmom lived in Coimbatore in a sprawling mansion, he would stay there during his visits rather than a hotel.

My story goes back two years. The household consisted of the grandmother, another elderly cousin and Padma, the housemaid. Padma was a rather plain woman in her late twenties, unmarried and of an average build. She did all the cooking and cleaning and was a live in housemaid as opposed to a part time servant. She belonged to Palghat, a nearby town and would go there once a year for a week but otherwise stayed with her mistress right through.

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My Sexy Maid – Sunita

October 3rd, 2009 No comments

Hi guys I am an ardent fan of your sexy web site particularly the Indian Sex Stories by Indian Sex Stories. I’d like to narrate the sexiest incident in my life.Hope u guys enjoy it. Before I start let me introduce myself. I am 24 years old and work in a software company in Bangalore. I had this sexy experience when I went to my aunts house last month for a short holiday. She had hired this maid servant recently and boy was she something…I mean she was fair and voluptuous and really delicious looking. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her and naturally she noticed .She would just smile and look away.

One day I was taking a shower and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to take a towel. I started calling out for someone to get me one and after sometime hearing a knock on the bathroom door I opened it after placing myself behind it . Sunita ,the maid ,was standing with a towel in her hand .Seeing her turned me on and pretending as if the door had slipped I exposed myself and my rapidly growing erection to her surprised gaze.

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The Maids Hot Husband Returns

July 15th, 2009 No comments

It was August end and the heat was still unbearable. Anita’s husband Amit had to go on official tour for two days. She had just finished packing the clothes for him. Amit just could not do anything on his own. All throughout the afternoon she had been busy with the packing. Everything had to be kept vests, underwears, handkerchiefs, which shirt to wear with which trouser. Not only that it had to be explained to him as well. He had said that he would come late, have dinner and leave by the Rajdhani Express at 11 p. m.

It was now evening. After sending off the children Vipin and Varsha to play along with the neighbour’s 14 year old daughter, she heaved a sigh of relief. She stripped and had a bath, letting the cold water cool her shapely body. There was nobody in the house, so she emerged nude from the bathroom and looked at herself in the full length mirror. This was among the few vanities she permitted herself.

She was fair, slim and despite two children her breasts were still firm. A thin waist, shapely pubic hair and long hairless legs. She admired her gold necklace with the heart shaped pendant; a present from Amit. Pretty it was! Gold bangles! Four on one wrist. She had taken off the Omega watch for the bath which she usually wore on the other wrist. That was also a gift from Amit. Anklets! Yes, silver but she was thinking of buying a golden chain for them and Amit had promised her those as well. She had deliberately got very dainty toe rings made so that they would not hurt whenever she went for the morning jog with Amit. Being barefooted in the house was no problem.

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House servant

December 29th, 2008 No comments

Hi! My name is Danish & I live in Lahore. I am 27 years old. my friends said that I am good looking & can attract any girl. may be but I never noticed. I live alone in Lahore & my parents live another city. I run my own business & taking MBA night class. I donat have any friend in Lahore. I feel very lonely. I am regular reader of Indian-Stories stories so I wish to share mine too. I live as a paying guest in shadman colony. we also have a servant named Razia. She always gave me very warm look when I am going to my office or came back from office.

I never ever thought about to have some sex with her. but one day I came from my office & changing cloths in my room I heard some shower noise from bathroom I pushed the door it was opened & I saw Razia was taking bath she was completely nude having soap on her face. her eyes were closed I saw her bobs were moving up & down when she applied soap on her face. My BP going up & up my erotic desire aroused a lot after seeing Razia tight & mounting hard bobs. infact I never thought that this small girl have a great sexy body. I closed the door & called Razia is that u in the bath room. she replied yes I am & after ten minutes she came out from bath room & give me a very strange smile. I also gave her a smile & touched her wet face. she looked in my eyes and run out side the room. that night I was so up set & trying to stop thinking about this little virgin girl. Honestly I donat want to do any thing wrong with Razia.

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Sex with servent

November 16th, 2008 No comments

Hi Friends, Remember me I am Sam from Hyderabad, India. I promised you that I will be back very soon and I am here to keep my promise. I am really very happy that I have got a good response for my earlier story with my servant Rani. But I am not yet satisfied I want even more of you to respond to me. Well now I am going to share my other exiting experience with you. Our neighbors have a girl who works in their house. She has been working for them for them for the past 10 years, actually she has been staying in their house for all these years and she does all the household work for them . Ok guys her name is Lakshmi and she is really a hot piece. I promise you that you all will get an instant erection on seeing her.

She is around 28-30 years and unmarried, She is 5 feet 7inch tall
and has a sexy figure of 38-26-38 her boobs are really mind blowing.
She always wears tight fit clothes and I had always dreamt of
entering her. Now I had to trap her but how??? Yes rani was my
choice. Lakshmi and Rani were good friends, so I told Rani that I
wanted to fulfil my wishes with Lakshmi. Rani readily agreed to this
and she told that she would be very happy to have a threesome with
Lakshmi and me, actually Rani was also a big fan of Lakshmis boobs
and she confessed to me that both of them play with each other at
Lakshmis room (she has a separate servant room in our neighbors
house) She also told me that lakshmi was aware of my relationship
with rani.

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September 30th, 2008 No comments

HI READERS INDIAN-STORIES.COM is a site where you can share true encounters of
life.This is my first submission & a true incident.
My name is Sunil. I am a 17 years studying in college.  I want to share with you my
strange experience of sex. During summer vacation I went to visit our nani (maternal
grandma) in Lucknow with my mom & younger brother. I was totally naïve about sex. I 
had on few occasions seen my few close friends teasing girls and masturbate in the
school toilets but I have not tried this. Being of shy nature my friends used to
bully me into saying what I will do if a girl comes and ask you to fuck u Innocent

After few days my nana ,mom and brother went  to attend marriage in Kanpur.Nani  
was not well  so I was asked to look after her .They had gone for 4 days so I felt
lonely. I didn’t know any1 there.  could not do much as nani was sick. To tell you
about nani she was smart and good looking , had lovely figure with huge and sexy
boobs. She was 47yrs but looked younger.

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Oral sex with servant girl (By Pusam)

September 17th, 2008 No comments

oneday when I was sleeping in my bedroom our servant girl came with the tea.I was
only eighteen at that time.After giving the tea she stroked my hair and was closer
to my body.
She asked me to kiss her!I did not have the exprience with a girl sofar
and I refused her call!As there was nobody at home,she suddently touched my dick
which was highly erect by that time.
She bent and kissed my manhood furiously and
raised her skirt and told me to lick her pussy!Ihave not seen a hairy pussy before
that and she encouraged me to lick it!!
I was not exprienced this matter and moved
away from the place.She refused my request and buried ny face in her wet cunt
forcefully.After a while I loved the smell and juice from the cunt!

My tongue found
the clit & sucked it!!She moaned and fell on the bed close-by.Then she sucked my
dick and drank the juice. I spilled the whole on to her face and she loved it and
rubbed it all over the face! after the incident we regularly met each other in
bathroom or outside when there was nobody in the house!But she did not allow me to
penetrate as she feared of getting pregnancy.I reqularly sucked her boobs and licked
the clit whenever I had time!!

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Fucked maid super sexy (By PANKAN)

August 31st, 2008 No comments

I M PANKAN i m from rajasthan Im a sexy boy with height 5″5 . today i want to share
my true experience . It happened when I was 14 . As my mom and dad both are working
we hav a maid for our house hold work .
One day when my mom & dad were not at home & I was doing my home work she came to
me and said to me plz get up I want to sweep up the room . I get up she started
sweeping floor .As she bend down to sweep I found that her boobs were freely hanging
I kept on seeing them I can see her nipples they were brown in colour
when she was gone after sweeping I musterbusted . One day I was watching bf she
suddenly opened the door of my room she was shocked by looking at my6″ong lund
I doesnt say any thing she came & sat near me & started playing with my dick
she said me plz fuck me . I started pressing her soft boobs
She opened up her salwar and kameej sshe was now in white bra & blue under were she
started opening my shirt.I also opened her bra hook and saw her boobs with were very
large I took them in my mouth and drink a few drops of milk .Then went to her pussy
which was aleready wet meanwhile she sucked my dick & suddenly a layer of cum falled
in jer mouth she tasted it she wanted more but then my dad come and we hav to stop
this play .

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Nair Boy haves sex with Servant

August 10th, 2008 No comments

Hi readers, my name is Sudhir from Kottayam. I am getting hard on while reading most of the stories coming here in Indian Sex Stories. Wemalayalees get most of our Sex experiences in our home itself andfrom our near relatives or neighbours. Sorry, guys, i haven’t enjoyed anygood experiences in my life. This is about my friend Rajith and hisvelakari (servant). Rajith belongs to a conservative Nair family.Rajith is in my class and is 21 years old. He is a horny guy and ifgiven a chance would like to ball all the females around. His household has employed the services of a housemaid for the past five years. Her name is Geeta. She is a dark well proportionate woman of around 30 years. She has a very well developed ass & nice suckable ample breasts. She has two children of five and seven years respectively.

She lives in a near by colony and comes to Rajith’s house daily by 8.00a.m. Geeta’s husband is a car mechanic by profession and is a habitual drinker. These both have frequent fights. Rajith was a handsome guy and always had a secret desire to enjoy & ravish Geeta’s body. Whenever she came to clean his room with the broom, he always used to eye her shaking ass and those wonderful watermelons on her chest. In fact his infatuation with her was so much that he once remarked to me that if given a chance he would not hesitate to rape Geeta.

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Sheela our sex-maid

July 31st, 2008 No comments

Hi folks…I am Guru from Kollam. We are living in a 2 storied house, little far from Kollam town. I live with my parents and, since all of us work we needed a maid to take care of the house……etc. so we got down to hiring one from near by Village. Her name was Sheela, she was educated, completed SSLC, and could speak very mannerly, over all she was a very good cook. Let me get down to telling you how it all stared. One day I had to work late in the office and was given a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. Sheela was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me if she should prepare my tea. I said yes and went into the Toilet to freshen up.

Well as you know being a guy your dick is always erect in the morning. So I, what the hell started to shag, what I didn’t know was that I had left the toilet door open. And over all that Sheela was just entering the room with my tea, she saw what I was doing and as I finished cumming in the tissue, and cleaning myself, she walked in with the tea. She acted as if nothing happened . but I could feel that she saw what I was doing.

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